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									The Latest SCORE
      Issue 21
   November 2006
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                Owners Register for Enthusiasts.

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     for any loss, financial or otherwise, or personal injury
                        to be associated.

                 If you have any doubt about any
       particular aspect of this magazine, please contact
       the Editor (contact details on inside back cover),
            or if necessary, seek professional advice.

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The Suzuki Cappuccino Owners Register for Enthusiasts
    The Latest SCORE Magazine

                   November 2006

Welcome to our 21st issue which celebrates the
         10th anniversary of SCORE.

   We’ve decided to add more colour to this
  special issue with a wide range of members’
     stories, photos and features alongside
             the usual SCORE news.

     Also included are the minutes from our
    2005 Annual General Meeting in October
plus a special 10-year pictorial feature of SCORE.


     Front cover photograph courtesy of Jaik Dean, Manchester.

Meet the SCORE Steering Group, the driving force behind the club...

                                               Alex Clouter
                                               SCORE Secretary/ Magazine

                                               01903 267 770

                                               Ian Linden
                                               Membership/ Treasury

                                               01276 503 630

                                               Adrian Furniss
                                               Website/ Classified

                                               01252 664 399

                                               Philip Gifford

                                               01908 676 442

                                               Brendan Molony

                                               01242 574 766

It’s goodbye to Ken Malone who has stepped down from the Steering Group due to increasing
family/work commitments. Ken worked with Adrian in setting up the new Classified Forum and had
specific responsibility in maintaining the ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ adverts. Adrian has kindly stepped
in to add this role into his website duties. A special thanks for all the hard work put in by Ken.

Within a few days of announcing the vacancy, Philip came forward to volunteer in looking after the
SCORE merchandise. Brendan Molony had been looking after the club merchandise for a number of
years and in recognition of his contribution to SCORE he remains part of the Steering Group - his
invaluable help and advice has been appreciated. STOP PRESS... Alex made a recent announcement
at the AGM, stepping down from his position as Club Secretary - more details on page 15.

Your local SCORE Contacts

Region 1
KIRSTIE NEWTON - 01752 671 743 -
Covering Bristol, Channel Isles, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Region 2
ADRIAN FURNISS - 01252 664 399 -
Covering Berkshire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Surrey.

Region 3
Covering Kent, East and West Sussex.

Region 4
CAROLINE HERMON - 020 8892 7725 -
Covering Greater London and Middlesex.

Region 5
ED SWINDELL - 07968 008 505 -
Covering Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

Region 6
Covering Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Region 7
GEORGE DUNNING - 0121 240 9790 -
Covering Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and West Midlands.

Region 8
DAVID GRESSWELL - 01452 542 742 -
Covering Gloucestershire, Hereford and Worcestershire, Shropshire and Wales.

Region 9
Covering Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland.

Region 10
PETE ROBERTS - 01204 884 002 -
Covering Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Isle of Man and Lancashire.

Region 11
MARTIN JONES - 0113 282 1693 -
Covering: Derbyshire, Durham, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and the Yorkshires

Region 12
GREG STEWART - 01224 899 896 -
Covering Scotland.

Region 14
DANNY SKEHAN - +35 31 833 7113 -
Covering Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Region 15
MARCEL SPOELSTRA - +31 204 82 65 55 -
Covering Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands.

Region 17
SONJA LUTHI - +61 298 797 069 -
Covering Australia.

Region 18
GRAEME HANSEN - +64 95 342 791-
Covering New Zealand.

The SCORE Contacts above are club members who have volunteered to be your local focal point for
information and possibly get involved or advise in running events. If you are keen to do an event,
please get in touch with your local SCORE Contact. Should you live in an area where there is a
vacant position and want to become a SCORE Contact please call 01276 503 630 or email

What do we expect from a SCORE Contact? They must have the Cappuccino blood inside as well
as be a ‘people person’. As an ambassador of the club all we ask is that the SCORE Contact keeps
in touch with existing members through an event or two and welcome new members when they
join. That’s all we ask, honest, as we know that the role is voluntary. In return we will cover
expenses in organising things as well as provide a listing of members living in the designated
region. The sort of local activities which have been popular with SCORE members includes convoy
runs, treasure hunts, pub meets, ten pin bowling and visiting places of interest. Of course there
could be other things but there’s nothing like getting feedback from members.

Club events can be publicised in a number of ways. There’s the Events Forum on the website as
soon as a date and event has been planned. Some SCORE Contacts have developed newsletters to
send out to their members in their local region on a regular basis. The club will of course make a
contribution towards any expenses for such mailings. It is important is to use the normal post (not
everyone is on email, or if they are, they may not use it regularly), the SCORE website and email for
those who have supplied this information to SCORE.

It is a unique experience organising and taking part in a club event - it’s also a great chance to meet
others and socialise, see lots of other Cappuccinos as too often one rarely sees another, share some
useful tips and advice and, above all, have fun by driving together.

SCORE Merchandise


UK members only: complete your requirements on the order form (page 12) and send with payment
(a sterling cheque made payable to “SCORE”) to the address as shown on the form.


UK members: email your requirements to us and arrange payment to the SCORE UK bank account as
below - you then need to advise us by email to confirm the date, your bank sort code* and amount
of money that has been transferred. Once we see that the money has been credited to the SCORE
bank account, the merchandise order will then be fulfilled.
Overseas members: you need to contact the SCORE store to find out the postage charges to your own
country before making your order - please telephone or email your requirements to +44 (0) 1908 676
442 or and we will then advise you of the postage costs. You must then
arrange payment to your nearest bank account as below - then you need to advise us by email to
confirm the date, your bank code* and amount of money that has been transferred. Once we see that
the money has been credited to the our bank account, the merchandise order will then be fulfilled.

Australian Members: Westpac, Westpoint Shopping Centre, Blacktown, NSW 2148; Branch/
Account Number: 032382 165930; Account Name: SCORE c/o Sonja Fueter Luthi
European Members: Rabobank, Amsterdam en Omsstreken, Zuideinder 1, Landsmeer, Postbus 3,
1120 AA Landsmeer; Bank Code: 3135; Swift Code: rabonl2u; Account Number: 3246.42.261;
Account Name: Marcel Spoelstra
UK, Irish and Rest of World Members: HSBC, 155 Mile Cross Road, Norwich NR6 6RL; IBAN**:
GB17MIDL40355041372467; Branch Identifier Code**: MIDLGB2147K; SWIFT Code**: MIDLGB22;
Sort Code: 40 35 50; Account Number: 41372467; Account Name: SCORE

* This will be the only reference appearing on our bank statement to identify your payment so please
let us know your sort code to help us see that the credit relates directly to you.
** These codes must be used by non-UK residents if wishing to pay into the UK account.


UK members: please email your order to and send a ‘cc’ to; then remit the total amount of your order (to include an additional 50p [if
your total is up to £14.99] or £1 [£15 or more]) to - this helps cover the
PayPal charges to SCORE.

Overseas members: please telephone your requirements to +44 (0) 1908 676 442 or alternatively by
email to and we will advise you of the postage costs to your country;
then remit the total amount in sterling (not in any other currency) and add 50p (if your total is up to
£14.99) or £1 (£15 or more) to - this helps cover the PayPal charges to SCORE.

         GOLF UMBRELLA                          LEATHER 6 COASTER SET
       Red umbrella with black                Choice of green, burgundy or mixed
          Cappuccino logo                               with gold logo

                 £10                                          £2

   ‘CAPPO’ THE BEAN BAG DOG                          LEATHER KEY FOB
Cappuccino coloured plush bean bag dog         Red leather with chrome tag and
  (not suitable for under 3 year olds)          engraved red Cappuccino logo

                  £5                                          £5

   Black flag with gold logo/ lettering         Finely crafted 1:43 scale model
commemorating Cappo’s 10th anniversary             with removable hard top

                  £5                                         £30

      THE LATEST SCORE                                 SET OF 3 POSTCARDS
Magazine back issues 1 - 20 subject to            Dealer launch postcards featuring
         stock availability                    Motor Show award logos and press quotes

             £1.50 each                                        £1.50

  CLARION RADIO TWEETERS                                   CAR MAT SET
  Original tweeters to be mounted                      Black tailor made mats
         on the dashboard                             with red Cappuccino logo

                 £5                                             £33

                                             SEE PAGE 17 FOR DETAILS OF OUR
                                             NEW 1:64 MODEL CAPPUCCINOS!

                                                     Two versions of the original
                                                   dealer launch showroom poster:
                                                     red Cappo/ red background

                                                     large (84 x 60cm) version

                                                     small (30 x 21cm) version

            BASEBALL CAP                            FULL ZIPPED FLEECE JACKET
    Fully adjustable navy blue cap                           Navy blue
with light blue peak/ Cappo name logo        with Cappuccino motif (only XL/ XXL sizes left)

                 £7                                             £22.50

          SWEAT SHIRT                                             RUGBY SHIRT
             Navy blue                                       Navy blue with white collar
       with Cappuccino motif                                   and Cappuccino motif

              £14.50                                                     £20

                POLO SHIRT
                  Navy blue
            with Cappuccino motif


  Red document wallet                 8 page Suzuki brochure
      (25 x 17cm)                              (A4)

          £7                                    £3

 8 page Suzuki brochure              Technical/ equipment
          (A3)                        fold-out single page

          £3                                  £0.50

   Black and white             18 page souvenir full colour hardback
  windscreen sticker                       (30 x 30cm)

        £0.50                                 £7.50

How to order from the SCORE Store
Either photocopy this page to use as your order form or visit the forum on the website.

All prices quoted are for SCORE Full, Affiliate and Associate Members only; non-SCORE Members
should call or email (contact details below) for price information.

The advertised price includes packing and posting only for UK residents. The cost of postage will vary
for overseas members - contact us (details below) for more information by advising us what you
require and we will let you know of the total cost of postage to your country.

Choice of garment sizes, subject to stock availability: small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large.

            Name:                                  SCORE membership number:


            City/ town:                            County:
            Country (if overseas):

            Daytime telephone:
            Email address:

            ITEM(S) TO BE ORDERED                  PRICE     QUANTITY            VALUE OF
                                                             REQUIRED             ORDER

                                                   TOTAL VALUE OF ORDER:

                            UK sterling cheques to be made payable to “SCORE”
                         See page 7 for paying by bank account transfer or PayPal.

                The SCORE Store, 11 Bentall Close, Willen, Milton Keynes MK15 9HB
                     Tel: +44 (0) 1908 676 442 Email:

  Whatever your pride and joy.
  Rest assured. We’ll get you covered.
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                                                                        0845 223 6151    Quote Ref: Score
                                                                       Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
                                                                           Telephone calls may be monitored or recorded for
                                                                                             your protection.

DISCOUNTED RATES for Suzuki Cappuccino Owners Club Members on Modern Car, Motorcycle, Home and Contents Insurance

SCORE Gallery - North Wing

             Bill McDonald            Georgie Brown

            Suzanne Gannon              Ian Elleray

           Joseph Ponticello        John & Julia Cates

The New SCORE Store Keeper
By Philip Gifford

Dear one and all. Looks like I’ve drawn the short straw in taking on the mantle of being the SCORE
Store Keeper. It didn’t really hit me until I trekked across to meet Brendan for the handover and saw
how much stock of merchandise that is held. Blimey! Too late now to back down... not really as I
am keen to be more involved within the club.

I have been a SCORE member since August 2002 and already onto my second Cappuccino! The
first one I had is still within the family, as I decided to purchase a lower mileage one as a project
car for joint use by Linda - my trouble and strife - and myself. This is a story in its own right for the
time and money spent in restoring and enhancing a Cappuccino that was previously owned by
another SCORE member.

So the passion and enjoyment of owning a Cappuccino stretches across two generations in our
family, creating our own convoy when we decide to go out together for a burn.

More than often, it’s me who does all the driving but, hey, no real problem as I’m a bad passenger!
We’ve been on a few SCORE trips, the most memorable being a marathon drive up to Bonnie
Scotland in 2005 - great fun with a great crowd and a great host over the long weekend. Looking
forward to seeing more of you at other club events. Happy New Year to you all!

And it’s farewell from the top
By Alex Clouter

After some ten years in SCORE, most of which has been in various active roles, I have decided to
step down as Club Secretary. There’s a number of reasons, from a club and a more personal point
of view. It’s important that we have a fresh impetus to the direction of SCORE and having been the
Top Man since the resignation of John Moore, now is the time for change. I have really enjoyed all
aspects of SCORE, making fast and firm friends and experiencing some truly memorable events. It
will be up to the Steering Group to jointly decide how SCORE leadership continues.

The other trigger point for my decision to step down was driven by the unfortunate fire damage
done to my Cappuccino whilst welding work was being done at a Suzuki Dealer. It was written off
and I could not really justify pumping any more money into a well loved car which I have owned
since new. The head ruled the heart for the first and agonising time. Another SCORE member has
purchased my car, as part of a long term restoration project so I’m glad that CPO has now gone to
an equally passionate Cappo enthusiast. I have now purchased a larger 4-seater convertible so look
out for that at some point next year!

It was truly great to be a part of a great club and community, which will always be close to my
heart for the long time I have been actively involved in virtually all aspects of SCORE. I may be
continuing in my magazine capacity much dependent on the Steering Group. All the very best to
you all for the New Year and beyond, in whatever way SCORE is organised centrally.

Membership Review
By Ian Linden

I am pleased to annouce that as at 30 September 2006 we had 314 club members. Loyalty to
SCORE continues to go up, which means that we must be doing something right. The interest in
joining the club remains good and an increasing level of conversion from enquiry to membership.
More details can be read in the AGM minutes printed in this magazine. For now, a warm welcome
to the following new members who joined SCORE since the issue of the last magazine...

