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									Passport Diaries
Author: Tamara Gregory

Kia Carson, a Los Angeles district attorney with beauty, brains, taste, and style, is about to turn thirty-
five. There's just one problem with her picture-perfect life -- she's not got one eligible man in sight. Well,
thank God she has her career least until she gets suspended from her job. To regain her sense of
purpose, she plans a restorative girl's night out -- all the way to Europe.In this fresh and funny Los
Angeles Times bestseller, Kia embarks on what becomes a defining journey to London, Paris, and
Greece, where she finds a little bit of trouble, a whole lot of laughs, and what she didn't even know she
was looking for -- herself.

If you come to a fork in the road, take it.-- Yogi Berra, American athleteI'm trying to breathe like I learned
in yoga class. It's not working. I only went to yoga once and I hated it. I'm a firm believer that the try again
adage is bullshit. You've got a fifty-fifty shot of ending up with the same result as you do of having a
different one."Maya, this is a high-performance automobile. Make it perform,for God's sake."The 5-series
Benz we were rolling in might as well have been a go-cart. I should've left the house earlier. You're
supposed to be at the airport two hours before an international flight. I've got an hour and ten minutes
before takeoff and Maya is acting like she's the poster child for the Safe DrivingCouncil."I can't believe I'm
going to miss my flight."I put my head down on the dashboard and stare at my shoes. Tan Tod loafers.
Ideal for traveling, completely wrong for just about anything else. I spot an orange Skittle lying on the
black carpet. It's a cruel reminder that not only am I late, but I'm starving, too.I lift my head just in time to
see Maya making a crucial mistake."What are you doing? Don't get on the freeway. Take Airport
Boulevard!" I'm yelling at her like she's a puppy that's peed on my Jimmy Choos.She cuts her eyes at me
but does as she is told."I'm sorry, but you can control more variables if you take surface streets.""Kia,
you need to calm down. You're not going to miss your flight ... "She glances at her clock radio. It's 9:00
p.m. on the nose. My flight leaves at 10:05.Maya continues, "But if you do miss it, it's not because of
me. It was your vain behind that spent the last half-hour packing a toiletry bag! How many beauty
products does one girl need?" If we were in a court of law, I would object. I admit to having a healthy
amount of self-esteem. I mean, I do think I'm cute. Not Halle cute -- more like that black girl who was on
threeepisodes of Friends cute."I'm a lot of things, Maya, but obnoxiously vain is not one of them."Maya
gives me a motherly pat on the knee. "Oh, honey ... " she says all sugary-sweet, as only a Georgia
peach can. "You haven't stopped looking at yourself in the mirror since we got in the car."The truth of this
statement didn't prevent me from noticing that taking one hand off the wheel has caused her to drive even
slower. I try not to freak out about it as I look once more into the visor mirror."I'm trying to figure out who
is this girl staring back at me."I'd just had my hair corn-rolled, à la Alicia Keys, and I wasn't sure if I liked 
it. I also wasn't sure if people could tell. Could they tell that just a few short hours ago my whole world
had been rocked? Could they tell that yesterday I was a hotshot lawyer on top of my game and today ...
well, today ... in between my mani/pedi and my hair appointment, I was summonedto my boss's office
and promptly suspended. I'm too embarrassed to talk about it right now. With anyone. It's just one more
reason I have to make this flight. The further away I can get from my life the better.Maya looks me over.
"It's certainly a different look for you, but I think it's hot. What did Lorna say?"Lorna is my mother. She's
the quintessential black Stepford wife -- perfect, but mouthy. Her hair is always done, dinner is always on
the table, and she always has something to say about something."I breezed in long enough to grab her
travel iron. She took one look at me and said if by some miracle I received an invitation to meet the
Queen, I should decline."Maya...
Author Bio
Tamara Gregory
Tamara Gregory, a writer and producer, has worked in production and development for the Walt Disney
Company and Hollywood Pictures on such films as The Rock, Celtic Pride, and Funny Bones, as well as
with Magic Johnson Entertainment--where she discoverd and championed the film Brown Sugar. She lives
in Los Angeles, California.

An irresistible can’t-put-it-down ride for every girl yearning for self-discovery!

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