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					 Mount Hutton Public School
 12 Dunkley Parade
 Mount Hutton NSW 2290
 Phone: 02 4948 8085
 Fax: 02 4947 1135
 Email: School Security No.: 1300 880 021
          Our public schools help teach Australians to live together in harmony and to strive for success

 Term 1 Week 6                                                                         Wednesday 2 March 2011
Principal’s Report                                             Clean Up Australia Clean Up campaigns are one of
                                                               the simplest yet most effective means of tackling the
Parents and Citizens Annual General Meeting
                                                               issues of rubbish and pollution and at the same time
Don’t forget that the Annual General Meeting of the
                                                               helping to raise awareness of the value of the natural
P&C will be held next Wednesday 9 March in the
school library at 7pm. Office bearers will be elected for
                                                               Our Clean Up day this year will be held this Friday.
all positions of the P&C and its two committees, the
                                                                All classes will complete a safety lesson
Canteen Committee and Uniform Committee. I would
                                                                   immediately prior to the event.
like to thank our current office bearers for their valuable
contribution over the past twelve months.                       All participating children must wear gloves (please
                                                                   bring gloves and a plastic bag – a supermarket bag
Inclosed Lands Act Overwhelmingly, visitors to our                 is fine - from home).
school are courteous and considerate of the needs of            Children who do not wish to take part will
students and other families. However, entry onto this              undertake a different activity.
site is a privilege, not a right. If there is conduct not in   Each class is allocated an area within the school
keeping with the expected standard of behaviour, the           grounds.
principal has authority under the provisions of the
Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901 to control access.          Dogs at School Dogs are not permitted on school
This authority includes the capacity to impose                 grounds at any time, including dogs on leads. We have
conditions and/or prohibit entry to the Mount Hutton           children at school who have had unpleasant
Public School site.                                            experiences with dogs in the past and can become
                                                               distressed when a dog approaches them.
School and Community Survey Thank you to
everyone who has so far returned the survey sent               Students in the School Canteen Generally,
home with last week’s newsletter. It is important that         students should not be in the school canteen, including
we have input from as many people as possible.                 when Mum and /or Dad is volunteering in the canteen
Please find some time over the next few days to read it        for the day. The only exception is on those occasions
through and send it back to school. If you choose to not       when a canteen volunteer asks the school if a senior
comment it may only take you a few minutes to                  student can assist during the recess or lunch break.
complete, or you can choose to add comments and                If you are happy for your Year 6 child to assist in the
suggestions if you wish. Every completed survey helps.         canteen please write a note to me giving your consent.

Zone Swimming Congratulations to our swimmers                  Transition to High School This week families of
who took part in the Zone Swimming Carnival on                 students in Year 6 will receive an Expression of Interest
Monday and Tuesday this week. No one this year                 form for enrolment at high school. The Expression of
managed to make it to the next level, but the closest          Interest allows you to indicate which high school you
was Jack G in Year 4 who easily won his heat but               would like your child to attend in 2012. It is not an
missed out on times. Well done everyone, and thank             application to enrol.
you to Miss Meek for coordinating the school’s entries.
                                                               The form is due back here by Wednesday 16 March.
                                                               The name of your designated local high school will
Brainbox Literacy Workshop Yesterday five of our
                                                               already be entered on the form.
senior students took part in a writing extension activity
at Hunter Sports High School, as part of a Gifted and          Families can make an application to non-local
Talented program across our local group of schools. It         enrolment at other high schools if they wish. Contact
was a very useful experience for these very capable            me if you would like to talk through any issues
students.                                                      regarding the transition to high school.
A special thank you to Mrs Foote for her assistance
with transport.
                                                                                               Jim Findlay (Principal)

 Term 1 Week 6                                                                        Wednesday 2 March 2011

Head Lice                                                     Library and Information Centre News