Kenny Bell              SCOTLAND                     Robert Morley              Suffolk
Barry    Howlett        Hampshire                    Matthew Palmer             Kent
Jon      Barnsley       FRANCE                       Gwynne Jones               WALES
Claire Stamper          Nottinghamshire              Denise Lloyd               Surrey
Ian      Elleray        Cumbria                      Hazel Dale                 Lancashire
James Coates            North Yorkshire              Lars     Lagstrom          SWEDEN
Stephen Bajdala-Brown   Gloucestershire              Ray      Eagle             WALES
Hazel Kilvington        Essex                        Jackie Smith               North Yorkshire
Graeme Bullimore        Tyne and Wear                Alison Scanlon             IRELAND
Emma Greene             Hertfordshire                Nicola Green               West Midlands
John     Cates          Greater London               Chris    Holland           Kent
Steven Hurdley          Shropshire                   Anthony Goodall            WALES
Philip Whitmore         WALES                        Claire Nicholson           Nottinghamshire
Daniel Rogers           Hampshire                    Derek O'Sullivan           IRELAND
Lorraine Whiteford      Hampshire                    Peter    Campbell          AUSTRALIA
Andrew Cleal            Berkshire                    Jane     Stevenson         Essex
Ross     Taylor         AUSTRALIA                    Valerie Morgan             Essex
Jacob Dean              Cheshire                     Lee      Hutton            Hampshire
Lars-Ola Forsberg       SWEDEN                       Ian      Laken             Bedfordshire
Olukunle(Ojay)Ojo       Bedfordshire                 Alan     Percival          SCOTLAND
Mark     Priestley      Hampshire                    Graham Webber              WALES
Joseph Ponticelli       Warwickshire                 Martin Williams            Essex
Anne Lavender           Gloucestershire              Julie    Fraser-Burton     Derbyshire
Garnett Bowman          West Yorkshire               Edward Vost                Cheshire
Aaron Robinson          USA                          Dewi     Long              Greater London
Jane     Pop            West Sussex                  Sandra Gradwell            Cumbria
Suzanne Gannon          Essex                        Eileen Hughes              Merseyside
Thomas Viggers          Merseyside                   Trevor Rosborough          N. IRELAND
Alastair McLennan-MurraySCOTLAND                     Angie Jackson              Essex
Vera     Jankovic       MALTA                        Philip Stone               West Yorkshire
Stephen Mangnall        Derbyshire                   Valerie Bull               Hampshire
Brian    Kulaway        Sussex                       Aileen Taylor-Hunter       SCOTLAND
Louise Thompson         West Midlands                Catherine Lowe             Oxfordshire
Kelly    Hiller         Devon                        Rebecca Keyes              Essex
Paul     Massey         Surrey                       Derek Saunders             Gloucestershire
Pamela Roberts          WALES                        Kevin Williams             WALES
Robbie Barnes           Essex                        Stan     Philips           SCOTLAND
                 SCORE Events in 2007... so far!

                            30 June/ 1 July weekend

  11th National Rally, centred in and around Chatsworth House, Derbyshire
SCORE Contact: Martin Jones - 0113 282 1693 -

                            27/ 28 October weekend

                 11th AGM/ Birthday Weekend, Birmingham

                                                         1:64 CAPPUCCINO MODEL

                                                           Silver car models currently in stock.
                                                         Red car models - all sold but we will be
                                                      ordering more from the supplier in early 2007.

                                                        Only £15, including postage.

                                                                 Order form on page 12.

        make the most from
                      - powerful search engine for all forums -
             - highly successful classified area for selling and wants -
             - useful and easy-to-read online parts/ service manuals -
               - practical and impartial technical advice on request -
                        - history of the Suzuki Cappuccino -
                  - club information and organised events diary -
                   - private messaging and instant chat facility -
                      - Cappuccino and SCORE merchandise -
                               - technical faq section -
                                  - fun ‘n’ laughter -
                                    - photo gallery -


The list of Suzuki Dealers on the pages that follow this introduction are franchised Suzuki Dealers
who have formally signed an agreement to recognise SCORE and specially offer a 10% discount to
club members on servicing for their Cappuccino as well as purchasing parts and accessories,
subject to stock availability. It is really important that you state that you are a club member and
have your membership card at hand when you book in for a service or indeed buy some parts, just
to ensure that they are clear about things. The information shown on the list was provided by the
relevant Suzuki Dealer and SCORE cannot be held liable if this information is incorrect or dated
unless we are informed of changes. We are only as good as the information provided.

If you know of a local Suzuki Dealer not shown and they show interest in becoming linked to
SCORE, please let us know - contact details on the inside back cover - and we will send them an
information pack to them. Please aim to get the name of the General Manager or Dealer Principal to
help us send the pack to the relevant person. There is no cost involved by the Suzuki Dealer who
gets free publicity in the Suzuki SCORE Dealer Listing both inside the magazine and on the SCORE
website. An asterisk (*) against a Dealer name indicates that the Dealer is a service-only facility.



         Braylake Cars              32 Aylesbury Street, Bletchley, MK2 2BD
                                    After sales contact: Richard Portway
                                    01908 647 111

         DGL Garages*               Littleworth Road, High Wycombe, HP13 5XE
                                    After sales contact: Bob Peters
                                    01494 478 496


         Levoi's Limited            Berechurch Road, Colchester, CO2 7QB
                                    After sales contact: Ian Johnson
                                    01206 544 233/ 01206 579 579


         John Wilkins Cars          170 - 172 Leckhampton Road, Cheltenham GL53 0AA
                                    After sales contact: Tony Graffin
                                    01242 224 477


Mill Lane Suzuki*   Blackwater Way, Aldershot, GU12 4HD
                    After sales contact: Dave Richards
                    01252 321 122


S. Cropley & Co.    Frithbank, Boston, PE22 7BD
Limited             After sales contact: Kevin Fairweather
                    01205 362 230

Linpac Garages      Kingsway & South Park, Lincoln, LN5 8EL
Limited             After sales contact: Keith Walker
                    01522 521 345


Chiswick Suzuki     Layton Road, Brentford, Chiswick TW8 0QJ
                    After sales contact: Barrie Hester
                    020 8560 1718


TJ Vickers & Sons   Knights Way, Battlefield EP, Shrewsbury, SY1 3AB
Limited             After sales contact: Nigel Llewellyn
                    01743 446 951


Randles (Garages)   Keele Road, Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 2HN
Limited             After sales contact: Paul Wilkinson
                    01782 717170


CMW Automobiles     Anstye Cross, Ansty, Haywards Heath, RH17 5AG
Limited             After sales contact: Paul Simmons
                    01444 452 621

Crawley Down        Snow Hill, Copthorne, RH10 3EQ
Group Limited       After sales contact: Mike Cooper
                    01342 718 288

Worthing Suzuki   Upper Brighton Road, Sompting, Worthing, BN15 0JQ
                  After sales contact: Adrian Darbyshire
                  01903 755 246

                     WEST MIDLANDS

Colmore 2000      1163 Chester Road, Birmingham, B24 0QY
                  After sales contact: Harry Jethwa
                  0121 377 8169


Pebley Beach      1-3 Moormead, Swindon, SN4 9BS
                  After sales contact: Wendy Clark/ Steve Lawro
                  01793 812 235


Autoworld         455 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 1FS
                  After sales contact: Rob Baines
                  0114 255 7071

Colin Appleyard   Halifax Road, Keighley, BD21 1AH
                  Lockwood Road, Huddersfield, HD1 3PA
                  126 Oldham Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL7 9AH
                  After sales contact: Aziz Ahmed
                  01535 682 401

Robert Bowett     Low Road, Hunslet, Leeds LS10 1RB
                  After sales contact: Mike Harker
                  0113 276 3799



Gael Suzuki       49 Main Road, Crookedholm, Kilmarnock, KA3 6JT
                  After sales contact: Michael Keenan
                  01563 537 116

The fun starts here
By Nick Firth

Anagram Time
The following words all come from that smallest room in your home... the bathroom! Answers will
be featured in the next magazine...

                                       CUT WORM PALED
                                      MINI BEE ACCIDENT
                                        TO SHIP OWNER
                                         MITE POUNCES
                                       TWO HURRICANES
                                      RIO PARADING CUB
                                          SAVE FATHER
                                      HELLO DRILLER TOTO
                                        CANTER FOR TAX

What’s the Caption?
Send your written answers to the Editor (address details can be found on the inside back cover) by
31 December 2006; the best one selected will win a limited edition Cappuccino picture.


                                              ... to Ian and Kirsty Parker on the
                                              imminent birth of their baby some
                                              time in January 2007.

   ... to Marcel and Jolanda Spoelstra
   on the birth of their son, Jelle
   Niels Spoelstra, in October.

                                              ... to Greg and Lyndsey Stewart on
                                              the birth of Melissa, earlier this
                                              year and already growing fast!

Even Barbie drives a Cappuccino!
By Gavin Radforth

Just a short piece to let members know that even Barbie prefers to drive one of our great little cars!
As you can see from the photo, Barbie’s car looks very similar to the shape of a Suzuki Cappuccino
although a little bit smaller!! I came across it while at a local car boot sale and only paid 50p for
it... not bad for a one lady owned car. Most of the ones I have bought are red, I haven’t found any
silver ones yet but recently I came across a bright PINK one definitely owned by Barbie. I have
been a SCORE member since August 2001 and own a (much bigger) silver Cappuccino with a
personal number plate: M1 GVR. I enjoy my club membership and always look forward to the
magazine. Keep up the good work with the club and the magazine and keep promoting the Suzuki
                                  SCORE MEMBER ADVERTISEMENT


                            Scottish Tourist Board 4 Star Guest House
          Ardgye House is set in the heart of rural Morayshire, offering the best in comfort,
        satisfaction and customer service. The Edwardian mansion house has a magnificent oak
      panelled dining room, elegant bedrooms, a superb lounge and fine views over Laich of Moray.
               Open all year round. B&B starts from £25 (Single) and £20 (Double/Twin).
                   Packed lunch £6 and evening meals from £10. All prices per person.

                  Contact: Kevin Todd on 01343 850 618/

A Normandy Adventure
By Patrick Bourne


Monday, and the start of our Normandy adventure, but already day two for us as we had travelled
down to the south coast the previous day so that we could meet up with the others in time for the
8am ferry. Discovering that we had stayed overnight at the same hotel as Ruth and Neil, we formed
an instant two-vehicle convoy and set off for the docks to join Ian and the third Cappo on this leg
of the trip.

Introductions all round, and with cars safely stowed on board, a hearty breakfast was consumed
and a smooth four hour crossing saw us arriving in Dieppe just as the sun was breaking through.
We disembarked and were soon heading off in convoy through the French countryside.

I find that the Cappo is surprisingly smooth and comfortable when cruising along a motorway; it
has the feel of a much bigger car but with an air of cosiness especially when surrounded by ten
days’ worth of luggage. We have never mastered the art of travelling light and all available space
inside and out had been fully utilised.

Ian had thoughtfully brought along some pmr radios which were to prove useful throughout the
week in enabling us all to be in contact with each other and to take part in any decisions regarding
route changes or for notifying everyone of fuel or comfort stops. A steady four-hour drive along
autoroutes took us across the Pays de Caux region and over the famous river Seine on the Pont de
Normandie Bridge. This is an impressive piece of modern engineering but on this occasion it was
heavily shrouded in mist.

Confusion arose once we reached St Lo where we took an unexpected and lengthy detour along a
new bypass that had not registered on Ian’s Satellite Navigation and a little further on, driving the
wrong way up a narrow “residents only” lane which clearly had. However, the local inhabitants
looked more bemused than angry as they watched these little cars scurrying through their village.
Despite the minor technological setbacks we eventually arrived at our chateau “Le Castel” to be
greeted by our host Jon and fellow SCORE members Clive and Yvonne who had travelled down in
their Copen the previous day via a different route.

Set in four acres of grounds Le Castel is a very pleasant and quite luxurious place to stay and once
we had been welcomed by Jon and introduced to his four Burmese cats (Robbie, Kylie, Oscar and
Emmie) who then reluctantly gave up some space on the huge sofas, we settled down in front of a
blazing log fire to relax and enjoy a pleasant glass of wine, only to realise that the cats had craftily
relinquished the space so that they could make good use of SCORE members’ laps as a much more
comfortable and warmer place to sleep.

After settling into our rooms and freshening up, we soon embarked on the first of many pleasant
evenings sitting around the chateau’s large dining table, leisurely consuming the excellent food and
chatting about the days ahead.


The plan had been to divide our time between a few days of club activity and other days when we
could go off and do our own thing, as it were. However, as most people were planning to visit the
same places it followed that we would often go together, hence a dry but cold Tuesday saw two
Cappos and a Copen heading off to the picturesque Suisse Normande region for some sightseeing.
The inevitable roof on / roof off debate was held and a split decision arrived at. So one Copen with
an electrical roof mechanism opted for roof off, whilst the two Cappos with manual roof opted for
enclosed motoring. My admiration goes to Clive and Yvonne for their hardiness in exposing their
heads to the grey skies above, but it has to be said that they did resemble a couple of Michelin
mascots once their several layers of clothing had been applied.

You could say in jest that we went to Normandy but it was closed, and I suppose that’s partially
true as many of the tourist attractions had not yet opened for the season, but what struck me most
was how empty the roads were. Now I live in the north of England and compared with our friends
in the south there is still a bit of room left up here for motoring fun, but Normandy is true Cappo
country. Miles (or is it kilometres?) of empty well maintained roads with a nice selection of twists
and turns to make driving really enjoyable. I don’t know how busy the roads are during the summer
months, but I think it’s well worth finding out.


Awoke to find the Cappos had disappeared under a blanket of snow and that both Red and Silver
were now equally white. Not quite what we were expecting, Jon’s llamas didn’t seem too pleased
either, so today’s debate was not about whether we should go topless but after assessing the state
of the roads whether we should go out at all.

It’s a long time since I’ve tasted the delights of rear wheel drive in snowy conditions, and having
on more than one occasion lost the rear of the Cappo in the wet, we opted for a more traditional
form of transport, and set out on foot to explore the surrounding countryside. After a couple of
hours of trudging through the snow however, the novelty of two legged propulsion had worn off
and the weather had eased. The roads were rapidly clearing so it was time to set off on our driving
explorations once more. On this occasion due to the uncertainty of the weather, we opted to stay
closer to ‘home’ and headed off for an early lunch in the nearby town of Coutance. Clive and
Yvonne who had bravely set out earlier in their front wheel drive Copen, obviously had the same
idea as we bumped into them (metaphorically not physically) in the same restaurant.

It’s interesting to note how important meals become when you are on holiday and by now we were
really getting into the excellent Normandy cuisine which we argued we needed plenty of to combat
the cold weather. After a long lunch we spent the afternoon touring the coastal area south west of
Coutance, and visiting the outside (it was closed of course) of Abbay d’Hambye, a magnificent
ruined abbey situated in an idyllic valley. A short walk up the hill behind the abbey to get a better
view and great debate over the purpose of a large treadmill set in its grounds. Back to the cars once
more and wending our way along empty roads, we returned to Le Castel for another evening of fine
food, wine and conversation.


