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What is AMOLED capacitive touchscreen ?

Asked by Ch. Usman at Aug 14,2011 07:03

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Active-Matrix-Organic-Light-Emitting-Diode. Its a screen techology using LEDs (a variety using organic compounds to improve brightness and energy efficiency)
to create a matrix of pixels forming the screen. A capacitive touchscreen reacts to the tiny amounts of electrical charges the body creates to detect when
someone touches the screen. This is compared to a resistive touchscreen which requires force to be applied to the screen.

Answer from Alimas at Aug 14,2011 07:15

AMOLED is Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode technology. AMOLED is actually a type of LED display. The display type has organic substances which
lighten up when an led light falls on them. Active Matrix is an advanced technology and is better than passive matrix (the one that was used earlier). Active matrix
technology makes response time faster and the screen refreshes quickly. Capacitive touchscreen is more sensitive to touch, when compared to resistive
touchscreens. You don't have to press the finger hard on the screen to input a command in a capacitive touchscreen. The combination of AMOLED display and
capacitive touchscreen makes it easier and more intuitive for the user to interact with the phone.

Answer from Smriti Rawat at Aug 14,2011 07:37

Active (Transistor) Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode.

Samsung is the leader in this technology with their AMOLED screens.

Mostly used in cell phones, but one day coming to computer screens, then TVs.

Highest contrast ratio flat display since the color phosphor CRT. Capacitive touch screen is completely seperate technology and has nothing to do with AMOLED !

Answer from steven at Aug 14,2011 15:55

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