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					Use voice activation

If you’re walking down the street and need to transmit a text message, you can exploit the voice
inauguration include to instruct your Android phone what did you say? To prepare. This is a much better
option than potentially falling headlong into an friendly manhole or roaring into a pole and winding up
on YouTube, simply to befall the fool of your company and contacts.

To exploit voice inauguration, long press the Search button on the handset (it looks like a magnifying
glass) and after that articulate into the phone. It is plus on the cards to exploit the voice inauguration on
behalf of various purposes, which include the following:

  Text: Transmit text to [recipient] [message] exemplar: Transmit text to stephanie come together me
on behalf of burritos with operate

  Email: Transmit email to [recipient] [subject] [body] exemplar: Transmit email to jack wallen reminder
don’t disregard to pick up pizza

  Directions: Navigate to [location] exemplar: Navigate to bazos

  Place phone call: Call [contact] [phone type] call stephanie mobile

  Listen to melody: Pay attention to [artist/song/album] exemplar: Pay attention to rush tom sawyer
poignant pictures

  Write message: Message to self [note] exemplar: Message to self found exemplary on behalf of amid
you put your name down for cover

  Search Google: [query] exemplar: Jack wallen books

  Open website: Quit to [website] exemplar: Quit to amazon

  View a plan: Plan of [location] exemplar: Plan of munich

Copy a lump of text from a netting call

If you need to book text from a netting browser, it’s quite effortless. Follow these steps:

  Open the netting call and after that zoom in so it’s easier to tap on the correct text.
  Extensive press somewhere come up to the inauguration of the text you care for to book and after
that drag the handles to the end small piece of text you care for to book.

  When you relief the handles, a new to the job menu will pop up (the device you’re using will
determine the type of menu and anywhere it pops us) so as to allows various options to be selected.

The Verizon Motorola Xoom tablet with netting book in battle.

I come across this trick mechanism on many of the Android models: AT&T Samsung Captivate, Verizon
Droid X, Incredible 2, and the Xoom tablet.

Add the power strip widget

Since Android 2.1, a new to the job widget so as to is a power control strip allows on behalf of the
uncomplicated control of battery-destroying services such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. To add this
widget, long press the Home screen and restricted Widget | Power Control. When the widget is added ,
you can roll various services on and inedible with single tap.

The power control strip on the Verizon HTC Incredible 2.

Add bookmarks to the Home screen

If you care for to add a shortcut to a website you frequent on the Home screen of your device, you can
prepare so as to by following these steps:

  Go to the website in the browser.

  Create a bookmark on behalf of the position.

  Go to the Bookmark Manager.

  Extensive press the bookmark on behalf of the position to be added to the Home screen.

  Select Add Shortcut To Home from the pop-up menu.

Now to urge to the position, simply tap the shortcut, and the browser will friendly to so as to speak to.

View maps in 3D

The most up-to-date relief of Google Maps offers a 3D observe of maps. To observe a plan in 3D, lift
your fingers from the top to the floor of the screen. To move around the plan in 3D, place two fingertips
on the plan and move them in a circular pattern. Figure C illustrates how this 3D observe looks on a
Verizon Incredible 2.

A 3D rendering of a plan possibly will be valuable to individuals of who are directionally challenged, such
as yours really.

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