There was a significant improvement in the weather, and an opportunity to explore Omaha Beach,
Pont du Hoc plus German and American war cemeteries. I’m afraid that to me despite the immense
seriousness of the American cemetery there is still a theme park feel to it compared to the quiet
dignity found elsewhere. However, for anyone who hasn’t yet visited the D Day locations, I would
thoroughly recommend that you do. There are still many tangible signs to remind us of the struggle
that took place and the many lives that were lost.

This evening we ventured out to visit the restaurant La Verte Campagne at Trelly, It’s run by an
English couple Andre and Lynne, and both the exuberant Andre and his cute Westie Terrier took a
considerable interest in both the Cappos and Copen. By now though, any thoughts of dieting had
completely disappeared as we tucked into yet another excellent meal.


Another Cappo arrives! Stuart Falshaw, who is a long time member of SCORE, had moved from
Yorkshire to the Loire Valley, and had driven up to join us for the weekend. After introductions and
a breakfast of delicious coffee and fresh croissants, we set off in convoy to visit the Roman ruins

and viewpoint at Mont Castre, then onto lunch at St Mere Eglise which was the first village to be
liberated after the D-Day landings, and where a life size effigy of American paratrooper John Steele
hangs by his parachute from the Church tower. This is a very touching reminder of when many
American paratroopers were catastrophically blown off course and ended up landing in the middle
of the enemy held village. Steele was blown into the side of the church snagging his parachute on
the parapet and was left helplessly dangling for several hours, unable to release himself and being
deafened by the continuous ringing of the church bells. Fortunately he survived the ordeal despite
having been shot in the leg.

Lunch over and our convoy headed off to visit the museum and military memorial at Utah Beach
followed by a splendid but chilly topless drive back to Le Castel stopping off at another splendid
viewpoint at Les Roche de Ham.

Tonight we were in for a special treat as Gwynelle, a local lady who had been assisting Jon for the
week, and would soon be opening her own Chambre d’Hote, had taken charge of the kitchen, and
was preparing a classic Normandy meal for us to enjoy. Needless to say we all did it full justice
making this yet another delightful evening of excellent food and wine coupled, of course, with
relaxed conversation about anything from Cappos to Kylie Minogue.


Our host Jon, who is never one to miss an opportunity to publicise his chateau, had arranged with
journalists from two local newspapers to come along and talk about the Cappos, the club and our
reasons for being in Normandy, and sure enough having nominated Ruth who spoke fluent French,
to provide all the details, we happily lined up alongside our cars for a photo shoot, and our five
minutes of fame. Articles and photos were published in ‘Ouest France’ and ‘La Manche’ on the
following week, and were no doubt avidly read by the puzzled locals who had been fortunate
enough to witness these little cars whizzing about the countryside.

Having done our bit for cultural enlightenment, we headed off in the pouring rain for the famous
Mont St Michel where despite the bad weather we set about sightseeing, visiting several museums,
and climbing the many steps to visit the Abbey.

The tourist car park at Mont St Michel is situated alongside the causeway linking the island to the
mainland and is often completely flooded during spring tides. Anxious moments then as high tide
was at 14:30 hours, but despite a notice on the wall assuring us that today the car park would not
flood, I still had visions of a SCORE convoy floating out into the Channel, sidelights on of course
and keeping the car behind in view at all times. Well at least until it sank!

Thankfully my fears were unfounded, and after another enjoyable day, it was a straight run back to
the Chateau stopping only to visit a large supermarket to fill our thirsty tanks with fuel and the few
remaining inches of boot space with boxes of wine and other local goodies to take home. There are
very few places in northern France that are open for petrol on a Sunday, and as we all know the
Cappo has a very small tank so it was essential that we had maximum fuel available for our touring

around the next day. It was also interesting to note that during the week we had mostly filled up at
the same time having covered the distance, and it was reassuring to find that fuel consumption
was pretty near identical for all cars.

A quick dash back to get washed and changed ready for our final Gala Dinner at the chateau with
everyone together for the last time as Clive and Yvonne were leaving for the UK the following
morning and Stuart would be returning to his home in France later in the day.


After saying our farewells to Clive and Yvonne, three Cappos set off on our last full day to explore
the gun emplacements at Le Chaos, and the seaside villages of Port en Bessin and Arromanche
where the remains of the famous mulberry harbour can be seen slowly crumbling into the sea. This
is in my opinion a must see for anyone visiting the area as it is undoubtedly a most impressive
engineering feat and was a major factor in the success of the allied invasion.

Having said goodbye to Stuart at Arromanche, the remaining Cappos paid a short visit to a military
cemetery located in a quiet part of the now peaceful French countryside and where British and
Commonwealth graves can be found alongside those of many German soldiers. This was a place to
stand and reflect on what might have been, and how different Europe is today.

For the remaining club members the evening was spent returning to La Verte Campagne restaurant
for our last indulgent dinner of the trip. By now we were in no doubt that the Cappos would be
carrying lots of extra weight on the way home.


Time to return home! Our final day was to be spent taking quite a leisurely drive back up to the
ferry terminal at Dieppe. Needless to say the weather was probably the best it had been all week
and the Pont du Normandie was now looking magnificent bathed in the warm sunshine.

Had a lazy lunch on the picturesque quayside at Honfleur, a small upmarket fishing village very
popular with day tripping Parisians and then on up the winding coast road to arrive in Dieppe in
good time to board our ferry back to England. Idle moments were spent leaning on the ship’s rail
watching the sunset, then we settled down for a lengthy and moderately rough sea crossing, the
tedium only alleviated by watching Ian’s hand held sat-nav system giving us a clear indication of
which bit of lumpy sea we were floating on, and how fast we were going ……. very informative!!

Midnight had struck and we were back in England at last. A quick dash home for the others, and
fortunately, only a short run to the hotel for us. Sadly our Normandy adventure was finally over,
and after 1700 miles of enjoyable trouble free motoring, good company and excellent Normandy
hospitality it was judged a resounding success. Well done to Alex (who was unable to go last
minute) for organising the trip and to everyone who took part for making it as good as it was. See
you all on the next Adventure.

Easter Bonnet Parade
By Nick Firth (after some editing from Martin Jones!)

Easter Sunday saw the North East of England Region’s first “Club Trip”, to the Lincolnshire Coast.
five red Cappos, a black Ford Street Ka and of course the ever present, black Daihatsu Copen, all
took part.

We met at the Red Beck Transport Café on the Wakefield to Doncaster Road to embark on quite a
pleasant yet somewhat speed restricted (56mph) drive through flat lands around Doncaster,
Gainsborough and Market Rasen, then through the mountainous regions around Louth and the
Lincolnshire Wolds.

A good start was had by most by filling their eggstatic faces with a “Full English” early on. Others
waited until we had our mid morning half way stop at Willingham Ponds picnic area near Market
Rasen, where tea, coffee and snacks were consumed. Although the picnic area is a favourite of two
wheeled enthusiasts, plenty of eggciting interest was shown in our little Cappos by both bikers and
holiday makers alike. Ian Parker’s Cappo was of particular interest as his bonnet (there’s more about
bonnets in a mo.) was raised to show his new Stage 2 conversion with bright red silicone hoses,
fancy plant pot style air filter, dump valve (whatever that is) and the massive hole where the Air
Con used to be. “It’s an eggshilarating drive!” he commented, but then he would. Posing over, we
set off on the rest of our “Working Man’s” Day Out to the coast. We hit the village of Mablethorpe
just before lunch and did a short town cruise along the only two streets. We eventually found a

   Izzo and Malteser

                bringing a smile to any special occasion
            you are planning for children or grownups alike!

Ian and Gavin Radforth are fun-loving brothers who got together back in 1991 to form The
  Rapide Brothers. Encouraged by their great friend and mentor Ted Pickles, a well known
  Yorkshire clown, Ian and Gavin joined Circus Zanni where they learned all the skills and
 gained a great entertaining experience. Fifteen years later, and better known as Izzo and
   Malteser, the brotherly clowns have won acclaim and travelled miles around the world,
                           bringing smiles to everyone they meet.

Versatility is part of their makeup as Izzo and Malteser can entertain both the young and
  grownups alike by what they do best, at children’s parties, sporting events, corporate
     functions, cabaret and other show activities: clowning, stilt walking, unicycling,
              juggling, balloon modelling, circus workshops, character costumes
                         and other eye-catching circus performances.

 Bring a sparkle of fun to your planned special occasion by inviting Izzo and Malteser and
           everyone will fall in love with their clowning and highly skilled antics.

   Call 01924 271 290 to let Izzo and Malteser entertain you!

vacant parking spot where we could all park together for the statutory photos. We all had free
Easter Eggs and an Easter Bonnet Parade which, as Organiser, I knew nothing about as no one had
eggsplained that part to me. Martin Jones’ bonnet was by far the most outrageous with his wife
Linda’s bonnet a close second.

A slightly embarrassed female passer-by pushing a child in a pushchair was roped into taking a
group photo of us all wearing our Easter bonnets and she was rewarded with half a dozen small
Cadbury’s cream eggs.

We departed into town for a couple of hours for us all to pursue our own interests, be that donkey
riding, bingo, fish & chips, ice cream or whatever took one’s fancy. Two hours to eggsplore the two
streets of Mablethorpe with its beer joints, greasy spoons, honky tonks and bandit arcades, none of
which have a sea view, was quite enough.

Sea-side visit over, Philip and Linda eggscused themselves, brave enough to go on to visit Grimsby,
then set off back the way we came. We enjoyed panoramic views of Lincolnshire and a stop in
Louth to have a Cappo photo of the tallest spire in England.

As we neared the Yorkshire boundary, I was gradually overtaken by everyone, obviously not able to
put up with my rather more sedate 40 – 50 mph driving (I can understand). And by the time we
reached Bawtry, I was on my own, but everyone was content with a day out of Yorkshire and more
than 50 miles per gallon fuel consumption.

An “eggcellent” time was had by all at our first ever SCORE Easter Bonnet Parade, just eggscuse
the odd and deliberate pun or two!

Flying High
A report on the 10th National Rally by Alex Clouter

It was the turn of the Central Region to host this year’s National Rally and it seemed right that we
should return to where SCORE had its inaugural meet at The Shuttleworth Collection at Old
Warden Park, Biggleswade in Bedfordshire.

Shuttleworth houses one of the biggest private collection of vintage aircraft including some fine
and fully operational Edwardian aeroplanes. Also on the estate is the impressive Swiss Garden and
a Birds of Prey Centre. Visit to see more about this interesting venue.

The planning began way back in October 2005 when I made contact with the Events Manager at
Shuttleworth to secure an early June booking – the first weekend was sorted, to coincide with an
Air Show. During Spring 2006 I managed to get the assistance of Ed Swindell, SCORE Regional Rep
for the region, to sort out a meandering route for the Cappuccino convoy on the Saturday and
another route to get to Shuttleworth from the hotel on the Sunday morning. I also arranged to meet
up with my contact at Shuttleworth in May and took the chance of seeing Ed as he lived in
Bedford, not too far away.

It was a productive meeting at Shuttleworth as we sorted out the special commemorative gifts for
members coming along, the detail of Sunday’s air show, a good vantage point in the grounds for
the Cappuccinos to be parked close to the runway, and more importantly the hotel where we
would be staying on the Saturday night plus the evening dinner. Ed also showed me his planned
route for the convoy run, taking in sights of Dunstable Downs and Whipsnade Zoo.

Invitations were sent out and by the deadline we had 34 SCORE members signed up to come
along. This translated into thirty Cappuccinos, one Copen and one Peugeot 205! Two other SCORE
members were passengers in other members’ Cappuccinos as their own ones were off the road.

Over lunchtime on the Saturday, all the Cappuccinos were parked up in their gleaming colours
under the summer sunshine whilst their passengers were enjoying friendly conversation and a light
lunch on the restaurant terrace, overlooking the marina. It was great to see a good mix of club
members from virtually all points of the compass across England. The furthest travelled was either
Stuart Falshaw, a Yorkshireman now residing in mid France or Marcel and Jolanda Spoelstra having
driven all the way from Holland.

SCORE newcomers, Suzanne Gannon and Dean Barnes, were gobsmacked to see so many Cappos
all together, parked around the hotel... “incredible to see” and they started snapping away with
their camera. “Hold on!” I said. “Save some battery life for our special group shot at Woburn Park
this afternoon!!” Did they listen to me?

Soon enough we were lined up in our convoy in a silver/ red/ silver/ red formation, ready for the
off. Mark Fitz-Gibbon had to be the difficult one with his dark blue Cappo so we treated it as a
silver just to get the co-ordinated coloured Cappuccino convoy line once we were on the road!
Driving topless, which was obligatory, it was great to see the many outstretched arms (from the

passengers, I have to say) holding cameras aloft to witness the impressive long line of Cappuccinos
as they were driving.

We had our comfort break at Dunstable Downs, causing high interest for the public already there
looking at the fine views of the rolling country and the kites flying until we arrived... then their
eyes turned in our direction when we arrived. The two ice cream vans coped admirably with our
need for refreshment. Predictably, we stayed longer there than planned but no problem. Back on the
road and a view of Whipsnade Zoo as we passed and I daresay some disappointed faces as we
were not stopping there. Perhaps another time and a possible basis for a regional meet... what’s
your thoughts, Ed?!

Our final destination point was Woburn Park and a super drive down the estate’s narrow roads to
the restaurant as by now we were in need of proper food. We all sat outdoors and enjoyed the
great sunshine and the company, and the food of course. Back to our Cappuccinos, off the road,
onto the grass and a patient wait for everyone whilst a few of us coordinated a Figure Ten parking
formation for a rather special aerial photo.

People were wondering how we could actually take the photo, considering the size of the Figure
Ten that would be better appreciated from a high angle. We were teasing members to look up to
the skies and watch out for an unusual flying object. Some did, keen to see what was going to
happen next. Philip Gifford had already planned how our aerial photography was to be done and
we left it to the last minute when The Balloon was unveiled. Phil had already cobbled together a
unit to house a digital camera, which was then attached to the helium balloon and up it went,
soaring high into the blue skies... tethered of course. Phil had a remote controlled device to action
the camera’s push button to take the photos. The result was fantastic... as you will see in this
magazine’s centre page spread!!

