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how can i fix my iPod touch 4g when it is still frozen on apple logo after 8 hours?

so my iPod died last night around 12 am. and then like 5 mins later i tried charging it and then it frozen on the apple sign. this is has happened to me before, and
the previous times i just held down the menu and lock button, and it took maybe an hour to come back. but this time, its 8 am and im still trying to work it. i fell
asleep and hoped that if i wake up, it would start again. please help me :/

Asked by ♥SerenaScreaming™ at Aug 14,2011 22:41

either take it to the apple sore, and they will have to help because it has a year warranty (this model hasn't even been out for a year yet) or take it to a phone
unlocking store.

Answer from Devil Child at Aug 14,2011 22:43

Ok hold down the off button and the home button at the same time untill something happens if that dosent work call apple at 1-800-692-7753

Answer from kooster27 at Aug 14,2011 22:45

This Happened to my 2g before and to my friends 2g. So I googled it. and they said if that happens, hold the sleep/power button and the home button at the same
time and count to 10 slowly, by then it should sort itself out :) Hope This Helped.

Answer from Brianna Brantley at Aug 14,2011 22:46

Best answer

Press the home button and the sleep button at the same time for 10 sec the iPod should start to relode itself after that it should go back to the apple logo then it
will go to slide to unlock also if that didn't work go to iTunes on your computer go to setup iPod go to restore iPod it will delet all content from iPod just sync all the
content you backed up on iTunes on the iPod when the iPod is in it's working order(:

Answer from Tyler Jones at Aug 15,2011 00:05

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