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									                                                                                  Please Note:      If you are unable to serve as rostered, please organise a replacement
St Stephen’s, Bayswater – Rosters                                                 (and it would be really helpful if you notified the pew sheet editor for that week)
                         SERVICE            CRUCIFER &       SIDES-                                                                                             DATA
     DATE:                                                                   READINGS               READER        INTERCESSOR           TEA/COFFEE
                        ASSISTANT           2nd CHALICE      PERSON                                                                                           PROJECTOR
05 December 10                                             Michael       Isaiah 11. 1-10        John Brown                          Peter & Sandra          Steven
                   Austin Acker         David Jess                                                                Roz Bruckner
Advent II                                                  Abrahams      Romans 15. 4-13        Lois Hamilton                       Garrett                 Kensley
12 December 10                                             Austin        Isaiah 35, 1-10                          Dorinne           Mayree Clayton &
                   Sussan Hammond       Steven Kensley                                          Thompson                                                    Greg Ensil
Advent III                                                 Acker         James 5, 7-10                            Coralie           Lynne Tanner
                                                                                                John Petersen
.19 December 10                                                                                 .Pam Acker
                                                           .Charles      Habakkuk 2.1-4                                             Jonathan & Dorinne
Thomas Apostle &   .Peter Bellis        John Petersen                                           Jonathan          .Ainslie Ellis                            .Vivian Coralie
                                                           Bruckner      Ephesians 2.19-22                                          Coralie
Martyr                                                                                          Coralie
.26 December 10
                                                                         .Proverbs 8.22-31      .June Pope                          .John Petersen &
John, Apostle &    .Ainslie Ellis       Austin Acker       .Greg Ensil                                            .Dorothy Ensil                            .Peter Bellis
                                                                         1 John1.1-5            Brian Leech                         Anne Thompson
02 January 2011
                                        Thurifer: Peter    Allan         Isaiah 60.1-6          Jean Lyne
Epiphany of our    Steven Kensley                                                                                 Lois Hamilton     Stephanie Rutgers &     Quentin Ogle
                                        Bellis             Kansley       Ephesians 3.1-12       Marjorie Oehm
Lord               Susan Hammond                                                                                                    Debbie Solomons
09 January 2011
                                                           Steven        Isaiah 42.1-9          Denise Ogle       Sussan            Barbara Cross &
Baptism of our     John Petersen        Ainslie Elis                                                                                                        Greg Ensil
                                                           Kensley       Acts 10.34-43          Suzanne Seager    Hammond           Suzanne Seager

16 January 2011                                                          Isaiah 49. 1-7         Sue Smith                                                   Steven
                   Austin Acker         Sussan Hammond     John Lyne                                              Brian Leech       Jean & John Lyne
Epiphany II                                                              1 Corinthians 1.1-9    Lynne Tanner                                                Kensley

23 January 2011                                            Quentin       Isaiah 9.1-4           Anne Thompson                       Denise Ogle & Norma
                   Sussan Hammond       David Jess                                                                Jean Lyne                                 Peter Bellis
Epiphany III                                               Ogle          1 Corinth1.10-18       Austin Acker                        Robb
30 January 2011
                                                           Dennis        Malachi 3. 1-4         Ainslie Ellis                       Dee Milinkovic &
Presentation of    Peter Bellis         Steven Kensley                                                            Denise Ogle                               Vivian Coralie
                                                           Robb          Hebrews 2. 14-18       Dorothy Ensil                       Marjorie Oehm
Christ in Temple
06 February 2011   Ainslie Ellis        Thurifer::Austin   Michael       Isaiah 58.1-9a         Dee Milinkovic    Suzanne           Mayree Clayton &
                                                                                                                                                            Quentin Ogle
Epiphany V         John Petersen        Acker              Abrahams      1 Corinth 2.1-13       John Brown        Seager            Lynne Tanner

13 February 2011                                           Charles       Deuteron 10.12-22      Mary Beagley                        Peter & Sandra
                   Steven Kensley       Sussan Hammond                                                            Lynne Tanner                              Greg Ensil
Epiphany VI                                                Bruckner      1 Corinthians 3.1-9    Pam Acker                           Garrett

      DATE          PEW SHEET                     CHURCH CLEANING                          BRASS CLEANING               LAWN MOWING               COLLECTION COUNTING
05 December’10     Val Boyd         Alison Thompson & Dorothy Yon                   Pam Acker                                                   Allan Kansley & Alison T
12 December 10     Val Boyd         Dorothy & Greg Ensil                                                          David Jess                    Peter Bellis & Jen Richardson
19 December 10     Val Boyd         Peter & Jean Bellis                                                                                         Steven Kensley & Doug Yon
26 December 10     Val Boyd         Denise Ogle & Norma Robb                                                                                    John Brown & David Jess
02 January’11      Norma Robb       Vivian Coralie & Lois Dobson                    Roz Bruckner                  Davig Mitchell                Michael Abrahams & Greg Ensil
09 January’11      Norma Robb       Alison Thompson & Dorothy Yon                                                                               Allan Kansley & A Thompson
16 January’11      Norma Robb       Dorothy & Greg Ensil                                                                                        Peter Bellis & Vivian Coralie
23 January’11      Norma Robb       Peter & Jean Bellis                                                           Arnold Rutgers                Steven Kensley & Doug Yon
30 January’11      Norma Robb       Denise Ogle & Norma Robb                                                                                    John Brown & David Jess
06 February’11     Dee Milinkovic   Vivian Coralie & Lois Dobson                    Mayree Clayton                                              Michael Abrahams & Greg Ensil
13 February’11     Dee Milinkovic   Alison Thompson & Dorothy Yon                                                 David Jess                    Allan Kansley & A Thompson

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