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									My Last Wishes...
Author: Joy Meredith

Have you ever thought about who will be at your funeral? Who will read your eulogy, or what your obituary
will say? How about who will take care of your precious mutt, Lester? Formatted like a journal and
intermingled with tips from professionals and amusing anecdotes, MY LAST WISHES gives readers an
opportunity to fill in all this information and more. It allows them not only to plan their "last party," but also
to make the planning process less painful for their loved ones, who otherwise would've had to play a
guessing game. Author Joy Meredith takes a fresh approach to end–of–life planning by making the book
a practical guide as well as an opportunity to examine and reflect on your own life with journal entries
such as, "What is your biggest accomplishment?" and "What is your biggest regret?" What's more, the
book also helps you to enhance your life RIGHT NOW with chapters like "Finish the Unfinished," for
example, where readers are guided through the freeing process of making amends and letting go of
conflict. Playful, pragmatic, and lightly spiritual, MY LAST WISHES takes a sensitive subject and makes
it charmingly accessible.

What's life all about? Yeah, I'm not sure either. The better question might be: How's your life going?
Before we even get into a discussion about death, let's take a quick look at your life and see if there are
some things to be noted there. How many of us have actually taken the time to tell our loved ones all that
we want them to know about our lives? Now is your chance.The following questions will help get you in
the frame of mind to start pinpointing who and what is important in your life. First, let's look at the love in
your life.
Author Bio
Joy Meredith
Joy Meredith, after losing many of the people she has loved, has found herself an expert at appreciating
life and discussing death. She knows firsthand how important communication on every level is with those
you hold dear. A former award-winning sales professional for Sony, currently working on entrepreneurial
projects, she lives in the Chicago area.

“A wonderful and easy-to-use resource for everyone and especially for those facing a life-challenging

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