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									Sacred Heart High School Alumni Association
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         S A C R E D H E A R T H I G H S C H O O L
               A L U M N I A S S O C I A T I O N
                                                                             Volume 4, issue 2
                                                                             September, 2008


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                                                        15 N. East Avenue, Vineland, NJ, 08360
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                                        Have you moved? Are you moving? Send us your new address by mail or
                                        email us at “alumni@shhslions.com”. School website is www.shhslions.com.
    Fall, 2008
                                          FROM THE PRINCIPAL

 Sacred Heart High School
 15 N. East Avenue
 Vineland, NJ 08360
 (856) 691-4491 or 691-1539 Fax:856-563-1644              www.shhslions.com
                                                                                                        Rev. Father Edward Namiotka

August 26, 2008

Dear Alumni and Friends,

As I write this letter, Sacred Heart High School is undergoing changes to its administrative structure. Beginning this school year we are
employing a President / Principal model of governance found in many private high schools throughout the country.

Since its foundation in 1927, Sacred Heart had a Sister of St. Joseph as principal in charge of the school. When I took over in
1998, I was the first male principal to walk the hallways of the school. Now Sacred Heart has its first laywoman as principal—
Mrs. Diane Tucker.
Mrs. Tucker has worked with me for a decade in roles as Vice-Principal, Guidance Director and Assistant Principal of Academ-
ics. As Principal she will be responsible for the everyday operation of the school and daily supervision of teachers, students and
staff. As the newly-appointed President of the school, I will work with the school’s Advisory Board and alumni, oversee the
planned future building project, and continue to provide spiritual guidance and leadership for the school.
At this point in time the President / Principal model will best provide the school with what it needs for efficient and effective
You will be happy to know that Sacred Heart High School continues to plan for its growth into the future. With an addition to
our present facilities, we anticipate an increased student enrollment. This multi-million dollar expansion would add additional
classrooms, offices, auxiliary rooms and an auditorium to our facility and establish us prominently on Landis Avenue. It is what
is needed to help us keep the students academically and technologically competitive and well-prepared for college.
All of this anticipated growth, however, does come with an ever-increasing price tag. The cost of tuition and fees this year is
$7,450.00 ($6,950. tuition / $500. fees) per student. There are a significant number of families (approximately one-third) look-
ing to us for some financial help. Again, I ask for benefactors to help sponsor a student in financial need (either in part or com-
pletely). Wouldn’t it give great satisfaction to know that you have helped someone to receive the gift of a Catholic education
that you were privileged to have had? I do not like turning away families that want to provide their children with a Catholic
education because they cannot afford it.
The Alumni phase of our Annual Giving Appeal will take place shortly. To keep this school on a solid financial basis and to
allow for future growth and progress, we hope that the majority of our alumni will commit to a donation each year. Please take
the time to respond to our appeal when asked.
Know that I remember each of you in my prayers, at daily Mass and during our Eucharistic Adoration each Friday. Please re-
member us too.


(Rev.) Edward F. Namiotka

PARISHES MERGE                                                       the Joshua M. Moren Scholarship Fund. A scholarship
Diocese of Camden Bishop Joseph Galante                              will be awarded to a Sacred Heart High School student who
recently announced the merging of parishes in                        will be attending college upon graduation. Great job John
the diocese and the closing of others. It will                       and Robert!
reduce the number of parishes from 124 to 66.
Sacred Heart and St. Isidore’s parishes will                         Dr. Michael Martinelli ’78 has been appointed medical
merge with the primary site and business to be                       director of Our Lady of Lourdes North American Volun-
conducted at St. Isidore. Sacred Heart Church will not close         teers. In October, he and a medical group, which he helped
and will continue scheduled Masses on weekends as well as            organize, will accompany the very sick to Lourdes, France
weddings, funerals and special events. St. John Bosco and St.        to help make their trip as comfortable as possible. This will
Anthony’s Mission in Port Norris will merge with St. Mary            be his third trip to Lourdes in this capacity. He also works
Magdalen in Millville. In Bridgeton, St. Teresa of Avila and         with an Italian organization that brings people to different
Immaculate Conception will merge with St. Michael in Ce-             sanctuaries around the world. Mike is a graduate of the
darville and St. Mary’s in Rosenhayn. The changes were               University of Notre Dame and Chicago Medical School.
made due to an estimated reduction of priest by 50% by the           He completed cardiology training at Temple University and
year 2015 and “changing demographics.” The merges will               is chief of Cardiology at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, N.
create larger parishes and combine resources to better serve         Y. Mike and his wife Carol (Marone) have three chil-
the Catholic community.                                              dren. His parents are Mike and Rosalie DiPaola Marti-
                                                                     nelli ’53. God Bless you in your good work, Mike!
Fr. Ed. Namiotka, President of SHHS, was
one of four local priests who attended a pa-                         GRANT PROVIDERS:
pal Mass in Washington, D.C. when Pope                               At the recommendation of Francis J. Vondra ‘40, the T.
Benedict XVI visited the United States in                            Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving has awarded a
April. They were among several hundred                               grant of $600.00 to the SHHS Scholarship Fund. It was
priests in an area surrounding the altar who concelebrated           given in memory of Janice M. Vondra, Charles L.
Mass with the Pope. Several years ago, Fr. Ed attended a             Vondra ’35, Norbert V. Vondra ’39 and Roseana Plopert
seminar at St. Charles Seminary in Philadelphia when Pope            Vondra ’42.
Benedict was a cardinal. He remembers him “as a soft-                A grant of $250.00 was received from the Fund for Charita-
spoken and gentle man and a very deeply spiritual and intelli-       ble Giving PNC Bank, N.A. at the recommendation of
gent person.”                                                        Ralph ’58 and Bonnie Ruggeri Tursini ’66 to benefit the
                                                                     SHHS Scholarship Fund.
ALUMNI IN THE NEWS                                                   Our sincere thanks to both Francis J. Vondra and Ralph
Nick and Marlene Figarole Panichelli ‘52                             and Bonnie Tursini for their thoughtfulness.
were lucky to get out unharmed when their new retirement
home in Liberty Village, Millville was destroyed by fire on          News from the Shaw Sisters
April 29, 2008. The fire started in the garage and consumed          Patricia Shaw Wojciechowski ‘73
both their cars and a major portion of the house. Neighbors,         Is a school teacher and previously taught at Sacred Heart
family and friends helped Nick and Marlene retrieve valu-            Grammar School. She currently resides in Massachusetts
ables from a part of the house that was spared. The developer        with her husband Gene and daughter Katharine. Pat’s two
of the Village has given them the model unit to live in until        other daughters are Elizabeth who graduated in May with a
their home is rebuilt. Good Luck, Nick and Marlene.                  degree in Nursing from Catholic University and Christina
                                                                     who attends the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
TRAGEDY STRIKES SENIOR CLASS                                         is in the PharmD program. All three girls attended Sacred
Josh Moren, 18, who just graduated from                              Heart Grammar School.
SHHS on June 2, 2008, was tragically
killed by an alledged drunken driver as he                           Mary Shaw ’75 is a registered nurse. She is currently a
was traveling to attend a party with family                          clinical research nurse at the Univ. of Pennsylvania Health
and friends. Some of his classmates and                              System in the Liver Transplant Program. Mary resides in
baseball teammates came upon the acci-                               Williamstown, NJ.
dent 20 minutes after it happened. Josh
was one of the elite players on SHHS’s championship base-            Barbara Shaw Hirsch ’77 is a registered nurse and an at-
ball team and was loved by everyone. Our sympathy to the             torney. She resides in Maryland with her husband Steve
Moren family and all the SHHS family. (See Deceased                  and 11 year old twins Sarah and Daniel.
                                                                     David R. Hurst ’85 has joined the law firm Montgomery,
In Josh’s honor, his friends John Barruzza ’06 and Robert            McCracken, Walker and Rhoads, LLP as counsel and vice-
Green ’07 established the First Annual Joshua M. Moren Me-           chair of the firm’s Bankruptcy, Creditors’ Rights and Re-
morial Slo-Pitch Softball Tournament that was held on Au-            structuring section. His practice focuses on corporate re-
gust 9, 2008. All proceeds of this annual event will benefit