Back to the Cappos – and the Black Shadow (Clive and Yvonne's Daihatsu Copen) which was also
featured in the Figure Ten (can you spot it in the photo?) – and back to the hotel. There was time
for more chat, drinks etc before people got changed, ready for our evening gala dinner. The menu
choices had already been made, weeks ago, so it was the height of luxury to be called in by the
Maitre d’ to say that our tables were ready and when we sat down the meals were served. Wine
was provided, courtesy of moderation of course. As we celebrated SCORE’s 10th Rally,
we also had to do something special for Yvonne Austin’s birthday. Both Clive and Yvonne have
been SCORE members right from the start of the club’s formation. They owned a red Cappuccino,
saw it top 100,000 miles in the many years they had it and very reluctantly had to sell it as they
could not justify spending more money on that dreaded four-lettered word that we’re all well aware
of for ageing Cappuccinos. They now own a Daihatsu Copen and still remain loyal to SCORE, going
to as many events as they can. So it was right that I organised a large birthday cake with loads of
lit candles on, which Yvonne just as quickly blew out before anyone could count! No more said!!

The evening continued into the wee early hours of the morning in the bar. No more said about that
either, especially for those many groggy eyes squinting in the bright sunshine as we departed for
Old Warden Park at 9.30 on Sunday morning. We had an unexpected visit of Dany Gagnon and
two of his Cappuccino Sport customers... it was left to Brendan in his Peugeot to lead these guys

to our destination as they arrived well after our convoy had departed. Soon enough we were all
parked up, front row position in full view of the runway, where we would later see some incredible
vintage planes taking off and flying the skies above us. There was time before the Air Show for
people to visit the Shuttleworth Museum, the Swiss Gardens and the Birds of Prey Centre.

A thoroughly good time was had by all, everyone in good spirits as by 2pm we were seated on the
grass by our cars to see the two-hour Air Show with ongoing commentary about the many aircraft
taking off and some fantastic "flying high" displays. When it was all over, I handed out a special
commemorative bone china coaster bearing an Edwardian plane and a SCORE 10th National Rally
token to every member (see below). A photo was also taken of those longstanding members
(including me!) who had actually attended the club’s inaugural rally and were here today, a fitting
tribute to their long-standing loyalty: Alex, Mel &Hilary, Yvonne & Clive, Cheryl & Don and Stuart.
All good things come to an end, as they do, and goodbyes were exchanged. The impressive line-up
of Cappuccinos that were all together for the weekend soon dissipated with each Cappo wondering
when it was going to meet up again with the rest of its family.

A special thanks to Ed Swindell, Philip Gifford and Linda Jordan helping me with the running of the
10th SCORE Rally, more than contributing to the flying success of the weekend. Our appreciation
also goes to Adrian Furniss who designed the graphic behind the SCORE token handed out to
everyone who came along. Now for next year’s 11th National Rally to be held in The Peak District
over the weekend of 30 June/ 1 July, so put this date in your 2007 diary now!

Eight years on
By Danny Skehan

It was, as my good wife described it, the mid-life male menopause. The lads had fled the nest and I
just had to get a sports car.

I had looked at MR2s, Celicas and, of course MX5s. But one day I spotted this tiny sports car in
front of a garage – a beautifully proportioned little gem in black. I dropped into the garage and
enquired as to what it was. It turned out that it was a limited edition Suzuki Cappuccino. I guess
that at that point there was no going back – I just had to have one. It turned out that the car in
question was not for sale and the owner of the garage had just put it on display in the showroom
to attract customers. I believe that to this day this car is still kept in storage in the owner’s garage!

I called a couple of garages that imported sports cars from Japan and was told that a few Cappos
had indeed been imported into Ireland that year but that none were available at the moment. One
guy pointed me in the direction of the SCORE website and I began to browse in earnest. I got in
touch with the late and lamented Dave Benson and it was he who enthusiastically guided me
through all the pitfalls to look out for when purchasing a Cappuccino.

After a couple of months there appeared the following post on the message board (at that time
there was no dedicated classified section on the SCORE website): “Irish Cappuccino for sale! One
of Ireland’s best-loved Cappuccinos is potentially (and very reluctantly) going on the market…”

The guy who was selling his car was Niall Handy, the Irish Rep of SCORE, who was a genuine fan
and also very knowledgeable on the Cappuccino. The car was a 1992 Japanese import, as are most
of the Cappuccinos in Ireland and had 26,000 miles on the clock.

I arranged to view the car and on the appointed day arrived to see an absolutely pristine example of
the Suzuki Cappuccino in bright red. Niall had searched long and hard for a very good example to
import and this is what I had in front of me. Apart from a little rust bubble on the roof it was
almost perfect. There was no question, but that I was going to buy it!

Niall took me for a little spin and the car ran beautifully. We arranged a price and the deal was
done. I picked the car up the following week at Niall’s place of work and nervously took the car out
onto the streets of Dublin. I thought that I was doing about 100 mph but when I saw the other
traffic travelling at the same pace I realised that this was the “go-kart” effect that we all love! And
so began my eight-year love affair with the Suzuki Cappuccino.

During the first five years the car was driven on a regular basis on my daily commute to work. I still
fondly remember the looks of envy in the management car park as the little red Cappo sat amid the
grey and silver rows of Fords, Volvos and Toyotas. The route I travelled was about five miles, some
of it motorway but, increasingly I found myself travelling the back roads particularly when the sun
was shining. I, of course, joined SCORE and was in constant touch with various members with the
usual questions that a new owner needs to have answered.

I have been very lucky with all things mechanical over the intervening years. I inherited a very good
mechanic with the car, John Keaney, who runs a garage in Dublin specialising in sports cars. John
is a keen racing driver. He won the first-ever motor race at the opening of Mondello, Ireland’s
racing circuit, many years ago in a Mini. John also raced a very modified TMC sports car, designed
by Frank Costin – evolving into the Panoz Le Mans racer, which John also helped to develop. I also
have had a very good relationship with Brian Dent at Levois Colchester who have supplied parts in
a most efficient manner. It’s a great feeling to drop into John’s workshop to collect my car and see
the Porsche and Ferrari owners looking at the Cappo in amazement. It puts a smile on my face to
know that the car they are admiring properly costs as much as one of the wheels and tyres on the
cars they own! Alex has kindly reproduced a photo of my car on the back cover of this magazine.

One of the few problems that I have encountered with the car is the attraction it has for vandals
and pub drunks who seem to believe that with the power of alcohol, they can lift the car! Before I
revamped my garage, I suffered kicked panels, broken aerials and dislodged bumpers.

After I bought the car, I fitted central locking, an alarm and a 6-changer CD. The dashboard was
re-sprayed red as I felt the interior was very dark. I fitted some BMW Z3 side nets in the footwell
for holding maps and stuff, down by the transmission tunnel, and a very nice small RAID Lesmo
steering wheel in black with red insets and a matching gear knob. I have always felt that the
original steering wheel was somewhat out of proportion to the size of the car. I got from Dany’s
excellent Cappuccino Sport website a very useful boot rack and headlight covers plus also some
luggage bags from Graham Hansen in New Zealand (ah! the wonders of the world wide web). My
latest toy is a new stereo system with MP3, which is also linked to my Apple U2 I-Pod (black & red
of course)!

I have organised a few trips to various car shows with the other members, linking up with a few of
the Honda Beat guys (some of them own Cappuccinos as well) and formed a little k-car section, in
the past and the public reaction has been fantastic. Weekend trips have been harder to arrange
with so few members in Ireland, the geographical spread of members and everyone’s various work
commitments.I am really keen to arrange an Irish trip for all members in Ireland and Great Britain
hopefully towards the end of May 2007. More of that later.

SCORE Gallery - East Wing

              Garnett Bowman                  Gerard Michel’s Cappo in Macau

        Jackie Smith’s Cappuccino             The Cappuccino of James Coates

     The Cappuccino of Martin Williams                Chris Holland

Suzuki Cappuccino Larini ‘Standard’ Exhaust System
                  £235 + VAT

     Suzuki Cappuccino Larini ‘Sports’ System
                  £245 + VAT

     Our exhaust systems are constructed using aircraft grade
  T.304 Stainless Steel and feature chromium polished tail pipes.

         Every Larini exhaust system is supported by the
                Larini Systems Lifetime Warranty

                           Please call
                      0870 777 9060

                     or visit our website

        Prices correct at time of press (30 November 2006).
 Larini Systems reserves the right to amend prices without notice.
Ten Fun Years of SCORE
A Pictorial History of SCORE National Rallies: 1997 - 2006


                                                                   John Moore (furthest right) and
                                                                   his family

                                        1998 Ellesmere Port

                                         1999 Marwell Zoo

                                                              Alex Clouter & Dave Benson

                                        2000 Peterborough


 2002 Sussex


2004 Derbyshire


A Special Group Photo at Brooklands Race Circuit

My Cappuccino
By Lars-Ola Forsberg

I thought I should write why I chose a Cappuccino. It all started last summer when my wife, father
in law and I were travelling through Germany to buy parts for our Autobianchi Bianchina cabriolet.
My wife and I both like small cars and besides the Autobianchi, we have a Fiat 500F, a Fiat 126 and
a Rover Mini. Outside of Hamburg we got stuck in a traffic jam. We started to look at the cars and
all of a sudden a small red sports car drove past us and we fell in love with it right there on the
spot. The problem was that we did not know what type of car it was, but luckily my father in law
knew and told us that it was a Suzuki Cappuccino. So as soon as we returned to our home in
Sweden, I logged on to and found four Cappuccinos for 8000+ Euros. We had just
bought our Autobianchi so we felt we could not afford it or have room for another car at that time.

The following year in February, we decided that we wanted a noce modern cabriolet and started to
search for one. Some of the cars we looked at included the Alfa Spider, MGF, Mazda Miata and Fiat
Barchetta. We decided to buy a Barchetta, as we are members of the Swedish Fiat Classic Club. The
same day, I was looking at and found a Cappuccino which was reduced in price to
2100 Euros and the thoughts of buying a Fiat Barchetta disappeared. We were determined to buy
that Cappuccino! My father in law has imported lots of cars and therefore helped me to import the
car to Sweden. On 12th February 2006 we took the train from Hässleholm in Sweden to Hassloch
in Germany. This trip took us twelve hours. Luckily, I had not checked how far it was in advance
for then I would have probably not done the trip. The next day, 13th February at 10 am, the deal
was done and we could start the journey back home. I had never driven with the steering wheel on
the right side before so it felt a bit uncomfotable.

My father in law also bought a car, a Mercedes 230 SLK, in a snowy Kassel. At every stop on the
way home, we got an opportunity to practise our German, as there was always someone that came
up and asked about the Cappuccino. We came home at 4 am on 14th February and after driving
more than 1250 km, we were really tired.

Some days later I became a member of SCORE. There were only some small things I needed to do
with the car when I came home, like changing the exhaust system and improve the rust protection.
I bought a Larini exhaust system that I found in an advert in the SCORE magazine and it fitted
perfectly; it had a wonderful finish. I had to register the car in Sweden and it proved to be a bit of

a problem as the lights were not marked with an "E" and I did not have an original steering wheel.
The employees there thought that the best thing to do was to go back to Germany and sell it again.
As we did not want to sell our Cappuccino, I appealed as it had been registered in other European
countries, but it got rejected. I told my father in law about my problems and he promised to help.
We got lucky; as it was 20 degrees below outside, we were able to borrow a friend’s workshop over
the weekend so we could change all the lights and the steering wheel. I bought universal front- and
rear-lights and took the side indicator lights from a Skoda plus front indicator lights and a steering
wheel from a Suzuki Swift. I borrowed the metal frames to the front lights from my father in law’s
Alfa Zagato, so that we could adjust the light image. After a weekend of hard work the car passed
the registration. After the registration I switched back to the original lights again.

This summer I have had great fun with my Cappuccino and showed it at one of the largest sports
car shows in Sweden. The Capp attracted a lot of attention. There is only one other registered
Cappuccino in Sweden (I looked in the ‘Register of Cars’ in Sweden ), and it was one that Suzuki
Sweden imported in 1992 and it was used in all kind of shows. After a few years of being on static
display an employee bought the Cappuccino. I called Jan Öberg, the car product manager at Suzuki
Sweden, and he told me that the employee had big problems to get that Cappuccino registered in
Sweden. When the winter comes I will do some more work on the Cappuccino, renovate the felloes
and do a big service on the car as we want to keep in its beautiful original appearance. In the
future I hope to attend a SCORE meeting in Great Britain with my wife and maybe I will find an
original steering wheel for my Cappuccino there.

             Vista Montana, near Antequara, Andalucia, Spain
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        'Vista Montana' is a stunning, self-catering, three bedroom, 2 bathroom villa, tastefully
             furnished and decorated to a very high standard. It also has a large, private,
                                south-facing terrace with a heated pool.

     The villa is located in its own grounds, in secluded and tranquil surroundings, nestling into the
     hillside and enjoying spectacular views of the famous mountain of the ‘El Torcal Natural Park’
     and surrounding Andalucian countryside. For those looking to experience a touch of ‘real’ rural
      Spain, and seeking a complete break, rest and relaxation in a peaceful location, this will be a
               really memorable treat and one that you will want to repeat time and again!

            Visit or call 00 34 952 111 292/ 00 34 626 085 740

From Japan to Sweden via England!
By Lars Lagström

I’d like to share you my story of how I became a Cappuccino owner. It started on March 10, 2006.
A car that does not exist in Sweden and I became owner of one on April 26. There was an article of
odd Japanese cars in a Swedish motor magazine (March issue). It was mainly about the Nissan
Figaro, a car I’ve known since it was launched, as it was totally different from other new introduced
cars with its retro shape. Hidden in a corner of this article were small pictures of other odd looking
Japanese cars and one of them was a red Cappuccino!

I have always fancied small cars. I’m fascinated about how it’s possible to get all together so well
on such a small space. Recently we sold our second car in the family, a Daewoo Matiz -99, bought
new in Denmark, imported to Sweden by me.

