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									The Food Life
Author: Steven Jenkins
Author: Mitchel London

From Fairway Market's master buyer and author of the hugely successful Cheese Primer comes a
celebration of the store's extravagant food collection and the stories surrounding its culture.Fairway, a
local institution in New York City for more than fifty years, is the busiest food store in the world. There
shoppers can find innumerable artisanal food products, which, for three decades, Steven Jenkins has
traveled the world to find. With a wonderful narrative and anecdotes from the man who personally brought
so many of the world's greatest foods to New York and the United States, readers will become more
enthusiastic shoppers and better cooks. Jenkins's longtime associate, Mitchel London, provides recipes
that will attract not only Fairway customers but any home cook who has access to great ingredients.
Author Bio
Steven Jenkins
Steven Jenkins is the author of Cheese Primer, which won the James Beard Award and is in its tenth
printing. Currently a vice president and the chief specialty foods buyer at Fairway, he has written for
numerous food publications and appears regularly on television and radio. He lives in New York City with
his wife and two children.

Mitchel London
Mitchel London runs the Fairway Café and Steakhouse, and is its chef de cuisine. He was Mayor Ed 
Koch's official chef at Gracie Mansion for seven years and is the coauthor of The Mitchel London Gracie
Mansion Cookbook.

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