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					Example Job Description for a Contract Cleaner

Exterior Cleaning of the Practice
Using the practice’s cleaning product of choice:

   The {insert cleaner’s name} is to clean the exterior of the building, performing tasks such as
    window cleaning, doors and doctors’ plaques.

Interior Cleaning of the Practice
Using the practice’s cleaning product of choice:

   Damp wipe surfaces and damp mop smooth floors.
   The {insert cleaner’s name} is to clean the reception area and waiting room. Areas to be cleaned
    include the reception desk, counter, any other shelving in the reception, waiting areas, chairs,
    tables in the waiting room and door handles. (See attached sheet)
   All consulting rooms are to be vacuumed, skirting boards, desks are to be damp wiped. (See
    attached sheet)
   Insert the practice’s and local government regulations and requirements for the emptying of bins
    containing office waste.
   Clean the kitchen area including the kitchen sink, dishes, benches, floors, tables and chairs in staff
    eating area.
   Clean the all toilets and wet areas.
   Dispose of water used during the cleaning of the practice appropriately. Waste water must not be
    emptied in areas such as the kitchen sink, sterile areas, treatment room and hand washing sinks. If
    no designated cleaners sink is available, water is to be disposed of down the toilet.
   Cleaning items are to be stored in a secure, preferable lockable, cupboard. (If cleaning products
    are not stored in a locked cupboard they must be kept out of the reach of children)

When all tasks have been completed, the {insert cleaner’s name} is to tick and sign the cleaning

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