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									   JUNE 2010                                               Vol. 32 No. 6

                        High Performance
                        Driving School
                        at Buttonwillow Raceway
                        June 12 & 13

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                           Calendar of Events ............................ 4

                           New Members ................................... 4

                           Meeting Minutes................................ 6

                           Buttonwillow HPDE ........................... 7

                           Upcoming Events ...................... 8 – 13

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Bonus Autocross            Classified Ads ................................. 20
          May 8, 2010
   Go Green!                                             2011
                                                         BMW Diesel Sedan

                        Go Topless!
John Cooper Works
  MINI Convertible

                       In the Escondido Auto Par k

            brechtbmw.com                            brechtmini.com

      The Ultimate
    Driving Machine®
                          At Auto Park Way and Howard Avenue
                                                                                           The President’s Column
                                                                                           Want to save a buck? Check out our advertisers in Fahren Affairs. Almost
                                                                                           every one of them offers a discount on parts and in some cases offers a
                                                                                           discount on parts and services. Over the course of a year the discounts can
OFFICERS                                                                                   easily cover the cost of your membership in the club and over the years of
President:                                                                                 ownership can add up to quite a savings. Our club is not only supported by
  Mike Turpen ..........................................(858) 672-0070                     our members but also by our advertisers in the Fahren Affairs. Please take
                                 sd-president@sdbmwcca.com                                 advantage of their services as appreciation for their support to our club and
Vice President:                                                                            remember to say you saw the ad in Fahren Affairs.
  Nick Owen ............... sd-vicepresident @sdbmwcca.com

Secretary:                                                                                 Many of our members maintain their own cars and to this extent sometimes
  Brett Litoff.......................sd-secretary@sdbmwcca.com                             find that special tools are needed in order to undertake the repair. Once
                                                                                           the tool is bought many times it sits un-needed for a long time. If you have
Treasurer:                                                                                 any of those tools why not let your fellow chapter members make use of
  Don Duncan..................... sd-treasurer@sdbmwcca.com                                that special tool? Matthew Kogan at koganmb@gmail.com is keeping a list
                                                                                           of these tools. If you are willing to loan out the tool or even if you are only
Director/Autocross:                                                                        willing to have the tool used at your garage then please contact Matt and let
  Dan Tackett ...................................tackman@san.rr.com                        him know.
Director/Driving School:
  Andre Pantic............................................. 858-538-6951                   Don’t forget the Encinitas Classic Cruise Night that is coming up on July
                                              apexandre@ymail.com                          15th. Charles’s Foreign Car Service is hosting the Club at a BMW Corral that
Director/Newsletter Editor:                                                                will allow us to show off our cars and also takes care of finding a parking
  Lisa Goehring ............... sd-newsletter@sdbmwcca.com                                 place for the event.

Director/Social Coordinator:                                                               We had a great “Meet and Greet” at the Stone Brewing Co. with a big
  Ted Lange .................................. tedlangesr@gmail.com                        turnout. Ted found the secret apparently by having an event that featured
                                                                                           beer! We look forward to more of these events and it’s a great way to meet
                                                                                           others within the chapter that shares our love of BMW’s.
  Dennis Damon ..........................................760-598-8770
Director/Webmeister:                                                                       Our Autocross events continue to draw big crowds and are put on frequently.
  Jim Patterson ........................................ jhp@san.rr.com                    Drivers can run any vehicle as long as they are a BMW CCA member. We
                                                                                           have Rally’s, Poker Runs, driving schools (at Button Willow Raceway), social
Directors-at-Large:                                                                        events, tech sessions and presentations by vendors at the Board meeting as
  Matthew Kogan .......................... koganmb@gmail.com                               well as at their place of business. Check the 2010 Calendar of Events in the
  Jim Lloyd ........................................ jimgingrl@aol.com                     front of Fahren Affairs to see when the next one will be. They are always run
  Scott Sansom ............................... scott003@gmail.com                          at Qualcomm Stadium and usually in the West Lot. If you’re a newcomer to
  Bill Woolard...................... mini_cooper_racer@cox.net                             Autocrossing then go to www.sdbmwcca.com for “Autocross Tips”.
  Kim Wright .................................... undrrtd@gmail.com

SERVICES                                                                                   As always, our Board meetings are held second Tuesday of each month
Commercial Advertising Manager                                                             at Giovanni’s, 9353 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. We provide Pizza and sodas
  Ted Lange .................................. tedlangesr@gmail.com                        beginning around 5:45 with the Board meeting starting at 6:30. We invite all
                                                                                           club members to attend so you can see how your club is being run as well as
REGIONAL SERVICES                                                                          provide us with your input. If you have input that you would like discussed,
                                                                                           email me at sdpresident@sdbmwcca.com and I will place it on the agenda
Regional Vice President:
  Steve Johnson ..........................pacificrvp@bmwcca.org                            and get back to you with the results.

Regional Tech Services Advisor:                                                            Cheers, Mike
  Carl Nelson ...............................................858-488-1555
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BMW CCA National Office:                                                                   Unless otherwise stated, maintenance and modification procedures herein are not “Factory
   Membership (only) ............................................800-878-9292              Approved” and their use may void your BMW warranty. Ideas and opinions are those of the
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San Diego Solo I ....................................................... 619-571-3811
San Diego Solo II ...................................................... 619-441-1333      SUBMITTING INFORMATION TO THE EDITOR
Cal Club Solo II ........................................................ 818-988-RACE     Please send us your stories, tech. tips, photos, etc. We welcome and encourage
Cal Club Solo I .........................................................909-947-0644      any material you think would be informative or interesting to other members. All
SCCSCC .....................................................................310-398-6556
                                                                                           information should be submitted to the editor directly. Preferred format is e-mail.
Phoenix Solo II ........................................................602-860-4546
                                                                                           The deadline for submitting information to the editor is the 15th of each month.

