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                                                                                                          ANNUAL REPORT 2009

                                                       ...because every child needs a safe and loving home

Market Summary - The Best Investment of 2009:
The Children of JAFCO
Indexes                          Children in our community are
Name                 Change      safer because their lives have
Safety               100%
Love                 100%       been touched by one of the eight
Hope                 100%       JAFCO programs

Index Futures                                           Market Snapshot
Name                  Change                                          2009            To date
Future College Grads     9     2000
A.A. & B.A. Degrees Rec’d1     1800
Masters Degrees Rec’d    1
High School Grads        3
Scholarships Rec’d $162,000    1400

Future High School Grads 9     1200

Name                 Change
Weddings                1       600

Engagements             1       400
Driver’s Licenses       5       200
Class Rings             3
Senior Proms            3
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs        4













Honor Roll             14























Advancing                                                                                                            2009      To date
Total Children protected from harm                                                                                   659        3,065
Children in loving temporary foster families                                                                         12           229
Children with an adoptive family of their own...forever                                                              91           197
Children who can live safely with a family member with JAFCO’s support                                               375         1790
Children who are being raised safely by their grandparents                                                           22            55
Children who were sheltered in the middle of the night                                                               60           522
Older children and sibling groups who have found a loving
home at the JAFCO Village                                                                                            40          101
Children who have a mentor to guide them through life                                                                28           91
Children who are learning the skills they need to live independently                                                 25           53
                                                   JAFCO ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2009...
Foster Care and Adoption Program
                      103 Children found safety and love
                   in their JAFCO foster or adoptive family
                    JAFCO provides full support to our
              adoptive families until the child’s 18th birthday
 Dear JAFCO,
 I received my first Mother’s Day card today and it was from JAFCO! As I read it
 I thought of how very blessed I am to have my precious Caiden and the JAFCO
 family in my life and I started to reflect on the past year-and-a-half.
 I can remember the day that JAFCO called and told me that they had a placement
 for me, a one month old boy. At first all I thought was “one month old” and at
 the same time I heard myself saying I would take him. I was so excited calling my
 family to let them know. The next five days, I spent getting things ready for Caiden    How does JAFCO hear about the
 to come home.
 The day finally came that I picked him up. All day long I was so excited then           While the majority of children are referred
 the moment came when your adoption specialist Rebecca Salus came out to meet            to JAFCO through the courts or by state
 me in the JAFCO lobby and told me he had arrived. As I walked back with her             child welfare authorities, referrals are
 to the office of Wendy Jenkins, JAFCO’s Clinical Director, I remember feeling so        also made by Rabbis, therapists, teachers,
 overwhelmed with joy (and a little nervous) seeing him in her arms. He was so tiny      neighbors, family members and by parents
 and cute. When Wendy handed him to me, I can never explain the feelings I had.          themselves who are seeking help. JAFCO
 Thank G-d my JAFCO social worker Lisa Fass came home with us to help us settle          can help a family in one of two ways:
 in, because I was so nervous. As we were leaving, JAFCO Executive Director Sarah        either ordered by the court or voluntarily
                                                                                         with the request of the parents.
 Franco came out of her office to wish us the best and to reassure me that if I need
 anything day or night to call. I can still see her standing there. I remember another   I know someone who is interested in
 time being in the lobby and she came up and told me not to worry about the court        adopting a child. Can you help them?
 case, all I needed to do was take care of Caiden and JAFCO would take care of           What about a baby?
 protecting him. You will never know how many times I thought of that and felt a         Yes we can help. Just have the actual
 calming comfort come over me.                                                           person who will be adopting call the
 The fostering process was just as it was explained to us in the JAFCO training for      JAFCO office and ask for Rebecca Salus,
 foster and adoptive parents but the rollercoaster of feelings could never be imagined   our Adoption Specialist.
 by anyone who hasn’t gone through it, never knowing if the child was staying or         How do you screen your foster
 being reunified until the very end. I don’t think I could have done it without the      parents? Do you supervise them after
 support, guidance, love, strength, and knowledge of the JAFCO staff.
                                                                                         they receive a placement? Do foster
 Now that Caiden is adopted, JAFCO is still helping me. The monthly adoptive parent
 support group has become my extended family. I can’t wait until the meetings so I
                                                                                         parents get paid?
                                                                                         JAFCO foster parents are trained (for 8
 can learn more about being the best possible adoptive parent and see how the other      weeks) and screened according to state
 families are doing. I have made some JAFCO friendships there that are very special      guidelines which include FBI background
 to me. These are people who know what it is like to be an adoptive parent and we        checks, employer and personal references,
 understand each other. We have a special bond.                                          medical and psychological evaluations
 I understand that in the Talmud there is a saying “For every baby that is born          including drug screens, and more. The
 G-d selects two mothers, the first mother gives birth to the child, the second mother   process takes about 4 months. Once a
 waits in the wings just in case the first mother is not able to complete her role”.     child is placed with a foster family a
 This touched me deeply as I was the mother waiting in the wings for my precious         JAFCO social worker visits the child at
 Caiden. At my adoption finalization hearing, we shared this with the Judge and          least once per week and offers 24 hour on
                                                                                         call support to the foster parents. Foster
 everyone in the room. Everyone began to cry including my lawyer and the Judge.
                                                                                         parents do not get paid. They do receive
 Judge Cohn said that this was the first adoption he ever had where everyone in the      a small reimbursement from the state of
 court was crying including himself.                                                     about $350 per month for food, clothing
 You and JAFCO have helped my dream of becoming a mother come true. You will             and childcare expenses. Foster parents
 always have a special place in my heart. Thank you and may G-d bless all of you         must show ample income and financial
 for the wonderful things you are doing for the children.                                stability prior to being approved. JAFCO
 Love, Maria                                                                             foster parents happily use their funds to
                                                                                         supplement the needs of the child.
                                                 JAFCO                  JOURNAL
...because every child deserves a safe and loving home
Group Home Program
40 New Children found safety and a place to call home in one of the six Group Homes at the JAFCO Children’s

                                               Dear JAFCO,
                                               I want to say a special thank you again for everything you have done
      20% Palm         20% Miami               for my children and me. Everyone at JAFCO has a special way that is
        Beach                                  understanding, supportive, honest, respectful, compassionate and genuine.
                              6% Out           As you know, I am a single mother of two beautiful wonderful children whom
                              of State         I love with all my heart and soul. I was struggling physically, mentally,
                                               emotionally, spiritually and financially. I felt like I was on a roller coaster
                                               that was out of control. I had lost almost all hope and faith and then through
             54% Broward                       a friend up north, I found JAFCO.
                                               It was as though G-d answered my prayers; like a miracle, JAFCO was the
                                               perfect solution. You provided me a lifeline when nothing else and no one else
                                               was available. You have been a blessing, a miracle and I am forever grateful.
 County of Origin for                          You opened your doors, your hearts to my children; temporarily providing them
 Children Residing at                          a loving safe beautiful environment in one of the Group Homes at the JAFCO
                                               Village and the childhood I want for them and am unable to provide for them
 the JAFCO Children’s                          at this time. You have gone over and beyond making sure they are constantly
                                               loved, happy, busy with activities, and all their needs are met.
                                               Thank you so much for sending them to sleep away camp which was an
                                               awesome, amazing, fun experience of a lifetime for them and I know these
How many children live at the JAFCO            happy memories will be remembered and treasured always, just as my sleep
Children’s Village? Where do they go           away camp memories are.
to school?                                     Knowing my children are so loved and well taken care of frees me of stress
The JAFCO Village can hold up to 52            and worries and allows me to concentrate on rebuilding my life, physically,
children: 16 in the shelter and 36 in the 6    mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially so we can be happy and
group homes. The children attend either
local area schools or they are driven by the
                                               healthy and together again one day. JAFCO has helped me restore my hope
JAFCO staff to their home schools, who         and faith. I have taken this opportunity very seriously. I feel very privileged
sometimes travel to 17 different schools       and fortunate to have your help and I do not for one second take this for
every morning. 623 JAFCO Children              granted. I am doing everything I can to secure my future. I am working very
have found safety at the Weicholz Family       hard to fulfill my dream which is to be able to give my children the life I want
Campus of the David Posnack Jewish             for them and they so deserve. I want to do everything I can to make sure all
Children’s Village over the past 7 years.
                                               their dreams come true.

What happens when the children                 Words cannot begin to express my heartfelt thank you, my gratitude, and my
turn 18?                                       appreciation for JAFCO for everything you stand for to bring families back
A child who turns 18 can live at the Village   together with such extra special love, care, support understanding, compassion
until the age of 21. At that time we will      and generosity.
help them move into a dorm or apartment        I look forward to one day giving back to
and we will support them until the age of
                                               JAFCO what was so freely given to me
24 if they are attending college and leading
a healthy lifestyle.                           and to be able to help other families
                                               in my shoes through my experience,
Do the children get to visit with their        strength and hope.
parents?                                       Forever grateful,
Yes, we encourage visitation with parents      Ronna Tashof
and family members and we will supervise
these visits if so ordered by the court.

                                                 JAFCO                 JOURNAL
The Marsh Children’s Center - JAFCO’s Emergency Shelter
60 Precious infants and young children were sheltered from harm at the Marsh Children’s Center in 2009. 100%
of these children have received medical care within 24 hours of admission. 522 Children (100%) have been kept
safe and alive since 2003.
                                                    Eight in the morning and my alarm rings. The sun is shining and I embrace the morning
                                               and look forward to another day doing my high school community service at the JAFCO
                                               shelter with my favorite kids. I walk into the two story, light peach colored building and
                                               through the blue door and I am greeted by nine smiling faces. Each has a story to tell, a
                                               sad one at that. The Marsh Children’s Center at JAFCO is an emergency shelter where
                                               I spend most of my summer for service hours and in turn, learned the meaning of life and
                                               how grateful I truly am. Being at the shelter was the best thing that could ever happen
                                               to me. Every single child had been taken out of their homes due to neglect, sexual abuse,
                                               violence, or parents being unable to properly take care of their children. Every child had
                                               somehow been affected by these misfortunes, and yet they were my heroes because each
                                               and every one of them was able to carry on and smile.
                                                     This day there were nine children, all too young to be put in such a position and you
                                               could see it in their eyes, they understood what was happening. I wanted to take all their
 Baby Sophie was born in prison                pain away from them and make them as happy as possible. They didn’t deserve this, any
 without a name and exposed to heroin.         of it, but here I realized that this is life. It’s not meant to be fair. It can be cruel, but seeing
 She spent one week at the JAFCO               these children laugh and play and live, I knew that if they can get through something as
 shelter and was then placed with a            horrible as this, then I shouldn’t even think of whining about excessive amounts of homework
 loving JAFCO foster family who later          and the pressures of life. Everyone is experiencing some kind of obstacle in their lives, but
 adopted her...forever.                        have the right attitude and just smiling and appreciating that life can be so unpredictable
                                               is all you need to think about. These children, these precious angels I should say, have
                                               shown me the light in my life and the way to get through any obstacle. I’ll never forget
                                               these children and will pray for them.
                                               Talia Nemeh

                                          Family Preservation Program                             85% of children served in the
                                          Families in Crisis Became Stronger                      JAFCO Family Preservation
                                          with JAFCO’s Support:                                   program have been able to remain
                                          668 Children were able to remain                        safely at home or with a relative,
                                          safely at home in 2009 with supportive                  free of verified reports of child
                                          services provided by JAFCO                              abuse or neglect.

The JAFCO Forever Friends Program: Creating Meaningful Relationships That Last a Lifetime
After seeing an article in the Sun Sentinel   who has a very bright future ahead of               created and nurtured for fifteen years,
about JAFCO and the Forever Friends           him. His outgoing personality makes it              making wonderful matches like the one
program in 2001, Carole and Mel Cantor        easy for him to make friends whereever he           between Mel and Carole Cantor and
attended a volunteer orientation meeting      goes. He continually demonstrates that he           Patrick.
and decided they wanted to get involved.      has a very kind heart,” said Mel Cantor.
“We were matched up with a little boy         “Carole and I took the JAFCO training on
named Patrick in 2002 as his ‘big brother     fostering and adoption several years ago.
and sister’. Patrick was supposed to be       In the class there was an exercise which
a child that we would see every other         was designed to point out that fostering or
weekend and before we knew it we were         mentoring an abused or neglected child is
his grandma and grandpa,” said Carole         not about filling your cup, but that of the
Cantor. “We first met Patrick when he         child. It was like that at first, but now I can
was six years old. In addition to Patrick     honestly say that having Patrick in my life
we have also become close with his mother     fills up our cup every day.”
as well. He is now 14 and she has allowed     This article is dedicated in loving
him to live with us full time for the last    memory of Edith Sherman, a dedicated
three years, including the honor of giving    volunteer whose soul will forever watch
him his Bar Mitzvah. We have seen him         over the children and mentors of the
grow and mature to become a teenager          Forever Friends Program which she

                                                  JAFCO                      JOURNAL
2009 Financial Performance
EXPENSES                                                                 REVENUE
Group Home Program .............................$ 1,689,000              JAFCO Children’s Foundation .................$ 1,400,000
Family Preservation Program ...................$           853,000       Private Foundations/Grants .....................$            250,000
Children’s Emergency Shelter ...................$          598,000       Special Events ..........................................$   868,000
Administration ........................................$   572,000       Government Funding ...............................$          614,000
Independent Living Program ....................$           211,000       General Contributions..............................$         599,000
Foster Care/Adoption Program................$              207,000       Children’s Services Council ......................$          478,000
TOTAL EXPENSES ......................... $ 4,130,000                     Jewish Federation of Broward County ......$                   70,000
86 cents of every dollar you donate goes directly                        TOTAL REVENUE .......................... $ 4,279,000
to the children.                                                         Net Revenue over Expenses................. $                 149,000
                                                                         Where does our funding come from?

                  Family Preservation Program 21%                                                           Government
                                                                                    Special Events,         Funding 14%
                                                                                   Fundraising 20%
                                          Children’s Emergency                                                        Private Contributions
  Group Home Program 41%                       Shelter 14%                Private Foundations/                                 14%
                                         Administration 14%                    Grants 6%                                Children’s Services
                                 Foster                                                 JAFCO Children’s                    Council 11%
                                 Care/                                                    Foundation 33%
                                Adoption                                                                           Jewish Federation of
                                Program Independent                                                                Broward County 2%
                                  5%       Living
                                         Program 5%

                               Honoring the JAFCO Founders Circle
                                             Lifetime Commitment of $100,000 or more
                                                           $2,000,000 and up
                                                   Stephen & Helene Weicholz
                                                  The David Posnack Foundation
                                                $1,000,000 - $1,999,999
                                     Paul & Sandra Goldner      Sam & Adele Borger
                      Edward Goldstein (in memory of Michelle Herman Goldstein)
                 Gordon Family FoundationGary & Linda KratMartin & Dina Mahler
                           Robert & Sandi MorrisBenjamin & Fannie Schatz
      Larry & Deborah SilverCharles & Sandi Simon/Ron & Deni Simon Harold & Sylvia Solinsky
        David & Ethel SommerMitchell & Liz Taylor/Jack Taylor FoundationRalph Wohlgemuth
          Alan & Noni AufzienHerb & Gloria BarkerLilyan BerkowitzRalph & Anita Byer
    Daniel & Erhla CantorBarry & Myra CohenAbraham & Annie DavidMark & Norma David
   Daniel & Judy DobinJoseph & Shirley GleichJerry & Claire Manowitz/Morris Family Foundation
      William & Susan Matz Irving I. Moskowitz FoundationMaurice D. & Marjorie Plough, Jr.
              Harvey & Phyllis SandlerSteven & Vicki StolbergEdward & Bernice Wenger
                                                                                                                               of blessed memory

                                                      JAFCO                  JOURNAL
The Best Investment You Can Make is in the Life of a Child
“It is the responsibility of every adult... to make sure that children hear what we have learned from the lessons of life and
to hear over and over that we love them and that they are not alone.”                                   Marian Wright Edelman
Please help JAFCO secure the future of our children – saving the life of a child is the best investment you can make. You may
place your family name on one of the following endowments needed to secure the future of JAFCO. All endowments are
restricted to the purpose for which they were created and only the earned interest is used, allowing the endowment and your
family name to continue saving the lives of children in perpetuity. To discuss naming one of the following endowments and
payment terms, please call our Director of Development, Gail Marlow @ 954-749-7230, ext 137.
                                                         Endowment Opportunities
JAFCO Endowment Name ........................ $25,000,000                       Foster Care Endowment ..............................$1,000,000
Developmental Disabilities Endowment ......... $10,000,000                      Hebrew School and Holiday Endowment ..........$1,000,000
JAFCO Children’s Village Endowment .......... $10,000,000                       Independent Living Endowment ....................$1,000,000
JAFCO Emergency Shelter Endowment ...........$5,000,000                         JAFCO Transportation Endowment ...............$1,000,000
College Endowment ..................................$3,000,000                  Bar/Bat Mitzvah Endowment ......................... $500,000
Medical Endowment ...................................$2,000,000                 Summer Vacation Experience Endowment .......... $360,000
Summer Camp Endowment ..........................$2,000,000                      Birthday Endowment .................................... $250,000
Therapy Endowment ...................................$2,000,000                 Technology Endowment................................ $250,000
Adoption Endowment .................................$1,000,000                  Forever Friends Mentoring Endowment ............. $100,000
Senior/Relative Caregiver Endowment ............$1,000,000                      Godparent Endowment................................... $54,000
Family Preservation Endowment ....................$1,000,000
                                                       Existing Named Endowments
The Paul & Sandra Goldner MENSCH                     Vicki & Steven Stolberg College Scholarship        The Barry & Myra Cohen Cultural Arts &
Endowment - $1,000,000 - created to                  Award - $125,000 - created to provide college      Music Endowment - $100,000 - created to
ensure that every JAFCO child has the same           or vocational school experience to the children    enhance the cultural and musical experiences
opportunity as their children and grandchildren      of JAFCO who are working hard to succeed           of the children of JAFCO who might not
to receive an excellent education and mentoring      in life, beginning in their senior high school     otherwise have the opportunities to have these
that will help them become a “Mensch”.               year and following them to college graduation.     life enriching opportunities.
                                                            Special Purpose Funds
With a minimum gift of $25,000 (payable over five years) you can establish your own family fund or you can contribute to an
existing fund with a gift of any amount. As the donor you can decide how the funds are to be used, either for current operations
or as an endowment for the future where only earned interest is used.
Norman & Stephanie Altman Cultural                   Michelle who was senselessly killed on 9-11,       Roslyn Dale Prevor College Scholarship
Arts Fund created to provide cultural arts           provides emergency funds for our emergency         Fund created by Roz’s children Abbe and Barry
experiences for the children of JAFCO that           shelter, food, clothing, medical attention and     Prevor on the occasion of their son Harrison’s
will lift their spirits and touch their soul, in a   therapy for the most vulnerable infants and        Bar Mitzvah to provide spending money to
meaningful way by providing music lessons,           children who come through our emergency            the children in JAFCO’s Independent Living
tickets to concerts and theater performances.        shelter.                                           Program who are attending college.
Sam & Adele Borger Birthday Fund created             Jeffrey Gruber Recreational Fund created by        Lawrence S. & Helene Price Family Fund
by their children in honor of Sam and Adele          Sheila and Richard Gruber in loving memory         created by their children in their honor to
Borger to provide the children of JAFCO a            of their son Jeffrey who died senselessly in       provide ongoing support throughout the years
memorable birthday party, often their first.         the attacks of 9-11. This fund provides happy      for all of the children of JAFCO.
                                                     experiences for the children in keeping with
Chelminsky Family Hebrew School Fund                                                                    Andy Schultz Scholarship Fund created by Iris
                                                     Jeffrey’s beautiful smile and spirit.
created to enrich the lives of the children of                                                          Raderman in loving memory of her son Andy
JAFCO by exposing them to the beauty of              Lederman-Wolfe March of the Living Fund            to provide scholarships to JAFCO children
Judaism by providing holiday celebrations,           created by Jacquie and Marty Lederman in           who wish to pursue the study of art or film
Hebrew school and bar and bat mitzvahs for           order to create a living bridge from the past      which was Andy’s love.
the children of JAFCO.                               to the present so we will never forget. This       Dr. Abraham & Dorothy Shapiro Family
                                                     fund will provide the opportunity for JAFCO
Jesse Diner & Adele Stone New Beginnings                                                                Fund created to provide emergency medical
                                                     children to travel to Poland to participate in
Educational Fund created in honor of Ellyn                                                              care for the children at the JAFCO Jewish
                                                     the March of the Living where they will first
and Steve Bogdanoff and Anita and Ralph                                                                 Children’s Village through an annual Yom
                                                     gain an understanding of the darkness of the
Byer who have both opened their homes as                                                                Kippur Book of Remembrance created by the
                                                     Holocaust followed by our bright future in
JAFCO foster parents, this fund will enhance                                                            Boca Lago Congregation.
the lives of JAFCO’s college age children                                                               Cele & Esther Sommer Memorial Fund
by providing them with higher educational            Eric & Debbie Nemiroff Music Education             created in memory of these two wonderful
opportunities in order to break the cycle of         Fund created to spread the love that they share    individuals who loved life and philanthropy
abuse and neglect.                                   as a family with their son Sam for music and the   and helped form the Wynmoor Chapter
                                                     arts with the children of JAFCO by providing
Michelle Herman Goldstein Emergency Fund                                                                of JAFCO. This fund will provide for the
                                                     them with drama and music experiences.
created by her family in loving memory of                                                               educational needs of the children of JAFCO.

