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									                   Index                                                                           September 25, 2001                                                                      Inside

                                                                Fiat Lux
Volume 95                                 Issue 3
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                                                                       The Student Newspaper of Alfred University                                                                page 12-13

Prime suspect in recent terrorist attacks examined
 BY PATRICIA STRICKLAND                                    the attacks on the World Trade          fund his terrorist activities         University in Jedda, Saudi            be stationed in Saudi Arabia, bin
               STAFF WRITER                                Center and the Pentagon two             around the world.                     Arabia and later expanded his         Laden became infuriated that
                                                           weeks ago.                                 Bin Laden’s organization           $80 million into roughly $250 mil-    “non-believers” — Americans —
Osama bin Laden, leader of the                              At age 44, bin Laden is reputed        trains and controls between 3,000     lion.                                 were allowed to pollute the birth-
terrorist organization known as                            to have assets estimated at $300        and 5,000 guerrilla fighters            It is also alleged that bin Laden   place of Islam.
Al-Qaeda, is the prime suspect in                          million and uses his fortune to         and/or terrorists, according to       has received tens of millions in         According to CNN, it was then
                                                                                                   intelligence officials in a Time      funding and donations from            that bin Laden called for the
                                                                                                   magazine interview. They oper-        Saudi and Persian Gulf business-      overthrow of the Saudi govern-
                                                                                                   ate cells in at least 35 countries,   men who are sympathetic to his        ment, and the focus of his terror-
                                                                                                   including the United States and       cause.                                ism turned to Americans.
                                                                                                   Canada.                                  According to the Associated           “In 1996, bin Laden issued a
                                                                                                      Bin Laden acquired his fortune     Press, he also receives funding       ‘fatwah,’ a religious ruling urging
                                                                                                   through a combination of family       from the Saudi government in          Muslims to kill U.S. troops in
                                                                                                   wealth, business investments          order to stay out of their back-      Saudi Arabia and Somalia. A sec-
                                                                                                   and funding from those who sup-       yard. Bin Laden was expelled          ond fatwah in 1998 called for
                                                                                                   port his cause. He was born the       from his homeland in 1991             attacks on American civilians,”
                                                                                                   17th son of Mohammed bin              because of his anti-government        CNN reported.
                                                                                                   Laden, founder of the multi-bil-      activities, and in 1994 the Saudi        It is alleged that bin Laden is
                                                                                                   lion dollar construction company      government stripped him of his        the architect and financier of a
                                                                                                   Bin Laden Group, and inherited        citizenship.                          worldwide alliance of Islamic
                                                                                                   $80 million dollars by age 13.           In 1990, when Iraq invaded         radicals. His organization Al
                                                                                                      He studied economics and           Kuwait and the Saudi govern-          Qaeda is believed to have formed
                                                                                                   management at King Abdul Aziz         ment allowed American troops to                       SEE BIN LADEN, PAGE 4

                                                            PHOTO BY PHOTO EDITOR CHUCK BRITT
  Captivated by the news of the terrorist attacks, students watch the
  news unfold in the campus center.

Binns gets an update
    BY CATHERINE KEVETT                                       He mentioned that although
             COPY MANAGER                                  the building is still old in
                                                           appearance on the exterior, the
After more than three years of                             interior will be completely mod-
being closed due to construc-                              ern.
tion, Binns-Merrill Hall is grad-                             Inside, School of Ceramic
ually opening its doors to the                             Engineering and Materials
University community.                                      Science Dean Ronald Gordon
   During the remodeling peri-                             and School of Ceramic Art and
od, the College of Ceramics was                            Design         Dean      Richard
forced to move out of the offices                          Thompson will have their
and workspaces in Binns-                                   offices in a suite.
Merrill Hall and pack into tem-                               Gordon pointed out that this
porary spaces in other build-                              closeness “will improve the
ings, such as Harder Hall and                              interaction between us as
the McMahon Engineering                                    schools, because right now I’m
Building. This move included                               [in McMahon] and Richard
transporting and finding a tem-                            Thompson is over [in Harder],
porary home for expensive                                  and while we see each other
engineering and art equipment.                             several times a week, in this
   However inconvenient the                                new structure we’ll see each
transition was, it was neces-                              other every day.”                                                                                                          PHOTO BY PATRICIA STRICKLAND
sary. “[Binns-Merrill] had got-                               By mid-October, Thompson              Two sophomore art students demonstrate patriotic support in the form of a metal memorial structure. This
ten to the point where we                                  said the two deans would proba-          exhibition has taken residency in front of Harder Hall. Other students have contributed to this memorial by
absolutely needed to do things                             bly be set up in their new offices       placing written personal thoughts, poems and flowers beside it.
about the … electrical systems                             in Binns-Merrill Hall.
over there and certainly the                                  Since the suite of offices
ventilation systems and plumb-
ing,” said Professor of Ceramic
Engineering                  and
                                                           includes the two deans along
                                                           with the support staff for the
                                                           college, this will make it easier
                                                                                                   Bus from Alfred hijacked downstate
Undergraduate          Program                             for anyone to approach the                   BY MINDY BAKER & ALISSA FISHER                      and all of the passengers were physically
Coordinator James Varner.                                            SEE BINNS-MERRILL, PAGE 8                       STAFF WRITERS                          unharmed. Johnson said that the bus was pulled
                                                                                                                                                            over near the Lincoln Tunnel, near to New York
                                                                                                   On the evening of Sunday, Sept. 16, between 8            City.
                                                                                                   and 8:30 p.m., a coach bus in Monticello, NY, car-          As it turns out, the man was actually not in
                                                                                                   rying at least three visitors from Alfred, was           possession of a gun, nor was he a Navy Seal. The
                                                                                                   hijacked.                                                man claimed only to have wanted to make a state-
                                                                                                      An intoxicated man with slight mental retarda-        ment.
                                                                                                   tion claimed to be a Navy Seal who didn’t want to           Students are now left to question if they are
                                                                                                   get sent to war. He became obnoxious to the pas-         truly safe in Alfred.
                                                                                                   sengers and the bus driver.                                 Johnson said, “I feel safe for the most part,
                                                                                                      Allegedly, he claimed to have a gun, and              since I’m from the city, [but] there will always be
                                                                                                   harassed the bus driver until the driver aban-           that slight uncertainty, because anyone can just
                                                                                                   doned the bus.                                           walk into the University and do anything.”
                                                                                                      At 9:30 p.m., Kenyon Hall resident assistant             Maribeth Ewing, a junior elementary educa-
                                                                                                   Sheree Johnson received an alarming call telling         tion major, reflected similar concerns to
                                                                                                   of the last hour’s events. One Alfred student had        Johnson’s. “I feel safe [in Alfred], but at the same
                                                                                                   both of her parents on the bus; no one knew at           time I am scared because things like this could
                                                                                                   that time what was going to happen.                      happen anywhere. Just because we are in the
                                                                                                      Feelings of fear and alarm spread quickly, as         small town of Alfred, we can’t deny the slight
                                                                                                   students gathered outside of their suites to con-        possibility.”
                                                                                                   verse, and hastily turned on their televisions              Most students were found to have at least a
                                                                                                   hoping for some news, but none were televised.           slight concern in light of the recent events of the
                                                                    PHOTO BY PATRICIA STRICKLAND      Fortunately, their fears were relieved upon           terrorist acts on the World Trade Center and the
The newly renovated Binns-Merrill Hall is slated to open in October.                               learning that the police had pulled the bus over                                         SEE BUS HIJACK, PAGE 8
 September 25, 2001                                                              Opinions/Editorials — Page 2                                                                           Fiat Lux

             Fiat Lux                                                                        LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

                                                                                             Doughty still                         TVs glowing with CNN.                 fear of terrorism. The Red Cross

US needs to be informed                                                                      stellar solo
                                                                                                                                      It is gladdening to see the out-
                                                                                                                                   pouring of concern and support
                                                                                                                                   that the Alfred University cam-
                                                                                                                                                                         and volunteer agencies have
                                                                                                                                                                         been over-run statewide with
                                                                                                                                                                         Americans wanting to help their
As we continue to deal with the tragic events now two weeks past, we can                     Dear Editor:                          pus has shown, but I am howev-        fellow men and women.
only wonder what is next for America.                                                                                              er concerned by the constant             I write this letter to you, the
   Shock from the terrorist attacks coupled with continuing news from                        I am writing in response to the       news watching in the campus           American people, to say there
relief and investigation efforts have almost prevented reality from setting                  review of the Mike Doughty            center and the current news           are more things we can do in the
in. For many, this doesn’t seem real.                                                        show that was in Sept. 11 issue       broadcasted in the Powell             coming months, and quite possi-
   However, it is very real and we need to contemplate what this means                       of the Fiat Lux. I am someone         Dining Hall.                          bly years, of this conflict.
for our nation. Retaliation seems certain, but to what extent? Signals from                  who really enjoys listening to           Although we cannot ignore             I urge all Americans on the
Washington haven’t been clear.                                                               music, and most of it is stuff that   the events still taking place, I      day of Oct. 5, to hold a day of
   “Americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy campaign,                          you won’t see on MTV or hear on       ask that some areas be reserved       unity. On this day I ask you to
unlike any we have ever seen,” said President George W. Bush in an
                                                                                             Top 40 radio stations.                as sanctuary. Is it truly neces-      turn to your fellow man,
address to the nation Thursday night. What this entails, however, was not
                                                                                                 I have been listening to Soul     sary to have all of the TVs in the    whether it is the neighbor you
                                                                                             Coughing since Irresistible Bliss     campus center blaring CNN cov-        never speak to, or someone with
   Will this be a military operation, or full-scale war. The college genera-
                                                                                             first came out in 1997. I was         erage?                                who you once had a conflict, and
tion has seen military campaigns before, such as in the Persian Gulf.
                                                                                             very excited when I learned              Is it healthy for students, both   open a dialogue with one anoth-
   But a years-long war is something unknown to us.
                                                                                             Doughty would be playing the          relatively unaffected and deeply      er. From that day forward, try
   Ask those of earlier generations what war is like. Even from a domestic
                                                                                             Knight Club and even had three        touched by the attacks, to listen     to make an effort to do this
standpoint, it will alter our nation dramatically.
                                                                                             of my friends drive over two          to the accounts while trying to       every day. We, as Americans,
   While the goal of eliminating terrorism is certainly noble and in the best
                                                                                             hours to come view the show.          eat a quiet meal?                     must unify and stand together in
interest of the U.S., it is not an easy task.
   The Persian Gulf War had clear goals: get Iraq out of Kuwait.                                 I was very disappointed               I don’t believe that we should    this dark time. We shall not be
   What would our goals be in this war against terrorism?                                    when I read the article and the       remain aloof and unconcerned          victims; we shall stand arm in
   Bush has already indicated a desire to eradicate all vestiges of terrorist                lack-luster review Doughty            with the recent tragedy; I ask,       arm.
camps in Afghanistan.                                                                        received. The article claimed         however, that we find spaces of          With our newfound unity, we
   This will not be an easy task, and will likely take years to accomplish                   that with only a guitar, his songs    calm and peace away from the          will be triumphant in this con-
completely.                                                                                  all sounded the same, and that        news anchors and the news             flict. God Bless America and the
   And if we are to fight a war overseas, how easily could we protect citi-                   the audience was missing Soul         itself.                               citizens of our country, no mat-
zens domestically from terrorists. It is already evident that terrorists                     Coughing by mid-set.                                                        ter the race, ethnicity, or reli-
have no problem crossing our borders. Without our forces on guard here,                          I had a different view all        Sincerely,                            gion.
we are left even more vulnerable.                                                            together. I thought he did a          Kait Bean
   Whatever our government decides to do, it is important that the people                    great job with only an acoustic,      Class of 2003                         Sincerely,
know what is going on. In a new war such as this, there will be much con-                    and I was certainly not wishing I                                           Brandon J. Mendelson
fusion and fear.                                                                             were at a Soul Coughing concert                                             Alfred State College
   Clear statements from our government will make this situation easier
for our nation to bear. ❍
                                                                                             instead of a Mike Doughty show.
                                                                                             The sound was amazing, and he
                                                                                                                                   Faculty: United
AU response and support stellar
                                                                                             did a great job of mixing up the
                                                                                                                                   we stand
                                                                                             sounds and songs, keeping us all
                                                                                             on the edge of our seats the          Dear Editor:
                                                                                                                                                                         Words to
As the news of the terrorist attacks descended on Alfred, one bright spot
could be seen among the outpouring of fear, grief and confusion.
                                                                                             whole time.
                                                                                                 The crowd was the biggest         As members of the Alfred              remember our
   Our normally apathetic campus rose to meet the challenges thrust upon

   The day before the attacks, organizers scrambled to find donors for the
                                                                                             I’ve seen in my four years at the
                                                                                             Knight Club, which should say
                                                                                             something right there. As far as
                                                                                                                                   University community and
                                                                                                                                   American citizens, we stand
                                                                                                                                   united in rejecting and not toler-
                                                                                                                                                                         heroes by
next day’s blood drive. Once the news of the attacks hit campus, the drive                   I could tell, everyone there was      ating terrorism. We strongly          Dear Editor:
at the Knight Club turned into a mob scene as dozens of students came out                    having a superb time.                 condemn the hideous acts of vio-
to give blood. Many eventually had to be turned away.                                            Doughty was not just stand-       lence, terror and hate that befell    I am in awe of our men and
   At that evening’s community meeting in McLane Center, attendees                           ing there playing his songs; he       us on the Terrible Tuesday,           women in uniform including the
were eager to find out when and where else they can donate blood.                             was cracking jokes after each         Sept.11, 2001.                        police, firefighters, paramedics,
   This is just one example of the support from the campus. A candlelight                    song as well and interacting with        We offer our deepest sympa-        and soldiers from every branch
vigil held the next night saw a mass of students walking in solidarity to                    us all. From taking requests,         thies to all the victims affected     of the military. I was speechless
remember the victims of the tragedy.                                                         even for “Screenwriters Blues”        by this national calamity. We call    to hear of all those who gave
   A number of organizations acted immediately to raise monetary funds,                      50 times, to leading a sing-along     upon all people, U.S. citizens and    their lives in the WTC tragedy.
to retrieve food and clothing, and to just show their respect and support.                   to the hit, “Janeane,” he was not     all the innocents who live in         When I could form words here is
Pacific-Rim Organization aimed to construct a thousand origami cranes,                        just a musician; he was an enter-     America, to tolerate each other,      what I had to say:
while the bookstore is matching dollars for donations.                                       tainer. For those who waited 15       particularly in this time of emo-
   The administration acted just as swiftly, organizing a community meet-                    minutes after the show for him        tional hardship in memory of               HEROES
ing hours after the horrific events occurred on that Tuesday. Location                        to leave, he was also very willing    those who have lost their lives
changes were even made to make sure as much people as possible would                         to sign autographs for anyone         and in support of their families,     One September night the heav-
accommodated.                                                                                who requested them.                   friends and loved ones.               ens were unfettered.
   Staff of several offices, including Student Affairs and Residence Life,                        Maybe some people did not            We also call for an end to the     The last quarter moon had only
contacted students of the New York City area via e-mail or telephone just                    enjoy the show as much because        violence against all persons in       stars to share the late summer
to make sure the students are holding up.                                                    they were not familiar with all       the U.S. regardless of color, reli-   skies.
   Faculty members were very understanding of absences, and many held                        his solo stuff. I have the album      gion or national origin. Ethnic       Beacons that adorned helms and
classes just so that they were available to students. This just goes to show                 and was enjoying every song he        intolerance has no place in our       sterns have been silenced.
how intimate and caring our staff is.                                                        played. If this was the case,         civil society.                        Stars were the only flashing
   In times of tragedy, it is important that a community responds in a uni-                  maybe you should pick up a copy          The protection of American         lights to be seen.
fied way to provide support.                                                                  of Skittish, because it is a great    freedom rests on the shoulders        Airships sit grounded.
   The AU community certainly responded positively in this instance, pro-                    album.                                of each one of us — So, let us        Thoughts drifted to stairwells
viding support when needed and showing that we are unified as a commu-                            Doughty did a stellar job for a   stand united, locally, regionally     filled with harried souls.
nity.                                                                                        set that was two hours long, and      and worldwide for the sake of         Racing, descending, clamoring
   Kudos and thanks, Alfred. ❍                                                               every person I talked to thought      humanity, and resolutely con-         for dear life.
                                                                                             it was amazing. I am sure this is     demn terror and violence.             As those raced down, others