Fahren Affairs • June 2010                                                                                                                                                           3
                                           2010 Calendar of Events
June 6                                      August 10
San Diego Chapter – Meet & Greet at         San Diego Chapter – Board Meeting
Bad Ass Coffee Shop, 9878 Carmel            The board meeting is open to all chapter       Be sure to check the website
Mountain Rd., San Diego. 2:30 – 5:00 PM     members.                                        for all the latest news and
                                                                                              event announcements!
June 8                                      August 13
San Diego Chapter – Board Meeting
The board meeting is open to all chapter
                                            Central California Chapter – West Coast
                                            Summer Concours; Carmel Valley, CA
                                            August 23 – 29
June 12 – 13                                BMW CCA Nat’l Oktoberfest –
San Diego Chapter – High Performance        Elkhart Lake, WI
Driving School and Club Race,
Buttonwillow Raceway                        September 14
                                            San Diego Chapter – Board Meeting
June 19                                     The board meeting is open to all chapter
San Diego Chapter/San Diego PCA –           members.
Tech Session at ChaseCam. 9770 Carroll
Centre Rd. Suite D, San Diego; 10 AM        October 1 – 3
                                            San Diego Chapter with sister chapters –
June 19                                     Las Vegas Driving Extravaganza. Details
San Diego Chapter – BMW Club night at       to come.
the Padres vs. Baltimore Orioles

June 26 – 27
San Diego Chapter – Runoff Autocross at                               New Club Members
Qualcomm Stadium, West lot.
July 11
San Diego Chapter – North County Cruise,
10:00 AM from Bad Ass Coffee, 9878           Bassler, Tyler                             McAuliffe, Bradlee
Carmel Mountain Rd., San Diego               Brown, David                               McCullough, Matt
                                             Callahan, Kevin       1989 325i; 1998 M3   Melzer, Derek
July 13                                      Canfield, Jas                              Mengarelli, Philip
San Diego Chapter – Board Meeting            Cooper, Bill          2010 528i
The board meeting is open to all chapter                                                Moffett, Catherine   2009 Z4
                                             Cowasjee, Shaan                            Moore, Aaron
                                             Craig, Kristie                             Motley, Frank
                                             Davis, Matthew                             Nolan, Gregory      2006 Subaru STI;
July 15
San Diego Chapter – Encinitas Classic        DeHaan, David                                                  2010 Corvette GS
Cruise Night, BMW Corral courtesy of         Doolittle, Andrew                          O’Neill-Duncan, Chantelle
Charlie’s Foreign Car Service                Evans, Lee            2001 M Roadster      O’Shea, Nicole
                                             Gonzalez, Diego                            Ramirez, Paul       2003 330ci
August 1 – 4                                 Gutierrez, Rosalind   2004 M3              Reyes, E. Allen     2008 M3; 2008 335i
Nürburgring BMW Driving School –             Hancock, Bob          2010 M3              Ricketts, Jeremy    2009 135i
Nurburg, Germany                             Hee, Bryan                                 Riesenberg, Marc    2006 530i Sport
                                             Jimenez, Luis                              Robinson, Tyler
August 7                                     Kamil, Firas                               Root, Alexandra
San Diego Chapter – Cruise to Nethercutt     Kuhns, Kevin          2010 328i            Sanders, Dave       2010 M3
Auto Museum in Sylmar, CA                    Lau, Larry            2003 BMW M3          Trimm, Robert       1976 2002
                                             Lipp, Martin          2001 Z8              West, Adam          2001 740iL
       San Diego Chapter                     Lloyd, Richard        1995 M3              Windom, Daniel
     Monthly Board Meeting                   Lopez, Carlos         2009 128i            Wittman, Robin      1998 318ti
                                             Love, Everett         2010 M6              Wuthrich, Maxwell
    Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant,           Lum, Eric             1989 M3; 1997 M3     Zarins, Kevin       2000 328ci
    9353 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.               Madon, Rohan
    6:00 p.m. – Pizza & soft drinks
    6:30 p.m. – Meeting

4                                                                                                     June 2010 • Fahren Affairs
    • Full collision repair
    • Autos and motorcycles
    • Genuine OEM parts and accessories
    • Complete detailing
    • Paintless dent removal
    • Factory-trained technicians
    • Towing service
    • Direct repair for select insurance

                  CA L L TO DAY            7 6 0. 2 9 1. 2 8 9 4
       240 South Andreasen Drive Escondido, CA 92029

Fahren Affairs • June 2010                                         5
BMW CCA San Diego Chapter – Board Meeting Minutes for April 13, 2010
Nick Owen, the club vice president, ran the meeting in          Contest will be May 23rd. We have some good items for
Mike Turpen’s absence.                                          auction. Dennis also reported that National will let us give
                                                                Roundel memberships to 12 businesses. Dennis reported
Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm                           that while we are still uncertain what National will do
                                                                about the logo, we are going to go ahead and print new
Board Members Present:                                          business cards with our new address.
Brett Litoff, Lisa Goehring, Andre Pantic, Jim Patterson,
Bill Woolard, Matthew Kogan, Jim Lloyd, Nick Owen, Don          New Business:
Duncan, Dan Tacket, Dennis Damon, Scott Sansom (didn’t          Jim Lloyd reported that we will have a North County
sign in)                                                        Rally on July 11th. He also proposed that we look at
                                                                the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar. We are looking to do
Members Present:                                                it August 7th. Gordon Anderson reported that Street
Kristen Adams, Boots Cuatico, Ed Havrilla, Gordon               Survival was a success. He asked that we have more
Anderson, Steve Robbins, James Eberhardt, Peter                 volunteers next year. Tom Newport reported that the
Winokur, Gerri Young, Ken Young, Satakal Khalsa,                Palm Springs Follie Event is cancelled due to a lack of
Kimberly Ann Wright, Peter Engels, Bob Kreutzer, Seth           interest.The LA Chapter celebrated its 40th anniversary
Hanson, Anne Littrell, Rich Gehring, Tom Newport (didn’t        last weekend. Nick Owen reported that here will be a
sign in)                                                        tech session on the new five series soon at BMW South
Secretary’s Report:
The minutes were approved.                                      The meeting was adjourned at 7:22 pm.

