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need to see my daughters texts!?

Ok the other day I glanced at my daughters texts and I caught the words: "lick" and "a**hole", WOA. She was daddys little perfect girl until that moment. I have us
cellular. Iv been researching but can't find out what I want. Anyways if I have us cellular is there like a text log or somethin? I don't want her lickin.things.

Asked by mangobango at Aug 13,2011 19:32

SIT DOWN AND TALK TO HER FOR CHRIST SAKE! Invading her privacy is NOT going to end well, in the long run as well as the short.

Answer from Kotomi Ichinose at Aug 13,2011 19:34

Some cellular companies to have a record of a a person's incoming & sent texts. But maybe, you might just want to talk to your daughter and see what's going on.

Answer from [D&R] .:|Forbidden L♥VE|:. at Aug 13,2011 19:34

When she goes to bed tonight go in her room and read em. Good luck.

Answer from Morgan Smith at Aug 13,2011 19:34

just call your phone comapny and get them to send the messages of her phone to you. my parents did that once because my older sister was doing bad stuff on
my cell.

Answer from Amelia Holdstock at Aug 13,2011 19:34

if you go to the store where you bought the phones they might have that. or just take her phone away!

Answer from Mayra at Aug 13,2011 19:34

Best answer

Just ASK her. text records are confidential and you would have to do more than lick a few a**holes to get them. Ask her whats going on. Geez.

Answer from Dani Shay at Aug 13,2011 19:36

You might just wanna talk to her invading her privacy is not the answer but if you have sat down and talk to her you need to call the phone company and tell them
that you need the records of that phone service

Answer from Kyla at Aug 13,2011 19:49

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