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2005 GRIP Presentations of Embraer -May 19, 2995 Adams Alumni Center
                2.0000        Students of the 2005 GRIP program present their experiences and findings on
                              Embraer aircraft manufacturers.
6 News - 10/15/02 - Richard Halford - Newsclip
                2.0100        Lawrence’s 6 News evening broadcast covering former CFO’s Richard Halford lecture
                               to KU Business students about his part in a Costa Rican business deal that went
                              sour due to his unethical behavior. The broadcast is highlighted by Business
                              Professor, Chris Anderson’s interview with a reporter about the lecture.

6 News - 5/28/02
                2.0200        Lawrence’s 6 News evening broadcast highlights KU’s Center for International
                              Business Education & Research (CIBER) by interviewing CIBER Director Melissa
                              Birch, and Business School Dean William Fuerst. Topics discussed include CIBER’s
                              purpose, as well as its programs, funding, and goals.

Age of Wal-Mart: Inside America’s Most Powerful Company
                2.0208        Business news journalist David Faber debuts CNBC's latest documentary, "The Age
                              of Wal-Mart: Inside America's Most Powerful Company." Faber takes an
                              unprecedented look at the biggest and most influential company in the world: Wal-
                              Mart. "The Age of Wal-Mart" examines how the company has ascended to its heights
                              of power - raking in close to $300 billion in sales this year alone - and asks the
                              question: can this juggernaut continue to succeed in the face of increased opposition?
                               "The Age of Wal-Mart" tells the tale of how a family-owned retailer in Northwest
                              Arkansas became the most successful retailer the world has ever seen. Given
                              unprecedented access, Faber takes viewers from an annual managers' meeting that
                              resembles an evangelical revival to the opening of a new store in China, where Wal-
                              Mart is the country's 5th largest importer, following 3 countries and all of Europe
                              combined. Faber also sits down for a one-on-one with CEO Lee Scott - who addresses
                               the criticisms over outsourcing, community friction, lawsuits and other challenges
                              the mammoth company faces today. *This description was provided by CNBC.

America's Comeback Strategy
                1.0720.1      A seminar with Professor Bruce Scott focusing on national economic policy; Prof.
                              Alfred Chandler Jr., Pulitzer Prize winning business historian; Prof. Michael Porter,
                              author of Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance, on
                               corporate strategy; and Prof. Michael Yoshino, on US-Japanese business relations.

                1.0510.1      Video focuses on business practices in Argentina, with elements including the
                              country’s history, economy, proper etiquette, business relationships, communicating,
                              negotiating, and management styles.

Argentina: Turning Around
                2.0215        In the 90s Argentina embraced globalization, but instead of making everyone rich the
                              economy collapsed. The eyes of the world were on Argentina as a desperate people
                              turned to each other for mutual support in a remarkable outpouring of grassroots
                              organizing. Now, several years later, have there been fundamental changes, or is it
                              business as usual?

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Art of Balance: 20th Anniversary Edition
                2.0250         Capoeira is the unique art that combines music, dance, acrobatics and powerful self-
                               defense into one of the most complete cultural expressions seen today. Created by
                               the African slaves in Brazil over 400 years ago, Capoeira is an art form that
                               continues to surprise and delight as it evolves along with the people who practice it.
                               Demonstrating the need of the capeirista, it has been a liberating force in the past.
                               Today it is an expressive outlet giving a voice to many and becoming a universal
                               language and unifying force as it spreads across the globe. Footage includes some
                               of the most exciting Capoeira being played today from Brazil to North America. You
                               will also find this DVD contains insightful perspectives from some of the most
                               respected masters of the art form.

Asian Values Devalued
                2.0300         As the tiger economies of East Asia turned from boom to bust in the 1990s, the
                               general public was amazed. However, many economists nodded their heads
                               knowingly. This program focuses on the plights of Indonesia, Hong Kong, and
                               Malaysia where nepotism, cronyism, corruption and suppression and the exploitation
                               of cheap foreign labor brought about a financial crisis of enormous proportions.
                               These regions grew too quickly without proper controls and economic safeguards
                               which, has left the middle and lower classes, who are crushed by inflation and
                               unemployment, to pay the bill. Experts agree that East Asia will survive, eventually
                               recover and probably surpass itself but at a staggering cost in money and human
                               misery. This program is an excellent exposé that reveals why the bubble burst.

Asia-Pacific Homeland Security Summit and Exposition Day 1
                1.0220.1       On day one of this summit and exposition, many prominent figures such as
                               government officials and higher military personnel discuss various security issues
                               that affect not only the Pacific rim of the United States, but other areas such as
                               South America and Asia. Deleivered through lectures, this informative DVD puts forth
                                missions and future preventitive measures against terrorism and disasters such as
                               natural hurricanes. With a central theme being of working to protect our way of life,
                               this DVD will ensurely inspire us all.

Asia-Pacific Homeland Security Summit and Exposition Day 2 Afternoon and Day 3
                1.0220.3       During the afternoon of the second day of this summit a different theme was
                               presented to the audience, one that emphasized continous improvement. The theme
                               centralized around the fact that we must continually revaluate our system of security
                                taking into account probability, capability and imagination of "new" adversaries. The
                               dynamics of sucidie bombers and their attacks was also presented in an interesting
                               video presentation. The dynamics and characteristics of terrorists around the world
                               were presented to broaden the mind of what most people would be assume to be the
                               typical terrorist. The summit concludes during this video with tips to protect oneself
                               from terrorism and disasters as well as offering warm remarks to all guests and

Asia-Pacific Homeland Security Summit and Exposition Day 2 Morning
                1.0220.2       On the morning of day two of the summit and exposition, navy personnel, Booz Allen
                               Hamiliton Senior management officials and various other prominent global officials
                               divulged on various topics. The topics that were discussed included the differences
                               between homeland secuirty and homeland defense as well as new technologies that
                               would aid soldiers on the battlefield and protect within borders. Many of these
                               technologies would enable data sharing compatibilities as well. Language and cultural
                               issues were discussed as well to divulge a little perspective of different opinions and
                               perspectives from around the world. This DVD concludes with a panel discussion with
                               foreign officials about world terrorism and issues related to it.

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Assignment: China
                  2.0302      Assignment is a series of country profiles from the pages of correspondents jurnals.
                              Get behind the headlines. Learn the story behind the news. Understand the global
                              issurs. In true Monitor fashion, Assignment: China helps you to understand the big
                              issues through eight stories, including: Neighborhood Committees: These are the
                              eyes and ears of Communist Party. They are the base of local poower. China's
                              Christians: An exploration of Christianity in a country where religious freedom is
                              affrimed, but churches must be approved by the government. Family Planning: The
                              one-child campaign with its rewards and penalities is just one aspect of this
                              comprehensive attempt to help stabilize world population. Ecoonomics: alook at one
                              of five special economic zones set up as part of China's economic reform.

ASTAC: The First Ten Years
                  2.0400      A remote land such as Alaska has many troubles when dealing with communications.
                              The Board of the Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative sits down to
                              discuss different purposes and possible ways to set up telecommunications among
                              Alaska’s arctic range. The process is well underway, and the spark this could have on
                              business in Alaska would make seem to make this a solid investment in the future.

Baja California, México: Overview
                  2.0450      This CD-ROM contains everything one would ever want to know about business in
                              Baja California including trade routes, working hours, and average literacy and age of
                              workers in the state. There are Word documents and various Power Point
                              presentations; all materials are in English.

Beijing or Bust
                  2.0455      With its dramatic rise in economic and geopolitical importance, China has become a
                              land of opportunity for foreigners from the West-although in certain cases, "foreigner"
                               is a problematic term. This program presents compelling firsthand accounts of six
                              "ABCs" (American Born Chinese) who have moved to Beijing in Search of career
                              progress and a better grasp of their identitites. Candidly sharing personal reactions to
                              the nation's rapidly evolving political climate, social divisions, and business culture,
                              each participant must come to terms with the reality of modern China-and its
                              departure from the sentimental notions he or she acquired in childhood.

Beyond Borders
                  2.0460      Split into five different movies, this best selling educational video focuses on
                              international business ethics in five different segments. The segments include bribery
                               and corruption, environmental issues, differing standards, proprietary information,
                              and technology transfer.

Bilkent University 2003
                  2.0465      Faculty Development - Bilkent University Two Year, Four Year Degree Programs.
                              Master's and PhD Level Advanced Degrees. Economics, Molecular Biology and
                              Genetics, Management, Tourisum, Sciences, International Relations, Engineering,
                              Archaeology and History. A center of exellence, a center of knowledge.

Bill Moyers Reports: Trading Democracy
                  2.0500      Everyone has heard about NAFTA, (the North American Free Trade Agreement) but
                              almost no one has heard about one of NAFTA's obscure provisions, with the
                              exception of those multinational corporations who are using it to challenge
                              democracy. BILL MOYER REPORTS: TRADING DEMOCRACY is the first
                              television investigation of NAFTA's Chapter 11 - what has been called an "end run
                              around the Constitution." Corporate investors are using Chapter 11 to attack public
                              laws that protect our health and our environment and even challenge jury verdicts.
                              The cases are not heard in open court, but instead before international trade tribunals
                               that rule in secret. The program details a system of private justice that is enabling
                              companies to obtain covertly what they would unlikely be able to achieve publicly in

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Bill's Run: A Political Journey in Rural Kansas
                2.0540         Bill's Run introduces us to the people of Burdick, Kansas, population 60, where local
                               rancher and country lawyer, Bill Kassebaum, is making his first run for public office.
                               Bill's journey through the primary is a comical and sometimes painful quest of
                               quixotic proportions, as he takes on the Republican incumbent and fights to preserve
                               a lifestyle quickly disappearing from rural America. Kassebaum's filmmaker brother
                               takes us along for a blow-by-blow account of the race, providing an intimate portrait
                               of grassroots politics and life on the Great Plains. The exciting outcome proves,
                               once again, that every vote counts.

