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									                                     Hostess Coaching
Hostess Coaching is the most important piece of having a successful show. By coaching your hostess you can
increase attendance, increase sales and bookings, as well as “plant the seed” with your hostess for joining our
lia sophia team!

Have 3 communications with your hostess on the phone:

1rst Call – within 24 hours after she books the show with you (she is STILL excited – use that excitement!).
You should have given her a Hostess folder and explained the contents of the packet at the show where she
booked. Keep it simple – see the team website for contents of folder.

       Tell her you are going to do everything in your power to help HER get the max in free jewelry – this is
        all about HER. Explain the typical show is $750 and 20% is $150 in FREE jewelry. Then explain that
        she can earn 40% for just $15 with the 10 and 2, and with a typical show, she could earn double -
        $300 in FREE jewelry! Ask her which one she would prefer?! Explain FREE pieces, bonus items, half
        price items, hostess only items, as well as the monthly special she can take advantage of. Tell her
        about the customer special for her guests. Tell her that lia sophia offers one of the best hostess
       Guest list - remind her to have that back within 3 days. If you get it back and it’s a partial list, call
        her again and ask her to think of a few more names, that you can add them while you speak with her
        over the phone. Help her brainstorm. A high attendance is what you want for her, and for yourself!
        Use the FRANKS acronym – Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids, Spouse’s
        friends/family to help her think of more people to invite. Remind her of the 10 and 2 to get that
        attendance rate up so she can earn her 40%!!!
       Remind her that getting as many outside bookings as possible is important, as well as any outside

Email – an email is sufficient to let her know you received her guest list. Then let her know you will call her
once you send the invites out.

2nd Call – once the invitations have been sent out.

        Tell her you sent the invites out, and sent one to her too. Remind her to pass the catalog, get outside
        orders, remind guests of the show date/time, encourage guests to bring a friend, encourage bookings
        before the show, keep it simple (finger food, etc.). Ask her to call her guests to ensure they received
        an invite and to remind them; get a definite response (she can keep track on the pink copy of the
        guest list). For those who can’t attend, encourage an outside order or booking!
       Remind her of specials and all the hostess benefits! Tell her to start making her wish list.
       “Plant the Seed” – tell her that any new advisor for that month receives ___________ (the free gift
        on the monthly Gems). “If you are interested or you have any questions about what I do as a lia sophia
        advisor, we can talk the night of your show.”
3rd Call – 1-2 days before the show

        Last minute details; directions to her house; phone number to reach her if you get lost; how many
        guests attending thus far;
       Thank her for working so hard to get attendance up and thank her for any outside orders and bookings
        (if she does get any bookings BEFORE the show, offer her an incentive!)
       Remind her to fill out her wish list and tell her that you will do your best to get her everything on that
       Let her know you are excited to meet her friends and family
       If she HAS shown interest in the Opportunity, ask her if she would like to make this her Starter

    After the show – Hostess Coaching is NOT over!

        Go over her wish list and show her the best way to get the most for her money using the special, the
        bonus items and the 20 or 40% she earned. Use the Hostess Helper sheet to show her and leave it
        with her. Leaving that paper can urge her to get those last orders/bookings so she can get the MAX!

       Leave an Opportunity packet with the hostess and at least 2 other guests. Ask the hostess if she is
        interested in what you do; ask her if she has any questions about what she saw. Remember – if she
        seems interested, she’s not interested in YOU, she’s interested to see if lia sophia fits into HER
        lifestyle, be there to answer her questions. Tell her WHAT YOU DO Not who you ARE ( I sell high
        fashion jewelry and help women update their wardrobe, without actually having to buy a new wardrobe)
        instead of telling her (I’m an advisor, manager, consultant, etc. – it’s intimidating!) If she says SHE
        herself is not interested, tell her to share the packet with someone. Think to yourself - No is OK, but
        who do you know???? Ask her to share the packet with someone who:

                o   Loves jewelry

                o   Loves to travel and meet new people

                o   Who wants to stay home with their children

                o   Who needs more money

                o   Who wants to be their own boss

        Tell her you offer referral incentives for someone joining your team!

        Hostess Coaching can help you get the most from your shows. Do YOU need higher sales, more
        bookings, or more recruits? Tailor your coaching to what YOU need. Coach her through the entire
        process, but focus on the areas that you need the most!
                                        Calendar Idea

    Everyone has their own way of tracking shows, and the steps they have taken to ensure that
    you have received the guest list, sent out the invites, called the hostess, and sent a Thank
    You card to her. Here’s another suggestion to keeping your calendar organized:

    In the box where you have her name and info, use stars or some other symbol to show how
    far you have gotten with the process of setting up the show. Use the last empty box in your
    calendar to put a KEY and remind yourself of what each star means.


    28                        29                        30                         * Guest list

    ***                       **                        *                          ** Invites

    Jane Doe                  Sally Jones               Pat Kunkle                 *** Called hostess

    610-777-9595              610-775-3456              610-796-0334               **** Thank you card

    13 Hill Road              1510 Oregon Road          34 Warwick Court

    Reading, 19606            Mohnton, 19540            Reading, 19606

   Highlight the end of the fiscal month to remind YOU of when the specials are available. That way you
    can make sure you offer the special which best suites the date of the show. If it is near the end of
    the month, be sure YOU have enough time to submit the show without going past the date – shows
    sometimes go longer than expected with outside orders, checks clearing and a hostess who is
Make our products something that each woman, MUST HAVE! Use language that speaks to them and entices
them. You want them to say, “I HAVE TO HAVE THAT!”