                                                         JAFCO                      JOURNAL
2009 Individual & Family Donor Honor Roll
A Heartfelt Thank You to All of Our Generous 2009 Donors
Your support has strengthened JAFCO’s mission to provide a safe and loving home to abused and
neglected children in our community (donation levels are detemined by effective value of the gifts received).
$200,000 and over                   Sondra Fetner                       Darran Blake                      Neal & Barbara Henschel
Stephen & Helene Weicholz           Lawrence & Janet Fine               Milton & Suzanne Blaut            Steven & Ilene Hersh
                                    Leon & Linda Finver                 Jonathan & Nel Bloom              Lee & Linda Hertz
$25,000 - $99,999                   Kenneth & Marge Flanz               Gil & Elise Bonwitt               Jack & Phyllis Hirsch
Lilyan Berkowitz                    Edward & Leah Frankel               Bruce Borger                      Stephanie Hollander
Eugene Blond*                       Lee & Lanee Friedel                 Karen Borger                      Steven & Iris Horowitz
Samuel & Adele Borger               Jeffrey & Dorinne Gerstin           Michael & Ellen Braun             Mitchell & Gilda Howell
Stanley* & Jeannie Bresler          Larry & Stephanie Gilderman         Dougals & Renee Burns             Scot & Barbara Hunter
Lillian Dash* Estate                Malcolm & Magda Ginnis              Malcolm & Anne Butters            Celia Jacobs
Stewart & Marlene Greenebaum        Mel & Mara Gober                    Mark & Marcie Butters             Harvey & Jessica Jacobson
Paul & Judith Markhoff              Lewis & Lori Gold                   Nathan & Lila Butters             Jan Hart & Alan Jacobson
Robert & Sandi Morris               Bruce & Jessie Goldstein            Rick & Rita Case                  Norman & Anne Jacobson
Ronald & Denise Simon               Harvey & Heather Goodman            Jolie Chafetz                     Robert & Ingrid Jaffe
Steven & Vicki Stolberg             Leonard & Phyllis Grand             Bradley & Gail Cohen              Lori Janow
Edward & Bernice Wenger             Gerald & Ellen Greenspoon           Isaac & Noreils Cohen             Mel & Carole Kantor
                                    Irwin & Linda Gross                 Joel & Nancy Cohen                Paul & Lois Katzman
$10,000 - $24,999                   Alice Grossman                      Michael & Hara Cohen              Stephen & Lois Kaufman
Norman & Stephanie Altman           Maurice* & Sylvia* Gruber           Leonard & Roni Cohn               Matthew & Jennifer Kay
Herb & Gloria Barker                Eric Hecht                          Michael & Lou Ann Colodny         Howard & Wilma Kaye
Daniel & Erhla Cantor               David & Maty Herschthal             Stuart & Gail Corenblum           David & Ayala Keery
Abraham & Annie David               John & Barbara Jaffe                Stephen & Andrea Corn             Helga Kern
David Davis                         Edward & Carol Kaplan               Bill & Sheila Danzig              Teddy & Sherri Klinghoffer
Daniel & Judy Dobin                 Linda Kaplan                        Greg & Rachel Danzig              Martin & Jean Knobel
Roger & Dale Gandall                Alfred & Nancy Katzin               Jason & Beth Dubow                Marc & Helene Kovens
Leslie & Kimberly Kaminoff          Steve & Diana Kauppinen             Judith Edelman                    Raymond & Selma Kramer
Louis J. Kuriansky Foundation       Janice Klein                        Ariel & Susie Edelsburg           Howard & Stephanie Krass
Barry & Abbe Prevor                 Jeff & Kandy Kramer                 Abe & Joan Ehrlich                Judge David & Fran Krathen
Larry & Patti Share                 Martin & Jacqueline Lederman        Jay & Joan Eichel                 Barry & Stacey Labell
Jesse Diner & Adele Stone           Mark & Robin Levinson               Henry & Lindsay Ellenbogen        Susan Lananna
Barton & Shirley Weisman            Alan & Marsha Levy                  Anna Ezratti                      Jeff & Marcia Langley
Fred & Arlene Zilker                Anna Miller*                        Art & Marcy Falcone               Marilyn Lazar
                                    Samuel & Suzanne Pollack            Roy & Barbara Feifer              Carol Leeds
$5,000 - $9,999                     Michael & Roslyn Prevor             Allen & Barbara Feinberg          Marvin & Isabel Leibowitz
Samuel & Phyllis Butters            Jules & Barbara Reich               Barry & Minerva Feinberg          Richard & Patti Leiner
Ralph & Anita Byer                  Derek & Elise Repath                Robert & Harriet Feinberg         Gregg & Lauren Leslie
Jean & David Colker                 Steven & Lori Sadaka                Richard & Wendy Fenton            Scott & Donna Liberman
Richard & Susan Finkelstein         Beth Salter                         Ted & Jeanette Fine               Carol Ullman & Ira Licht
Harold & Elaine Friedland           Mr. & Mrs. H. Sanchez               Jeffrey & Susan Firestone         Steven & Marcy Lippman
Stephen & Renee Gans                Lois Hollander & Steven Schlosser   Larry & Micki Fletcher            Alan & Lisa Lips
Brian & Darrah Gilderman            James & Karyn Schwade               John & Sandi Flint                Michael & Corinne London
Stewart Greenberg                   Shirley Siegel                      Alan & Fran Foont                 Richard & Barbara MacKenzie
Aaron Karlton                       Leona Hirschkorn & Marvin           Jordan & Marion Fox               Martin & Dina Mahler
David & Julie Kirschner             Silverman                           Dorothy Frankel                   Nan Markowitz
Gary & Linda Krat                   Andrew Sommer                       Israel & Gertrude Freedman        Carli Marsh
Richard & Barbara MacKenzie         Gerald Stein                        Daniel & Holly Friedman           Robert & Mary Matthews
Gerald & Claire Manowitz            Roger & Linda Stewart               Yori & Jill Galel                 William & Susan Matz
Steve & Nancy Mendelow              Irwin & Deanna Stolberg             David & Marla Garfinkle           Rhona Maulano
Eugene & Charlotte Milgram          Harry & Katie Sugarman              Warren & Beverly Geisler          Lothar & Carlyn Mayer
Eric & Deborah Nemiroff             Morris & Lillian Tabacinic          Charlotte Gershaw                 David & Miri Mazor
Maurice D. & Marjorie Plough, Jr.   Julie Talenfeld                     Debra Gershowitz                  Elliott & Lisa Messing
Muriel Rosen                        Rosa Terner                         Mark & Sharon Gilbert             Susan Miller
Robert & Alexandra Senatore         Jack & Amy Tobin                    Ronald & Wendy Glantz             Sam & Elayne Millman
Scott Shleifer                      Mr. Weinberg & Ms. Lewin            Marc & Shelly Glazer              Barbara Mines
Charles & Sandra Simon              Marty & Cindy Zackowitz             Dodie Weinstein & Bob Goldberg    Jeff & Lauren Morris
Dorothy Small                       David & Maria Zittle                Ruth Goldberg                     Florence Moss
Dave & Ethel Sommer                                                     Diego Goldfarb                    Jeff & Candy Munchick
Murray & Beverly Sommer             $1,000 - $2,499                     Robert & Madelyn Goldner          Cindy Niad Hannah & Steve
Lisa Sirota & Douglas Weiner        Richard & Margo Absher              Gale Goldstein Tucker             Mutchnick
Robert & Tracy Winters              Ira & Marjorie Albert               Sylvia Gordon                     Monte & June Nathanson
                                    Ronald & Margie Alter               Deborah Sumner & Kenneth Goulet   Steve & Suzanne Newmark
$2,500 - $4,999                     Melvin & Martha Aronson             Robert Greenberg                  Selma Nichols
Richard & Louise Allen              Alan & Noni Aufzien                 Stephen & Margery Greenspan       Ruth Nussdorf
Joan Baxt                           Phyllis Axelrod                     Kristine Gross                    Richard & Phyllis Odle
Don & Linda Brodie                  Edward & Patti Barrocas             Richard & Sheila Gruber           James & Andrea Orleans
Allen & Gila Chelminsky             Ben & Millicent Bauer               Estelle Haber                     Michael & Merle Orlove
Philip & Marcia Cohen               Steven & Abbe Becker                Ino Halegua                       Daniel & Lois Osman
Mark & Norma David                  Michael & Sherry Bell               Nathan & Pearl Halegua            Robert Papeika
Jan Davidson                        Beverly Berman                      Simon & Michele Hassine           Mark & Julie Paresky
Bob & Janet Fabricant               Stephen & Nanci Beyer               Steven & Cathy Haubenstock        Benett Pearlman

                                                      JAFCO                  JOURNAL
2009 Individual & Family Donor Honor Roll
Bob & Gayle Pifer                     Mona Pearl & Ronald Winokur     Arie & Yafit Kaduri            Susan Sommer & Stephen Warnke
Rick & Jonina Pitchman                David & Randi Winter            Ronald & Cathy Kaplan          Scott Weicholz
Nat & Ruth Plaks                      Jordge & Alix Wolf              Loeb & Natalie Katz            Michael & Janis Weilheimer
Louis & Carol Pleeter                 Allan & Barbara Wolk            David & Linda Kent             Bruce & Carla Weiner
Willard & Donna Poires                Clement & Jo-Ann Zanzuri        Doris Kessler                  Craig & Barbara Weiner
Robert & Ellen Pomerantz              Avram & Susan Zeff              Craig Kirsner                  Jeffery & Lourdes Weiner
David & Dale Pratt                    Craig & Martine Zinn            Mark & Heather Kramer          Laura Weinsoff
Lawrence & Helene Price               David & Maribel Zoberg          Gail & Kerry Kuhn              Delsie Lipton & Artie Weinstock
Phillip & JoAnne Procacci             Peter & Elsa Zoberg             Howard & Linda Landy           Sharon Pinkeson & Joseph Weiss
Stuart & Gayle Rader                  Robert & Sally Zveibil          Lenny & Maxine Leeds           Eric Wenger
Neil & Marilyn Ramo                                                   Scott & Franci Leon            Mark & Esther Wertlieb
Harold & Donna Richter                $500 - $999                     Jordan & Brandi Levinson       Andrew & Mindy Wilson
David & Sandy Rogol                   Stan & Marcia Aaron             Mark & Marcia Lilling          Howard & Carol Wulfson
Matthew & Jodie Roseberg              Jack & Evelyn Africk            Eve Milgram Linet              Ken & Mara Wurtenberger
Andrew & Marcelle Rosen               Dov & Sharon Apfel              Gerald & Eleanor Lisansky      Alan & Jacqueline Yates
Joan Rosenberg                        Sidney & Miriam Atzmon          George & Jeanne Liss           Joseph & Susan Zacherman
Michael & Linda Salzberg              Beverly Bachrach                Susan Lopatin                  Judith Zimmer
Avi Samuels                           Irene Baros                     Marion Lust-Cohen
Ellen Sarnoff                         Eli & Sharon Bartov             Alan Markowitz                 $360 - $499
Jan Savarick                          Alan & Dara Berger              Glenn & Alana Markus           Brad & Melissa Ackerman
Scott & Rishona Savin                 George & Marla Bergmann         Darren & Caryn Marsh           Merton & Barbara Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Schaerffer                 Diane Berman                    Marie Mayer                    Mark & Susan Angert
Terry Schantz                         Louis & Angela Birdman          Arnold Mazel                   Alex & Courtney Bafer
Ralph & Doris Schelin                 Leslie Bishop                   Phylis Meier                   Jeff & Kathy Bass
Timothy & Julie Schenden              Gary & Barbora Bogatin          Jacob Meisel                   Herbert & Jessica Baumgarten
Bertram & Suzanne Schild              Tamra Brandt                    Steve & Nassrin Meisels        Michael & Caryn Bedzow
Neil & Kerstin Schneider              Howard & Becky Braverman        Israel & Wendy Melamed         Carol Berger
Robert & Susan Schneider              Joel & Susan Cartun             Gene & Elise Mesh              Douglas & Jodi Berman
Margo Schuhalter                      Ruth Citrin                     Stanley & Bernice Mestel       Marvin & Elaine Berman
Sam & Barbara Schwartz                Caryn Clayman                   Lee Meyer                      John & Beth Besu
Michael & Liza Schwarzberg            Alexa Cohen                     Efrem & Pearl Milestone        Murray & Lorry Black
Howard & Andrea Seidler               Barry & Myra Cohen              Marion Miller                  Richard & Barbara Brietstein
Joanie Shagrin                        Herb & Lucille Cohen            Richard & Tamara Morgenstern   Scott & Valerie Burd
Robert & Linda Shelley                Ira & Jill Coleman              Isidoro Morjaim                David & Gladys Chleck
Stacy Sherman                         Cindy Cossin                    Steven & Leah Nachman          Steven Cimerberg
Suzanne Shneider                      David & Juli Davidson           Keith & Danielle Ott           Mark & Lisa Delevie
Marvin & Marilyn Shreiar              Bill & Nora Davis               Maurice D. Plough, Sr.         Edward & Meryl Deutsch
Eric Siegel                           Michael & Neomi Dezertzov       Alice Pomerantz                David & Sheila Epstein
Bobby & Sherry Silk                   Cynthia Duncan                  Jana Porter                    Joel & Susan Fass
Bruce & Elissa Simberg                Irving & Norma Edwards          Mary Mentasti & Bobby Powe     Neal & Symara Feldman
Samuel & Fay Singer                   Lina Eichenwald                 Martin & Sherri Retkoff        Rebecca Fieler
Allen & Bonnie Sirkin                 Harold & Joyce Escott           Teddi Robbins                  Stuart & Marcia Gelband
Milt & Carol Sirota                   Patricia Estabrook              Joyce Rodenberg                Eli & Denise Gelman
Richard & Susan Skor                  Kerry & Tamera Ezrol            Steve & Sandy Rogelberg        Joshua & Mor Goldner
Michael & Annette Smith               Peter & Jenn Fain               Laura Rosenthal                Mark & Elissa Goldner
Kenneth & Debbie Sobel                Kim Fetterman                   Bruce & Michelle Ross          Paul & Sandra Goldner
Sylvia Solinsky                       David Filler Esq.               Lillian Rozen*                 Howard & Stella Gostfrand
Leonard & Sandi Solomon               Ruth Fishman                    Pauline Salzer                 Mitchell & Leslie Greenberg
Nat & Janice Sommer                   Terry & Lori Flenniken          Alan & Rose Schecter           Gloria Greene
Herbert & Diane Sosman                Ken Frankel                     Neil & Robyn Schiller          Warren & Claire Grossman
Joel & Irene Spalter                  Alan & Abby Freedman            Paul & Ronni Schneider         Brian & Hillary Gruber
Lenny Spiegel                         Jeffrey & Helene Gassner        Sidney & Roberta Shane         Paul & Joan Hauser
Gary & Jane Spindel                   Howard & Elice Gelb             Mark & Judith Shankman         Doris Herstone
Myron Sponder                         Ari & Erica Gerstin             Abraham & Sharon Sharabi       Andrew & Erica Holborn
Barry & Irene Stark                   Joshua & Melissa Gerstin        Jessica Shendel                Joseph & Esta Izhakoff
Maurine Starr*                        Gene & Elaine Glasser           Allan & Claire Sheres          Howard Katzman
Daniel & Susan Stone                  Joseph & Shirley Gleich         Bernard & Deborah Shlossman    Leonard & Danna Kleiman
Salomon & Lisa Susi                   Aaron & Freda Glickman          Ronald Shnider                 Jay Klein
Robyn Tauber                          Alan & Ellen Goldner            Gerald & Susan Silver          Ira & Priscilla Kleinberg
Arie Taykan & Sylvia Kahana           Jeremy & Lisette Goldstein      Andrew & Samantha Sossin       Bernard & Susan Kleinman
Ben & Sarah Torchinsky                Susan Goldstein                 James & Rebecca Spooner        Alvin & Phyllis Kublin
Abraham & Lynne Turk                  Michael & Lola Goodstein        Yitzhak & Zipora Stabinsky     Howard & Jill Lapensohn
Marnix & Mariella van den Biggelaar   Jonathan Gordon                 Harold & Patty Stanley         Mr. & Mrs. Josh Leder
Robert Varipapa                       Michael & Audrey Gordon         Mark & Rachel Stein            Louise Levine
Stephen & Linda Waldner               Joyce Green                     Martin & Edith Stein           Yonathan Levy
Mildred Langsam & Barnet Wallitzer    Alan & Beth Gross               Anne Sullivan                  Bradford & Robin Magaro
Donald & Julie Weidenfeld             George Hecht                    Rywka Taykan                   Matthew & Wendy Maschler
Dona Weinraub                         Deborah Helel                   Joseph & Jackie Trobman        Harvey & Paula Mazer
Stan & Rita Weinstein                 Joel & Marcia Hochberg          David & Jamie Wainland         Robin Miller
Irwin & Liz Weiser                    Debrah Charatan & Steven Holm   Daniel & Mae Waldner           Norman & Lois Morse
Stephen & Sharon Wender               Marvin & Sheila Horowitz        Amy Habie & Marc Walker        Joel & Edith Newman
Lawrence & Deanna Werrick             Martin & Marilyn Hymowitz       Henry & Audrey Wallach         Robert & Helene Newman
Steve & Carol Winig                   Stephen & Cindy Jacobs          Janice Wallach                 Leif & Aliza Novie

