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					                                                                                        Paudash Lake Conservation Association

   Paudash Lake Conservation Association

               The PLCA is a member of the Federation of Ontario Cottagersʼ Associations and the Crowe Valley Presidentsʼ Association

                                                                                                                     Summer 2011

Summer Lovin’
It’s funny, unlike winter, you never hear people say, wow, I’m glad summer’s finally over...
                                                                    Our always entertaining regular contributor Jan
 Lucky for us, it’s only just beginning. We’ve got a                Kreuger has Gone Fishin’ (p. 15).
 few months of long, leisurely days and nights on the
 lake stretched out                                                                                 I tell a tale of a bird, a
 before us. And, while,                                                                               window and the worst
 it never seems to                                                                                    birthday present ever
 stretch quite like it did                                                                            (p. 19).
 when you were a kid,
 it’s sure nice to know                                                                               Tim Pidduck, the
 it’s there, isn’t it?                                                                                General Manager of the
                                                                                                      Crowe Valley
 Welcome back                                                                                         Conservation
 summer. We love you.                                                                                 Association sets the
 And welcome to our                                                                                   record straight on
 summer newsletter.                                                                                   Paudash Lake water
                                                                                                      levels (p 21).
 As usual, we have all
 the info on our 2011                    Photo by Rick DaSilva              Gord Chong returns with
 PLCA Summer Events (p. 3). Note that the Rock                 his regular boating column (p. 27) and I’ve
 Bass Derby returns to its orginal date on Family              introduced a favourite cottage recipes feature
 Fishing Weekend July 9 (more info on p. 5).                   (p. 24). Hope you’ll share some of your favourites.

 PLCA members can now get boat and cottage                          Enjoy the newsletter. As always I welcome your
 insurance through the Association’s insurer (p. 5).                comments, questions or suggestions. Email me at:
 Plus, some summer ideas for the kids (p. 9) and the      
 joys of going au naturel when it comes to your
 shoreline (p. 13).                                                 - Josey Vogels, Editor

 The PLCA pays tribute to longtime PLCA supporter
 and botanical genius Leslie Laking (p. 11).

                                                                      Paudash Lake Conservation Association

                   2011 PLCA REGATTA
                        LAST ONE?

Ever since the formation of the PLCA in the late 1960s, the Association has held the annual
regatta. From its’ original location at Davis Marina (now Mirrors Restaurant) to the current
location at North Bay Beach, hundreds of people both young and old, lake residents, residents off
the lake and friends have attended and enjoyed this annual event. Although it has changed in
many ways in terms of the events and games that are held due to insurance reasons, the regatta
and fun day on the Civic Holiday weekend has endured for over 40 years.

This event was only possible due to the hard work and effort put forward by many volunteers.
The event has been organized and run by members of the PLCA executive or by lake residents
who have volunteered their time and done an excellent job in doing so. For the last few years,
Chris McCrea has headed up this event and has done a fantastic job. Many other volunteers also
were involved with the preparation of food and drink and the running of the events.

Unfortunately, Chris has informed us that this is the last year she will be able to organize the
regatta. Carol Ann and Bill Lowry who were responsible for the food for the past several years
have advised that they will be unable to carry on this job this year. For this reason we are putting
out a request for volunteer (s) to take on the task of organizing and running this event.

Many of the current executive have been involved in the past for many years organizing and
running the regatta and all have put in a great amount of time over the years. In order for this
event to continue, new volunteers are desperately needed otherwise this may be the last year for
the regatta.

Again, I would like to say a big thank you to all who have contributed in the past to this event
and hope that it will continue in 2012. If anyone is interested in helping in any way with the
regatta please contact any executive member. Contact information is on the back page of this
newsletter. Thank you

Jim Sangster

                                                                               Paudash Lake Conservation Association

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In This Issue
                               PLCA Summer Events 2011 • Cottage & Boat Insurance for PLCA
                               Members • PLCA Joins CHA • Remembering Leslie Laking •
                               Supporting Biodiversity in Haliburton County

                               Natural Shorelines • Goin’ Fishin’ • A Window on Birds • The
                               CVCA, Paudash Lake Water Levels and You • Boater’s Corner

PLCA Summer Events 2011

Don Thomas Memorial Rock Bass Derby                           Annual Membership Meeting
Paudash Lake Marina                                           Cardiff Community Centre
Saturday, July 9                                              Saturday, July 16
10 am                                                         10 am
We’re thrilled to return this year’s Rock Bass Derby          Special guest speaker: Velma Watters of
to its original date in July in order to take advantage       GreenTEC
of Family Fishing Weekend, when fishing licenses              The AGM is a great opportunity to find out what the
aren’t needed. This way, everyone can come out and            PLCA has been up to all year and have input into the
enjoy one of our most popular summer activities.              future directions, plans and activities of the
Little anglers from 2 to 18 compete to remove the             Association. If you haven’t yet joined, come to the
most rock bass from the lake in a single day. They go         meeting, find out what it’s all about and sign up!
home with prizes and treats as well as a certificate
saying they’ve helped Paudash Lake protect its game           Annual Regatta And Fun Day
fish. Registration is at 10am and weigh-in is at 3pm.         North Bay Beach
We appreciate the generosity of local and other               Saturday, July 30 (rain date: July 31)
businesses and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and          Noon to 4pm
Hunters for donating prizes, and we’re grateful to            Bring the whole family out for a day of fun and
Tylene and Rod at Paudash Lake Marina for hosting             competition, both in and out of the water. A big
this event.                                                   barbecue rounds out the day. Don’t miss this
                                                              opportunity to mingle with your fellow lake friends!

             Volunteers are always needed for all our summer activities.
     Please contact Jim Sangster at if you’d like to help out.