structuring and bankruptcy matters. He has represented nu-            tries and is now living in Norfolk, Va.
merous public and private companies in out-of-court restruc-
turings, “prepackaged” bankruptcies and traditional chapter           The gang sends regards to all their dear friends back home!
11 cases, both in Delaware and nationally. David lives in
Newark, Delaware with his family, which recently expanded
with the birth of their third child, Molly Catherine.”                Agostino “Augie” Fabietti, Jr. ’63 was the 2008 recipient of
Congratulations, David and family!                                    St. Augustine Prep’s Gregor Mendel Award which is given to
                                                                      “those who exemplify their commitment to family, commu-
Michael Tisa ’00 was named as the Outstanding ALS                     nity and God.” He founded the Tom Fabietti Scholarship
(Advanced Life Support) Provider by the NJ Dept. of Health            Foundation in memory of his son. “Augie” is a senior partner
and Senior Services, Office of Emergency Medical Services             of an accounting firm in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.
in November, 2007. The award was presented to Michael at
the N.J. State EMS Award in Atlantic City. He currently               Sister Kathleen Burton, SSJ ’67 was one of three recipients
works with the Underwood Hospitals MICU Program. He                   of the 2008 Religious Educational Excellence Award given by
was previously recognized for his outstanding achievements            the National Association of Parish Catechetical Directors on
and teamwork in emergency pre-hospital care in 2005 and               March 27, 2008. Each award winner represents a parish
with the NJ Association of Paramedic Program’s Paramedic              which exemplifies outstanding programs serving children,
Team Excellence Award.                                                parents and adults.

Stephanie Sparagna ’88 has been employed as a Deputy                  Donna Volpe Donato ’74, a faculty member of Eastern Re-
District Attorney by the Los Angeles Co., Calif. District At-         gional High School in Voorhees, received the Excellence in
torney’s office since 1988. She has been assigned to special          Education Award from the World Affairs Council of Philadel-
units including Family Violence, Sex Crimes and Crimes                phia at the Union League of Philadelphia on June 10, 2008.
Against Peace Officers. She is presently assigned to the Jus-         The award recognizes an educator with visionary leadership
tice System Integrity Unit which investigates and prosecutes          and an exemplary commitment to teaching about world affairs
misconduct by members of law enforcement including attor-             and international issues. Donna’s career includes 29 years of
neys, peace officers and judges. In July, 1999, Stephanie was         education, training, teaching and curriculum development in
honored by the Association of District Attorneys as DA of the         secondary social studies education. She coordinates the
month and in the year 2000, she was presented the                     school’s gifted and talented seminar program and has advised
“Outstanding Prosecutor Award” by the Justice for Homicide            the school’s World Affairs Club for 18 years. Donna is a
Victims, Inc. an organization created by mothers of homicide          graduate of Ursinus College and the University of Pennsyl-
victims including the mothers of Sharon Tate and Dominique            vania and lives in Mt. Laurel, NJ with her husband and two
Dunn. After one murder trial, a juror wrote the District Attor-       children.
ney, “Her knowledge of the law and command of language
was extraordinary…She exemplified the often sought after              Lt. Col. Ralph C. Squillace ’60 retired from the military in
but rarely achieved attributes of decency, honor and hon-             1992 and is pursuing his own interests. After living in various
esty…Ms Sparagna’s closing argument, something I will                 cities, he has made his home in Robertsdale, Alabama.
never forget, inspired us to do our best to evaluate the evi-
dence and to follow the law.” She is one of the top DA’s out          Each year November 11th is designated as Veterans Day to
of 800 prosecutors in L.A. County. Stephanie will again be            remember all who served our country. It is a special time for
honored in September/October, 2008 by the Association of              the Ricci family of Vineland as all five siblings served during
District Attorneys for the prosecution and conviction in the          WWII. Carlo Ricci ’40 was a student at Glassboro State Col-
murder trial of David Steinberg and Jeffrey Weaver that re-           lege (now Rowan University) when he was called to active
quired two separate juries and four months to complete. Her           duty. He graduated from flight training school as a second
proud parents Francis ’45 and Carmella DiTomo Sparagna                Lieutenant and received his pilot’s wings. He flew a P40 and
’49 flew out to California to witness her closing argument and        was assigned to the Air Force’s 352nd Fighter Group. Carlo
celebrate her winning a conviction. Great Job, Stephanie!             flew numerous missions between England and Germany and
Cynthia Sparagna ’75 is a Real Estate Agent for Ewing and             shot down a German plane for which he received an oak leaf
Associates /Sotheby’s International Realty in Sherman Oaks,           medal. While in Germany he met his wife Kathe. They were
Ca. and is a Board member of Sherman Oaks Chamber of                  married in the United States in 1947. Carlo began teaching in
Commerce.                                                             Vineland and later earned a master’s degree in educational
                                                                      administration from Temple University. He has been a
Danielle Sparagna ’82 is a para-legal working in her brother          teacher, principal, curriculum coordinator and assistant super-
Fran’s law office in Encino, Ca.                                      intendent in the Vineland School System.

Fran Sparagna, Jr. ’69 is a partner with his wife in the law          Please remember all who have served or are serving our coun-
firm of Sparagna and Sparagna in Encino, Ca.                          try especially those in troubled areas of the world.