                                                      JAFCO                JOURNAL
2009 Individual & Family Donor Honor Roll
Benjamin & Judy Pace            Andrew & Kelly Brief                Marvin & Hinda Finston       Adam & Dawn Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Perlmutter   Lewis & Lily Broslovsky             Miryam Flint                 Arthur & Joan Jacowitz
Max Pollack                     Sylvia Broslovsky                   Steven & Sherri Fox          Michael & Caytha Jentis
Barry & Marcy Resnik            Doris Brown                         Harry & Ann Frankel          Shawna Kalish Masry
Orin & Arden Rosenfeld          Ruth Brown                          Joyce Frankel                Jed & Jamie Kaplan
Stanley & Sandra Rosenow        Gordon Brydger                      Richard & Ann Frankel        Ronald & Joan Kaplan
Ruth Roven                      David & Sharon Buchalter            Leonard & Marlene Freeman    Larry & Cindy Kashdin
Leo & Edythe Satz               Michael & Sharon Budwick            Larry & Susan Freshman       Alan & Jimmy Katz
Flora Schnall                   Judith Bukaitz                      Arlene Friedman              Cecile Katz
Eric & Susan Schneider          William & Rosalind Burd             Darren Friedman              Ellie Katz
Audrey Schneiderman             Eleanor Burns                       Lydia Friedman               Walter & Cheryl Katz
Dan & Alicia Schwartz           Sanford Burns                       Arthur & Jessica Frischman   Robert & Linda Kaye
Gary & Karen Schwartz           Bernice Busch                       Martin & Roberta Galex       Sharon Kenig
Gabriel & Nathalie Serfaty      Bruce & Nancy Bushell               Zigmund & Wendy Galit        Trevor & Michelle Keyes
Joseph & Rochelle Sher          Sam Butters                         Jonathan & Annie Garber      David & Ellen Kirsch
Al Sherb & Connie Greenberg     Andrew Cagnetta                     Eileen Garlick               Steven & Daniela Klein
Arlene Simon                    Sheila Caplin                       Mortimer Geisler             Marcia Kligerman
Robert & Jandy Spiegelman       Pearl Chaet                         Mark & Benjamin Geller       Michael Kline
Esther Stoller                  Zoe Shore Chaitoff                  Gerald & Paula Germain       Jordan & Debbie Klingsberg
Irving Storfer                  Howard & Loretta Chatoff            Alan Gershon                 Tori Klotz
Henry & Fran Storper            Caryn Cherpak                       Seth & Jennifer Gerstin      Jerome & Sandy Kransdorf
Marvin Taubman                  Steven & Stacy Chertock             Henry Gevurtz                Martin & Merle Krimsky
Morton & Joan Trilling          Frank & Lily Chuang                 Randall & Heather Gilbert    Adam & Kati Kristol
Jonathan & Pamela Turk          Irving & Ruth Claremon              Albert Ginsberg              Howard & Rosalind Kroplick
G.C & Sandra Turnauer           Matthew & Angela Classi             Sydell Glass                 Guy Kurlandski
Harlan & Carol Waksal           Al & Gloria Cohen                   Evelyn Glasson               Robert & Naomi Lager
Steven & Wendy Walin            Florence Cohen                      Barbara Glickman             Michael & Amy Landa
George & Edna Wassermann        Howard & Karen Cohen                Sybil Gloss                  Lewis & Janis Lax
Sherry Werner                   Jack Cohen                          Franklyn & Debra Gober       Roy & Barbara Lebovitz
Harvey & Barbara Witlin         Jay & Ellen Cohen                   Elliot & Marilyn Godel       Sam & Rhonnie Leder
Sally Robins & Paul Yelin       Richard & Shirley Cohen             Peter & Kelly Gold           Chris & Nancy Lee
Burton Young                    Russell & Brooke Cohen              Irving & Vivian Golden       Cynthia Leiner
Annette Youngentob              Sanford & Wendy Cohen               Brent & Wendy Goldman        Lewis & Bonita Lepene
                                Rabbi Moshe & Jody Cohen-Gavarian   Bernard & Carol Goldstein    Gloria Lester
$180 - $359                     Mike & Jennifer Corddry             Herman Goldstein             Gary & Monica Levin
Byrle & Lili Abbin              Irit Daiksel                        Jeanette Goldstein           Alvin & Marcia Levine
Ran & Sara Abrahamy             Daniel & Karen Davis                Morrie Golick                Lily Levith
Glenn & Holly Albert            Robert & Maxine Davis               Donald & Sandy Goodman       Leon Levy
Stanley & Enid Alterman         Carl & Deborah DelPrete             Paul & Elinor Goodstat       Dorothy Lichtenstein
Harvey & Shirley Altman         Abe Denburg                         James & Judith Gordon        Lawrence & Lynne Lichtig
Isabelle Amdur                  Michael & Sheryl Dennis             Jay & Shirley Gottlieb       Ed & Polly Linker
Lori Apelbaum                   Joel & Heidi DiCicco                Michael & Georgia Gottlieb   Jorge & Jessica Linkewer
Michael & Barbara Apter         Ramy & Karen Diga                   Jennifer Green               David & Carolyn Lippman
Steven & Linda Aronson          Lynn Modlin & Michael Dobbs         Roberta Green                Joyce Lipshitz
Jerry & Irma Bady               Robert & Nancy Dobrin               Warren & Laura Greenberg     Jeffrey & Nancy Liss
Terry Barbash                   Frances Dorman                      Sid & Marilyn Greenspan      John & Caroline Lister
Neil & Robin Baritz             Lois Dorman                         Adam & Sonia Greenspoon      Michael Litel
Amy Joy Barker                  Lenore Dreyfuss                     Alexandra Grobman            Peter & Ellen Livingston
Scott & Joan Barr               Philip & Lesley Dubs                Douglas & Joan Gross         David & Rosalyn Loss
Michael & Brenna Barron         Herbert & Marcia Dunn               Zev & Hannah Gross           Cynthia Love
Josh & Debra Becker             Norman & Rita Edelman               Phyllis Grossman             Isabel Lubchansky
John & Miriam Bedells           Carolyn Ehrlich                     Julius Guttman               Michael & Rosanne Lubin
Ike & Regina Behar              Mark & Stephanie Eidemueller        Al & Beverly Hacker          Tamar Lubow
Ann Beier                       Ann Eisner                          April Halle, Esq.            Robert & Deborah Macaulay
Judge Barbara Beilly            Jack & Rivka Eliani                 Jack & Doris Handsman        Richard & Paula Mandel
Ted & Bonnie Beinhorn           Regina Elkin                        Harry & Marilyn Hartman      Marilyn Manning
Jonathan & Alyson Bell          Leon & Elaine Ellman                Rose Hass                    Bruce & Lori March
Mazzy Bell                      Steve & Lisa Enfield                Leonard & Joan Hayet         Buzz & Ronnie Marcus
Perla Benrubi                   Aaron & Florence Engel              Mitchell & Lauren Heide      Mitchell Margolies
Gimol & Michel Bentes           Bonnie Epstein                      Robert & Elizabeth Henry     Irwin & Sharon Margulis
Irvin & Betty Berger            Eliana Salzhauser & David Epstein   Scott & Lisa Herman          Benjamin & Judith Marks
Garry & Shellie Bergman         Patricia Epstein                    Eric & Laurie Hersh          Rachel Masory
Robert & Eileen Berkowitz       Jon & Jessica Erlbaum               Jeffrey & Josefa Hirsch      Myra Matters
Ruth Berman                     Alberto & Becky Esquenazi           Irwin & Ruth Hirtz           Sarah Mekler
Audrey Bernstein                Vivian Ezekiel                      Neal & Cheryl Hochberg       Brad & Suzanne Meltzer
Gil & Candy Beyda               Nelson & Rhonda Faro                Jack & Annette Hockman       Rosalind Merritt
Mr. & Mrs. Blaut Blaut          Peter & Evelyn Federbush            Franklin Howell              Herbert & Magda Messing
Jeffrey & Rebecca Blitman       Steve & Mary Feferkranz             Meryl Hubscher               Charles & Pamela Meyers
Laurence & Marlene Bluerock     Jane Feibusch                       Bernard & Marylin Hurewitz   Seth & Susan Miles
Robert & Marcy Blumenfeld       Steven & Cheryl Feinman             Thomas & Dolores Inman       Alexander & Christine Miller
Martin & Barbara Bolnick        Dorothea Feldman                    Mike & Tracy Internoscia     Mark & Stacy Milrot
Louis Brause                    Eileen File                         Perry & Tami Isenberg        Kathy Minns
Gail Braverman                  Mark & Carla Fine                   Scott & Phyllis Itkin        Sydelle Mitchell

                                                JAFCO                    JOURNAL
2009 Individual & Family Donor Honor Roll
Ken & Melissa Morris                 Rotem & Malka Rodrig               Hal & Susan Silberman                   Fred & Rochelle Umschweis
Alan & Susan Moses                   Doreen Rosen                       Stephen & Barrie Silk                   Scott & Lori Vetstein
Barry & Julie Mukamal                Stanley & Pearl Rosenberg          Martin & Marlene Silver                 Frank & Barbara Voudy
William & Harriet Murphy             Henry & Adrienne Rosenfeld         Zelda Silver                            Mark & Ronni Walker
Ben & Tina Naar                      Violet Roth                        Marvin & Gertrude Silvergold            Norton & Anita Waltuch
Stewart & Ronnie Nagler              Jay & Iris Rothberg                Harold & Betty Silverman                Mort & Elinor Wapner
Seymour Nash                         Lawrence & Sheila Rothman          Michael & Linda Simon                   Kimberly & Todd Weicholz
Robert & Helene Newman               Cole & Niki Rubin                  Michael & Michelle Simon                Dianne Weinberg
Michael & Ronna Niederman            Ruthanne Rubin                     Michael & Pam Simon                     Ira & Dee Weiner
Samuel & Mimi Novak                  Walter & Lucille Rubin             Walter & Glenda Simon                   Aaron & Judith Weingarten
Sheri Nusbaum                        Sam Rubinoff                       Linda Slavin                            Andrew & Julie Weinstein
Michelle Bittman & Samuel Ohev-      Herb & Lola Rubman                 Allan & Lorraine Smargon                David Diaz & Paul Weinstein
Zion                                 Barton & Angela Sacher             Roger Snellenburg                       Ellen Weinstein
Allan & Merrilie Orlins              Gerry & Micki Salomon              Sally Sokoloff                          Abraham & Alma Weintraub
David & Cara Osborn                  Lillian Salomon                    Jennifer Weiner & Peter Solnick         Herbert & Joy Werman
Stephanie Owitz                      Jack & Susan Salpeter              Don & Joanne Solomon                    Lillian West
Ira & Wendy Paskow                   Ronald & Eileen Saltzman           Bernard & Roslyn Sonenshein             Alan & Donna Wiener
Kathryn Kent & Robert Patton         Irvin & Shirley Saul               Erika Sonnenberg                        Neal & Roberta Williky
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pikman            George & Marjorie Schachter        Herb & Norma Sonnenklar                 Daniel & Ellen Willis
Cecelia Platnick                     Michael & Maria Schaedle           Marc & Bonnie Spector                   Andy & Rhonda Winston
Mark & Andrea Platt                  Darin & Jackie Schatzman           Tracey Spiegelman                       David & Nancy Wolf
Herb & Cecile Pogoda                 Richard & Eileen Schechter         Moshe & Jodi Stav                       Robert Wolf
Evelyn Pollack                       Howard Schiller                    Esther Stein                            Robert Harris & Barbara Wolf
Daniel & Marie Polley                Edward & Hollis Schlam             Francine Stein                          Jeffrey & Donna Wolfe
Charles & Barbara Poncher            Benjamin & Helen Schneer           Shelley Stein                           Donald & Marcia Workman
Marc & Andrea Port                   David & Debbie Schopp              Edward & Linda Steinberg                Laurie Workman
Tess Porudominsky                    Marc & Eileen Schwartz             Alison Steinburg                        Mildred Yachter
Jeff & Amy Presby                    Sam & Claire Schwartz              Sindey & Florence Stern                 Sally Yesko
Sharon Presby                        Dale Scutti                        Teddy & Linda Struhl                    Rise Yevelson
Robert & Susan Price                 Lawrence & Stephanie Segal         Morty & Zeta Sudler                     Jim & Debbie Young
Allen & Jewel Prince                 Bernard & Diedra Sehr              Eliana Szajnert                         Abraham Zalcberg
Barbara Chaso-Papale & Barry         Jacob Seidenberg                   Herbert & Madeline Tabin                Tess Zatkowsky
Rabinowitz                           Amy Seidman                        Avraham & Meryl Taurog                  Harry Zavik
Michael & Elise Ralby                Steve & Sandy Seltzer              Jack & Jacqueline Tavares               Jeffrey & Roberta Zbar
Carol Randman                        Clifford & Phyllis Seresky         Deborah Taylor                          Debra Zebersky
Adam & Ali Reiss                     Lior & Susan Shalev                Rochelle Teitelbaum                     David & Francine Zeitz
Vanessa Ressler                      Myrna Ziegler & Joe Shapiro        Sandra Terman                           Laurence & Deborah Zieper
Victor & Toby Richards               Arlene Shaw                        Howard & Hillary Tescher                Matthew & Arline Zucker
Jack & Gloria Richman                Bill & Ellen Shaw                  Morton & Diana Tobin                    Edward & Elaine Zukerman
Robert & Jill Rickel                 Shmulik & Tali Shmuel              Harold & Verna Trager                   Lorraine Zywotow
Jerry & Judith Rifkin                Shirley Shrut                      Daniel & Felicia Tucker
Gregory & Karen Ritter               Lois Siegel                        Austin & Ruth Tupler
Joel & Anita Robrish                 Howard & Ruthie Silber             Albert & Sydell Udelson

2009 Corporate, Foundation and Community Donor Honor Roll
$300,000 and over                    Gordon Family Foundation               Roselyn Meyer Family Foundation      Goldman Sachs Matching Gift
ChildNet                             Hair by Scott & Co                     Morris Family Foundation Inc.        Program
Children’s Services Council of       Helping Hand Foundation                Publix Super Markets Charities       Mark J. Gordon Foundation
Broward County                       Lieberman Schorr Family                George Stern & Sara Stern            IBM Employees Charity
State of Florida                     Foundation                             Foundation                           Contribution Fund
                                     Medicaid                               Talenfeld Zobel Family Charitable    Ira & Elaine Katz Family
$100,000 - $299,999                  Miller Family Foundation               Fund                                 Foundation, Inc.
Child & Family Connections           President’s Fest in the Park           Arie A. Taykan                       Mellon Bank
APD State of Florida Capital Grant   Regal Entertainment Group              Tiger Global Management, LLC         Off Duty Detector Dogs Inc.
                                     Norman Shulevitz Foundation            United Way of Broward County         Phoenix Lodge Associates
$50,000 - $99,999                    Stephen L. Steinhart Foundation        Winn Dixie Store Foundation          Rotary Club of Weston
Areawide Council on Aging of         Lady Suzanna P Tweed & Carleton                                             Southern Wine & Spirits
Broward County                       Tweed Charitable Foundation            $2,500 - $4,999                      Ulysse Nardin Inc
Hahn Family Foundation, Inc.         Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation        The Louis Berkowitz Family           Leonard Zedeck Charitable
Jewish Federation of Broward         M.B. & Edna Zale Foundation            Bloomingdales                        Foundation
County                                                                      BNY Mellon
                                     $5,000 - $9,999                        Boardroom Communications, Inc.       $1,000 - $2,499
$25,000 - $49,999                    Able Adjusters Associates Inc.         Frank D. and Anita M. Butler         Rosalind & Alfred Berger
Sam Berman Charitable Foundation     Brown Charity Foundation               Endowment Fund                       Foundation
Jim Moran Foundation, Inc.           Camp Lenny Foundation Inc.             Butters Construction &               The Sheri & Les Biller Family
Sunny & Abe Rosenberg Foundation     Capital One                            Development, Inc.                    Foundation
                                     Dade Community Foundation              Helen A. Chadwick Fund               Children’s Medical Association, P.A.
$10,000 - $24,999                    General Bronze Contractors             Ruth E. Cohan Estate                 DD & S Companies Inc.
Bank of America Foundation           Golden Slipper Camp                    I.L. Cohen Foundation                Lloyd and Helen Dilworth
BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc.            Harry Kramer Memorial Fund             The Colen Foundation, Inc.           Foundation
Fine & Greenwald Foundation          Lawrence D. Share Co., Inc.            Contour Day Spa                      Equilibrix
Sandra Gulden & Leon Goldberger      Meshnick Charitable Family             Francis J. Crowley Fund              Esposito Heating Contractors, Inc.
Private Foundation                   Foundation Inc.                        Dade Paper                           The Fisher Family Foundation

                                                       JAFCO           10         JOURNAL
2009 Corporate, Foundation and Community Donor Honor Roll
Fox Rothschild, Attorneys at Law     Beacon House Adoption Services            Robert B. Blum Foundation              Ellis, Hodes & Goldberg
Gerstin & Associates                 B’nai Aviv                                Builders Plus                          Festival Flea Market Inc.
Joyce Green Family Foundation        Boca Lago Congregation                    Congregation Kol Tikvah ECC            Florida Property Management Corp.
Greenspoon Marder Hirschfeld         Breitman Family Foundation                Duree & Company, Inc.                  From The Heart
Rafkin Ross & Berger                 Chiavacci Family Foundation               DWS Clothing                           Greenfield Day School
Heaven & Earth Salon and Spa, Inc.   Children’s House International            Sally Goldman Foundation, Inc.         Holiday Services
Helbar Investments                   Cruise Options, Inc.                      Kindertransport Association, Inc.      Holocaust Survivors of South
Jordan David All Traction Footwear   European Adoption Consultants Inc.        United E-Way                           Florida
Lois Kaplan Foundation for the       Evergreen Sweeteners                      Nacht, Trupkin, Babyak & Wilentz       Jewish Heritage Club
Prevention of Child Abuse            Farache Enterprises Inc.                  D.D.S.                                 Jones Awnings & Canvas, Inc.
Katzman Family Foundation            Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund             North Beach Apartments                 Esther G. & Albert E. Kaufman
Kings Point Holiday Club             Garden Plaza                              Ruth K. Price Estate                   Foundation
Klurman Foundation Inc.              GFA International                         Steiger Medical Group LLC              Kings Point Bingo Committee
George Zoltan Lefton Family          Goldman, Sachs & Co.                      Stylebuilt Construction, Inc.          Sam W. Klein Charitable Foundation
Foundation                           Heart to Heart Adoption Service           Temple Beth Shmuel Cuban Hebrew        Kosher Marketplace
Make A Difference Foundation         Kennesaw                                  Congr. of Miami                        Magarick Advertising LLC
Merritt Motor Co. Inc                Kings Knights Lodge 221                   Temple Beth Sholom                     Monday Afternoon Bridge Club
NCJW - West Palm Beach Section       Lauderdale Imports Ltd./BMW               Temple Beth Tikvah Religious           Oxford Women’s Club
Network for Good                     Law Offices of Daniel Gass, PA            School                                 Palm Isles Women’s Club, Inc.
Plantation General Hospital          Lincoln Benefit Life Company              Temple Judea Coral Gables              Pastrami Club
Morris M. Rand Memorial              Maxi Travel & Cruises, Inc.               Religious School                       Publix Supermarket, Inc.
Foundation Inc.                      Morgan Stanley                            Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El                Rader & Coleman P.L.
Samuel & Rose Riemer Private         National Mah Jongg League Inc.            Temple Sholom                          Leo & Charlotte Rose Family
Foundation                           Pansini & Mezrow                          Village Reform Congregation            Supporting Foundation
Bernard Rothfeld Children’s          Paradise Bank                                                                    Sanofi-Aventis
Foundation                           Asher Pelkis Foundation                   $180 - $359                            Dorothy & Naomi Schimel
Sandow Media Corporation             Harry Rich Family Foundation              Bauman Medical Group                   Charitable Foundation
Lippman Rose Schnurmacher Fund       Royal Caribbean International             Beerman Foundation                     Skin and Cancer Associates
Adolph & Ruth Schnurmacher           Daniel Solomon Foundation                 Jean & David Blechman Foundation       St Louise Parish
Foundation, Inc.                     Tamarac Presidents Council                Bling ‘N Things, Inc.                  State of Israel
Charles & Mildred Schnurmacher       Temple Beth Am Sisterhood                 B’Nai Israel Jewish Center             Temple Bat Yam of East Fort
Foundation                           Temple Beth Am of Kendall                 Philanthropic Assn.                    Lauderdale
Norman & Barbara Seiden              Temple Judea of Manhasset                 Broward County Legislative             Temple Beth Am of Margate
Foundation                           Valencia Isles Snowbird Club              Delegation 32                          Temple Beth Torah-Tamarac Jewish
Shepard Broad Foundation Inc.        Wachovia Bank                             Broward Performing Arts                Center
Silver Builders Inc.                 Joseph & Ruth Wittenstein                 Foundation Inc.                        Temple Shaarei Shalom Religious
Dr. Erwin M. & Mrs. Elaine Vasquez   Philanthropic Fund                        Citrix Systems Inc.                    School
Family Fnd                           Z Communications Company                  Colonial Auto Group                    Temple Solel Religious School
Venetian Isles Women’s Club                                                    Corks Kosher Wine Emporium             Triangle Financial Services, LLC
WOW                                  $360 - $499                               Delray Orthodox Synagogue, Inc         Young Israel of Pembroke Pines
                                     Assurant                                  Louis & Lillian Detkin Foundation
$500 - $999                          AZPAC                                     Michael & Florence Edelstein
American Express Foundation          Bermuda Landscaping & Design Inc          Foundation