                1.0510.2       Video focuses on business practices in Brazil, with elements including the country’s
                               history, economy, proper etiquette, business relationships, communicating,
                               negotiating, and management styles.

BUS 715 Managing in a Global Environment
                1.0610.4       Larry D. Horner - Retired CEO, Chairman of KPMG, Board member, ConocoPhillips
                               guest lecture at BUS 715 class.
Business and Commerce
                1.0910.1       This program examines the huge changes and upheavals that have occurred in the
                               way trade is conducted and money made in the 20th century. At the end of the 19th
                               century, a global free trade market existed between the countries with overseas
                               empires. The program explores how the Great Depression and World War II
                               destroyed this structure, and how a newer and bigger global market is significantly
                               different from its predecessor due to the role of multinational corporations and
                               modern communications and transportation systems. The program examines the
                               effect that the global marketplace has on issues such as employment, and how
                               politicians can no longer control local economies due to the impact of the international

Business in Blooming: The International Floral Industry
                2.0600         The typical Valentine's Day bouquet is the product of an elaborate South American
                               growing operation, a complicated airborne distribution network, and sophisticated
                               European trading markets akin to stock exchanges. This program describes the entire
                               process in detail, clearly illustrating the global nature of the floral industry. Shot in
                               Ecuador, Colombia, France, and Holland, the video shows how supply and demand,
                               seasonal dynamics, global competition, and other issues affect the production and
                               transportation of a fragile, perishable commodity-which, although traded on a massive
                                scale, moves according to highly emotional market forces.

Cappuccino Trail: The Global Economy in a Cup
                2.0650         A 150-pound bag of coffee beans might earn a farmer $50; the "street value" of that
                               same bag - 10,000 cups of coffee - is around $20,000. By following the trails of two
                               coffee beans grown in the Peruvian Andes this program takes a unique look at the
                               ubiquitous stimulant which, after oil, is the most globally traded commodity. One of
                               the beans takes the route of the open market where its price is determined by
                               commodities traders and analysts, such as Merrill Lynch's Ludy Gaines, the industry
                               oracle who discusses the market's volatility. The other bean finds its way into Café
                               Direct, a new gourmet coffee launched in Britain by a company dedicated to paying
                               fair prices to farmers for their high-quality organic crop.

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CEO Stories: In Their Own Words
                2.0660         Entering the Upper echelongs of Corporate culture, this four-part series brings
                             viewers face-to-face with some of the most powerful figures in today's international
                             business world. Each program explores both the personal and professional side of one
                              charismatic CEO or executive, emphasizing what has driven him or her to build an
                             enormously successful company. These intimate conversations are fascinating
                             portraits of the entrepreneurial spirit and its manifestation in the fashion, travel,
                             media, and automobile industries. He loves to start companies, but not to run them.
                             His easyGroup functions as a kind of laboratory for his "crazy" business ideas. But
                             Stelios Haji-Ioannau has built a hugely profitable corporate empire that has helped
                             transform a wide range of industries. In this compelling interview, Stelios talks about
                             learning the shipping buisness in his father's successful company-and how he moved
                              away from that stable environment in favor of risk-taking entrepreneurship, creting
                             the discount air carrier easyJet. He also discusses his vision for the entire line of
                             easy-brand companies, including easyBus, easyCruise, easyHotel, easyCinema, and
                1.0510.3     Video focuses on business practices in Chile, with elements including the country’s
                             history, economy, proper etiquette, business relationships, communicating,
                             negotiating, and management styles.

                1.0460.1     Each interactive, multimedia program provides you with in-depth knowledge on doing
                             business in a specific country, explaining in detail the local culture, customs, and
                             business practices. Features: business and meetings dos and don'ts; managing
                             local employees; negotiating methods; decision-making styles; local culture, customs
                              and values; travel, language and safety tips; and protocol and gift giving.

China in the Red
                1.0725.1     China in the Red chronicles three pivotal years of evolution from Communist society
                              to market economy. For half a century, millions of Chinese labored in state factories
                              with cradle-to-grave job security. But reforms bringing prosperity and world-power
                             status now threaten the livelihood of many Chinese. FRONTLINE follows 10 Chinese
                             citizens caught up in social and economic transformation, struggling to survive in a
                             world they never imagined. *Description provided by PBS Video.

Chinese Capitalism: Moving the Mountain
                1.0810.1     From fledgling cottage industries to the Shanghai stock market, China represents a
                             unique blend of communism and capitalism. This program studies that phenomenon
                             by examining how the Chinese themselves are adapting to the quasi-free market
                             system. Chinese economic modernization is studied at a show factory, where
                             communist worker ideals and capitalist goals coexist. In the largest migration in
                             history, 90 million rural Chinese have moved to cities in search of jobs, a better life,
                             and a larger slice of the capitalist pie, only to find the gap between rich and poor
                             widening each day. Corruption, say many, is rampant. The issue of how these
                             trends will eventually affect China's stability is examined. A BBC Production.

Colombia Outlook and Investment Potential
                2.0700       In-depth PowerPoint presentation looking at Columbia and its future investment
                             potential. The presentation highlights Columbia’s leading industries, market size,
                             development areas, various costs, social issues such as education and health, and
                             other economic performance indices

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Commanding Heights - The Battle for the World Economy
                2.0800         This video confronts head-on Americans' critical concerns about the new
                               interconnected world. This series explores our changing world - the new rules of the
                               game; the winners and losers in the clash between government and the marketplace;
                               the great debate over the impact of globalization; and the powerful forces shaping our
                                economy and the future of our society. Filmed on five continents, the narrative
                               combines film footage with stories and interviews with world leaders and thinkers from
                                twenty different countries, including: US, USSR, Mexico, Singapore, Senior Minister
                                Lee Kuan Yew, former Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin, Congressional
                               Leader Richard Gephardt, and President George Bush's Economic Advisor, Lawrence

Communicating Between Cultures
                2.0900         Some cultural givens are so deeply embedded in people's thought patterns that they
                               can cause breakdowns in communication. This program presents a series of eye-
                               opening cross-cultural situations designed to reveal how such cultural givens as
                               getting right to the point, saving face, and taking turns in conversation can
                               complicate intercultural communication. It features a multicultural cast and provides
                               practical guidelines for communicating respectfully.

Competing Tomorrow in the Global Economy
                1.0720.2       A seminar with Professor Robert Hayes on manufacturing excellence; Professor
                               Janice McCormick on labor relations; and Professor David Garvin on quality control.
Comrade Kamprad: IKEA Goes to Russia
                2.0930         The Vikings never conquered Russia, but Swedish mega-retailer IKEA mght just pull it
                               off. In this case, victory depends on sweet-talking, arm twisting, and impromptu
                               brainstorming-skills that company founder Ingvar Kamprad has perfected over a long
                               life in business. This program follows Kamprad and a handful of colleagues during
                               their 10-day trip across Moscow Oblast and out-lying regions, revealing the political
                               and logistical challenges that must be overcome to solidify a domestic supply chain
                               and make IKEA Russia profitable. The result is both an illuminating international
                               business case study and a remarkable profile of one of the world's richest, oldest,
                               and most charismatic entrepreneurs.

Comunicaciones Interculturales. Factores que pueden afectar el exito en los negocios en

Corporation, The
                2.1010         Explores the nature and spectacular rise of the dominant institution of our time.
                               Footage from pop culture, advertising, TV news, and corporate propaganda,
                               illuminates the corporation's grip on our lives. Taking its legal status as a "person" to
                               its logical conclusion, the film puts the corporation on the psychiatrist's couch to ask
                               "What kind of person is it?" Provoking, witty, sweepingly informative, The Corporation
                                includes forty interviews with corporate insiders and critics - including Milton
                               Friedman, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, and Michael Moore - plus true confessions,
                               case studies and strategies for change. (Description provided by

Cross-Cultural Understanding
                1.0830.1       Why do some people behave so differently from me? Why do some cultures work
                               better alone, others in teams? Why do some people always miss deadlines? What are
                               the critical basics of proper etiquette?

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Cultural Diversity "At the Heart of Bull"
                2.1050         Global competition and advances in information technology have created massive
                               changes in the business world, as compnies rush to meet the increasing demands of
                               their current customers and to gain footholds in new markets around the globe.
                               Meanwhile, dramatic changes in U.S. workforce demogrphics are bringing new cultures
                                and values to our organizations, necessitating transformation of traditional systems
                               and practices. Cultural diversity is a business reality today. The ability to build
                               bridges between people from different ethnic backgrounds is as important as any
                               other business function. Working in a cultural and ethnically diverse organization
                               does not mean eliminating differences in style and approach, but celebrating those
                               differneces and profiting from the many strenghts diversity brings to an organization.
                                This intercultural video program is designed to inform and assist people in dealing
                               with ethnic and cultural diversity in the workplace while its focus is on French and
                               Americans, it will be useful for any company that has employees or customers
                               around the world. It is also recommended for business school courses on global
                               management. It is a candid, fast-paced look at how employees from these two
                               cultures percieve themselves, one another, and the world around them. (Description
                               provided by Intercultural Press, Inc.)
Developing Countries
                1.1030.01      This series presents the principles of international economics using on-location
                               documentary case studies.
Diversity at Work
                1.2310.1       This series focuses on recent changes in the demographic composition of the
                               workforce, the influence of new values and lifestyles, the shift to a global rather than
                               national marketplace, and the emphasis on team rather than individual management
                               models. Includes a manual of readings, cases and exercises. Released 1995.

