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									Men in Black II: The Movie Novel
Author: Michael Teitelbaum

The men in the crisp black suits and the really cool shades are back to keep the aliens from overrunning
planet Earth.

It's been five years since Agents Jay and Kay saved the world from a very big bug. Now a new alien
menace is threatening to destroy the Earth -- unless it's given the Light of Zartha. But there's a problem:
Only one person on Earth knows where the Light has been hidden, and that person is Agent Kay (who
doesn't know he's Agent Kay).

Contains color photos from the hit movie.

Sreeeech!The squealing of tires skidding roughly to a stop shattered the quiet of the deserted downtown
street. The front doors of a sleek black sedan flew open. Two men emerged quickly, striding with purpose
toward a delicate red flower that stuck up from a steam grate, waiting, as if it had expected their
arrival.Both men were dressed identically in tailored black suits, crisp white shirts, black ties, black
shoes, and black sunglasses."No fancy stuff, Tee," said the man who had been driving -- clearly he was
the one in charge. "No heroics. I need you to be cool. We do it by the book this time. Okay?""So what
you're saying, Jay, is -- " Tee replied, but was abruptly cut off."Just say 'okay'," Jay said firmly."Okay,"
Tee responded, nodding his head nervously."Good," said Jay, walking toward the flower with Tee
matching his pace, step for step. "Let's do this, then."Tee reached the flower first. Looking down, he
spoke directly to the red petals, which had closed as tightly as a fist, its slender stalk leaning away from
the man who towered over it."Hey," Tee called, tapping the stalk with the thick rubber sole of his large
black shoe. "Just what exactly do you think you're doing?"The flower stalk straightened up, rigidly on
alert for what might come next."Hey, Jeff. How's it going?" Jay asked the flower, his voice calm and
friendly. "Why are you here?"The flower remained perfectly still."C'mon, Jeff. You know our arrangement,"
Jay continued. "You don't travel outside the E, F, and RR subway lines, and in return, you eat all the
nonorganic garbage you want. Remember? Okay?"Another moment of silence passed, then Tee squatted
down, shouting. "The man's talking to you!""Tee," Jay said, trying to calm his partner who was beginning
to lose his patience.Tee grabbed the delicate stem forcefully. "The man wants to know what you are
doing here, worm boy!" he yelled.The ground trembled as if some enormous force was struggling to break
free.The shaking and rumbling grew louder and more intense, until...Thooom!With a sound like an
exploding bomb, a monstrous worm-shaped creature emerged from beneath the street, shards of asphalt
and rock spewing in all directions. The giant worm rose, roaring in rage, its unearthly bellow echoing
through the city's concrete canyons.High above the pavement, Tee desperately grasped the tiny flower
stalk that sprouted from the top of the worm-monster's head. The furious creature, known as Jeff, shook
its head violently, trying to shake off Tee.Jay watched Jeff tossing Tee back and forth like a rag doll.
"Excuse my partner, Jeff," Jay shouted up to the enormous head high above. "He's new, and . . ."Jeff
reared back, bending his huge body almost in half. Then he lurched his head forward like a catapult and
sent Tee flying high into the night sky."...kind of stupid," finished Jay.Jay watched as his screaming,
flailing partner vanished from sight. Jeff slowly lowered his head until the two tiny slits that served as his
eyes were even with Jay's face."You've gotten big," Jay said casually. "What have you been eating down
there?"Rumble!Half a block away the sidewalk split in two...
Author Bio
Michael Teitelbaum
Michael Teitelbaum has written hundreds of books for young readers. His Spider-Man: The Adventures of
Spider-Man is also available from PerfectBound.

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