Treasure’s Report:
Don Duncan reported that the tax returns and payments
were filed and paid in March. We paid taxes and had
to pay estimated taxes for this year. We will be getting         Secretary’s Corner
money back from Street Survival.                                     Last weekend I was fortunate enough to learn the lost
                                                                 skill of driving a Ford Model T courtesy of the San Diego
Vice President’s Report:                                         Model T club. A Model T, for those that aren’t aware, was
Nick Owen reported that membership is up. He also                developed before car controls were standardized. The
asked if someone would volunteer for social media. Bill          standardization of controls in modern cars allows the
Woolard volunteered to do social media for the club.             average person to get into most cars today and operate
                                                                 them without having to consult the owner’s manual.
Newsletter Report:                                                   When a manufacturer changes these controls, there
Lisa Goehring reported that we still need to pass out            is usually backlash. Some examples from BMW include
Fahren Affairs to independent shops. She also requested          iDrive, moving the windows switches from the console
some photos from last years Buttonwillow event.                  to the door, changing the upshift/downshift direction on
                                                                 early STEPTRONIC transmission cars, and eliminating
Autocross Director’s Report:                                     the indents on turn signal stalks on the current crop of
Dan Tackett reported that we have an autocross on May            cars.
8th. Scott Sansom volunteered to be the course steward.              One example of how a Model T differs from a
                                                                 standard “three pedal car” is the clutch/transmission
Driving Events Report:                                           pedal. Engaging the low gear requires pushing on the
Andre Pantic reported that Motorsports Reg online should         clutch pedal in to engage the gear, which is the opposite
be open for Buttonwillow. He also went to Chuckwalla and         of today’s standard transmission operation. Early 2002
thinks it might be a good learning track. Matt added that        owners had a similar dilemma when they quickly learned
the track has elevation and that it is very different running    that BMW put the turn signal stalk on the right side of
the track counter vs. clockwise.                                 the steering column instead of the more standardized
                                                                 left side.
Social/Advertising Directors Report                                  After the class, I got back in my 21st century car and
Nick Owen reported for Ted Lange that there is a tour            motored away without worrying about ignition timing,
of Stone Brewery on April 25th. The Meet and Greet will          spark advance, or throttle positioning relative to the
occur as part of the Clean Car Show.                             grade of the road. All of these necessary controls for
                                                                 driving not only make a Model T virtually theft proof
Waxmeister’s Report:                                             in 2010, they give this early Ford a sense of character
                                                                 and owner control that is lost in today’s world of
Dennis Damon reported that James Eberhardt hosted a
successful clean car contest Tech session. The Clean Car

6                                                                                                  June 2010 • Fahren Affairs
BMW CCA San Diego Chapter

High Performance
                                                                                       Brecht BMW-Brecht MINI

Driving School
Sponsored by Brecht BMW
June 12 – 13, 2010 at Buttonwillow Raceway

      urry! By the time you read this, we will all be getting
      ready to enjoy another great driving school event! In
      an effort to continue to improve our HP Driving School
for people with all different experience levels, we are going
to be offering an “A+ Program” for our most advanced
students. This means that you will have access to a pool
of instructors that will give you customized, high level
instruction if you request it. However, you will essentially
be “Pre-signed off”. For our beginner and intermediate
                                                                   experience for our most experienced “A” student. We
drivers, we will continue to offer our normal, high quality
                                                                   will be adding this benefit courtesy of Chase Cam. This
                                                                   data will be able to be viewed from the pits only. We will
                                                                   also include some classroom instruction to learn how to
                                                                   understand and use the data for further improvements.

                                                                   Our long time sponsors, Brecht BMW and Toyo Tires
                                                                   will be there supporting our club. We will be holding our
                                                                   popular raffle after the Saturday night dinner at the Willow
                                                                   Ranch. The highlight of this will be the set of Toyo Tires!
                                                                   Brecht BMW has been supporting this event since before
                                                                   half of our participants could drive a car! Be sure to check
                                                                   out and ride in whatever goodies Tim is going to bring
                                                                   this year! Once again, we will be including a Club Race as
                                                                   a run group as this has proved to be a very popular and
program. As per the norm, over the course of the weekend,
                                                                   successful addition to our program.
you will be paired up with two different instructors in order
to provide the maximum amount of feedback in order for
                                                                                                   Registration for this premier
you to improve the understanding of your car. You will be
                                                                                                   club event opened at www.
getting approximately four hours of quality on track time.
All participants are divided up according to previous track/
                                                                                                   com on April 12th. The price
autocross experience. If you are a beginner, you don’t
                                                                                                   is only $499.00 for the full
have to worry about being on the track with others pushing
                                                                                                   weekend. This price includes
         you. In addition to the track time, you will get a
                                                                                                   TWO days of mentored track
           couple of hours of classroom instruction to help
                                                                                                   time, classroom instruction,
                 you visualize and talk about what you are
                                                                                                   lunches, and the Saturday
                  learning on the track.
                                                                   night dinner/raffle event. For our club racers, the price for
                                                                   the weekend is $375.00. Lunches and the dinner can be
                   We strive to create the safest and controlled
                                                                   purchased separately. You must be a current BMWCCA
                  environment possible for you. However,
                                                                   member, but not necessarily of the San Diego Chapter.
                if you are concerned about taking your
              expensive car out on track, worry no more!
                                                                   For more information, please e-mail Andre Pantic at
There are more and more specialized insurance carriers
                                                                   apexandre@ymail.com, or call me at 858-342-5605.
that are offering temporary vehicle coverage for on track
activities at very affordable rates.