    Paudash Lake Conservation Association

                                                                                 Paudash Lake Conservation Association

PLCA & Community News
AGM 2011                                                       Rock Bass Derby 2011

To get the full report on the progress and ongoing             After a couple years of holding the Don Thomas
work of the PLCA, listen to our always interesting             Memorial Rock Bass Derby in August, the board
annual speaker and to have your say on what you’d              decided after much discussion at our annual planning
like the PLCA to be doing, be sure to attend the               meeting last November that the Rock Bass Derby
Annual General Meeting Saturday, July 16 at 10am               should return to its original date in July. So, this
at the Cardiff Community Centre. Free coffee and               year, the Derby will be held Saturday, July 9, starting
refreshments are served.                                       at 10am at the Paudash Lake Marina. This way, we
                                                               can see all our lake friends early in the season right
This year, we’re pleased to welcome Velma Watters              after school is out. It also allows us to take advantage
coordinator of ReUse GreenTEC as our guest                     of Family Fishing Weekend when a fishing license
speaker. ReUse GreenTEC is a local grassroots                  isn’t required, so no one has an excuse not to
sustainable initiative created to reduce, reuse, recycle       participate.
and foster sustainability in our communities. Their
warehouse, located in L’Amable at 95A Detlor                   If you’ve never been out to the Rock Bass Derby, it
Road (on the same grounds as the Dungannon                     is one of the most popular activities of the summer.
Firehall) houses a vast second hand store to divert            Last year, more than 50 anglers aged 2-18
used household items from landfill helping to lower            participated, with parents along for support. In total,
taxpayer operating costs. They also run a water                all participants removed more than 160 pounds of
protection program, an alternative energies program            rock bass from the lake (Rock Bass are an invasive
and hold workshops and seminars in the back of the             species that make life nasty for other aquatic life in
warehouse.                                                     the lake and the Federation of Anglers and Hunters
                                                               support removal of them from the lake). Held in
                                                               memory of Don Thomas a longtime Paudash Lake
                                                               cottager who ran the event for many years, his
                                                               children Mike Thomas, Donna Ball and Carol Ann
                                                               Lowry are carrying on the tradition of their father by
                                                               running the event. See you all there!
On June 25, at 1pm GreenTEC has invited Transition
Town Peterborough                                              Cottage and Boat Insurance Available
( to present “A              to PLCA Members
Future of Transformational Change,” an interactive
workshop and documentary film screening that will
                                                               For over 10 years, FOCA ( Federation of Ontario
discuss peak oil, climate change and money, and the            Cottagers' Associations) has provided risk
solutions and approaches they are taking in
                                                               management and insurance programming support for
Peterborough. And, on Sunday, June 26 GreenTEC
                                                               Ontario's waterfront community associations. The
will be hosting a Sunday Side Yard Social. For more
                                                               PLCA has used this insurance program for many
information, visit and come to our
AGM to hear Velma describe firsthand all the great
work GreenTEC is doing for our environment and
our communities.
                                                               Now, in addition to group liability and road
                                                               insurance coverage, FOCA has announced a new
                                                               program for FOCA member cottages and boats. All

    Paudash Lake Conservation Association

                                                                              Paudash Lake Conservation Association

the members of our association are automatically
FOCA members and can now take advantage of                  The CHA’s primary roles are:
FOCA membership pricing for insurance.                        •   to improve communication among member
In association with Atrens-Counsel Insurance                  •   to support and strengthen member
Brokers Ltd., this program features best-in-class                 associations
coverage for cottages and watercraft, designed for            •   to create synergy, by sharing resources and
cottage owners, by cottage owners. They have a                    learning from each other
solution that fits, whether you have:                         •   to work on projects that are too big for one
    • a cottage you rent for extended periods of time             member association - as long as the project
    • an island cottage                                           is approved in advance by the board and not
    • a magnificent log home                                      in the mandate of another organization.
    • new or vintage watercraft
    • a seasonal or second home you maintain while          For more information, visit their website at
    living out of province or in the USA          

Call to discuss your needs and for a quote:                 Lake Area Property Owners Manual
    Bob Maynard, Broker
    Atrens-Counsel Insurance Brokers Ltd.                   The first major project of the CHA is to create a
    1-877-627-6222                                          Lake Area Property Owner’s Manual. It is intended                                 to be a comprehensive guide for property and cottage
                                                            owners and will include information on everything
The insurance is through Aviva Canada Inc. If you           from your local dump hours to how to rent your
currently have a policy with them, it would take a          property, join your lake association or identify at-risk
year to switch to this new program.                         species in your lake. This project has been in
                                                            progress for several years and is being done in
PLCA Joins CHA                                              partnership with Trent University’s U-Links
                                                            Program. No date for publication has been set. We’ll
The PLCA is now a member of the Coalition of                keep you posted.
Haliburton Property Owners Associations, a
member-driven group, made up of over 50 property            Understanding and Supporting
owners and lake associations from across the                Biodiversity in Haliburton County...
geographical limits of Haliburton County. According
to the CHA website, it was created “to draw upon the        The Haliburton Highlands Land Trust (HHLT) is
collective knowledge and strength of its member             working to protect biodiversity in Haliburton
associations to create synergy through sharing best         County to ensure that the place we cherish
practices, effectively studying common issues,              remains healthy and natural for future
developing common solutions, recommending                   generations to enjoy.
county-wide policies, and influencing outcomes.”
Member lake associations remain autonomous.                 Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life
Through the CHA, lake associations can also share           forms and the corresponding measure of the
articles from their respective newsletters, a sort of       health within a given ecosystem. Simply put,
Lake Association Newsletter Wire service. You’ll
                                                            greater biodiversity implies greater health of an
notice a few CHA articles in this very newsletter.
                                                            ecosystem. Advances in development and
                                                            technology paired with incredible population growth

                                                                  Paudash Lake Conservation Association

RESIDENTIAL CAMP                                                         DAY CAMP
   for 7 – 15 year olds                                                 for 6 – 10 year olds
                                 Located near Cardiff

               Summer Fun and Excitement
                                  Boys & Girls
                                . . . Fostering leadership, confidence and the ability to get along
                                      with others.
                                . . . 3:1 camper / staff ratio
                                . . . more than 20 activities from waterskiing to woodworking.
                                . . . staff are excellent role models, reinforcing positive values
                                      and ideals.
                              FOR INFORMATION OR TO SIGN-UP YOUR KIDS:
                                                       phone: (613) 339-2969
                                         or visit our website:

         Camp Can-Aqua, P.O. Box 70, 503 Beaver Lake Dr. Cardiff, ON K0L 1M0

                                                                             Paudash Lake Conservation Association
are increasingly straining our relationship with the            •   Saturday July 3rd, 2pm-4pm -
natural environment and are reducing our                            Gooderham Community Centre, 1043
biodiversity through the pollution and destruction of               Community Centre Rd
ecologically significant lands which effectively
endangers and puts our flora and fauna at risk.                 •   Saturday July 10th, 2pm-4pm -
HHLT is a leading local organization in Species at                  R.D.Lawrence Place, Minden, 176
Risk (SAR) inventory and education, and in defining                 Bobcaygeon Rd
their distribution and habitat in Haliburton County.
This research began because the presence of local               •   Saturday August 14th, 2pm-4pm -
SAR and the potentially suitable habitats for these                 Wilberforce Community Centre, 2249
species in the region share two of HHLT’s criteria                  Loop Road
for land acquisition for conservation purposes. Since
2008, 21 Species at Risk have been identified in            The workshops are free, though donations to
Haliburton County.                                          support purchasing “Turtle Crossing” Road Signs
                                                            are welcome! For more information and to
For more information, contact HHLT at                       register contact Leora Berman of The Land or call 705-454-8107.          Between at 705-457-4838.