Does Europe Hate Us?
                1.2100.4       A look at European’s view of the U.S. after the events of 9/11 and our nations “go-it-
                               alone” strategy to fight terrorism.
Economics USA: International Trade and Exchange Rates
                1.1030.02      Multinational perspective on how the global economy and market affect individuals,
                               businesses, and industries on the topics of international trade and exchange rates.
Economies in Transition
                1.1030.03      This series presents the principles of international economics using on-location
                               documentary case studies. South Korea and Sri Lanka illustrate different
                               development strategies.

Emerging Markets of Eastern Europe and Russia
                2.1200         With many companies going global, this informative video provides those wanting to
                               penetrate markets in transitional economies of Eastern Europe and Russia with
                               culture, political, and social insights.

Emerging Powers - Brazil
                1.2410.1       In many ways, Brazil is already an economic power. It has the largest economy in
                               Latin America, is the world's largest producer of orange juice, has the world's largest
                               iron ore mine, and is the world's fastest-growing computer market. But with a long
                               history of inflation and corruption, will the perennial "country of the future" finally live
                               up to its potential? Brazilian TV correspondent Pedro Bail takes a look at the forces
                               that are dramatically changing Brazil's economy. You'll meet Rogerio Braga, an MBA
                               who is transforming Brazilian orange juice farming and Jose Mindlin, whose Metal Leve
                                is a global power in autoparts. You'll visit Sao Paulo's fast growing stock exchange
                               and go into the jungle with one of Brazil's 400,000 Avon "beauty consultants." Also, in
                                an exclusive interview, President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, one of reform's
                               biggest supporters, describes the bold steps his administration has taken to open up
                               and privatize this colossal market.

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Emerging Powers - China
                1.2410.2    With 1.2 billion citizens on the brink of transformation to a capitalist society,
                            communist China is the fastest growing economy in the world. By some estimates, it
                             will surpass the U.S. to become the biggest economy on earth early in the 21st
                            century. But can repressive China, land of Mao and the agrarian commune, really
                            leapfrog into the modern industrial world? Host Deborah Wang, former Beijing
                            correspondent for ABC News, examines China's transformation from poverty to
                            prosperity. Wang interviews a former state worker who has created a multimillion-
                            dollar textile empire; Shanghai's most successful Avon cosmetics saleswomen and
                            Liu Yonghao -- the Frank Perdue of China-- who turned 1,000 renminbi's worth of
                            chickens into 10 million. You'll also meet the leader of Beijing's Commodities
                            Exchange and hear the views of the country's richest man.

Emerging Powers - India
                1.2410.3    The second largest country in the world, India has a large industrial base, nuclear
                            energy, and a government determined to enact market reforms. But after 40 years
                            of socialism, protectionism and bureaucracy, can this nation of 900 million people
                            march to the beat of the free market drummer? Indian TV correspondent and
                            producer Anita Ratnam takes a look at the "liberalization program" that has made India
                             one of the hottest global markets. You'll meet entrepreneurs such as Abdul
                            Rehman, who makes satellite dishes and Arya Bhattacherjee, the founder of India's
                            first computer chip design company. You'll tour Bajaj-Auto, India's largest scooter-
                            maker which is now facing foreign competition, and visit the Bombay Stock

Emerging Powers - Mexico
                1.2410.4    With vast resources, a new generation of US trained managers and a large young
                            population, Mexico was Wall Street's darling of the emerging markets. But a series of
                             crises led to brutal economic collapse. Will Mexico ever regain the world's
                            confidence? Host Rossana Fuentes, business correspondent for Reformat - a
                            leading Mexican daily - takes us behind the scenes of the country that produces more
                             oil than the United Arab Emirates, more beer than Australia and more billionaires than
                             Germany. You'll meet members of Mexico's finance community and its crucial
                            micro-business association CAME. Profiles include Rafael Fernandez-McGregor, who
                            hopes to restore a vital rail link between Mexico and the US and executives from
                            Pemex, one of the world's most powerful oil companies.

                1.1030.04   This series presents the principles of international economics using on-location
                            documentary case studies. This installment considers whether free-trade and
                            environmental preservation can be capatible.

ESC Clermont: Semaine Internationale
                2.1250      A documentary in French, this video explains that ESC Clermont University hired 18
                            international teachers. This is in order to offer classes in English, Spanish as well as
                            French. Students give their opinion about how important is to them to study in a
                            variety of languages for their future. Also, they point out the differences in teaching
                            styles between teachers from America, Latin America, and France.

European Union
                2.1300      This informative documentary takes viewers on a journey delving into the history and
                             complex workings of the Union, and also examines the various markets and
                            industries the European Union offers. The video also tries to provide insight into
                            where the EU is heading.
                2.1301      This program traces the history of the EU, considering such topics as the Single
                            European Act. It examines the fuctions of the Commission, the Parliament, the
                            Court, and the Council and discusses the Single Internal Market program and
                            implementation of the euro.

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Title            Catalog Number            Description
Exchange Rates, Capital Flight, and Hyperinflation
                1.1030.06        This series presents the principles of international economics using on-location
                                 documentary case studies. This installment considers factors affecting exchange
                                 rates in Argentina and Mexico

Executive Business Club Series
                2.1400           This series, based on cutting-edge theories and the observations of Kenichi Ohmae,
                                 provides strategies for achieving international business success. The programs help
                                 viewers prepare for tough reality of the global marketplace. Throughout the three
                                 programs, structured discussions and activities help viewers analyze problems and
                                 develop analytical tools valuable to their business careers.

                2.1415           Speaker: John Shank, President, World Venture Management
                                 Differences in culture, religion, language, geography, climate etc. may warrant
                                 changes in labeling, packaging, standards and the product itself. Our speaker will tell
                                 you how product modifications can increase your chance of international success.
                                 Instruction guide included with Video.

Face and Place: Business Beyond the Bonds of Culture
                2.1450           Across Asia, the notion of "face" - a propriety of appeatances - is being replaced by
                                 Western frankness, while traditional caste systems are yielding to wealth as the
                                 determinant of status. This program profiles three executives who typify the
                                 changing style of business in the Far East:James C. Louey, Dr. Jannie Tay, and
                                 Brijesh Wahi. (Description provided by Films for the Humanities and Sciences)

Failed States Power Point
                2.1455           KU CIBER Failed States Power Point Presentation, April - 2007

Fighting the Tide: Ecuador: Divided over Oil
                1.0721.2         Part two of the Fighting the Tide Series contrasts indigenous, community-based
                                 culture with market economics driven by multinational corporations. The program
                                 assesses the growing conflict between Burlington Resources, an American oil
                                 company licensed to prospect in regions of Ecuador, and the self-sufficient Achuar
                                 people of that country, who believe the oil industry will destory their environment and
                                 non-materialistic way of life. Underscoring the Ecuadorian government's tendency to
                                 accommodate U.S. interests, the video portrays a country divided by incompatible
                                 definitions of wealth and happiness.

Fighting the Tide: India: Working to End Child Labor
                1.0721.4         Part four of the Fighting the Tide series examines India's immense child labor problem
                                  and the fight against it. The program contrasts this nation's status as the world's
                                 largest democracy with the fact that, inside its borders, 80 million children work
                                 physically exhausting jobs for miniscule wages. Incorporating interviews with Shanta
                                 Sinha, founder of the organization known as MVF, the video illustrates how the group
                                 coordinates community action against the exploitation of young people and creates
                                 bridge schools that help children with the transition from work to education. It also
                                 makes a strong case that child labor increases poverty levels.

Fighting the Tide: Malawi: A Nation Going Hungry
                1.0721.1         Poverty, unstable government, and disavantages in trade have virtually eliminated
                                 food security in Malawi. Part one of the Fighting the Tide series explores the African
                                 country's stuggles on both a personal and national level, interviewing frustrated civil
                                 servants and impoverished citizens, and reflecting widespread despair over WTO
                                 policies and the government's inability to subsidize the agriculture of its own people.
                                 Highlighting the additional problems of environmental degradation and AIDS, the
                                 program offers a moving glimpse into human lives that revolve around one constat
                                 challenge: getting something to eat.

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Title            Catalog Number         Description
Fighting the Tide:Guatemala:The Human Price of Coffee
                1.0721.5      Coffee is second only to oil as the world's most valuable traded commodity, but
                              small-scale producers rarely profit from it. This program reveals the hardship and
                              uncertainty faced by coffee farmers in Guatemala, and how many are taking steps
                              to obtain better prices and build better lives. Analyzing the country's traumatic history
                               and the lingering effects of its civil war, the video sheds light on the reluctance of
                              some citizens to organize for fear of persecution and murder. Part five in the Fighting
                               the Tide series clearly demonstrates that behind every pound of coffee lies a story

Fighting the Tide:Nicaragua:Turning Away from Violence
                1.0721.3      In Nicaragu, a growing awareness of domestic violence and its consequences has
                              spurred grassroots activism. Part three of the Fighting the Tide series documents the
                              efforets of thw groups, the Xochilt Acalt Center and the Association of Men Against
                              Violence, both of which confront gender and sexual abuse. Arguing that enonomic and
                               political oppression influence male tendencies to exercise physical authority within
                              the home, the video describes educational campaings that build financial self-
                              sufficiency and self-esteem in both men and women. Interviews with participants
                              feature more than one success story.

Fixed vs. Floating Exchange Rates
                1.1030.07     This series presents the principles of international economics using on-location
                              documentary case studies. The case of Caterpillar and Komatsu shows the potential
                              effects of exchange rates.

Foreign Exchange
                2.1470        Increased technology and global orientation have made the world a 24/7 marketplace.
                              Investors are able to buy massive amounts of stocks one minute and sell them the
                              next for a substantial profit. Many manufacturers are able to set up factories and sell
                               their product from a unified location. Foreign exchange has thus become a vital link
                              in the global chain of commerce.