2009 Charitable gifts of goods and services
We would also like to thank the following Professionals, Businesses, Temples, Schools & Community
Organizations for their charitable gifts of goods and services in 2009
The “X” Factor                       Aruba Beach Cafe                          Dr. Steven Bogdanoff                   CMJ Enterprises Inc.
Accessory Addictz                    Avelle Bag Borrow or Steal                Bonnie’s Loft, SBS                     Coconut Creek Seminole Casino
Accurate Linens                      Aventura Chabad                           Brauser Maimonides Academy             Cohen Judaica
Ace Beauty Company                   Azamara Cruises                           Broadway Across America                Comcast Spectacor LP
Acquolina Italian Restaurant         Baci Golf                                 Broward Performing Arts Fnd            Dr. Bruce Conan
Addison Reserve Country Club         Bagelworks                                Broward Pools                          Congregation Bet Breira
Addison Reserve Country Club Spa     Bagstage                                  Brown’s Interiors                      Congregation B’nai Israel
After the Stork of Boynton Beach     Bamboo Noahs                              Buckhead Life Restaurant Group         Congregation Shaarei Kodesh
Aldo Cleaners                        BankAtlantic Foundation                   Butterfly World                        Contour Day Spa
All About Feet                       Barbara Katz Women’s Apparel              Cafe Seville                           Cosmetic Depot
All Service Refuse                   The Berkley Group                         Camp Lenny Foundation Inc.             Couples Resorts
Allenby & Associates                 Beth David Congregation                   Capital Grille                         Craig Zinn Automotive Group
Allied Advertising                   Bieger International Gymnastics           Carmine’s Gourmet Market               Cucina D’ Angelo
Allied Kitchens & Baths              Big Time Restaurant Group                 Carolina Golf Club                     Dalsimer Atlas Florist
Alora Ambiance                       Bliss Salon                               Chabad of the Grove School             Dan Marino Foundation
American Royal Arts Corp.            Bloomingdales                             Chelsea Prime                          Daszkal Bolton LLP
American Top Team                    B’nai Aviv ECC                            Chez Gourmet                           Dave & Mary Alper JCC
Ampros Trophy Kings, Florida, Inc.   Bob Lappin & The Palm Beach Pops          The Children’s Boutique                David Posnack Hebrew Day School
AMS Salon & Lounge                   Boca Black Belt Academy                   Children’s Medical Association, P.A.   Dean Anthony’s Pizzeria
Andrew Duany Photography             Boca Country Club                         Chris Evert Pro-Celebrity Tennis       Dean, Israel & Associates PA
Angel & Frog Catering                Boca Greens Country Club                  Classic                                Denny’s Childrens Wear
Anna & Company                       Boca Raton Resort & Club                  Christine Lee’s                        Dermalogic Laser Center
Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza           Boca Woods Country Club                   Clean & Green Associates               Designing Eyes
Aroma Kosher Market                  Bogart’s Bar & Grill                      Clematis Social                        Designs By Lisa

                                                      JAFCO               11         JOURNAL
2009 Charitable gifts of goods and services
Diva Hair Studio                       Independent Salon Resources              Nailtopia                             S.A. Chrobak, Ltd.
Donna Klein Jewish Academy             Indian Spring CC                         Naples Grande                         Saks Fifth Avenue
Down to Earth Kids                     Interval International                   NCJW - Northwest Broward Section      Salomon Roofing & Construction
Dunkin Donuts                          Iris & Eileen’s Fine Jewelry Inc.        Neiman Marcus                         Salon 46
D’Vara Jewelers                        Isaac’s Fine Jewelry                     New Beauty                            Salon Blu
Eastwood Stein                         J & O Fabrics                            New Vibe Entertainment Inc.           Salon Oasis
Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine         Jacobs Jewelers                          New York Comedy Club                  Salon Pierre
Eyewear                                Janrodesigns, Inc.                       New York Prime Steakhouse             Salon Salon
Elini Designs                          Japango Sushi Restaurant                 Nexstore Express                      Salon Savvy
Elite Island Resort                    Jason Taylor Foundation                  Nonna Maria Restaurant                Salon Sima
Elite Salon Systems                    JE Designs                               North Broward Prepatory School        Samuel Scheck Hillel Day School
Ellen’s Pilates Mat, Inc               Jewish War Veterans                      Norton Museum                         Sandow Media Corporation
Ellie’s Fine Jewelry                   The Royal Treatment                      A Nose For Clothes                    Sara Mique
En Vogue                               Joseph’s Classic Market                  Oak Forest Design, Inc.               Schakolad Chocolate Factory
Explosive Entertainment                Judaic Illuminations                     Ocean Prime Aventura                  Sea World
Expression in Gold & Silver            Jultam Wardrobing                        Office Depot Foundation               Seasons 52
Ezulwini Game Lodges                   Jump Zone                                Oggetti Tavola                        Sebago
Fade Away Barber Shop                  Jungle Queen                             Olive Gardens                         Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Fairway Cleaning Company               Juste Gold Creations                     Omphoy Ocean Resort                   Senior Season Ticket Holder Dep.
Colodny Fass Talenfeld Karlinksy       Kee Grill                                One to One Fitness                    Serargo Roberts Jewelers
& Abate                                Kennedy Space Center                     Simply Chic                           Sharers Sewing Group of
Family Bakery                          Keyanah Day Spa                          ORT                                   Lauderdale
Festival Flea Market Inc.              Kilwin’s                                 OSI Restaurant Partners               Shelter Rock Jewish Center
Field of Flowers                       King David Bikers                        Pajama Program-Palm Beach             Sheraton Philadelphia City Center
Fiesta Pet Deli                        Kings Point Holiday Club                 County Chapter                        Hotel
Fill Your Heart With Love              Janine Kirstein-Decoupage                Palm Beach Bagel                      Sherbrooke Golf and Country Club
Fine Things Gifts & Accessories        Knit Witz Club of Kings Point            Palm Beach County Sheriff ’s Office   Roger Shiffman
Floral Expressions By Sonia            Knitting Club                            Palm Beach Tours & Transportation     Shorty’s Restaurant
Florida Green Landscaping              KO Fitness                               Palm Isles Knitting Club              Shuart Enterprise, Inc.
Florida Marlins                        Kosher Marketplace                       Palm Isles New England Club           Shula’s Steak House, The Original
Florida Panthers                       Koume Japanese Restaurant                Palm Isles Women’s Club, Inc.         Seagull’s Diner
Fontainbleau Miami Beach               L & M Sweets                             Pamper Me Perfect                     Pamela J. Simon Management, LLC
Four Seasons Hotel                     La Collina                               Panda Express                         Simply Sherry, Inc.
Frank Prine Salon                      La Viola Gifts                           Ms. Peanut Butter                     Dr. Lisa Sirota
Fran’s Follies                         The Ladies of Loving Hands of            Personal Ponies Ltd                   Dr. Laura Skellchock
The Fresh Market                       Villia Borghese                          Peter Coppola Salan                   Skin & Cancer Associates Center for
Full Throttle Entertainment            Lago Mar Country Club                    Pete’s Cafe Bella Sera Restaurant     Dermatology
Garden of Eden                         Land Services USA, Inc.                  Pete’s Tuscan Hibachi Grill           Skin Care by Kler
Gem Stores, Inc.                       Le Castagne Ristorante                   The Pewter Parlour                    Sleek Med Spa
General Hotel & Restaurant Supply      Lemon Grass Industries Inc.              Carol Phillips Estate Jewelry         South African Airways
Ginsburg Enterprises                   Lexus of North Miami                     Philmont CC                           South Florida Institute of Sports
Girl Rocks Jewelry                     Lifelock                                 Physical Therapy Associates of        Medicine
Gloss Salon                            Lifestyles                               South Florida                         Southern Star
GOL The Taste of Brazil                Linardi’s Jewelers                       Pita Pan Bakery                       Southern Wine & Spirits
Gold Coast Quilt Guild                 Linda’s Last Call                        Pizza Time                            Sparez
Golden Slipper Club and Charities      Lion Country Safari                      Prezzo Martini Bar & Grill            Spoto’s Oyster Bar
Dick Goldwasser                        Little Smiles                            PRP Wine International                Starbucks
Golfsmith                              LTM International                        Psychic Sandra                        Starwood
Gove Isles Woman’s Club                Mambo Jambo                              Pulse Pilates Studio                  Steiger Medical Group LLC
Greenspoon Marder Hirschfeld           Mandarin Oriental                        Pure Cosmetics at Salon Blu           Steinmart
Rafkin Ross & Berger                   Marian’s                                 Pure Salon                            Michael Stern
Gulf South Salon Services              Mario’s Restaurant & Wine Bar            Quilts for Caring                     Stonebridge Golf and Country Club
Hadassah Majestic Isles Chapter        Marriott Harbor Beach                    RA Sushi                              Strathmore Bagel
Hadassah Mitzvah Chapter               Mary Kay Cosmetics                       Rachel’s Place                        Strikes at Boca
Hadassah Tamara of Palm Isles          Mayl Center for Plastic Surgery          Radisson Resort & Spa                 Studio Z
Hadassah Venetian Isles                The Medical Aesthetics Center            Red Wagon Toy Store                   Sunday Afternoons of Music for
Hairdesigners                          Memorial Hospital West Family            Regina Sportswear                     Children
Hardyston Management                   Birthplace                               Rene Ruiz Couture                     Sunrise Cinemas
Heaven & Earth Salon and Spa, Inc.     Miami Dolphins                           Rescue Rittenhouse Spa                Sunrise Civic Center
Helium Comedy Club                     Miami MetroZoo                           Resort at Singer Island               Susan’s Jewelry
Henrys                                 Miami Seaquarium                         Reunion Resort                        Sushi & Pan Asia Buffet
Hertz Jewelers                         Michael Zarlin Designs Inc.              Rinaldi Shoes                         Sweets from Heaven
Highland Oaks Elementary               Mimibiz, LLC                             Rise Sushi                            Ta Boo
Highland Oaks Middle School            Mimosa Boutique                          Ritz Carlton                          Talenti’s
Hillel of Broward & Palm Beach         Mind Body Connection                     Camp Lenny Foundation Inc.            Tampa Bay Lightning
Creative Interiors By Lois Ludwig      Delray Knitting Club                     Rob’s Bageland                        Target
Hit of the Party                       Moda Salon                               Romeo’s Ristauranti                   Tastebuds Catering
Hochberg Prep                          Mona’s Kids                              Ronnie’s Clothing                     Temple Beth Ahm Israel
Holts Cigar Company                    Monkey Joe’s                             Ronnie’s of Cedarhurst                Temple Beth Am of Kendall
Hue Hair                               Mootz’s Italian Ice                      Rosemarie Cosmetics                   Religious School
Hunter’s Run Equestrian Center, Inc.   Morton’s Steakhouse                      Rotary of Boca Raton                  Temple Beth Am of Margate
Hurtigruten                            Nail Spa and Studio                      Royal Caribbean International         Temple Beth Emet
Incredible Ice                         Nail Trendz                              Joe Allen Restaurant                  Temple Beth Moshe

                                                          JAFCO            1         JOURNAL
2009 Charitable Gifts of Goods and Services
Temple Beth Orr                    Too Jay’s Gourmet Deli                     United Automobile Insurance Group   The Wax Zone
Temple Beth Shmuel Cuban Hebrew    Top Client Fitness                         University of Miami Athletics       West Fort Lauderdale Hotel
Congregation. of Miami             Toyota of Hollywood                        Van Galz                            Westglow Spa
Temple Beth Torah-Tamarac Jewish   TPC Eagle Trace                            Venetian Isles Women’s Club         Weston Hills Country Club
Center                             Traveling Boutique Inc.                    Vicki Soble Couture                 Whole Foods Market
Temple Dor Dorim                   TrialGraphix, Inc.                         Vine America                        Widensky Clothing
Temple Judea                       Tropical Sailing Catamaran Charters        C & J Viner Family Foundation       Winterfest, Inc.
Temple Kol Ami                     Truluck’s                                  VAB Highland Oaks Elementary        Woodfield Country Club
Temple Shaarei Shalom              Tunie’s                                    Vixity                              Woodhouse Day Spa
The Terner Group                   Turnberry                                  Vizcaya                             Woodmont Country Club
Tiffany Trinkets                   Twin Star International                    Walgreens                           World Bearquarters
Tiger & Dragon Boca                Ultimate Nails Spa                         Walmart                             Yolo
To Di For                          Uncle Julio’s                              Walt Disney World Co                The Z Team

                                                                                                         JAFCO’S BUSINESS
     JAFCO appreciates all of our donors and donations of any                                          PARTNERSHIP CIRCLE
   amount. While they could not all be listed due to limited space,
                                                                                                       The JAFCO Business Partnership
   we thank you on behalf of the children for your 2009 donations.                                     Circle sponsorship package will provide
    If you enjoy receiving this “members only” newsletter, please be sure to keep                      your company with the opportunity to
                 your JAFCO membership current with a 2010 gift.                                       highlight your good work within the
      Please let us know if you are receiving duplicate mailings or none at all.                       South Florida community at the same
                                                                                                       time that you are saving the life of a
   We truly apologize for any errors or omissions. Please call or email gail@jafco.
                                                                                                       child. Opportunities are available for
     org so we may correct our error and recognize your gift in the next issue.
                                                                                                       both small businesses as well as large
                 YOUR GIFT MAY BE MADE IN MANY WAYS:                                                   corporations.
   Cash Gifts - Gifts of Stocks & Bonds - Gifts of Real Estate - Gifts of Insurance                    For more information, please call Gail
  Gail Marlow, Director of Development 954-749-7230 ext 137 or                          Marlow, Director of Development at
                                                                                                               954-749-7230, ext 137.

                                       JAFCO Legacy Circle
 Annie Adler                                                                                          Sandra Rosenow
 Julia Atkins Estate
                                                       Estate of Ann Jacobs                          Lenore Rothman
 Charles & Ruth Barbash                        Eli & Mona Habib                                      Rabbi Solomon & Gloria Rothstein
 Stanley & Amy Baumwald                         Louis, Julia & Sheldon Haffner                       Evelin Rubin
 Eugene Blond                                  Tille Hamelstein Estate                              Martin & Sara Sager
 Herbert & Helen Borger                        Helen Holzer                                         George & Marjorie Schachter
 Samuel & Adele Borger                          Alexander Janow                                      Sol & Mildred Schaikowitz
 Celia Bradburg                                 Lori Janow                                            Eileen Schary
 Selma Brenner                                 Beatrice Josephson                                    Benjamin & Fannie Schatz
 Daniel & Erhla Cantor                          Irwin & Lila Kirschman                               Lester & Susan Scher
 Edward Carr Yale Estate                       Iris Klein Estate                                    Eugene Scheck
 Ruth E. Cohan Estate                          Gary & Linda Krat                                     Arthur & Shirley Siegel
 Philip & Marcia Cohen                          Judith Kravitz                                        Charles & Sandra Simon
 Lilian Dash Estate                            Frank Levine Estate                                  Patricia Simon
 Abraham & Annie David                          Joseph & Arlene Makler                                Nathan Singer
 David & Minerva Davis                         Jerry & Claire Manowitz                               Harold & Sylvia Solinsky
 Daniel & Judy Dobin                            Ray & Kathe Mark                                      Leonard & Sandi Solomon
 Anita Dritell                                  Rita Messner                                          David & Ethel Sommer
 Robert & Janet Fabricant                       Anna Miller Estate                                   Andrew Starr Estate
 Dorothy Frankel                                Roslyn Moinester                                      Daniel & Susan Stone
 Diane Friedman                                 Bob & Marcia Neiman                                   Ruth Stroheim Estate
 Nomee Furman                                   Arnold Nestel Estate                                 Arie A. Taykan
 Mortimer Geisler                               Abraham Samuel Obstbaum                               Mollie Waldman Estate
 Charlotte Glassberg                            Maurice D. & Marjorie Plough, Jr.                     Norton & Anita Waltuch
 Ruth Goldberg                                  Ruth K. Price Estate                                 Randall & Kim Waltuch
 Irving & Vivian Golden                         Edward Rickmann Trust                                Stephen & Helene Weicholz
 Gale Goldstein Tucker                          Samuel & Rose Riemer                                 Enid Weinberg
 Maurice & Sylvia Gruber Estate                William Rosenberg Estate                             Armin Weiss          
                                                                                                                             of blessed memory
                If you have named JAFCO in your estate, please contact Gail Marlow, Director of Development,
                               so that we may honor you as part of the JAFCO Legacy Circle.