This year we are bringing back
the very popular data acquisition

Fahren Affairs • June 2010                                                                                                      7
    Upcoming Meet & Greets                               Informal Cruise to the
                                                         Nethercutt Auto Collection
    The June Meet & Greet will be held at our very own   & Museum
    Driving School Director’s…
                                                         The San Diego Chapter will take an informal cruise to
                                                         the Nethercutt Auto Collection and Museum in Sylmar,
    Bad Ass Coffee Shop                                  California on Saturday, August 7.
    Sunday, June 6
                                                         Highlights of the collection and museum will include:
    9878 Carmel Mountain Rd
    San Diego, CA. 92129
                                                          •   Over 120 antique and classic cars
    2:30 to 5:00 PM                                       •   1912 Pullman Private Railroad car
    Across from Stator Bros, next to Carls Jr. in         •   1937 Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson locomotive
    Rancho Penasquitos, with plenty of parking to         •   A grand 1930 automobile salon
    line up our cars!                                     •   An assemblage of mechanical musical instruments
                                                          •   Displays of interesting automobile parts
                                                          •   A clock and watch collection

                                                         The Nethercutt visit is charming and fascinating. Plan to
                                                         join us.

                                                         Please notify Jim Lloyd if you plan to attend at

            Chassis Masters
         A full service suspension shop that
        specializes in solving ride quality and
         handling issues for street or track

              SERVICES INCLUDE

             Other services also available.

                 By Appointment Only

                  7847 Raytheon Road
                  San Diego, CA 92111

8                                                                                          June 2010 • Fahren Affairs
Save the Date!
Watch for more information on
these upcoming events
                                       North County Cruise
in future issues of Fahren Affairs…    July 11
Encinitas Classic Cruise
Night, July 15th
BMW Corral courtesy of Charlie’s
Foreign Car Service for a fun night
for all no parking hassles and we
can show off our cars.

                                      On Sunday July 11, the club will hold its first annual North County
                                      Cruise. The cruise will start in Rancho Penasquitos at the Bad Ass
                                      Coffee Co., 9878 Carmel Mountain Rd. Our driving school director
                                      Andre Pantic and his wife just opened this coffee bar. From there
                                      we will travel through parts of Fairbanks Ranch, Rancho Santa Fe,
                                      Escondido, San Pasqual Valley, the western end of Ramona and we
                                      will end in Poway. There everyone who is interested will meet for
                                      brunch. This will be a great scenic drive with all types of man-made
                                      and natural environments to be seen as well as an interesting long
                                      uphill curvy road.

                                      Be Sure to Join us!
                                      Sunday, July 11
                                      10:00 AM
                                      Meet at: Bad Ass Coffee, 9878 Carmel Mountain Rd., San Diego

Fahren Affairs • June 2010                                                                                   9
 2010 Runoff Autocross

             TWO Full Days on the Big West Lot, June 26 – 27
             Choose either day or a 2-day combo — Runoff on Sunday!
            Register online June 5 – 22 at http://sdbmwcca.motorsportreg.com

        une is the time for our annual Autocross Runoff! Every year we honor the memory of Rug
        Cunningham during this special two-day autocross weekend, with 7 drivers qualifying for our 2010
        Runoff. This is when we find out who’s really the fastest and will get their name on the perpetual
trophy. BMW South County will provide a Bratwurst Barbecue to add to the atmosphere. Saturday follows
the familiar sequence of morning lap practice, afternoon timed runs, and trophies for class winners. BUT,
each first-place winner on Saturday earns a runoff position on Sunday driving the same “mystery” car,
like competing in Top Gear’s Reasonably-Priced Car. The rest of us get to enjoy a different course for our
second day while the Runoff laps are merged in. On Sunday, drivers who register online for both days
may return with ANY make of car. It’s your chance to try out your BMW’s garage-mate. Sunday’s runs are
timed for comparison, with as much driving as we can fit in on the new course. Saturday drivers returning
in the same car won’t need to Tech again and won’t need Instructors (though some will be available for
first-timers). We’ll still run in color groups, and we want you to keep your wrist band and car numbers from
Saturday. Three sign-up options are available: Saturday only ($60), Sunday only ($60), or both days ($115
for BMWs).

Since autocrosses can sell out with online registration, don’t miss it! Online registration will be open from
June 5th-22nd or whenever the 80 BMW openings and 20 X-car openings are full for Saturday (no X
limit Sunday). You can register for both days and select a BMW class Saturday and a non-BMW class
for Sunday. We’ll still offer registration on-site if any openings are available for either day after online
registration. Check www.sdbmwcca.com for space availability after June 23rd.

You must be a BMW CCA member to participate. The cost for one year’s BMW CCA membership is
$48, and you can join online at www.bmwcca.org in advance. For this event, our Chapter gives priority
to current members who are driving BMWs or MINIs on Saturday. Members driving non-BMWs may
participate if space is available; the first 20 are guaranteed on Saturday and it’s wide open Sunday if you
also register for Saturday.


10                                                                                      June 2010 • Fahren Affairs
When you arrive:
1. If you registered online, stop at the gate to sign the waiver and notify the Gate Greeter. Your name
will be checked off the pre-registration list. Members driving a BMW or MINI registering on site will get a
BLUE gate card. Non-BMWs drivers who have not pre-registered will get a RED gate card. There is no
guarantee that spots will be available for those who wait to register the day of the event.