Forging The Future: China's Industrial Heritage
                1.0409.1      China's first industrial revolution occurred more than two millennia before Europe's.
                              Today, there is a new wave of industrilization in China as the awakened dragon
                              prepares to test its wings. This program draws on historical evidence and expert
                              commentary to vividly illustrate China's early mastery of crucial industial processes
                              and to explain how they contributed to the wealth and progress of Chinese civilization.
                               Pivotal events that hampered China's advancement in recent centuries adn teh
                              country's move to regain its momentum as a world-class producer and an Information
                               Age innovator are also examined.

From Principles to Profit
                1.0450.1      Corporate social responsibility is not a high-minded luxury when bad press puts a
                              chokehold on business growth and profits. This progrm looks at how product and
                              service providers develop and implement better business practices to satisfy
                              shareholders, customers, employees, and the community. Companies such as Shell,
                              DHL, Nike, and GlaxoSmithKline-placed on the hot seat by Greenpeace, the World
                              Wildlife fund, Oxfam, and other watchdog groups-explain how they dealt with
                              environmental impact management, ethical supply chain management, equitable
                              treatment of employees, proactive addressing of consumer disgruntlement, and
                              accurate assessment of shareholder sentiment.

Frontline: Losing the War with Japan
                1.0725.3      Frontline looks at the challenge Japanese-style capitalism poses to the US market.
                              The program examines three industries-automobile, video games, and flat panel
                              displays used in computers. Robert Krulwich introduces the hour-long documentary
                              and anchors a closing half-hour roundtable discussion.

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Title            Catalog Number          Description
Germany: Society
                2.1500         In this interactive documentary, citizens of Germany are asked to speak about many
                                different aspects of Germany including social life, political climate, culture, industry,
                                and other unique characteristics of Germany.

Global Branding Featuring BP
                2.1515         After completing a $120 billion acquisition program involving eight companies from
                               around the world, British Petroleum launched a global campaign to "rebrand" itself and
                               the eight companies to the new identity of BP. This program looks at the marketing
                               strategy and global advertising program, and features interviews with BP executives
                               and footage of BP operations.

Global Cities: Mexico City: The Largest City
                2.1525         This program defines Mexico City's globalization in terms of winners and losers,
                               examinging how, in the world's largest metropolis, immigration challenges are linkied to
                                poverty and population influx from surrounding rural areas. Contrasting the city's
                               high-tech facilities and fashionable neighborhoods with its sprawling slums and their
                               struggling inhabitants, the program outlines the relationship between foreign
                               investment and the worldwide need for cheap labor, which Mexico and its indigenous
                               peoples readily supply. Glimpses into a tech-savvy youth culture and the persistent
                               Zapatista movement reinforce the capital's nickname: City of Contrasts.

Global Forum On Management Education, The
                2.1527         Learning Without Boundaries: The Global Forum on Management Education, Chicago,
                               Illinois June 14-17, 1998
Global Sourcing Trends and Implications for the U.S.
                2.1530         Provost Richard Lariviere presents the trends and implications of global sourcing to
                               the U.S. In his presentation Provost Lariviere highlights global outsourcing, job loss
                               prediction, income effect, IT industry size, the engine for U.S. growth, legislators,
                               media, China, student motivation, KU graduation rate, KU grad rate, community
                               colleges, and Texas comparison. Supplementing his presentation are slides depicting
                               many of the benefits of the topics he discusses.

                1.0310.1       This program discusses current trends toward globalization and their implications for
                               branding. Possible strategies are outlined, along with the following issues to consider
                               when attempting to globalize a brand: how best to organize management structures;
                               ways of tailoring products to local needs while retaining key attributes of the brand;
                               and how communication can be localized in terms of packaging and advertising. The
                               dangers of competing against established local brands are also examined.

Globalization In Practice
                1.0811.1       This program features case studies of five companies, including Sony, Motorola, and
                               Levi Strauss. The companies chose are at varying stages I the processs of
                               becoming global corporations. Each company’s stage in the process is explored.
                               Students analyze the global status of the companies using concepts introduced by
                               Ohmae. They also analyze the companies’ competitive strengths using a model
                               developed by Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School. Includes a Cross
                               Cultural Understanding Instructors Guide. *Description provided by Films Media

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Title            Catalog Number           Description
Globalization in Theory
                1.0811.2       This program introduces Kenichi Ohmae’s theory of globalization and his vision of a
                               borderless world. The reasons why a global strategy is important to corporations
                               seeking to do business on a worldwide level are explained. Ohmae’s theory of The
                               Three C’s - consumers, competition, and individual companies – and their relationship
                               to a successful global business strategy is introduced and explained. The concept of
                               the “insider” is explored, and the distinction is drawn between the traditional
                               multinational corporation and the global corporation. Includes a Intercultural
                               Communicating Guide. Includes a Intercultural Communicating Instructors Guide.
                               *Description provided by Films Media Group.

GMAB: Sweatshops
                1.0110.1       With protests on the rise about conditions in sweatshops, some are asking whether
                               such protests truly help those who work in these factories. Media coverage often
                               portrays the the horrible conditions sweatshop workers are forced to endure, and as a
                               result companies are often forced to simply close the offending factory. The result is
                                that workers are unemployed and their condition generally worsens. John Stossel,
                               20/20 reporter, interviews opponents and advocates of sweatshops in order to find
                               out their differing views and attempts to inform protestors of the repercussion of their

Going Global
                1.2050.1       What do you do if your market is globalizing? In the case of Pillsbury Withrop,
                               located on opposite sides of the country, the merger of two 125-year-old law firms
                               allowed them to become a national and international force in their industry, virtually
                               overnight. Their corporate clients were going global; they had to do the same. Mary
                               Cranston spearheaded the merger, convincing her partners that the status quo was a
                               greater risk than drastic change. In this talk, she explains how she created a sense
                               of urgency and orchestrated the buy-in of key players. Though the strategic choices
                                and logistical pitfalls were painful challenges at the time, the process allowed these
                               firms to keep up with rapidly changing times and create an entirely new business
                               model in response to market dynamics

Harsh Reality: Mexico's NAFTA Problem
                2.1535         More than a decade after NAFTA went into effect, many Mexicans are worse off than
                                before. What went wrong, and why? Focusing on the clothing industry, this program
                               goes straight to the experts south of the border - a shop owner, a factory manager,
                               employees under constant threat of layoff, and an economics professor to find out.
                               A general inability to compete with Chinese manufacturing is blamed, along with the
                               Mexican government's failure to imporve the nation's infrastructure and education
                               system. But at least one owner of a niche cut-and-sew operations expresses hope as
                               he levrages better quality workmanship to out-compete the Chinese in his market.

Heart of the Nation
                1.0420.5       This program explores the central values of Japan, Germany and the U.S. and
                               focuses on what drives each of these societies. America's hallmark is individualism;
                               Japan's the pre-eminance of the group. In America, freedom and diversity are
                               primary values; in Japan, conformity and a powerful sense of nationalism prevail.
                               Germany stands between the two, asserting individualism but striving more than the
                               U.S. for social harmony and consensus. The program shows how education is a
                               metaphor for the contrasts in the three societies.

Historia de Exitos (History of Success)
                1.1850.1       Queretaro is a city in the middle of Mexico. It is a safe place to work and the
                               industries are growing at a fast pace. Also, it is a place that simply guarantees
                               success. Queretaro is a success due to its intensive activity in the economy of
                               Mexico, in agriculture, and in the mining industry. The climate is favorable, and the
                               economy is stable, and as a result Queretaro is an attractive city to both live and

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 Title            Catalog Number          Description
History as a Mirror: Using China's Past to Shape It's Future
                 1.0409.2       This program seeks to understand how the Chinese government, arguably the world's
                                most elaborate and long-lived bureaucracy, has managed to balance the tension
                                between controlling its people and keeping them contented enough to sustain national
                                stability. Events unfolding at the village level in Sichuan Province demonstrate the
                                dynamic of an evolving system of rule modeled on Marxism and informed by the
                                legacies of Qin Shihuangdi and Confucius. Can the centralized command and control
                                system first established so long ago continue to sustain China as it moves toward a
                                market-style economy?

 Hong Kong Dresses Up
                 2.1565         Enterprise, the award-winning PBS series developed with the assistance of the
                                Harvard Business School captures the human side of business. These riveting case
                                studies of companies, industries and individuals confronting critical business
                                decisions, dramatically bring business textbook concepts to life. From product
                                development to the pitched wars of competition, Enterprise vividly depicts the drama,
                                 suspense and humor of real-life situations to which it enjoyed rare access.

 House of Saud
                 1.0725.2       The House of Saud has controlled every aspect of Saudi life and politics Since the
                                Kingdom was established in 1932. But little is known about Saudi Arabia’s secretive
                                royal family. Through interviews with members of the family, government officials,
                                and other experts from Saudi Arabia and the U.S., the documentary also traces
                                America’s relations with the Saudi royal family from their first alliance in the 1930s
                                through September 11 and today.* Description provided by PBS Video

 Impact of Culture on Business in Latin America
                 1.0460.3       This program examines Latin America and shows how culture Impacts its citizens. It
                                considers the effects of culture on International business and covers economic

 Impacts of Globalization
                 2.1650         It investigates economic growth and development; contrasts in levels of development
                                 in the global economy as outlined by the United Nations Human Development
                                Report, and reasons for the differences; international covergence; the role of trade,
                                investment, and trans-national corporations in the global economy; environmental
                                consequences of globalisation.

                 1.1420.1       Concentrated on the tiny island of Java, Indonesia has the world's fourth largest
                                population. To achieve economic success, it is not just relying on cheap labor, but
                                has placed greater emphasis on developing its own science and technology than any
                                of the other Mini Dragon countries. Still, for now, wealth is in the hands of very few,
                                primarily the three percent of the population made up of Indonesians of Chinese
                                descent. The Muslim Pribumis who provide the manpower represent a dangerous gap
                                of disparity that threatens to trigger ethnic conflict.