Jack Sparagna ’73 is retired from the Navy and Pirot Indus-

                                                                     newsletter coming. Good luck with the expansion. Looking
                                                                     forward to our Class’ 50th reunion.”
Shawn O’Donnell ’92-“I finished my BSBA
through Touro University and graduated
                                                                     Jackie Calabrese O’Brien ’56 –“Thanks for the time and
Suma Cum Laude. Also, I just finished a six
                                                                     effort that is put into making the “Lion’s Den” the success it
month work assignment with CACI support-
ing the US Army Contracting Command in
southwest Asia. I am returning to Virginia
                                                                     Ronald Jost ’64 –“Thank you very much for providing us
and will be working on the Naval Research and Development
                                                                     with features that reconnect us with SHHS and Vineland. We
project for weapons systems. I hope all is well in Vineland
                                                                     moved to the shore over 25 years ago and have lost contact
and I just wanted to wish everyone the best!!” Shawn’s ad-
                                                                     with most of the people from our past. I have been on disabil-
dress is:
                                                                     ity retirement since 1984, following a spinal cord operation
Contract Specialist (CACI)
                                                                     that left me paralyzed and in a wheelchair. My teaching ca-
                                                                     reer included 11 years in the Vineland public schools. I also
Camp Arifjan Kuwait
                                                                     served as principal in the Fairfield Twp. School System and
Phone 389-3977, DSN: 430-3977
                                                                     my last position was Chief School Administrator in Avalon.
                                                                     My wonderful wife Sandy (Leonelli) and I have been married
                                                                     40 years this year. We have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.”
Kay Enoch Hennessy ’58-“Dear Alumni Committee: Thank
you so much for inviting the “Golden Grads” to participate in
                                                                     Linda Rodriquez Arceo ’94 gave birth to a son, J. Evan Ar-
the graduation ceremonies. I found it to be a moving experi-
                                                                     ceo on Feb. 12, 2007. She currently lives in Sewell, NJ with
ence and I was proud to be a part of it. The refreshments
                                                                     her husband of seven years, Javier. Linda recently graduated
served after the ceremony were also much appreciated and it
                                                                     with her Master of Arts in Writing from Rowan University
was like a mini reunion. Thank you again for all your hard
                                                                     and is also an alumna of the Richard Stockton College of NJ
work in making it happen.”
                                                                     with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She is Director of
                                                                     Grants and Institutional Relations for Lourdes Health System
Shana Kruysman Grassi ’94-“I love getting “The Lions
                                                                     in Camden, NJ and is also a regular contributing writer for
Den” and see what everyone’s doing lately. I miss all the
                                                                     South Jersey Mom Magazine.
play people and my classmates. I am currently residing in
Randolph, NJ, married to my husband Joseph Grassi for 8
                                                                     Meredith Spieker ’52- “I am very pleased with the moral
years and have a 7 year old daughter Cecilia Christine. I am
                                                                     values and education that I received at Sacred Heart. The sis-
a vocal coach and piano instructor in my own private business
                                                                     ters that taught me were excellent. I was not of that opinion
and I also work at the Ivy League school “Gill St. Bernard” in
                                                                     1941 to 1952. With life’s experiences, the BALTIMORE
Gladstone, NJ. Weekday mornings I teach music classes to             CATECHISM helped me through both good and bad
home schooled children at the Bickford Theater in Morris-            times….My prayers and good wishes are extended to the
town, NJ. This year I was featured on the VH1 television re-         Catholic Christian Education.”
ality series “The Salt and Peppa Show.” Last year, I had the
privilege of being the musical director for “Kiss Me Kate” at        Dr. Charles F. Valentine ’52 –“The Lion’s Den is a wonder-
Morristown High School. It was such a rewarding experience           ful communication document. You are to be commended for
to give the love of my music to these talented young perform-        an outstanding job.”
ers. It reminded me of the years I spent at SHHS where I
learned how to sing, dance and act in all the plays and musi-
                                                                     Marie Gervato Burrows ’56 –“What a surprise to was to
cals. I would love to hear from anyone from the plays or from
                                                                     find a check from the Alumni Association raffle…Please ac-
the classes we shared. Email me at
                                                                     cept this back to continue the wonderful work of the newslet-
Shana92276@optonline.net. Visit my Myspace at http://
                                                                     ter. I look forward to it to keep up on the news.”
www.myspace.com/mistressofvocals and at home - call 973-
                                                                     Suzanne Dawson Alex ’65 –“Great little grapevine.”
Joe Ambrose ’57 –“I would like to thank Millie Walsh,
Irene Avena, Marie Low, Eleanor Brown and everyone                   Carlo A. Ricci ’40 – “Donation for publication of Lion’s
who worked to make the 50th reunion of the Class of ’57 such         Den.”
a wonderful event.”
                                                                     Janice Figarole Rosi ’55 – “Donation in memory of the de-
Thomas E. Davis ‘54–“I enjoy hearing the current news re-            ceased members of the Rosi and Figarole families. I don’t
garding SHHS. I was amazed at the expansion of sports                believe it’s possible for improvement after reading the Febru-
teams and the current success they have had both on the re-          ary issue of “The Lion’s Den.” It is so informative. Thanks.”
gional and state level.”
                                                                     Yolanda Trofe Mirachi ’56 –“I really appreciate and enjoy
Carol Cresta Berardelli ’60-“Thank you for keeping the               the Lion’s Den. Keep up the excellent job you are doing

