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									It Had to Be You
First Kisses

Author: Sabrina Jordan

As the new, secret (shhh!!!) Dear Daisy, I must be an expert on romance, right? Wrong. Here I am living
next door to Kyle, who is friendly, polite, and devastatingly cute in his board shorts — yet I act like a
drama queen every time we talk. That's not me, really! How can I (as Daisy) give love advice to someone
called "Romeo14" if I can't even get Kyle to ask me out? But I've got to keep trying.Because what if he's
the one?

I am a girly-girl.With three older brothers who are obsessed with sports and cars and video games, it
would have been easy for me to grow up a tomboy, but I didn't.From the time I was little, I've loved being a
girl! Dresses with ruffles. Colored tights. Shiny black Mary Janes. I used to wear them all! Very rarely
would I wear T-shirts and jeans, but if I did, there was always something feminine about them. Like my
jeans wouldn't be blue. They'd be yellow or purple and trimmed with lace on the cuffs. And my T-shirts
would say things like: Daddy's Little Girl or Sweet as Sugar.I used to have tea parties with my stuffed
animals and I would serve cakes made with my Easy-Bake oven. Cliché, I know. I even had every Barbie 
imaginable, including all the accessories, as well as a few Bratz dolls. Confession: I always loved my
Barbies more than my Bratz dolls. Barbie just seemed more elegant. And she had her own Dream
House!I've always had pierced ears. My oldest brother, Rob, who's nineteen and just finished his first year
of college, says this is because when I was a baby and our mom used to take me out in my carriage,
people would always stop her and say, "What a cute baby boy!" even though I was wearing pink and I
had a Pebbles Flintstone hairstyle (a tuft of hair sticking up on the top of my head and tied with a bright-
colored ribbon).Earrings are fun. My jewelry box is filled with all sorts of different styles. Some days I like
wearing tiny hoops. Other days I like wearing earrings that are long and dangling. Sometimes I'll just go
simple and wear gold studs. My mom has a fabulous earring collection and sometimes she'll let me
borrow a pair, but only if I ask permission. Sneaking into her jewelry box is not allowed. That's because
her earrings are made of real gold and silver and diamonds while mine are all pretty much costume
jewelry.When I was little, my mom used to braid my hair in pigtails. Some days she'd give me a ponytail.
But whatever hairstyle she gave me, she always used silk ribbons and cute barrettes and hair clips. My
hair is still long and I love styling it in different ways. No short-and-sassy hairstyle for me! My hair
reaches past my shoulders to the middle of my back and the color is chestnut brown, although
sometimes, like during the summer, if I'm out in the sun for a long time, highlights will appear. My best
friend, Caitlyn, is always telling me she would kill to have my hair. I don't know what she's complaining
about. Her hair is super curly and a gorgeous red color. Not carrot red but a rich auburn. Like in shampoo
ads in magazines. But she hates the color and is always trying to straighten the curls out of her
hair.Caitlyn and I have been best friends since kindergarten. On the first day of school, we both brought
our Cabbage Patch Kids to school for show-and-tell. The dolls were identical and we decided that they
were long-lost sisters and it was up to us to make sure they stayed in touch.Caitlyn practically lives at
my house and when we're not hanging out together, we're either on the phone or instant messaging when
we're online. We tell each other everything although there's a secret I've been keeping from her.It's not
that I don't want to tell her my secret, but I can't. I've been told that part of the job I've just taken is
keeping my identity a secret.I know this all sounds mysterious and confusing, but it really isn't. And
there's a perfectly logical explanation.This September I'll be a freshman at North Marshall High School
and I've been picked to inherit the job of being the...
Author Bio
Sabrina Jordan
Sabrina Jordan likes to tell people that she was named for Kate Jackson's character on the original
Charlie's Angels television series, but in reality, she was named Sabrina after her mom saw the 1950s
movie Sabrina, starring Audrey Hepburn. Sabrina is the oldest of four sisters and, when she was growing
up, constantly had to retrieve missing shoes and clothes from her grabby sisters. She now lives in New
York City in a studio apartment that's much too small, with her dog, Delilah, her cat, Miss Thing, her
husband, Julian, and her Archie comic collection.

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