                                                                    Article provided by

                                                            375 Fun and Creative Experiences
                                                            While at the Lake

                                                            The Haliburton School of The Arts 2011 schedule is
                                                            a blend of fresh and familiar. Beginners to
                                                            professionals, children to adults - there's something
In partnership with The Land Between
                                                            for everyone! Kids can cook and paint and make
(, HHLT is offering five
                                                            puppets, rings and music. Adults can blow glass,
Reptiles at Risk Workshops throughout
                                                            carve birds, throw pots, take pictures, make shoes,
Haliburton County this summer. Come meet the
                                                            belly dance, make knives, and paint, hammer or
critters and learn how to identify Haliburton's
                                                            quilt. This is just a glimpse into more than 375
snakes, skinks and turtles at risk. Learn about
                                                            creative opportunities that are a day or a week in
their habits, habitats, life-cycles and threats.
                                                            length. Visit or contact the school at
These workshops are fun (great for families!),
                                                   or 1-866-353-6464
informative and are a rare opportunity to meet
some of the elusive Reptiles at Risk in
                                                            - submitted by Shelley Schell, Training Officer
Haliburton County.
                                                            Haliburton School of The Arts - Fleming College

    •   Monday June 28th, 6pm-8pm -
        Haliburton Highlands Outdoors
        Association, 6712 Gelert Rd                                 Article provided by

              Paudash Lake Conservation Association

       Hazardous Waste
          Saturday, July 2, 10am-2pm
     Tory Hill Landfill Site, 19178 Hwy 118,
       between Wilberforce and Tory Hill

        Saturday, Aug. 20, 1pm-4pm
       Gooderham Transfer Station, 1042
      McColl’s Rd, just outside Gooderham

      Highlands East residents can also bring
      hazardous waste to the Bancroft Public
     Works Yard, 125 Monck Street (Hwy. 28)
        from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. on the
                 following dates:
            July 9, Aug. 13, Sept. 24

            Bring your landfill card.
         Contact the Environmental
     Department at 613-339-2442 for more

                                                                                                                              Paudash Lake Conservation Association

Remembering Leslie Laking                                                                         addition	

   Hey cottage shutterbugs, we want your pics!

        Send in your funny, candid, scenic or artistic pictures of life on
         Paudash Lake and we’ll publish them in future issues of the
           newsletter and on our website:
              email your images as jpegs no bigger than 1MB to

     Paudash Lake Conservation Association

                                                                               Paudash Lake Conservation Association

Natural Shorelines Bring                                      apparent, but can be understood in the huge declines
Abundant Blessings                                            in species such as kingfishers, loons, and golden-
by Leora Berman                                               winged warblers, with a dramatic increase in goose
                                                              populations, increased water temperatures,
With over 2000 lakes the shorelines in Haliburton             phosphorous and nitrates, and marked declines in
County are plentiful. The county sits centrally in a          sport fish populations. Keeping or enhancing your
landscape known as The Land Between which boasts              shoreline with native plants is important and the
more shoreline to area than anywhere else in Ontario.         benefits are immediate. With the help of an
Unique to this region are the shallow soils and               ecological landscape designer, native plant
exposed bedrock. The combination of rock and water,
the rich natural cover, and the position between the

         Before and after pictures taken at the
           MacInnes home on Beech Lake
                                                              installations can be aesthetically pleasing providing
Canadian Shield and St. Lawrence Lowlands makes               both open viewing or privacy, as well as colour,
the region an important and distinct ecological zone-         flowers, and structural elements that will enrich your
home to species of the north and south, and to many           property in all seasons. The plants are hearty, tolerant
unique species at risk. The region, and so Haliburton,        to pruning and weather fluctuations and do not
has the highest habitat diversity and more abundance          require maintenance or watering as they grow
of key mammal, bird and reptile populations than              naturally in these local conditions. A rich and diverse
anywhere else in Ontario. In Haliburton we are                shoreline with native cover attracts song birds and
blessed by seeing both moose and deer, both                   butterflies, reduce goose populations and will
blueberries and strawberries and we have more ruby-           interrupt, take up, and so reduce nitrates and
throated hummingbirds, pileated woodpeckers,                  pollution entering lakes, support our fisheries and the
whippoorwills than anywhere north or south.                   functions and diversity of our land.

However, this mix of rock and water make the
landscape highly susceptible to pollution. Because of         The author is an
the lack of soils and interconnected waters,                  ecological landscape specialist specializing in
contamination moves fast and far. The local climate           shoreline naturalization, wetland and water
and physiography make it easy to damage the land              management.
and its functions - permanently. The highest
development footprint is within the most sensitive
areas to disruption - shorelines. Haliburton County
has altered more shorelines of large lakes than
                                                                       Article provided by
anywhere across the region, with a close tie to
Muskoka. The affects may not be immediately

                    Paudash Lake Conservation Association

                & Driving Range

           Paudash vs Eels- 4 person Best Ball
               11 am Sun. Aug. 7th -$26

                9 holes-$26 18 holes $39
                 Driving range $5 or $7
                      (tax included)
          Jr. and Sr. ½ price daily after 2 p.m.

        “Nine and Dine”-$50 (Wed. July & Aug.)
          Provided by variety of local caterers

             Take your Kid to the Course Week
                          July 4-10th
     Free golf for child 12 and under with paying adult

             Tournaments: Best Ball format

      Comm. Care Fundraiser-June 19th $56 for
              9 holes, cart, lunch, prizes
       Buddy: Adult and child –Aug. 7 at 1 pm
      Screw the Bell -Sept. 6 for retired educators

          Call 705-656-GOLF or 1-888-656-4655
                       for tee times
       8 km north of Apsley-Hwy 28 at 234 Jeff Rd.

