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Author: Peter Wild

For more than twenty-five years, the antimelodic "noise" of Sonic Youth has assaulted us, exhilarated us,
inspired us. Why?Katherine Dunn says it's because they operate in the foggy world between the real and
the surreal. Mary Gaitskill says that Sonic Youth caught her, years ago, when she was falling. J. Robert
Lennon says it's because Sonic Youth rip it apart. Emily Maguire was hooked because once she was in
love with chaos.Their sound is caustic, elemental, nihilistic — and quite unlike any other cult band ever to
achieve rock godhood. In Noise, twenty-one great literary voices offer short fiction based on or inspired by
songs from Sonic Youth — a raucous coupling of music and literature featuring marrow-colored goo,
severed hands and abandoned babies, Patty Hearst watching the apocalypse on TV, and other unruly
images of the Zeitgeist.Contributors Hiag Akmakjian Christopher Coake Katherine Dunn Mary
Gaitskill Rebecca Godfrey Laird Hunt Shelley Jackson J. Robert Lennon Samuel Ligon
Emily Maguire Tom McCarthy Scott Mebus Eileen Myles Catherine O'Flynn Emily Carter
Roiphe Kevin Sampsell Steven Sherrill Matt Thorne Rachel Trezise Jess Walter Peter Wild
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Peter Wild
Peter Wild is the editor of a series of fiction anthologies based on the songs of rock and pop bands. His
articles and fiction have appeared in The Independent (London), The Guardian (London), The Big Issue,
Word Riot, NOÖ Journal, and 3:AM magazine.

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