 Innovation and Customer Service at E. Wong: A Peruvian Success Story
                 1.2122.0       This case study highlights the successes of a Peruvian-owned supermarket
                                company, E. Wong. The program includes in-depth interviews with the Managing
                                Director, a store manager, the commercial projects manager, and a correspondent for
                                 Latin Trade. The interviews are conducted in Spanish. The CD contains additional

 Inside Saatchi & Saatchi
                 2.1655         This program tracks the Sagatibe launch from start to finsih – and in the process
                                reveals the inner workings of an ad agency whose name is synomonous with
                                success. Footage of key players brainstorming, running client meetings, producing
                                commercials, and more illustrated how the iconic Jesus statue in Rio became the
                                model for a cook young lookalike who stands in as the living image of the “Pure Spirit

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Title           Catalog Number              Description
Intercultural Communication
                1.0830.2          Introduction: Language; Translation; Physical Communication; Style; Topics; Indirect
                                  Communication; Context
International Branding in the 21st Century
                1.0410.1          Although America still holds the lead when it comes to e-commerce, Europe is
                                  catching up quickly. Filmed at the London Business School, this program brings
                                  together Jim Rose, CEO of, the UK's Euro-centric answer to eBay, and
                                  Kevin Roberts, CEO of advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi. Topics of discussion
                                  include the CEO and corporate culture, international branding, and old versus new
                                  media. In addition, MBA students and faculty ask questions about retaining online
                                  customer loyalty, managing merger risk, and stimulating employee commitment.

International Management: The Survival Guide
                1.1045.1          McGill University's Nancy Adler, professor of organizational behavior and cross-
                                  cultural management, pulls no punches as she analyzes the performance of the
                                  multicultural management team from "It's a Jungle Out There." Scrutinizing the
                                  group's actions and behaviors, she addresses the team's communication problems,
                                  preoccupation with searching for similarity, lack of cultural energy and stress factors
                                  - most notably the project's narrow time frame.

International Marketing: Competing in a Global Marketplace
                2.1700            Exploring the growing complexity of marketing on a global scale, this video examines
                                  key challenges faced by corporations that sell their products and services in
                                  numerous countries with diverse and unique cultures. It also discusses key trends in
                                  global marketing, outlines the reasons a company should consider going global, and
                                  assesses the challenges of marketing in emerging countries.

International Negotiating
                1.0830.3          Content: Introduction, The Team, Preparation, Time, Relationships, Opening,
                                  Discussions, Agreement
International Negotiating Style
                1.1050.1          Labor lawyer John Brahm discusses negotiation styles among international cultures
                                  and countries that he has had the pleasure of visiting. Insights regarding various
                                  negotiation styles greatly facilitiated Brahm’s conduct of international negotiations.

Invest Korea
                2.1750            This CD-ROM contains a powerpoint presentation develieverd May 2006 by Edward
                                  Kim, Business Development Manager of Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.
                                  The presentation highlights statistics on U.S.-Korean trade and issues affecting trade

Is Wal-Mart Good for America?
                1.0725.4          FRONTLINE offers two starkly contrasting images: one of empty storefronts in
                                  Circleville, Ohio, where the local TV manufacturing plant has closed down; the
                                  other—a sea of high rises in the South China boomtown of Shenzhen. The connection
                                  between American job losses and soaring Chinese exports? Wal-Mart. For Wal-Mart,
                                  China has become the cheapest, most reliable production platform in the world, the
                                  source of up to $25 billion in annual imports that help the company deliver everyday
                                  low prices to 100 million customers a week. But while some economists credit Wal-
                                  Mart’s single-minded focus on low costs with helping contain U.S. inflation, others
                                  charge that the company is the main focus driving the massive overseas shift to
                                  China in the production of American consumer goods, resulting in hundreds of
                                  thousands of lost jobs and a lower standard of living here at home.       *
                                  Description provided by PBS Video

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Title            Catalog Number         Description
                1.0870.1      Lecture 1: Islam Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow; Lecture 2: The Five Pillars of
                              Islam; Lecture 3: Muhammad - Prophet and Statesman; Lecture 4: God's Word - the
                              Quranic Worldview; Lecture 5: The Muslim Community - Faith and Politics; Lecture 6:
                              Paths to God - Islamic Law and Mysticism; Lecture 7: Islamic Revivalism - Renewal
                              and Reform; Lecture 8: The Contemporary Resurgence of Islam; Lecture 9: Islam at
                              the Crossroads; Lecture 10: Women and Change in Islam; Lecture 11: Islam in the
                              West; Lecture 12: The Future of Islam

                1.0460.2      Each interactive, multimedia program provides you with in-depth knowledge on doing
                              business in a specific country, explaining in detail the local culture, customs, and
                              business practices. Features: business and meetings dos and don'ts; managing
                              local employees; negotiating methods; decision-making styles; local culture, customs
                               and values; travel, language and safety tips; and protocol and gift giving.

Jean Choplin - Consultant
                1.0610.2      Jean Chopin, distinguished alumnus, comments on his life, first as a student in
                              college, then as a soldier in World War II, and finally as businessman.
Joint Ventures & License Procedures
                1.1310.1      A risk – reward situation is associated with exporting and therefore much thought
                              should be done before starting. This informational video looks at two measures of
                              exporting, joint ventures and licensing, and goes in depth to explain procedures for
                              establishment and general information to succeed and flourish.

Kansas - An Authentic Experience
                2.1800        Smack dab in the center of the country lays relatively unknown Kansas. With its
                              majestic plains and subtle hills, this video showcases the history of Kansas, the
                              many beauties of the heartland and other attractions Kansas has to offer visitors.

Knowledge Management
                1.0820.1      How do companies tap the information locked up in the minds of their employees?
                              The three modules of this program compare various corporate learning systems
                              designed to increase knowledge and promote the sharing and archiving of data. Case
                               studies feature the 70,000 employee consulting firm Arthur Andersen; the European
                              Automobile Manufacturers Association, Daimler Benz, and Volvo, as well as
                              Switzerland's ABB, the world's largest power company.

La empresa familiar en Latinoamerica
                2.1900        Video interviews; Related articles; Resources for the Business Spanish class

Labor and Capital Mobility
                1.1030.08     This series presents the principles of international economics using on-location
                              documentary case studies. The US-Mexico maquiladora program exemplifies the
                              trans-border labor force.

Las mujeres y el trabajo en Mexico. Nueva percepcion del papel de la mujer en la sociedad
                2.2000        This video examines women's roles in Mexico's work force.

Lincoln Electric
                1.0120.1      A look at the Lincoln Electric Company and its business practices, which result in
                              some of the highest paid factory workers in the world.

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Title            Catalog Number         Description
Local Roots, Global Links- AIB 2005 Proceedings 47th Annual Meeting
                2.2050        A four day meeting held in Québec City, Canada by the Academy of International
                              Business which looks to explore, from different perspectives, how one is able to
                              overcome the roadblocks and tensions between local communities and globalization.
                              This interactive cd-rom allows viewers to, in either html or pdf form, see the contents
                              of the meeting such as panel discussions and lectures held by participants. Many
                              distinguished faculty members from universities, business professionals and authors
                              from around the world joined in this elaborate and informative meeting.

Louis Schweitzer
                1.1340.1      Renault/Nissan Case Study examining Nissan Motor Company's globalization
MacNeil/Lehrer Business Reports Video for Macroeconomics
                2.2100        Bond Buccaneers examines the mechanisms of foreign debt and its purchase; Social
                              Security details current crisis and plans for its resolution; Geisha examines U.S.-
                              Japan economic relationship, asking whether it is a sustainable partnership; Job
                              Search examines the manner in which unemployment is statistically determined.

Making Globalization Succed
                1.0811.3      This program includes material in three segments. Executives interviewed in each
                              segment discuss the factors that helped their particular company achieve success.
                              Segment one includes factors related to corporate vision, values, and strategic
                              issues. Segment two focuses on people, training, and development. A third segment
                              discusses factors related to location, delegation and control, and government issues
                              as they affect globalization. Includes a International Negotiating Instructors Guide.
                              *Description provided Films Media Group.

Making of the Euro
                2.2120        January 1, 2002 will see the introduction of the euro in 12 of the 15 member states of
                               the European Union. It will be a worldwide currency with circulation second only to
                              that of the United States, used by over 300 million Europeans. But, will the euro be
                              safe? It will be printed in 10 different locations, with national variations in each bill.
                              If forgery undermines public confidence in the EU currency, the economy will be
                              crippled with untold consequences. Are Interpol and the various national policies
                              adequate to prevent organized crime from having a field day? "The Making of the
                              Euro" probes this question and presents concerns and contentions from both sides of

Malawi: A Nation Going Hungry
                1.730.1       Poverty, unstable government, and disadvantages in trade have irtually eliminated
                              food security in Malawi. Part one of the Fighting the Tide series explores the African
                              county/s struggles on both a personal and national level, interviewing frustrated civil
                              servants and impoverished citizens, and reflecting widespread despair over WTO
                              policies and the governments inabilty to subsidize the agricultrue of its own people.
                              Highlighting the additional problems of envioronmental degradation and AIDS, the
                              program offers a moving glimpse into human lives that revolve around one constant
                              challenge: getting something to eat.

                1.1420.2      Malaysia plans to be industrialized by the year 2020. To meet it's goal, Malaysia will
                              have to be more daring, and develop faster than any other nation in history. The
                              alternative, some say, will be the country's division, primarily between the wealthy
                              Chinese and the native Malays, tearing it apart. Mini Dragons II takes us into the
                              human stories behind the scene, such as: the manager of a Malaysian rubber
                              plantation who is losing his workforce to jobs in the city; a woman who runs a
                              counseling center for women from rural villages who work in high-tech factories and
                              are undergoing a kind of culture shock.