keeping us informed about our alumni.”                               2531, Vineland and St. Francis of Assisi Church. He is sur-
                                                                     vived by his wife Margaret, two sons, Richard and Robert,
Patricia White Taylor ’59 –“Keep up the good work. Enjoy             two daughters, Lucille Sainsott (James) ’69 and Kathy
reading all the news.”                                               Veale (James), five grandchildren, two great-grandchildren,
                                                                     three brothers, Edward ’45, John and Vincent.
Jaye Rosement Molnar ’39 –“Sacred Heart High School
newsletters are great. Sometimes even familiar names appear.         Dorothy Hearing Murray, Class of 1941 passed away on
Good Luck and success to all, especially fund raising.”              March 19, 2008. She was a longtime member of Sacred Heart
                                                                     Church and St. Isidore’s Church. She was an avid sports fan
Angela Santomo Gallagher ’58. “So sorry I will not be able           and loved Notre Dame, Boston College, the Phillies and the
to attend (with the Golden Grads). I hope the reunion will be        Boston Red Sox. She is survived by her daughter Lisa Ann
a success. My husband Ronald passed away February 23,                Murray and a nephew Harry Hearing.
2008, leaving three sons, Christopher, Matthew and An-
drew. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank You.”                    Shirley Kaspar Horvath, Class of 1947 passed away on
                                                                     March 17, 2008. She was secretary/treasurer of HP Machine
Madeline Borasi Pennente ’58- “Dear Alumni Association               Shop. She served on Sacred Heart Parish Counsel, Sacred
members: Words cannot begin to express my deep apprecia-             Heart PTA helped with fundraisers. She enjoyed knitting,
tion for all you did to make our “graduation” so beautiful and       needlepoint and reading and was a great collector of antique
memorable. The buffet was just delicious “a feast fit for roy-       glassware, spoons and plates. Her greatest pride and accom-
alty!” What a great evening! What a lovely memory. Love              plishment was her family. Shirley is survived by her husband
to you all.”                                                         J. Stephen, a daughter Shirley Meyer ‘76 (Harold), a son
                                                                     Stephen J. ‘80 (Susanne) three grandchildren and four great-
Anthony Brooks ’95 and wife LouAnn Ferrari-Brooks an-                grandchildren.
nounces the birth of their first child, Catherine Rose on
March 21, 2007.”                                                     Catherine Taormina Masilotti, Class of 1950 passed away
                                                                     on June 3, 2008. She was a bookkeeper for the family busi-
Mary Camardo ’73 welcomed a son, James David, to the                 ness Progresso Foods and later for Kavesh and Basile Es-
family on August 9, 2007.                                            quires. She was a member of Sacred Heart Parish and en-
                                                                     joyed making porcelain dolls and was devoted to her family
DECEASED ALUMNI                                                      and pets. She is survived by two daughters, Vicki Simek
Lucy Rossi Trivellini, Class of 1932 passed                          (Carl), Sharyn Watson (Randy), two sons, Michael and
away on April 29, 2008. She was married to                           Vincent (Denise), one brother John Taormina (Toni), a sis-
the late George Trivellini, a prominent artist                       ter Carolyn Rhoades, and six grand children.
and sculptor, and lived in a colonial farm in
Bucks County, Pa. where they raised their fam-                       Gennaro “Jerry” Contento, ‘Class of 1953
ily. She was a loving wife, mother and home-                         passed away on March 8, 2008. He began his working career
maker. Lucy is survived by two sons, Richard (Judy) and              with the Food Fair Market and the Pepsi Cola Company. He
Alfred (Sharon) and her daughter Jeanne (H. Paul Lee III)            worked for several years for Sofsky’s Window Installers and
and one granddaughter.                                               as an insurance salesman for Prudential in the Somers Point
                                                                     area where he lived. Jerry worked for the Taj Mahal Casino
Lt. Col. John P. Foley, Sr. (USAR-Ret.),Class of 1936                as a slot attendant and had recently retired due to poor health.
passed away on July 11, 2008. He was drafted into the Army           He loved Sacred Heart and was a generous and faithful donor
prior to WWII and graduated from officer candidate school.           to the SHHS Scholarship Fund. He is survived by his wife
He served in the European Theater with the 508th Parachute           Josephine, three sons, Edward (Natalie), Jerry and Dean,
Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Div. and was awarded          three grandchildren, sisters Mary Festa and Lucille Mercoli.
the Distinguished Service Cross for “extraordinary heroism.”
After his retirement, he and his wife owned and operated the J       David T. Capps, Class of 1953 passed away on July 4, 2008.
& J Frame Studio in Durham, N.C. John is survived by a               He was a life-long resident of Bridgeton, NJ and was a career
daughter Peg (Ron) Stevens, a son John (Carroll) and six             truck driver working for several trucking companies in the
grandchildren.                                                       South Jersey area. He was a member of the Loyal Order of
                                                                     the Moose, Fraternal Order of Eagles and the Meade Wood-
Louis R. Ferrarie, Class of 1941 passed away on March 1,             ward Post VFW. Dave is survived by his children, Desiree,
2008. He was a graduate of Camden County College Vo-                 David, Darrell, Elwood, Darlene, Diane, Fay, Patricia and
Teach. He was a builder and owner/operator of Ferco Con-             Shirley, eighteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
struction Company in Vineland for over 30 years and worked
for the company for 50 years. Louis was a veteran of WWII,           Rosmarie Visconti DeFrancisco, Class of 1956 passed away
serving in the European Theater. He was a member of the              Dec. 17, 2007. She worked for three years as the Postmistress
Buena Vista Country Club, the Knights of Columbus, Council           in Rosenhayn and 30 years for M. Levin & Co before retiring

in 1999. She was an active member of St. Mary’s Church in            Joshua M. Moren, Class of 2008, passed away on June 21,
Rosenhayn where she sang in the choir and for several years          2008. He graduated from SHHS on June 2, 2008 and was a
played the church organ. Rosemarie was an active member              standout player on the baseball team and made varsity in his
of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Rosenhayn Volunteer Fire and          freshman year. An aggressive player, he played middle in-
Rescue Dept. She is survived by her husband Salve, three             field and was leadoff hitter who seldom missed a hit or steal-
children, Mary Ann, Rose Ann and Salve, Jr., one brother             ing second base. A happy fun loving person, Josh was loved
Anthony Visconti.                                                    by all his teammates, classmates and friends. He is survived
                                                                     by his parents Chuck and Grace, a brother Chuck, Jr.
Claire Filippi Menzoni, Class of 1956 passed away on Au-             (Asami), a sister Jennifer Shropshire (Patrick) his grand-
gust 16, 2008. she was employed as a receptionist and assis-         parents.
tant to the late Dr. Anthony Magolda. She was an instruc-
tional aide in the D’Ippolito School with the Vineland Board         DECEASED FAMILY OF ALUMNI
of Education prior to her retirement. Claire also taught CCD         Mary T. Schad – survived by her husband Louis F. ’52,
classes at Sacred Heart. She was active in athletics and loved       three sons, David (Cheryl), Chris (Peri) and John
cooking, traveling and was a avid sports fan. She loved her          (Bernadette), one daughter Julia Cimbalista (James), a
faith and was often found saying the Rosary. She is survived         brother, a sister and ten grandchildren.
by her husband Raymond, four daughters, Dawn (Gary)
Ruggeri, Debi (Carl) Blanchet, Dori (Frank) Drake and                Mary Trucano – survived by one son Donald, two daughters
Nicole (John) Waugh, five grandchildren, three great-                Elly ’50 (Anthony), Terry Brown ‘62 (Tom), a brother
grandchildren, two brothers and three sisters.                       John B. Morello ’39 (Florence), a sister Clorinda Ambrose,
                                                                     five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.
Edward J. McElroy Class of 1967 passed away on august
14, 2008. H was a graduate of Georgetown University and              Palma Martinelli –Survived by two sons, David and Den-
received his MBA from Cornell. Edward worked for Interna-            nis, two daughters, Anna Bernardini ’72 and Diane Napoli
tional Nickel Co. (INCO) in both New York and London. He             ’82 (Dr.Anthony), six grandchildren and one great-
is survived by three brothers, Lawrence, Gerald and Dennis           grandchild.
’65, two nieces and two nephews.
                                                                     William E. Miller – survived by his wife Alice Luisi Miller
Mary Jane Bagiotti Turner, Class of 1969 passed away on              ’34, a daughter Donna, 2 grandchildren and a great-grandson.
Mary 24, 2008. She was a lifelong resident of Vineland and
worked as a cashier at Caesars in Atlantic City for 15 years.        Frank J. Cerione – survived by his wife Ramona Caterina
She is survived by a son Stephen, her mother Cecelia                 Cerione ’48, sons, Stephen (Linda), Aaron, Thomas, Mark
Bagiotti and one granddaughter.                                      (Annette), daughters Mary, Bernadette, Dominique
                                                                     (Augusto) Fierro, a brother, eight grandchildren and one
Catherine Ann Naughton Ford, Class of 1963 passed away               great-grandchild.
on March 23, 2008. She was employed by Prudential for over
35 years as a claims processor. For the past three years, she        Joseph W. Crowley, Jr. –survived by daughters Rosemarie
worked for Oak and Main SurgiCenter in Vineland as a medi-           (William) Willis, Nadine Gatto, eight sisters including Irene
cal assistant. “Cathy” is survived by her husband Roscoe, a          Browne ’47, and three grandsons.
daughter Mary Ann Brown (Rusty), two grandchildren and
her brother James Naughton ’61 (Gita).                               Libby Robinson – survived by sons Ronald ’81 and Rodney
                                                                     and daughter Diedre Pierce ’79.
Christina D’Ippolito, Class of 1975 passed away on June 14,
2008. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with Department                  Marianne J. Schrama – survived by her husband Alfonse,
Honors, with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and art history        seven children, Bernard (Susan), Leon (Carrie) Helen
from Chestnut Hill College, Pa. and received a master’s de-          (Tom) Mazzei, Alfonse, Marianne LeMalefant (Alex) Ann
gree in fine arts from the University of Pennsylvania. Chris-        Marie Gatens (Bill) and Patty Del Rossi ’94 (Larry), and
tina was the designer and co-founder of The Courtyard                12 grandchildren.
School in Vineland where she taught art and served on the
Board of Trustees. She was an associate publisher of Out-            Mary Grimaldi -survived by her children Danielle and
standing Investor Digest, New York. She was a beautiful tal-         John, mother Vera Reader, six brothers and sisters including
ented artist, an ardent lover of her Italian heritage and all        Vera Giglio ’76 and a brother Joseph ’74.
things beautiful. Christine is survived by her husband Henry
Emerson, her parents, Ann Giacalone D’Ippolito ’46 and               Frank Kalatschan –survived by a daughter Margaret Hayes,
Lewis H. D’Ippolito, two sisters Lisa Sloan ’76 (Joseph)             two sons, Werner ’67 (Margaret) and Robert (Cherieann)
and Anita MacDonald ’78 (Scott) and brother Lewis                    four grandchildren and a sister.
                                                                     Lisa H. Moser – survived by two daughters, Michelle M. ’03
                                                                     and Krista, and her extended family.