                                                                                Paudash Lake Conservation Association

Goin’ Fishin’                                                 A little research later and despite my husband’s
by Jan Hudson Krueger                                         annual mantra of “There’s no damned fish in this
                                                              lake!”, I discovered that we actually have a whole
I learned to be quiet as a child by going fishing with        whack of different species. The Paudash Lake
my father. It was a delicious privilege to be invited         Management Plan (published August 14, 2004)
along on a swing around the lake with him in the              provides a list of eighteen fishes as follows: Lake
deepening twilight, trolling for bass, watching the           Trout, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye
stars roll over our                                                                             (aka Yellow
heads and                                                                                         Pickerel), Yellow
staying up way                                                                                    Perch, Cisco, Rock
past my bedtime.                                                                                  Bass,
The occasional                                                                                    Pumpkinseed (aka
murmur about                                                                                      Sunfish), White
“pass me the                                                                                      Sucker, Brown
worms please” or                                                                                  Bullhead, Golden
“do you have any                                                                                  Shiner, Common
tugs on your line                                                                                 Shiner, Bluntnose
yet?” were                                                                                        Minnow, Fathead
acceptable but no                                                                                 Minnow, Creek
fidgeting, lest                                                                                   Chub, Fallfish,
you spill said                                                                                    Brook Stickleback
worms, rattle the                                                                                 and the Iowa
tacklebox or                                                                                      Darter. (Source:
knock the oars                                                                                    Mosquin et al.,
about and create                                                                                  1992)
a racket to scare away the fish.
                                                              Wow! Who knew? I wouldn’t know an Iowa Darter
On a particularly memorable evening of family                 if it jumped up into the boat and bit me! A minnow
fishing, we watched as Dad caught the largest fish            was always just a minnow to us, and just useful as
of his life and lost it as he brought it up to the            bait anyway. A friend of ours caught a catfish last
gunwales. It just dove under the boat, bending his            year so the brown bullhead doesn’t surprise me too
brand new bamboo rod to its actual breaking point,            much but I’d love to see a Cisco, also known as a
then bit down on the line and swam off into the               lake herring sometime.
murky darkness. We all gasped and stared at him as
he sat there stunned and desperately disappointed,            Populations continue to fluctuate since this study
holding the shattered pieces of bamboo.                       was completed. Paudash Lake has been stocked
                                                              with fish, starting with lake trout and Cisco in 1929,
We caught lots of pickerel, perch and large- and              followed in 1932 with the two main types of bass
small-mouth bass back then, as well as many bony              and walleye (rock bass were introduced to the lake
sunfish and an occasional, equally bony, and rather           accidentally with the main bass stocking). But the
dangerous-looking pike. Trout seldom ventured into            stocking stopped again almost twenty years ago,
the warmer stretches of lower Paudash Lake and                around the same time as the lake plan was printed.
rock bass were random catches. How things have                Bass hasn’t been stocked in the lake since 1955!
                                                              Between 1932 and 1951, eleven stockings of
                                                              500,000 walleye fry were completed and again to a

                                                                  Paudash Lake Conservation Association

                1320 McGillivray Road Bancroft, Ontario K0L 1C0
                                 (613) 339-2600

                         * NOW PROVIDING AV GAS *
                   General Store · Ice Cream · Movie Rentals
                   Boat & Motor Repairs · Licensed Mechanic
                     Johnson/Evinrude Parts & Accessories
                     Boat Launch · Dockage · Boat Rentals
                           Gas · Propane Tank Refills
               Hardware, Nuts & Bolts, Electrical & Plumbing Items
                                 Cabin Rentals

  Latitude = 44, 57, 60 x Longitude = 78, 02, 05 10 Nautical Miles South-West of Bancroft

                         Open May 1st – October 31st
           (Closed Wednesdays only in May, June, September & October)

                         Proprietors: Tyleen & Rod Copland

                                                                                   Paudash Lake Conservation Association

lesser extent from 1984 to 1989. Even with millions              of a good “fish story” and discovering how to dissect
of fry introduced into the lake over so many years,              and clean the fish one has caught. Finally, one forms
the species continues to decline, being stressed by              one’s own code of where and when to fish, what
undetermined factors in the lake habitat which                   kind of equipment, what lure or live bait works the
impede this species’ success and survival.                       best for you and which fish
                                                                 provides the most sport or tastes the best (mmm...
On the other hand, last year Paudash was designated              bass and perch!).
a successful lake trout lake, something for which we
have strived for decades but something that was
definitely not assured until now. Stocking ceased in
1992 to allow the naturally reproducing population
to find its own balance within the lake. Even the
much-debated Fall draw-down of the water levels
does not seem to have hurt the spawning of these
fish, especially since the time for this action has
been moved to earlier in September to allow the
adult fish to locate nesting areas in October that
won’t become “high and dry” over the winter.

Fishing has a simple elegance to it and is                                       The easy-to-catch Rock Bass.
accomplished, as with all things worthwhile, in well-
defined stages. A small child grips a tiny rod with a
wee hook and a bit of worm, dangling his/her feet                Trying drastically new ways of fishing is always an
over the edge of the dock, determined to catch the               adventure best accompanied by good instruction. I
very sunfish that come up to nibble on her/his toes.             enjoyed hand-line fishing down south. I stupidly
( We have wonderfully expressive photographs of                  passed on going deep-sea fishing with my Dad on
                                                                   study week, because I foolishly thought I needed
                                                                    to study. My fly-fishing rod, a Mother’s Day gift
                                                                    from my family about a decade ago, still has the
                                                                    bow on it, untried because I think I’m afraid of it!
                                                                    (I’m clearly still awaiting the afore-mentioned
                                                                    good instruction for that one.)

                                                                     And then there’s accepting the fact that there is at
      The more elusive Cisco, also known as Lake Herring.
                                                                     least one fish that will never be caught, whether
                                                                    it’s Walter from the movie, or the “immortal” bass
our children, quite small, with their hands raised in              in the back bay or that goofy fish, who for years,
celebration as one of their parents helps them reel in           has been jumping just about ten meters off the
their very first fish.) There were the lessons in a              corner of the dock, ignoring anything we might cast
clearing with Dad and a real reel and rod and a plug,            out to it but just leaping up to enjoy the sunshine and
learning how to cast properly. Then come the levels              to say hi.
of perfecting the cast and the catch, untangling lines
and slipping out of snags, developing the elements               Got to admire the tenacity of that little guy!