This necklace, bracelet, earring set is:

        A must (example – the Trish)

       Your wardrobe isn’t complete without… (the Deb)

       Single most popular item (Myth)

       Versatile (Reflections)

       Unique, beautiful (Tahitian)

       Most popular among hostesses for hostess bonus item (Happy Hour) explain Hostess Bonus Items

       Talk about how easy it is to carry and how versatile it is, use the Trish as an example: “If you are
        going from work to dinner out, business trip, or on vacation, and you don’t have a jewelry bag, no
        problem, throw the Trish, a silver slide, a gold slide, and a 2 toned pair of earrings in a Ziploc bag and
        you’re all set! You don’t need numerous pieces; you can do so much with just the Trish!”

    Choose any pieces that you have in your kit that you can use these saying with. Make them come alive. Use
    the verbiage phrase FIRST, and then tell what it’s called and what page.

Throw in our challenge to win a trip to Cancun by showing a piece that reminds you of summer, vacation, an
island, etc like Out to Sea page 40, Mandalay Bay page 7, Cayman page 6, etc. Throw that in there and tell
them that you are working towards earning a FREE trip to Cancun, completely on lia sophia! Just an extra little
nugget of info to throw in!

   Get on the phone! Emails and mail reminders are ok, once you HAVE the booking dated with a guest
    list. Book in close because of cancellations. Don’t book months out, the chances that they will
    actually hold the date are slim! Book it this month or next, no further!

   Write on the invite “Bring this invitation to the show for your chance to win a free piece of jewelry”
    (hold a drawing of the guests who came and brought their invite. If they know they need to hold on to
    the invite to win something, they’ll keep it somewhere and NOT forget about going to the show in the
    first place! Attendance is key in getting more bookings!

   Pre show bookings – offer a small incentive if she books a show before you get there, but get the name
    and number of the booking to follow up immediately!

   Start stacking during your show – use a visual of empty boxes (1 for the free gift you give her, 4 for
    the hostess bonus items, 2 for the ½ off items, and 4 for 20%, and 4 more for the 40% ) Talk
    BRIEFLY about the benefits just when you show the boxes that represent each benefit. Don’t go into
    detail, you’ll lose your audience. Then leave the stacks on the table throughout the show with a sign on
    top saying, “My average hostess earns between ______________ in FREE jewelry! Would YOU like a
    shopping spree with lia sophia?” or something like that… You can also put something in a frame on the
    table like, “ Book a show between April and June (just use the next 2-3 months to fill your calendar
    then change it) and choose ANY item from our new catalog up to $100 and it’s yours for FREE just for
    booking a show with me!”

   At the show, if someone does book, pencil them in right away with a date. If she leaves without a
    date, your chances of keeping her are extremely LOW! Tell her you are giving her a packet (don’t
    include everything, just guest list, envelope and list of 40 names in 4 minutes). The goal of this first
    packet is to keep that date and get her guest list back ASAP! Then mail out or drop off the other
    info once you get that back. Tell her how important it is to Over invite – at least 35 guests, more if
    she can! Put a note on her guest list – “To ensure your date, I need this guest list back in one week,
    ________(write the date)”
   Stop looking for recruits and look for leads and interest! There is NO such thing as a perfect

   Hand out packets to EVERY hostess and at least 2 guests. Get it out there!

   People might not be looking for a job or for replacing their job like me, so fit it into every lifestyle –
    how would you like to eliminate one monthly bill, save money for a new car, house, trip, home
    renovations, etc. People don’t think you make money, they think you are paid in product. Tell them
    what you make and say, “Did you know that by doing one show per week, you could earn about $1,000 a
    month!” Don’t make them make a decision right now, ask every person at check out, Would you like a
    packet of information about doing what I do?” If they say no, ask them if there’s anyone that they
    can share it with. They might rethink and take one for themselves or honestly pass it on to someone

   Using 50/50 tickets, play the Ask Me game; 1 ticket per jewelry/company related question you ask, 3
    tickets for each question related to my business, and 5 tickets if you are going to book your own show;
    then do a drawing to give a prize instead of the person who has the most

   Your #1 lead is your HOSTESS, and your #1 best new lead, is your NEW hostess

   Opportunity Packets – Yellow Packets (“golden opportunity”) Include:

        o      Catalog

        o      E Opportunity booklet

        o      Starter Kit Contents

        o      Can you Cancun? (on lia sophia univ.) Print on yellow to stand out in packet!

               Don’t overwhelm them! Just give a few things that the company already has for you!!!!
                          “Success is the achievement of the goals we set”

   You need to set goals – if you don’t, you won’t know where you are going with your business

   Make them visible throughout your house – in multiple places so other people can see where you are
    going with your business and can support you!

   Don’t compare yourself to someone else, set YOUR OWN goals and be excited and proud when you
    reach them

   5D’s

        o   DECIDE – what do you want? Your situation is NOT going to change until you decide what you
            want and what you plan to do to get there.

        o   DESIRE – it builds!

        o   DETAILS – to do lists, actually DO IT

        o   DESTINATION – where do you want this to take you

        o   DETERMINATION – do it, or don’t

   I will promote to __________________ (the next level) by ______________.

   I will hold _______________ shows each month.

   I will obtain ______________ recruit leads each month.

   I will recruit _______________ people each month.

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