             Fiat Lux                                                                        heads and tails above any other
                                                                                             show that I have seen so far. My
                                                                                             hat goes off to the great people
                                                                                                                                   Abderrahman and Zakia Robana
                                                                                                                                                                         raced up.
                                                                                                                                                                         For dear life.
                                                                                                                                                                         Not for their own, but for the
                                      Editor-in-Chief                                        at SAB for bringing in such a         AU Faculty                            lives of others.
                                       Judy Tsang                                            wonderful performer.                                                        Not one selfish thought crossed
        Managing Editor               Business Manager           Production Manager
                                                                                                                                                                         their minds.
         Jason Pilarz                   Jason Pilarz              Sarah Guariglia
         Copy Manager
       Catherine Kevett
                                     Advertising Manager
                                       Luis Vasquez
                                                                     Photo Editor
                                                                    Chuck Britt
                                                                                             Steven Harvey
                                                                                                                                   Support spans                         Stairwells transformed into
                                                                                                                                                                         stairways to heaven.
          News Editor
         Alison Savett
                                       Billing Manager
                                                                  Darkroom Manager
                                                                                             Class of 2002
                                                                                                                                   over at ASC                           Now over three-hundred stars
                                                                                                                                                                         grace these skies above.
          A&E Editor                     Circulations             Systems Manager                                                                                        Heroes aloft, shining down us
        Ashley Brenon
         Sports Editor
        Benjamin Lee
                                        Michael Topp
                                        Greg Potter
                                                                   Matt Redente
                                                                    Web Manager
                                                                 Charlie Casparius
                                                                                             Too much                              Dear Editor:                          all…

        Features Editor
        Jenelle Silvers              Faculty Adviser              Next issue: Oct. 9
                                                                Copy Deadline: Oct. 4
                                                                                             news coverage                            Sept. 11, 2001 is another “day
                                                                                                                                   that will live in infamy.” The
                                                                                                                                                                         If you feel as I do, please say one
                                                                                                                                                                         prayer for those heroes search-
                                    Robyn Goodman                Ad Deadline: Oct. 2         Dear Editor:                          United States of America was          ing in NYC, a second for those
                                                                                                                                   attacked not by an enemy, but         heroes going to fight for our
 Editorial Policy: The Fiat Lux welcomes           The Fiat Lux supports the perpetua-       While it is true that the recent      by a man whose ultimate goal is       freedoms abroad and lastly, but
 feedback from its readers. Letters to the      tion of a broad and liberal education con-
 editor will be subject to editing for space    ducive to free speech. Only unsigned edi-
                                                                                             events in New York City,              to annihilate our freedom, our        not least, another for the heroes
 and content purposes. The Fiat Lux             torials reflect the opinions of this          Washington,        D.C.      and      hope and our dreams. He has           that protect us here in Alfred
 reserves the right not to print any letter.    newspaper. All other editorials reflect the   Pennsylvania are profoundly           failed.                               and in our hometowns.
 Letters must be accompanied by name,           author’s opinion.                            tragic, it is nonetheless not a          The day after these heinous
 address and telephone number. E-mail:             The Fiat Lux is printed by Hornell
                                                                                             reason to constantly barrage          assaults, the American people         Sincerely, or mail letters to:     Evening Tribune and is typeset by the
 Fiat Lux, attn: Editor, Powell Campus          production staff. It is funded in part by    ourselves with the same horrific      have come together and unified        Robert Rugelis
 Center, Alfred, N.Y. 14802.                    Student Senate.                              images and to sit pale before the     to say we will not run away in
 Fiat Lux                                                                     Voices — Page 3                                                         September 25, 2001
                                                                             Submissions to Voices: Anyone may write a letter to the Editor. Letters MUST be signed and should be limited to

             A community forum provided by the Fiat Lux
                                                                             250 words. Guest columns should be written by AU students and should be no longer than 700 words. Columnists
                                                                             selected for publication will be asked to provide a headshot photo to go with their articles. All submissions should
                                                                             be free from profanity and follow rules of fair play (ie. get the facts straight). The Fiat Lux reserves the right to
                                                                             edit all letters for space, clarity, brevity and fair play. Send submissions to Fiat Lux, Powell Campus Center or e-
                                                                             mail All submissions MUST include name, telephone number and students should include
                                                                             class year.


Lack of respect demonstrated by AU students
      BY ALISSA FISHER               his face filled the screen.             disagreement towards Bush’s                How many times do you go             as this just to complain, you are
       GUEST COLUMNIST                  My first thought was how             decisions. Personally, I don’t          beyond complaining about your           wrong. Now, you may be won-
                                     could anyone have been openly           agree with everything that Bush         professors and move into the            dering then, what is my pur-
Did you ever wonder how people       disrespectful of our nation’s           does. However, this does not            mode of disrespect by labeling          pose?
in our society got to be so disre-   leader at such a crucial time           excuse such arrogant behavior.          them with a vulgar name? Or                There were two purposes to
spectful? Or maybe you are one       when we were in dire need of               Don’t misunderstand me; I            how many times have you disre-          my writing this. Number one, I
of those people I am referring       unification. It simply disgusted        personally believe that display-        garded an elderly person walk-          wanted everyone, even myself,
to.                                  me, as an American, to see an           ing one’s emotions is a healthy         ing through the mall or down the        to take a minute out of our self-
  If you are not even sure of it     authority figure, in our country        way of life. Disrespect, however,       sidewalk? How many times have           absorption and realize the dete-
yourself, I am sure your words       and in the rest of the world,           is not an emotion.                      you made a mess somewhere on            rioration of our morals. Number
and actions will display your        mocked due to the fact that a fel-         This insolent behavior is why        campus, only to think it was jus-       two, I don’t know about you, but
attitude towards everyone            low student has not learned to          I began to question today’s soci-       tified because a custodian would        I am reevaluating my attitude
around you. Then you will have       respect those in authority.             ety. It’s not only by the display       pick up after you?                      towards people who are in
everyone wondering if your              I do not view this as an issue       of a disrespectful attitude                These people deserve your            authority.
arrogant behavior is reflective      of political affiliation. This is not   towards Bush, but towards peo-          respect. I know that I have been           Especially during a time of
of your parents’ poor child rear-    a time to argue over which polit-       ple many of us see on a daily rou-      guilty of these careless actions        terror within our country, dis-
ing or just pure ignorance.          ical party is better. At a time of      tine.                                   at some point or another,               playing disrespect towards Bush
  In the wake of the terrorist       such disparity, people will                I don’t know about everyone          because we are human and are            and the government is revolting.
attacks on the World Trade           undoubtedly disagree with               else, but my parents taught me          not perfect. But to come straight          We, as Americans, cannot
Center and the Pentagon,             Bush’s actions; it is impossible to     it was pertinent to respect my          out and disrespect our President        lower ourselves to the standards
President George W. Bush was         keep everyone happy.                    elders. Our elders have earned          in such an uncalled-for manner          of the terrorists that disrespect-
aired on television in Powell           Thankfully,       we    live    in   the right to our respect. They          and at such an inappropriate            ed our nation on Sept. 11 by
Campus Center. Profanities           America, a democratic society,          have seen more of life than we          time is distasteful.                    extending this contempt atti-
were angrily shouted from sev-       where every citizen is allowed to       have and most likely have                  If you think that I am wasting       tude toward our president. ❍
eral students towards Bush as        speak his or her mind and voice         endured more hardships.                 finger strength on a matter such

COLUMN                                                                       LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Literary parallels                                                           Alfred is your home too, clean it
                                                                             Dear Editor:                            plates, gum wrappers, napkins           not the responsibility of the per-

drawn to attacks                     However,        I    do    think
                                                                             This is an open letter to all stu-
                                                                             dents attending school in the
                                                                                                                     and vomit strewn from the cen-
                                                                                                                     ter of downtown all the way up to
                                                                                                                     our house just before Hill Street.
                                                                                                                                                             manent residents of Alfred to
                                                                                                                                                             pick up after you.
                                                                                                                                                                You are adults. Act like adults.
  BY CHARLIE CASPARIUS                                                       Village of Alfred.                      In spite of the fact that there are     Use the trash containers provid-
                                     Rowlandson made another good              The permanent residents of            numerous trash barrels all over         ed by downtown or hold on to
                                     point in her literature.                Alfred are proud of our little vil-     downtown, we often see trash in         trash until you find a trash con-
  For the last two Fiat Lux             During the days she was held         lage. We have several wonderful         a pile right next to a half-empty       tainer, put your cigarette butts in
issues, I have been writing a        hostage by the American                 agencies with hard-working peo-         trash container.                        a proper container instead of
technology     column,    which      Indians, she realized that even         ple who are involved and commit-           My husband and I try our best        throwing them on the ground, try
brings to you my experiences so      though everything in her life —         ted to making Alfred a pleasant         to pick up the trash as we stroll       to prevent your drunken com-
you may learn from my mis-           her friends, family and material        and attractive place for students       down to breakfast but the mali-         panions from committing acts of
takes and successes. However,        possessions — had been taken            to spend their college years.           ciously broken limbs from the           property destruction. If you see
this week I think I am going to      from her in the blink of an eye,          After all, it will be your home,      trees along the street are not fix-      someone destroying property,
write something a little differ-     she still had life. Finally she         as well as ours, for the next few       able, nor are the petunias that         report it.
ent. This week, I think I saw        realized that material posses-          years. I would ask that you             were ripped out of the lovely              We would like for students to
that those things are not really     sions do not matter in the long         please treat it as such. I am           flower pots that the Alfred 21st        feel like this is their home, too.
as important as we make them         run.                                    appalled at the trash that              Century Group placed on Main            Please treat it as such, show
out to be.                              I am sure every one of us has        appears on the streets when the         Street or the snapped off pickets       some respect for it and take care
  I am currently enrolled in the     reevaluated how we run our              students start rolling into town.       from our neighbors’ fence.              of it.
Early American Literature            lives, realizing maybe we do not          My husband and I go to the Jet           I find it hard to believe that
class taught by Associate            spend enough time with loved            for breakfast every Saturday            you would treat your own front          Sincerely,
Professor of English Michael         ones or worry too much when             morning at 8 a.m. and find beer         yard at home with such disre-           Hope Zaccagni
McDonough, and this week we          something goes wrong with our           cans, plastic cups, cigarette packs     spect or allow one of your friends      Alfred, NY
have read a bit of a story from      car or the computer network. I          and butts, pizza boxes, paper           to treat it that way either. It is
Mary Rowlandson’s captivity          just want to remind everyone
novel, which she wrote after         that in the long run, it doesn’t
                                                                                                                      S T U D E N T S ENATE U P D A T E
being taken hostage during the
                                        So please, everyone throw
King Phillip’s War.
  Rowlandson lost many loved
ones from the brutality of the
American Indians during one
                                     away your score cards that keep
                                     track of which fancy cars, com-
                                     puters and other technological
                                                                             AU inducts 26th Student Senate
                                     gadgets you have, and hop back                BY ALISON SAVETT                  would:
particular battle. She also had
her house stripped away and all      into the real world.                              NEWS EDITOR                     —Need a valid U.S. Driver’s           • There will be a diversity train-
                                        Call your parents, your                                                      License for at least one year.          ing session on Saturday Nov. 3,
other worldly possessions taken
                                     friends, your family, and tell          Alfred University inducted its          Canadian licenses are also              sponsored by Student Senate.
away from her in an instant; not
unlike those who still remain        them how important they are to          26th Student Senate last                accepted.                               AU Trustee Ruth Scott, who con-
buried in New York City.             you.                                    Wednesday, Sept. 19. Secretary            —Students’ driving records            ducts diversity training as a pro-
  She was a Puritan, and her            Don’t let today go by without        Gretchen Schwerzler gave a brief        must be relatively clean with a         fession, will give the three-hour
beliefs were that everything in      saying hello to someone who is          and interesting history of AU.          heavy influence on the past year’s       session. This event is in accor-
this world happens because God       important to you. Because like          She stated that Senate was not          history.                                dance to a resolution passed last
says it is supposed to happen.       those people in New York City,          only for senators but also for            Other important information…          semester. The resolution states
Now, I am not trying to tell any-    and like Mary Rowlandson, you           other students to come and voice          —All      driving   infractions       that the “Student Senate of
one that God preordained the         never know when or why they             their issues. “We strongly              incurred in the University vehi-        Alfred University find unaccept-
tragedy in New York City; I          will be taken from you. ❍               encourage student participa-            cles will be the responsibility of      able actions of violence, harass-
don’t    believe    it   myself.                                             tion.” Following is what took           the driver.                             ment or discrimination perpe-
                                                                             place at last week’s Senate meet-         —15 passenger vans will only          trated by individuals or groups
                                                                             ing.                                    hold nine people.                       on any other individual for any
                                                                             • Powell Campus Center’s post-            —In order to operate the vans,        reason … Such acts will stand our
    Join the Fiat Lux Mondays at                                             ing policy: only on bulletin            drivers must attend a drivers’          strongest condemnation.”
                                                                             boards. All other flyers will be        education orientation on how to         • Past Student Senate commit-
                                                                             taken down and returned to the          drive the vans, which will be           tees were eliminated. These com-
             5:30 p.m. in the S.O.S.                                         owners if possible.                     taught by a certified teacher           mittees include fundraising, ren-
                                                                             • University vehicles:                  from Alfred-Almond Central              ovations and executive network
                                                                                To drive them, a student             School.                                 planning. ❍
 September 25, 2001                                                   News / Features — Page 4                                                                            Fiat Lux