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Title            Catalog Number        Description
Management in Chinese Cultures
                2.2300       As Western companies become more interested in networking and partnering, doing
                             business the Chinese way may become the next big thing in corporate
                             methodologies. This program describes key elements of modern Chinese
                             entrepreneurship, such as teamwork, harmony, deference to authority, and guanxi - a
                              system of interpersonal relations that stresses covenantal rather than contractual
                             agreements - they differentiate it from the traditional Western model. The strengths
                             and weaknesses of both systems are weighed by the chairman of DHL International,
                             Ltd. and others, providing a balanced analysis of business in both the Asia-Pacific

Managing Across Cultures
                1.0840.1     In this stimulating dramatization you'll journey to South America to witness the costly
                             mistakes made by a European engineer when she fails to understand her local
                             associates and their culture. Her employees only make matters worse by concealing
                              important information. In Managing Across Cultures, you 'll discover how to
                             understand other cultures and get accurate information and ultimately profit in the
                             global market. Ideal for group discussion.

Managing Communication in a Multicultural World
                1.2050.2     American English has been called the "Language of Business." Yet, American English
                              comes in many forms, and encompasses regional standards in addition to a national
                             standard. Race, occupation and cultural background also influence language use.
                             Dr. Baugh explains that the conclusions people reach about us, based on how we
                             speak, will result in profound economic consequences both for ourselves and for our
                             organizations. He points out that increased awareness of the impact of language is
                             important in helping us understand the impressions we form of others, and the need
                             to build tolerance of variations in dialect. In this presentation, Dr. Baugh provides a
                             succinct overview of the evolution of American English and its many forms

Managing Currencies and Policy Coordination
                1.1030.09    News and archival footage, and commentary from distinguished international
                             economists. The series offers a balanced view of how the world's economic picture
                             has developed and what the future might hold. This video focuses on the limits to
                             government intervention in foreign exchange markets.

Managing Differences
                1.2310.2     This series focuses on recent changes in the demographic composition of the
                             workforce, the influence of new values and lifestyles, the shift to a global rather than
                             national marketplace, and the emphasis on team rather than individual management
                             models. Includes a manual of readings, cases and exercises. Released 1995.

Managing the Overseas Assignment
                1.0860.1     Video dramas illustrate cross-cultural misunderstandings and provide guidelines on
                             doing cross-cultural business.
Meeting the Challenge: A Conversation with President Clinton
                1.0420.2     Can America rise to the challenge posed by its economic competitors in Europe and
                             the Pacific Rim? President Clinton shares his vision for re-engineering America's
                             industrial and trade policies, education strategy, and tax and fiscal incentives in this
                             incisive interview with Hedrick Smith

                1.0510.4     Video focuses on business practices in Mexico, with elements including the country’s
                             history, economy, proper etiquette, business relationships, communicating,
                             negotiating, and management styles.

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Title            Catalog Number          Description
Michelle McKinley & M.H. Hoeflich
                1.1300.2       McKinley examines the sex trade and sexual trafficking, from both a historical and
                               contemporary perspective. She notes that many of the hallmarks of globalization,
                               such as increased mobility and jobs moving to countries with low labor costs,
                               contribute greatly to the problem of sexual trafficking. Hoeflich discusses the ethics
                               of the legal representation of evil, and outlines the challenges of always acting in an
                               ethical manner, especially when professional or foreign ethical standards are less
                               restrictive than one’s own.

Microsoft's Big Games Gamble
                2.2315         Going beyond the scenes at the world's leading software company, this consumer
                               technology case study takes a front-row seat at the conception, development, and
                               product launch of the Xbox 360. Interviews with executives, designers, programmers,
                               and game testers at the center of Microsoft's initiative highlight a creative and
                               intensely competitive culture prevalent not only at the Redmond-based tech giant but
                                across the entire videogame industry as well. Coversations with potential customers
                               evoke the difficult challenge Microsoft has set for itself: to dominate the game
                               market by appealing to buyers outside the traditional young male demographic.

Money Never Sleeps - Global Financial Markets
                2.2320         Money circulates through a multplicity of financial markets at a dizzying speed and on
                                a global scale. To make sense of the complicated world of high finance, this lively
                               program profiles some of the people who keep the money moving. Nobel Laureate
                               James Tobin, best-selling author John Murphy, fund managers, scholars, and day
                               traders are captured by MIT Sloan, Yale University, Firebird Management, London's
                               foreign exchange market, the École Polytechnique in France, and trading rooms in the
                                U.S. and Europe. Lending liquidity, handling mutual funds, stock speculation,
                               charting, model-driven trading, and other topics are covered.

Multinational Corporations
                1.1030.10      Video takes an in-depth look at the global economy. Smith-Corona and Brothers are
                               featured. This series presents the principles of international economics using on-
                               location documentary case studies.

NAFTA and the Economic Frontier: Life Along the U.S./Mexico Border
                2.2350         In this program, ABC News correspondent Judy Miller reports on the quality of life
                               along the international border between El Paso and Juarez since the implementation of
                                NAFTA. Apart from business opportunities for Americans, employement for
                               Mexicans, and low-priced goods for both the U.S. and Mexico, the downside of
                               NAFTA is becoming all to apparent: worsening living conditions in Juarez and
                               increasing levels of air and water pollution on both sides of the border. The program
                               concludes with a discussion between anchor Ted Koppel and Fernando Macias, leader
                               of a consortium of American and Mexican officials charged with managing change

Name Brand Counterfeiting: A Global economic Crisis
                2.2360         Cheap lookalikes of popular goods are flooding the world’s markets, depriving
                               legitimate manufacturers of hundreds of billions of dollars each year. This eye-
                               opening exposé follows the anti-counterfeit investigators of Cartier and BIC from their
                                headquarters to New York and Nigeria and then on to China as they hurry to trace
                               and stop the flow of illegal goods at the source. But bringing injunctions and carrying
                               out raids against the many vendors, Internet merchants, and wholesalers require
                               time, which is not on their side. Every day, inferior fakes are siphoning off sales
                               while tarnishing their products’ reputations for high quality. * Description provided by

Negotiating: Opening Moves - Video 3
                1.2440.1       Building trust and defining the agenda; Working with communication barriers;
                               Explaining Western business terms; Obtaining accurate information; Valuing assets;
                               Making concessions; Re-visiting issues; conducting parallel negotiations.

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Title            Catalog Number          Description
New Skills for Global Management
                2.2400         For a manager to be successful and in this day and age, functional, he/she must be
                               able to manage globally. This video attempts to demonstrate to manager’s, the “do’s
                               and don’ts” of global management. This video extends beyond the demonstrative by
                               providing other helpful techniques and information.

Non-Verbal Communication in the Global Marketplace
                2.2500         Numerous studies have demonstrated that many people have little understanding of
                               the importance of nonverbal communication, especially in the international arena.
                               This program examines the mechanics of nonverbal communication through gestures
                               and prexemics and describes the vast range of interpretations that people from
                               different cultures apply to similar attitudes and physical movements.

Non-Verbal Communication in the Global Workplace
                2.2600         Communication, such a vital part of life, has different forms, verbal and nonverbal.
                               Many times they are not in sync and convey different messages. This video aims to
                                help people realize what they are actually saying and what their nonverbal is saying
                               to hopefully, make sure they are conveying what the communicator was intending.

North American Free Trade Agreement
                2.2620         The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), creating the world’s largest
                               trading block, has evolutionized trading among Canada, U.S. and Mexico. This
                               historical video describes the implications, provisions and other details created by
                               NAFTA. It doesn’t stop there as, the video examines the effect NAFTA has on
                               Canada and Mexico and their markets.

Old Ways, New Games
                1.0420.3       In a very human way, this program shows the stakes of the global economic
                               competition for individual Americans and for the nation. It also shows how major
                               American companies are faring in their battles with Japanese and German
                               competition. The program moves from an up-to-date look at mass production, craft
                               production, and lean production in the auto industry to new races for "voice"
                               computers and laptops, as well as the Japanese drive to challenge America's lead in
                               basic research by setting up labs in the US and hiring top American scientists.

Performance Management and Compensation
                1.1410.1       This video examines the challenges involved in determining competitive
                               compensation and benefits; structuring compensation and benefits. Challenges for
                               importing performance management systems; successful performance management
                               strategies of Western companies in China.

Pesticides: For Exports Only
                2.2800         Many products exported to third world countries are contaminated with pesticides that
                               U.S. manufacturers apply to their products. These pesticides are known to cause
                               cancer, birth defects, and other health concerns. This movie informs viewers of
                               these hazards and the results of this practice.

Peter Eigen "Corruption in a Globalized Economy"2007 Walter S. Sutton Lecture Series University
                2.2815         Peter Eigen, Founder and Current Chairman of the Advisory Council of Transparency
                                International. Transparency International, the global civil society organisation leading
                                the fight against corruption, brings people together in a powerful worldwide coalition to
                                end the devastating impact of corruption on men, women and children around the
                               world. TI's mission is to create change towards a world free or corruption.
                               Transparency International challenges the inevitability of corruption, and offers hope
                               to its victims. TI plays a lead role in improving the lives of millions around the world,
                               by building momentum for the anti-corruption movement, raising awareness and
                               diminishing apathy and tolerance of coruption, as well as devising and implementing
                               practical actions to address it.