As the Cappuccino was never sold in Sweden and not left hand driven, I thought it would be nigh
impossible to import it to Sweden. Thanks to the EU, all that is approved within the EU can be
imported to any member country. This was my trigger... I contacted my local test station and told
them of my plans to import a “Cappu”. After a long chat I was fully aware of all that had to be
considered and carried out before it could be street legal, e-marking on all lights, right asymmetric
head lights and the correct documents. The big concern was to have the headlights changed from
left to right asymmetric. I checked the Internet and after some email I got a name and mailed him
as he had knowledge about rebuilding the headlight. I got very good documentation with pictures
how to rebuild. I also had been in contact with my local Suzuki dealer for a price of two headlights,
about £800, quite expensive. I also came across a reputable Swedish company importing Japanese
performance cars such as the Nissan Skyline R:, They had experience in rebuilding
headlights so they could help when I eventually purchase a Cappu.

Now I knew everything to know, I had to find a Cappu. I had already started to look and had soon
spotted some that were of interest, but checking up cars on distance was/is not that easy. I decided
on one, we had some contact, but my bid was in the low area, so the seller put the car on Ebay, I
bid the same amount as I offered from the start. It was Easter and I had a skiing trip with the family
and couldn’t keep track on the bidding. The bidding time was finished before I came home... sad!
At home I noticed that the car was sold to a higher bid! But after a couple of days I was offered to
buy the car to the sum of my bid as the other person couldn’t fulfil his deal. I had from the first

contact requested to have all belts replaced as it had 72000 miles on the clock and there was no
sign in the service history that it had already been done. The seller was a company buying cars in
‘lots’ from main dealers in the local area and sold them to small independent dealers; the Cappu
had come in a ‘lot’ and there was no interest from his customers for such niche cars. This was his
first time to export although he had been in the business for at least 45 years, normally he didn’t
sell to customers.

Time to go to England. I live in Gothenburg and we have daily direct flights to Stansted, so I went
in the morning of April 26 and I was picked up by the seller. The drive to the garage was one hour
from the airport; the car was standing outside the garage when we arrived, shiny red. The driver’s
electric window didn’t work, that I already knew, but from that I found a small dent on one roof
panel and a rust tendency to the normal rear wing panel. The engine sounded good and on the
road, the driveability was excellent. After all the paperwork was done I was guided around his big
garage where he kept some rare cars.

Time to take the car home to Sweden. I was going to take the ferry from Newcastle to Gothenburg,
As it is more than 300 miles and I didn’t know the condition of the car, I had booked one hotel
night halfway, at Doncaster, if there should be problems. The car worked perfect and was cheap on
fuel. I drove onboard the ferry and behind me a new Mini parked up. Compared to that small car
the Cappu looked tiny. 24 hours later I drove off the ferry and the car was on Swedish soil.

The Swedish road test was planned for early May. Now I had to remove the head lamps and have
to get them delivered 150 miles for rebuild. Luckily, J-spec had cars to collect from Gothenburg so
they picked the headlights up. I went to get them when they were ready, on Sunday May 7, and
went back home and installed them in the evening. I had to have the light picture adjusted in the
morning before I had my road test; 7.30am I was in the workshop and they did as good they could.
I then drove directly to the test station and was there 8.00 sharp. The guy from the test station
came out and saw the car; the first thing he said was, “How have you planned this?” as he looked
at the head lights. Then the test: first the brakes, “good brake balance and performance”, the light
picture was OK, emission was on the high level, he told me to change the oil and this should solve
the problem. Time for the small test drive and the Cappu was cleared without any remarks, only
recommendations of how to take care of the surface rust underneath, before it’s gone too far.

When it was street legal I started to repair the electric window, removed the motor and window
mechanism and found that the bearing was worn on the motor. I took down the passenger door as
well and moved over the parts between the motors to get to the working motors and put silicone
grease on the window guides so the windows went smoothly up and down. It works great.

I have changed the engine oil as it looked to have quite some mileage under bad conditions. I also
noticed that the gearbox and diff have had the oil replaced at the beginning of last year so this can
wait. I have fitted a wind blocker, home made from a rear window sun curtain, automatically rolled
in when not used.

I have also replaced the steering wheel to a classic MOMO Super Indy (I bought this for my Italian
Cabrio project I’ve had since 1983 and is still in parts, I have lost the interest in my Fiat 124 Spider

SCORE Gallery - West Wing

             Anthony Booth                  Dick and Sheila Winchester

        Eileen Hughes’ Cappuccino               Gwynne Jones

            Sandra Gradwell              The Cappuccino of Emma Green

1969... if you are interested please contact me via Private Messaging on the SCORE website).

In addition I have installed some rear speakers, its more lower speakers, special ones that are placed
under each seat that adds the main part of missing bass. I also have additional tweeters and now
the sound is fairly good and all storage space is untouched. I also got use of my old luggage rack
(also from my old project) that I personally think fits very well. The side markers are replaced with
more flush like ones. I followed the tip I found on the German Cappu Club, to use the side markers
from Renault Clio/old Megane/Kangoo... they are easy to find in any scrap yard.

A net basket is fitted alongside the centre console on the passenger side, quite common on various
Mercedes, and I have used an accessory version from a Volvo S80. I have treated the body with
Meguiars cleaning/polish programme and the Cappu shines like a brand new car. Meguiars is used
by most car companies for their exhibits at international car shows.

I have installed a boost gauge on the A-pillar from Equus; it is very similar to the STD instruments,
it’s mechanical version that works perfect. A manual boost controller is waiting to be installed in
the engine bay. K&N air filter and EBC brake pads are also fitted and I must say that the K&N filter
improves the performance more than I expected and the green EBC brake pads are a tremendous
upgrade for the brakes. Next step is to give a little attention to the gearbox and the differential with
RVS Technology, a treatment that every person who’s tried it, lifts it to the sky! Next on the wish
list is front and rear mud guards and rear lower sill protector.

I broke my right arm during the summer and, I shouldn’t say this, but it has been great to have a
right hand car with the left hand to use the gearbox and the bandaged arm leaning on the door!

I am enjoying my club membership, learning so much... from all the great advice from members on
the website plus access to the workshop and parts manuals which are useful for us overseas Cappu
enthusiasts. Since joining SCORE I do not feel alone with my Cappu anymore: it’s a friendly and
very helpful community across the world. Thanks to all those who have posted on the website -
your words of help are warmly appreciated by those who have no one else to turn to!

My Syd
By Julia Tovey

I was watching the Motor Show on TV in 1992 (held at Earls Court?) and this lovely small sports
car was shown, and it was also given an extremely favourable report by the Presenter/Commentator
as being a leader in its field. I was immediately hooked, duly falling in love with the Cappuccino
and determined to get one for myself, once they were available in the UK.

The following year (I was living in Somerset at the time) I attended the ‘Devon County Show’ and,
hey presto, Tracks of Exeter’s stand had a red Cappu on display. Having looked it over minutely,
including the engine, sat in it, etc etc etc. I was even more determined to have one for myself and
registered my interest with Tracks.

The literature was sent to me a few months later and in late Spring of 1994 I paid a visit to my
local Suzuki Dealer (Vincents of Yeovil) and had another look including a test drive this time – it
was G R E A T... we went for a long drive, with the roof down. That was it... especially as Vincents
confirmed that only a limited number had been imported into the UK and just for the three years,
1993 to 1995.

I, therefore, made up my mind, there and then, to purchase a new red Cappu which I would take
delivery of in September, choosing the registration number M919, as both M900 and M909 had
already been taken.

I collected my super shining sporty fun car ‘Syd’ the first Saturday in September, having had an
immobiliser and radio/cassette fitted in her. I actually drove her home with the roof down... a very
rare occurrence for me, as many members of SCORE know only too well!!!! But there have been, a
few occasions, when Syd was much younger, that I took to the roads with ‘the wind in my hair’.
One instance was a trip to Lyme Regis, Dorset, going on minor roads when I followed a tractor
towing a wagon containing bales of straw. As I am sure you have realised what then happened -
loose bits of straw blew into the Cappu - which I was picking out for many months after, just like
pine needles long after the Christmas Tree has been discarded.

I find Syd an absolute joy and pleasure to drive (definitely living up to the Cappuccino’s name) and

especially in the earlier years when one could really let rip due to speed limits and speed cameras
being few and far between. Until I moved down to (beautiful) Exmouth, Devon, in May 1999,

I use Syd to travel to/from work (40 miles’ round journey) down extremely muddy lanes as well as
getting stuck behind cows being herded for milking both AM and PM, her neat door mirrors being
knocked many times.

There is very good public transport here in Devon and so Syd, regrettably, now only gets outings at
weekends and sometimes longer trips/visits to friends as, incredible as it is for those who drive
longer distances in their Cappu, I average less than 1,000 miles a year.

Syd is, and has always been, a much admired and complimented car, even with her grand age of 12
in September this year. I feel very proud to own a Cappu and also being a long standing club
member. I have really enjoyed the events that I have been to, organised by my local SW SCORE
Rep as well as the recent AGM/ Birthday weekend in Birmingham when I drove up in convoy with
another member, Kelly Baker, in her Cappu... really enjoyable.

I love driving around in ‘My Syd’, and look forward to many more years of ”fun fun fun” as per the
Beach Boys song!


                                    ONLY £1.50 PER ISSUE.

                            Please use the order form on page 12

Modifying my Cappuccino
By Jaik Dean

Around 8 or 9 years ago, when I had just started secondary school, I spotted an interesting looking
car parked across the road in a driveway. On closer inspection it was a dark green Cappuccino
belonging to a now ex-SCORE member, which, whilst unusual, got forgotten about once the car
was sold a while later.

Last January I passed my driving test and got myself a second hand 1.2 litre Renault Clio. Whilst it
was fine for a first car, I was soon interested in getting something with a bit more pep. I’d recently
been reminded about the Cappuccino through a computer game and started looking into them in
more detail online. For almost a year I was regularly reading everything I could about the car on the
Internet and early this year I had the money and decided I deserved a present. I found myself a
1994 M-reg UK model with 80k miles on the clock and after a test drive I was hooked and simply
HAD to have it.

Having seen some of the modified cars on the SCORE and Cappuccino Sport websites amongst
others it wasn’t long before I was writing up lists of parts to buy and working out how many
decades I’d have to work for to pay for it all! A look around some old posts on the SCORE forum
and a few questions of my own asked, was all it took to set me off spending.

I started off as many people do with a replacement air filter. K&N are a very highly respected brand
for air filters and they make a straight-swap item for the Cappuccino. £35 and a few days later, I
came home from work and rushed outside with my new filter, a screwdriver and a set of spanners.
The installation was barely harder than changing a light bulb and took less than 10 minutes. With
everything in place the engine seems to rev a little more freely and pulls better at low revs. You can
also hear what sounds like a kitten sneezing when you let off the accelerator as the air bypass valve
releases the unwanted turbo pressure back out through the air filter... what fun!

Deciding what to get next was a slightly harder decision so I asked the SCORE forum members and
some other car enthusiasts for advice. The general consensus was to improve the handling, braking
and power in that order, so with some good advice and kind encouragement behind me I ordered a

Cusco strut brace online. Cusco have earned a reputed name for themselves for their suspension
components (particularly amongst Subaru Impreza owners). I’ve never experienced the difference a
strut brace can make before, so I was at first a little sceptical as most people’s descriptions of the
improvements obtainable seemed quite subjective. A few weeks later when a box arrived from
Japan though, my mind was laid to rest! After about 15 minutes carefully fitting the brace I took
the car for a test drive and the difference was astonishing. Not only had it improved the grip and
stability in corners, but the ride quality and steering feel was also much better than before. I could
suddenly feel when the back wheels were reaching the limits of their grip in corners unlike before
where it was a matter of waiting until the car had already lost traction before I knew about it!
Overall: a definite improvement to the car.

With my new-found steering feel it felt somewhat daft having budget tyres on the back wheels, so
I started looking around for replacements. A number of SCORE members have fitted 185mm wide
Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres with great results, but surely wider, lower profile tyres would offer better
grip? I went on a hunt around the Internet looking for some wider 15” wheels but it seemed like I
was chasing rainbows. Eventually I ended up looking to Compomotive who make motorsport
wheels in a HUGE range of fitments and sizes and could offer a set to fit for just shy of £500. Then
on a regular trawl of Ebay, I unexpectedly turned up a good set of OZ Racing wheels from an older
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. I couldn’t resist them and managed to get an absolute bargain in the
process. A local tyre fitters wrapped my new wheels in 195mm wide, low profile Goodyear Eagle
F1s and I was off for another test drive. I noticed right away that the ride was harder, but what a
big difference they make to the car! The wet-weather grip is as good as it was in the dry with my
previous budget tyres, and in the dry it feels like there’s no limit to the grip on offer. The Eagle F1
tyres are far and away the best part I have added to my Cappuccino to date; I highly recommend
them to just about anyone. I’m not sure what I will do to my car next, but I have a list of potential
modifications as long as my arm and significantly longer than my bank statement so there will
definitely be more to come. See my Cappuccino on this magazine’s front cover!!

American Cappuccino!
By Aaron Robinson

Hi Guys. I live in California. In late March earlier this year the Maersk Auckland sailed into the Port
of Long Beach, Los Angeles bearing our newest car - you can guess what it was!

The Cappo was a bit dusty from its three-month, 9000-mile voyage from its previous home in
Adelaide, South Australia but otherwise suffered no mishaps in its road and ocean journey other
than a spent battery. The wee car was as advertised by its previous owner and in fine condition
both inside and out. Once electrified by a healthy battery the engine fired right up. It has been
dazzling us ever since.

About me: US car magazine editor and fancier of the unusual, recently divorced from a 1969
Lamboghini Espada which I rescued from boxes in my garage over ten years and which repayed me
with car-show celebrity if not reliability, lately more interested in Japanese K-cars prompted by a
recent move from Detroit to overcrowded Los Angeles, added a Japan-market Mitsubishi Minicab
CD 660cc van last year to the fleet which is used to take bicycles to the beach. Also I own a 1972
Chrysler- Australia VH Valiant Charger 770 which is un-K car (yes, I now have three RHD vehicles
and my wife thinks I’m crazy). I have always been interested in Cappuccinos and Beats since their
introduction long ago... I was offered a one-time cheap shipping deal from Australia and jumped on
it. Now she’s sitting alongside my other car in the garage.