2. Empty all loose items from your car, then go through the Tech Line and have your car inspected. Bring
your Tech card and you will receive Tech and helmet stickers.

3. Take Gate card and Tech card to registration to get checked off for pre-registration or pay your $60
entry fee. You will receive car numbers to place on your side windows.

4. If you don’t have a helmet, you can rent one from the club for $10.

5. Your entry fee includes one lunch and unlimited beverages for the event day. Additional lunches can be
purchased at Registration for $5 each.

Gates will open at 6:30am; tech and registration will open at 7:00am. Tech will close at 8:20am and no
cars will be inspected or allowed to run after this time. There is a mandatory drivers meeting at 8:30am
and the course opens for runs at 9:00am.

Car Classifications:
See the list below for our simple classifications. We also offer the “Gold Class” to any drivers who want to
be classified with the Instructors. May the hottest shoe win…

Women drivers and Novices are classified based upon the car they are driving. We also award a
Women’s Class trophy to the woman with the fastest time, and two Novice trophies to the two fastest
novices. This means women and novices will be eligible for multiple trophies. For example, a very fast
novice could win a novice trophy and a trophy in his car class. Remember, you are only a novice for the
first and second time you autocross, and if you win a trophy, you are now a ringer, not a novice.

Stock class may run any size wheel and tire, aftermarket shock absorbers, and any air filter or cat-back
exhaust system. ANY other performance modification, including but not limited to springs, “R”-
compound tires, and engine software, puts the car in Modified. We use the honor system. Please
class your car accordingly.

    B     All 4 cylinder BMWs                       MS All M cars, stock
    C     6/8/12 cylinder BMW stock                 MM All M cars modified
    D     6/8/12 cylinder BMW modified              X All non-BMWs
    MC    All R-Series MINI Coopers

For questions about the autocross, contact Dan Tackett at: tackman@san.rr.com

ATTENTION NEWCOMERS: See the Autocross Tips at www.sdbmwcca.com to get a better idea of how
to prepare for this wonderfully addictive sport for your first time.

See you at Qualcomm Stadium!

Fahren Affairs • June 2010                                                                                 11
 Have a story
 to tell?

 If you’d like to share a
 brief story about your
 car, an experience you
 had at an event, what
 you love about the
 Club, etc., let us know!

 Include a high-
 resolution photo(s)
 with your susbmission,
 if possible, and email
 to: sd-newsletter@

 Articles will published
 as space is available.

                            Rally the Troops!
                            Jim Lloyd, a Board Director-at-Large,
                            has volunteered to be in charge of
                            putting together four fun rallies in 2010.
                            Anyone interested in giving Jim a hand
                            with organizing upcoming rallies may
                            contact him at jimgingrl@aol.com.

12                                                     June 2010 • Fahren Affairs
                             Tech Session:
                             June 19, 10:00 AM
                             San Diego Chapter/San Diego PCA
                             Tech session at ChaseCam
                             June 19. Learn about video
                             options for your car. ChaseCam
                             equipment has been used in a
                             variety of pro racing series and
                             they have systems for race and
                             autocross. The session starts at
                             10 at 9770 Carroll Centre Rd.
                             Suite D San Diego, CA 92126

                             Show Your Card
                             and Save!
                             The following advertisers
                             offer a discount to BMW CCA
                             members. You must show
                             your membership card at the
                             time of purchase.

                             Charlie’s Foreign Car Service
                             – 10%
                             Chassis Masters – 10%
                             Furgerson’s Garage – 10%
                             Hans Foreign Car Service –
                             10% Labor Only
                             La Jolla Independent
                             BMW Service – 10%
                             Mastercare – 10%
                             SDPE – 10%
                             The Total Pros – 10%
                             German Auto Center – 10%

Fahren Affairs • June 2010                                 13
New Autocross Classes beginning July 1st
by Dan Tackett
Our Chapter has a very popular Autocross Program             backbone autocross car will always be the M3, and we’ve
largely due to the friendly and fun spirit at each event.    had recent top class times earned by drivers in E36, E46
Part of the welcoming atmosphere can be credited to our      and E92 M3s. As large as the M class is, there’s no clear
simple and objective car classes, making it easy to know     way to break it down further among those M cars so they
exactly where your car fits. No complex points system, no    all remain together with trophies running 4 deep. Mini
intrusive tech inspections for modifications or challenges   Cooper entry numbers still justify a single class, and we
by intense competitors.                                      know Mini owners really enjoy competing with each other.

