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what do I do if my wii isn't picking up the wii remote signal?

I need help now

Asked by Emmi Mogavero at Aug 15,2011 03:01

ok so first replace the batteries,if u hadn't already. Then check if the sensor bar is plugged in and there isnt any cuts in the wire. try repositioning the senser too.

Answer from Soda Popz at Aug 15,2011 03:04

Best answer

if what was said before doesnt work, it could be that the remotes arent synced. if u take off the battery cover, there should be a red button. on the wii (in the front,
you hafta lift the cover) is a red button as well. press both of these, and they should be synced. good luck!

Answer from Tinkerbell at Aug 15,2011 03:20

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