About my car: silver, 94,000km Japan spec imported into Australia by Tony Farrel Automotive PTY
Limited in 1997. It had two Australian owners before coming to LA. It’s very original, except for
aftermarket immobiliser and power lock/ trunk release. It has some sevice records and one new
custom-made top bag (apparently the left-side bag was lost). It had a new timing belt installed by a
Suzuki dealer before departure for America. No rust anywhere, and I looked everywhere. The recent
Michelin Energy tyres are not super sporty but are very quiet and smooth.

I have been going to a number of events, waving the Cappuccino flag, as you will see from the
photos I have taken...

Getting ready and and going to the Crystal Cove Show, Laguna Beach.

     At the Second Old School Japanese Car Show, Long Beach.

                  ...that’s the Queen Mary in the background!!

Our Cappy
By Neil & Gilly Lindsay

Gilly had always been taken by the size and shape of her comparatively rare sightings of the Cappo
so when my local garage mentioned that they had got a red one for sale further investigations were
the order of the day. It turned out to have been in an accident; the owner couldn’t afford to have
her repaired so my local garage purchased the vehicle and set about having it repaired to a very
high standard.

One of the main reasons that they decided to get the repair carried out was that she had a low
mileage, was in well above average condition and above all the car had been seriously breathed on
by professional tuning experts, Japanese Tuning Ltd. The car has been fitted with a turbo boost
unit as well as a competition clutch, up rated brakes & brake hoses, oil coolers and much more
which makes the car a truly stunning performer in every department.

Having only purchased the car towards the end of 2005 we haven’t done much with her so far,
although she is tucked up well in a dehumidified garage, along with Gilly’s other summer car, a
1950 Morris Minor Convertible We hope to check the performance out properly at some track days
and maybe even a hill climb or two this year. We are also keen to join in with some of the SCORE
events that are coming up this year and start learning much more about our new found automotive
partner from fellow enthusiasts.

Gilly and I are both motorcyclists as well as fly hot air balloons and have a yacht down on the
South Coast so it will be a case of trying to find the extra time to use our new Cappy as much as
we both want to this year!

A Parts Quiz
By Nick Logothetis

Hi! Welcome to “HOW MANY PARTS?”. For each forthcoming issue of the SCORE Magazine, I
will ask three questions about how many of a particular part(s) are used on the Cappuccino. The
correct answers including the part number and name will be provided in the subsequent issue of
the SCORE Magazine.

Before you tackle the three questions, please note the following conditions: each part has a unique
part number; parts listed in the SUZUKISPORT catalogue are not included: parts listed in the
Genuine Suzuki Accessories catalogue are included; unless specified, the parts are applicable to all
versions of the EA11R model Cappuccino.

1. How many weatherstrips does the Cappuccino have?
2. Excluding the parts from the accessories catalogue, how many parts bear the word “SUZUKI”?
3. How many different types of steering wheels are listed as parts for the EA11R or EA21R model

Happy PARTicipation!
Happy Wedding Anniversary to us!
By Dick Winchester

Bet you I’m the only SCORE member that’s a former submarine pilot member! Yep – in the early
days of the great offshore oil and gas industry I spent seven terrific years operating small manned
submersibles in the N Sea and other exotic places around the world. They were yellow as well,
although this wasn’t out of respect for a certain well known Beatles song but simply because it
made them easier to see at night.

Prior to doing this I was a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm so you should be getting the picture by now
that in career terms I wasn’t really interested in following a very conventional path. I lost count of
the times my dad sat me down and tried to persuade me to get a “proper job” - “You’ve got a
degree in industrial design – can’t you do something safe with that?”

Well I probably could have but I was having fun and was determined not to get behind a desk until
I really had to. Unfortunately the desk won in the late 70s when I became an Operations Director.
But, it wasn’t all bad. You see, the company I worked for was Anglo-French and the desk was in an
office just outside Marseille. So, I had to go and live in the South of France for three years. I know
what you’re thinking - all that cheap wine, great food, the beaches and sailing – poor bloke having
to put up with that. What can I say? It was hell but someone had to do it!

I eventually came back to the UK in 1981-ish and moved to Edinburgh to work for another subsea
engineering company as Business Development Director. A couple of years later or thereabouts I
was headhunted by another company (Norwegian this time) and moved even further North to just
outside Aberdeen. Here I ran a company that operated ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), survey
teams and their support vessels. I should explain here that by this time ROVs had pretty much
taken over from the old manned submersibles due to safety and efficiency concerns. Spoil sports!!

Soon got fed up with that and started my own company doing subsea engineering and product
development which I sold to another bunch of Norwegians about ten years later and then moved
into the R&D business running an organisation that initiated, funded and commercialised R&D in

the universities and with smaller companies. That was great fun until the oil price fell to $10 and
all the oil companies ran away.

What do I do now? I run a small energy technology consultancy with a couple of other people and
I’m heavily involved in spinning out companies from various Scottish Universities. I’m Chairman of
two such companies and although that may sound impressive, believe me it’s a lot of blood, sweat
and late nights but will be worth it in the end – I hope! I also write articles on technology and
business/economic issues for a monthly called “Energy” which is published up here for those in the
oil and gas and renewable energy industries.

The idea of owning a sports car again had been bubbling around in my head for a while. With our
youngest son having passed his test and taken possession of my wife’s Clio we didn’t really have a
need for a four door, four seat car to run teenagers around the country anymore. Mind you, the
“other car” is a Subaru Legacy twin-turbo GTB with the wonderful 285Bhp Boxer engine and I
don’t think I’m going to be able to give that up very easily. My excuse is that living in the North
East of Scotland I really, really need it for the ten days or so of snow we get every year!

Actually, being a Subaru owner is how I found my Cappo. Earlier this year I went to a Subaru Day
at our local transport museum in Alford (great place – well worth a visit) and met a guy who runs
a Subaru specialist garage importing vehicles from Japan, doing special tuning jobs, etc.

Some time later I took a look at his website and in the “for sale” listing was this thing called a
Suzuki Cappuccino. Although I recognised the name, I couldn’t visualise what one actually looked
like but a quick “Google” solved that. In fact the SCORE site was where I found exactly what I
wanted to know.

Anyway, a few weeks later my wife and I went to see this mysterious silver animal. It was love at
first site. My wife Sheila was hooked and so was I. This was the Austin Healey Sprite Frogeye I
always wanted but was too young (honestly) to own when they came out. Later I did briefly own
an Austin Healey 3000 and an MGB but it was the old Sprite which always stuck in my mind.

So there she was, sitting under a cover in the corner of this chaps workshop almost surrounded by
Subarus and looking forlorn and unloved. Liam – the garage owner – admitted he bought her at an
auction in Japan on a whim but had done nothing with her for about six months.

But this Cappo was certainly looking a bit untidy. She had a big dent in the bonnet plus a few
scratches here and there but nothing else too dramatic. Not a sign of any rust anywhere apart from
a small patch under the brake master cylinder which looks like it was caused by some brake fluid
removing the paint.

The big advantage was that despite being a 93 model she’d only done about 17,000 miles. That
said, such a low mileage also alerted me to the possibility that all that sitting around could create
other problems.

But we had to have an excuse for buying her. Well, we didn’t really but justifying it seemed to be

the right thing to do so we decided it should be a wedding anniversary present to ourselves. Could
have been anything really I suppose because there was no way we were going to walk out of there
without having struck a deal.

That deal finally included a new bonnet, a respray, new timing belt, new brake pads, new shock
absorbers all round, a new set of boots and a complete underseal job. At the beginning of October
we finally went to bring her home.

The first few weeks of ownership were great mainly because the weather was so good. We were
able to take her and show her off to most of our friends all of whom we hugely impressed.

However, given the sort of winters we get up here in Aberdeenshire it’s likely she’ll sit in the garage
for most of the next few months. But that’s OK because it gives me the opportunity to get to know
her a little better using that well known method of taking things to bits, cleaning them and putting
them back together again!

So far I’ve had the brake master cylinder out and I’m changing the brake proportioner valves
because it has a leak. I put that down to old brake fluid. The battery box is also out and getting a
new coat of paint.The next step will be to change the radio to a UK spec. Any recommendations

I’ve also managed to acquire a UK speedometer which I’ll put in when the two roughly match.
Another 2000 miles to go!

It’s not our intention to do anything but keep our Cappo as original as possible especially as it
seems we have a high specification version with ABS, an airbag and quite probably a limited slip

Although the idea of more power is tempting I’d really like to keep her “as is”. You know what this
means of course. I might just have to buy another one to play with!!

The children – three boys of 30, 26 and 18 – think we have gone slightly mad and blame it all on a
“mid life crisis”. We don’t care. We’ll just spend their inheritance on spares!!

If any of you are up in Scotland then you’re welcome to pop in. Just bring your own overalls!

Cappuccino Capers
By Paul Treby

Here’s a collection of Cappuccino pictures from my online Photo Albums showing what I have
been up to in my car as well as some other interesting visuals...

Earlier this year I went with some MGs on a Prescott Hill Climb. I did the straight 1030m run,
climbing up 61m, in a 1’15” timing! I was pleased with that, as it was the first time I did the sprint.

Found this yellow Cappuccino on the Internet... it’s reputedly from (and could still be in) Dubai
and it has a stonking 2-litre 5-cylinder Toyota engine under the bonnet. Guess this would do the
Prescott Climb in seconds, if the Very Rich Owner ever decides to come to Gloucester!

It was my 30th birthday this year and I was pleasantly surprised by the cake made specially for the
occasion... so I decided to treat my real Cappuccino to some special things!!

My Cappuccino... eleven years on
By Marcus Whawell

Like many others who have written articles for SCORE, my addiction for a Cappuccino started when
I saw it. However, unlike many others it started around 12 months before I would get to see one in
the flesh, as my first introduction was via a magazine article about the Tokyo Car Show with some
wonderful pictures of a sleek, red, two seater sports car.

Time went by and after many months I saw a small advert in the corner of a page in a car magazine
showing the car and a price tag of nearly £12,000. You see this was important to me, as I had set
myself a goal to own a convertible by the time I was 21. Unfortunately, I had just passed my 21st
birthday and in my quest to find an affordable, reliable and economical convertible I had opted for
the most famous French convertible ever made, the 2CV. Fun by the bucket load, it cornered on a
sixpence, would cruise at 75mph on the motorway, but it didn’t like hills. This was somewhat of a
problem, as I had to drive over the Mendip Hills to Bristol each day. Nevertheless, with savings, my
goal of owning a new red sports car was in sight. In a moment of madness, we visited the Williams
Suzuki dealership in Bristol for a test drive. It took about a mile to be hooked. I am sure that most
of the residents of the nearby roads wondered why there were two Cheshire cats driving a sports
car that day. When you’re smitten you forget about the impracticalities like small boot, high door
lip for Tracey to get in and out of modestly and the fact that I am six foot three!

Time went by….my 2CV was replaced by a company car from my firm…I got engaged to
Tracey…..we bought our first home….we both got promoted and then we had done it. Williams
Suzuki here we come!

The salesman didn’t have to sell the car; I had already decided to buy. I had to try some attempt to
get a good deal and felt satisfied when we had Cappuccino branded floor mats, alarm, immobiliser,
Cappuccino key fob and leather service book wallet. He must have seen me coming. Anyway, in
just 7 days we would be the proud owners of a brand spanking new Cappuccino. The time came
and after what seemed like an eternity, we drove out of the dealership in January 1995 the proud
owners of our first brand new car. Unfortunately, my change of role meant that I had a company
car due to the mileage that I was now doing and so dutifully registered the car in Tracey’s name
and duly handed the keys over to her. I can assure you it did not stop me from driving it at every
chance. By now you may be thinking, “heard it all before”, “same story different names” etc.. But
this is where the story changes. We still own our Cappuccino after nearly 11 years and because we
spoke to John Moore during 1996 we were one of the first (membership No 14) to join SCORE, a
small group of Cappuccino nuts that has now grown into the worldwide success this magazine

is just a small part of.

In fact our Cappuccino has been a major part of our lives and appears in many happy memories of
the past 11 years. What I forgot to mention above was that as well as deciding to buy the Cappo in
1995, this was also the year Tracey and I got married. A truly memorable year. Many friends and
family had asked if our beloved car would play a part in our wedding, however, the aisle was just
that little bit too narrow at the church. Joking aside, I wanted to leave our reception venue in the
Cappuccino en route to the hotel. Like many people nowadays, we decided to hold two receptions,
the main one for our family and then an evening reception for all our friends and work colleagues.
Not being party to the details of Tracey’s wedding dress, it was only when I tried to shoehorn her
dress, hoops and train into the car that I realised that maybe she had been right about everything
not all fitting in. Luckily other guests had not quite so petite cars and Tracey got to the evening
reception in her dress with me following behind.

Having been to many weddings before, I was petrified that my (so called) friends would decide to
decorate my beloved car ready for our departure. This led me to move the car around the car park
every hour or so, to try and avoid any damage to its well polished paintwork. Luckily it worked and
both Tracey and Cappuccino looked beautiful as we drove away.

Over the following years, Tracey used the Cappuccino every day for the 45 mile commute into
Bristol and for the majority of the time never let us down. We did have some problems over the
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years, the main one in the early days being the difficulty of the handbrake holding on hills. For
those of you who drive in slow moving traffic in hilly areas or in multi storey car parks, you will
know how essential it is for a handbrake to hold. Back and forth it went to the dealer, each time
they tightened the cable, but it never lasted. For years, we had to rely on biting point to save us
from sliding back. Then during one of our regular services, they noticed the engine had come loose
in its mountings, due to the regular stop/ start traffic. Further investigation identified that some of
the handbrake mechanisms had been incorrectly fitted at the factory and as such, this mechanism
and cable plus a new clutch was fitted under warranty and has worked perfectly ever since.

We also thought that our Cappuccino must have either a homing beacon or a target painted on it
as twice, daydreaming drivers have hit it. On one occasion, the car was completely side swiped by
a tractor and trailer and pushed Tracey well off the road. After lots of to- and fro-ing, the insurance
company agreed for Williams Suzuki to collect the car and undertake the repairs, as we did not
approve of their back street bodyshop for our pride and joy. The Service Manager, Bev Quick, was
fabulous arranging for a courtesy car to be made available for Tracey even though the insurance
company would not pay for it. They did a wonderful job in restoring the bodywork and the panels
were fitted so perfectly, you would not even know they weren’t the originals.