     Paudash Lake Conservation Association

                                                                                  Paudash Lake Conservation Association

A Window on Birds                                               with a question and a need for a solution does in this
by Josey Vogels                                                 day and age. I Googled it.

You could say his birthday started with a bang. Well,           You’ll be relieved to know that thanks to the four
it was more of a thud really. However you describe              ultraviolet reflective vinyl maple leaves now stuck to
it, we both knew that sound. We lept out of bed,                our windows, not a single bird has flown into them.
scurried out to the living room and peered out those            Everyone, well, except maybe the cat, is happy.
familiar floor-to-ceiling Viceroy cottage windows. It
was a robin this time. There had                                                My online research didn’t just solve
been a few chickadees, a finch or                                               our problem. It also made me realize
two before, but never a robin, full-                                            just how big a problem this is. Did
grown. It had hit hard.                                                         you know that millions of birds die
                                                                                each year flying into windows!
As it lay still and stunned on our
deck, our grey tabby paced back                                                     I also found out from the folks at
and forth inside the cottage doors,                                        that the worst thing
licking his chops, wondering what                                                    you can do when a bird is laying
                                                    Our new bird savers.             stunned on your deck is to hold it in
was wrong with us that we weren’t
letting him out immediately so he                                                    your hands. Sorry honey, I know you
could collect his home delivery breakfast.                        meant well. This apparently stresses the bird out (as
                                                                  if flying into a huge sheet of glass wasn’t stressful
Dan, my husband, looked at me. I looked at him. Not               enough). Instead, the site says, “carefully pick it up
again, our faces said. We’ve got to do something                  and place it in an unwaxed paper bag or cardboard
about these windows, we both agreed. We looked                    box that you have lined with tissue or paper towel.
back at the robin. It’s eyes fluttered a little. Maybe,           Then place it in a quiet, dark place. If it cannot sit
like the others before, it would simply lay stunned               up, create a ‘donut cushion’ out of a piece of tissue
for a bit until it could gather its wits about it and fly         and place the bird inside.”
off on its own.
                                                                  Don’t give it anything to eat or drink. Leave it
We waited and watched. Our cat paced and salivated.               undisturbed for an hour or two. If, after that, it seems
                                                                  chipper and unharmed, let it out of the box or bag…
Finally, Dan couldn’t take it anymore. He went out,               away from any windows, of course. Don’t launch it
sat on the deck and cupped the poor, beautiful red-               from your hands. Be patient and simply let it fly
breasted creature in his hands. He held it there for              away on it’s own.
almost a half an hour. He thought things were
looking up for our new feathered friend, and placed it            The website has more tips on how to handle a bird
carefully on the deck again, hoping it would fly off.             that’s flown into your windows. Better yet, they also
The bird stayed still. After a while, Dan scooped it              have several suggestions of things you can do to stop
into his hands again. The bird regurgitated, tilted its           the poor things from flying into your windows in the
head and died. Happy birthday, baby.                              first place. We bought our vinyl decals from
We vowed to never let this happen again. But what to
do? So I did what every modern human being does                   Best birthday present hubby ever got.

                                                 Paudash Lake Conservation Association

               July 9, 10am, Paudash Lake Marina

           July 16, 10 am Cardiff Community Centre

     July 30, Noon-4pm (rain date Aug. 1), North Bay Beach

                LEND A HELPING HAND!

Can you spare an hour to help with the BBQ at our July 30 Regatta
         or help with the weigh-in at Rock Bass Derby?

           Email Jim Sangster at:

                                                                                  Paudash Lake Conservation Association

The CVCA, Paudash Lake Water                                   the summer to extend the buffer height beyond the
                                                               normal dry period. The lake has naturally receded
Levels and You                                                 with very few adjustments as the area received
                                                               enough rain at the right time to carry the lake through
Tim Pidduck, General Manager of the Crowe Valley               to the early fall. Admittedly, there may have been
Conservation Association submitted the following               some spikes along the way, but as always,
article last fall explaining water management                  adjustments were made as quickly as possible to
strategies for the Crowe River watershed and the               correct the variations.
CVCA’s strategy to manage water levels on Paudash
Lake.                                                           As the fall approached, all seemed well in hand from
                                                                the Authority’s perspective. The fall drawdown
Every year is unique in terms of weather                                       period began as per usual and by early
and therefore the predictability of what                                        October, the lake levels were essentially
will occur during the summer becomes                                            set for the fall and upcoming winter
very difficult. That being said, we do                                          months. Although targets were reached,
know through past experiences that                                              due to precipitation received in mid-
Paudash Lake in an average year will                                            October, further adjustments were made
behave in a fairly predictable manner.                                          to bring Paudash back into line and the
That is, the lake level will begin to                                           Authority was again comfortable with
drop without rain from about the                                                the levels by the middle of November.
middle of July and onward. There                                                The winter water level was at 342.090m
simply is not enough reserve in the                                             GSC (Geodetic Survey of Canada
subwatershed (the rest of the streams,                                          Datum – metres above sea level),
creeks wetlands, etc.) to                                                                 certainly well within our
replenish Paudash lake water.                                                             winter target levels.
                                          The Crowe River flows through The Gut.
Knowing this oft repeated
occurrence over the many                                                                  As usual though, mother
years the CVCA has managed Paudash lake levels,                 nature throws curves at you when you least expect it.
the Authority staff maintain a water level as high as           During a 36 hour period at the end of November,
possible heading into the summer after the spring               over 60mm of rainfall was received on an already
freshet. This buffer is the best the Authority is able to       saturated ground.The end result? The watershed
do to mitigate the effects of a protracted hot dry spell        experienced water levels not seen or attained at this
in the summer, and prevent extremely low water                  time of year in our watershed and Paudash Lake did
levels in typically the second half of the summer and           not escape the deluge. At the end of it all, (and we
early autumn days before the managed fall draw                  are still feeling the effects of it) Paudash Lake
down period. In fact, there was concern expressed by            peaked at 342.400 GSC. In comparison, 2009
staff that the prolonged dry spring was going to have           Spring’s freshet resulted in a peak of 342.489, a mere
an earlier than expected impact on Paudash Lake,                8.9 centimetres higher.
resulting in lower than normal averages heading into
the summer months and squeezing the Authority’s                 As with any organization that has a mandate to
ability to have adequate water levels at the beginning          follow, a course to chart or strategy to act upon, there
of the recreational season. Fortunately, we received            comes a time when change is inevitable. Usually, the
some very timely rain late in the spring to alleviate           force of change is a result of social, economic or
those fears.                                                    political pressures. This reality is no different for the
                                                               Crowe Valley Conservation Authority. Please bear
In 2010 we received enough rain at the right time in