Olga Fiocchi – survived by two sons, Eugene ’69 (Susan)           Mary Castagnoli – survived by her son Jimmie ’68
and Dennis ’76 and her extended family.                           (Jeanne), two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Frank C. Varallo – survived by his wife Rosalind, a daugh-        Marian M. Poggioli – survived by two daughters, Margaret
ter Carol Farinaccio (Paul), two sons, Frank (Carol) and          (Kurt) Schaum ’73 and Patricia (Joe) Porch ’70, a sister
Bryan ’90, three grandchildren and his extended family.           and two grandchildren.

Dr Ronald L. Magolda – survived by his wife Diane, one            Michael P. Trivelli, Jr. - survived by his wife Dolores, four
sister Lucille Magolda ’60, one brother Nicholas ’64              daughters, Karen Duncan ’74, Doris Hurban, Kathleen
(Frances) and his extended family.                                Hope and Cheryl Trivelli, one son Michael, nine grandchil-
                                                                  dren, two great-grandchildren and a sister.
Helen J. Coraluzzo –survived by two daughters Mary ’58
(Chicky ‘56) and Marion (Chick) Bosco ‘60, two sisters,           Christine Scarpelli – survived by two daughters, Margaret
three grandchildren and four great- grandchildren.                and Diane (Stephen) Tucker, Vice-Principal of SHHS, a son
                                                                  Joseph (Kathy), two brothers, a sister and four grandchil-
Sabina Basile –survived by a son Paul J. ‘64 (Frances), a         dren.
daughter Karen Shevlin ‘72(Steve), four grandchildren, one
great-grandchild and two sisters.                                 Anthony J. Siscone- former basketball coach at SHHS during
                                                                  the late 50’s.
Ronald K. Brownlee, age 22, -survived by his parents
Ronald and Jeanine Giacalone Brownlee, a brother Ken-             Sister Clare de Chantal Waldraff, a Sister of St. Joseph,
neth ’07 and his extended family.                                 passed away on July 17, 2008. She taught in Sacred Heart
                                                                  Grammar School for several years in the ‘50’s and 60’s. Sis-
Anna Scrivani- survived by her husband Robert ’47, three          ter returned and served as principal of SHHS from 1994 to
daughters Barbara Jones ‘71 (William), Mary Scrivani and          1998 and taught math. She transferred back to Queen of Peace
Regina Bosco (William), three sons, Carl (Marilyn), Robert        Parish in N. Arlington, NJ and later retired to St. Joseph Villa
J. and Thomas (Debra) a sister, 13 grandchildren and four         in Flourtown, Pa. due to poor health. She is survived by one
great-grandchildren.                                              brother and his family.

Sophie Tomasetti – survived by three children Georgina            Sister M. Susanne DiNicola, a member of the Daughters of
Gaughran ’67 (Jack), Andrea Mongeluzzo ’71 (Albert) and           Our Lady of Mercy, Villa Rossello, Newfield NJ passed away
Mark ’80 (Donna), a granddaughter and her extended family.        Feb. 4, 2008. One of her teaching assignments was at St.
                                                                  Mary’s Regional School in E. Vineland.
Thomas J. Capo – survived by three daughters Joanne Fabi-
etti ’61 (Augie ‘63), Cynthia T. Becker and Michele Capo,         Please pray for the deceased and their families. Prayers
two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.                    are offered each school day in the high school chapel for
                                                                  all benefactors, deceased alumni and their families. Dona-
Anna Boccelli – survived by two sons, Eugene (Clare) ’61          tions can be made to the scholarship fund in memory of
and Robert ’73, six grandchildren and nine great-                 classmates, a loved one or a friend.
                                                                  MEMORIAL DONATIONS
Andrew J. Menone – survived by his wife Margarite                 Claire Mastrogiovanni Monari ’50-“In
(Virano) Menone ’43, one son Paul (Roseanne), one daugh-          memory of my husband Matt Monari ’47 on
ter Lynn (John) Merighi, four grandchildren and one great-        his birthday and Father’s Day June 15th.
                                                                  Ed Dougherty ’48 –“In memory of Eugene Valentine ’48,
Stanley R. Schabowsky – survived by his wife Agnes, one           Sarah Jordan and Class of “48” living and deceased.”
son Stanley, Jr. ’78, two daughters, Loretta Sutton ’77 and
Donna Grone, a sister, seven grandchildren and one great-         In memory of Eugene Valentine, Class of 1948 by
grandchild.                                                       Dolores M. Vento ’48, Barbara A. Carli ’48, Lorraine Al-
                                                                  banese ’48 and Jo Jordan Walker ’48
William J. Ziegler- He devoted many hours as the master set
designer for the SHHS Drama Dept. that included                   C. Anthony Confalone ’39 –“In memory of Josephine
“Cinderella” and his last one “The Sound of Music.” He is         Capese Confalone, my wife of 60
survived by his wife Mary, three children, Mary E                 years. I still love her.”
Charlesworth ’95 (Dean), William, Jr. and Brittany
Ziegler ’06.                                                      Sandy and Ron Jost ’64 –“Please accept our donation to
                                                                  SHHS Scholarship Fund in memory of our mom Dorothy M.

