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					                             Lecture 1 – Introduction

                             Terry Winograd
                CS147 - Introduction to Human-Computer
                             Interaction Design
                    Computer Science Department
                           Stanford University
                               Autumn 2006

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 1
                             Goals for the Course

         Students will learn the fundamental concepts of human-
           computer interaction and user-centered design
           thinking, through working in teams on an interaction
           design project, supported by lectures, readings, and
         They will learn to evaluate and design useable and
           appropriate software based on psychological, social,
           and technical analysis.
         They will become familiar with the variety of design and
           evaluation methods used in interaction design, and
           will get experience with these methods in their

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 2
                             Learning Goals for Today

         • Become aware of the breadth of
           technologies and issues in HCI
         • Have a basic understanding of
           what interaction designers do
         • Learn what will happen in this

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 3
                  How Do People Interact with Computers?

         login as: winograd
         winograd@graphics's password:
         Last login: Tue Sep 20 15:22:48 2005 from
         * Welcome to SULinux! *
         * Authorized Use Only *
         Hint: run /usr/sbin/sulinux to reconfigure at any time
         Graphics> echo "hello world"
         hello world
         Graphics> connect to the web
         connect: Command not found.
         Graphics> help
         help: Command not found.
         Graphics> rm –R *

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 4
Desktop GUIs and Applications
Pointing Devices
Desktop GUIS and applications
                             Web Applications

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 8
                             3D Desktops

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 9
                              Mobile Devices

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 10
                              Pen-based Interaction

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 11
                              Interactive Workspaces

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 12
                              Display Walls

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 13
                              The Office of the Future

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 14
                              Tabletop interaction

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 15
                              Tangible Interaction

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 16
                              Augmented Reality

                              John Underkoffler
                              Tangible Media Group
                              Mit Media Lab
CS147 - Terry Winograd - 17
                              Wearable Computers

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 18
                              Ambient Information

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 19
                              Voice and Multimodal Interaction

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 20
                              Embodied Interaction

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 21
                              Virtual Reality

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 22
                              Sensor Networks

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 23
                              Sensing Affect

                                   Blood Volume Pressure
                                   (BVP) earring

   Galvanic Skin
    (GSR) rings
    and bracelet

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 24


CS147 - Terry Winograd - 25
                              Interaction design profession(s)

         • Broad set of disciplines, technical,
           social, business, ...
         • Interaction design job categories
               – interaction designer
               – usability engineer
               – web designer
               – information architect
               – user-experience designer
               – product manager
CS147 - Terry Winograd - 26
                              What skills are used in HCI?

         • Designer
               – Visual and audio design
               – Design process skills and methods
         • Programmer
               – Systems, toolkits, and languages
               – Software engineering techniques
         • Researcher
               – Cognitive principles and theories
               – Experimental techniques
CS147 - Terry Winograd - 27
                              Some Specific Learning Goals

         • Broad familiarity with the major areas of current HCI
           development and research
         • Skill with designing a GUI interface
         • Learn to use a variety of interaction design processes
           and techniques and know when they are appropriate.
         • Learn to evaluate an interactive product and explain
           what is good and bad about it in terms of the
           concepts, goals, and principles of interaction design.
         • Learn how to apply usability evaluation methods and
           know when they are appropriate
         • Understand how the diversity of users/market
           segments, etc. guides and constrains design

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 28
                              Some Specific Learning Goals

         • Understand the role of social dynamics in interaction
           and how it applies in design, including concerns
           such as privacy, power, and accessibility.
         • Be familiar with different interaction styles and their
           pros and cons
         • Be able to use metaphors appropriately in building
           conceptual models.
         • Understand cognitive factors that affect usability
         • Be able to judge the availability and feasibility of
           different devices for interacting
         • Have experience with ovserving users and analyzing
           the problems

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 29
                      Structure of the Course [See syllabus]

         • Lectures
         • Readings
               – Interaction Design, Preece, Rogers, and Sharp
               – Readings to be provided on line
         • Weekly sections or team 1-on-1 with TAs
               – Monzy, Doantam, Kevin and Nundu
         • Individual assignments and 2/3-term exam
         • Team Project
               – Milestones and Presentations

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 30
                                 Other info

         • This course
         • CS547 Speakers Fridays 12:30, Gates
               Also available on line
         • List of all HCI courses
         • HCI program in general
CS147 - Terry Winograd - 31

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