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									South of Shiloh
Author: Chuck Logan

A nameless sniper is targeting participants in popular Civil War battle reenactments, and Minnesota
reenactor Paul Edin is killed at the mock Battle of Kirby Creek, near Corinth, Mississippi. His death is
ruled an accident, but Paul's widow, Jenny, discovers that the sniper's bullet was meant for the man
standing next to Paul, a cop named Kenny Beeman. To penetrate the Mississippi smokescreen, Jenny
enlists the aid of her former lover, news photographer John Rane. Appealing to be covering a story, Rane
pokes into the Tennessee-Mississippi border country and teams up with Beeman. With demons nipping
at his heels, Rane picks a Sharps rifle and live ammunition and heads off to the Shiloh Battlefield—and a
showdown with a killer.South of Shiloh is a pulse-pounding thriller from a master of the genre—a story
that uses a popular national pastime as the springboard for a page-turning read.
Author Bio
Chuck Logan
Chuck Logan is the author of five novels featuring former Minnesota undercover cop Phil Broker. He lives
in Stillwater, Minnesota, with his family.

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