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									Wish It, Dream It, Do It
Author: Leslie Levine
Table of Contents

ContentsAcknowledgmentsIntroductionweek 1 -- Take a Stepweek 2 -- Summon Your Creativityweek 3 --
Put It in Writingweek 4 -- Dress the Part Before You Get the Partweek 5 -- Embrace Your
Imperfectionsweek 6 -- Show the World Who You Areweek 7 -- Preserve and Manage Your Timeweek 8 --
Cross Trainweek 9 -- Be (a Little) Courageousweek 10 -- Talk About Itweek 11 -- Harness the Power of
Prayerweek 12 -- Learn to Let Goweek 13 -- Ask for Helpweek 14 -- Make Peace with Your Pastweek 15
-- Cherish and Honor Your Work Spaceweek 16 -- Break the Rulesweek 17 -- Study Your Linesweek 18 --
Connectweek 19 -- Unwrap Your Intuitionweek 20 -- Prosper Wherever You Goweek 21 -- Outgrow Your
Shellweek 22 -- Give Something Backweek 23 -- Sit with Your Disappointmentweek 24 -- Pick Your
Heroes Carefullyweek 25 -- Celebrate New Year's Every Dayweek 26 -- Support Another Dreamerweek 27
-- Know the Answer to "Who Do You Think You Are?"week 28 -- Persevere in Spite of Obstacles and
Other Perilsweek 29 -- Unfold Your Pathweek 30 -- Cultivate a Gracious Heartweek 31 -- Go to a Room of
Your Ownweek 32 -- Carry a Three-Way Mirrorweek 33 -- Stay in Schoolweek 34 -- Wait with Charm and
Patienceweek 35 -- Find Grace in the Balanceweek 36 -- Apprehend Your Mood Thievesweek 37 --
Protect and Nourish Your Soulweek 38 -- Choose Process over Outcomeweek 39 -- Listen to Your
Quietweek 40 -- Replenish Your Fun Jarweek 41 -- Create a Mentoring Squadweek 42 -- Practice
Forgivenessweek 43 -- Perform Mistake Magicweek 44 -- Love Yourself from the Inside Outweek 45 --
Respond with Compassionweek 46 -- Simplify When You Canweek 47 -- Yield to the Momentweek 48 --
Take Care of Yourselfweek 49 -- Put Your Faith to Workweek 50 -- Become Your Own Center of
Gravityweek 51 -- Live with the Distractionsweek 52 -- Turn the Life You're Living into the Life You
WantOne More Thought -- Start a Wish It GroupSuggested Reading

Do you toss pennies into a fountain for good luck? Do you make a wish before you blow out the candles?
Do wishes really come true? We all have wishes, whether small, like getting a date, or big, like running a
company. This is a 52-step guide, one week at a time, to help you accomplish your dreams. These
chapters will encourage you to: Ask tough questions that will help you to focus on your goals Experiment
with specific strategies to achieve those goals Practice defining and overcoming the obstacles that delay
your achievements Affirm your achievements, so you can stay inspiredUnder Leslie Levine's clear,
creative, and gentle guidance, you will gain the courage to test yourself without worrying about failing or
being judged. So take this book, your wishes, and your life into both hands and make your own, real

Week 1: Take a StepA journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.-- Lao-tzu, Chinese
proverbask1. What did I wish for when I was young?2. As a child, did my wishes and dreams ever come
true?3. Am I willing to wish, dream, and do, even though I'm not always sure what I'm wishing for?4.
Today, right now, am I paying attention to the parts of my life that matter the most?5. What's the first
thing I need to do before I embark upon this year-long journey?6. Am I prepared for the hard work ahead?
7. What will my life look like in a year?Like you, Wish It, Dream It, Do It is comprised of many
interrelated pieces. What brings about movement in one part of your life is likely to promote activity in
other areas as well. On the flip side, if you're stuck in one situation, another aspect of your life may come
to a standstill, too. Applying the holistic principles set forth in Wish It, Dream It, Do It will enhance your
ability to become whole and centered.The material will help you uncover and reexamine old beliefs that
have curtailed your efforts to wish, dream, and do. Some strategies will test your commitment and resolve
to create the kind of life you've always wanted. Each week you'll learn how to master a new strategy, but
more important, you'll learn something new about yourself. Throughout the book you'll find the support
and encouragement you need to propel and maintain your progress.As you immerse yourself in the
strategies presented here, you will discover what you're meant to do, your purpose. But don't expect your
heart's desire to remain constant as you work your way through the book. At one moment your dream will
be in picture-perfect focus. Perhaps your dream to pursue a master's in social work is beginning to fit in
nicely with your schedule and you're prepared to register for your first class. At the next moment,
however, your dream might resemble a swirling blur preparing to become another image, different from the
one that came before it but more defined, maybe even a little sharper -- you still want the degree, but
you're thinking that maybe you'd first like to get some experience in the field.Throughout the process you
will occasionally come face-to-face with certain fears. Many of us worry that others will find out that we're
frauds. This is especially true when we begin to inch ever so slowly toward our dreams. Remember this:
Pursuing your dreams is never a fraudulent act. Still, like little hooded goblins, these fears may linger
longer than you'd like. You can try to shake free of their power, but they're stubborn and they'll hang on. If
you want to capture your dreams, you must learn to coexist with these fears. Certainly, some of your
fears will surrender. Others, though, will want to stick around. You can either allow those hangers-on to
hold you back or face them head-on and say, "Fine! You're not going to let go? Well, hold on, because
it's going to be quite a ride."experimentSuspend your disbelief. Okay, so you've never found a four-leaf
clover or thrown a penny into a wishing well. Perhaps you don't even think about the stars or notice when
one shoots across the horizon in a blaze of glory. Well, before you even turn the page, relinquish your
doubts -- for at least a week -- so that you will be more...
Author Bio
Leslie Levine
Leslie Levine, a writer and speaker in Chicago and president of Leslie Levine Communications, has
appeared on numerous radio and TV programs, including the Today show, CBS This Morning, and Fox
News. She is also the author of Ice Cream for Breakfast: If You Follow All the Rules, You Miss Half the
Fun and Will This Place Ever Feel Like Home?: Simple Advice for Settling In After You Move, which was
selected by The Wall Street Journal as one of the best work/family books. Visit her website at ...

Here is the perfect guide to help you get clear about what you want and to realize your most heartfelt
dreams. Read this book, follow its potent process and success is assured.

and Recharge in MinutesWith warmth, wit, and common sense, Levine shows you how to empower your
dreams. An inspiring read...and a practical guide.

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