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Foundational Skills.Minutes.10.27.09


									                               Foundational Skills:


Lynne Brower, Deborah diCesare, Ron Mossler, Teresa Sutcliffe, Phyllis Yasuda,
Jaklin Yermian, Scott Weigand

Reports from Strengthening Student Success Conference

   Chabot College hosted a breakout sessions on acceleration for Math and
    English courses. This model shortens the amount of time a student spends
    in basic skills courses and increases persistence.

   Chabot also hosted a workshop on using flip video cameras in basic skills
    courses for student self-reflection.

   Deborah Kaye attended a breakout session that provided
    worksheets/handouts for addressing foundational skills (time management,
    study skills, and test-taking) in classes; these can be distributed to faculty
    for use in their classes.

     attended a workshop hosted by Cuyamaca College on Reading Labs as
      well as a strand of sessions that covered program review.

      PowerPoint presentations from the conference will be available by end of
      November at

Report from Reading Plus demonstration at Pierce College
   Jaklin Yermian highlighted some of the strengths of the software. A detailed
    overview of the product along with sign-on information will be provided to
    the committee via email.

Final Review of 09/10 Action Plan

   Reviewed new action items for 09/10: support for researcher, embedded
    tutoring, role of foundational skills in program assessment, and first year
    experience program (FYE)

   The committee discussed piloting FYE in fall 2010. Dev. Com. and Math
    courses could be paired and students could receive free books as an
    incentive. Ron Mossler indicated an interest in moving this proposal

Update on Embedded Tutoring Program

   Embedded tutoring is happening with a section of English 21 and three
    ESL/Continuing Education courses. The pilot will expand in the Spring
    semester to include Dev. Com. and Learning Skills. Math is continuing with
    their embedded tutoring program, TIP.
Update on Counselors for Continuing Education and Foundational Skills
   Dedicated counselors for foundational skills courses began making
    classroom presentations and counseling students during the week of 10/26-
    10/30. Denise Grzesiak will be working with Continuing Education students
    and Mark Hobbs with credit students. Their assignment is for seven hours a
    week and runs through June 30th. Please inform instructors in your

Program Outcomes for Basic Skills
   A discussion of the committee’s role in relation to program assessment for
    basic skills courses resulted in the request for more information about what
    defines a program. Scott will follow up with the SLO committee and report
    back to the committee.

Upcoming conferences
   Deborah Kaye organized a group of LAVC fulltime and adjunct faculty who
    will be attending a basic skills conference on October 29th and 30th in
    Burbank. A report will be given at the next Foundational Skills Committee

Next meeting: November 24rd from 1:30-3:00 in the PDC.

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