Hometown celebrity returns home & visits AU
       AU OFFICE OF                    Oct. 4, Pullman will introduce         see Pullman. Plans call for him         The Hornell native, who              serious stage roles, Pullman
     COMMUNICATIONS                    the film for the evening and talk      to conduct a session from 3 to 4      wanted to be a construction            landed a number of comedy
                                       about how it was made and his          p.m. on Friday, Oct. 5, in Nevins     worker when he started college         roles     in   films    including
Actor/Producer Bill Pullman            role in it. There’s a possibility,     Theater during which the public       at Delhi (NY) State College,           Spaceballs, Sibling Rivalry,
will reprise an old role —             said Dan Napolitano, director of       will be invited to hear him           became hooked on theater when          The Serpent and the Rainbow,
Professor Pullman — when he            Student Activities for Alfred          speak about his career.               he auditioned for a role in the        Rocket Gibraltar, Cold Feet and
visits Alfred University as an         University, that a new Pullman           Also     on     Friday,     the     college’s production of The Bald       Nervous Ticks, while also con-
artist-in-residence Oct. 4 and 5.      film, Ignition, may have a spe-        University will host a reception      Soprano.                               tinuing roles in dramas like
   During       his      residency,    cial premiere on campus that           and dinner beginning at 7 p.m.          He switched to theater,              Home         Fires      Burning,
Pullman will teach workshops           night.                                 in Powell Campus Center for           received a bachelor’s degree           Liebestraum, A League of Their
on acting and screenwriting to            “I think it will be really excit-   guests from the surrounding           from Oneonta (NY) State                Own and Crazy in Love.
AU Performing Arts and writ-           ing for our students to talk with      area. Seating will be on a first-     College, and then earned a                He continued working in the-
ing students and will also speak       Pullman, then watch the film           come,     first-served      basis.    Master of Fine Arts degree in          ater, primarily with the Los
to Associate Professor of              and perhaps discuss it after-          Tickets are $20 each and may be       directing from the University of       Angeles Theater Company,
Communications               Robyn     ward      with       him,”     said                                          Massachusetts at Amherst in            with roles in Barrabas, All My
Goodman’s         communications       Napolitano. “That will add a                                                 1979.                                  Sons, Demon Wine and Control
class on how the media deal            new perspective to the film for                                                After graduation, he was             Freaks.
with celebrities.                      the students, and perhaps a                                                  offered his first professional            In 1993, he had roles in three
   The writing workshop is lim-        new appreciation for what an                                                 role: teaching in the theater          major      films,    Sommersby,
ited to 50 students; those inter-      actor does.”                                                                 department at Montana State            Sleepless in Seattle and Malice,
ested in attending are asked to           “It would be a big deal in                                                University at Bozeman. In              as well as a role in a made-for-
contact Associate Professor of         itself to get a name like Bill                                               1981, however, he gave up full-        cable film, The Last Seduction,
English Susan Morehouse. The           Pullman to visit Alfred, but this                                            time teaching, deciding to try         directed by John Dahl, a former
acting workshop has room for           is an even greater deal because                                              professional acting. He moved          student of Pullman’s.
20 students, with Professor of         he’s a local, and he’s doing so                                              to New York City and worked a             His film credits now number
Theatre Steve Crosby handling          much,” said senior Kyle Torok.                                               variety of jobs between audi-          in excess of 30, and include lead-
sign-ups.                                 “Other big names have just                                                tions. His New York stage              ing roles in While You Were
   Pullman will meet with the          trotted onto campus, given a                                                 appearances included a critical-       Sleeping, Casper, Independence
campus community during a              speech, said goodnight and                                                   ly acclaimed performance as            Day, Lost Highway, The End of
Bergren Forum, a weekly                gone their way,” said Torok.                                                 Wesley in Sam Shephard’s               Violence and Zero Effect.
lunch-time         series      held    “But Pullman is doing a lot                                                  Curse of the Starving Class.              Pullman turned his consider-
Thursdays at 12:10 p.m. in             more: premiering a film, teach-                                                In 1985, he was offered a part       able stage directing experience
Nevins Theatre and sponsored           ing some acting workshops and                                                in Nanataiwai for a three-             to the screen with a new ver-
by the Division of Human               giving a Bergren Forum lec-                                                  month stint in Los Angeles and         sion of the classic western, The
Studies. His topic is “Tales from      ture. That shows he is an acces-                                             decided to try some film audi-         Virginian.
Inside the Film Industry.”             sible, everyday guy, despite           purchased by contacting the           tions. He made his debut as               Pullman and his wife, Tamara
   During the week of Pullman’s        Hollywood fame.”                       University Relations office,          Earl, a serial killer in the come-     Hurwitz, are the parents of
visit, a series of his films will be      While the residency is pri-         (607) 871-2144. The dinner is co-     dy, Ruthless People, in 1986, fol-     three children: Maesa, Jack and
shown evenings in Nevins               marily for Alfred University           sponsored by the Wellsville and       lowed by a role in The                 Louis. ❍
Theater,      Powell       Campus      faculty and staff, there will be       Hornell       Chambers         of     Accidental Tourist.
Center. At 7:30 p.m., Thursday,        opportunities for the public to        Commerce.                               In contrast with his more

                                       Laden was currently coordinat-            Rasmussen stated that the          sile to hit U.S. targets,” stated      at least 2000 aircraft on 24 hour
…bin Laden                             ing efforts to mount an attack on
                                       the United States, why wasn’t
                                                                              U.S. should pressure Arab gov-
                                                                              ernments to disrupt terrorist
                                                                                                                    Rasmussen.      “The      terrorist
                                                                                                                    attack reveals that this is not our
                                                                                                                                                           alert at any given time across the
                                                                                                                                                           United States. Today, there is
         CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE     the U.S. better prepared?              networks, give them help and          biggest security threat. Better to     less than 50.
                                        When this question was posed to       support their political opponents     use missile defense shield fund-         As a result of the tragedy that
coalitions with other terrorist        Professor Gerald M. Steinberg,         if they refuse.                       ing to clean up the damage in          struck      New      York     and
groups such as Egypt’s Al Jihad,       director of the Program on                “We must give potential ter-       New York City, strengthen secu-        Washington, the Pentagon has
Iran’s Hezbollah and Sudan’s           Conflict     Management         and    rorists an attractive alternative     rity, ease the burden on the air-      ordered dozens of military air-
National Islamic Front.                Negotiation       at    Bar     Ilan   — being living participants in        line and insurance industries, and     craft to bases in the Persian Gulf
   He is presumed to have ties to      University in Ramat Gan, Israel,       productive, democratic and sta-       address other military spending        region, thousands of military
Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, an            he responded, “American securi-        ble       Islamic       societies,”   needs.”                                reservists to active duty and
Egyptian cleric serving a life sen-    ty intelligence failed at a fatal      Rasmussen said. He believes that          U.S. spending on strategic         Naval       vessels     to     the
tence for his “1995 conviction of a    moment and should have been            is the best defense against future    forces has declined dramatically       Mediterranean Sea. It is becom-
thwarted plot to blow up various       able to detect the preparations.       attacks.                              in the past years. “From 24 per-       ing increasingly obvious that
New York landmarks,” stated            Also, airport and airline security       However if America decides to       cent of the total Department of        some sort of confrontation is at
CNN television. Two of Sheik           was not taken seriously, allowing      proceed, it is clear that better      Defense budget in the mid-1960s,       hand.
Rahman’s sons have since joined        these hijackings to take place.”       security measures need to be          to seven percent in 1991, to less        “I only hope that our intelli-
forces with bin Laden.                    Steinberg, considered an            taken to protect the homeland.        than three percent today,”             gence is more thorough in identi-
   In May of this year, four of bin    expert in terrorism at the Begin-         “President George Bush’s mis-      according to a NATO Review             fying the source of the attacks
Laden’s alleged followers were         Sadat Center for Strategic             sile defense shield is intended to    publication.                           than they were in preventing the
convicted and sentenced to life in     Studies in Israel, believes “there     prevent a state from firing a mis-        Fifteen years ago there were        attacks,” said Ostrower. ❍
prison for the 1998 attacks on         is no doubt that Osama bin Laden
U.S. embassies in Kenya and
   Osama bin Laden has been
                                       has declared war, and he is will-
                                       ing and able to attack Americans
                                       and others and to kill them in cold
                                                                              Bin Laden may profit from attacks
referred to as the bankroller of       blood.”                                     BY ALISON SAVETT                    The sales that are in question      ducted in Germany, Switzerland
international terrorism, and              He also stated that if the U.S.              NEWS EDITOR                  are a wide array of transactions       and England, along with other
experts in the field agree he          wishes to “survive as a major                                                involving reinsurance companies        countries.
finances and organizes terrorist       power in the world, it must            A suspect in the recent terrorist     — that is, insuring insurance            The main problem the investi-
attacks. In 1999 he was placed on      defend itself against such brutali-    attacks, Osama bin Laden is now       companies.                             gations will run into, stated a
U.S.’s FBI’s Ten Most Wanted           ty.”                                   thought to have possibly profited         Alfred University Professor of      representative of National
Fugitive list, and a $5 million           Gary B. Ostrower, mayor of          from the assaults on Sept. 11.        Accountancy Dan Acton told his         Public Radio, is that as the U.S.
reward is currently being offered      Alfred and professor of history          Financial regulators around         financial accounting class that        begins to follow the trades
for information leading to his         at AU, believes that the govern-       the world are now beginning to        the terrorists probably made a         through certain banks overseas,
apprehension or conviction.            ment will take immediate action        investigate the possibility that      million dollars off of short-selling   they will not have full access to
   Following the May 29 convic-        to defend itself.                      the organizers of the attacks sold    the market; they could have easi-      records. This is because some
tion of four of his followers, the        “I am quite certain there will      short shares of companies they        ly made more.                          banks are not allied with the U.S.
U.S. State Department cautioned        be a military action directed          expected would lose value after          The main reason linking the           AU Junior Bryan Minguez was
American citizens abroad of            against not simply bin Laden, but      the events took place.                short sales of these companies to      appalled by the thought that bin
increased risks of terrorism, and      bases where the American gov-            Short selling is a way of gain-     bin Laden will help is that it         Laden and his associates could
U. S. Embassies were put on            ernment believes terrorists are        ing from falling stock prices. It     would indicate he had prior            have “shorted” the stock market.
alert in several locations around      being trained,” Ostrower said.         occurs when investors sell bor-       knowledge of the attacks.              “It’s pretty horrifying to think
the world.                              Thomas Rasmussen, AU profes-          rowed stock with the hopes that          United States Securities and        that he did all of this to make
   The Washington Post reported        sor of social sciences, believes       the price will fall, allowing them    Exchange            Commissioner       money. I guess this is really a
in June that U.S. intelligence had     that the government should react       to buy the shares again at a          Harvey Pitt told The Wall Street       double barrel for him—he killed
indications from two separate          differently to the attacks waged       lower price and pocket the mone-      Journal, “We’ve heard those            Americans, for whom his hatred
sources that an attack was             by terrorists.                         tary difference.                      reports about terrorist involve-       is immense, and he gained
planned on American soil. “The            “American policy should not           According to Reuters, U.S.          ment in our markets … Our              money. The thought of it all just
alert stemmed from intelligence        focus on pursuing revenge or           experts stated on Sept. 17 that       enforcement division has been          makes me so angry!”
gathering, including intercepted       even justice, but on minimizing        “Osama bin Laden and those            looking into a variety of market         Second year graduate student
electronic communications indi-        the number of young Islamic men        managing his multimillion-dollar      actions that could be linked to        Bellavia wasn’t too shocked. “It
cating that a U. S. target would       willing to give their lives to caus-   fortune are sophisticated enough      these terrible acts, including the     doesn’t surprise me — that’s
be attacked.”                          ing trouble for the American           to have possibly profited in the      subjects of those rumors.”             what money makes people do,”
  With every indication that bin       imperialists,” he said.                markets.”                                Investigations are being con-       she said. ❍
  Fiat Lux                                                           Features / News — Page 5                                                      September 25, 2001

Univ. van policies change
     BY ASHLEY BRENON                    David Peckham, interim direc-      updated copy of the new motor
         A & E EDITOR                  tor of the physical plant,           pool driving rules and regula-
                                       explained the mix up. The tire       tions.
Clubs and sports teams are feel-       was new and the right size, but it     Several of the rules are consis-
ing more comfortable using             was one load rating lower than       tent with last year’s policy. Seat
Alfred University vehicles. The        recommended, he said.                belts and speed limits are still
reason isn’t the cushy seating.
  Student concerns and a national
study regarding campus vehicle
safety at the end of last semester
prompted the University to take
                                         The manufacturer simply made
                                       a mistake when they sent the
                                       order to the University and the
                                       mechanics didn’t catch it before
                                       they put the tire on, he said.
                                                                            mandatory. Students still need a
                                                                            valid driver’s license and current
                                                                            student identification in order to
                                                                            qualify as drivers. The number
                                                                            and severity of a student’s dri-
action.                                  Since the accident, motor pool     ving infractions determine his or
  Over spring break last year the      employees have changed the way       her eligibility.                       The Miller Memorial Lecture on Ethical Issues in Medicine takes place
campus’ Habitat for Humanity           they check in the parts that they      One new regulation equips each       tonight at 8 p.m. in Harder Hall.
group blew a tire, went into a spin    receive to make sure they are        vehicle with an emergency kit             Speaking this year is Arthur Zucker, the director of the Institute for
and hit a guardrail while en route     right.                               including jumper cables, first aid      Applied and Professional Ethics at Ohio University.
to Florida on a building trip.           “Each part is entered on a log     supplies and flares. Each vehicle         His talk is titled “Genetics: New Medicine/New People” and will consid-
  Just a few weeks later, the          and the supervisor of the motor      is also now registered with AAA.       er the ethical, legal and social issues of the Human Genome Project.
National Highway Traffic Safety        pool is more directly involved,”       Another requires that groups         • The Crandall Health Center has increased its ability to serve the AU
Administration           (NHTSA)       Peckham said.                        traveling 200 or more miles one        community with the addition of a new doctor and nurse.
warned that 15 passenger vans,           Another new policy requires a      way have their faculty advisor            Dr. Daniel Curtin, a 1998 graduate of the Georgetown University
those popular to transport             four-hour interval between when      with them.                             School of Medicine, recently finished his residency at St. Joseph’s Hospital
University clubs and sports            a van is dropped off by one group      The final change in policy states     in Syracuse.
teams, are three times more like-      and taken by another. This way       that large vans are allowed no            The author of several publications, his certifications include advanced
ly to roll over when carrying ten      mechanics have time to investi-      more than ten occupants, includ-       cardiac life support and neonatal resuscitation.
or more passengers.                    gate any complaints and do a gen-    ing the driver.                           Mary Gray received her RN diploma in 1973 and has been an active
  President Charles Edmondson          eral inspection.                       Jamie Ward, now a junior, drove      nurse ever since. Her experience includes work in the maternity unit at
promised in April to do every-           Regulations affecting van users    the van involved in the Habitat        St. James Mercy Hospital, Hornell, and experience in emergency cardiac
thing he could to make sure stu-       directly are linked almost entire-   for Humanity accident.                 care.
dents have total van safety.           ly to the NHTSA study.                 “I think they are all good rules,”   • The annual Global Awareness Roundtable series begins this Thursday
  Although the cause of the acci-        New regulations concerning         said Ward “especially the fewer-       at 7 p.m. in the Knight Club.
dent was not confirmed, mechan-         equipment, distance, supervision     than-ten-people rule,”                    This week’s presentation is entitled “Overview of Latin American
ics at the Hunt Valley Sears           and capacity are in place for stu-     The difference the new van reg-      Music” and will feature performers Laura Fuentes and Pedro Villagro,
Automotive Center in Hunt              dent drivers.                        ulations will make is not one any-     Chilean musicians.
Valley, Md. found that the blown         Cassandra Shreve, physical         one will notice, said Ward.               The event, co-sponsored by ALANA, will be followed up with a Latin
right rear tire was not the class of   plant clerk responsible for regis-     “No one plans to get in an acci-     American film Sunday at 2 p.m. in Nevins Theater.
tire recommended for that van.         tering student drivers, cited an     dent,” she said. ❍
                                                                                                                   Dozens of celebrities came out last Friday to participate in a nationally