         It’s time to check heads again                       This year all students in the school will be encouraged
          as there have been a number                         to register for the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC).
                                                              Students can participate as part of DEAR time at
                 of head lice cases                           school and for Home Reading. Participation in the
              reported at the school.                         Challenge exposes the students to a wide variety of
Because of the nature and prevalence of head lice, it is      quality literature broadening their experience and
one of the most common health concerns raised by              enjoyment of reading.
parents. There are some myths around about head
lice, but the NSW Department of Health informs us                                                   t
                                                              Registration commenced on 1 March and after
that:                                                         registration, students and parents can enter reading
 Head lice are transmitted usually through hair to           details online, listing the books read. Access will be
     hair or head to head contact.                            through the student’s DET portal using their DET
 They cannot infest furniture, bedding or pets               username and password - they will not be able to view
 They do not differentiate between clean and                 any other student’s records. For any parents who do
     unclean hair.                                            not wish to do this the school will enter the details on
 They may be transferred through the sharing of              return of the reading log. The address is
     combs, brushes, ribbons, and ‘scrunchies’.     
As far as treatment goes:
 Resistance to head lice treatments appears to be            The rules will be on display in the library and students
     increasing.                                              reminded of these throughout the year. As students
 Some students may undergo treatment with head               complete the Challenge - 30 books for K-2 (25 from
     lice anti-lice lotions or shampoo and still have lice.   the Book List and 5 personal choices) and 20 books
 The use of white hair conditioner and combing is a          for 3-6 (15 from the Book List and 5 personal choices)
     recommended strategy if other treatments have            please return their Reading Log to school so Mrs
     proved to be ineffective.                                Barbour can note their completion and publish their
More information on last page.                                names in the newsletter.

Important Dates to Remember                                   Reading Logs will be returned so the students can
                                                              continue reading until the last week of August at
Thur 3 Mar       School Cross Country                         which time all reading logs will be collected.
Wed 9 Mar        P&C Annual General Meeting                   All the Premier’s Reading Challenge books are clearly
Fri 8 Apr        Last Day Term 1                              marked in the Library. Red for K-2, Green for 3 / 4,
Thur 28 Apr      Students Return for Term 2                   Purple for 5 /6. Capable students can read the next
Thur 28 Apr      Athletics Carnival                           level up but if they read the level below they are
                                                              counted as choice books. Only two books from any
                                                              series can be read and counted as ‘sticker’ books, any
Cross Country                                                 others in the series then count as choice books.
Cross Country will be held on Thursday 3 March at             Students received their cards last week. If you have
school commencing at approximately 9.15am for all             any questions with regard to the Premier’s Reading
students in Years 2 to 6. Parents are welcome to              Challenge please do not hesitate to contact me to
attend as spectators.                                         arrange a time for discussion.

Assembly                                                      Reminder of borrowing days for 2011:

The regular school assembly will take place on Friday
at 11.30am. This week the Cross Country Ribbons will                        Wednesday       Thursday
be presented.                                                                  5/6             2/3
                                                                               4/5             3/4
Clean Up Australia Day                                                         1S          Kindergarten

On Friday 4 March, Mount Hutton Students will
participate in a school based Clean Up Australia Day.         Remember to send along a book bag, pillow case or
Children will assemble under the COLA at 12.50pm              strong plastic bag for all students in classes K-2.
before being allocated an area to tidy within the school
grounds. Children are asked to bring along either             Mrs Barbour.
gardening gloves or disposable gloves for this activity.      (Teacher Librarian)
It is important that closed in shoes are also worn.
Student Representative Council

 Term 1 Week 6                                                                      Wednesday 2 March 2011

Creative Writing Workshop                                   what exciting projects we could undertake over the next
On Tuesday 1 March, five of our Year 5 and Year 6           For those of you who may be considering taking on a
students participated in a writing workshop at Hunter       more active role in the P&C, I an outline of the roles
Sports High. We used alliteration e.g. Creative Caitlin,    and responsibilities of each of the positions held on the
we wrote short stories using a picture as stimulus and      P&C was sent home last week, of which ALL will
we shared our creative writing ideas. It was a fantastic    become available and up for nomination at the AGM!
experience that provided us with some useful writing        Hope to see some new faces; it is a relaxed and
skills.                                                     friendly evening benefiting everyone who comes along,
Travis M, Georgia S, Caitlin M.                             most importantly - our children!

Year 6 Farewell Meeting                                     Uniform Shop
                                                            We are at present finalizing the costs for the new winter
The first meeting to organise the Year 6 Farewell will      jackets. We are hoping to have them for sale for $25-
take place on Friday 4 March at 8.30 am in the Year         $28 for the zip up sloppy joe and $45-$50 for the new
5/6 classroom. All parents of Year 6 students are           taslon style. We hope to have the order form in next
encouraged to attend.                                       week’s newsletter.
                                                            We need all money for the summer orders to be paid
                                                            before we can do the winter order.
Canteen News                                                Anyone interested in helping in the uniform shop
                                                            please leave your details in the office and we will
            Please note that the canteen is                 organise a roster.
               closed on Wednesdays.
We are having a Red Day on the 17 March, please
complete your order form and return to the canteen by
                                                            Community News
14 March. (Spare order forms are available at the           Kinda Kapers
office).                                                    Position Available – Cook (Mon to Fri 9.30-1.30)
                                                            No formal qualifications needed, for further information
                                                            call 49445888.
Canteen Roster – Term 1 Week 7

 Monday      Tuesday      Wed      Thursday      Friday
  7 Mar       8 Mar                 10 Mar       11 Mar
 Karin E     Justine T   Closed     Deb S       Donna K
Rodney E     Rayna A     Closed    Melissa S   Margaret B

P&C News
The P&C will be holding a fundraiser BBQ at the school
to coincide with voting in the state election. If you can
help on this day (Saturday 26 March 2011) please put
your name on the roster at the office. Thank you.