Jost who died Dec. 13, 2007 at the age of 88. She had three
grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. We enjoy read-         Barbara Mercurio Sciarretta –“In memory of Mary
ing the Lion’s Den and we congratulate you all for doing such       Schad.”
a fine job.”
                                                                    In memory of Tressa DiCiurcio – Sara Testa ’43, Barbara
Donations in memory of John M. Selfridge:                           A. Carli ’48 and Ron & Tena Buscemi Angelo ’50.
Mildred Fuller, Joyce Vanaman, Barbara Carli ’48, Bill
and Alice Felmey, Evelyn Banks, Beverly and Larry Boc-              In memory of Frank Varallo – Sara Testa ’43 and Alfred
chese ’69, Jo Jordan Walker ’48.                                    & Mary Iezzi.

Eleanor Trasferini Souders ’61, Evelyn Laguna ’64 and               In memory of Frank Cerione –Barbara A.
Sara Riggio ‘69 –“In memory of our Mom, Catherine Tras-             Carli ’48 and Ron & Tena Buscemi Angelo.
ferini and our cousin Dr. Delmo Mattioli.
                                                                    Dr. Michael ’57 and Kay Enoch Hennessy ’58 –“In mem-
Marlene and James Pontari –“In memory of our cousin                 ory of Helen Coraluzzo mother of Mary Tamagni ’58 and
Suzanne Fiocchi Pepper ’66.”                                        Marion Bosco ’60.

Beverly, Larry ’69, Steven ’07 and Matthew Bocchese –“In            The Berkowitz, Guidarini and Rosi Families. “Thank you
memory of Margaret Shuster, mother of Betty Shuster,                so very much for the mass Card for Gloria Rosi Berkowitz
SHHS Teacher.”                                                      ’47. We sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

Sandy Caterina Gottardi ’58 –“Please accept this donation           The Daplyn Family –“Thank you for the beautiful Mass
in memory of my sister Marian Caterina Ricci ’52.”                  Card in memory of Mary Alice. We will all miss her but the
                                                                    wonderful memories of her will live on forever with us.”
George and Judy Hennessy Sacco ‘62 –“In memory of
Mary Alice Marx Daplyn ‘40 and William “Bill” Marx.”                The Jerry E. Contento Family –“Thank you for your com-
                                                                    forting condolences and for forwarding the donations made in
Mary Walsh Kennedy ‘40 and Nick DeBello ’40.-“The en-               dad’s honor!”
closed donation to the scholarship fund is in memory of our
classmate, Mary Alice Marx Daplyn.”                                 ENGAGEMENTS, WEDDINGS AND ANNIVERSARIES
                                                                    Ryan Briggs ’01 is engaged to Erin Manestrina. He is self-
William F. Vertolli ’61 –“In memory of                              employed by Mueller Reports. Erin is employed by Silver
deceased classmates: Dennis Petovello                               Run Elementary School, Millville. A December wedding is
and Patricia Feo Pindale.”                                          planned.

The Class of 1961- “Here are donations                              Andrea M. Lilley is engaged to John E. Schiavone. She is
in memory of all deceased classmates es-                            employed by Quality Dental Care in Vineland and Exotic
pecially Dennis Petovello and Patricia Feo Pindale by               Custom Millworks in Franklinville. John is owner/operator
Joanne Pettisani, Jane and Arthur Paltz, Joe and Marilyn            of Exotics Custom Millworks.
Chinnici, William and Barbara Young, Pat and Judith
Burk, John and Dolores Reilly, Russ and Anne Marie                  Kathryn Levari ’96 became engaged to Matthew O’Neill.
Prisinzano, Arlene and Bob Murray, Margaret Dagostino,              She is a University of Richmond graduate and received her
Ernest O’Rourke, Bill Vertolli.”                                    Masters from North Carolina State Univ. She is the Business
                                                                    Manager of Southern Eye Associates in Raleigh, N.C. Mat-
Joyce Nesi Luisi, ’58, Carol Arata Dalessandro ’58, Judy            thew, a graduate of Syracuse University, works as a Strategic
Daly Lascarides ’58 - “Please accept this donation in mem-          Account Manager for ModusLink Corp.
ory of Helen Coraluzzo, mother of Mary Tamagni, Class of
1958.”                                                              Megan Walinsky ’95 is engaged to Eric C. Sharp. She is a
                                                                    graduate of Cumberland Co. College and is employed by the
Donations in memory of Gennaro “Jerry” Contento, Class              Bridgeton Board of Education. Eric is employed at Tomlin
of 1953: The DiLuzio Family, The Hogan Family, Richard              Bros. Auto Body in Millville.
Filippi, Lewis and Rosalie Carini, Patty and Chris Chieffo
and daughters, the Capizola and Puesi families and the              Francis J. Saffioti, Jr. ’94 was married to Amy Jean Del
Hunter Family.                                                      Monaco on Sep. 22, 2007. Frank is employed as the director
                                                                    of import operations by Liz Claiborne in N. Bergen, NJ. Amy
Donations in Memory of Jerry Contento ’53 and Anita                 is a production manager for Polo Ralph Lauren in New York.
Contento Filippi ’54: Joanne M. Filippi, Frank & Isabel             Frank’s parents are Frank ‘71 and Cindy Watkins Saffioti
Engelhardt, Peter and Geri Cifaloglio, Frank & Josette              ’71.
Carini, Lewis Carini and Mae Soto.