                                                    JAFCO                1        JOURNAL
                        Presenting the JAFCO Godparent Circle
To be asked to be the Godparent for a child is one of the greatest honors in life. The children of JAFCO are asking you to become
their Godparent. JAFCO Godparents spiritually adopt an abused child to ensure that they have everything they need. As a
Godparent you welcome the child to the beauty of the world and to Judaism. The JAFCO Godparent Circle has been created to
ensure that every JAFCO child will have a wonderful life filled with every opportunity that our own children have.
JAFCO Godparents make a commitment to support the children of JAFCO for ten years with a gift of less than $5 a day or
$1,800 a year. Two special gold pins have been created featuring the JAFCO logo which symbolizes our mission - a child swinging
joyously on the tree of life. The woman’s pin features a moveable swing with either a boy or a girl on the swing and can also
                      be worn on a necklace. The man’s lapel pin is black onyx with gold inlay. Godparents recommitting for a
                      second ten years receive a silver candle holder created exclusively for JAFCO by world
                      renowned artist Yaacov Heller.
                      Becoming a Godparent. It is about saving the lives of an entire generation of children
                      who need your protection. Since it is the perfect birthday or anniversary gift, you can
                      become a Godparent at any time of the year and it would be our honor to pin you at
                      one of our JAFCO events. Your name will join our wall of honor at the JAFCO Jewish
                      Children’s Village.
Richard & Margo Absher          Louis & Becky Cohen                 Roger & Dale Gandall          Marvin Silverman
Ira & Marjorie Albert           Michael & Hara Cohen                Stephen & Renee Gans          Bernard Hoffman
Richard & Louise AllenHV        Michael & Lou Ann Colodny           Benjamin & Terri Garfinkle    Lois Hollander & Steven
Ronald & Margie Alter           Stuart & Gail Corenblum             David & Marla Garfinkle       Schlosser
Melvin & Martha AronsonHV       Bill & Sheila Danzig                Mortimer Geisler              Stephanie Hollander &
Alan & Noni Aufzien             Greg & Rachel Danzig                Warren & Beverly Geisler      Family
Phyllis Axelrod                 Abraham & Annie David               Charlotte Gershaw             Steven & Iris Horowitz
Craig & Susan Bagon             Mark & Norma David                  Jeffrey & Dorinne GerstinHV   Mitchell & Gilda Howell
Amy Joy Barker                  Janice Davidson                     Mark & Sharon Gilbert         Scot & Barbara Hunter
Herb & Gloria Barker            Alvin & Fern Davis                  Malcolm & Magda Ginnis        Anne Hutner
Edward & Patti Barrocas         David & Minerva DavisHV            Ronald & Wendy Glantz         Harvey & Jessica Jacobson
Ben & Millicent Bauer           Marny Dixon                         Marc & Shelly Glazer          Robert & Ingrid Jaffe
Joan Baxt                       Daniel & Judy Dobin                 Joseph & Shirley Gleich       David & Barbara Jay
Steven & Abbe Becker            Judith Edelman                      Mel & Mara GoberHV            Sylvia Kahana & Arie
Alan & Cindy Behar              Ariel & Susie Edelsburg             Lewis & Lori Gold             Taykan
Ike & Regina Behar              Jay & Joan Eichel                   Annette Goldberg              Leslie & Kimberly Kaminoff
Michael & Sherry Bell           Donald & Janet Eisenstein           Fran Golden                   Edward & Carol Kaplan
Lilyan Berkowitz                Henry & Lindsay Ellenbogen          Paul & Sandra Goldner         Linda Kaplan
Phil & Beverly Berman          Harold & Joyce Escott               Robert & Madelyn Goldner      Alfred & Nancy Katzin
Stephen & Nanci Beyer           Anna Ezratti                        Bruce & Rivka Goldstein       Stephen & Lois Kaufman
Kenneth & Cathy Bierman         Robert & Janet Fabricant            Harvey & Heather Goodman      Steve & Diana Kauppinen
Joyce Bloch                     Peter & Jennifer Fain               Sylvia Gordon                 Matthew & Jennifer Kay
Jonathan & Nel Bloom            Art & Marcy Falcone                 Leonard & Phyllis Grand       Steve & Caren Ketover
Marni Bloomster                 Joel & Susan Fass                   Bruce Greenberg               Janice Klein
Steven Bogdanoff &              Barry & Minerva Feinberg            Robert Greenberg              Jerry & Sue Kline
St. Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff        Cliff & Carol Feldman               Stewart Greenberg             Martin & Jean Knobel
Sylvia Boklan                  Ted & Jeanette Fine                 Wendy Greenberg               Shlomo & Sarah Khoudari
Bruce Borger                    Lawrence & Janet Fine               Stewart & Marlene             Marc & Helene Kovens
Karen Borger                    Richard & Susan Finkelstein         Greenebaum                    Jeff & Kandy Kramer
Samuel & Adele Borger           Leon & Linda Finver                 Gerald & Ellen GreenspoonHV   Gary & Linda Krat
Michael & Ellen Braun           Steven & Charlotte Finver           Alan & Beth Gross             David & Fran KrathenHV
William & Amy Brennan           Norma Fishbein                      Irwin & Linda Gross           Lisa Krinsky
Donald & Linda Brodie           Kenneth & Marge Flanz               Maurice & Sylvia Gruber     Helen Kuriansky
Douglas & Renee Burns           Alan & Fran Foont                   Richard & Sheila Gruber       Barry & Stacey Labell
Malcolm & Anne Butters          Jordan & Marion Fox                 Cindy Niad Hannah &           Jeffrey & Marcia Langley
Mark & Marcie Butters           Israel & Gertrude Freedman          Steve Mutchnick               Mildred Langsam &
Samuel & Phyllis Butters        Shirley Freedman                    Jan Hart & Alan Jacobson      Barnet Wallitzer
Daniel & Erhla Cantor           Lee & Lanee Friedel                 Eric Hecht                    Jeffrey & Sara Lapidus
Allen & Gila Chelminsky         Harold & Elaine Friedland           Neal & Barbara Henschel       Marilyn Lazar
Barry & Myra Cohen              Daniel & Holly Friedman             Scott & Lisa Herman           Martin & Jacqueline
Bradley & Gail Cohen            Madeline Friedman                   David & Maty Herschthal       Lederman
Isaac & Noreils Cohen           Nomee Furman                        Lee & Linda Hertz             Carol Leeds
Jack & Evelyn Cohen             Yori & Jill Galel                   Leona Hirschkorn &            Richard & Patti Leiner

                                                JAFCO          1       JOURNAL
Repairing the World One Child at a Time
Gregg & Lauren Leslie        Monte & June NathansonHV          Bertram & Suzanne Schild     Howard & Julie Talenfeld
Alvin & Josephine Levine    Eric & Deborah Nemiroff           Neil & Kerstin Schneider     Robyn Tauber
Laura Levine & Morry Rubin   Bernard & Ruth Nussdorf          Robert & Susan Schneider     Jack & Amy Tobin
Jordan & Brandi Levinson     James & Andrea Orleans            Mel & Fran Schwartz          John & Lilian Train
Mark & Robin Levinson        David & Nancy Ortiz               Samuel & Barbara Schwartz    Joseph & Jackie Trobman
Alan & Marsha Levy           Claire Oshry                     Michael & Liza Schwarzberg   Gale Goldstein Tucker
Alan & Victoria Levy         Stephanie Owitz                   Joanie Shagrin               Abraham & Lynne Turk
Ira & Carol Licht            Mona Pearl                        Larry & Patti ShareHV        Lori Udelsman
Eve Milgram Linet            Michael & Judy Perlin             Robert & Linda Shelley       Andrew & Ana Maria
Rhonda Linet                 Rick & Jonina Pitchman            Stacy Sherman                Waldman
Steven & Marcy Lippman       Louis & Carol Pleeter             Suzanne Shneider             Wallace & Laurelle Waldman
Alan & Lisa Lips             Maurice & Marjorie Plough         Marvin & Marilyn Shreiar     Adam & Haley Walker
Delsie Lipton & Arthur       Willard & Donna Poires            Arthur & Shirley Siegel     Mark & Ronni Walker
Weinstock                    Samuel & Suzanne Pollack          Robert & Sherry Silk         Scott Weicholz
Felice Lipton               Robert & Ellen Pomerantz          Larry & Deborah Silver       Stephen & Helene WeicholzHV
Michael & Corinne London     David & Dale Pratt                Bruce & Elissa Simberg       Todd & Kimberly Weicholz
Richard & Barbara            James & Debra Prevor              Charles & Sandra Simon       Donald & Julie Weidenfeld
MacKenzie                    Michael & Roslyn Prevor           Ronald & Denise Simon        Jonathan & Jill Weiner
Arthur & Sandra Mandell      Phillip & Joanne Procacci         Sally Simon                 Dona Weinraub
Leonard & Natalia Mandor     Stuart & Gayle Rader              Milt & Carol Sirota          Dodie Weinstein & Bob
Jason & Michelle Mankoff     Iris Raderman                     Morris & Dorothy Small      Goldberg
Gerald & Claire ManowitzHV   Neil & Marilyn Ramo               Michael & Annette Smith      Stan & Rita Weinstein
Paul & Judith Markhoff       Jules & Barbara Reich             Kenneth & Debbie Sobel       Irwin & Liz Weiser
Darren & Caryn Marsh         Derek & Elise Repath              Harold & Sylvia Solinsky    Barton & Shirley Weisman
Robert & Mary Matthews       Doug & Cori Rice                  Leonard & Sandi Solomon      Stephen & Sharon Wender
William & Susan Matz         David & Sandy Rogol               Dave & Ethel Sommer          Edward & Bernice Wenger
Rhona Maulano                Matthew & Jodie Roseberg          Joel & Irene Spalter         Lawrence & Deanna Werrick
Nicolette Mayer              Andrew & Marcelle Rosen           Jane Spindel                 Steve & Carol Winig
David & Miri Mazor           Arnold & Muriel Rosen            Barry & Irene Stark          David & Randi Winter
Steve & Nancy Mendelow       Beth Salter                       Maurine Starr               Allan & Barbara Wolk
Elliott & Lisa Messing       Michael & Linda Salzberg          Gary & Randy Stein           Marty & Cindy Zackowitz
Donald & Sharon Mester       Avi Samuels & Dorit Arad          Martin & Edith Stein         Fred & Arlene Zilker
Eugene & Charlotte Milgram   Veronika Sandor                   Roger & Linda Stewart        Craig & Martine Zinn
Sam & Elayne Millman         Franklin & Leslie Sands           Steven & Vicki Stolberg      Peter & Elsa Zoberg
Monroe & Judy Milstein       Jan Savarick                      Daniel & Susan Stone         Robert & Sally Zveibil
Jeff & Lauren Morris         Scott & Rishona Savin             Anne Sullivan                        As of February 1, 2010
Robert & Sandi Morris        Benjamin & Fannie Schatz         Deborah Sumner & Kenneth                
                                                                                                        of blessed memory
Florence Moss                Ralph & Doris Schelin             Goulet                                   HV
                                                                                                          second generation
Candy & Jeff Munchick        Timothy & Julie Schenden          Salomon & Lisa Susi               re-committed Godparents

  IN LOVING MEMORY                                         BECOME a JAFCO FOSTER
  JAFCO respectfully and sadly
                                                             or ADOPTIVE PARENT
   acknowledges the loss of the            To begin the process please attend an informative orientation
    following members of the                          session offered on the following dates:
         JAFCO Family.                                   April 5, May 3, June 7, July 5, August 2,
   They will not be forgotten.                     October 4, November 1, or December 6, 2010
  Stanley Bresler, Steve Copper,                    from 6:30 to 7:30 the JAFCO Village.
    Ira Glass, Mary Hayford,
                                                         To register please contact Rebecca Salus
  Mildred Pernick, Rick Rosen,
   Audrey Scheiderman, Mort                         954-749-7230 ext. 129 or
  Selub, Edith Sherman, Adele                                  Space is limited, so register early
      Shinder, Cele Sommer                    We are in need of Foster Parents for school age children

                                          JAFCO           1       JOURNAL
Welcome to Holland
JAFCO special needs program officially begins on April 1st, 2010, while remaining
funds are raised for construction of new Respite and Family Resource Center.
     JAFCO is only 5 million dollars away     it’s like planning a fabulous vacation trip       Holland even has Rembrandts.
from breaking ground on a state-of-the-art    - to Italy. You buy a bunch of guide books             But everyone you know is busy
campus to provide respite, support and        and make your wonderful plans. The                coming and going from Italy... and they’re
treatment to children with developmental      Colliseum. The Michelangelo David. The            all bragging about what a wonderful
disabilities and their families. With an      gondolas in Venice. The Trevi Fountain.           time they had there. And for the rest of
astounding one in ten children being          You may learn some handy phrases in               your life, you will say “Yes, that’s where
diagnosed with a developmental disability,    Italian. It’s all very exciting!                  I was supposed to go. That’s what I had
JAFCO is preparing to extend our existing           After months of eager anticipation,         planned.”
Family Preservation Program to parents of     the day finally arrives. You pack your                 And the pain of that will never, ever,
children with special needs, parents who      bags and off you go. Several hours later,         ever, ever go away... because the loss of
wake up each morning, facing tremendous       the plane lands. The pilot comes on and           that dream is a very, very significant loss.
challenges often without the support they     says, “Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome              But... if you spend your life mourning the
need. We are pleased to welcome our           to Holland.”                                      fact that you didn’t get to Italy, you may
new Developmental Disabilities Program              “Holland?!?” you say. “What do you          never be free to enjoy the very special,
Coordinator Linda Sachs, LCSW to the          mean Holland?? I signed up for Italy! I’m         the very lovely things ... about Holland.
JAFCO staff and family. Linda comes to        supposed to be in Italy. All my life I’ve         (c1987 by Emily Perl Kingsley. All rights
us from the Broward Children’s Center,        dreamed of going to Italy.” But there’s           reserved)
a wonderful agency in our community,          been a change in the flight plan. They’ve
where she directed their respite program      landed in Holland and there you must
(in Broward County) for the past twelve       stay. The important thing is that they            JAFCO welcomes Developmental
years. Linda brings with her not only a       haven’t taken you to a horrible, disgusting,      Disabilities Program Coordinator Linda
wealth of experience and expertise but also   filthy place, full of pestilence, famine and      Sachs, LCSW
a deep sense of compassion and respect        disease. It’s just a different place.
for parents of children with developmental          So you must go out and buy new
disabilities including Autism, Mental         guide books. And you must learn a whole
Handicaps, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida       new language. And you will meet a whole
and Prader Willi. While the new JAFCO         new group of people you would never
center is being built over the next two       have met.
years, Linda will begin supporting families         It’s just a different place. It’s slower-
both individually and in small groups.        paced than Italy, less flashy than Italy. But
     For those of us who cannot relate        after you’ve been there for a while and
to the experience of raising a child with     you catch your breath, you look around....
special needs, this story may help......      and you begin to notice that Holland
     When you’re going to have a baby,        has windmills....and Holland has tulips.

                                              “Each disability comes with its different         experience in a center up north as being
                                              challenges, but those challenges are              what gave her the courage and skills to
                                              what make the independence completely             live independently. JAFCO is thrilled to
                                              worth its wait. My hope is that the new           have Stephanie play a critical advisory
                                              JAFCO Respite and Family Resource                 role in helping ensure that the new center
                                              Center will allow special needs children          is completely accessible for all children
                                              to have a clear sense of their capabilities       with disabilities in addition to serving as
                                              rather than their disabilities.” Stephanie        a role model for all children with special
                                              Hammerman is the youngest member of               needs.
                                              the JAFCO Developmental Disabilities
                                              Advisory Board. A full time student
                                              at Lynn University, Stephanie lives in
                                              the dorm, drives her own van and just
                                              returned from the trip of her life in
                                              New Zealand. Stephanie was born with
                                              cerebral palsy and is an amazing young
                                              woman who clarifies that she is not “in a
                                              wheelchair” but simply “uses one” to get
                                              around. Stephanie credits the love of her
                                              parents and grandparents as well as her

                                                  JAFCO            1        JOURNAL
Capital Gift Naming Opportunities
Sam & Adele Borger Campus .........................$1,000,000        SOL            Lodge General Store ....................................$180,000
David Posnack Jewish Children’s Center .........$1,000,000
                                                                     SOL            Hydrotherapy Pool .......................................$180,000
Stephen & Helene Weicholz Children’s Lodge ....$1,000,000
                                                                     SOLD           Elevator .......................................................$180,000
Sandi & Leonard Solomon Grand Ballroom .....$1,000,000               SOL            Ron & Deni Simon Marketing & Development Center
Boys Guest House.....................................$1,000,000
Girls Guest House ....................................$1,000,000                    Dave & Ethel Sommer Intergenerational Bridge ... $108,000
Family Guest House .................................$1,000,000                      Lodge Care Office ........................................$108,000
Fitness & Fun Gym ..................................$1,000,000                      Picnic & BBQ Area ......................................$108,000
Conference Center ....................................$1,000,000                    Donation Center ..........................................$108,000
DD Research & Training Wing .................$1,000,000                             Daniel & Judy Dobin Pediatrician’s Office ........... $72,000
Children’s Treatment Wing........................$1,000,000                         Ralph & Anita Byer Music & Drama Studio ........ SOL                  $72,000
Entry Sculpture Garden ...............................$720,000                      Judy Levis Markhoff Bio Feedback Environment ...SOLD                  $72,000
Bubbie’s Kosher Kitchen ..............................$720,000                      Play Therapy Environment ............................ $72,000
Parents Café ................................................$720,000               Occupational Therapy Environment .............. $72,000
Conference Center Lobby.............................$540,000                        Speech Therapy Environment........................ $72,000
Reception Courtyard ....................................$540,000                    Guided Relaxation Room (6)......................... $72,000
Lilyan Berkowitz Reception Lobby .....................$360,000       SOL            Classroom .................................................... $72,000
Multi Sensory Environment .........................$360,000                         Backstage Dressing Room ............................. $72,000
Maurice D. & Marge Plough Jr. Main Gate Entry Circle                                Vegetable Garden Gazebo ............................. $72,000
                                                                           D        Stuart & Darice Shein Basketball Court............... SOLD
....................................................................$360,000                                                                              $72,000
Welcome Fountain .......................................$360,000                    Lodge Laundry Room ................................... $54,000
Creative Arts Studio .....................................$360,000                  Guest House Screened Patio (3)..................... $54,000
Performance Stage .......................................$360,000                   Arthur & Shirley Siegel Guest House Bedroom .... $36,000
Splash-Zone Playground ..............................$360,000                       Sam & Phyllis Butters Vegetable Garden .............. $36,000
Sounds of Silence Nature Trail .....................$360,000                        Charles & Sandi Simon Hummingbird Garden ..... $36,000
Conference Center Meeting Room (3)...........$360,000                               David & Ethel Sommer Hummingbird Garden ..... SOL                     $36,000
Generator ....................................................$360,000              Abe & Annie David Program Director Office ........ $36,000
Daily Living Skills Environment ...................$252,000                         Richard & Susan Finkelstein Pet Therapy Environment
Family Resource Library ..............................$252,000                      ..................................................................... SOLD
Precious Pets Petting Zoo .............................$252,000                     Clinical Director Office ................................. $36,000
Welcome Gate House ..................................$252,000                       Guest House Bedroom (17) ........................... $36,000
Therapy Lobby ............................................$252,000                  Guest House Laundry Room (3).................... $36,000
Irving & Cherna Moskowitz Holy Ark ................$198,000          SOL            Staff Relaxation Environment ....................... $36,000
Parent Observation Overlook (3) ..................$180,000                          Staff Office (11) ............................................ $36,000
Professional Wing ........................................$180,000                  Guest House Kitchen (3) ............................... $36,000
Family Consultation Suite ............................$180,000                      Guest House Living Room (3) ....................... $36,000
Lodge Reception Desk .................................$180,000                      Butterfly & Hummingbird Gardens ............... $36,000
Computer Wiz Lab ......................................$180,000
                                                                                                                                                    of blessed memory

 All naming opportunities have been calculated based upon tradition in multiples of $18 which symbolizes Chai or life,
  representing the multiple lives that will be affected by your gift.
 All gift amounts and naming opportunities are subject to change. All pledges may be paid in one to five installments.
 For more information and to check availability of the naming opportunity please contact JAFCO Children’s Foundation
  Board Member and Capital Campaign Chair, Stewart Greenberg at 305-992-7000 or Gail Marlow, Director of Development
  at 1-866-JAFCO-KIDS.
 All monies received will be held in a restricted account to be used for the development and construction of the JAFCO
  Respite and Family Resource Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities. Up to 50% of each gift may be used to
  fund Special Needs program operations.

                                                           JAFCO               1         JOURNAL
Conveniently located in the
City of Sunrise on Nob Hill Road just
south of Commercial Boulevard,
The Sam and Adele Borger Campus of
The David Posnack Jewish Children’s Center will provide
respite care, support, training and therapy to families with children with
Developmental Disabilities or Special Needs including Autism, Cerebral
Palsy, Mental Retardation, Spina Bifida and Prader Willi. 1 out of every
10 children are now diagnosed with a developmental disability. Autism
numbers are rising as well with some reports claiming one out of every 100-115
children will be diagnosed with Autism. While the cause remains unknown,
JAFCO is committed to supporting families in our community who are faced
with overwhelming challenges.
The Steve and Helene Weicholz Children’s Lodge will provide state-of-the-art supportive
services for special needs families in a loving and beautiful environment. As an extension of
JAFCO’s existing Family Preservation Program, we hope to be able to keep families together by
supporting them, starting with that frightening and often devastating moment in which they learn
that their child may have a disability. Our social workers and therapists will support the family every
step of the way with case management and referral, speech, occupational and play therapy, hydro
therapy, art therapy, biofeedback and physical therapy. In addition children will learn to cook and be
more independent in our Daily Living Skills Training Environment. After creating an individualized
program to meet the unique needs of every child, our Fitness and Fun Gym, Computer Wiz Lab,
Music and Drama, Music and Creative Arts Studios will provide a safe and fun indoor experience
for the children and outdoors our Splash Zone Playground, Basketball Court, Nature Trail, Vegetable
Garden and Petting Zoo and Pet Therapy Area will allow children to have recreational and socialization
activities on an ongoing year round basis.
While the children are enjoying the center, parents can take a much needed break and go out for dinner
with friends or spend time together as a couple, run some errands or just go home and relax. Sibling
programs and support groups will also be available. For those who might not yet be ready to leave
their child, they are welcome to join one of our parent support groups or training workshops located
in our conference center/ballroom or relax with a cup of tea while meeting other parents informally
on our second floor Parents Cafe which allows for observation of their children participating in the
various activities on the first floor below. As the children get used to the center and the staff over time,
they will then feel more comfortable coming for their two week “vacation” at the lodge in one of the
3 Guest Homes, thereby allowing parents to take a long overdue vacation or maybe attend a family
function that might not otherwise be possible with their special needs child.