Recipes for our Cookbook – We need these to start
coming in thick and fast as we will be publishing our
cookbook in time for MOTHERS DAY!!!!!
I know we have a lot of budding master chefs out there,
so let’s get busy!
 Your contribution could be any of the following;
       Entrees, nibbles, dips
       Salads & salad dressings
       Main meals – fish, chicken, meat or vegetarian
       Desserts
       Baking, jams, pickles
       Cooking tips – how to do it better or quicker!

P&C AGM - Wednesday 9 March at 7pm
Our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held next
week on the 9 March.
Please come along and meet your P&C members,
meet the staff from the OOSH and have a chat about

 Term 1 Week 6                                                                           Wednesday 2 March 2011

Nitbusting at home
Nitbusting can be a time-consuming task. If Nitbusting
at home with your child, do the following:
 Try sitting the child between your legs on a low stool
 and putting on a video for an hour while you work.
 Wrap a towel or kitchen paper around the child's
 shoulders to catch conditioner spill.
 Remove any scrunchies, ribbons clasps, etc. from the
 child's head and comb out plaits and braids.
 Apply liberal amounts of conditioner to the scalp and
 massage it through all the hair shafts. You will use a             Part long hair once from forehead to scalp, and use
 lot of conditioner. Every hair has to be coated to                 hair clips to keep the part in place.
 ensure it reaches the lice.                                        Apply conditioner along the part line and massage
 Lice live close to the scalp, so make sure that you                in with the comb. This is to stop lice from crossing
 cover the hair shaft close to the scalp. You don't have            from one side of the head to the other.
 to work the conditioner onto the whole length of the               Part the hair in a straight line from ear around scalp
 hair. Combing will spread it well enough. The idea of              to centre part and clip or pin top section to crown of
 the application is to restrict the movement of the head            scalp.
 lice long enough for you to catch them with a comb.                Apply conditioner again to the part and massage
                                                                    Apply more conditioner to loose hair down to nape
                                                                    of neck.
                                                                    Use the head lice comb to comb out the
                                                                    conditioner. Start at the base of the hair shaft and
                                                                    comb down the length of the hair in one stroke.
                                                                    Wipe the comb on a paper towel and check for lice.
                                                                    Lice are easily identified on the paper towel.
                                                                    Continue combing this section until you are certain
                                                                    you have covered the area several times.
                                                                    Repeat the sectioning on the other side of the part
 After you've applied the conditioner, use a large comb             towards the other ear.
 to part small sections of the hair starting from the               After you've done these two sections, continue
 nape and working upwards toward the crown. Eggs                    parting horizontally from the centre part sections of
 are often found behind the ears and toward the back                hair and apply conditioner and comb out as before.
 of the head. By using this method, you are more likely
 to find the head lice on top of and toward the front of
 the head.
 When the hair is detangled and manageable, use a
 fine lice comb to comb out each section several times.
 After each comb out, wipe the conditioner on the
 paper towel. If the child has head lice, you will see
 them on the towel.

                                                                Other things you should know
                                                                Head lice often congregate on the crown of the head,
                                                                so that it is not until you reach these last sections of
                                                                hair that you find adult lice. However, heads that are
                                                                severely infected will have adult lice everywhere.
    Keep combing each section of hair until no further          A good head lice comb should also remove nymphs,
    lice, nymphs or eggs appear on the paper towel.             the stage between egg and adult louse—teenagers
    Often you will see lots of old egg casings that may         really. These can be difficult to identify with the naked
    take awhile to remove.                                      eye, but appear as small insects on the paper towel.
    Once you have combed and recombed each
    section of hair, either re-plait or tie it back. If it is
    very short, suggest to the child some interesting
    styling! Young boys often like their hair spiked up
    or Mohawk-like!
Treating long hair
Depending on the hair length and type, it is often easier
to neatly section long and thick hair before applying
conditioner to avoid getting the hair into a terrible

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