Rescue Squad assists campus                                                                                        televised benefit for victims of the terrorist attacks.
                                                                                                                      In a rare act of television cooperation, the event was aired simultane-
                                                                                                                   ously on many networks and cable stations, including ABC, CBS, NBC,
    BY MELISSA DEBOLT                  are qualified EMTs, and the          first make sure the scene is           FOX, PBS, UPN, VH1, Comedy Central, MTV, BET and Lifetime.
         STAFF WRITER                  other half undergo a four-week       secure and then to assess the             Stars participating in “America: A Tribute to Heroes” included Billy
                                       training process along with          situation. Once this has been          Joel, George Clooney, Robert De Niro, Neil Young and Julia Roberts.
As the result of the terrorist         attending weekly meetings. In        achieved, the responding mem-          Mariah Carey made her first appearance since a nervous breakdown in
attack on the World Trade              addition to the minimum train-       ber must then determine                July.
Center, many Americans, par-           ing, students who are a part of      whether the situation is treat-           The September 11 Fund run by the United Way will receive the funds
ticularly those who live in New        the AU Rescue Squad may also         able     with    the     available     raised from the benefit.
York, have found themselves            opt to seek additional training      resources or whether hospital-         • Jurors in Texas last week deliberated the case of a woman accused of
transfixed on images of the            as an EMT or in CPR. The             ization is required.                   drowning her five children.
heroic efforts of policemen, fire-     University reimburses the cost          If the injured parties are not         The jury must decide whether Andrea Yates, 37, is competent to stand
fighters and emergency techni-         of additional training if done       seen to be in peril of losing their    trial in the drowning deaths.
cians in Manhattan.                    through the AU Rescue Squad          lives, then a medical release             The 11 women and one man of the jury must decide based on two crite-
   Alfred itself experienced its       organization, according to           form is legally required for the
                                                                                                                   ria: whether she has the ability to consult with counsel and whether she
own trauma as a slew of motor          Aaron Hydrick and Mike               responding party to continue
                                                                                                                   understands the charges against her. If declared competent, Yates will
vehicle accidents drew the             Middleton, captains of Rescue        with any medical treatment.
                                                                                                                   then face a separate trial to determine her guilt.
attention of many students to          Squad.                                  Despite the responsibility
                                                                                                                      She allegedly drowned each of her five young children in a bathtub
the risks they face on a daily            If a medical emergency situa-     and focus that is required to be
                                                                                                                   while her husband was at work.
basis. In those accidents that         tion should occur on campus,         a medical technician, most of
occurred, Emergency Medical            depending on proximity either        the members of the AU Rescue           INTERNATIONAL
Technicians played an impor-           the AU Rescue Squad or Alfred        Squad do not find that it inter-
                                                                                                                   The latest computer headache spread quickly in Europe last week,
tant role, as they did in New          University Security will be the      feres with their social or acade-
                                                                                                                   infecting thousands of computers there.
York City.                             first to arrive on the scene.        mic lives.
                                          From 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. every          “The type of people who are            The Nimda worm, which has shown signs of weakening in the U.S. and
   The     Alfred      University                                                                                  Asia, has spread quickly because it has multiple avenues to infect.
Rescue Squad is Alfred’s own           night, there is always a team of     responsible enough to maintain
                                       three people “on call” to handle     this type of volunteer commit-            The worm spreads through email and also attacks vulnerable servers
response team to medical emer-
                                       any situations that should arise.    ment don’t have trouble acade-         and Web sites. Nimda spreads so rapidly that it takes up computer
gencies. A total of 28 AU stu-
                                          It is legally required that at    mically,” said Hydrick.                resources, slowing down computer and Internet usage.
dents make up the AU Rescue
                                       least one of the three persons          Alfred University Rescue            • Ethnic Albanians in Macedonia could see greater rights under newly
Squad, and they are trained to
                                       that are on call is a qualified      Squad meets weekly on                  proposed constitutional changes.
handle emergency situations.
                                       EMT.                                 Thursday at 9 p.m. in the                 Three of 15 proposed reforms have passed the parliament. One, regard-
All participation is on a volun-
                                          The role of the responding        Powell Campus Center. ❍                ing the Orthodox Church, failed the vote.
tary basis.
                                       AU Rescue Squad member is to                                                   Macedonian politicians agreed to changes in exchange for a surrender
   At least half of the members
                                                                                                                   of weapons from Albanian rebels.

Numerous activities on tap for AU Homecoming weekend
                    BY MINDY BAKER                              against the Hartwick College Hawks, the Zero Year               Lantz, assistant professor of strings, who will most like-
                       STAFF WRITER                             Reunion party, a carillon recital, Hollybrick Squares,          ly be in the center square. The winner of the game will
                                                                another performance of The House of Blue Leaves and             receive a new mountain bike.
Alfred University’s 2001 Homecoming will be underway            another free movie. Also, don’t forget that celebrity Bill        At the same time, the chili cook off will be underway.
Oct. 5 and 6. So what are this year’s events going to be?       Pullman will be around the campus.                              This will be the first time that Homecoming has includ-
  Homecoming Chair Katie Blume has helped organize                Blume revealed that Saturday’s movie will probably            ed a chili cook off. All taste testers will vote, and the
many exciting events. “There’s something for every-             be The Fast and the Furious. Free admission will be             winner will receive a gift certificate to the Li’l Alf. Vice
one,” she said.                                                 obtained by wearing Alfred apparel, or purple and gold          President of Student Senate Matthew Washington rec-
  Schedules are available at the Powell Campus Center           colors.                                                         ommends turning in your chili recipe as soon as possible
mailroom; also, final weekend schedules and tickets to            Blume expects Alumnipalooza to turn out well. The             to Jonna Anne, executive chef in the Powell Dining
the Tailgate 2001 and the Zero Year Reunion Party will          most exciting aspect perhaps will be performances from          Hall.
be available Oct. 5 at the Information Desk.                    bands composed of alumni.                                         Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at
  Friday’s events include a sports Hall of Fame ban-              Director of Student Activities Dan Napolitano is              the football game, so be sure to attend, and don’t forget
quet, a free showing of a Bill Pullman film, Performing         especially looking forward to Hollybrick Squares and            to invite your family and friends!
Arts’ The House of Blue Leaves, Pirate Theater and              the chili cook off. Hollybrick Squares is the Alfred ver-         If you would like to help with the homecoming com-
comedian Brad Lowery.                                           sion of Hollywood Squares. Nine AU faculty members              mittee, you can contact Blume via e-mail. Meetings are
  Saturday’s events include Alumnipalooza, the                  will appear in the front windows of the Brick, including        Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. in the Li’l Alf. It’s not too late
Tailgate 2001 party, an Alfred Saxons football game             Darryl Conte, assistant dean of students, and Lisa              to help out, and no experience is necessary. ❍
 September 25, 2001                                                   News / Features — Page 6                                                                             Fiat Lux

Alfred community gathers for candlelight vigil
             BY ASHLEY BRENON                                                                                                            The group nearly filled Academic Alley before
                  A & E EDITOR                                                                                                        stretching out in pairs and threes on the sidewalk in
                                                                                                                                      front of Bartlett, Cannon and Barresi Hall.
The Women’s Issues Coalition and Student                                                                                                 A few students noticed the silhouette of a
Senate led the community across campus from the                                                                                       woman in the third floor hall window of Barresi
paved courtyard outside of Powell Campus                                                                                              Hall. She held her palm to the glass as the group
Center’s second floor entrance to Hairpin Turn in                                                                                      passed by.
a candle light vigil at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept.                                                                                       Young, leading the group with Riena, recounted
12 to remember the victims of the World Trade                                                                                         the rush of emotion each felt as they looked back to
Center disaster and related events.                                                                                                   see the trail of candles and dim faces stretching out
   “The vigil provided an outlet for people to                                                                                        behind them.
grieve, come together and find solace in each                                                                                            Once at Hairpin, the group encircled nearly the
other,” said Angie Young, WIC president.                                                                                              entire mowed area.
   As the crowd of about 200 gathered and lit                                                                                            Laurie DeMott, the University’s Interfaith
their candles, a low murmur resounded. Young                                                                                          Advisor, introduced a moment of silence. “What
and Liz Reina, Student Senate president, stood on                                                                                     happened yesterday was real,” said DeMott. “But
the steps leading to Powell’s third floor entrance                                                                                    this light is real, too. This grass is real. We are real.
to address the group.                                                                                                                 Hold on to that,” she said.
   Young began with a welcome. The vigil, she                                                                                            After a few moments, Young thanked the partic-
said, served several purposes. Although the pri-                                                                                      ipants for showing their support and invited them
mary goal was to honor the victims, WIC and                                                                                           to stay at Hairpin as long as they liked.
Senate wanted to encourage students to find a                                                                                            While half of the crowd blew out their candles
few peaceful moments within the chaos of the past                                                  PHOTO BY PHOTO EDITOR CHUCK BRITT and drifted quietly off, the other half clustered into
several hours and support one another.               WIC and Student Senate sponsored a candlelight vigil the day after the attacks. small groups to sing or listen to solemn patriotic
Individually each candle creates a small light, she                                                                                   songs.
said, but together, they light up this whole place.           students look to each other to relight candles extin-                Young acknowledged the success of the event, while
   Reina, a New York City area resident, expressed her        guished by the breeze.                                            warning about the future.
gratitude to the Alfred community for their support dur-         A few students carried two or three candles to repre-             “I urge people to give blood, give clothing, give any-
ing this particularly difficult time. Several of her family   sent people that wanted to attend the vigil, but couldn’t.        thing they can to help the victims,” said Young. “It isn’t
members were in New York City at the time of the attack.         With the sound of shuffling feet rose voices in a small         over.” ❍
   Just before beginning the walk, Young suggested that       group singing “Amazing Grace.”

                                                                                PHOTO BY PHOTO EDITOR CHUCK BRITT
 Students wait their turn at the Red Cross blood drive. News of the terrorist attacks brought many would-be
 donors to the Knight Club.

Timeline of Terror Tuesday                                                                                                                                   PHOTO BY PHOTO EDITOR CHUCK BRITT

September 11 Events
                                                                                                                      Professor of Biology Brad Bowden certainly has something to smile
                                                                                                                      about: the Red Cross Blood Drive drew in so many students, donors had
                                                                                                                      to be turned away.
                                                              9:03 a.m. — A Boeing 767, United
                                                              Airlines Flight 175 from Boston,
                                                              crashes into the second tower of the         9:21 a.m. — The Port         9:43 a.m. — A hijacked Boeing
                                                              WTC. The flight has 56 passengers             Authority of NYC &           757, American Airlines Flight
                                                              and 9 crewmembers.                           NJ closes all bridges        77, crashes into the Pentagon.
                                                                                                           and tunnels in the           The plane has 58 passengers and
             8:45 a.m. — A hijacked Boeing 767,                                                            area.                        6 crewmembers.
             American Airlines Flight 11 out of
             Boston, crashes into the north tower                                                                               9:40 a.m. — The                          9:47 a.m. —
             of the World Trade Center. The                                                                                     FAA stops all flight                      Bush departs
             flight has 81 passengers and 11                                                                                     operations in the                        from Florida.
             crewmembers aboard.                                                                                                U.S. for the first
                                                                                                                                time in history.

 8 a.m.                                                                                   9 a.m.                                                        9:45 a.m. — The White
                                                                                                                                                        House is evacuated.
                                                                                                                     9:30 a.m. — President
                                                                                                                     Bush announces from
                                                                                                                     Sarasota, FL., “The coun-
                                                                                                                     try has suffered an appar-
                                                    9:17 a.m. — The FAA shuts down NYC airports.                     ent terrorist attack.”
 Fiat Lux                                                                    A & E — Page 7                                                     September 25, 2001

Performamces highlight faculty/staff talents
                                                                                                                      BY JALAL CLEMENS                  Guys and Dolls, as she seemed to
                                                                                                                           STAFF WRITER                 suffer from a mysterious ailment
                                                                                                                                                        that developed only during the
                                                                                                                  During the Faculty Recital put        piece and which kept the audi-
                                                                                                                  on by the Division of Performing      ence laughing.
                                                                                                                  Arts students and parents were           Adjunct Instructor in Music
                                                                                                                  shown, as is the case every year      Peter O’Connor delivered the
                                                                                                                  here at Alfred University, just       ever popular “Take Five” by Paul
                                                                                                                  how skilled the performing arts       Desmond which received hushed
                                                                                                                  faculty is.                           enthusiastic recognition as soon
                                                                                                                    The recital started out with a      as he began to play.
                                                                                                                  moving statement about the               A masterful performance was
                                                                                                                  week’s events by Chair of             also given by Becky Prophet,
                                                                                                                  Performing Arts Stephen Crosby        professor of theatre, that remi-
                                                                                                                  under a red white and blue light-     nisced quite a bit of some mother-
                                                                                                                  ing background which was fol-         in-laws. Prophet also recited a
                                                                                                                  lowed by a vibrant performance        short poem titled “Hug of War”
                                                                                                                  on the marimba by Edward              by Shel Silverstein in light of the
                                                                                                                  Wadin, director of bands.             terrorist acts of Tuesday, which
                                                                                                                    The guitar pieces played by         touched every person in the audi-
                                                                                                                  Adjunct Instructor in Music           ence and received a tremendous
                                                                                                                  Matthew Slotkin and Lecturer in       round of applause.
                                                                                                                  Music Ben Howard seem to send            The evening was topped off
                                                                                                                  the audience to another realm         with an excellent duet between
                                                                                                                  that was somewhere between            Buckwalter on the piano and
                                                                                                                  fantasy and reality.                  Wadin on the bassoon.
                                                                                                                    Associate Professor of Voice           Each piece that was played,
                                                                                                                  and Chorus Luanne Crosby,             sung and spoken in the recital
                                                                                                                  along       with      University      carried not only the faculty’s skill
                                                                                                                  Carillonneur Laurel Buckwalter        but also a great deal of their emo-
                                                                                                                  and Assistant Professor of            tions showing their love for their
                                                                                                                  Strings Lisa Lantz, delivered a       profession and their unity with
                                                                                          PHOTO BY LUIS VASQUEZ   beautiful piece by Strauss and        the audience as fellow Americans
Lecturer in Music Ben Howard performs on his guitar at the Faculty Recital in Holmes Auditorium. The event was    then followed up with the comic       following that week’s tragic
a part of the Family Weekend festivities.                                                                         piece “Adelaide’s Lament” from        events. ❍


Karamafil brings ethnic delights to Knight Club
   BY TIM INTHIRAKOTH                group.
         STAFF WRITER                   The trademark of the music
                                     was its liveliness and energy. At
The Alfred University student        one point during the concert,
body was exposed to a culture a      members of the audience
world away at SAB’s Sept. 15         sprang to their feet and began
Coffeehouse in the Knight Club.      to dance. Most of the initial
   The Balkan folk group             dancers were Bulgarian them-
Karamafil exhibited traditional      selves. They demonstrated the
music from various parts of          traditional dances and taught
Bulgaria and Macedonia.              other audience members who
   SAB member Mechele Evans          did not know the dances. Soon
said Karamafil actually was          people of all different back-
requested by a folk dance group      grounds joined in and danced
on campus to come and enter-         together around the room.
tain.                                   The concert showcased not
   The members of Karamafil          only Bulgarian and Macedonian
not only played traditional          music but their distinctive cul-
Balkan music, but also dressed       tures as well. People of
up in traditional Balkan cloth-      Bulgarian descent and non-
ing.                                 Bulgarian descent were able to
   In between the songs the          enjoy the performance equally.
group members took turns                Student Lacey Holmes felt
explaining certain stories the       “the concert was really educa-
songs were about and gave the        tional and informative as well as
audience members a bit of a          entertaining.”
music lesson as well. Audience          Karamafil successfully broke
members walked away with sto-        through cultural barriers and
ries of mothers giving their         gave the Knight Club audience
sons advice on love and names        quality entertainment at the                                                                                                     PHOTO BY LUIS VASQUEZ!
of some of the traditional musi-     same time. ❍                          Balkan folk group Karamafil exhibits traditional music and dress during their coffeehouse performance.
cal instruments used by the

                                                                                                1:04 p.m .— Bush speaks from Barksdale Air Force Base
                                                                                                in Louisiana, telling the nation that appropriate security            5:20 p.m. —
             10:05 a.m. — The         10:13 a.m .— The                                          measures have been taken. He asks the nation to pray                  Building 7 of
             south tower of the       UN is evacuated.        10:53 a.m. — NYC may-             for those killed and wounded in the attacks. He says,                 the WTC com-
             WTC collapses.                                   oral primary election is          “Make no mistake, the United States will hunt down and                plex collapses.
                                                              postponed.                        punish those responsible for these cowardly acts.”