                                                             The obvious opening for a new category is between
                                                             the 6-8-12 cylinder cars and the M cars. Rather than
                                                             identifying each car by model (and having to update
                                                             classes every time BMW introduced something new), we
                                                             decided to define the new category by advertised stock
                                                             horsepower. A new “T” class is added to split the 6-8-
                                                             12 cylinder cars at the 295 hp point. M62 V8s (540i and
                                                             740i) have 282-290 hp, and BMW says the N54/N55 turbo
                                                             engines (135i/335i/535i) have 300 hp, so 295 is a clean
                                                             breakpoint. V8 and V12 entries are rare enough that we
                                                             can’t justify a separate class, so they still fit in with the 6
                                                             cylinder cars. Under 295 hp includes E30s thru E46s and
                                                             the naturally-aspirated E90s and Z cars, as well as the
                                                             earlier V8 cars. Over 295 will separate out the turbo cars
                                                             plus the later V8s (X45i and X50i models with 325-360-
Recently, we have seen fewer 4 cylinder BMWs entered         400 hp). Since E30 M3s and 6-cylinder M5 and M6s are
and a wider variety of 6 cylinder BMWs, no surprise          both rare and achieve slower times on our long courses
with BMW’s current lineup. With the newer turbo cars,        than later M cars, they have been added to this new T
autocross times for 135i/335i drivers have approached M      Class for a better fit. Note that our committee includes an
car times and leave early 6-cylinder BMWs in their wake,     owner of a 335i and an E30 M3. We created a Stock and
no matter how well-driven. The 6-8-12 cylinder class entry   a Modified class for this category, so that means 4 more
count has also grown, so we decided it was time to revisit   trophies!
our Autocross classifications that date back to the ’80s.
A committee was formed with the goal of creating one         While revisiting the classes, we also made updates to
more category (with a Stock and Modified class), adding 4    the definition of Stock and Modified. Considering the
more trophy winners (2 per new class), achieving a better    autocross-specific performance of certain modifications
balance of entries and still keeping it simple. We’ll keep   and the popularity of some mods, we now allow engine
the existing class structure through the 2010 Runoff on      software upgrades in Stock classes for naturally-aspirated
June 26–27, then open the second half of the year with       cars (where it might add 10-20 hp) but NOT in turbo cars
new classes.                                                 (where it can add 60-100+ hp). We also allow cold-air
                                                             intakes, strut braces and any suspension bushings in
The Autocross committee wanted to keep changes               Stock classes. And we have defined “R” compound tires
to a minimum, so most classes remain the same. The           (only allowed in Modified) as those with DOT treadwear of

14                                                                                                June 2010 • Fahren Affairs
less than 140. Anyone driving on non-DOT tires (i.e. slicks)   Alterations Permitted in Stock Classes:
will automatically run in the Gold Class. The new classes      • ANY size wheel and tires. Tires must be DOT treadwear
are also re-named to be easier to remember and fit the           rating of 140 or higher
most-common BMWs running in each class. We know                • ANY shock absorber using stock mounting and ANY
that we can’t please absolutely everyone unless we have          suspension bushing material
100 different classes and 100 trophies for 100 drivers, but
                                                               • ANY air filter or air intake AHEAD OF mass airflow meter
let’s remember this is all about having fun!
                                                               • Software/firmware alterations are permitted on naturally-
And now, here are the new Autocross Classes,                     aspirated engines only
effective July 1st, 2010:                                      • ANY brake pad material allowed with Stock-size brake
4C ALL 4 cylinder BMW models                                   • Catalyst-back exhaust systems and strut tower braces are
6S Stock 6-8-12 cylinder BMWs up to 295 stock hp                 permitted
6M Modified 6-8-12 cylinder BMWs up to 295 stock hp
                                                               ANY other alterations are Modified Classes, including:
TS Stock 6-8-12 cylinder BMWs over 295 hp, M cars
   before 1994                                                 • Tires with DOT treadwear rating under 140
                                                               • Non-stock springs, coilover suspensions, anti-roll bars
TM Modified 6-8-12 cylinder BMWs over 295 hp, M cars
   before 1994                                                 • Software/firmware alterations to turbocharged/
                                                                 supercharged engines
MS Stock M models 1994 - present
                                                               • Non-stock mass airflow meters, camshafts, downpipes,
MM Modified M models 1994 - present                              removed catalytic converter
MC ALL R-class MINI Cooper models                              • Non-stock-size brake rotors or calipers (stock-size
X  ALL non-BMW or MINI models                                    replacements OK in Stock
G  ALL Instructors OR drivers who opt into Gold Class
   AND drivers running non-DOT tires (i.e. slicks)

Fahren Affairs • June 2010                                                                                                 15
                                                 C – 6/8/12 Cylinder Stock
                                                 Ronald O      2006   Z4         95.949     1st
                                                 Alex P        2006   E90 330i   98.127     2nd
                                                 Harry W       2000   Z3-2.8     98.711
                                                 Jack R        1999   Z3 coupe   99.609
                                                 Eric G        2005   645ci      101.842
                                                 Rami B        2008   335        101.980
                                                 Robert O      2006   Z4         103.258
                                                 Paul R        2003   330ci      104.615
                                                 Daron C       2004   Z4         105.361
                                                 Joyce T       2005   Z4         105.411

 Bonus Autocross                                 Lisa G
                                                 Tyler H
                                                 Carlos L
 May 8, 2010
                                                 Omar D        2001   330i       108.517
                                                 Bob K         2005   325i       109.645
                                                 Josh V        2001   330        109.645
                                                 Russell T     2003   330i       110.351
B – 4 Cylinder BMW
                                                 Alexander T   1992   735i       116.960
Brian H      1995   318ti        99.833    1st
                                                 Kristan M     2006   330        117.767
Scott H      1995   318TI        104.827   2nd
Walter G     1965   1800         110.660
Somer G      1965   1800         118.100

D – 6/8/12 Cylinder Modified
Tyler W      2008   135i         94.980    1st
Ricardo G    2000   328ci        95.710    2nd
Doug B       2009   135i         96.230    3rd
Jason C      1991   318is        98.635
JASON D      1991   318is        100.056         MC – Mini Cooper
Joseph J     1990   325IS        100.562         Bill W        2005   Cooper S   101.269    1st
Breck C      2009   135i         101.555         Denise M      2008   Cooper     101.674    2nd; BMW
Kelly K      2007   335i sedan   102.394                              JCW Conv              Woman 1st
Chris M      1987   325i         103.700         Kate H        2006   Cooper S   101.829
Jeremy R     2009   135i         104.287                              JCW
Kevin Z      2000   328ci        107.536         Mason C       2008   Cooper S   103.496
Fernando N   1992   525i         108.198         Ron E         2005   Cooper S   103.619
Kelli R      1987   325IS        115.384
                                                 Bryant S      2004   Cooper     104.708
                                                 Matt H        2006   Cooper S   105.596
                                                 Stuart C      2008   Cooper S   115.272

