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									In Mike We Trust
Author: P. E. Ryan

He wanted it. He craved it.
He could barely remember what it was.When Garth's uncle comes to visit, he's like a breath of very
needed fresh air. Mike is laid-back and relaxed — and willing to accept Garth for who he is, without
question. For the first time in a long while, Garth feels like he's around someone who understands
him.But before long Garth is helping Mike with some pretty mysterious things and finds himself keeping
secrets from everyone around him. He's forced to wonder: Is his uncle Mike really who he says he is, and
can Garth trust him? More importantly, can Garth trust the person he's becoming?P. E. Ryan has crafted
a clever and compelling novel that asks the question: How far will you go for your family, to find yourself?
Author Bio
P. E. Ryan
P. E. Ryan also writes under the name of Patrick Ryan and is the author of the teen novel Saints of
Augustine and the adult novel Send Me. He lives in New York City.

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