                                                                                Paudash Lake Conservation Association

The province had vision once in the late ‘50’s, and           hardening shorelines, removing natural vegetation
60’s, but that time has past.                                 and building a dam, Paudash Lake has permanently
                                                              changed. In fact, one could easily argue, the
We still have and enjoy, use and respect this                 eutrophication of the lake or the life cycle of
watershed, the lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands            Paudash Lake has been detrimentally altered.
that make up this ecosystem. That fact remains                Because previous generations had not either
steadfast. I firmly believe our watershed, with               considered these impacts or did not have the
Paudash Lake at the headwaters, is one of the most            knowledge to understand the long term impacts of
pristine watersheds in southern Ontario. I think many         these changes, they have, in a very short time created
of you would agree that we are indeed fortunate.              a situation that will be felt for who knows how many
                                                              generations to come.
Well, you may ask, what does all of this mean for the
CVCA, your municipality and perhaps most                      What’s to be done? I don’t have all the answers, as it
importantly, what about Paudash Lake and all of its           will take a community effort and it may seem painful
tributaries and wetlands which make up its                    or hard to swallow at times, but changes are
subwatershed?                                                 necessary and time is of the essence because we
                                                              aren’t positive when external climatic, political or
Without continued and improving support, the                  social forces will demand change. We need to invest
CVCA will face challenges that will place enormous            in understanding the lake ecosystem, especially in
strain on our organizational resources. This will have        view of global warming and subsequent changes to
a significant impact on our watershed community,              our weather. Science based research will lead to a
including the infrastructure man has created and the          greater understanding of the health of lakes like
environment that is the foundation which everything           Paudash, its subwatershed and the Crowe Valley
ultimately depends upon. In short, the provincial will        watershed. The CVCA, as watershed managers, with
or vision of the past has vanished and the vacuum             the right funding, tools, research capabilities and
which has been created needs to be addressed for the          working with our member municipalities like
benefit of the community. We need to ensure we                Highlands East would provide that environmental
maintain or even improve upon the ecosystem so                base. Water management could very well be a
dear to your hearts. Yes, you may think that there is         complicated and highly politicized issue going
little that can be done to assist or help to make the         forward. We need to know and understand what
necessary changes, but if you think about it, over the        could possibly occur perhaps not tomorrow, but very
long term, there is much that we can strive to                likely not too far in the distant future. We will all
achieve.                                                      need to be pulling in the same direction to
                                                              understand and coexist with the Paudash Lake
Let’s look at it this way, if we do nothing and not           environment, its subwatershed and the communities
accept that changes need to be made, we won’t have            in which we live. With partners and adequate
a promising future for the community in which we              funding support, we could achieve results we are all
work, play, live in or visit.                                 looking for in this neck of the woods. A safe, clean
                                                              water environment with Paudash Lake as one of the
We have to agree as a society in general or at the            jewels of Highlands East. The Authority also
very least, within the watershed community of the             recognizes in order to help facilitate this goal and to
Crowe Valley, that the past practices will not work           protect people and their property from the harmful
going forward. In just a short period of time of 150          effects of flooding, Ontario Regulation 159/06 has
years or so, (compared to the life cycle of an average        been in effect for the past four years. It too was a
lake like Paudash), man has decided to alter the              significant change for the community and is a part of
ecosystem of Paudash Lake. By placing fill,                   the change society is in the throes of accepting. We

                                                                               Paudash Lake Conservation Association

with me as I take you back to the underlying                  the core mandate of the Authority, the flood warning
pressures exerted on the province and this area for           and forecasting system and routine/minor
the formation of the CVCA.                                    maintenance of our dams and weirs. But, in my
                                                              humble opinion, it is a grossly inadequate system for
As some of you may know, the CVCA was born out                financially challenged areas like rural Ontario. Even
of a collective desire by 13 municipalities/townships         now, 15 years after the new financial structure or
in 1958 as a response to the Hurricane Hazel                  formula was put in place, we still have not seen the
disaster. On 15 October 1954, the most famous                 current provincial government fund CAs to 1995
hurricane in Canada struck with ferocity at the heart         levels. Our organization and hence our municipal
of Southern Ontario. High winds and torrential rains          partners, (your municipality plus 9 others in the
pounded at the province for 48 hours. Thousands               CVCA watershed) continues to bear the weight of
were left homeless, 81 people were killed and                 those decisions made 15 years ago.
estimated property damage in today’s dollars was
over 1 billion.                                               What has this meant to the CVCA? First and
                                                              foremost, enormous financial pressures have been
The province and local people in our watershed                placed squarely on the shoulders of our organization
came together and took action. A partnership was              and hence our municipal partners. Yes, we’ve
formed, funding was made available and the                    survived thanks to our municipal partners picking up
Conservation Authorities Act provided the necessary           the slack, but we’ve had to make difficult choices.
structure. There was great expectation the new                For example, the Authority terminated our only
organization would at the very least warn people of           educational program - our Spring Water Awareness
impeding disasters thereby helping to save lives,             Program, which was regularly brought to local
protect people’s property and reduce social                   schools. Our planning department was eliminated
disruption.                                                   and recently, we have had to temporarily close a
                                                              campground and day use facility for 3 consecutive
The system has worked. In fact, the CVCA                      years. The Crowe Bridge Conservation Area was
celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2008. During those         only reopened with the assistance of the
50 years, the conservation authority has implemented          Municipality of Trent Hills and Friends of Crowe
a flood forecasting and warning system, we have               Bridge. As well, there has been no funding to update
built dams and we have worked closely, and continue           the aging flood forecast and warning system. Our
to do so, with our municipal and provincial partners.         infrastructure is showing signs of wear and tear as
In fact, CAs across the province expanded their roles         dams built in the 60’s will eventually be approaching
as time has gone by with outdoor education                    the end of their life cycle or requiring significant
programs, acquired conservation areas and various             maintenance or repairs. Staffing levels were cut in
other services. Dollars and cents were invested in the        half and we are still below that complement. It is a
conservation authority infrastructure (including the          strain on my staff and our resources.
CVCA) in the 1960’s through to the 80’s.
                                                              Is this change fair? Is it fair to ask a small rural
However, “change” abruptly appeared in the mid                population to carry the burden of a geographically
1990’s. The provincial government mindset shifted.            large watershed over 2000 square kilometres in size.
Provincial funding cuts to conservation authorities           Probably not, but it is our reality as cries for
swept across the province in 1995. The CVCA’s                 assistance have fallen on deaf provincial ears. The
provincial funding was cut by 70%. The province               “change” brought to bear on this conservation
was quite clear some funding would be distributed to          authority is not going to vanish. We are simply
the CVCA, but not at levels seen prior to ‘95. The            experiencing the lasting effects of decisions made by
province assured CAs funding would be provided for            politicians over a decade ago and continue to do so.