                                          JAFCO         1     JOURNAL
                        JAFCO’s Triple Crown Gala, Casino and
Presenting the 2009 Jacob’s Ladder Award for Child Advocacy                                   Thank you to our generous
                                             Below: Julie Talenfeld, President             Sponsors & Underwriters
                                             and Don Silver, COO of Boardroom                 Winners Circle Sponsor
                                             Communications are very connected                  Sandi and Robert Morris
                                             to their local Jewish Charities that care         Gold Ribbon Sponsor
                                             for children. In recognition of their             Bernice & Edward Wenger
                                             excellent PR services to JAFCO and                Silver Ribbon Sponsor
                                             Julie’s heartfelt sponsorship of the annual            David Kirschner
                                             JAFCO Children’s Hanukah party (along             President’s Fest in the Park
                                             with her husband Howard) it was an honor            Ethel & Dave Sommer
                                             to present Boardroom Communications                Vicki & Steven Stolberg
                                             the 2009 Jacob’s Ladder Corporate                Bronze Ribbon Sponsor
                                             Award.                                         Marjorie & Maurice D. Plough Jr.
                                                                                              Copper Ribbon Sponsor
Above: Bernice and Ed Wenger, humbly                                                               Annie & Abe David
accepting the Jacob’s Ladder Award                                                                 Mara & Mel Gober,
in front of dozens of their friends and                                                      Mainstreet Children’s Dentistry
family members. As Godparents and                                                           Lois Hollander & Steven Schlosser
members of the JAFCO Founders Circle,                                                            Denise & Ronald Simon
the Wenger Family name proudly graces                                                            Sandra & Charles Simon
the Development Wing of the JAFCO                                                              Helene & Stephen Weicholz
Children’s Village. We thank them for                                                            Band Underwriter
their love and support of the children of                                                        Sandra & Paul Goldner
JAFCO.                                                                                        Invitation Underwriter
                                                                                              Arie A. Taykan & Company
                                                                                              Certified Public Accountants
                                             Below: Gala Chair Maurice D. Plough           Silent Auction Underwriter
                                             Jr is a committed board member &                     Gloria & Herb Barker
                                             Godparent and as gala chair dedicated           Casino Table Underwriter
                                             this Gala to “The Year of the Child” in            Gila & Allen Chelminsky
                                             the belief that the precious children of       Photography Underwriter
                                             JAFCO are our responsibility and our                Dale & Roger Gandall
                                             future. Maurice and his wife Margie
                                                                                             Ad Journal Underwriter
                                             recently became members of the JAFCO
                                                                                                  One Thousand Ocean
                                             Founders Circle and we thank them for
                                                                                            Wine & Spirits Underwriter
                                             their love and commitment.
                                                                                                Southern Wine & Spirits
Above: Vicki Stolberg, Co- President of                                                    Lucky Horseshoe Underwriter
the JAFCO Davie/Plantation/Cooper                                                                   Linda F. Kaplan
City Chapter and creator of the annual                                                            Friends of JAFCO
JAFCO Comedy Night. For many years                                                                Louise & Richard Allen
                                                                                                  Adele & Samuel Borger
she and Steven have been involved as
                                                                                               Chiavacci Family Foundation
members of both the JAFCO Godparent                                                                Myra & Barry Cohen
and Founders Circle, creating a College                                                       Corn Construction Corporation
Scholarship Endowment to ensure that                                                            Dr. Andrea & Steven Corn
the children of JAFCO have the same                                                                   Janice Davidson
opportunity that they have given their own                                                              David Davis
daughters. They are very deserving of this                                                         Jennifer & Peter Fain
most prestigious award.                                                                          Harriet & Robert Feinberg
                                                                                                      Linda F. Kaplan
                                             Left: Enjoying the Casino, Triple Crown              Nancy & Alfred Katzin
                                             Gala Grand Benefactors, JAFCO Founders                Ruth & Nathan Plaks
                                             and Godparents, Sandi and Bob Morris               Plantation General Hospital
                                             with their children, JAFCO Godparents                 Maurice D. Plough Sr.
                                                                                              Senator Nan Rich & David Rich
                                             Lauren and Jeff Morris. The Morris
                                                                                                      Ellen R. Sarnoff
                                             Family are 2009 recipients of the Jacob’s          Dr. Lisa J. Sirota-Weiner &
                                             Ladder Award due to their overwhelming               Dr. Douglas E. Weiner
                                             generosity to JAFCO.                                 Mae & David Waldner

                                                 JAFCO           0      JOURNAL
Horseracing Were a Sure Bet Raising over $400,000

Many new families joined the JAFCO Godparent Circle, a special group of people
dedicated to raising an entire generation of JAFCO Children with a commitment of
$18,000 paid over ten years. Welcome to our new Godparents!
Below: Lois Hollander & Steve Schlosser, Mara Gober, Hayley & Adam Walker,
Helene & Stephen Weicholz, Howard & Julie Talenfeld, Cindy Vova Zackowitz,
Dorrine Gerstin, Jeffrey & Marcia Langley, Barbara & Sam Schwartz, Brad & Melissa
Ackerman, Marny Feinberg, Marge Flanz, Evan Hollander, Brett Hollander. Not
shown: Stewart & Marlene Greenebaum, Jonina & Rick Pitchman, Joanne & Phillip
Procacci, Lou Ann & Michael Colodny and Shirley & Barton Weisman.
                                                                                    Above: Honored with JAFCO tradition of
                                                                                    lighting the candle of hope, a three wick
                                                                                    candle lit in memory of the 3 children
                                                                                    who die each day at the hands of child
                                                                                    abuse: JAFCO Board of Trustee Vicki
                                                                                    Freed (L) and husband Gary, along with
                                                                                    members of the JAFCO Founder and
                                                                                    Godparent Circle, Gary and Linda Krat
                                                                                    and Mark and Norma David and JAFCO
                                                                                    Godparents, Joel and Susan Fass (R).
                                             JAFCO          1     JOURNAL
In every generation there is work to be done. In every community there are wounds to heal.
In every heart there is the power to do it. - Marianne Williamson
JAFCO Palm Beach Chapter President Elise                           Repath, a Volunteer with a Heart
                                                home. “I couldn’t ignore a child in need       both awareness and funds for JAFCO, she
                                                – children are so precious,” says Elise.       takes her role very seriously. “Elise is the
                                                “How could anyone hurt a child?”               consummate chapter president who enjoys
                                                     Retired from the insurance industry as    speaking at events, helping to recruit,
                                                a successful broker Elise says, “I realized    retain and expand chapter membership,
                                                early on in my retirement that I needed        plan programs and oversee events all over
                                                more than lunch and shopping, although         the South Palm Beach County on behalf
                                                I love lunch and shopping.” Elise jumped       of the precious children of JAFCO,”
                                                right in and started to volunteer. Her first   says Gail Marlow, JAFCO Director of
                                                volunteer experience was mentoring two         Development.
                                                Jewish boys at The Haven, a group home              Elise and her husband Derek live
                                                program in Boca Raton for older boys           in Boynton Beach and have 4 children
                                                in foster care. She visited with them on       and 9 grandchildren. Derek is often at
                                                weekends but still found herself with free     Elise’s side helping out at many JAFCO
      Elise Repath is not only a special        time during the week. Elise realized that      events. Several years ago Derek surprised
human being but also a volunteer                she still had more to give as she got closer   a happy and tearful Elise and had her
extraordinaire. JAFCO is very fortunate to      to her connection with JAFCO.                  pinned as a JAFCO Godparent. “We
have Elise as the driving force and leader           In the year 2000, Elise recalls being     are so grateful for their involvement and
of a wonderful group of devoted chapter         very disturbed by a sermon about child         love of the children,” says Sarah Franco,
members that rely on her leadership and         abuse in the Jewish community that was         JAFCO Executive Director. “Elise is the
expertise as the President of the Palm          given by Rabbi Steinhardt of B’nai Torah       ‘Godmother’ to an entire generation of
Beach Chapter of JAFCO.                         in Boca Raton. That sermon gave her the        JAFCO children who sleep soundly at
      Elise’s journey to JAFCO began many       impetus to learn more about JAFCO and          night knowing that they are safe, secure
years ago when her son was only thirteen.       how she could help ensure that every child     and loved. Thank you Elise for your love,
She can vividly recall the night he brought     has a safe and loving place to call home.      dedication and your priceless gift of time
his best friend to the house, bruised and       That was the final step on her journey to      and devotion.”
still bleeding from a beating this friend had   JAFCO...
received from his abusive father. Elise’s            Elise oversees the South Palm Beach
maternal instincts immediately urged her        Chapter which covers Boca, Delray,
to protect him by welcoming him into her        Boynton Beach and Lake Worth. Raising

          The JAFCO Wish List:                                                    Thank you to our 2009
                     New Items Only Please
                                                                                   Village Volunteers...
                     7 Passenger Mini Van
                                                                         ...for changing diapers, walking and rocking our babies,
      Laptop or Desktop Computer (Windows 2007)
                                                                         organizing drawers and our donation closet, tutoring,
   Video Game System, DVD Player, Digital Camera                             shredding, filing, data entry and so much more
                      Good Start Formula
                                                                         Arlene Almas, Louise Allen, Terry Barbash, Jackie Becker,
    Girls and Boys Pull-Ups (All Sizes), Diapers (All                    Rona Brofermaker, Carol Berger, Brian Brutman, Shirley
                    Sizes) & Wipes                                       Epstein, Ana Felsher, Judith Fischer, Marcia Gelband,
                            Umbrellas                                    Norma Geller, April I. Halle, Dawn Hartmann, Linda
                                                                         Hertz, Laura Hoffman, Lance Kirschenbaum, Abe Kitain,
          Large Duffel Bags for Overnight Camp                           Sonya Lederer, Karen Lieberman, Marsha Liff, Joyce
   Bath Sets in Bright Colors: Towels, Non-Slip Floor                    Mallis, Rhonda Mautner, Judith Miller, Laura Miller,
                                                                         Elyne Millman, Steven H. Nachman, Brian Nahmias, Steve
                   Mats & Shower Curtains                                Needleman, Bob Pifer, Ellen Polsky, Karen Roberts, Ena
     Children’s Cough Medicine, Vitamins & Tylenol                       Rottblatt, Sandra Rutner, Carol Schiff, Georgeann Schwartz,
                    Front Facing Car Seats                               Shel Seidman, Ruth Sheinberg, Diane Slatkin, Marv Smith,
                                                                         Alice Soskin, Cara Stoll, Betty Swirsky, Sylvia Uhl, Rochelle
     Regular & Preemie Size Baby Clothes & Bottles                       Umshweis, Doriane Vinderine, Donna Watlin, Mitchell
                            Mezuzahs                                     Weber, Amy Weiner, Edythe Weinerman, Roberta Williky,
                                                                                       Judith Zlotkin, Terry Zyserman
   New Dishes, Glasses, Tupperware and Pots & Pans

                                                    JAFCO                  JOURNAL
                        The Miracle of Chanukah Continues in 2009 - Thank You
                to our community for doing a miraculous job of fulfilling every Chanukah wish for the children of JAFCO.
Nothing is more touching than a child’s smile when they unwrap the gift they’ve been wishing for all year. Thanks to the
 efforts of the following temples, schools, chapters, organizations, companies, families and individuals throughout the
                           Jewish community the Chanukah wishes of 350 children came true!
Jose & Judy Aguirre, Faith Albert, Scott & Erica Alexander, Richard & Louise Allen, Marvin & Arlene Almas, Perry & Florence Altfield, Steven
& Ronda Sotoloff, American Airlines Arena, Anna & Company, Joseph & Nicole Astaphan, Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center Sisterhood, Debby
Baker, Howard & Lara Baker, Carolyn Bandklayder, Scott & Joan Barr, Bernard & Joanne Bass, Kelsey Beer, Amanda Bender, Mr. & Mrs. Michael
Benichay, Benjamin School, Jason Bennett, Bruce Berger, Garry & Shellie Bergman, Marvin & Elaine Berman, Nada Bernat, Scott & Marley
Bernstein, John & Beth Besu, Bet Shira Congregation, Beyond Beeing/Jodi Miller, Esther Bialilew, Cher Biton, Felicia Blahut, Laurence & Marlene
Bluerock, Ellen Blumenthal, B’nai Aviv, B’nai Torah Religious School, Albert & Goldie Boberman, Jaime Bonchick, Steven & Stacy Bornstein,
Boynton Beach ECC Hochman JCC, Michael & Cathi Brody, Ari Brooks, Mindy Brown, Brian & Betty Brutman, Jerold & Holly Budney, William
& Rosalind Burd, Eleanor Burns, Nathan & Lila Butters, Bernard Canarick, Herbert & Robyn Cantor, Steven & Sue Chase, Temple Binai Jacob,
Mitchel & Robin Chusid, City of Sunrise, Cohen Judaica, Bradley & Gail Cohen, Annat Cohon, Steven Coleman, Donovan Collins, David & Esther
Comite, Contour Day Spa, Glenn & Sharon Cooper, Alan & Alisa Rosenberg, Frank & Karen Darrow, Dave & Mary JCC, David Posnack JCC
ECC, Howard & Ellen Davis, Helene Davis, Melvin & June Davis, Andy & Cynthia Degen, Arthur & Sue Delinko, Emily Demar, Denny’s Childrens
Wear, Stanley & Carol Dershowitz, Fred & Roberta Deutscher, Sally Dichter, Doll Club of South Florida, The Dollinger Family, Stephanie Don,
Leslie Doniger, Donna Klein Jewish Academy, Elliott & Evelyn Dorman, Laurel Dreyfuss, Wayne & Pamela Driscoll, Ruth Drucker, Sam Dubbin,
Scott & Marla Dudak, Larry & Rita Askhenas, Eric & Carol Edelson, George & Pearl Edelson, Michelle Edrich, Leon & Gayle Egozi, Paul & Shelly
Eichner, Irene Elliott, Maribel Ennella, The Eugig Family, Linda Faber, Richard & Colleen Fain, Fairway Cleaning Company, Scott Fane, Joel &
Susan Fass, Steve & Michelle Fassberg, Stuart & Michele Feinzig, Dorothea Feldman, Neal & Symara Feldman, Mary Jo Fernandez, Joshua &
Debra Fertel, Festival of Gold, Gail Fishman, Stuart & Lynn Flanzer, Terry & Lori Flenniken, Jordan & Marion Fox, Susan Fox-Greenberg, John
& Ellen Fox-Snider, Albert & Helen Friedman, Ellen Frybergh, Florence Furedi, Meital Furer, Fusion Fitness & Yoga, Marti Gammon, Hope Garcia,
Charles Garramone, Gays & Lesbian Community Center, Marchall & Nichole Geisser, Michael & Rebecca Geller, Vicky Ghitis, Michael Gimbel,
Lawrence & Deborah Glick, Mel & Mara Gober, Brett & Amy Goffin, Selma Goldberg, Barry & Meryl Goldsmith, Mark & Brooke Goldstein,
Vickie Goldstein, Jay & Vicky Goldstein, Linda Goodman, Lee Gorodetsky, Howard & Stella Gostfrand, Ed & Molle Grad, Sheldon & Suzanne
Greenbaum, Zev & Hannah Gross, Pamela Grossfeld, David & Andrea Grossman, Richard & Sheila Gruber, Herbert & Barbara Gruenstein,
Hadassah, Hadassah Chai Whisper Walk, Hadassah Majestic Isles , Hadassah Martin County Chapter, Hadassah Shulamit, April Halle, Esq., Adrian
& Mallory Halperin, Ossie Hanauer, Ellen Hanson, Eric & Alanna Harris, Paul & Joan Hauser, Keith & Ilien Hechtman, Glenn & Dawn Heilweil,
Jerome & Flora Heilweil, Robert & Elizabeth Henry, Lee & Linda Hertz, Frank & Jodi Hessel, Nancy Hoyle, Marcy Isdaner, Joseph & Esta Izhakoff,
Sally Jacobs, Joseph & Shelley Jacoby, Ingrid Jaffe, Jewish Heritage Club, Michael & Audrey Johnson, Gail Jones, Lisa Kagel, Michael Kahn, Merle
Kam, Louis & Sara Kaminow, Kim Kaminoff, Jeffrey & Linda Kaner, Cecile Katz, Leonard & Roslyn Katz, Fred & Ruth Kirschner, Shawn Klauber,
Eliot Kleinberg, Just Quilting Around, Ira & Priscilla Kleinberg, David & Tricia Kleinberg, D.F.A.S.S., Esther Klepach, Ted & Julie Knote, Kol
Tikvah Sisterhood, Melvin & Freyda Komito, Mitchell & Fran Krasne, Jay & Lisa Kreutzer, Marla Krieger, Ronald & Glenda Krongold, Steve &
Penny Goldberg, Richard & Gwen Kushnick, Aaron Landy, Howard & Linda Landy, Russell Landy, Lawrence Rosen, Scott & Margot Lazar, Chris
& Nancy Lee, Lehrman Day School, Richard Leitner, Andrew & Fara Lessem, Denise Lettau, Norman & Bess Leventhal, Leon & Denise Levin,
Michelle Levine, Mr. & Mrs. Lee Levinson, Joel & Joan Levy, Pamela Linden, Michael Litel, Laurence Litow, Little Smiles, Beverly Lobel, Andrea
Loring, Marc & Olgui Lowell, Sara Lowell, Adam & Chavi Lustig, Bradford & Robin Magaro, YAD, Ed & Gail Marcus, Buzz & Ronnie Marcus,
Stephen & Lori Margolis, Ray & Kathe Mark, Alan & Linda Marks, Howard & Sally Marks, Ilene Markus, Saul & Lois Marmelstein, Jacob & Rena
Marvin, Saeid & Alanna Marzban, Matthew & Wendy Maschler, Lori McLuskey, Steve & Nassrin Meisels, Ernest & Frieda Meltzer, Ron & Marjjorie
Miller, Norman & Lois Morse, Nikki Nagler, Steven & Felice Naide, National Association of Wedding Planners, Steve & Laurie Naturman, Jason
Neimark, Eric & Deborah Nemiroff, Rafael & Susana Nepomechie, Howard & Eileen Newmark, David Nissinoff, Pamela Nottingham, Mark &
Merri Novell, Leif & Aliza Novie, Ira & Bernice Novie, Stanley & Sandra Olin, Scott & Kerri Olinick, Na’amat Kadimah Chapter, Oxford Women’s
Club, Palm Isles Knitting Club, Ronald & Mona Pearl, Robert & Debbie Perovich, Sherma Pinkert, Sheldon Pittleman, Guy & Joan Pizzi, Renee
Pollack, Jerry & Shirley Pollak, Miles & Bella Polley, George & Lisa Ponczek, Scott & Allyn Pond, Mark & Ronni Popluder, Debbie Press, Annette
Propper, Geri Rachlin, Jordan & Elaine Raileanu, Alfredo & Judith Ramos, Seth Rand, Michael & Nichole Rechter, Celia Reiner, Terry & Marcia
Reisman, Paul & Paula Reiss, Derek & Elise Repath, Gregory & Karen Ritter, Robin Robins, Ellen Rones, Jane Rosenberg, Amy Ross, Neal & Vicki
Roth, Stephen & Ena Rottblatt, Michael & Dori Rubin, Robin Rubin, Tom & Guilit Rudden, Harriet Rudolph, Sandra Rumsky, Minnette Salkin,
Jason & Beth Samerny, Samule Scheck Hillel Community Day School, Jay & Shelley Saperstein, Gordon & Linda Saul, Claudio Schapsis, Edward
& Elissa Scheckowitz, John & Francine Schultz, Todd & Donna Schwartz, Alvin & Robin Schwartz, Ruth Schwartz, Gaby & Mindi Selcer, Mark
& Marcia Seldine, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Seligman, Barbara Serota, Shalom International Corp., Howard & Gail Shapiro, Alan & Karen Shapiro, Larry
& Patti Share, Sheridan Healthcorp, Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Sherman, Scott & Moura Sheron, Geraldine Shpiner, Morrie & Leigh Siegel, Sheryl Siegel,
H.F. & Abby M. Silver, Rick & Abby Silverman, Sallee Silverman, Nicole Silverstein, Sergio Bister & Mytyl Simancas, The Simon Family The Simon
Family, Jay & Marilyn Singer, Richard & Rhonda Sirkin, Richard & Susan Skor, Stacey Slintak, Trilby Smith, Carly Sobel, Kenneth & Debbie Sobel,
Perry & Zena Sofferman, Laura Sokoloff, John & Robin Sorkin, Morris & Bette Spector, Robert & Jandy Spiegelman, Kraig & Robin Spina, Bernard
& Arlene Stauber, Stacey Steinberg Lewes, Irwin & Dianne Steinberg, Marty & Leslie Steinberg, Leslie Sternlieb, Grace Stessel, Stephen & Sheila
Stieglitz, Samantha Stolberg, Mark & Helen Streisfel, Rich & Mindy Strum, Michelle Sukenik, Gavin & Sue Susman, Hyman & Beatriz Swirsky,
Eliana Szajnert, Jeff & Karen Taragano, Barry & Randi Tarbet, Brian & Jennifer Tarr, Temple Adath Or, Temple Beth Ahm Israel, Temple Beth
Am of Jupiter, Temple Beth Am of Jupiter, Temple Beth Am of Kendall, Temple Beth Am of Margate, Temple Beth Emet, Temple Beth Emet
Religious School, Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El ECC, Temple Beth Orr ECC, Temple Beth Torah Religious School, Temple Judea, Temple Shaarei
Shalom, Temple Sinai ECC, Temple Solel of Hollywood, Gary & Honi Thaler, Rose Thomashow, Jack & Amy Tobin, Triangle Financial Services,
LLC, Kevin & Allison Tromer, Jonathan & Pamela Turk, Joseph & Roberta Unger, Donna Utanski, Valencia Isles Singles Club, Scott & Lori Vetstein,
Cathy Weenberger, Howard & Nordin Weinberger, Stan & Rita Weinstein, Phyllis Weisberg, Steven & Mimi Werble, Gregg & Abby Wilentz, Gordon
Williams, Gil & Grace Wohl, Laurie Wohl, Sally Yesko, Jan & Sherry Yoepp, Young Israel of Kendall, Zale Early Childhood Learning Center,
                               Marvin & Betty Zale, Daniella Zanzuri, The Zaslar Family, Billie Zierler, Jackie Zobel