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Title            Catalog Number         Description
Power Trip
                2.2825       Emmy award-winner Paul Devlin (SlamNation, NBC & CBS Olympics) captures a
                             comic clash of cultures that combusts when an American energy company, AES,
                             tries to transform the dysfunctional electricity distribution system in Tbilisi, capital of
                             the former soviet Republic of Georgia. Struggling against an environment of
                             corruption, assassination, and street rioting, AES manager Piers Lewis must convince
                              the Georgians to pay for, rather than steal, electricity. This "compelling and
                             passionate tale of a country rebuilding itself" (Hollywood Reporter) has "suspense,
                             comedy and some colorful characters" (Variety) and develops into an "increasingly
                             absurdist standoff communist-inspired cynicism and tenacious capitalist zeal" (New

Profits and Promises: Reworking the American Dream
                1.0710.1     The reworking of American corporations is shattering the careers of millions of
                             workers and sending them into painful unemployment or re-employment in less
                             profitable or stable jobs. This and other related topics are explored by a panel of
                             today's prominent business and labor leaders.

Program 6: Going Global
                1.2320.1     Venturing gives you access to dozens of entrepreneurs who have built successful
                             companies. You'll hear their real-life experiences, as they share some of the
                             challenges they encountered as their companies grew. You'll get a hands-on look at
                             the opportunities and adversities faced by these savvy entrepreneurs. Go on
                             location at a variety of companies who have met the challenge and become industry
                             leaders: The Vermont Teddy Bear Co. ("bear-grams" teddy bears for gifts") Bagel
                             Works (bagel manufacture and sales), Living Technologies (environmentally sound
                             wastewater-treatment), Laser Micro-Cleaning (laser-cleaning technology for
                             microchips) and more. Managers reveal their secrets to success as you view their
                             production facilities, offices and outlets.

                1.1030.11    Documentary examines impediments to trade and the driving forces behind
                             protectionism. This series presents the principles of international economics using on-
                             location documentary case studies.

Retailing in Europe
                2.2850       Discusses retailing differences in Europe and the United States

Robert M. Worcester, Chairman, Market Opinion Research International
                1.0610.1     Special lecture by Robert Worcester, KU Alumnus and chairman of the Market
                             Opinion Research International. Worcester discusses the prospects for business in
                             Europe and the United States

Robert Worcester: How America & Americans are Viewed Abroad
                2.2875       Robert Worcester traveled to many countries around the world, and he here he
                             outlines some of the key stereotypes people overseas have about America and
                             Americans. He first looks at public opinion, in terms of economic, military, and
                             ideological power. Finally, he describes how americans principles are understood

Ruth Rosenbaum & Steven Epstein
                1.1300.1     Rosenbaum speaks extensively about her experiences in working towards a
                             sustainable living wage and fair working conditions for employees in developing
                             nations around the world. Epstein examines the history of slavery, and cites from the
                              State Department’s 2005 Trafficking in Persons Report to demonstrate that some
                             countries are still listed as tolerating conditions equivalent to the traditional definition

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Title            Catalog Number             Description
Sales Connection: One World
                2.2900            Many companies have changed their orientation from national to global and this video
                                   puts representatives from those companies in front of the camera. These top level
                                  representatives explain many of the processes tribulations they went through to
                                  become globally orientated.

Searching for the Roots of 9/11
                1.2100.1          An examination of the causes and consequences of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A deep
                                  search into the Middle East to discover the feelings of many Muslims regarding
                                  Americans and their way of life.

Singapore - A Success Story
                2.3000            In 1989 Singapore was just a small village. Today it is home to 2.7 million and may
                                  be the financial center of southeast Asia. This film explores the reasons for this
                                  phenomenal success. The population is multi-ethnic and also multi religious:
                                  generally a respect for other faiths and ethnic groups prevail. The Singaporean
                                  government has restricted striking and gambling; even chewing gum is banned.
                                  Selling certain elicit narcotics can bring a death sentence. The government has
                                  gradually altered its educational emphasis from the primary to the secondary and
                                  technical level. Its one university has grown into three. Singapore is positioned to
                                  become the world's fourth largest center of trade. Shopping and merchandising are a
                                  great preoccupation; portions of the city seem to be one vast shopping arcade.

Skills and Strategies for Success with Asia Team Formation - Video 3
                1.0813.2          Teams that include members of different cultures present a critical challenge for
                                  global organizations. Without special attention, the performance of such teams often
                                  falls short of expectations. When intercultural teamwork is carefully and consciously
                                   cultivated the creative business potential far exceeds that of a single-culture group.
                                  Topics include: recognizing contrasting teamwork assumptions; selecting team
                                  members; clarifying roles; and positioning the team within the organization.

Skills and Strategies for Success with Asia Team Meetings
                1.0813.3          Teams that include members of different cultures present a critical challenge for
                                  global organizations. Without special attention, the performance of such teams often
                                  falls short of expectations. When intercultural teamwork is carefully and consciously
                                   cultivated, however, the creative business potential far exceeds that of a single-
                                  culture group. Key Team Meeting Skills: Facilitating Effectively, Reading Non-Verbal
                                  Messages, Confirming Action Steps, Checking for Agreement

Skills and Strategies for Success with Asia Preview Video
                1.0813.1          No description is given for the video.

Skills and Strategies for Success with Asia Transforming Leadership
                1.0813.4          Western leadership practics may fall short of their intended outcome when applied
                                  without modification in an Asian business context. Learn how to adapt leadership
                                  styles to better fit an Asian environment and achieve high organizational
                                  performance. Key Skills Establishing Credibility, Evaluating Employees, Motivating,
                                  Developing Personnel, Persuading.

Standard & Poors
                2.3050            Articles Included – “Perspectives, Brazil 2005” (Fundamentals improved in 2004 and
                                  Challenges in 2005 & Beyond)“Brazil Faces Challenges on the Road to Improved
                                  Creditworthiness” (Fiscal/Monetary policy mix, External Vulnerability, the IMF,
                                  Potential for an Upgrade Depends on Brazil’s Policy)“Sovereign Credit Ratings: A
                                  Primer”“Sovereign Risk Indicators: Glossary of Terms”“Sovereign Risk Indicators:
                                  General Government Finance Data”“Sovereign Risk Indicators: External Data”
                                  “Sovereign Risk Indicators: Economic Data:“Sovereign Risk Indicators: Balance of
                                  Payments Data”“Portugese Issuer Ratings”“Sovereign Ratings History Since

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Title           Catalog Number          Description
Straddling the Fence
                1.2100.2      A look at the causes and potential consequences of a Security Wall being
                              constructed between Israel and Palestine.
Surviving a Technology Revolution with Robert X. Cringely
                2.3060        Imagine digitally chronicling every moment of your life, never working from an office
                               again and buying the majority of your clothes for a virtual "you" online. Extraordinary
                               transformations are taking place in our lives due in large part to information
                              technology. With observations and comments from real world technology and
                              business pioneers, and the wit and wisdom of host Robert X. Cringely. The
                              Transformation Age looks at the boundless opportunities and the overwhelming
                              challenges in this new age of discovery and constant change.

Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Energy Industry
                1.1040.1      Guest lecturer Linda Cook, President and CEO of Shell Canada, gives her outlook
                              and opinion on the energy industry. She discusses topics such as sustainable
                              development and corporate social responsibility, as they relate to Shell.

Taiwan's Rampaging Dragon

Technology Transfer
                1.1410.2      The Managing in China Series is produced by Meridian Resources Associates, the
                              award winning producers of the Working with China, Working with Japan, Working with
                               Americans and Globally Speaking video Series. This video examines the impact of
                              technology and technology transfer in China.

The Culture of Commerce
                1.0420.1      This program explores the systemic differences between the individualistic capitalism
                               of America and Britain and the communitarian capitalism of Japan and Germany. It
                              shows how both Japan and Germany embrace more collaborative relations between
                              labor and management, government, and business, and even among businesses than
                               the more laissez-faire American system. Both Japan and Germany invest heavily in
                               worker training and long-term employment guarantees. The Japanese system is
                              dominated by families of companies which finance and own each other; the German
                              system by banks which are investors as well as lenders; the American system by
                              entrepreneurs and absentee, mutual-fund type owners and mangers who wield great

The Evolving World Economy
                1.1030.05     This series presents the principles of international economics using on-location
                              documentary case studies. This installment considers the question “What is the new
                              path to prosperity in world trade?”

The Global Energy Landscape: Politics, Finance and the Environment
                1.0610.3      Larry D. Horner - Retired CEO, Chairman of KPMG, Board member, ConocoPhillips
                              speaking on current oil prices and their determinants
The Global Marketplace: The Benefits of Globalization
                1.0825.1      In an age of globalization, companies are scrambling to blend the ideals of social
                              justice with the concept of a free-market economy. Drawing on case studies from
                              around the world, this program focuses on progressive efforts being made by
                              businesses to unite profits and principles. Issues under consideration include the
                              practice of social responsibility through ethical investment policies and codes of
                              conduct, the human and environmental costs of unscrupulous manufacturing, and a
                              renewed emphasis on good employee/employer and supplier/retailer relations.

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Title            Catalog Number           Description
The Islamic Mind with Seyyed Hossein Nasr
                1.2450.1        Noted Islamic scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr discusses how we can have peace in
                                the Middle East. Nasr talks about the root of Islam's attitudes toward the West, how
                                Islam and the West can coexist and the current Western presence in the Middle East.
                                  "Islam wants to live at peace with the followers of other religions. But also, Islam
                                wants to be able to live within its own house according to its own rules..."

The Middle East: Understanding Values and Beliefs
                1.0840.2        Conflicts, Points of View, Solutions -- values and beliefs of the Middle East

The Multicultural Meeting
                1.0840.3        Working with other people can be challenging, but the challenges intensify when
                                working with other cultures. In the Multicultural Meeting, you'll travel to Tokyo to
                                observe a problem-plagued meeting between five managers fron Asia, Europe, the
                                Middle East, North America and South America. In this exciting dramatization, you'll
                                profit from valuable lessons for success and become more effective with other
                                people, and cultures. Ideal for group discussion.

