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									Stop, Don't Stop
The Black Book [Diary of a Teenage Stud]

Author: Jonah Black

The Black Books: Diary of a Teenage Stud is a revolutionary new fiction series: a no-holds-barred, darkly
comic take on one seventeen-year-old's inner life. Jonah Black chronicles his shrouded-in-mystery return
from boarding school and his reentry into a life he'd left behind. His Proustian eye for detail and self-
deprecating humor combined with his sexual appetite unique to the seventeen-year-old male make these
books truly compulsively entertaining.

Volume II reveals why Jonah was expelled from boarding school--but not why he did what he did, and just
what that girl meant to him.
Author Bio
Jonah Black
Jonah Black, of course, grew up in Pompano Beach, Florida. He attended boarding school in
Pennsylvania until recently when, under shrouded circumstances, he left and has since been picking up
the pieces of his shattered life. And checking out all the Florida chicks.

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