                                                                                Paudash Lake Conservation Association

now know that building in the flood plain, placing            It takes courage to tackle the changes we need to
fill in lakes or destroying wetlands is not a wise            make, but collectively, moving in the right direction
activity and can have detrimental effects on people           will pay enormous dividends for future generations.
and their property as well as have a significant              Being part of the effort, knowing that we’ve done
impact on the environment. Unfortunately, in the              everything possible will grant many of us the
past and leading up to the time of implementation of          fulfilment we can enjoy and ultimately pass onto the
the regulation, the harmful effects were ignored.             next generations who will be able to live and enjoy
Once again, we now know better and have enacted               the Paudash Lake community as you have done.
change for the better. Our Regulation 159/06 is just
but one of the pieces of the puzzle.                          I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Paudash
                                                              Lake Conservation Association for the opportunity to
Decisions made by your municipal leaders to assist            engage your members and hopefully provide some
with support of the CVCA will be vital. Burying our           insight to our current role and hopes for the future of
heads in the past is not the way forward. The only            a unique community in the Municipality of
constant is change and the required vision to tackle          Highlands East at the headwaters of the Crowe River
issues in a productive, positive, timely manner will          watershed.
certainly test the strength of the community.

Cooking at the Cottage                                        Garnish:
                                                                •     Shredded white cabbage
                                                                •     Hot sauce
                                                                •     Sour cream
                                                                •     Thinly sliced red onion
                                                                •     Thinly sliced green onion
                                                                •     Chopped cilantro leaves
                                                                •     Green or tomato Salsa
                                                                •     Grated cheese (Monteray Jack or Cheddar)

                                                              Preheat grill to medium-high heat. Place fish in a
                                                              medium size dish. Whisk together the oil, lime juice,
                                                              chili powder, jalapeno, and cilantro and pour over the
                                                              fish. Let marinate for 15 to 20 minutes.
Favourite Fish Tacos
                                                              Remove the fish from the marinade place onto a hot
Ingredients:                                                  grill, flesh side down. Grill the fish for 4 minutes on
                                                              the first side and then flip for 30 seconds and
Tacos:                                                        remove. Let rest for 5 minutes then flake the fish
  •      1 pound fish (whatever you can catch. If you         with a fork.
         can’t catch it, any firm, white fish will do)
                                                              Place the tortillas on the grill and grill for 20
  •      1/4 cup canola oil
                                                              seconds. Divide the fish among the tortillas, place the
  •      1 lime, juiced
                                                              garnishes in small bowls and let everyone garnish
  •      1 tablespoon chili powder
                                                              their own taco with their favourite toppings. Make
  •      1 jalapeno, coarsely chopped
                                                              sure you have lots of napkins at the ready and enjoy!
  •      1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro leaves
  •      8 flour tortillas                                    Got a favourite at the cottage recipe? Send it
                                                              along to

                                                                        Paudash Lake Conservation Association

2011 Summer Theatre Season                               town fresh off Broadway with a bag full tricks,
                                                         suspense, danger and big laughs.
Bancroft Summer Theatre (BST) is a member of
the Algonquin Arts Council and is a community            August 2nd to August 20th
driven group overseeing and                              Laughlines Theatre presents the dramatic
maintaining summer                                                         comedy, “Storm Warning”
theatre at the Village                                                     by Norm Foster. Set in 1953
Playhouse. The BST invites                                                 at a rustic cottage resort, the
ideas and production                                                       story brings us into the life
proposals for summer                                                       of Jack, a reclusive WW2
theatre seasons from within                                                vet with shadows in his past
and outside of our                                                         and Emma, a brash and
community. This summer                                                     brassy big band music
BST is presenting three                                                    arranger. Critics call this
productions at the Bancroft                                                play, beautifully written,
Village Playhouse. All                                                     elegantly simple and
shows run from Tuesday to                                                  entertainment at its best.
Saturday at 8 pm. Matinee
performances will be on                                                       August 26th to August 27th.
July 16 and Aug. 13 at 2                                                      Happy Medium Theatre
pm.                                                                           presents “The Vaudvillian
                                                                              Hoop La”, a variety show for
July 5th to July 23rd                                    all ages with tons of surprises amd tons of fun.
Blackfly Summer Theatre opens the season
with “The 39 Steps”, a witty spoof of                    Dinner and Play Package $32
Hitchcock’s 1935 classic film in which the hero          July 7 and 21, 6 pm for The 39 Steps
finds himself in constant danger. This fast paced        Aug. 4 and 18, 6 pm for Storm Warning
show features 4 actors who play a wide variety
of zany characters as the plot traverses great           Enjoy a home-made, cold dinner buffet before
distances and lightning speed scene changes.             the show in the lower level of St. Paul’s United
This adaptation by Patrick Barlow was recently           Church right next to the Playhouse. Packages
nominated for six Tony Awards during its’                must be purchased 7 days prior to dinner
Broadway run in 2010. Hitchcock is coming to             package dates.

                        Renting your cottage this summer?
 Go to and print up our handy “tips for renters” posters. Full of
“dos” and “don’ts” for everything from what to avoid putting down the sink, what to do
           with the garbage and how to keep your septic running smoothly.

       Give yourself peace of mind while letting others enjoy your piece of heaven.

                                                                                                         Paudash Lake Conservation Association

Natural Shorelines
  water.                             bottom	
wildlife.                                                                                                    young	
Natural Shorelines from “Preserving and Restoring Natural Shorelines” produced by Landowners Resource Centre 2000

The Healthy Shore List                                                             Moor the swim raft farther out to save shore
How does your waterfront check out?                                                plants. Birds nest and fish spawn in those things you
                                                                                   call “weeds.” Don’t tear them out.
Plant a buffer zone of native vegetation close to
                                                                                   Forgo fertilizers/upgrade your leaky septic
shore. The tangle of roots filters impure runoff from
                                                                                   system. Both send phosphorus into the lake, fuelling
your cottage and slows erosion of the soil.                                        algae growth and depleting oxygen.