The Oil Curse
                1.0630.2        The discovery of oil is often celebrated as a one-way ticket to wealth and economic
                                growth. But in some developing countries, striking it rich has had the opposite effect
                                - making oil more of a bane than a blessing for the poorest inhabitants. This program
                                contrasts two cases: Ecuador, where the toxic environmental legacy of oil has
                                sparked a landmark lawsuit over international corporate accountability, and western
                                Africa, where today's oil companies have embraced new ethical and political
                                approaches to business. In Angola, the oil industry is financing health and education
                                development projects to ensure that some part of a potential $200-billion jackpot will
                                reach and benefit the local population.

The Other Side of Outsourcing
                1.2100.3        Learn how India is dealing with the impact of outsourcing, which brings with it
                                American values that clash with India’s culture.
The Pipeline
                1.0630.1        This ambitious documentary follows the circuitous route of the 1,000-mile BTC
                                Pipeline, a string of 150,000 steel pipes that link the cities of Baku, in Azerbaijan;
                                Tbilisi, in Georgia; and Ceyhan, in Turkey. The pipeline will transport the rich,
                                previously untapped energy reserves of the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean, from
                                whence it will flow into the global market, but its route makes many detours around
                                areas of regional conflict and territorial dispute. Traveling the pipeline's length, the
                                filmmakers encounter numerous stumbling blocks - including their own arrest in
                                Azerbaijan - as they make their way through some of the most geographically
                                challenging and politically unsafe places on Earth.

The Power of One
                1.1250.1        A psychological and sociological look at the essence of the United States’ free
                                market and decision processes.
The Wilderness
                1.0630.3        As the industrialized world's demand for oil grows increases, so does the opposition
                                from environmental groups intent on protecting the land. As demand grows, what
                                restraints should be put on where oil companies drill? This documentary journey
                                heads to the farthest reaches of Alaska and Canada, with a side trip to Washington,
                                D.C. As the pressure for oil - and "energy security" - increases, fragile wilderness
                                areas across the globe are being opened up to oil exploration and furious debate
                                ensues. Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is featured, and, in Washington,
                                those lobbying for and against tapping into ANWR's oil supply state their cases. The
                                filmmakers also explore the oil sands in a pristine forest landscape in Alberta,
                                Canada, the extraction site of what some call "the world's worst oil."

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Title        Catalog Number         Description
Thomas Lee Boam - Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs - US Embassy - Beijing, China
                2.3100          Guest lecturer, Thomas Lee Boam speaks about China and its emergence into the
                                business world. A minister counselor for commercial affairs, Mr. Boam has spent
                                much of his life in China and has learned many things on his voyages and takes time
                                to share them with many KU students.

Trade Liberalization
                1.1030.12       This video focuses on the role Regional Trade Blocks. This series presents the
                                principles of international economics using on-location documentary case studies.

Trade Policy
                1.1030.13       This documentary shows how countries strengthen their competive advantage through
                                subsidies and regulatory policies. This series presents the principles of international
                                economics using on-location documentary case studies.

Trade-An Introduction
                1.1030.14       This video asks “why do nations trade?” This series presents the principles of
                                international economics using on-location documentary case studies.
Turkey's Tigers: Integrating Islam and Corporate Culture
                2.3130          For years, Turkey has been run by a stridently secular business and political elite,
                                while its devout Muslim citizens have veen pushed to the political and economic
                                fringes. But now, even the most committed Muslims are embracing Western-style
                                capitalism and commerce-and are ascending in Turisk society at the ballot box and in
                                big business. This Wide Angle documentry captures a modern-and to many
                                Westerns, surprising face of Islam rarely seen in the American media. The program
                                follows prominent members of Turkey's up-and-coming business community including
                                 two rival fashion entrepreneurs, one of whom has founded his company on Islamic
                                principles as they develop and carry out their manufacturing and marketing
                                strategies. In addition, Turkish political cartoonist Salih Memecan discusses his work,
                                Islam's releationship with the West, and the benefits of Turkey's association with
                                Europe with anchor Daljit Dhaliwal.
U.S.-China Business Summit: What Your Company Should Know
                2.3150          Presented by U.S. Deparment of Commerce, Kansas City Export Assistance Center

Volvo in Brazil: A Case Study
                2.3160          Volvo gained a foothold in the South America market by establishing a major
                                manufacturung plant in Brazil. This DVD explores: Why Volvo sought to expand its
                                global business by building its plant where it did, including geographical, operational,
                                human resources and political considerations. How volvo seeks to create a positive
                                work environment for staff. Environmental initiatives and objectives. Community
                                initiatives. The company's contribution to Volvo's global business. And, finally how
                                the plant is managed. (Description provided by Classroom Media, Inc.)

Wal-mart, the high cost of low price
                2.3175          Everyone has seen Wal-Mart's lavish television commercials, but have you ever
                                wondered why Wal-mart spends so much money convincing you it cares about your
                                family, your community, and even it's own employees? What is it hiding?

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Title            Catalog Number         Description
Whatever Happened to Japan Inc.?
                2.3340        Should Japan abandon its interlocking alliance between business and government and
                              reengineer its economy on the American model? In this program moderated by
                              syndicated columnist and author Ben Wattenberg, Eamonn Fingleton, author of the
                              controversial Blindside; Yoichi Funabashi, of Asahi Shimbun; and experts from The
                              Brookings Institution, U.S. News & World Report, The New York Times, and the U.S.
                              Chamber of Commerce (Tokyo) debate the current health of Japan's economy,
                              speculate on Japan's impending deregulatory "big bang," and discuss the economic
                              impact on the U.S. if Japan should succumb to the "Asian flu" that imperils its less
                              prosperous neighbors.

Wine Wars, The
                2.3360        Are French wine producers an endangered species? This documentary vividly
                              illustrates the economic dynamics of the global wine wars, examining the explosion in
                              New World wine-making and its implications for the French wine industry. Exploring
                              the venerated Bordeaux and Languedoc-Roussillon regions, the program also visits
                              producers in California's Napa Valley, the foothills of the Andes, and the Australian
                              city of Adelaide. The film shows how the strictures of tradition and regulation have
                              held back French producers, while technological innovations, new marketing
                              strategies, and a dramatic rise in consumption have made vineyards around the world

Winning Strategies
                1.0420.4      This program shows some of the concrete strategies that American companies,
                              communities, and political leaders are using to recapture America's competitive edge
                              and improve efficiency and productivity: instituting new labor-management practices
                               to improve human relations on the production line and the quality of the workplace;
                              and emphasizing zero-defect philosophy, technological innovation, longer time-
                              horizons, and attention to the customer. The program also raises such questions as
                              apprenticeship training, tax incentives, and government industrial policy.

Working Solutions: Empowering Workers
                1.2430.1      This episode shows how companies that have empowered workers save more than
                              money. The practice also saves time, reduces absenteeism, and boosts quality. This
                               series provides eye-opening facts and innovative solutions to changing business
                              conditions and goes behind the scenes of organizations that are successfully
                              adapting to these new social, cultural and economic conditions.

World Bank: Curitiba a City of the Future
                2.3400        Brazil’s Curitiba has focused on different aspects of city life to try and improve its
                              economic growth. Improved public transportation and uses for buses has helped
                              people commute and manage their busy lives. Creating more parks has improved
                              people lives both physically and mentally. Urban planning has proven itself to be
                              beneficial to improving Curitiba’s society and economy.

World Stories from a small planet
                2.3420        October 25, 2005. FRONTLINE/World and New York Times reporter Lowell Bergman
                              travel to the peaks of the Peruvian Andes to uncover the story of a secret battle for
                              Yanacocha, the world's richest gold mine. With undercover tapes and inside sources,
                              Bergman reveals high-level political intrigue and attempts to influence Peru's supreme
                               court to rule in favor of an American Company. The program investigates Newmont
                              Mining of Denver, Colorado, the company that won control of the Peruvian mine and
                              has since become the world's most profitable gold mining company, with operations in
                               Indonesia, Ghana and Uzbekhistan. Newmont oublicly pledges that it operates using
                              U.S. environmental and ethical standards overseas even in countries where
                              corruption is the norm., but insiders say that just has not been true. Bergman meets
                              the crusading priest who leads local campesinos who have opposed expansion of the
                              mine after a toxic mercury spill by Newmont led to health problems in their

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Title           Catalog Number        Description
World's funniest and cleverest commercials
                2.3445        Entertaining and humorous compilation of all commercials that once made one smile
                              and the clever phrases that became part of one's day to day language. Includes
                              commercials from all over the world: Great Britain, France, Australia, Brazil, Japan,
                              and Zimbabwe

You can sell them W&H US Exports
                2.3500        Instructional video designed to inform non-exporting companies how they can
                              successfully develop overseas markets for many of their products. Proven,
                              successful exporting companies give insight and techniques to depict how they
                              became what they are: successful exporters.

Your Cultural Passport to International Business
                2.3520        Economically speaking, a wealth of new international business opportunities is swiftly
                              creating a world without borders. But from a cultural point of view, many potential
                              barriers still exist. In this timeless program, people who have worked in different
                              cultures offer insights into a variety of customs, includig forms of greeting, body
                              language, dining etiquett, and negotiation styles. This practical educational resource
                              can help turn social liabilities into a rapport that profits all concerned.

You're Making Me Uncomfortable - Gender Conflicts in Cross-Cultural Global Communications
                1.0320.1      Comfort, such an important feeling to people, varies greatly among cultures,
                              countries, and especially, gender. One man’s comfort level could well be above a
                              woman’s comfort level. This staged meeting between a foreign male host and a
                              visiting female representative creates an environment of discomfort in hopes of
                              showing viewers how business is adversely affected. This video also shows how
                              physical actions are not always required, verbal remarks being sufficient to create a

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