 10 a.m.                                                                               11 a.m.        12 p.m.          1 p.m.        2 p.m.           3 p.m.       4 p.m.          5 p.m.
                                      10:28 a.m. — The WTC’s
   10:10 a.m. — A portion of          north tower collapses.
   the Pentagon collapses. A                                                                                                                                   4:10 p.m. — WTC
   Boeing      757.    United                                                                                            1:27 p.m. — Bush                      building    7    is
   Airlines Flight 93, crashes                                                                                           declares a state of                   reported on fire.
   in Somerset County, PA.                                                                                               emergency in D.C.
 September 25, 2001                                                        News — Page 8                                                                         Fiat Lux

…Binns-Merrill                      the PVG Center will hold some
                                    modern glass pieces as well as
                                                                         studios, but also to be able to
                                                                         show videos to students.”
                                                                                                              for example — will be back
                                                                                                              online by January. So by
                                                                                                                                                   …Bus Hijack
        CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE   pieces that show the technologi-     Binns-Merrill will give “us some     January, the art part of Binns-              CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE
                                    cal advances in glass.               enhanced capabilities in terms       Merrill will be fully up and run-
School of Ceramics with their          “Binns-Merrill will have a col-   of how we look at technology,”       ning,” he predicted.                 Pentagon and, now, the recent
needs or questions.                 lection of artists and engineers     Thompson believed.                      The opening of the building       hijacking.
   For this reason, Gordon said     working together. We’ll have           The opening will also allow        will have an affect on admis-           Junior Andrea Sanyshyn
Binns-Merrill Hall “will become     artistic displays as well as engi-   for the return of some ceramic       sions and on the communication       expressed concern about travel-
the headquarters of the College     neering displays. So, it will be     art programs that had to be cut      between the private and public       ing students, “You would think
[of Ceramics].”                     the focal point for the College of   during the remodeling. “We           sectors.                             less students and parents would
   The new technology being         Ceramics, which is unique in the     have not been able to offer as       Gordon said, “I think there are      be traveling in and out of Alfred
installed in the building will      country — if not the world —         many of the [Liberal Arts and        opportunities for growth both        by means other than driving
make it a high-tech, yet com-       where you have engineering           Sciences] pottery and sculpture      in our undergraduate as well as      themselves. People have to sec-
fortable, work environment.         and art together, which is nor-      courses — some of those cours-       graduate programs, particular-       ond guess if they do want to fly
   Air conditioning was installed   mally not the case,” noted           es that we do for students in the    ly if we can do a better job of      or take a bus.”
in Binns-Merrill Hall in the        Gordon.                              University community. We’re          combining our talents across            Overall, the students who
recent renovation, along with          “All of [the professors           really looking forward to being      the public and private sectors,      were interviewed seem to
state-of-the-art ventilation sys-   University-wide] are trying to       able to start offering those         which I think [President             express that they do feel safe at
tems that surpass health and        understand just what we can do       courses back again. That’s going     Charles Edmondson] has set           Alfred, regardless of Sunday
safety codes for the labs.          with this new technology and         to be a big change for us,”          out to do, and I’m all in favor of   night’s hijacking.
   Classrooms have all been ren-    how it will help us in our class-    remarked Thompson.                   it.”                                    Sanyshyn concluded by say-
ovated and equipped with the        rooms teaching,” said Varner.          As far as when Binns-Merrill          “We really think that what we     ing, “Alfred is still one of the
latest technology and quality       He cautioned, “you don’t want        Hall will be completely open, an     do here has to be aimed at our       safest places I could ever think
furniture. Left-handed students     to get side-tracked by the tech-     exact date is still up in the air.   future students as much as our       of being.” ❍
will appreciate new tables and      nology. You want to get to the         Varner said that it is starting    current students,” supported
chairs instead of the old seats     point where it really helps what     to open up, “not with all the        Thompson. That made admis-
that favored right-handed indi-
   Varner, who teaches classes
in microscopy, said that the way
                                    you’re trying to do.”
                                       Thompson agreed about the
                                    need and desire for new tech-
                                    nology. He said, “we have really
                                                                         technology in place … but the
                                                                         technology is going to be there
                                                                         very quickly.”
                                                                           Thompson named some goals
                                                                                                              sions, recruitment and reten-
                                                                                                              tion important issues in this
                                                                                                              renovation project.
                                                                                                                 The renovation of Binns-
the new labs are set up is going
to provide for a more effective
learning environment.
   For ceramic engineering and
materials science, there will be
                                    maximized our technology pro-
                                    files … in all of these facilities
                                    so that they are internet-con-
                                    nected. That will extend their
                                    capacity to be used not just as
                                                                         for when programs would
                                                                         begin. “Some of our sculpture
                                                                         facilities and some of our stu-
                                                                         dent spaces that are in the base-
                                                                         ment and subbasement — neon,
                                                                                                              Merrill Hall “benefits all of us;
                                                                                                              and at the end of the day, it ben-
                                                                                                              efits all of Alfred University,”
                                                                                                              observed Thompson. ❍
a few significant additions to
Binns-Merrill Hall. Gordon said
there will be an entire wing set
up for advanced X-ray diffrac-
tion research, headed by
Assistant       Professor      of
Materials      Science      Scott
   The       Schein        Joseph
International      Museum      of
Ceramic Art will have a tempo-
rary home for several years in
Binns-Merrill Hall while its per-
manent home in the vacant
building next to the Saxon Inn
is being remodeled.
   After the museum moves out
of Binns-Merrill Hall, the Paul
Vickers Glass Center will move
out of its temporary home in
Binns-Merrill Hall and take its
   Director     of     Statutory
Administration Carol Wood said
        Ms apaetePouto Gd!
         ut pes h rdcin os
               Fiat Lux:
 Fiat Lux                                                             A & E / Features — Page 9                                                  September 25, 2001
REVIEW                                                                                                            Record labels attempt to
                                                                                                                  thwart copying with software
AU produces eclectic CD                                                                                               BY MICHAEL LARSON
                                                                                                                            THE VISTA
                                                                                                                                                       recorded music in the U.S.,
                                                                                                                                                       blames piracy for a portion of
     BY MICHAEL TOPP                                                           Bari Koral is a female singer          U. CENTRAL OKLAHOMA              this loss.
   CIRCULATIONS MANAGER                                                     with a sweet voice that is sooth-                                             Hackers claimed to have
                                                                            ing even as she declares that         (U-WIRE) EDMOND, Okla. — Major       found a loophole in SafeAudio
The Student Activities Board                                                you’re going to “need me when         record labels have begun test-       and have written a program to
has just released the preview                                               I’m gone.” She has a pain in her      ing SafeAudio, a new product         counter it.
album of songs and performers to                                            voice      much      like    Alanis   designed to prevent music pira-         A     hacker      known       as
come to Alfred this fall semester.                                          Morissette, but somehow comes         cy, throughout Europe and the        DoMiN8toR from
   The disc, Routes, is a compila-                                          off more soothing and less angry.     United States.                       said, “Although SafeAudio is
tion of the musicians, poets and                                            It is a very nice track.                Hillary Rosen, president and       rather easy to bypass, I think
entertainers that will grace our                                               One of the funniest tracks is by   CEO of the Recording Industry        Macrovision can already market
campus.                                                                     Alfred’s own Unsuspected. This        Association of America (RIAA),       it as a success as it seems a lot
   The CD opens traditionally as                Alfred University           character, a.k.a. Greg Slingluff,     said, “Many in the music com-        of record companies have
The Gifted Children provide                          Routes                 has a lyrical ability that is quite   munity are concerned about the       adopted the technology.”
their interpretation of the AU                                              interesting and is showcased on       continued use of CD-Rs. Nearly          “Macrovision only exists
Alma Mater. It is a strange and                                             his track “A Haircut No More.”        one out of two customers sur-        because there are people like us
psychedelic sounding piece. The                                                He has a catchy and very           veyed downloaded music in the        that like to backup their music.
band is also on the second track       Acey is political and very spite-    memorable way of rapping. It is       past month, and nearly 70 per-       Thinking of that, they should be
with “Contact Lens Family              ful, yet with a wit and charm he     unlike anyone that is currently       cent burned the music they           very       happy     with      us,”
Tree” which has a scratchy sound       spouts his discontent. This is an    on the market. The only song I        downloaded.”                         DomiN8toR said.
to it and is incredibly short.         interesting poetry reading.          have ever heard close to his style      The      product’s      creator,      Hackers have also bypassed
   Track three is a mix by DJ            Beggarman       is   a    Dave     is “Shaniqua,” by little T. Don’t     Macrovision,           describes     several of Macrovision’s other
React. It has a nice beat, some        Matthews-sounding band with a        compare Unsuspected to other          SafeAudio as a software-based        products, which protect CD-
interesting sound effects and a        fun attitude. Madison Greene         emcees; he’s in a category all to     form of audio copy protection        ROMs and video games.
futuristic feel. There is a mix of     has a tribal sound with chanting     his own.                              for music on their corporate            When asked whether the
Limp Bizkit and cross fading of        and drumming, much like Rusted          Right after this newcomer to       web page.                            hacker’s bypass of SafeAudio
some of DJ Lethal’s pieces.            Root. Their song “Tribal Call”       the music scene and world of hip-       SafeAudio works by inserting       was illegal, Dr. Thomas Guild,
“Check, check, check. Check out        has a very nice beat and a rush of   hop is the godfather of the beat-     small distortions into commer-       attorney and associate profes-
my melody” This is one of the          energy. Track eight is a nice        box and sidekick to Slick Rick,       cial audio CDs. The company          sor      of     business,     said,
most dynamic melodies on the           Spanish song. It has an elegance     Doug E. Fresh. “Come Again” is        said these clicks and pops are       “Technology outstrips law. As
record.                                and sexy sound as Laura              a very energetic song where           inaudible.                           for legal or illegal, this is gray
   Poetry is also represented as       Fuentes y Calicanto sings a bal-     Fresh does call and response            These distortions trick the        area, and things could probably
Taalam Acey shouts the plight of       lad called “El Macetero.”            with the crowd. This is part of       CD recording software which is       go either way.”
black Americans and how in his           Track 11 is notable, as it is      his trademark and was show-           responsible for encoding MP3s           The “fair use” section of copy-
opinion “a college degree has          very upbeat. Big D and the Kid’s     cased when he performed here          or burning duplicate CDs into        right law says small segments
become too much of a commodi-          Table sing in a neo-punk manner      last January. It was a very cre-      thinking the disk has been dam-      of books, periodicals, and musi-
ty.” On track four he speaks of        a very lively song, “Can’t be        ative way to end the album.           aged, causing it to abort the        cal compositions may be repro-
underprivileged gloating while         Caught.” It has the vigor of            If you want to know what is        process.                             duced for personal use or educa-
the poor struggle to succeed and       youth and rebellion that many        happening on campus, pick up a          The dollar value of all shipped    tional use.
are unable to help each other.         would find very moving.               copy of Routes, SAB’s newest          music products dropped from             Mark Hanebutt, associate
                                                                            CD with tracks from great per-        $6.2 billion at mid-year 2000 to     professor of journalism and an
                                                                            formers that will be in Alfred        $5.9 billion at mid-year 2001 —      attorney, said fair use involves

   S K Y D I V E                                                            soon.
                                                                               It is available at the
                                                                            Information Desk in Powell
                                                                                                                  a 4.4 percent decrease.
                                                                                                                    The number of total units
                                                                                                                  shipped during the same period
                                                                                                                                                       only excerpts, and not the full
                                                                                                                                                          “If you want another copy of
                                              TANDEM                        Campus Center. Even if you            decreased by 9.4 percent.            the CD, you’d better go buy it,”
                                                                            don’t like all the music on the CD      The RIAA, which represents         he said.
                                                                            I’m sure you will find at least a     over 700 record labels, and             Jason Hood, senior social
                                                                            few tracks to be enjoyable. ❍         whose members manufacture or         studies education major, said
                                                                                                                  distribute over 90 percent of        that he owns nearly 300 store-
                                             Finger Lakes                                                                                              bought CDs.
                                                                                                                                                          “I like to create my own CDs
                                                Skydivers                   SPRING BREAK INSANITY!                                                     and do my own mixes for my
                                                                                                                    own personal use. I’m only
                                     607-869-5601 or 1-800-SKYDIVE          WWW.INTERCAMPUS.COM OR                                                     doing it for my own enjoyment.
                                                                                                                                                       It goes for my use alone.
                                                                                CALL 1-800-327-6013                                                       “As long as I continue to buy
                                                                                                                                                       my own CDs, I should be able to
                                                                               GUARANTEEED LOWEST                                                      enjoy my music how I want to,”
                                                                                                                                                       he said.
                                                                                      PRICES!                                                             The technology also bars con-
                                                                                                                                                       sumers who purchased MP3
                                                                            FIFTEEN YEARS EXPERIENCE!                                                  players from converting their
                                                                                                                                                       CDs into the digital form
                                                                            WANTED: REPRESENTATIVES                                                    required for playback.
                                                                                                                                                          James Murati, junior history
                                                                            AND ORGANIZATIONS, EARN                                                    and photography major, said, “I
                                                                                                                                                       think the record industry is
                                                                                     TOP $$$                                                           going too far to protect its
                                                                                                                                                       ‘copyright.’ In an age of technol-
                                                                                                                                                       ogy, it’s hard to make sure the
                                                                                                                                                       Fair Use Act is enforced, but
                                                                                WANTED for                                                             you’ve got to give the consumer
                                                                                                                                                       the benefit of the doubt.”
                                                                                                                                                          Matt Fondren, sophomore
                                                                            2001/2002 FALL/WIN-                                                        music major, said, “I don’t care,
                                                                                                                                                       I can get my music from the
                                                                                                                                                       Internet anyway.”
                                                                                TER SEASON                                                                “We used to take records, dub
                                                                                                                                                       them into mix tapes and throw
                                                                                                                                                       them in our car stereos,” Hood
                                                                                 Dance Instructors &                                                   said.
                                                                                                                                                          “I don’t see how this is any
                                                                                                                                                       different.” ❍
                                                                             Must be 17 years of age to
                                                                            Apply at:                                                                        Lux
 September 25, 2001                                                               Fun — Page 10                                                                              Fiat Lux

                                         Fiat Fun Page                         EXPLODING with fun!!!

