Passport Offices in Blue Ridge, Texas

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          Passports Offices in BLUE RIDGE, TEXAS
Passport Offices in BLUE RIDGE, TEXAS serve as application acceptance
facilities for American citizens who need to apply for a new passport. Form
DS-11 and all supporting documents can be submitted at the locations

Blue Ridge Post Office
301 S. Bus Hwy. 78
Blue Ridge, TX 75424

How to Get a Passport in a Hurry

At the time of writing, routine processing of passport applications takes 4-
6 weeks. Expedited service takes up to 3 weeks. Applicants who need to
obtain passports more quickly have two options.

Regional Passport Agency

The regional passport agencies in Texas are located in Dallas, Houston and
El Paso. They attend U.S. citizens with urgent travel needs. Passports can
be processed the same day if necessary. Applicants first need to schedule
an appointment by calling 1-877-487-2778 toll-free.

Registered Passport Expediters

Applicants who need to get passports in less than 2 weeks but who are
unable to visit a regional agency can still get passports quickly by
employing the services of a registered passport expediter.

U.S. Passport Service Guide        

Description: A list of passport offices in Blue Ridge, Texas. Locations where U.S. citizens who reside in Blue Ridge can submit applications for a new United Texass passport. Locate the nearest passport application acceptance facility. Includes information about any passport agency in Texas and expediting services for getting a passport fast.