                                                     JAFCO                   JOURNAL
 Northeast Development Sharingkind inJAFCO Model in the Nation.            the
 The JAFCO Jewish Children’s Village is the only Children’s Village of its     the Jewish community
JAFCO has created a model child welfare       about child abuse within the Jewish                    exists, to work towards a long term goal
program to help families in the Jewish        community and the lifesaving work                      of replicating the JAFCO model in the
community deal with serious issues            JAFCO is providing. Directing this effort              Northeast.
related to mental health, substance abuse     full time from the JAFCO Philadelphia               To ensure that we care for any abused
and family problems such as divorce,          office is JAFCO employee Rana Bell,                    Jewish child in our nation as part of
domestic abuse, incarceration, terminal       Director of Northeast Development.                     our responsibility as Jews, regardless
illness and parent death. This model was      Her goals in this life saving effort are as            of where they are from and where they
created in South Florida but could be         follows:                                               are living.
applied to any Jewish community.              To educate members of our Jewish                   Currently, although the children physically
As part of our long-term strategic plan,        community about child abuse and                   reside in Florida, it is not uncommon to
JAFCO hopes to share the model we               move them from denial to a sense of               learn that the family and often the child
have created with other communities in          awareness and concern.                            themselves actually originates from the
the nation. As part of our initial efforts    To continue our grassroots efforts by              Philadelphia, New York or New Jersey
to raise awareness about child abuse in         building “Friends of JAFCO” chapters              area. At JAFCO we care first about saving
the Jewish community in the Northeast           locally in the Northeast that will raise          the life of a child regardless of where
we have opened a JAFCO Northeast                awareness, funds and in kind gifts for            they are from. Our grassroots Northeast
Development office serving PA, NY,              JAFCO programs.                                   efforts are looking for like-minded donors
and NJ. Many of our current supporters        To assess the unmet child welfare needs            and child activists who care deeply about
spend half their year up north and others       of the Northeast Jewish community in              children and are interested in improving
have friends and family in these areas.         the areas such as foster care, adoption,          the quality of state funded child welfare
The Northeast office will allow them and        family preservation, emergency shelter,           services. To get involved, please call Rana
others to be part of the grassroots efforts     and group home programs.                          Bell at 610-397-8688.
to educate the Northern community             Once community support and funding

Meet Long Island/NY Chapter President,                                                    Pearl Halegua
                                        For most people retirement         Northeast, one day, no matter how long it took.
                                  means finally having the ability               “Bad things can happen to good people. This is how so
                                  to take time off to travel, relax        many of our Jewish children can end up in foster care,” Pearl
                                  and enjoy some down time, but            says as she describes her own childhood. “When I was one, my
                                  this is not the way Pearl Halegua        mother suffered from postpartum depression and while she was
                                  envisioned her retirement. After         getting treatment and my father was out providing for the family,
                                  teaching within the New York             my two siblings and I lived with my aunt.” Pearl acknowledges
                                  City public schools for 25 years         that if she didn’t have her extended family, she too could have
                                  and retiring in 2005, Pearl knew         wound up in much different circumstances such as needing a
                                  she had to find a place where            loving facility such as JAFCO. “I am amazed at the leadership
                                  she could continue to impact             and expertise of JAFCO.”
the world and especially the children in it. With compassion and                 Pearl and her wonderful husband Nathan of over 32 years
dedication in her heart Pearl Halegua, Founder and President               have two sons, Aaron and Josh. The values of family and
of the Long Island/ NY Chapter of JAFCO, set out to make a                 helping their community are important to all of the Halegua
difference in the world around her by educating people in her              family members. Josh following in his mother’s footsteps along
local New York area about the issue of child abuse within the              with his cousin, Alicia Halegua planned the first NYC chapter
Jewish community.                                                          event for Young Philanthropists. Outside of Pearl’s role as our
     Pearl first learned about JAFCO at a family function from             first Chapter President outside of Florida, Pearl and Nathan are
her brother-in-law, JAFCO Founder and President, Dr Ron                    actively involved with Queens College where they created two
Simon. Pearl immediately offered to help and hosted the first              chairs within the Jewish Studies Programs. They are passionate
baby shower in Long Island at her country club to introduce                about their involvement with New Destiny & Safe Horizons and
JAFCO to her friends and her community. Over 50 women                      Pearl is the Secretary on the Executive Board of her Temple-
attended and all were moved to tears when they heard the stories           Temple Beth Shalom of Roslyn.
of the children of JAFCO. Curious to see what existed in NY                      “Pearl is an incredible woman, she is not just a leader but a
for abused and neglected children, Pearl along with Executive              compassionate one who truly understands the meaning of giving
Director Sarah Franco and Clinical Director Wendy Jenkins                  back and helping those in need,” states Rana Bell, Director of
toured a N.Y. day program helping homeless Jewish teens in                 Northeast Development. “The name ‘Pearl’ means precious gem
need. The program was unable to provide overnight placement                and this name truly exemplifies the essence of this wonderful
for them. It was a cold winter night and once Pearl learned that           human being,” says Sarah Franco, JAFCO Executive Director.
these children were literally on the street at night, she knew
she would continue her journey to try to bring JAFCO to the
                                                   JAFCO                      JOURNAL
Northeast Development Events                                                                  Join Us For These Upcoming
                                                                                                NORTHEAST EVENTS
                                               Below: Sharing a moment together at
                                               the 21 Club event in NYC, (R-L) Holly         Wednesday, April 7, 2010
                                               Sokoloff, NYC Chapter President Amy           New Jersey Chapter
                                               Goffin, Director of NE Development Rana       Baby Shower
                                               Bell and Shayna Tauber enjoy Cocktails        Where: Home of Heather Kramer,
                                               for a Cause, an intimate gathering to raise   Voorhees, NJ
                                               funds and awareness for JAFCO in the          Time: 7:30 pm
                                               Northeast. Thank you to sponsors Leslie       Cost: A new gift for a JAFCO baby
                                               and Kim Kaminoff!                             Heather Kramer 215-813-0636
                                                                                             Sunday, April 11, 2010
                                                                                             New Jersey Chapter
                                                                                             Paulina Levner’s Mitzvah Brunch
Above: Jodi Gold joins Hostesses Paulette
                                                                                             Where: The Westin Mount Laurel
Rackow and Debbie Stein at the first
                                                                                             Time 9:30 - 11:30 am
High Tea “Baby Shower” held at the
                                                                                             Cost: $36 Adults, $18 Kids under 13
Four Seasons Philadelphia raising over
                                                                                             Brunch buffet, video presentation,
$1,000 in cash and gift cards all to provide
                                                                                             door prizes, raffles and more!
support for the JAFCO children from the
                                                                                             Renee Levner:
Philadelphia Chapter of JAFCO.
                                                                                             Wednesday, April 14, 2010
                                                                                             Long Island/ NY Chapter
                                                                                             Spring Kickoff - Locust Valley day of
                                               Below: Golden Slipper Club and Charities
                                                                                             shopping at Sabrina’s and much more
                                               and JAFCO Joined efforts again with
                                                                                             Pearl Halegua 516-319-0769
                                               The Triple Chai Tea at the Four Seasons
                                               Philadelphia which raised over $2,700         Sunday, April 25, 2010
                                               plus baby gifts and sporting equipment        Philadelphia Chapter
                                               to benefit the children served by both        Sweet Patooties Kids and JAFCO
                                               organizations. Gathering for a quick          Where: Home of Ariane Gittleman,
                                               photo: (L-R) Golden Slipper Camp              Lafayette Hill, PA
                                               President David Levy, Ambassador of           Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
                                               the afternoon Michelle Simon, Hostess         Bagels, Coffee and Sweet Patooties
Above: The Long Island/NY Chapter’s            Celeste Contino-Rose with Husband Burt        20% donation goes to JAFCO
first couple’s event “Come to the Cabaret”     Rose and JAFCO Director of Northeast          Rana Bell 610-397-8688
an evening of song and savories, introduces    Development Rana Bell.                        Monday, May 3, 2010
the children of JAFCO to many new
                                                                                             Philadelphia Chapter
members in the NY and Long Island
                                                                                             Ladies Afternoon Tea in honor of the
area and was a huge success raising over
                                                                                             special woman in your life: Mothers,
$15,000. (L-R) Linda Moskowitz, Maxine
                                                                                             Daughters, Step-Mothers, Mothers-in-
Leeds, Amy Levy, Pearl Halegua, Laurie
                                                                                             Law or Best Friends!
Drucker and Susan Zelman.
                                                                                             Where: Four Seasons, Philadelphia
                                                                                             Time: 10:00 am
                                                                                             Cost: $60 pp
                                                                                             Ruthi Cohen 610-246-5854 and
                                                                                             Lauren Albert 215-378-7939
                                                                                             Saturday, July 10, 2010
                                                                                             New Jersey Chapter
                                                                                             Jersey Shore Cocktails for a Cause
                                                 For information or to plan                  Where: Home of Steven and Fawn
                                                                                             Daiagi, Ocean City, NJ
                                                 a JAFCO event in the                        Cost: $50 pp (suggested)
                                                 Northeast, please contact                   Hosted by Steven & Fawn Daiagi 609-
                                                                                             820-2778 and Sally & David Sereta
Above: Showering our JAFCO babies with           Rana Bell, Director of
love, Melissa Benenfeld opened her heart                                                     Saturday, November 6, 2010
and her beautiful Cherry Hill, NJ home           Northeast Development at                    Long Island/ NY Chapter
to raise awareness about the children of         610-397-8688 or                             Evening of wine tasting for the
JAFCO. (L-R) Lauren Chesnick, Melissa                                                        connoisseur or novice
Benenfeld, Jennifer Atlas and Sheri
                                                                                             Pearl Halegua 516-319-0769
Pecarsky. Thank you!
                                                   JAFCO                 JOURNAL
Chapter Events and Happenings                                                 12 Night Holy Land Cruise
                                                                                 September 24-October 6, 2010
   CHAPTER PRESIDENTS                     UPCOMING EVENTS                              Vision of the Seas
Palm Beach County Chapters           Saturday, March 13, 2010                    Royal Caribbean International
South Palm Beach                     Woodmont/Woodlands Chapter                 Ports of Call: Venice, Italy; Haifa,
Elise Repath 561-613-1492            Singing in the Rain                       Israel; Jerusalem, Israel; Port Said,
North Palm Beach                     Where: Stage Door Theater, Coral          Egypt; Alexandria, Egypt; Ephesus,
Marjorie Greenspan 561-741-0199      Springs, FL                                       Turkey; Venice, Italy.
Sandra Goldner 561-222-9123          Carol Sirota 954-721-1114
                                                                                  Cabin Rates: Inside $1,735.83,
Janis Lax 561-744-9447               Wednesday, March 17, 2010                Outside $2,075.83, Balcony $2,975.83
Broward County Chapters              JAFCO Village Tour and Coffee               or Jr. Suite $3,975.83 (incl. taxes
Century Village/Pembroke Pines       Time: 11:00 am                              & port fees) $100 of each ticket
Lois Marmelstein 954-450-0331        Rebecca Solomon 954-749-7230 ext 144        is donated to JAFCO. For more
Davie/Plantation/Cooper City         Tuesday, April 13, 2010                   information call Phyllis at 954-796-
Brooke Cohen 954-557-0798            JAFCO Village Tour and Coffee            9006 or Bob Schelin at 954-682-7005
Vicki Stolberg 954-423-6963          Time: 11:00 am
                                     Rebecca Solomon 954-749-7230 ext 144
East Ft. Lauderdale
                                     Thursday, April 22, 2010
                                                                                    Save the Date
Joan Kaplan 954-522-4821
Marsha Levy 954-328-4295             Century Village/Pembroke Pines Chapter             for the 2010
Laurelle Waldman 954-472-2767        Annual Book Review
                                     Where: Roasted Pepper, Pembroke           JAFCO Oceanfront Gala
Hollywood                            Pines, FL
Ellen Greenspoon 954-981-9482                                                   and Rooftop Reception
                                     Time: 12:00 pm
Caren Ketover 305-792-9699           Cost: $25.00 pp                               November 20, 2010
Inverrary                            Billie Zierler 954-441-3644
Annette Youngentob 954-486-8881      Saturday, April 24, 2010
                                                                               Westin Fort Lauderdale
King’s Point Tamarac                 Parkland/Coral Springs Chapter                 Beach Resort
Sandy Richman 954-722-6286           The Amazing Race                           (formerly the Yankee Trader)
                                     Where: Heron Bay Commons,
Parkland/Coral Springs
                                     Parkland, FL                              Announcing our honorees
Lori Vetstein 954-775-0314                                                     for the 2010 Jacob’s Ladder
                                     Jandy Spiegelman 954-234-1194
Debbie Fertel 954-608-1618
Symara Feldman 954-325-4453          Thursday, April 29, 2010                   Award for Child Advocacy
                                     South Palm Beach County Chapter                Family Recipients
Weston/West Broward
                                     Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon
Mara Gober 954-384-6691
                                     Honoring Judy Levis Markhoff                Leslie and Kim Kaminoff
Woodmont/Woodlands                   Where: Addison Reserve,
Lola Rubman 954-720-6343             Delray Beach, FL
                                                                                        Delsie Lipton
Carol Sirota 954-721-1114            Heather Goodman 561-638-0755                 Craig and Martine Zinn
Wynmoor                              Sunday, May 2, 2010
Ann Beier 954-935-6105               North Miami Dade/Aventura Chapter
                                                                                  Corporate Recipient
Dade County Chapters                 Tennis Tournament                                Royal Caribbean
North Miami-Dade/Aventura            Where: Michael Ann Russell JCC                    Cruise Lines
Miri Mazor 305-792-7530              Miri Mazor 305-792-6343

Miami Beach/South Dade               Wednesday, May 12, 2010
                                                                              The JAFCO Young Philanthropists
Glenda Krongold 305-534-0557         South Palm Beach County Chapter
                                     Villaggio Game Day                       Chapter is looking for leaders and
Quayside                             Where: Villaggio, Lake Worth, FL         volunteers to help revitalize this
Avis Lee Neiman 305-891-8012         Time: 11:00 am                           important JAFCO group. Created for
                                     Cost: $24 pp                             JAFCO members ages 21-35 this unique
Northeast Chapters
Young Philanthropist New York City   Ingrid Jaffe 561-304-2968                demographic will offer opportunities
Amy Goffin 917-532-6670              Thursday, October 7, 2010                for philanthropic involvement as well
                                     South Palm Beach County Chapter          as social and professional networking-
New York/Long Island
Pearl Halegua 516-319-0769           Woodfield Home Tour                      giving you a great reason to have fun!
                                     Where: Woodfield Country Club, Boca      If you know someone that would like
Philadelphia                         Raton, FL                                to get involved please contact Rebecca
Rana Bell 610-397-8688               Judy Bukaitz 561-995-6954                Solomon at

                                         JAFCO                JOURNAL
Chapter Events and Happenings
Below: The Boynton Beach/ South                                                      Below: The South Palm Beach County
Palm Beach County Chapter had a                                                      Chapter partnered with Saks Fifth Ave
fabulous time at the Villaggio Clubhouse                                             for an elegant Champagne Brunch and
hosting a Luncheon, Fashion Show,                                                    designer Fashion Show by Elie Tahari.
and Boutique all to benefit the JAFCO                                                (L-R) Elaine Friedland, Event Co-Chair
Children’s Village. (L-R) Janet Fine,                                                Nadine Ehrlich, Chapter President
Merrie Zager, Ingrid Jaffe, Harriet                                                  Elise Repath, and Saks Event Manager,
Murphy, Roz Loss, Janet Fabricant.                                                   Nadia Weaver

                                           Above: The North Palm Beach County
                                           Chapter held a winning event to benefit
                                           the children at their Card & Mah Jongg
                                           Party hosted by Janis Lax. (R-L) Helene
                                           Newman, Ethel Muskat, Barbara Spitz,
                                           Helen Goodheart, Arlene Rothchild,
                                           Susie Kentoff, Dara Berger, Donna
                                           Rubin. Not pictured Rosalie Grass
Below: The Weston/West Broward                                                       Below: Neighbors and friends Kathy
Chapter celebrated with the Annual                                                   Shiff and JAFCO Godparent Becky
Spirit of Life Luncheon in loving                                                    Cohen of Aventura continued the
memory of Michelle Herman Goldstein                                                  miracle of Chanukah by hosting
to benefit the beautiful children of                                                 their first annual outdoor Family
JAFCO. (L-R) Barbara Kaplan,Terri                                                    Chanukah Party in their Williams
Schantz and Event Chair Ingrid Jaffe.                                                Island neighborhood complete with
                                                                                     a bounce house, face painting and
                                                                                     children’s games raising $2,000 all to
                                                                                     benefit the children of JAFCO.
                                           Above: The Weston/West Broward
                                           Chapter begins 2010 with a fun-filled
                                           Game Day. (Standing L-R) Chapter
                                           President Mara Gober, Event Chair
                                           Gayle Pifer and Marilyn Hartman.
                                           (Seated L-R) Arlene Selbst, Janet Fine,
                                           Marge Flanz and Rochelle Sheinberg
Below: The Parkland/Coral Springs
Chapter held a sold-out Annual
Progressive Dinner raising much needed
funds and awareness for JAFCO as the                                                 Below: Dedicated young families from
amazing evening moved from home to                                                   the Weston/West Broward Chapter hold
home throughout the neighborhood.                                                    an Authors Reception hosted by Vicki
L-R (Top Row) Richard Kagan, Bruce                                                   and Gary Freed featuring the award
Weinstein, Theres & David Nebenzal,                                                  winning book “Ten Green Bottles.”
Karen & Jeff Teragano, Josh Fertel                                                   (L-R) Janet Steinman, Jennifer Alman,
(Bottom Row) Stacy Kagan, Scott                                                      Debbie Grossman, Mara Gober, Helene
Vetstein, Steffi Weinstein, Chapter Co-                                              Weiss, Liz Schneider. Committee
Presidents Symara Feldman and Debbie       Above: The Davie/Cooper City/
                                                                                     members not pictured are Louise Allen
Fertel and Joann Orlando.                  Plantation Chapter laughed the night
                                                                                     and Gayle Pifer.
                                           away at the 2nd Annual Comedy Night.
                                           Event Chair and Chapter Co-President
                                           Vicki Stolberg (third from left) and
                                           Comedian Cory Kahaney (fourth from
                                           right) share a special moment with
                                           JAFCO foster and adoptive moms
                                           who joined in on the fun after sharing
                                           their personal and moving foster care
                                           and adoption stories with the donors
                                           attending this heartwarming event.