16                                                                                June 2010 • Fahren Affairs
                                                               MM – M Car Modified
                                                               Michael Y   2005   M3         93.900    Fast BMW Time
                                                                                                       of the Day
                                                               Leif K      1999   M3         95.404    1st
                                                               Damon M     1997   M3         95.604    2nd
                                                               Todd G      1997   M3         95.919    3rd
                                                               Eric F      2004   M3         97.213    4th
                                                               Gary G      1997   M3         97.394
                                                               Jason B     2006   M3         97.439
                                                               Anish P     1995   M3         98.149
                                                               AJ Y        1999   m3         98.177
                                                               Steve P     1999   m coupe    98.189
                                                               TJ G        1999   M3         98.546    Novice 1st
                                                               Tim B       1988   M3         99.787
MS – M Car Stock
                                                               Roland B    2002   M3         101.270
Tom K          1999   M3              95.422      1st
                                                               Anne L      1996   M3         102.288
Tyler P        2003   M3              97.815      2nd
                                                               Brian A     1998   M3         102.641
Tony G         2002   M3              97.887      3rd
                                                               Chuck R     1997   m3         102.823
Jeremy S       2006   M Coupe         98.028
                                                               Jim P       1999   m coupe    103.609
Satch C        2006   Z4 M roadster   98.896
                                                               Rick B      2006   M5         104.526
Markus C       2002   M3              99.152      Novice 2nd
                                                               Bill M      1999   M3         110.662
Jude M         2006   M3              99.363
Srinivas R     2009   M3 Sedan        99.385
Gavin F        2002   M3 Conv         100.624
Richard L      1995   M3              100.734
David F        2002   M3 Conv         101.352
Alicia C       1998   M3              102.519
Tom K          2008   M3              104.228
Eric S         2008   M3              105.414
David B        2006   M3              105.417
Bob H          2010   M3              105.632
Walter K       2002   m3              105.808
Marvin A       2005   M3              108.197
Eric L         1997   M3 4 door       108.261

X – Non-BMW                                                    G – Gold Class
Alexander F    2005   Impreza       94.491      1st            Geoff S     2009   335i       93.826    1st
                      WRX STi                                  Pete E      2008   E92 M3     94.536    2nd
William W      2004   Miata         95.644                     Paul Q      1989   325i       96.093
Mathew W       2006   wrx sti       96.899                     Joseph H    2006   Cooper S   96.098
Carl J         1984   RX7           99.052                     Satakal K   2008   335i       100.408
Travis H       1999   Miata         100.322
Ken S          2009   Corvette      101.546
Jeff L         2002   Ferrari 300   101.799
Jodie S        2009   Corvette      102.973
Chris J        1984   RX7           104.365
Josh R         2002   protege5      107.591
Paul R         1971   VW Super      111.999

Fahren Affairs • June 2010                                                                                          17
                                           Have BMW Specialty Tools?
                                           Willing to Share with Fellow Members?
                                           If you have any BMW Specialty tools or just
                                           tools in general that your willing to share with
                                           your fellow club members, we are beginning to
                                           compile a list of who has what.

                                           So if you have items your willing to loan out
                                           or have members use at your house, please
                                           supply the following information to Matthew
                                           Kogan (koganmb@gmail.com)

                                           Tool, Name, Location (North, South, East,
 We Have The Personnel, The Latest         Central), How to contact you (email or phone #),
   Tools and Equipment and Can             how long the tool can be borrowed, if it’s only
    Diagnose and Fix Any BMW               an onsite usage.

     751 2nd Street, Encinitas, CA 92024
               (760) 753-4969


18                                                                      June 2010 • Fahren Affairs
Nürburgring BMW Driving School
August 1 – 4, 2010
Nurburg, Germany
George Phemister, ringschool@magma.ca
613-746-0027 EST for further information

Experience the hallowed place where the world’s best
cars, including every BMW model, are perfected for
production. Over its 13-mile length, the North Loop    who wish to experience the ultimate racetrack. The
of the Nürburgring includes about every type of turn   BMW CCA package includes all arrangements with
known to man, over 170 in total. The International     the School organizers, a commemorative shirt and
BMW Driving School at the Nürburgring is not an        nametag, special activities before the School, and
official BMW CCA event, but has been conducted         lodging reservations, all intended to make it easier
by a German BMW Club annually since 1964. The          for you to participate. Registration opens March 15th
website provides information for BMW CCA members       at www.motorsportreg.com

   Be sure to mention that you saw our advertiser’s ads in Fahren Affairs!