David helps out campus Shopping is scary                                                                                  Observations
                                                                                                                                                              ing, and when asked to dance
                                                                                                                                                              (and I truly hate to dance), I
                                       much you can do. I guess you’re                                                        on
 W h a t                               unlucky to be paired with someone       Dear Insecure: I think it’s fair to say
                                                                                                                                                              could say, “Sorry, miss, but I’ve
 w o u l d                             so inconsiderate who’s clearly          that this girl dislikes you, but how            stuff                          got no feet. Can’t dance on
                                                                                                                                                              stumps, you know!” rather
                                       never been taught to compromise.        can you say that you don’t know
 David Do?                                                                                                                                                    than, “Sorry, miss, but I’m
                                       Buy some earplugs, and get to           why? She’s jealous! I don’t know                 BY KYLE TOROK
                                       sleep when you feel like it.            whether she wants him back or                   CAMPUS OBSERVER                    Shoe stores have a special
    BY DAVID FOGELMAN                     I think you should agree with        not, but she definitely wants his
                                                                                                                                                              section for size 14 and over —
       ADVICE   COLUMNIST              his stance, but don’t tiptoe around     attention, and right now you have
                                                                                                                         I truly hate shopping for            Freak Town, I call it — which
                                       like he owns the place, though. If      most of it. First, you need to make                                            are all coincidentally reject
Dear David: I live in a freshman       the room is half his, then the other    sure he knows how you feel about                                               shoes. They’re the dorky all-
                                                                                                                            We’re four weeks into the
residence hall, and I’m having a       half is yours. Don’t forget that. If    him.                                      school year, so by now we’re fin-    white cross-trainers your father
problem with my inconsiderate          he’s entitled to watch the news at        Next, it’s important to remem-          ished with the “back to school”      wears, only twice as big. I’ve
roommate, and I could use your         midnight, why can’t you watch at        ber not to respond to her hatred          fashion show: people strutting       tried them on before, and they
advice.                                7:30 in the morning? Also, he’s         with anger of your own. If she’s          around in their new boots,           feel a lot like moon boots.
   He doesn’t have his first class      made it clear that you should both      hateful and mean, and he no longer        skirts, shirts, sweaters, jeans      They’re heavy and awkward,
till way after me, and my first         be able to do what you want in          dates her, that should tell you that      and so forth.                        which makes it difficult to walk,
class of the day is usually at 8:20    your room. I think you should pick      he values more even-tempered                 I did not participate in this     turn or even fall over. I don’t
a.m., and I try to wake up by 7:30     up some new hobbies, like building      women as romantic interests. Let          year’s      school       shopping    know how Shaquille O’Neal
for breakfast. He doesn’t really       model cars, Tae Bo, or a musical        her continue to be mean to you            escapades, and I never plan to       manages to move in his shoes,
have too much homework, either,        instrument. The tuba seems like a       while you continue not to react,          again. For me, it’s a very painful   but I bet it has something to do
so he’s constantly watching televi-    good choice.                            and things will work out fine.             experience. So painful, in fact,     with not being a skinny geek. I
sion.     Between      the    news,                                                                                      that I am not going on to gradu-     should try that sometime.
SportsCenter, and Nick at Nite,        Dear David: I’m having a problem        Interesting Quote of the Week:            ate school, simply to avoid              Depressing as that special
he’s always watching till at least 1   with my boyfriend, and I need           “The difference between ‘involve-         “back to school” shopping.           section is, I actually prefer it to
a.m., and usually much later. I        your help. He is still very friendly    ment’ and ‘commitment’ is like an            That’s the excuse I gave my       asking clerks for assistance.
need my sleep, so I’ve asked him to    with his ex-girlfriend, and I’m not     eggs-and-ham breakfast: the               parents, and so far, it seems to         “Excuse me, but do you have
wear headphones or turn off the        jealous at all. It’s just that she      chicken was ‘involved’ — the pig          have worked. Suckers.                this in a size 14?” I ask the
tube, but he says that I can’t tell    really doesn’t like me, and she         was ‘committed’.”                            You see, I am proportioned        clerk.
him what to do because “he’s pay-      makes little effort to hide it. She’s              — Unknown                      much like a giraffe: long, skinny        “A size … 14?” he replies
ing for half the room.” I’m really     always very cold and rude to me,                                                  arms and legs, small torso, six-     nervously. “Ha … ha ha … uh,
at a loss. What should I do?           and I don’t know why. I don’t want      David Fogelman’s “What Would              foot long neck and a big, fat        yeah, just let me go back in the
—Always Tired                          to force him to choose between us,      David Do?” column is a regular            head. Now, add size 14 feet, and     stock room and check. Heh.”
                                       because he thinks very highly of        feature in the Fiat Lux. Questions        you’ve got an accurate idea of           Then, I wait around until I
Dear Always Tired: It always makes     her, but I really don’t like her, and   can be sent to him by e-mail at           my body shape. As you might          hear he and his cronies laughing
me sad to hear when someone            she makes me very uncomfort-   or at Powell          imagine, clothing such a freak-      raucously, or I see the door
comes to college and has room-         able. How can I deal with her?          Box 759. ❍                                ish body is a difficult task. Each   open a crack, and see several
mate trouble. There’s really not       —Insecure and Mad as Hell                                                         trip to mall clothiers and shoe      eyes watching me anxiously.
                                                                                                                         stores are painful and harrow-           “Check it out, Thad, that’s
                                                                                                                         ing, full of rejection and sales     the guy who wants size 14

                                Fiat Funnies                                                                             clerks’ cruel, mocking laughter.
                                                                                                                            I can never hit the discount
                                                                                                                         racks when I shop. I learned
                                                                                                                                                              shoes. What should I tell him?”
                                                                                                                                                                  “Why can’t he shop at some
                                                                                                                                                              Freak Town with the other sub-
                                                                                                                         quite early that those clothes       humans, and leave us in peace?”
 Desperation                                                                           Mike Hansen, CCI                  are for “normal” people. I need          Sometimes clerks are insult-
                                                                                                                         a 34” inseam, so pants with a        ing right to my face. That’s why
                                                                                                                         32” inseam would only serve me       I always steer clear of sporting
                                                                                                                         when I’m rafting down the            goods stores. A clerk once sug-
                                                                                                                         Mississippi with Huck, and           gested that — no joke — if I
                                                                                                                         Aunt Polly ain’t about to let        was dissatisfied with their
                                                                                                                         that happen again.                   selection of moon boot-grade
                                                                                                                            Buying pants was very frus-       cross-trainers, I should try the
                                                                                                                         trating until I stopped growing.     snowshoe or canoe depart-
                                                                                                                         Like computer software, my           ments. I might find something
                                                                                                                         pants would be outdated every        there to fit my needs. Of course,
                                                                                                                         few months, and I’d need to          I had a witty and scathing reply
                                                                                                                         upgrade. In high school, it          loaded and ready, and let him
                                                                                                                         seems like I was shopping for        have it: “Shut up, I hate you!”
                                                                                                                         pants every week. The clerks             The other suggestion I got
                                                                                                                         must have thought I had some         from a clerk was to drive to the
                                                                                                                         weird obsession.                     nearest clown college and see if
                                                                                                                            “Check it out, Thad, there’s      they could hook me up with
                                                                                                                         that guy with the pants addic-       some shoes. I was insulted, of
                                                                                                                         tion. What should I tell him?”       course, but I checked it out any-
                                                                                                                            “Why can’t he just get that       way. And I must say, despite
                                                                                                                         monkey off his back?”                the minimal traction, the eye-
                                                                                                                            I especially hate shopping        jarring red color and the
                                                                                                                         for shoes. Ohh, shoes, my eter-      squeakers in the toes, these are
                                                                                                                         nal nemesis! I am of the firm        the most comfortable shoes I
                                                                                                                         belief that I would generally be     have ever owned.
                                                                                                                         better off without feet, anyway:         Now if only I could get the
                                                                                                                         I could ride around on a Lark,       stilt-walking Uncle Sam to hook
                                                                                                                         park my car closer to any build-     me up with some pants. ❍

                       Fraternities • Sororities                                                                         If you cross your eyes
                       Clubs • Student Groups                                                                             and stare really hard
Earn $1,000-$2,000 this semester with the easy                                                                             at the Fiat, you can three hour fundraising event. Does
not involve credit card applications. Fundraising dates are                                                               see pretty pictures...
filling quickly, so call today! Contact                                                                         ❍
at (888) 923-3238, or visit
                                                                                                                             (or just get a big headache...)
  Fiat Lux                                                                       A & E — Page 11                                                 September 25, 2001

Geggy takes you Into the Oh

Perhaps one of the more musically
compelling         albums       since
Radiohead’s Kid A is one that
could slip by unnoticed in the back-
   Geggy Tah’s Into the Oh is an
amalgam of lush soundscapes and
faraway vocals that create an
almost transcendent mood for the                    Geggy Tah
listener.                                          Into the Oh
   After an opening of the percus-                 EMD/Virgin
sive and spoken word “Goodnight
to the Machine,” the disc gets          and electronic effects that mask its
going with the up tempo “One            true message. The great question
Zero.” An understated electronica       of the meaning of life is pondered
beat underscores the theme of the       in the lines: “Do you know why we
lure of computers and all things        all are here?/Is it to love or live in
digital.                                fear of/all of the bad.”
   “Holly Oak” is a soothing lyrical       Ideas of whether we will be
journey about the changes that          remembered when we are gone
occur over time, both in humans         are addressed in “Special
and in oak trees: “We carved our        Someone.” Vocalist Tommy Jordan
names/Forever eternity/But as           asks, “Can you camp and leave no
our hearts/And names distort/As         trace?” while also pondering the
the oak grows.”                         question of ever finding that “spe-
   The disc is styled to be easy-lis-   cial someone.”
tening, as the music is relaxing and       “Sweat” is a strong, pulsating
can easily slip into the background     beat with seductive lyrics. With
of a situation.                         the lines “Sweat is the perfume of
   Yet Into the Oh’s greatest power     lovers/Sweat is the best perfume,”
is derived when the listener is able    what is normally a pungent scent is
to sit back and simply contemplate      seen in a more positive light.
the album.                                 The theme of love of continued
   The general feel of the CD           in “Love is Alone,” when ideas of
reminds the listener of an informal     love and loneliness are considered.
conversation with friends over a        Eventually, love pervades all, as
cup of coffee: laid-back and relax-     “Love        is     deeper       than
ing, yet forceful at the same time.     loneliness/Love is nature at its
   Yes, beneath its calm grooves        best.”
Into the Oh does contain gripping          Geggy Tah consists of Jordan,
lyrical messages.                       Greg Kurstin on the piano and var-
   In “Dumb Submarine” the ques-        ious electronic instruments and
tion is asked, “If this is the age      Pamelia Stickney on bass and
of/Communication/How come I             theremins. Many songs are writ-
feel lost/In isolation?”                ten solely by Jordan, with Kurstin
   The flourishing melodies and          collaborating on a few.
thoughtful vocals of the song com-         Into the Oh is the third effort
bine to paint a scene of a mind         from Geggy Tah. Earlier albums
alone, which eventually discovers       include Sacred Cow and their                                                                                     PHOTO BY PHOTO EDITOR CHUCK BRITT
that “two is devotion.”                 debut, the aptly titled Grand            Hilby performs for the Harder Hall audience. The juggler and acrobat appeared on campus as part of the
   “Space Heater” features a lay-       Opening. ❍                               events scheduled for Parents’ Weekend.
ered sound of percussion, piano
 September 25, 2001                                          WALF Program Guide — Page 12                                                                          Fiat Lux