Carissa Chiatello 03 was married to Christopher Dommel.
She is a 2008 graduate of Millersville University with a              The Class of 1973 is having its 35th Reunion on Saturday,
bachelor’s degree in math. She is employed by Your Place              Sept. 20, 2008, 6:30pm to 10:30pm at the Ramada Inn, Vine-
Restaurant in Lancaster, Pa. Christopher is a graduate of             land. Contact person is Mary Camardo – 856-691-1807.
Ursinus College is employed by Dommel’s Hotels.
                                                                      We urge any class that is planning a reunion in 2009 to
John “Billy” William Goshen ’98 was married to Andrea                 please send in your info for the next newsletter. It goes out
Schantz at St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Catholic Church,            in March 2009. Send to Newsletter Editor, SHHS alumni,
Hellertown, Pa. Billy is a Commercial Fisherman and An-               15 N. East Ave, Vineland, NJ 08360
drea is a practicing physician’s assistant. They live in Beth-
lehem, Pa.                                                            COLLEGE NEWS
                                                                      Eileen Rhoads Wolfe graduated from SHHS
Richard E. Greenfield ’96 was married to Mary H. Grigo-               in 2002 after spending her first two years at
nis on July 11, 2008 by Fr. Edward F. Namiotka. Richard               St. James H.S. and from Salem Community
received his bachelor’s degree from Elon College, N.C. and is         College in 2004 with a 4.0 GPA where she
a teacher at Landis Intermediate School, Vineland. Mary               served as president of the Phi Theta Kappa
received her master’s degree from Kean University and is a            Society. She graduated Suma Cum Laude (4.0GPA) with
teacher at Oakcrest High School, Mays Landing NJ.                     high honors from Texas A&M University where she attended
Richard is the son of Kathleen and R. Gary Greenfield ’71.            on a full scholarship. Eileen majored in Psychology and suc-
                                                                      cessfully defended her honors thesis which allowed her to be
Joseph ‘54 and Nancy Stavoli celebrated their 50th Wedding            one of three students to earn the right to sit on the podium at
Anniversary on June 7, 2008 the same day as 50 years ago.             the Texas A&M graduation ceremony. Eileen married Jesse
They renewed their vows at the Cathedral of the Immaculate            Wolfe of Atmore, Alabama. They are both teachers at North-
Conception in Camden with couples from throughout the Dio-            view Middle School in Florida where Eileen coaches the
cese of Camden celebrating anniversaries. It was presided             girl’s basketball team and Jesse is the head football coach.
over by Bishop Joseph Galante who greeted the couple per-
sonally after the ceremony. The couple celebrated at a dinner         Megan Kleefeld ’00 graduated from Drew University in 2004
with their son Joseph, Jr.                                            and received her master’s degree from Rowan University in
(Leanne), grandson Andrew, family and friends.                        2005 and her educational specialist degree in 2007. She is
                                                                      now a certified school psychologist in New Jersey and has
Fred and Janice Figarole Rosi ’55 celebrated their 50th               passed the exam for national certification. Megan is em-
Wedding Anniversary at a dinner with family and friends on            ployed as a school psychologist by the Salem Co. Special Ser-
August 17th at the Centerton Country Club. The couple has a           vices School District. She is serving as president of the
son Andrew, two daughters, Lisa and Zeke Arena, Michelle              Rowan chapter of Alpha Epsilon Lambda graduate honor so-
and Joseph Collins and four grandchildren. They were pre-             ciety from 2007 to 2009.
sented a gift of a family cruise to Bermuda by their children.        Megan was valedictorian of SHHS Class of 2000.

