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iTunes didn't charge me?

Only 26 July, I rented 10 episodes of a show from iTunes (at $0.99 per episode). I was checking my credit card charges today, and iTunes only charged me $0.43
for the entire order. I'm very confused. I'm sure that I charged it on the credit card that I'm looking at. Any idea what is going on?

Asked by Jena at Aug 13,2011 18:56

lucky you! ;)

Answer from Makayla at Aug 13,2011 19:00

Best answer

Couple of weeks ago, I bought an app that cost me at $0.99 and then I downloaded a song that cost me @ $0.65 as the time I checked in my credit card bill,
there was nothing mentioned regarding my purchases from iTunes, so looks like they do pretty much mistakes in charging but this is good for a consumer buyer,
keep buying :)

Answer from Dopey Valuz at Aug 13,2011 19:02

That's happened to me sometimes. They do charge you the total amount. It's a glitch that i just realized

Answer from Alyyssa Mack at Aug 13,2011 19:09

all i can say is yay you

Answer from Kyla at Aug 13,2011 19:41

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