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Author: Heather Thomas

Marion Zane is the top Trophy—she has it all: a faithful husband, loyal fellow-Trophy girlfriends, queen-
bee status over the Hollywood "name-above-the-title" charities, and—best of all—no prenup!She knows
inside information is king, smiles hide jealousy, jackals lure husbands away (or, worse, steal personal
assistants), housekeepers have the power to destroy, and that everyone has devastating secrets—
including her! It's why she refuses to gossip yet remembers everything.So why is she so nervous?Maybe
it's because, after years of unchallenged social position, Marion forgets that in L.A., even enemies
embrace—especially ones disguised as girlfriends. When she impulsively champions building a much-
needed trauma center hospital downtown, Marion breaks the unwritten code by stepping on another
Trophy's charity turf. It's a fatal mistake.Her furious and jealously bitter "girlfriend" joins forces with a
powerful mystery partner to destroy Marion. Drugged and framed as unfaithful and insane, she loses her
dream life in one lurid, unforgivable humiliation.Abandoned by her husband, her deepest secrets exposed,
Marion is left shattered and literally penniless in paradise. Determined to build the hospital and regain her
love, lifestyle, and dermatologist, Marion goes to hilarious lengths to hide her newfound poverty from even
her closest friends, living out of her luxury car and using Magic Marker for eyeliner as she raises hospital
funding at five-star restaurants.Fortunately, Marion's loyal, lusty Trophy girlfriends discover her condition
through her overwhelmed maid and come to her rescue, employing ferocious manipulation skills,
ridiculous logic, and much-needed dermabrasion. Redirecting the same competitive hyperdrive that won
the rocks on their fingers, the girls make Marion their new project even as they deal with their own
crises.Still, all the Trophy support in the world might not be able to stop Marion from betraying one of
them; then her mystery enemy is revealed and she's given the choice of re-enthronement or vilification.
After all, she's a survivor and didn't become Marion Zane by fair play alone.
Author Bio
Heather Thomas
Professionally, Heather Thomas is an actress and screenwriter best known for her role as Jody in the
eighties television hit The Fall Guy. Personally, she is the wife of an entertainment attorney, mother of
three daughters (another attorney, a singer/songwriter, and a seven-year-old reincarnation of Ethel
Merman), a damn good fly-fisherwoman, and a closet farmer. Trophies is her first novel.

You’ll love the fearless, powerful women in Trophies--flawlessly draped in Vera Wang, manicured hands
pushing buttons while scratching their way to the top--the secret power brokers of Los Angeles. Heather
Thomas has written a stiletto-heel-sharp satiric romp.

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