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									Enterprise Logs
Star Trek

Author: Carol Greenburg
Table of Contents

ContentsIntroductionCaptain Israel Daniel DickensonThe Veil at ValcourDiane CareyCaptain Osborne B.
HardisonWorld of StrangersDiane CareyCaptain Robert AprilThough Hell Should Bar the WayGreg
CoxCaptain Christopher PikeConflicting NaturesJerry OltionCaptain James T. KirkThe AvengerMichael
Jan FriedmanCaptain Will DeckerNight WhispersDiane DuaneCaptain SpockJust Another Little Training
CruiseA. C. CrispinCaptain John HarrimanShakedownPeter DavidCaptain Rachel GarrettHour of
FireRobert GreenbergerCaptain Jean-Luc PicardThe Captain and the KingJohn Vornholt

In the annals of adventure and exploration, few names shine as brightly as those of the various vessels
bearing the noble appellation of Enterprise. Equally distinguished are the many brave captains who have
led their respective ships into battle, danger, and glory. STAR TREK® : ENTERPRISE LOGS celebrates
the proud history of those ships and their captains with an outstanding collection of new stories starring
each of the men and women who have held command upon the bridge of one Enterprise or another.STAR
TREK®ENTERPRISE LOGSFrom the trim fighting sloop that actually fought for freedom in America's
Revolutionary War to the state-of-the-art starship commanded by Jean-Luc Picard, this unique anthology
presents some of the most thrilling moments in the careers of Kirk, Pike, Decker, Garrett, and many
other legendary captains, as told by several popular and bestselling Star Trek authors, including:Diane
Carey * Greg Cox * Ann Crispin * Peter David * Diane Duane * Michael Jan Friedman * Robert J.
Greenberger * Jerry Oltion * John VornholtFrom yesterday's history to tomorrow's boldest imaginings, join
the ongoing saga chronicled in STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE LOGS.

Chapter One: Captain Israel Daniel DickensonThe Sloop-of-War Enterprise"In every revolution, there's one
man with a vision...."Captain James T. Kirk, Star TrekDiane CareyDiane knows a little more than most of
her colleagues about ships and the rigors of command. In addition to being an accomplished author of
science fiction and historical fiction, she is also a seafaring type, preferring older vessels. In fact, Diane
braved the lash of early winter, crewing aboard the 1893 Schooner Lettie G. Howard and arriving at New
York City's docks. She stopped rigging and cooking just long enough to complete the following story.This
summer, Diane adds her own vision to the Star Trek universe with a new series of novels, starting with
Wagon Train to the Stars and introducing one and all to the U.S.S. Challenger.Diane's contributions to
Star Trek extend back more than a decade, including the giant novel Final Frontier, which gave readers a
glimpse at George Kirk, father to James. She has written six Original Series novels, four novels set during
The Next Generation (including the first original story), six adaptations and one original Deep Space Nine
story, and two Voyager novelizations.With her husband, Greg Brodeur, Diane continues to whip up
exciting stories, and shrewd readers will detect the loving attention paid to the starships, making them
vital characters along with their crew.Diane adds:Special thanks to Captain Austin Becker and the Sloop-
of-war Providence of Rhode Island, replica of John Paul Jones's fighting ship, for their help and good
works in preserving Revolutionary War history.My admiration and gratitude also go to Captain Erick
Tichonuk, First Mate Len Ruth, and all the crew at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum of Basin
Harbor, Vermont, for their hospitality and advice, and their faithful tending of the replica Gunboat
Philadelphia. The original Philadelphia resides at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Another
of Benedict Arnold's gunboats, believed to be the Spitfire, has recently been found at the bottom of Lake
Champlain. As a sailor of historic ships, I convey my applause to the team recovering this national
treasure, and hope she soon rises to receive the tribute she deserves.The Veil at Valcour"Are the
Americans all asleep and tamely giving up their liberties?"Benedict Arnold, 1775Dawn, October 11,
1776"That's the signal gun! Row for it, men! Royal Navy in sight! Heave! Heave!"Frosted orange leaves
roared across the chop. Wind snatched away the coxun's orders. Beneath me a dirty bateau clawed
upward, punching through whitecaps against a bitter wind. An hour ago the wind had been at my back.
Now, scratching down the Adirondack hemlocks and spruces, it chipped at my nose and cheeks and
froze the moisture in my eyes."How near are we? Will we see the Continental Navy soon?""Heave! Few
minutes. Hard over, larboard! Heave!"Black lake, black land -- the large double-ended bateau muscled up
on its right side as if hauled by a winch! I let out a strangled shout and became intimate with the...

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