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					                               Spring / Summer 2012 - Press Release


The Almost Famous SS12 collection takes inspiration from the cult movie South Pacific, with an explosion
of hot colours such as lime, tangerine, magenta and teal. A tropical print takes us to paradise with oversized
flowers in coral-pink and bright yellow. A delicate feather print in bright aqua and orange provokes
thoughts of birds beyond our imagination. Another eye catching pattern in the summer range is an exotic
flower print which reminds us of the sailors coming in; nautical shades of red, navy and white all
amalgamated into feminine shapes and silhouettes. The chill wave of the 1960’s is also a muse for a
romantic take on the SS12 range. Chiffons and silks in hues of dove grey, nude, blush pink and eau de nil
all come together to form a tropical Island where dreams comes true…

Birds of…

The summer sun shines down on another day in paradise; this Island boasts all kinds of happenings. Today
we are awaiting the sailors. In the meantime we take in our surroundings; the bird of paradise is sitting in a
palm tree; its feathers oozing a palette of colours only ever seen in dreams. With shades of magenta, plum,
violet and aqua, it flies off, ruffling its pride and leaving behind a feather printed, chiffon appliqué dress in
teal and hot coral. Nearby a pair of birds are on a branch waiting for the ship to arrive; a one shouldered,
layer dress in canary yellow beams through the leaves, beside it is a lime coloured, top with swirl-taping
appliqué detailing. They’re all ready…

Love in…

A place where dreams are made, this Island has a subtle romantic touch to it, amongst the sand and sea, the
birds and foliage; even the flowers are in love. The most breathtaking of all is the tropical printed chiffon
maxi skirt with petals of purple and blush nude, sitting next to a mint coloured pleated silk-chiffon dress
with silver beadwork sparkling in the sunshine. In the summer breeze a chiffon draped dress in
marshmallow pink with jewelled shoulders can be seen gently swaying.

Welcome to…

With a dusky sky above, we can see a ship approaching the shore; as it gets closer we see sailors waving.
Strong shades of royal and navy blue, with whispers of bright strawberry. A nautical blazer in midnight
navy catches our eye; silver sparkly buttons on the cuff, and a strong white lapel, next to which there is an
exotic floral printed maxi dress in shades of tomato red, royal blue and almond. As the ship edges nearer
we notice a scarlet military day dress with gold button detail on the arms; as the anchor drops the Island
welcomes them.

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