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									Front Porch Tales
Author: Philip Gulley

Wisdom and Humor from the Front PorchMaster storyteller Philip Gulley shares tender and hilarious real-
life moments that capture the important truths of everyday life.When Philip Gulley began writing
newsletter essays for the twelve members of his Quaker meeting in Indiana, he had no idea one of them
would find its way to radio commentator Paul Harvey Jr. and be read on the air to 24 million people.
Fourteen books later, with more than a million books in print, Gulley still entertains as well as inspires
from his small-town front porch.

Growing RootsHad an old neighbor when I was growing up named Doctor Gibbs. He didn't look like any
doctor I'd ever known. Every time I saw him, he was wearing denim overalls and a straw hat, the front brim
of which was green sunglass plastic. He smiled a lot, a smile that matched his hat-old and crinkly and
wellworn. He never yelled at us for playing in his yard. I remember him as someone who was a lot nicer
than circumstances warranted.When Doctor Gibbs wasn't saving lives, he was planting trees. His house
sat on ten acres, and his life-goal was to make it a forest. The good doctor had some interesting theories
concerning plant husbandry. He came from the "No pain, no gain" school of horticulture. He never
watered his new trees, which flew in the face of conventional wisdom. Once I asked why. He said that
watering plants spoiled them, and that if you water them, each successive tree generation will grow
weaker and weaker. So you have to make things rough for them and weed out the weenie trees early
Author Bio
Philip Gulley
Philip Gulley is the author of Front Porch Tales, Porch Talk, and the acclaimed Harmony series, as well
as the host of "Porch Talk with Phil Gulley" on the Indiana PBS affiliate WFYI television's flagship show
Across Indiana. He and his wife, Joan, live in Indiana with their sons, Spencer and Sam.

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