WALF Fall 2001 Program Guide            the best mainstream out there.      A fruitful mix of jazz, funk,       al discussion on world matters
          Monday                                                            fusion and all that lies in         that influence life on campus.              12:00a.m.—2:00a.m.
                                               12:15pm—2:15pm               between. Just sit back and get                                                Andrew Connelly & Miguel
                                                  Mike Hansen               ready to feel the groove.                 10:15a.m.—12:15p.m.                         Gonzalez
      8:00 a.m.—10:15a.m.                    “Unbalanced Chemicals”                                                         Gabe Fersch                      “Caga! O Reventa!”
          Melissa Mayo                  Obese techno music and random              2:15p.m.—4:00p.m.                    "Extra Virgin Radio"         With its twin heart resting in
       “Random Eclectica”               techno rock mixed together,                   Miles Nielsen             I will dive into the world of new    both England and Spain, Caga!
Don’t make any predictions              baked, then seasoned with                   “Seal of Ramilon”           (virgin, if you will) music,         O Reventa! lives up to its name
about this show, because you            alterna-geek rock.                  Music that skips your mind over     exploring a great many genres.       and explodes over the radio fill-
never know what I’m going to                                                the universe but never forgets      A large focus of the show will be    ing the air with the sweet smell
play. Your only choice is to tune              2:15p.m.—4:00p.m.            to bring you back.                  new blues, folk, and jazz.           of cool music and crazy talking.
in and find out!                                  Casey Lumbra                                                  However, new rock and pop will       So, listen and hear music like no
                                         Punk-Rocking, Ska-Listening Fun          4:00p.m.—6:00p.m.             not be ignored.                      other!
     10:15a.m.—12:15p.m.                               Hut                          Charles Robinson
    Jamie Kern & Sarah Glynn            A tribute to underground punk             “Grooves and Flow”                  12:15p.m.—2:15p.m.
          “Eclecticism”                 and ska and a chance for anyone     This show is an eclectic mix of              Nicholas McGaw
The name says it all. A wide            to bring in some music to listen    music styles which will vary                    “Nix Pix”                          Friday
variety of today’s music.               to on the air.                      weekly.                             Both kinds of music: rock and
                                                                                                                roll. Imagine if we lived in a
        12:15p.m.—2:15p.m.                     4:00p.m.—6:00p.m.                  6:00p.m.—8:00p.m.             world where music didn’t suck.             8:00a.m.—10:15a.m.
        Paul “Archibald” Hill               Jessica Smith & Kate Reilly         Matt Doty & Erin Berkey         Underground rock from yester-                   Steve Frost
       “Locals and Vocables”             “Hear Where the Sidewalk Ends”       “Music for the Working Class”     day, today and tomorrow.                 “Aural Pleasure Phase B”
If it’s local and good, I’ll spin it.   Pinch your ears. Look down at       A show focusing on spankin’                                              You turn on the radio, and sud-
If it’s native / indigenous music,      the ground, enter a sonically-      good music.                                2:15p.m.—3:15p.m.             denly you feel strangely
I’ll spin it.                           envisioned journey of techno,                                                    Dan Napolitano              attracted to headlights. Aural
                                        world, Broadway and jazz wob-              8:00p.m.—10:00p.m.               “Joe's Blue Plate Special”       Pleasure will play only the best
      2:15p.m.—4:00p.m.                 bling through the wonders of           Kat Kevett & Justin Packard      Joe’s Blue Plate Special is a syn-   random indie, pop, punk and
Maurice Myrie & Matthew Williams        radiowave.                                  “100% Radio Bliss”          dicated show that features           techno. We don’t like cowboys.
           “Seawalk”                                                        The show that requires protec-      interviews and music; then, the
We will open the many great                    6:00p.m.—8:00p.m.            tion, lubricant and a whole lotta   show will feature chart toppers.           10:15a.m.—12:15p.m.
minds in the Alfred Community                      Luis Vasquez             lovin’. Download this into your                                                     Seth Perkins
to rap, hip-hop, R&B and reg-              “The Drowned World Show”         spank bank, because you won’t                  3:15-4pm                       “The Electric Show v2.0”
gae music.                              DJ Luis playing the best of         want to forget it.                  Dan Napolitano, Justin Packard &     The Electric Show returns with
                                        underground techno and elec-                                                     Nathan Empie                its mix of rock, classical and
        4:00p.m.—6:00p.m.               tronica influenced beats, to cre-        10:00p.m.—12:00a.m.                 “College Music News”            alternative combined with
          Brandon Schmitt               ate a jukebox of songs that will      Sarah Guariglia & Patti Piersa                                         prizes (i.e., Silly Putty) and
           “The Yule Log”               drown your world and then take              “Diverse Origins”                                                brief glimpses into the human
It’s like Christmas, but better.        you to outer space.                 One cup folk, two tablespoons            4:00p.m.—6:00p.m.               condition. It is a mood roller
                                                                            Disney, a pinch of out-of-this-             Emily Hellman                coaster with the sexiest voice
      6:00p.m.—8:00p.m.                      8:00p.m.—10:00p.m.             world. Mix well and bake at              “The Wilted Carrot”             that is sure to rock your world.
      Anthony Francescutti                       Colin Kelley               89.7 degrees. Sprinkle with         Cacophonous fun for nerds like
        “DJ Dagosmurf”                  Show format TBA                     new music and serve.                me.                                        12:15p.m.—2:15p.m.
From Oakenfold to OLP, Tea                                                                                                                                      Jalal Clemens
Party to Tiesto, I got you cov-                10:00p.m.—12:00a.m.                12:00a.m.—2:00a.m.                                                       “Preternatural Radio”
ered. DJ Dagosmurf comin’ at                   Sommer Xavier Foster                    Ethan Kaye                      6:00p.m.—8:00p.m.             Every week a different set of
ya! You know where it’s at,                       “Radio Terrorism”                “Under the Covers”            Tracy Young & Justin Caccamise      music will be played from all
Baby!                                   A demented blend of punk rock,      Two hours of nothing but covers                “Panacea”                 over the world and from all dif-
                                        psychobilly, rockabilly, surf,      songs. Yep, the only things I       The definition of panacea is a       ferent genres. Also, there will
     8:00p.m.—10:00p.m.                 trash, new wave, garage and         play are songs performed by         cure-all. We are the cure-all of     be a quote of the week, lots of
        Scott Sabatino                  more! Pure unadulterated rawk       one band but written by anoth-      music for everyone.                  prizes for listeners, and so much
Show format TBA                         ‘n’ roll.                           er. Hear some of your favorite                                           entertainment you’ll want to go
                                                                            songs recorded in a strange,              8:00p.m.—10:00p.m.             to the bathroom before the
     10:00p.m.—12:00a.m.                     12:00a.m.—2:00a.m.             new way or be shocked when               Chris Sabato & Ben Lee          show starts so you don’t miss a
           Tyler Case                         Lamya A. Forghany             you find out that your favorite      “Sabato-Sabato and DJ Jazzy Ben     single minute. Check out the
 “The Loneliest Man in America”                "Abattaboogah"               band did not write their big hit                  Lee”                   posters in the WALF studio
A two-hour journey through the          Wide    variety    of   music.      song. Hell, you can learn a lot     From Toto to Motley Crue,            window every week to see the
twisted mind of a man suffering         Requests taken, and there will      about music just by listening for   Nena to Oingo Boingo, and            theme for the coming show and
from too little sex, too much           be special appearances and          two hours! Hear rarer covers        Quiet Riot to Iggy Pop, if you’re    tune
bourbon and other psychologi-           comedy bits.                        and stuff you never thought         in the mood for the best of the      in for a preternatural experi-
cal problems as expressed                                                   possible! Did you know that         eighties Sabato-sabato has been      ence.
through music.                                                              Heart                (remember      spinnin’ the best of the Madd
                                                                            “Barracuda?”) covered Led           Radd eighties for four years                2:15p.m.—4:00p.m.
      12:00a.m.—2:00a.m.                      Wednesday                     Zeppelin’s       “Battle       of   now. With DJ Jazzy Ben Lee at           Eric Schwan & Terry Conrad
 Gina Vezzola & Emily Mishalanie                                            Evermore?”        Or that the       his side, this duo cranks out              “La Belle Heaulmiere”
          “The G-Spot”                                                      Ramones covered Tom Waits?          your        favorite       tunes     Independent musicians that
We will open you up to new                     8:00a.m.—10:15a.m.           Or that the Bangles didn’t write    from those totally tubular           have a creative twang that will
music that brings your listening                   John Dietrich            their hit “Manic Monday?”           1980s. Tune in for weird and         cheer your heart and soothe
pleasure to new heights.                           “It’s All BS!”           (Prince did, go figure) It’s all    wild mindless banter wrapped         your soul. It’s powerful stuff.
                                        Mostly Bruce Springsteen and        here on Under the Covers!           up with the best of Def
                                        some Bob Seger and any other                                            Leopard, Culture Club and your              4:00p.m.—6:00p.m.
          Tuesday                       musicians or songs with the ini-           2:00a.m.—4:00a.m.            favorites.                                      Tara Rosado
                                        tials BS.                                      Sophie Gublo                                                              Goth Radio
                                                                                   Late Night with Sofus              10:00p.m.—12:00a.m.            Playing a well blend of gothic,
       8:00a.m.—10:15a.m.                    10:15a.m.—12:15p.m.            It’s very simple. Two to three:                 Kyle Torok               industrial, synth pop and Hard
               TBA                                John Dunphy               punk, three to four: techno.               “THE GEEK SQUAD”              house.
                                          “The John Dunphy Experience”                                          Rejoice, dorks! Rejoice geeks,
     10:15a.m.—12:15p.m.                The show’s goal is not only to                                          losers, CHUDS and Morlocks!                 6:00p.m.—8:00p.m.
        Joseph Fruhman                  provide the listeners with quali-                                       The Geek Squad is here, with                    Lila Balliett
   “Joey 2 Skipz Weekly Spot”           ty programming but to also give             Thursday                    the best in geek rock, power                   “Patchwork”
Two hours of solid modern               them an opportunity to hear                                             pop, and emo to combat the           There is music to fit every
music. Tune in for the best up-         music from all over the world                                           legions of robot mooks. There's      mood. If you’re happy, you may
and-coming music along with             that has rarely been played on            8:00a.m.—10:15a.m.            a place where you can untuck         need Phish, and when you’re
                                        commercial radio.                      Merlin Bello & Robert Grier      your shirt, drink your Tang, and     sad, Fiona’s better.     When
                                                                                         “All One”              declare your THAC0 with              you’re pumped up, Weezer’s got
                                              12:15p.m.—2:15p.m.            We’ll have a variety of music       pride, and that place is ... the     you covered. And when you’re
                                                    Ben Huff                with the intention of supporting    Geek Squad.                          mellow, Neil Young knows. But
                                                 “The Jazz Mop”             diversity, including an occasion-                                        when they’re all together, you

    WALF 89.7 FM: the 210-watt
blowtorch serving your rural sprawl!
 Fiat Lux                                                WALF Program Guide — Page 13                                                    September 25, 2001
                                                                        latest hip-hop, R&B and with                 “Pure Kaine”                     2:15p.m.—4:00p.m.
                                                                        special days dedicated to our      After my recent scone OD inci-                  Mike Mroz
                                                                        Caribbean family on campus.        dent, we’ve cancelled that por-      “EZ Listening with DJ Emotions”
                                                                                                           tion of our show.         We’ve     Similar to SNL “Quiet Storm”
                                                                                 2:15p.m.—4:00p.m.         dropped the FATMAN, and now         with some music from other
                                                                                      Ryan Love            we’re running lean. We’re back,     countries and other stuff.
                                                                                   “R. Love Rock”          so brace yourself for an aggres-
                                                                        If it’s rock, it’s on the air.     sive assault of our music mix.             4:00p.m.—6:00p.m.
                                                                                                           We run the range from Iron                      Scott Israel
                                                                                4:00p.m.—6:00p.m.          Maiden, Black Sabbath, Pearl                  “Audio-Stipple”
                                                                             Laura Schreffler & Melissa    Jam, Bruce Cockburn and you         Rock from the Beatles through
                                                                                    Cavagnaro              have been warned!                   Hendrix and the Doors to the
                                                                           “Through the Looking Glass”                                         Gorillaz.
                                                                        Upbeat music peppered with               2:00a.m.—4:00a.m.
                                                                        little-known tracks to expose               Mike Costello                     6:00p.m.—8:00p.m.
                                                                        Alfred to big beats.                       “The Scrapyard”                         Adam Dahl
                                                                                                           Nothing but metal.                        “The Monkeywrench”
                                                                                                                                               Mostly late 80s to mid-90s rock,
     We are the sound of AU!                                                  6:00p.m.—8:00p.m.
                                                                                Rachel Maldonado
                                                                                 “Random Radio”
                                                                                                                                               old school stuff, indie rock, local
                                                                                                                                               music from around my home
couldn’t feel any better than                                           A very assorted selection from              Sunday                     town and just random of-the-
when you’re wrapped up in that                                          Broadway to Blink 182, classical                                       wall stuff. Loud and heavy,
patchwork quilt.                                                        and Eminem. Anything goes!                                             kinda like your mom.
                                            Saturday                    The format changes from song              8:00a.m.—10:15am
       8:00p.m.—10:00p.m.                                               to song. I never know what I’ll             Amanda Piering                  8:00p.m.—10:00p.m.
            Ted Forsyth                                                 play next, and so neither will            “Almost Everything”                Lisa Rosa & TJ Davis
      “Arbitrary Multiplicity”             8:00a.m.—10:15a.m.           you!                               You’ll hear lots of pop and rock          “Radio Free Alfred”
If you like head(s) (Radio,             Jen Shuler & Aaron Hydrick                                         from all around the world. Get      Pop, punk and ska: past and
Talking, Propeller, or Zebra)                   “Enigma”                      8:00p.m.—10:00p.m.           ready!                              present.
and an ocassional visit from        Soft, hard, smooth, slick, sexy,               Joshua Arzt
Leon Phelps, then listen to my      intense, rhythmic, current and            “Rock On Scary Show”             10:15a.m.—12:15p.m.                   10:00p.m.—12:00a.m.
show. I promise to take your        vintage,      mysterious      and   6 years old and counting, pro-                 Liz Clark                 Craig Pecchia & Jeff Povelaites
requests and do my part for the     renowned. Now that you know         viding the best in rock since          “Mink, Monk and Punk”              “Povie and Pex Power Hour”
AU community by keeping you         what we’re about, check us out!     1996.                              The music format will change        A phantasmic blend of the melo-
entertained as long as possible                                                                            weekly, but keep an eye out for     dious sounds from the days of
within my 2 hour slot! I like             10:15a.m.—12:15p.m.                  10:00p.m.—12:00a.m.         themes such as the David Bowie      long hair and rebellion, to the
rock, alt, and various ditties.        Zach Northrup & Ryan Arlint       Aaron Bissonnette & Sean Seeley   Marathon and ‘80s Appreciation      imperialistic creativity of the
                                      “Flugon Brothers Radio Show”                  “Re-entry”             Week.                               musical masterminds of today.
      10:00p.m.—12:00a.m.           Remember the Super Mario            It’s the post-party pre-recovery
  Steve Harriger & Nate Sherman     Brothers’ cartoon show on           show. Tape it and wake up to it          12:15p.m.—2:15p.m.                  12:00a.m.—2:00a.m.
              “Yut!”                Saturday mornings? It’s like        with your orange juice the next       Dave Streib & Krista Carlson               Jake Amoroso
Simply everything. Pop, alter-      that, only without King Koopa       morning. Did you know metal                    “Jazzmin”                “Disenchanted Tales of the Deep”
native, rock, loud and outta con-   and Princess Toadstool.             and hardcore is just as good as    60% jazz based show that fea-       Perhaps you’ve never heard
trol.                                                                   calcium? Get your weekend          tures an informative, intellectu-   galaxy-class sound, too impres-
                                          12:15p.m.—2:15p.m.            dose.                              al look at the relationship         sive to carry the pet name
      12:00a.m.—2:00a.m.                      Sherri Jones                                                 between all types of music.         “music,” but your ways must
              TBA                             “Hot Beats”                    12:00a.m.—2:00a.m.                                                BE INVERTED!
                                    Blazing the hot sounds of the        Dan Heaton & Mark Longolucco

   Fall 2001 semester WALF schedule
 September 25, 2001                                                            Greeks — Page 14                                                                               Fiat Lux

                                                          Greek Life
      ΑΚΟ ∗ ΑΧΡ ∗ ∆ΣΦ ∗ ∆Ζ ∗ KLAN ∗ ΚΨΥ ∗ ΚΣ ∗ ΛΧΑ ∗ ΘΘΧ ∗ ΣΑΜ ∗ ΣΧΝ ∗ ΖΒΤ

Greeks respond
       BY JUDY TSANG                   following the attacks on the World
        EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                Trade Center and the Pentagon.
                                           The money raised from this
There is no way any one could          canning will be donated to the Red
have said the tragic Terrorist         Cross, specifically in Wellsville.
Tuesday did not affect the Alfred      Honti will request that all the
community, and especially not the      donations raised be sent directly
Greek houses of AU.                    to New York City.
    As events unraveled that day,          “We’ve gotten a lot of money,
AU fraternities and sororities         and I’m very surprised,” Honti
showed their support and concern       expressed. She explained that
by “aiding the counseling services,    usually there is more loose change
helping to direct students to assis-   for this sort of fundraiser, but
tance, offering to assist in any-      there were a lot of dollar bills,
thing [the University] needed,         some even $5 bills, in the cans.
especially … with manual labor,”           There has been a great cooper-
InterGreek       Council     Public    ation among the businesses, the
Relations Chair Brian E. Tibbens       AKO sisters and the donators.
listed.                                Honti described the attitudes of
    The already scheduled blood        all those involved as very positive
drive that day also drew in a lot of   and helpful.
Greek support as brothers and sis-         “All the sisters have been very                                                                                                PHOTO BY JASON PILARZ
ters arrived at the Knight Club        positive as well, everyone is pitch-      Brothers of Delta SigmaPhi fraternity show their patriotism following the recent terrorist attacks. Soon after
ready to donate blood, helping to      ing in and doing their part,              news of the attacks broke, these flags were displayed at their house.
push the donation supply over the      whether it is putting out the cans
quota.                                 or picking up the money,” she said.     for an emergency food drive.           change in plans after it was            fears and concerns,” Case said in
    Tibbens also pointed out that          The last day to place money in         “We have done a lot of food dri-    announced that the city has more        regards to his fraternity’s contri-
the Greek support didn’t stop          these cans was this past Sunday,        ves in the past,” Tyler Case,          food than they can handle.              butions.
there. Greek houses continued          and as of Saturday, AKO has             Lambda’s fraternity educator              Instead, the food will be donat-         Lambda is currently trying to
their efforts in the days following    raised nearly $400.                     explained. “We have the supplies       ed locally. Case pointed out “there     get in touch with alumni in the
to aid fellow Americans.                   “It’s a good chunk of money         and we know how to [operate the        are always hungry people.”              New York City area, especially
    The sisters of Alpha Kappa         raised by a sorority,” Honti said.      drive].”                                  Lambda has collected about a         after discovering that one brother
Omicron took the route of “can-            “We just wanted to thank               The collection phased out last      couple hundred pounds of food           worked in the World Trade
ning.”     Headed     by     AKO’s     everyone for their contributions.       Friday, but Case emphasized that       items and at least $100 cash, Case      Center.
Community         Service     Chair    We definitely raised a lot of money      Lambda will still accept donations     said.                                       While many organizations are
Margaret Honti, the sisters placed     for a small town like Alfred, made      until November, which is when             The fraternity is looking into       contributing either money or food,
peanut cans on counters of area        up mostly of students,” she point-      Lambda’s next food drive will be.      helping out Alfred-Almond High          support for the nation does not
businesses hoping to attract mon-      ed out.                                    “There’s always a need for          School by taking care of getting        have to be in tangible forms.
etary donations.                           Fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha         food, even without the tragedy,”       their donations to food banks for           “Greek houses are currently
    These cans, adorned with a red     pitched in their support immedi-        Case pointed out.                      them.                                   flying our flag high across the
cross on them and “Disaster            ately. By 1 p.m. on Tuesday of the         The brothers had planned on            “Personally, in times like these,    campus to show that we are
Relief” printed on them, were          attacks, the brothers set up collec-    sending what they received to          people really need to do some-          strong,” Tibbens emphasized. ❍
placed in local businesses the day     tion boxes in the campus center         New York City, but there’s a           thing positive to alleviate their

