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Blackberry Os or Android OS?

I got some help on choosing my phone. Now I need to know which OS is better, if you had to choose a phone that would last 2-3 years and be worthwhile during
that time?

Asked by VA B at Aug 13,2011 22:16

Blackberry Os

Answer from Mz ladii SwEetS at Aug 13,2011 22:19

Android. Over time, you'll find it a lot more fun use.

Answer from Sinaps at Aug 13,2011 22:22

They both blow, but android is worse although androids have better graphics

Answer from syla s s at Aug 13,2011 22:25

Best answer

I will say Android. For android phones there are billions of good softwares available in the world. Most of the pc-software makers love to make software for
android too. For eg. Firefox is available only available for pc android and iphone. In android market you will lots of useful applications. But blackberry do not have
these benefits. So i prefer an android phone.

Answer from Abin Joseph at Aug 13,2011 22:29

Android > BlackBerry

Answer from ScσττRΛSC³ at Aug 14,2011 00:13

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