Recently, I felt that time had started to creep up on our Cappuccino as it seemed to lack the punch
between the shoulder blades that give you that YeeeeeHaaaaaa kind of feeling. It comes to us all, I
thought. She’s had a good run and perhaps now is the time to let someone else enjoy the fun. Her
MOT was due and when we dropped her off with Bev at Williams Suzuki, we asked if they could
look at the engine just to see if everything was OK. Luckily, there was a loose pipe on the turbo
and on the way home Tracey narrowly avoided a flash from a speed camera as she tried out the
turbo and nearly took off.

One memory that I have is when I took the car to Western Car Radio in Bristol for them to fit a
quality car stereo and speaker system. We seemed to have all of the technicians looking at the
irregular sized aperture available in the dashboard and wondering how they would be able to fit a
standard sized Hi-Fi in its place. Then I heard a phrase that still makes me smile, “The only other
car I have come across with this size aperture is a Ferrari.” But of course, I suppose she is a Ferrari’s

So here we are, our Cappuccino, Tracey and I have been together for nearly 11 years. The three of
us don’t go out together as much as we did, and she sits all nice and snug in the garage most of
the time. Her battery goes flat rather quickly when she is not used, but a trickle now and then
keeps her happy. So when Alex Clouter telephoned me and asked me to just type out a few words
about being a long term owner, I thought long and hard about what to say. If you ignore all of the
above, the shorter version is we saw one, we saved for one, we bought one, we grinned in one, we
got married in one (sort of), we drove tens of thousands of miles in one, and we’re still grinning
every time we drive her. Tracey’s life and my life are very much happier for being the proud owners
of our very special Cappuccino.

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                                                                    soft, nylon textile,
                                                                     easily washable,
                                                                  elasticated both ends.

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 We also produce bespoke storage bags for the Cappuccino roof panels.

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The Serious Side of SCORE
The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 28 September 2006

In attendance:

Steering Group: Alex Clouter, Philip Gifford, Brendan Molony
Regional Reps: George Dunning, Dave Gresswell, Pete Roberts, Martin Jones
Apologies from: Ian Linden, Adrian Furniss, Kirstie Newton, Graham Farley, Greg Stewart
Minutes taken by Linda Jordan

Alex opened this year’s AGM, welcoming SCORE members to the special 10th SCORE Anniversary
weekend, outlining the programme over Saturday and Sunday.

Each member around the table was asked to present themselves in turn so that everyone was able
to get to know each other.


Alex presented a report made by Ian Linden, summarised as follows. Membership as at 30/9/2006
was 314, showing a loss of 9 members over the 323 reported at last year’s AGM. GB accounts for
82% of the total and overseas 18%. A breakdown was given by country, highlighting the decline in
German members from 11 members in 2005 to 3 this year. These members opted out from SCORE
to form their own German online based club, centred around their website. Two existing German
SCORE members decided to remain as Affiliate SCORE members when they renewed.

95 new members joined SCORE during the financial year (1 October 2005 – 30 September 2006),
lower than the 101 reported at last year’s AGM. Renewals during the year totalled 214, giving a
67% SCORE loyalty rate, a small increase from the previous year but still well above the overall
average of 54% loyalty as reported in a Classic Car magazine club survey. Over the 2005/6 year,
SCORE received 102 enquiries, from which 95 decided to join – this represented a 93% conversion.

Most enquiries are a result of Internet search and most of these arrive by email. Some are actually
preceded by a PayPal payment, explaining part of the high success rate. Other contributing factors
to the high take-up is down to the website and existing members’ helpful contributions in the
various forums.

A bar chart showed a gradual decline in club membership since 2003 when it was at a high of 352.
It is therefore important to build on the 67% membership loyalty where possible via the website
and events to further the friendly and helpful community.

Don Littlemore asked about current number of Cappuccinos on the road. Alex reported that the
2005 statistics from the DVLA showed around 850 Cappuccinos – this figure includes some grey

Philip Gifford emphasised the club becoming more valuable for members as time goes on.

Martin Jones asked about whether spare parts are getting in short supply. Kelly Hiller said there was
no problem with her local dealer, concurred by Don Littlemore where he lives in Essex. Alex Clouter
mentioned about Suzuki GB’s move from Crawley to Milton Keynes which could explain that some
Cappuccino parts may not be in immediate stock and would have to be ordered from the factory
from dealers’ requests.

George Dunning asked if SCORE was aware of the reasons why members have left. Alex replied
from his previous experience of looking after the database... it is normally due to increasing family
commitments for a larger car and not being able to justify keeping a second car. Other reasons
include company car acquisition, the occasional write-off for whatever reason and the natural death
of someone.


Alex outlined 11 regional events that took place over the last 12 months, 5 of which were in the
North of England thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of Martin Jones. Other events took place
in the Cotswolds, Cheshire, Suffolk, Devon and Hampshire. It was noted that there had been no
event activity in 6 regions, with Alex emphasising the importance of all reps to commit to doing at
least one event in 2007. SCORE has to be ‘seen’ to be active to encourage members to see that the
club is more than the website and the magazine.

The National events were also discussed: a Suzuki Club Day at the Ace Café London, the Summer
Rally at Shuttleworth and the AGM/ Birthday weekend. It was agreed around the table that the
Summer Rally should continue on an ongoing rolling three year central/ north/ south venue basis.
Alex suggested a one-day event for the AGM (on a Sunday) to encourage more members who have
families and unable to commit to a weekend. This was rejected by some members around the table
who prefer a weekend, to justify the long drive and enjoy the socialising.

Alex put forward an idea of having a looser, more informal approach to SCORE representation,
thereby encouraging those members keen to run an event without having the responsibility of
being a SCORE Rep. Martin Jones was concerned about losing his position as Rep as he felt that it
was important to have a focal point. With no feedback from any other Reps, it was agreed to keep
to the current structure but encouragement of others wanting to “do something” must be there
and communicated via the magazine and website.

Cheryl Littlemore said that she found that by telephoning their regional members nearer the time of
the event actually encouraged more people to come along... personal persuasion. The only time
they did not call, the attendance was poor.

Yvonne Austin asked about other Reps not present at the AGM. Does this non-attendance indicate
an indifference to SCORE? Alex noted that only 3 Reps had the courtesy to contact him about
being unable to come along. Yvonne also informed everyone about an event she organised with her
partner, Clive Lacey, including Copen owners as well as SCORE members. It was agreed around the
table that there was no problem in Yvonne and Clive coordinating Copen owners coming along to
regional events in liasion with the relevant Rep. Alex reinforced that National Events would be just
for SCORE Members.
It was emphasised that SCORE funds can be used within reason to help with the running of events.
Ian Linden should be the main contact for any requests for financial support.

Alex finally outlined an event he is running on 2 December, involving a visit to Box Hill in Surrey
followed by a convoy run to Denbies Vineyard. There must be a minimum of 20 people in order to
secure a good group admission charge. A flyer was distributed and details logged on the website.
Alex also announced details of next year’s 11th Summer Weekend Rally, to be centred around
Chatsworth House in Derbyshire over the weekend of 30 June/ 1 July. Martin Jones and Pete
Roberts are getting together to coordinate this National event.

Communications - Website

Alex summarised a detailed report compiled by Adrian Furniss on developments of the website over
the last 12 months. Currently there are 276 registered users to the site. Todate 2,256 topics and
34,300 posts have been made. Website traffic appears to be getting much busier.

The main improvements to the website have been to its structure and appearance, giving a much
more consistent look to the message board and non-message board pages. User navigation is
improved and maintenance of some information previously contained in posts on the message
board is facilitated.

Non-message board pages received a thorough makeover, improving the technical specifications
page, adding a new Cappuccino production page, the photo gallery having links with the message
board photo albums and other enhancements.

Improved anti-spammer protection was added to the message board, to automatically reject the
increasingly high volumne of automated registration attempts – todate over 700 attempts to register
as a SCORE member have been rejected. Also an anti-harvest measure has been introduced to
protect SCORE members’ email links. A host of other usability and administration functions were
also developed for the website.

In the Classified Forum, 23 paid adverts were placed during 2005/6 amounting to £373.46, lower
than the previous year when there were 35 adverts and an income of £408.50. A total of 13 adverts
were converted into sales during the year, one more than the figure reported at last year’s AGM.

There have been some minor changes to the Classified Forum as much of the revamping was done
over the last SCORE financial year. These minor changes allowed for improved presentation and
maintenance. The number of photographs per advert has been increased to four, which are now
automatically resized.

Work in progress includes a SCORE Motoring News Reader... an exciting development to present
motoring related news feeds from around the world directly onto the SCORE website. Other work
includes revamping the Chit Chat Forum to separate the increasing number of games, the validation
of classified posts and individual/ seasonal preferences in user profile. If SCORE members wish to
receive a full report from Adrian, please email

Communications – Magazine

Alex provided an update on the magazine production costs. Issue 20 costed £1100 for a produc-
tion run of 500 magazine, indicating a cost per unit (CPU) of £2.20.

Issue 21 will be coming out during the course of November and has been reported in the summary
as costs have been accounted for in the 2005/6 financial year. The CPU is higher (at £4.60) as the
magazine will be a special 10th anniversary issue with 50% of the content to be printed in colour.
This may sound expensive but Issues 9/ 10, under the previous Magazine Editor, had a CPU of
£5.93 and £4.68 respectively and these magazine did not have colour pages inside.

There were some stapling problems with a new printing company who produced Issue 20 so we
have reverted back to PrintMark for Issue 21 and a much more favourable price quotation.

A Steering Group decision was made that the magazine would be issued twice a year: April/ May
and October/ November.

Diamond Insurance is the latest company who has decided to advertise in the magazine. There has
been one advertiser who has pulled back: Cappuccino Sport. Advertising revenue over the financial
year totalled £339, 11% down on the previous 12 months. Production and postage of the magazine
totalled £4221 this year, 10% lower than the 2004/5 financial year.

A new development for the magazine is offering advertising opportunities for SCORE members to
promote their own business services: £10 for half a page and £20 for a full page. More details will
be included in Magazine 21.

Currently looking at promotions with Auto Express magazine and NavTel to feature in future issues
of the magazine.

Philip Gifford commented about back issues and the 200kg of stock he is holding. It was agreed
that he should maintain just 25 of each issue for merchandise orders and dispose of the rest. He
suggested that we could offer PDF versions of the magazine to be made available exclusively for
members. This was agreed through Alex and it would be looked at how this could be done mindful
of the magazine having been designed and printed in both PC and Mac formats over the years.

Merchandise – from Brendan Molony

There were 73 transactions carried out in the last year, which was up on the previous year.

This was mainly due to the availability of the Cappuccino as a die-cast model in 1/64 scale. Marcel
Spoelstra from Holland was able to obtain a batch for the club direct from the factory at the same
time as Brendan was negotiating with someone in the UK who wanted to sell the club a greater
quantity and only in a single colour. Further evidence that red cars are faster (as sellers anyway!)
than silver was shown at the National Rally Weekend when Brendan managed to sell the complete
stock of red cars.

Car mats and leather key fobs have continued to be good sellers, to the extent that new key rings
will have to be sourced shortly.

Since the last AGM, the stock of baseball caps and fleece jackets was replenished. The embroidery
for the Cappuccino script and the logo has been done in contrasting white. An order of car mats
was supplied to the club at the beginning of December just in time to fulfil a number of Christmas

The responsibility for Merchandise is now in the capable hands of Philip Gifford who took on the
role at the beginning of August.

Merchandise – from Philip Gifford

Philip confirmed that once we have exhausted existing stocks of clothing, a new range would be
looked at. This range would include a variety of colours for members to select from. Logistics were
discussed on ensuring competitive prices and colour swatches to help with individual choice and

Philip mentioned about a car mat set, at one stage purchased from club merchandise, which was
sold on E-Bay for £74. The plan is for Philip to email other people who failed to win the bid,
advising them about SCORE. The aim is to increase the awareness of SCORE to these Cappuccino
owners, encouraging club membership and therefore the purchase of merchandise.

Input from other people around the table: Cappuccino screen saver that can be downloaded from
the website (Adrian Furniss to look at and implement), good quality pen, necktie, belt, earring set,
sleeveless body warmer, padded car jacket (latter items to be researched by Philip).


Alex presented the report and statement of accounts prepared by Ian Linden.

SCORE finances are in a healthy state, showing total assets of £12,946.21 as at 30 September 2006.
This was broken down into the UK bank account balance (SCORE banks with HSBC), a combined
balance of the overseas bank accounts held by the Country Reps (Marcel Spoelstra/ Continental
Europe, Sonja Luthi/ Australia and Graeme Hansen/ New Zealand), and the values of SCORE
merchandise and equipment held.

Income and expenditure over the 2005/6 financial year was reviewed by SCORE activity, with each
area considered to be self funding:


Total income: £8089
Total expenditure: £7127
Accrual to reserves: £962


Total income was 7% lower than 2004/5, reflected in membership subscriptions (new members and
renewals), magazine and online classified advertising. A question was asked about the breakdown
of the miscellaneous figure of £165 reported, which Alex will ask Ian on his return.

Total expenditure was 16% lower than 2004/5. Alex explained that the 2005/6 production cost
reflected 2 magazine issues as opposed to the 3 in 2004/5. Significant savings have been made in
sundry/ general and postage. There are still ongoing costs for the maintenance of the website and
insurance, again both showing savings.


Total income: £1620
Total expenditure: £1951
Stock value change: £489
Accrual to reserve: £158


Total income was 26% lower than 2004/5. We need to look at ways how we can build merchandise
sales to non members as well as offer “reasonable” promotions to existing SCORE members.

Total expenditure was more than double the figure reported for 2004/5. The increase was due to
the purchase of new products to add variety to the existing range as well as required “top up”
stock: 34 new 1:64 die cast models, 25 car mat sets, 11 fleece jackets, 48 base ball caps and 500
tax disc holders. Also included in the expenditure is the postage of merchandise, bearing in mind
the new rates imposed by Royal Mail taking account of weight and size from 1 August 2006.


Total income: £286
Total expenditure: £969
Accrual to reserve: -£683


Total income was 69% lower than 2004/5, much due to the auctions that took place last financial
year generating funds which SCORE has been unable to do this year as there are no more items for
auctioning. Also Alex made the decision not to charge additional money for the running of this
year’s National Rally and AGM weekend (a) mindful of keeping members’ costs down and therefore
(b) encouraging greater participation.