Swear off pesticides and herbicides. They end up in                                Leave fallen trees and branches in the shallows.
the water and are bad news for aquatic life.                                       Wood nourishes all sorts of underwater critters and
                                                                                   provides cover for fish.
Opt for a floating or pipe dock. They cause the
least disturbance to the shoreline lakebed.                                        Kick the cottage lawn habit. Turf lets up to 55 per
                                                                                   cent of rainfall wash away.

                                                                                   Paudash Lake Conservation Association

Boater’s Corner                                                   important due to the fact that it surrounds the entire
Summer 2011                                                       lake. (The PLCA has fought hard to get our wetlands
by Gord Chong, Lake                                               declared significant and protected) The shoreline is
Steward and Safe                                                  also something that all lakefront owners can impact.
Boating Committee
                                                                  The shoreline zone:
                                                                     • Filters the water that feeds our lake.
Welcome to another                                                   • Should have natural vegetation that helps fight
fantastic summer on our beautiful lake. I hope the                   shoreline erosion from natural and man-made
summer weather is better than the spring that just                   forces
passed.                                                              • Provides valuable habitat for life from fish and
                                                                     frogs to heron and larger mammals.
A few quick reminders as we enter another busy
boating season.                                                   As a boater, how do we interact with the shoreline?
                                                                  Well from an aesthetic point, I would much rather be
1. Safety – First and foremost we all need to                     looking at a nature setting rather than manicured city
consider safety when we are boating. Besides                      lawn on the water. The other more serious impact
following the boating regulations, common sense                   boats have on the shoreline is the boat’s wake. Please
must prevail. As I write this, the May long weekend               consider the impact of your boating speed and boat’s
has passed and another series of senseless losses                 wake on your lake’s shoreline. For example, water
have occurred on our waterways, many of which                     skiing in front of an uninhabited shoreline may seem
were preventable:                                                 like a fine idea but the waves crashing on a shoreline
    • WEAR your life jacket… it is amazing that                   will be disturbing the fish and bird habitat and
    people still go out on a boat without a life jacket           causing shoreline erosion which will reduce the
    and even if they do have “one in the boat” do not             shoreline’s ability to filter water entering our lake.
    wear it.
    • If the weather is bad, do not go out… you have              Our shores have enough to deal with when battling
    a choice.                                                     the forces of nature, regular waves, ice and wind.
    • Follow the boating regulations.                             Let’s give Mother Nature a hand by being more
                                                                  considerate when boating, along with naturalizing
2. License – Get your license. As of September 2010               our shoreline. (See illustration on facing page for a
it is the law that anyone operating a motorized                   breakdown of the shoreline.)
watercraft must have a boating license, or in the case
of power driven rentals, a completed safety checklist             As usual, please respect your fellow boaters,
from the operator.                                                cottagers, and human beings when operating a
                                                                  watercraft. I always like to say “treat others as you
We have an agreement with                   would like to be treated”. So if your actions are
for a $10 discount for our PLCA members. Please                   impacting another person in a way you would not
enter code: MG779                                                 like to be impacted, then adjust your actions
Boating Impact on our Shoreline
The shoreline is critical to the health of the lake. At a         A little consideration on the land and on the water,
recent Lake Steward conference, it was pointed out                goes a long way in creating positive and memorable
that the “kidneys” (or filters) of a lake are not just the        experiences of our lake. See you on the waterways
important wetlands. The shoreline is actually more                of our beautiful lake!!!!

                                                                         Paudash Lake Conservation Association

                          R.R. #3                 613-339-2854 (H)
Jim Sangster              Bancroft, Ontario       705-656-4445 ext 31 (O)              613-339-2854 (C)
President                 K0L 1C0       
                                                  416-698-5157 (H)
Gord Chong                18 Lyall Avenue
                                                  416-445-1804 (ext.5378) (O)
Vice-President and        Toronto, Ontario                                             613-339-1124 (C)
                                                  647-801-5157 (Cell)
Lake Steward              M4E 1V8

Josey Vogels              R.R.#3                  613-339-1092 (H)
Vice-President and        Bancroft, Ontario                                            613-339-1092 (C)
Newsletter Editor         K0L 1C0

                          75 Wynford Heights      416-447-3012 (H)
Allan McKellar            Crescent, Apt. 1406     416-441-4146 ext 315 (O)             613-339-2320 (C)
Treasurer                 North York, Ontario
                          M3C 3H9

                          R.R. #3
David Kells                                       613-339-1579 (H)
                          Bancroft, Ontario                                            613-339-1579 (C)
Membership Convenor                     
                          K0L 1C0

                          R.R. 3,
Bernard Ferreira, Roads                           613-339-2593 (H)
                          Bancroft, Ontario                                            613-339-2593 (C)
Committee, Advertising                  
                          K0L 1C0

                          103 Avenue Rd Apt 908
Carol Ann Graham          Toronto, Ontario        416-964-0586 (H)                     613-339-2205 (C)
                          M5R 2G9

Heather Langelaan                                 613-339-1108 (H)
                          Bancroft, Ontario                                            613-339-1108 (C)
Newsletter Advertising                  
                          K0L 1C0

Dan Parker, Director                              613-339-1092 (H)
                          Bancroft, Ontario                                            613-339-1092 (C)
Website Communications                  
                          K0L 1C0

Mike Thomas               11 Allstate Parkway,    905-649-2059 (H)
Summer Activities         Suite 100               905-470-9840, ext 202 (B)            613-339-2709 (C)
Coordinator and           Markham, Ontario        416-464-2902 (Cell)
Environmental Steward     L3R 9T8       

                          37 Kingsway Cres.       519-759-6699 (H)
Jan Krueger               Brantford, ON                                                613-339-2415 (C)
                          N3R 1M6       

                          141 Dragoon Drive
Mike Hale                 Hamilton, ON                     613-339-1455 (C)
                          L9B 2C9

                          15 Ina Lane             905-642-9533 (H)
Jim McAughey              Stouffville, ON         416-727-3528 (Cell)
                          L4A 0E9       
                          761 Baltic Dr.          705-748-3623 (H)
Nathalie Poirier-Cox      Peterborough, ON        705-875-3329 (Cell)
                          K9L 1L8       


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