Construction gets underway for new ΣAM house
      BY JASON PILARZ                     It was initially reported in the    said Komp.                                “To me, the house is a chance at         The University continues to
       MANAGING EDITOR                 Fiat Lux in February that                 “There were many legal consid-       strengthening our fututre,” said        own the land; the ΣAM house cor-
                                       groundbreaking should have             erations that had to be satisfied,”      Hampton. He noted that it pro-          poration has signed a 49-year
After a short delay, construction      began in early March.                  said Daryl Conte, assistant dean        vides a central base of operations      lease on the property, according
will begin soon on the new Sigma          House Corporation President         of students and Greek advisor,          as well as a facility that will be      to Komp. Additionally, the
Alpha Mu house on Greek Row.           Steven Komp explained that the         “both ΣAM and the University            “second to none.”                       University has guaranteed the
   “House status is a go,” said D.J.   delay was not over “a certain          wanted to make sure that all              Among the amenities being             loan the house corporation took
Hampton, a graduate assistant          issue.” Rather, it was a by-prod-      bases were covered.”                    planned are an Ethernet, cable          out to finance the house.
for Student Affairs and ΣAM            uct of the transition of University       Despite the slowdown, Komp           TV and phone connection in                 He also commended Joyce
brother.                               President Charles Edmondson            stated the the timetable for com-       every room. Also, there will be         Rausch, vice president for busi-
   Hampton went on to say that         and former President Ed Coll Jr.,      pletion is the same as was report-      study rooms with computers, a           ness and finance, and Gerald
land has been cleared and next         and a desire that both the             ed originially, Jan. 1, 2002 and res-   chapter room, lounge, kitchen and       Brody, vice president for student
week the foundation will be dug.       University and the fraternity          idence is slated for the beginning      laundry room. A couple of rooms         affairs, for their support of the
Following that, concrete will be       were in agreement.                     of the spring semester.                 will also be set aside specifically     project.
laid and then the structure will be       Both parties wanted to ensure          Komp noted that the timetable        for alumni when they visit.                It was a “textbook effort as far
erected.                               that it was “a win-win situation,”     is the same because of the con-           Hampton also looks forward to         as a Greek chapter and the
                                                                                             struction schedule.      having a centralized place to           University working hand in
                                                                                             Originally, various      “rush and hold brotherhood              hand,” said Komp.
                                                                                             contractors       and    events.”                                   Conte is also pleased with the
                                                                                             trades were spaced         Komp noted the “very gener-           addition of another house to the
                                                                                             out.     Now,      the   ous support” from the network of        Greek Row, and would like to see
                                                                                             timetable has been       ΣAM alumni. He said that the            more in the future, if it is finan-
                                                                                             condensed to fit the      chapter is still young — about 12       cially feasible.
                                                                                             original occupancy       years — and yet the alumni net-            “I personally would love to see
                                                                                             date.                    work raised $40,000, with $30,000       a Greek Row, I think it would
                                                                                                   Brothers      of   more on the way.                        help to further unify the system,
                                                                                             ΣAM are looking            Labor support has also been           and provide more appropriate liv-
                                                                                             forward to the con-      provided by brothers, both active       ing and learning environments.”
                                                                                             struction of the new     and alumni. On a personal side,            Komp also extended thanks to
                                                                                             house.                   brothers get to actually help build     brothers in Alfred who have
                                                                                                   It was impor-      their house. On a practical side,       taken an active role this year and
                                                                                             tant for the brother-    the labor of the brothers is            last in seeing the house become a
                                                                                             hood to have “a          deducted by the contractors from        reality, including Hampton, past
                                                                                             place of our own,”       the cost of the house.                  President Jim Hart and current
                                                                                             said Komp. After           Komp also stressed that a             President Mike Provo.
                                                                                             leasing property in      great deal of support came from            Hampton noted that, “we are a
                                                                                             the past, the house      the     University.     President       true brotherhood now, and I have
                                                                                             corporation wanted       Edmondson has been “very                witnessed the bonds … being
                                                                      PHOTO BY JASON PILARZ to “control our own       graceful” and “committed from           strengthened between alumni
 Alpha Chi Rho brother Joseph Fruhman and Delta Zeta sister Lindsay Olsen participate in destiny” and man-            day one” to helping get another         and the actives in ways I never
 a teeter-totter-a-thon to raise money for the speech and hearing impaired. Delta Zeta sis- age their own prop-       Greek house built on University         thought possible.” ❍
 ter Alaina Hey looks on.                                                                    erty affairs, he said.   property.
 Fiat Lux                                                                   Sports — Page 15                                                          September 25, 2001

Televised sports is affected by recent attacks
     BY BENJAMIN LEE                 other SportsCenter I had               breaking a nearly 100-year-old           ing an American flag and met at         As trite as it sounds, it is
        SPORTS EDITOR                watched. The antics, jokes and         single season wins record set by         the pitcher’s mound huddled in       through moments like Clemens’
                                     high-flying energy were gone.          the Chicago Cubs.                        a moment of silence.                 win record, the Mariners’ win-
           Shrouded in dark-         It was just sports, and no show.         All of this was overshadowed             Despite the general ennui and      ning streak toward history,
           ness,          ESPN          Furthermore, the night prior        by the events at the World               morbid nature of these normal-       Sampras and Agassi’s four sets
           SportsCenter’s Stuart     marked two moments in base-            Trade Center and the Pentagon.           ly joyous occasions, they still      of absolute brilliance during the
           Scott and Linda Cohn      ball history.                          Instead of exploding bottles of          proved that sports are able to       US Open and many more like
           prepared to offer the        Roger Clemens became the            champagne in the clubhouse,              transcend everyday life and          these that we are reminded of
first run down of sports for the     first 20-1 game winner in the          the Mariners sipped their cele-          show only the best qualities         what we are capable of accom-
day.                                 history of the sport and the           bratory beverages in stoicism.           that humanity has to offer.          plishing.
   As the lights came up, it was     Seattle Mariners clinched the            At the end of the 9th inning           During our hardest times,               These are moments of grace.
obvious that this show was           AL West with their 106th win.          the team ran the bases led by            sports have the ability to draw      As long as there are baseball
going to be different than any       A win, mind you, on the road to        Mariner Mark McLemore hoist-             smiles on faces.                     diamonds, football fields, tennis
                                                                                                                                                          courts, pools and other athletic
                                                                                                                                                          facilities for kids to play at
                                                                                                                                                          there will always be these
                                                                                                                                                          moments of grace. There will
                                                                                                                                                          always be sports to lift our spir-
                                                                                                                                                          its, and moments of grace
                                                                                                                                                          always outshine times of tur-
                                                                                                                                                             Even though sports do not
                                                                                                                                                          offer a solution to our problems,
                                                                                                                                                          they provide an escape and a
                                                                                                                                                          reminder of all that is good in
                                                                                                                                                             So, someday soon I am going
                                                                                                                                                          to get up and turn on the 8 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                          SportsCenter and I know that I
                                                                                                                                                          will see a ball traveling over a
                                                                                                                                                          400-foot sign on some outfield
                                                                                                                                                          wall while Stuart Scott yells,
                                                                                                                                                          “Can I get a witness.”
                                                                                                                                                             Then, I will know that we are
                                                                                                                                                          all okay again. ❍

                                                                                                                                                           Fiat Lux:
                                                                                                                                                           Really, we
                                                                                                                           PHOTO BY PATRICIA STRICKLAND
                                                                                                                                                           can speak!
  Saxon Gabe Bouthillier (13) carries the ball against St. Lawrence. Saxons defeated the Saints 31-12 on Sept. 15.
         Football                                                                                                                                             Men s Soccer
  defeated by Carnegie-Mellon

  28-21 on the road last Saturday
                                                         Fiat Sports                                                                                         Saxons are home tomorrow

                                                                                                                                                                    vs. RIT at 7 p.m.

Saxons win home opener against the Saints
       BY BRYAN SICK                            FOOTBALL                      31
         STAFF WRITER                                                                  Second Quarter
                                      as the offensive line did not              AU – FG Raynor 32, 8:26
The Alfred Saxons (1-2) opened        allow a sack.                              SLU – FG Dunn 26, 14:11
their season at home on a posi-          The Saxons managed to turn                     Third Quarter
tive note Sep. 15 with a 31-12        things around after the half.              AU – Raynor 5 run (Raynor
victory over the Saints of St.        They drove downfield quickly            kick), 5:49
Lawrence University (0-2).            on their first possession, a six           SLU – FG Dunn 22, 7:02
   In what started off as a defen-    play, 74-yard drive.       Jesse           AU – Raynor 20 run (Raynor
sive battle, the Saxons managed       Raynor concluded the drive              kick), 9:42
to put together four drives into      with a 5-yard touchdown run.               SLU – Alexander 37 run
the end zone in the second half       This important scoring drive            (pass failed), 10:14
to put away the Saints.               gave Alfred the momentum                   AU – Pierce 35 pass from
   Jesse Raynor carried the           needed to succeed on offense.           Zandrowicz (Raynor kick),
Saxon offense with 155 yards on          The defense held strong on           11:14
the ground, 64 through the air.       the following drive deep into                    Fourth Quarter
Raynor also took care of kicking      Saxon territory, stopping the              AU – Zandrowicz 27 run
duties, making good on all four       Saints at the 5-yard line and           (Raynor kick), 2:42
of his extra point attempts and       holding them to a field goal.              A – 3,000
putting the first points of the          Jesse Raynor pushed the                                    SLU AU
game on the board with a 32-          offense down the field on five          First downs            18    22
yard field goal in the second         carries for 38 yards as soon as         Rushes-yards         33-124 56-314
quarter.                              the Saxons got the ball back,           Passing yards         233 143
   Alfred played a strong game        resulting in a 20-yard touch-           Return yards          115 65
defensively despite their youth       down putting the Saxons up 17-          Comp-Att           17-43-1 6-23-2
and inexperience. Erich Ely led       6.                                      Sacked-Yards Lost      1-3 0-0
the defensive unit with 8.5 tack-        At this point the game was           Punts                 9-26 8-37
les, including 3 for a loss, and      out of reach as the defense             Fumbles-lost           1-0 0-0
one sack. The Saxons allowed          allowed only one St. Lawrence           Penalties-yards       7-65 9-72
only one first half field goal and    touchdown the rest of the way.          Time of Possession 26:38 33:22
only nine more points after           Zandrowicz threw a 35-yard
intermission.      Coach     Dave     touchdown pass to Mark Pierce            INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS
Murray hopes the defense will         and took another one into the              RUSHING—St. Lawrence,
overcome numerous injuries            end zone himself from 27 yards          Alexander 17-136, Blumhagen
and little experience and contin-     out giving the Saxons the 31-12         1-1, Buckingham 7- -2, Conrad
ue to play well against some          win.                                    4- -3, Hayes 4- -8. Alfred,
tough upcoming opponents.                Coach Murray hopes to have           Raynor 33-155, Fortuna 6-57,
   Alfred did not have nearly as      the same success on offense ear-        Zandrowicz 9-57, Pollizi 6-44,
much success throughout the           lier in the upcoming home               Gutman 1-1 Duliba 1-0
first half on the offensive side of   games against Union Sep. 29                PASSING – St. Lawrence,                                                           PHOTO BY PATRICIA STRICKLAND
the ball. Quarterback Todd            and Hartwick on homecoming              Conrad 17-43-1 233. Alfred,           The Saxon offense lines up against St. Lawrence. The team combined a
Zandrowicz put up misleadingly        weekend, Oct. 6.                        Zandrowicz 6-23-2 143.                strong offense with a stingy defense to defeat the Saints at the Sept. 15
poor numbers due to many                                                         RECEIVING – St.                    game.
dropped passes on the receiving       St. Lawrence-Alfred, Stats              Lawrence, Sargent 6-98, Gavin
end. He completed only six of         St. Lawrence    0 3 9 0–                3-44, Zerrahn 2-10, Alexander         Alfred, Pierce 3-60, Raynor 2-         MISSED FIELD GOALS –
23 pass attempts for 143 yards.       12                                      2-9, Buckingham 1-64, Gaines 1-       64, Sprague 1-19.                     None. ❍
However he was well protected,        Alfred          0 3 21 7 –              6, Hayes 1-1, Bertholf 1-1.

                                                                                                                    Young squad prepares
                                                                                                                         BY ALISON SAVETT                       WOMEN’S RUGBY
                                                                                                                             NEWS EDITOR
                                                                                                                                                             “A lot of the rookies are really
                                                                                                                    Rugby is not an easy sport to learn   excited about playing,” Melin
                                                                                                                    under any circumstances. In fact,     explained.
                                                                                                                    most people don’t even know what         Ball stated that there is a lot of
                                                                                                                    the sport is, including those who     potential on the team, and it shows
                                                                                                                    come out for the team.                in during practice and games.
                                                                                                                       Alfred’s Women’s Rugby only           “We have a lot of new people but
                                                                                                                    had two weeks to teach their nine     all of them have great potential,”
                                                                                                                    rookies how to play the sport, con-   Ball said
                                                                                                                    dition them and be ready, on that        Both Ball and her co-captain
                                                                                                                    fourteenth day, for their first        Alicia Culbertson have been play-
                                                                                                                    match.                                ing since the spring of 1999.
                                                                                                                       Captain Mary Ball, AU senior,         “A lot of people who started
                                                                                                                    explained that rugby is a complex     when I started haven’t been able
                                                                                                                    sport to learn as well as to teach.   to play because of other conflicts,”
                                                                                                                    “No one on the team knew how to       Ball explained. She also noted that
                                                                                                                    play prior to coming out for the      of the 20 veterans who are on the
                                                                                                                    team. But we love new people!”        roster for this season, only 13 are
                                                                                                                       The team acquired new people       able to fully commit their time to
                                                                                                                    this season, many who are very        playing rugby. Of those women,
                                                                                                                    excited and have a lot of talent.     one is from Alfred State College,
                                                                                     PHOTO BY PATRICIA STRICKLAND      Senior Janet Melin described       and the others are all from the
 Emily Mishalamie, of the Women’s Tennis team, returns a shot at a home competition.                                one freshman who continues to try     University.
                                                                                                                    to play even though she is hurt.         It was two years ago when the
                                                                                                                                                          team felt the strongest, said Ball.

Men’s team gets off to a strong start for the season                                                                                                      “We’re still rebuilding from the
                                                                                                                                                          year before last.”
                                                                                                                                                             However, the team has the
      BY BENJAMIN LEE                        MEN’S SOCCER                     Empire Eight rivals St. John          for his two goals and an assist in    heart this year, according to both
                                                                              Fisher on the Sept. 22 and RIT on     the Saxons 5-0 victory over Utica
         SPORTS EDITOR                   The Saxons finally fell victim to                                                                                 Melin and Ball. “We have a lot of
                                                                              the Sept. 26.                         College on Sept. 16.
                                      Fredonia, and posted a game in the                                                                                  new players on the roster,” Ball
  The Alfred University men’s                                                    Leading the team this year in         Also, making waves in the
                                      loss column (5-1). As of the Sept. 19                                                                               explained. “This year’s team is gift-
soccer team has plowed their way                                              scoring are seniors Jon Bridges (4)   Empire Eight is junior goalie
                                      loss, however, the Saxons had                                                                                       ed.”
through the competition this year                                             and Karl Gnann (3), as well as        Kevin Ball who was named Goalie
                                      outscored their opposition 22-0.                                                                                       “Having a lot of rookies isn’t a
with a 4-1-1 record and an unde-                                              junior Shane Donahoe (3) and          of the Week for his eight saves in
                                         Looking to bounce back from                                                                                      bad thing,” Melin stated. “The peo-
feated record in the Empire Eight                                             freshman Neil Walsh (4).              the Saxons overtime tie against
                                      the contest with Fredonia, the                                                                                      ple on the team are one of the main
athletic conference (2-0-0).                                                     Donahoe was recently named         Oswego. ❍
                                      Saxons are scheduled to face                                                                                        reasons why I play.” ❍
                                                                              Empire Eight Player of the Week

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