                                              JAFCO                JOURNAL
                Madelyn’s Mitzvah Kids Children Helping Children
                  Congratulations to the following young adults who have been admitted to the

                   JAFCO Bar and Bat Mitzvah Circle!
                                              Below: Creating and selling Mazzy’s
                                                                                               More Bar & Bat Mitzvah
                                              Music Mitzvah Cards, Mazzy Bell of
                                              Maple Glen PA, donated over $500 to                    Circle Kids.....
                                              help provide music lessons for the children
                                              of JAFCO.
                                                                                                        $350& Up
                                                                                                   Ines de Bracamonte
                                                                                                     Isaac Mercado
                                                                                                      $180 & Up
                                                                                                     Jack Bushell
                                                                                                    Marisa Radensky
                                                                                                Other Generous Donors
                                                                                                   Amanda Bender
                                                                                                   Jaime Bonchick
Above:                                                                                               Erin Dodson
For his Bar Mitzvah and in honor of his                                                              Alana Koch
Grandmother Roz Prevor, Harrison Prevor                                                              Zach Levine
and his parents Abbe and Barry Prevor                                                                 Austin Litt
donated $12,900, to establish the Roslyn
                                                                                                     Sarah Parker
Dale Prevor College Scholarship. The          Below: In honor of Scott Scher’s Bar
fund will provide spending money for the                                                            Josh Waldman
                                              Mitzvah his family and loved ones
children of JAFCO who are attending           generously donated $1,000 to the JAFCO        All gifts directly benefit the children
college. Thank you to this wonderful          Bar and Bat Mitzvah Fund so that the          served by JAFCO. All “Mitzvah
family for their love and commitment to       children of JAFCO can also experience         Kids” and their families are invited
JAFCO.                                        such a special simcha. Mazel Tov to the       for a private meeting at the JAFCO
                                              Scher family!                                 Village where they are presented with
                                                                                            a beautiful framed certificate honoring
                                                                                            them for helping save the life of an
                                                                                            abused child.
                                                                                              To plan your Mitzvah project
                                                                                            contact JAFCO Assistant Director
                                                                                                of Development, Rebecca
                                                                                             Solomon at
                                                                                               This page is dedicated to the late
                                                                                               Madelyn Weil a wonderful human
                                                                                             being and JAFCO Board Member who
                                                                                            dedicated herself to helping the children
                                                                                              of JAFCO. The thought of children
                                                                                            helping other children touched her heart.

It was a heartwarming family moment                                      Mitzvah Project Ideas
when Brett Wolff visited the JAFCO                Donate 10% of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift to the Children of JAFCO
Children’s Village with his father,               Organize a yard sale to donate proceeds to JAFCO
grandfather and younger brother to donate         Collect gift cards to your favorite store
his Bar Mitzvah centerpieces to JAFCO.            Host a bake sale
The 20 beautiful centerpieces made up             Organize a Walk/Run with your friends and get sponsored to participate
of brand new sports equipment will be             Give JAFCO Shema Pillows as your Bar/Bat Mitzvah giveaway
re-used as centerpieces for an upcoming           Have a karaoke party or school dance and charge a small admission fee
JAFCO Bar Mitzvah with the same sports            Facilitate a collection drive of new items: school supplies, computer/video
theme and then given to the children at the        games, summer camp supplies, sports equipment
Village to have fun with!
                                                   JAFCO                JOURNAL
Faces and Places
                                               Below: Chanukah gifts came in from all
                                               over South Florida to help the children
                                               of JAFCO have a bright and miraculous
                                               Chanukah. (L-R) Assisted by JAFCO
                                               Asst. Director of Development, Rebecca
                                               Solomon, Debby Baker and Marcy
                                               Isdaner happily unload a truckful of toys
                                               generously donated by the Wellington
                                               Community. Thank you!

                                                                                           Above: Weston/West Broward Chapter
Above: Ken Fisher opens his beautiful
                                                                                           members (L-R) Aliza Novie and Linda
beach home every year to host his birthday
                                                                                           Kaner are joined again this year by friend
Toy Drive to benefit JAFCO and children
                                                                                           Shari Coltune to deliver gifts to the
in need. (R-L ) Ken is joined by his friends
                                                                                           children of JAFCO, fulfilling hundreds
Andy Weiner, Mandy Miller, Miranda
                                                                                           of wishes and keeping the miracle of
Jamieson, Carrie Lockwood and Tony
                                                                                           Chanukah alive. Thank you Weston!

                                               Below: Karen Schwartz hosted her first
                                               event with the South Palm Beach County
                                               Chapter in celebration of Chanukah
                                               at the Mizner Country Club in Delray
                                               Beach. Attendees were happy to bring a
                                               Chanukah gift for the children of JAFCO
                                               in addition to enjoying the party. (L-R)
                                               Judy Greenberg, Donna Greenberg,
                                               Karen Schwartz, Elaine Silverstein, and
Above: The David Posnack Hebrew Day            Susan Lyman.
School went above and beyond to help
collect HUNDREDS of Chanukah gifts
for the children of JAFCO. These students
helped deliver gifts to the JAFCO Village,                                                 Above: Gloria & Herb Barker dedicate
learned more about JAFCO and the true                                                      another beautiful bronze statue along
meaning behind this special mitzvah.                                                       with Austin Rose of the Rose Garden in
                                                                                           honor of members of the JAFCO staff.
                                                                                           The two children playing leapfrog will be
                                                                                           a delightful addition to the existing Harvey
                                                                                           and Phyllis Sandler Sculpture Garden.

                                               Below: Lisa Pawliger (L) is pictured with
                                               her sister Kim Fetterman while hosting
                                               a JAFCO Baby Shower to collect much
                                               needed items for the newborn infants that
                                               arrive in the middle of the night at the
                                               JAFCO’s Children’s Emergency Shelter.

Above: The Jewish Federation of South
Palm Beach organized a Day of Service                                                      Above: The staff of Heaven & Earth
on MLK Day. Volunteers put on their                                                        Salon in Plantation raised thousands of
gloves, dug in and planted flowers and                                                     dollars in a “Day of Beauty” dedicated
spread mulch in the flower beds at the                                                     to JAFCO. Salon owner and child activist
JAFCO Children’s Village. (L-R) Thank                                                      Larissa Kline (fifth from right) is joined by
you to: Paul & Rebecca Appelbaum,                                                          her loving staff who donated their entire
Debbie Berlin, Mike Kempf, and Barbara                                                     earnings for the day to the children of
Diekmann for beautifying our Village.                                                      JAFCO! Thank you all!
                                                   JAFCO                JOURNAL
The Lieberman Schorr Family Foundation
lovingly supports the children of JAFCO
     “It is our duty to help one another and   oversight of the foundation. In keeping         Center in Fort Lauderdale.
bring our children up to do the same.” says    with the intergenerational goals of the              It is with the most heartfelt thanks
Marny Dixon of the Liebermann Schorr           foundation, Marny actually learned about        and sincere gratitude that we honor the
Family Foundation. “We must help our           JAFCO from her son Seth when one of             Lieberman Schorr Family Foundation for
community as we are all connected to one       his friends requested donations be made         their love and commitment to the children
another and if more people gave, maybe         to JAFCO in lieu of gifts for his Bar           of JAFCO.
there would be less problems out there.”       Mitzvah. Marny saw an immediate match           (L-R) Back: Scott Price, Dana Lieberman
Marny speaks passionately on behalf of         for the foundation. “JAFCO provides             Price, Maya, Dawn and Ken & Barbara
her family’s foundation which has been         a service that is so needed within the          Lieberman, Seth Dixon. Front: Marny
a generous supporter of JAFCO since            Jewish community and helps to teach             Dixon, Phyllis & Mel Lieberman, of
2001.                                          the children they serve how to break the        blessed memory.
     The Lieberman Schorr Family               cycle of abuse. We feel strongly about the
Foundation was established in 1999 by          children JAFCO cares for.”
Mel Lieberman (of blessed memory) and               Because of the foundation, the strong
his wife Phyllis Schorr to offer support to    values that Mel and Phyllis instilled in
their community. As a successful business      their children: philanthropy, responsibility,
man, Mel and his wife Phyllis wanted a         concern for others and independence are
way to help those in need and teach their      being passed on through the generations
family about charity and compassion.           to their children and grandchildren, just
They felt strongly that as family they         as they had hoped. In addition to JAFCO,
had an obligation to help those who are        the Foundation’s philanthropic giving
less fortunate.Their children, Marny           includes JUF, Board of Jewish Education
Dixon and Ken Lieberman are actively           (Chicago), ORT, Leukemia Lymphoma                The Oil May Have
involved with the management and               Society and the Children’s Cancer Caring         Lasted for 8 days but the
                                                                                                Snow Lasted All Night!
JAFCO Celebrates Tu B’Shvat                                                                     Celebrating the Miracle of
teaching our children to honor the earth                                                        Chanukah JAFCO Style.
                                                     The children of JAFCO had
                                                     another beautiful day to celebrate
                                                     Tu B’Shvat with the Annual Seder
                                                     & Tree Planting. Godparents Gail &
                                                     Bradley Cohen generously sponored
                                                     the JAFCO Tu B’Shvat Seder this
                                                     year and brought the whole family
                                                     along to help celebrate Gail’s 50th
                                                     birthday with this beautiful mitzvah.
                                                     (L-R) Nathan Butters, Dr. Brad             Annual sponsors of the JAFCO
                                                     Cohen, Alexa, Gail Cohen, David,           Children’s Chanukah Party, (L-R)
                                                     Jeremy, Joshua and Lila Butters.           Howard and Julie Talenfeld shown here
                                                                                                with JAFCO Adoptive Parent Darran
                                                                                                Blake and guest Greg Blum enjoy
                                                                                                watching the joy on the faces of the
                                                                                                children of JAFCO as they experience a
                                                                                                traditional Chanukah celebration filled
                                                                                                with lighting of the menorah, eating
                                                                                                latkes and applesauce, jelly donuts
                                                                                                and playing dreidel for chocolate gelt.
                                                                                                Some added traditions included the
                                                                                                Cupcakes Cruiser courtesey of the Mark
                                                                                                J. Gordon Foundation, Starbucks Hot
                                                                                                Chocolate, great music from New Vibe
                                                                                                entertainment and a great old fashioned
                               Above: Ali Udelsman enjoys the seder                             snowball fight! Memories never to be
                               and tree planting with her face fittingly                        forgotten by the children.
                               painted as a beautiful princess.
                                                   JAFCO           0       JOURNAL
JAFCO Board Members in the News                                                            JAFCO Board of Trustees

Stephen & Helene Weicholz
                                                                                           President - Dr. Ronald D. Simon
                                                                                           Vice-President - Mara Gober
Stephen and Helene Weicholz donate                                                         Secretary - Rabbi Bernhard Presler
$1,000,000 to New JAFCO Program                                                            Treasurer - Alan Levy
for Children with Developmental                                                            Richard L. Allen
Disabilities.                                                                              Allen Chelminsky
                                                                                           Dr. Hyman Eisenstein
    Stephen and Helen Weicholz of                                                          Marge Flanz
Boca Raton know that caring for special                                                    Vicki Freed
needs children is a demanding task. All                                                    David Garfinkle
parents need some time to themselves.                                                      Dorinne Gerstin
That almost never happens for parents of                                                   Paul Goldner
children with a developmental disability.                                                  Alfred J. Katzin
With that in mind, the couple made a                                                       Jerry Manowitz
charitable gift of $1 million to name the                                                  Maurice Plough, Jr.
Children’s Lodge at the JAFCO Respite                                                      Denise Simon
and Family Resource Center for Children                                                    Dr. Lisa Sirota-Weiner
with Developmental Disabilities.                                                           David Sommer
                                                   Helene is the Chair of the Godparent    Helene Weicholz
     When built, the facility will offer      Circle, Stephen is the President of the      Stephen Weicholz
much needed support, various types of         JAFCO Children’s Foundation board
therapy, parent training, recreation, art     and they both sit on the JAFCO Board         JAFCO Honorary Board
lessons, independent living training,         of Trustees. JAFCO Godparents support        Members
drama classes, socialization and two          the day-to-day operations of JAFCO
weeks of respite care for children (ages 0    by making a 10-year commitment of            Madelyn Weil
to 21) with developmental disabilities and    $1,800 per year. Stephen and Helene just     Dave Davis
their parents and siblings.                   fulfilled their 10-year commitment and       Rabbi Michael Gold
                                              have recommitted for another 10 years, to    Fran Golden
    The Weicholz’s are tremendous child       raise another generation of children. They   Claire Manowitz
advocates who have been involved with         are always donating hockey and concert       Ken Morris
JAFCO for more than 10 years. The             tickets to the children. Three generations   Benjamin & Fannie Schatz
couple supports the organization because      of Weicholz’s are involved with JAFCO,       Morris Small
of the wonderful job it does caring for       following the compassionate lead of          State Rep. Ellyn Setnor Bogdanoff
abused and neglected children in the tri-     this amazing couple, including Scott         Sandi Simon
county area.                                  Weicholz, Caryn and Darren Marsh and
                                              their children Carli, Nikki, Brandon and     JAFCO
     “We are excited to be part of this       Daniel, Kimberly and Todd Weicholz           Children’s Foundation
new center, we feel it is important so that   and their children Justin, Ashley and        Board of Trustees
parents who have children with special        Matthew.
needs can have a much needed break,                                                        President -Stephen Weicholz
and know that JAFCO will provide their            “We are so grateful for Steve and        Secretary -Alan Levy
child with the utmost love and care,”         Helene’s love and generosity through         Treasurer -Jerry Manowitz
said Helene Weicholz. “We would like          the year. They are two incredible human      Sam Borger
to encourage everyone who can join in         beings. Without them, JAFCO would            Mara Gober
our efforts to please make a gift to this     not be the agency it is today,” said Sarah   Stewart Greenberg
state-of-the-art project.”                    Franco, Executive Director.                  Rabbi Bernhard Presler
                                                                                           Stuart Rader
     “Not only are they big-hearted                The Weicholz’s gift is the third        Dr. Ronald D. Simon
philanthropists to the organization, but      $1 million donation for this program,
they are extremely active,” said Gail         joining Sam and Adele Borger and The         Sarah Franco, M.S.
Marlow, Director of Development for           David Posnack Foundation. This project       Executive Director
JAFCO. “Stephen and Helene have been          is partially funded under an agreement       Wendy Jenkins, L.C.S.W.
generous donors to the children of JAFCO      with the State of Florida, Agency for        Clinical Director
for many years. They were the first capital   Persons with Disabilities. The land for      Gail Marlow
campaign donors for the current JAFCO         this project was generously donated          Director of Development
Children’s Village in Sunrise, also giving    by the Jewish Federation of Broward          Rana Bell
a $1 million donation in 1998.”               County and the Daniel D. Cantor Senior       Director of Northeast Development
                                                                                                                      of blessed memory

                                                  JAFCO          1      JOURNAL
                                                                                                                                                         NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                          Ft. Lauderdale, FL
                                                                                                                                                         PERMIT NO. 00513
     4200 North University Drive
     Sunrise, FL 33351

Broward 954.749.7230 Dade 305.403.7015 Palm Beach 561.372.0103 Philadelphia/North East 610.397.8688
                     Fax 954.749.7231 To1l Free   Time Sensitive Material

Your Old Car Can Place a JAFCO Child on the Road to
Independence    As JAFCO helps our
                                   My wife and I decided that we needed to buy a new car in
                                   order to take a long driving trip. Obviously, we focused all
                                            children learn the skills                           our attention on what we wanted in our new car and where
                                             they need to become                                we should buy it. We gave little thought of contributing or
                                              independent,                                      trading in our old car, a 1995 BMW.
                                               the last phase is                                Coincidentally at the same time, a friend of mine who
                                                helping them                                    had taken a tour of the JAFCO Children’s Village was
                                                 move into their                                so impressed with what he found, that he had decided to
                                                 own apartment
                                                                                                volunteer his professional services to the children. He urged us
                                                 or college dorm
                                          room. At this point,
                                                                                                to meet the staff and see the wonderful work JAFCO is doing.
                               transportation becomes critical in                               I was happy to learn they had a need for donated cars.
                   the transition as they must figure out a way                                 When I called Sarah Franco, the Executive Director, I learned
        to get to school, work, doctor’s appointments, therapy                                  that they had a teenager who was living at the JAFCO
and spend time with their friends. As part of our Independent                                   Children’s Village who was commuting to college and was
Living Curriculum, the children do learn to take the bus, but                                   in dire need of transportation The thing that made this
the South Florida Public Transportation schedule can be limited                                 especially appealing to us was that the car actually would be
and is not always safe late at night. Of course, our budget does                                used by someone in need and not just be sold for cash. Sarah
not allow us to purchase cars for the children, but it does help                                has been kind enough to drop us a note from time to time to
them so much when a car is donated. Cars that are donated for
                                                                                                let us know how the child is progressing.
use by the children are deductible to the extent allowed by IRS
Guidelines based upon the Blue Book value of the car.                                           We have received more joy from giving JAFCO our
So the next time the dealer offers you a minimal trade in value                                 car than from any other single act of charity we have
on your car, please consider donating it to one of our children.
You may be the missing piece in a child’s journey to
                                                                                                Al and Betty Hofflander

   A copy of JAFCO’s official non-profit registration and financial information may be obtained from the following state agencies; in Florida contact the Division of Consumer Services
   (registration #CH19241) at 1-800-HELP-FLA; in New York contact the State Department of Law Charities Bureau (registration #21-49-39) at 120 Broadway, N.Y., N.Y. 10271; in
                                                  Pennsylvania contact the Department of State (registration #34017) at 1-800-732-0999.

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