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My blackberry curve wont send pictures?!?

Usually it works, until yesterday. When I try to send a picture through texting, something pops up, as usual, and says"switching to MMS mode". But since
yesterday, It says switching to MMS mode, and then right after that it automatically says switching to SMS mode, and so the picture wont send. Then my
blackberry gets slow and kinda freezes. Ive tried to restart it. but it doesnt do anything. helpppp!

Asked by hockeychick at Aug 15,2011 00:51

Best answer

click on messages, then menu, then options, make sure send txt as is set to automatic, then scroll down and make sure multimedia reception is set to always,
and automatic retrieval is set to always. also try the blackberry cure all method, remove battery with phone on, wait a few seconds then replace. if none of this
works then call service provider.

Answer from Joe at Aug 15,2011 01:49

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