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									Heart of the Game
Author: S. L. Price

From the author of Pitching Around Fidel and Far Afield comes an account of the accidental death of
minor league first base coach Mike Coolbaugh, illustrating the many ways in which baseball still has a
hold on America.Heart of the Game centers on the death of Mike Coolbaugh, a minor league coach who
was killed on a sweltering Sunday evening in Little Rock inJuly 2007 when a foul ball rocketed off Tino
Sanchez's bat. Coolbaugh died almost instantly, his body carted off the field of the Double-A Arkansas
Travelers. He was thirty-five years old and the father of two; a third child was on the way.Mike's
exemplary life—his devotion to the game and to his family—is the spine of the story. But it isn't the
drama. The drama is in the telling of what can happen when a projectile hits the human body, of the
narratives of the remarkable people who happened to be in the ballpark at that fatal moment, of the
impact of Coolbaugh's death on the man who hit the ball, and of all the lives left behind.Price reveals
anew that classic heart of Americana—small-town sports, small-town lives—and makes us understand
that a game played away from the mindless churn of Internet blather and highlight shows can be more
important than those played on the national stage.
Author Bio
S. L. Price
A Senior Writer at Sports Illustrated since 1994, Scott L. Price has written three books: Pitching Around
Fidel: A Journey into the Heart of Cuban Sports (1998, HarperCollins/Ecco), which was a finalist for the
Los Angeles Times Book Prize; and in September 2007, Far Afield: A Sportswriting Odyssey, which The
New York Times Sunday Book Review called “a gracefully written book…Price is a virtuoso at locating
unconventional entries into common topics…a master of the new journalism developed by Hunter
Thompson, Gay Talese, and Pete Hamill.” Esquire magazine also named Far Afield one of the five best
books of 2007.His latest, Heart of the Game: Life, Death and Mercy in Minor League America, will be
published by HarperCollins/Ecco in May 2009.Before moving to Sports Illustrated, Price was a columnist
and feature writer for The Miami Herald. He has won many journalism prizes from the Associated Press
Sports Editors and other organizations. His work has been anthologized four times in The Best American
Sports Writing series and in Sports Illustrated's own collection, Fifty Years of Great Writing, as well as in
Travelers' Tales: Cuba.Price lives in Washington, D.C., with his family.

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