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									A Scotsman in Love
Author: Karen Ranney

Running from their pasts

Margaret Dalrousie was once willing to sacrifice all for her calling. The talented artist would let no man
interfere with her gift. But now, living in a small Scottish cottage on the estate of Glengarrow, she has not
painted a portrait in ages. For not even the calming haven in the remote woods can erase the memories
that darken Margaret's days and nights. And now, with the return of the Earl of Linnet to his ancestral
home, her hopes of peace have disappeared.

From the first moment he encountered Margaret on his land, the Earl of Linnet was nothing but annoyed.
The grieving nobleman has his own secrets that have lured him to the solitude of the Highlands, and his
own reasons for wanting to be alone. Yet he is intrigued by his hauntingly beautiful neighbor. Could she
be the spark that will draw him out of bittersweet sorrow — the woman who could transform him from a
Scotsman in sadness to a Scotsman in love?
Author Bio
Karen Ranney
New York Times bestselling author Karen Ranney wrote her first book on a flimsy electric typewriter at
the kitchen table when her son was nine months old. The book didn't survive her son's childhood (or his
love affair with SpaghettiOs) but she's gone on to write numerous other books, most of them set in
Scotland.When asked why she loves Scotland, Karen tells the story of running away from home (home
being France at the time) when she was sixteen, taking her savings, and traveling to Scotland. "I was lost
a great deal of the time, but I was helped along the way by absolutely wonderful people. All in all, it was a
great experience. Scotland has always had a warm spot in my heart."Her current book, The Devil Wears
Tartan, also takes place in Scotland, and was inspired by historical events. When Karen isn't knee deep
in historical research, she's writing, reading mysteries, chaining herself to the treadmill for an hour a day,
and involved in various groups and organizations.Karen lives in a house too close to a train track (that's a
long story) in San Antonio, her chosen hometown (since she was an Air Force brat) with her antique
collection of dust bunnies.

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