CLASS REUNIONS                                                        Erin Lee Semus ’01 graduated May 20, 2008 with a 4.0
The Class of 1948 is holding its 60th Reun-                           grade-point average from Fairleigh Dickinson University with
ion on Sunday, October 5, 2008 at the Green-                          a master’s degree in education and a reading specialist certifi-
view Inn, Eastlyn Golf Course, Vineland.                              cate. In the spring of 2005, she graduated summa cum laude
Cocktail hour is 2PM and dinner at 3PM.                               from Rowan University. Erin is employed as a teacher in the
Contact person is Mary Jane Duggan                                    Vineland School District.
Manaresi 856-696-1386.
                                                                      Molly Steinborn ’07 was named to the dean’s list at Immacu-
The Class of 1958 “Golden Grads” will celebrate their 50th            lata University for the fall 2007 semester.
Reunion on Saturday, Oct. 25, 2008. Cocktails at 6pm, dinner
at 7pm followed by a short program and dancing. Contact               Courtney Taylor Malench ’06 was named to the Dean’s List
person is Carol Arata Dalessandro 856-691-5771.                       for the Spring Semester at West Chester University. She is
                                                                      carrying a double major in early childhood education and spe-
The Class of l963 will hold its 45th Reunion on Saturday,             cial education with a minor in literacy. She is a member of
Nov. 29, 2008 at Filomena’s Lakeside, Deptford, NJ. The               the West Chester Association of Education for Young Chil-
committee needs addresses for Raymond Bruce, Alice                    dren.
Chinnici and John Pease. Contact Patricia Simoni DeJong,
856-825-8105, prdejong@comcast.net or Carol Von Lolhoffel             Stephen Mazzochi ’07 was placed on the Dean’s List at East
Johnson, 856-691-7789, cjmusic@comcast.net.                           Stroudsburg University for the Fall 2007 and Spring 2008
                                                                      term. He is majoring in Pre-Med and minoring in chemistry.
The Class of 1968 will be enjoying its 40th Reunion the               Stephen is the son of Denise Capaldi ’78.
weekend of Sept. 26-28 at the Port-O-Call in Ocean City, NJ.
                                                                      Vanessa Vander ’97 recently received a doctoral degree in
physical therapy from the University of Medicine and Den-              Welcome Class of 2008 to the SHHS Alumni Association.           S
tistry of N.J. She received a bachelor’s degree in exercise and        Commencement Exercises were held June 2, 2008 with 93 stu-      H
physiology from the University of Delaware and a master’s              dents graduating. Vineland Superintendent of Schools            H
degree in physical therapy from the University of Medicine             Charles “Chalky” Ottinger ’67 served as commencement            S
and Dentistry of N.J. and Rutgers University. Vanessa is a             speaker and recalled fond memories of his days in Sacred        ’
physical therapist at Underwood Memorial Hospital in Wood-             Heart grammar school and high school.
bury. She combines brains and beauty having been chosen                                                                                #
Miss Cumberland County in 1997 and Miss Vineland in 2003.              Kyle L. Lunsford was honored with a Good Citizenship            1
Latisha Agosto ’93 was named to the Dean’s List for the fall           award at the Youth Work Foundation of the Union League of
2007 semester at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She is a              Philadelphia on May 8, 2008. He is one of 280 young people      f
senior majoring in criminal justice.                                   selected by 56 Delaware Valley Youth Agencies to receive this   a
                                                                       award.                                                          n
Stephen J. Tucker ’06 is presently attending Rowan Univer-                                                                             s
sity as a Health and Exercise Science Major. He has com-               SHHS hung a banner in the Jim Mogan Auditorium in honor         .
pleted his sophomore year earning Dean’s List honors for               of Jane and the late Bill Marx. The “MARX ZONE” hangs
both semesters. He also completed his second year as a Var-            above the bleachers where they sat for so many years as
sity member of Rowan’s Swimming and Diving Team. As a                  SHHS’ #1 fans.                                                  W
student-athlete he has earned academic honors awards for                                                                               e
keeping a 3.0 average or better during the year while partici-         2008 LUCKY CALENDAR WINNERS:
pating in athletics. Stephen was honored for this accomplish-          APRIL -#342 Rose Piccini, #202 Robert Riggins, #200 Mi-         h
ment at a luncheon given by the President of the university in         chael Foutz. #141 Carol Brigio, #295 Caleb Soto, #681 Ed-       a
May, 2008. He continues to be the student representative               ward E Presgraves, Sr, #809 Gloria Bullock, #299 Caleb Soto,    v
from swimming to serve on the Student Advisory Athletic                #534 Robert Bassetti, #827 Lisa Chiumento, #111 Joan & Bill     e
Committee for the university. This committee discusses ath-            Martini, #132 Roger Asselta, #315 Shirley Dondero, #429
letic issues, develops fund raising events and completes com-          Cory & Tyler Caterina, #177 Dolores Zimm, #339 Dina Di-         l
munity service for the Rowan. He was selected Captain by               Mauro, #540 Tena Angelo, #443 Peter Colucci, #321 Louise        i
his coaches and peers for the 2008-2009 Rowan Swimming                 Gardella, #652 Barbara Cimino, #849 Brian Giovinazzi, #527      m
and Diving Team. This summer, he was the Assistant Swim-               Joanne Toffenetti, #369 Susan Scoma, #691 Joseph Agostini,      i
ming Coach for Elmer Swim Club.                                        #741 Joseph P Angelo.                                           t
                                                                       MAY -#047 Debi Bassetti, #748 Karen Duncan, #729 Mary           e
SCHOOL NEWS:                                                           Reimer, #049 Elsie Maturo, #533 Robert Bassetti, #144           d
Congratulations to Diane Tucker who                                    Dolores DiGiovanni, #428 Joyce Luisi, #238 Yusra Hence,
was recently appointed Principal of                                    #656 Francis Vondra, #180 Dara Angelo, #424 Jereen Langley,     o
SHHS. She is the first laywoman princi-                                #208 Marge Catto, #420 Joan Ledbetter, #423 Pat Andaloro,       u
pal in the history of the school.                                      #217 Jane Lambert, #705 Linda Midure, #747 Nico Ronchetti,      r
Originally from Midland Park, NJ,                                      #526 Marie McClure, #841 Mr & Mrs. Frank Carini, #020
Diane holds a B.A. degree in Health and                                Jackie Rose Romeo, #771 Anne Bergamo, #163 Mr & Mrs.            r
Physical Education from Rowan Univer-                                  Jerry Contento, #793 Yolanda Mirachi, #504 Isabella M Ger-      e
sity. She went on to acquire a Masters                                 ardi.                                                           p
Degree in Curriculum and Supervision                                   JUNE -#037 Sue Munafo, #230 Tootsie Lovisone, #256 Fran-        o
and has a Post Grad Certificate in Computers and Education.            cis J Reilly, #588 Kathleen Bianco, #607 Josephine Scarpa,      r
All of her teaching career has been in Catholic education. She         #567 Irene & Kathy Browne, #233 Gail Emow, #241 Patricia        t
taught at St. Mary’s Grammar School in E. Vineland for three           Thomas, #071 Mr & Mrs. Walter Johnson, #844 Margaret Me-
years. She started at SHHS in 1980 teaching Math and Health            siano, #312 Sally Ambrose, #396 Kaitlyn Eydenberg, #149         o
& Physical Education. She later became Vice-Principal of               Corinne Baruffi, #065 Ronald Ricci, #622 Fred & Janice Rosi,    n
Students, then Vice-Principal of Academics. Diane is mar-              #298 Caleb Soto, #664 Joan Annello, #720 Mary Rossi, #773
ried to J. Stephen Tucker, Asst. Athletic Director at SHHS.            Janeen Levy, #140 Marie A. Burrows, #541 Fran Capizola,         S
They have one son Stephen ’06 a Junior at Rowan Univer-                #412 Mr & Mrs. Victor Malench.                                  C
sity.                                                                  July - #118 Rochelle Fisher, #832 Rose C. Forcinito, #211 Pat   H
LeeAnn Martelli Jaep ’92 has been appointed Guidance                   Dodson, #599 Cynthia Tobolski, #192 Joseph Ambrose, #578        O
Counselor at SHHS and is happy to be back at SHHS. She is              Victor LaTorre, #746 Ed Ronchetti, #816 Barbara Lalli, #577     O
a graduate of Rowan University where she received a degree             Laurie LaTorre, #102 Michael A Morello, #043 James J            L
in History and a minor in Law. She was a substitute teacher            Borasi, #106 June Dupnock, #819 Anthony V Giacalone, #118
in the Vineland School System and taught at St. Francis                Daniel Testa, #663 Kathleen Dusz, #658 Tom Lesosky, #068        N
School for one year. Prior to her new assignment, LeeAnn               Danica & Joe Campanale, #173 Magdalen Andaloro, #301 Ida        E
worked part-time as Guidance Secretary. She married to her             DiBrigida, #579 Bob Tambellini, #418 Deborah Notaro, #038       W
husband Michael and has two children.                                  Joe Greene.                                                     S
SHHS hung a banner in the Jim Mogan Auditorium in honor                August and September winners will be published in the
of Jane and the late Bill Marx. The “MARX ZONE” hangs                  next newsletter.                                                f
above the bleachers where they sat for so many years as                                                                                o
                                                                  11                                                                   r
                   2009 Calendar Raffle
The Sacred Heart High School Alumni Association is excited to announce its 2009 Cash Cal-
endar Raffle. The minimum cash prize is $40 and each month offers a Grand Prize of $250
and each Saturday offers at least a $75 prize. A Grand Prize of $500 will be offered on Sep-
tember 30th. A total of $9140.00 will be given to the lucky winners.
You’ll have the opportunity at all those prizes for a nominal donation of   $35.00.
And let’s not forget, the money generated from the raffle goes directly to the high school to
aid in scholarships and discretionary spending.

Each ticket contains a lucky number. It’s possible that you could win multiple times
throughout the raffle period. Not bad for only   $35.00 a ticket.
The raffle officially gets under way in April 1 , 2009, but you can order your tickets well in
advance. At the low price of only   $35 per ticket these tickets are sure to go fast. So don’t
wait. Pre-order your tickets now.

Here’s how to enter: Simply complete the bottom portion of this flyer and mail it to:
                          Sacred Heart Alumni Association
                              15 N. East Avenue
                             Vineland, NJ 08360
                              With your payment
Be sure to note the number of tickets you wish to purchase. Once we receive your payment
you will be entered to win. We will then send you your official Calendar(s) with your lucky
numbers on them.

                       Don’t Wait.
                   Enter today and win!
  $35.00            Name__________________________________
   Per ticket

                    Phone ____________________No. of Tickets____________

If you have any questions, please contact:               Joe Guida            856-690-1585

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