                                                         1330 Keystone Way Suite D
                                                         Vista, CA 92081

Fahren Affairs • June 2010                                                                                 19
                        C       L      A       S      S        I      F      I     E       D       S
WANTED TO BUY                                                                                Peake R5 EMX Code-Scan/
Michelin 245/40 18                                                                           Reset Tool for MINI Cooper
Does anyone have a lone Michelin 245/40 18 for an E39,                                       Displays all Mini engine
Hopefully with some average tread. I am between tires on                                     fault codes; Helps diagnose
my right front. Give price, I can pick it up. Tomas Sennett,                                 exactly what’s wrong. Resets
sennettworldwide@mindspring.com                                                              the “Service Engine Soon”
                                                                                             Light. Resets the Oilservice
E30 or E36 In good condition Sedan preferred, will                 -Inspection lights & service mileage. Very easy to use.
look at coupes, Hardtop only. Must have a manual                   Compatibility: 01 - 06. Includes complete instructions
transmission, and be in good mechanical/cosmetic                   and code booklet and storage case. $80.00.
shape. Must be current on smog and ready to be driven              ziggle@dslextreme.com
daily. 6 Cylinder preferred, will look at M3s. Alexander,
Email: tock172@live.com Call/Text: (858)-945-4121.                                          2004 MINI Cooper S
                                                                                            tune-up parts
                                                                                            Assorted parts including oil
CARS FOR SALE                                                                               filters, air and cabin filters, spark
                                                                                            plugs, oil pan plugs, coolant
                           2001 740i w/ Sport Package                                       expansion tank, and Bentley
                           VIN: WBAGG83431DN84716                                           Service Manual.
                           Only 70K miles. Exceptionally                                    ziggle@dslextreme.com
                           clean. Second owner. Always
                           garaged & babied. All books                                     MINI Wheels and Tires
& records, inc. original window sticker. Rare Steel Blue                                   Four MINI 17X7 wheels with
exterior w/ Sand beige full leather interior. Sport package                                Pirelli 205/45-17 runflat tires.
w/ Steptronic trans., sport suspension, contour sport                                      One wheel has curb rash
seats, 3-spoke steering wheel, M-Parallel Spoke wheels,                                    on lip. Others are excellent
wider tires, M badging, etc. Large nav screen. Premium                                     condition. Tires have 50% tread
sound system w/ CD changer. Moonroof. No door dings                remaining. $500.00 obo. ziggle@dslextreme.com
or nicks. Front spoiler flawless. Never in an accident,
clean CarFax. Recently serviced at San Diego BMW.                  Wind deflector for the E-46 model. Would fit 1999-2005
Asking $14,500. Call 858-245-4747 (cell) or 858-755-0331           3 series convertible. In very good condition with case.
(evenings). Greg.                                                  $200.mhyat@hotmail.com

PARTS FOR SALE                                                     Wolf Car Cover for 2000 (and other years) 528i. Used
                          New N52/N54 oil filter and               twice. Perfect condition. Make offer. Contact Ken at
                          removal tool.                            rubyroo@cox.net.
                          The tool was used only once for
                          break-in oil change on my 335i.          Four 255-40-17 Dunlop Direzza Star Spec Tires
                          Other oil changes were done              Have 4/32nds after shaving/runs from original 8/32. Great
                          at the dealer before I sold the          for Autocross! $150 OBO. Contact Tom at tm_kenna@
                          car. Part # for the tool is 11 9         hotmail.com or 714-389-1957
                          240 (from Turner Motorsports),
                          11427541827 for the filter                                       2009 BMW Z-4 Rims
                          (Mann). $35 for both.                                            Only 715 miles on these 4 new
                          New Mann oil filter for Mini                                     rims. Asking $1200 for all 4, no
                          Cooper (02-08),                                                  tires. (2)18”x8” Fronts; (2)18”x8.5”
                          part # 11427512446. $6.                                          Rears. EXCELLENT condition.
                          Local pickup only.                                               Larry Conover 951-303-2004 or
                          Call 858-254-4463; Fred                                          larryconover860@yahoo.com

 Classifieds are free to all current BMW CCA members. Classified adds can be submitted via
 e-mail – Please note the new address: sd-classifieds@sdbmwcca.com Photographs may be
 included at no charge, jpeg or gif format preferred. If advertising a vehicle, please include VIN.
 Ads run about one to two months on the web site and in the newsletter, as space permits.

20                                                                                                    June 2010 • Fahren Affairs

                                                                   BMW 8GB USB Flash Drive

                         sales@ecstuning.com   www.ecstuning.com     1.800.924.5172

Fahren Affairs • June 2010                                                                   21

CLUB MEMBER ADVERTISING                                                                COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING RATES
Classified advertising is free to all current BMW CCA members. The deadline for        Commercial advertising must be paid for in advance of publication.
Classified Advertising is the 15th of the prior month. Non-members wishing             For information, contact the advertising manager/editor.
to place ads must include a check for $15 to cover administrative, printing and        Description                       Size        $/Issue $/11 Issues
handling costs. Photographs may be included at no extra charge, space permitting.      Full Page, Inside Cover(s)       7.5” x 10.0”        $200          $2000
Ads run one issue. Ads must be printed clearly and you must include your               Full Page, Internal              7.5” x 10.0”        $160          $1600
membership number, name, address, phone number and VIN# if advertising a               Half Page, Inside Cover(s)       7.5” x 5.0”         $140          $1400
vehicle. Including non-BMW related content shall be at the discretion of the editor.   Half page, internal              7.5” x 5.0”         $120          $1200
                                                                                       Third page, internal             7.5” x 3.5”         $60           $660
                                                                                       Quarter page, internal           3.5” x 5.0”         $50           $550
                                                                                       Business card, internal          2.0” x 3.5”         $30           $330
                         Phone: 760-753-1568 • E-mail: tedlangesr@gmail.com

22                                                                                                                                    June 2010 • Fahren Affairs
                                           10% OFF
                                            PARTS & LABOR
  New 2009                                   for all BMW CCA members.
                                                 Cannot be combined with other offers.
  BMW 328                                     Discounts up to $100. Must present coupon
  Convertible                                 at time of purchase. Offer expires 12/31/09.

                                                        Parts & Service Center
                                                        Mon - Fri: 7am - 6pm
                                              Visit bmwsouthcounty.com
                                        to view our entire inventory, view specials
                                       and book appointments for Parts & Service.

bmwsouthcounty.com • 875 El Cajon Blvd., El Cajon CA 92020

                                  Southern California’s Largest
                                   Certified Pre-Owned Center
                                           4 FULL ACRES

                (619) 442-8888 bmwsouthcounty.com
                 720 El Cajon Blvd., El Cajon CA 92020
                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                                            SAN DIEGO, CA
                                            PERMIT NO. 532

BMW Car Club of America    DATED MATERIAL
San Diego Chapter
P.O. Box 503008
San Diego, CA 92150-3008


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