Total expenditure was 8% higher than 2004/5. This figure relates to SCORE support for the 2006
National Rally – the purchase of souvenir mementoes given to members who came along – and the
2005 AGM weekend with the hire of the hotel function room and general hospitality extended to
members. Also included in the expenditure is hospitality at two 2006 events: the Normandy trip
organised by Alex Clouter and the SW England regional event organised by Kirstie Newton.

No questions were asked but if individual members are interested in seeing more details about
SCORE finances, please contact Ian Linden at


Alex presented the latest listing of SCORE Reps, showing 3 vacancies: Region 3 (Kent and Sussex),
Region 6 (Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk) and Region 9 (covering Leicestershire, Lincolnshire,
Nottinghamshire and Rutland).

Graham Farley (Region 6) called Alex just before the AGM weekend, advising that he had to step
down due to increasing work commitments.

These positions are being advertised via the website and will be featured in the next magazine,
with details about the minimal work involved. One member, Don Littlemore, expressed an interest
in organising an event for 2006 but did not want to hold the position as he had been a SCORE Rep
a few years before.

Within the Steering Group, Philip replaces Brendan Molony as Merchandise Officer. Alex extended
a warm appreciation for the work Brendan did both in this role as well as in his advisory capacity
on the Group. Adrian took over from Ken Malone, who had to step back from Classified – again a
special thanks goes to Ken for his valuable contribution in the revamp of the online Classified
Forum last year.

Alex then advised everyone present of his intention to step down as Club Secretary and the work
he does for the club from 1 January 2007. He outlined his reasons as he has been in this role for
over 5 years and he felt that now is the time for fresh blood and a new impetus in the direction of
SCORE. The decision was also precipiated with the fire damage to his Cappuccino rendering it
uneconomic to repair and therefore, replacing it with a larger 4 seater convertible, he cannot carry
on leading the club in such a way. He spoke to Ian Linden a few weeks ago of his intentions. It will
really be up to Ian and other members of the Steering Group to look at the options and decide on a
way forward.

Martin Jones spoke on behalf of members expressing sadness about Alex stepping back and a warm
appreciation of everything he has done for SCORE. To most members Alex was SCORE and it
would be strange to have another person heading the club. Alex mentioned that the club really is
bigger than the person and it would really be down to someone who is passionate, wanting to get
more actively involved and happy to be the “face” of SCORE to members.

Any Other Business

With no new questions put by members that were not covered elsewhere at the AGM, Alex closed
the AGM and talked more about the evening function and Sunday’s trip to Warwick.

A Grand Old SCORE Member
By Don Littlemore

Here’s a little riddle:     I’m grey on top but still not yet in my teens,
                            I enjoy driving, but have not taken a driving test,
                            I love Cappos but am not a SCORE member
                            I have arms, but no legs,
                            I have shoes but no feet!
                            Who am I?

Of course, it’s easy to answer when you are a SCORE member, and even easier, if like me, you are a
Cappuccino. My name is in fact Dinky, and I am an 11 and a half-year-old silver model who, for
my whole driving life, has owned just one driver called Don. I have remained faithful to him apart
from the odd one-day fling with Suzuki mechanics, which I am sure he fully understands.

I wrote an article way back in the mid nineties called A Grand Day Out, which described my trip
down to Abergavenny (not the script of the famous Wallace and Grommit film, I have to say!),
when I took Don to an inaugural meeting set up by SCORE’s founding father John Moore. So Don
is a founder member (No. 009 - Licensed to Thrill), and was even a local rep for Essex, Herts,
Bucks and Beds for a good few years. He put in a load of hard work, like the SCORE committee
members still do today: it takes a lot of dedication to run the organisation so smoothly, so I hope
you all appreciate the efforts those drivers put in on behalf of us Cappos. Please continue to help
them out by suggesting fun ideas, events and locations where us Cappos can meet up and ogle one
another. Even better if you can help with the local organisation, as most events need someone near
by to do the ground work. If all you drivers do your bit, then the (open top) sky is the limit.

Anyway, I have been feeling a bit poorly recently, short of breath and poor appetite - well if you
had a lumpy idle, you would be off your food too! So when I went for my regular medical check up
last week they said I had low compression in at least one cylinder. I was very worried as Don was
threatened by someone called “Big Bill” who was demanding over a grand to sort it. Don panicked
and dashed off home without saying anything to me. The next I knew the mechanic was waving a
consent form and started to operate on my head. It seems I had got a split EGR valve that was
starving me of petrol. Don thought I was delivering superb fuel consumption, but it turns out the
lean burn ruined my exhaust valves. The EGR valve was (only!) about £100; the rest of the cost
was getting me back into shape.

Levoi’s of Colchester (a Suzuki SCORE Dealer) did an exhaust valve transplant, fitted a new cam
belt while I was opened up and then pronounced everything okey dokey. He reported, though, that
like my driver, I was beginning to creak in the joints as my N/S/R anti-roll bar is stiffening up. More
expense coming up? I can recommend Levoi’s, the mechanics have nice warm hands.

Consequently Don has been looking though his records of Cappo ownership costs and has come
up with some startling facts about my 33,123 miles of driving. He has 9 Cappo MOT certificates
and 12 Tax discs, not counting the one currently on me. The original tax disc was £130, which
rose steadily until it topped £150 in 1999, but then, of course, my small capacity bought it down

to £100, until it started its stealthy rise to its current £110.

I have had 24 main Suzuki dealer services, if you include the pre-delivery one. Servicing costs have
come out at a whacking great £3,931.78, the dearest of which was for the main service when my
timing belt was change in April 1999. He has always used main dealers, but not always the same
one. Following the recommendation of the late and much loved Dave Benson, Don has now settled
on Levoi’s in Colchester who really seem to know what they are doing and indeed helping a lot of
other SCORE members so that’s saying something about their professionalism/ expert knowledge
about the Cappuccino. Not included in the above total is some cosmetic surgery carried out in
2002 to cure the early stages of iron worm in my wheel arches, followed by a generous steam clean
and under-body wax by Colchester Accident Repairs, who I can fully recommend. Just to be sure,
he had the three-month oil change done for the first year, but since mileage has been low, he
stretched it out to 6 months.

During the last 11 and a half years I have swallowed 3,501 litres of petrol, giving an overall fuel
consumption figure of 42.4 mpg. That petrol has cost roughly £2,477 over the years! Back in 1994
it cost 47.7p per litre, so it has more than doubled in my lifetime. In my younger days I was having
trouble swallowing petrol, as every time Don tried to fill me up, the petrol pump kept cutting out
unless he filled me up very, very slowly. This was the case no matter which pump or garage he
used. With the advantage of a SCORE meeting coming up, Don was able to compare me with other
Cappos at the event. He found that my spring loaded fuel filler flap, usually located just down the
tank inlet, and designed to stop idiot drivers putting in the wrong size fuel nozzle, was missing.
When he got home he fashioned a hook out of a coat hanger and was able to pull out the blockage
and restore me to full health. Apparently the weld holding the sprung flag had fractured and the
pump nozzle had pushed the offending part down too far. Not wanting to get it welded back on to
a full petrol tank (and I fully support that notion) he has left it off, and now has to be extra careful
not to use the wrong fuel!

But that’s not all! Going through his records Don also found the following sums that he has spent
on me – I am beginning to feel very pampered and a little guilty, causing all this expense:

2 x Bridgestone 165/65HR14 (as per originals) @ £142.96 including fitting to the rear from ATS
Euromaster following a puncture in August 2000.

1 x Exide Classic W054SE battery in December 2004 @ £33.39, driver fitted since the bracket had
needed modifying.

1 x Longlife Stainless Steel Exhaust (from flexi-joint back) from Surrey Performance Exhausts Ltd,
Carshalton Surrey @ £270.00 including fitting in February 2004.

Each time Don has had a problem he has trawled the SCORE website message board looking for
recommendations, suggestions, and warnings etc before deciding what was best for me. In most
cases he has opted to keep as near as possible to the original specification. I did have a bit of a
problem with my new exhaust though – I suppose you could call it a case of organ transplant
rejection! By the time Don got me home from Carshalton I had managed to blow a hole in one of

SCORE Gallery - South Wing

              Pamela Roberts                        Linda and Stephen Mangnall

       Steve Harrington’s Cappuccino                         Sue Tree

                            Matthew Coleman’s Cappuccino

the new welded joints. He phoned up and took it back and they were of course more than happy to
rectify things there and then, plus when Brian, the boss man, took me out for a short test drive,
much to my surprise he drove me into the local petrol forecourt and filled up my nearly empty tank
to the brim, which more than covered Don’s inconvenience. Don has simple no hesitation at all in
recommending them, but I am a little disappointed that I now have a round exhaust tail-pipe - like
a Coke can rather than the original oval style.

Although Don has kept me mostly original he has added a few bells and whistles over the years:

Fascia board battery operated digital clock from Maplins (my basic Clarion radio didn’t come with a
clock function). I’m on my second one at £9.99 each, the first packed up after three years.

Parcel shelf net (Peugeot 206 boot net @ £11.57 in 1998). This is elastic rather than the solid bar of
the Suzuki one and is a tenth the price. Don wrote an article in an earlier magazine. You can still
load up with the custom designed Kit Limited Leisure Bag sold through SCORE a few years ago.

High (although not very high) level LED brake light (£14.95 in 1998) as per the SCORE magazine

Suzuki boot lid release kit from SCORE also written up by Don in the club magazine.

“Cappuccino” boot lid emblem fixed to dashboard fascia (£22.01 in 1998!!!!, but looks great, even
Alex Clouter has one fitted on his).

2 x BMW (sorry to swear in print!) Z3 (sorry again!!) footwell nets from local #$!*%~# dealer @
£29.82 the pair, self fit.

Have any of us Cappuccinos actually been stolen? Don hasn’t calculated insurance costs, but feels
drivers get a bad deal from insurance companies who treat us like a soft-top. So he has changed his
insurer many times in order to get the cheapest quote and usually goes for limited mileage. Don
decided early on not to fit an alarm, because of the cost of a Thatcham approved unit for an open
top car, but he is now sure he would have saved money overall on insurance costs, as most of the
companies give discounts for the better quality alarms. Perhaps just an immobiliser would have
been adequate! Anyway, just to show his age, he now has insurance with Saga (or should that be
Gaga?) who seem to be so much more “mature” about cars like me.

So you can see Don has been looking after me. I must confess, however, to being just a tad jealous
of those Cappuccino Sport kits offered by Dany Gagnon! Wow, all that carbon fibre, stainless steel,
leather and alloy! When I was born it was all black plastic and lump it! If only Don would love me
that little bit more I would be most grateful. As I write this, Christmas is coming up, so I had better
place this somewhere that he might see it and feel guilty. By the time you read this it will be New
Year. What did you buy your Cappo for Christmas? Shame on you if your answer was “nothing”.


By Don belonging to SCORE I have been able to visit places and meet other cars that I would not
have otherwise met. We have enjoyed ourselves in Yorkshire, narrowly missing a tornado by a few
hours, although one driver left the roof panels at home and the poor Cappo got soaked inside.A
quick phone call home resulted in someone coming over with the roof while we had lunch, but
then marched off with the keys! Poor Cappo, never mind the humans!

One year Don stuck little black bits on my large eyes and drove me on to this big metal box which I
think he called a “fairy”. A string of us Cappos were left alone down below bouncing up and down
in a most sickly way while the drivers went upstairs to do what I think was called “duty freezing”.
It reminded me of the long journey I had back in the mid 90s travelling over from my birthplace in
the Land of the Rising Sun over to this Land of the Rising Taxes. I found out why he had stuck bits
over my eyes when we drove out again. The idiot started driving on the wrong side of the road! I
closed my headlights tight shut and waited for the inevitable bang. After we had gone round a few
roundabouts the wrong way, I sneaked a look out and saw that, thankfully, the place was full of
idiots driving on the wrong side.

We finished up in a place called “Hamster Jam” where the humans wore wooden boots and lived
on big fat wind farm buildings. At one point a real cool hippy VW Camper Van chased us around

the town. They wanted to film us cars with naked humans draped over our bonnets and the word
SCORE clearly visible underneath on our number plates. Don said something about the Camper
Van having no money or film (I heard him mumble “Poor, No Films”) but we eventually shook
them off by hiding in an underground car park while the drivers went off for a glass topped boat
trip. But only us Cappos know whether anything really happened while they were away. I believe
some drivers keep searching for evidence of SCORE hanky-panky in dens in Soho – look for the
ones with poor eyesight. Come to think of it, Don wears glasses……..!

Another time we went to Eire for a long weekend, but it rained most of the time and we didn’t get
to take our roofs off although the hospitality was good and the dark liquid for the drivers superb!
I’d still like to take Don over to Jersey, but so far the events have always fallen at times he could
not make. Some of the other trips to Scotland and the like looked good as well, and now that Don
and his partner have both retired, perhaps they will consider some of these more “exotic” places.
He does like to go to the National Rallies though, and where possible the AGM as there is always
plenty of fun people, great cars and good food and that funny liquid again!

I’ll end with one extra little true story from the mid nineties, about a naughty little Cappo and how
SCORE saved the day. One of us Cappos, I think it was a red beauty, so you can tell it wasn’t me,
would not stop whistling when ever the ignition was switched on. The driver, I won’t say if she
was male or female (!), came along to one of Don’s local events and asked advice, because it was
driving her mad. Now, you knowledgeable SCORE members know that the fuel pump works by
pressurising the petrol tank and this can give a bit of a whistle. No, sorry it wasn’t that at all. Ah,
the fuel injection can whistle, but sorry again, this noise was coming from the rear of the car. In
the end it was demonstrated to all and sundry... it became clear that the rear window mechanism
had not been clicked down properly when the top was taken off and the warning sound was going
off! Well done SCORE, another tricky Cappo put in its place, and a happy, somewhat embarrassed
driver helped!

So you can see that costs do mount up over the years and it must be a measure of his love for me
that I have been treated so well. Not only has he spent money on me, but he has collected a full
set of documentation on Cappos, various articles and reviews, adverts and brochures, stickers and
all the SCORE merchandise plus some! But you must admit that we do repay our drivers with hours
of Frothy Fun.

Anyway, here’s to the next 11 and a half years; let’s hope the old codger can still struggle to get in
(and out of me again) in 2016!

Here’s hoping you have as much fun with your driver as I have had with mine!

May the Froth be with you, Dinky the Great...

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