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Dear Clients, Friends, and Corporate Partners,

As we have all been watching, the catastrophe in Japan continues to evolve in scope while effecting
literally millions of people. Between the economic impact, physical damage, and the nuclear emergency,
this may become the single most expensive disaster in modern human history.

But this letter is not about economics, profits, currencies, or balance sheets. This is about people,
human beings, and what we as a group can do to assist in a meaningful and very significant way. At the
end of this letter I will invite each of you to join Conundrum Capital, GDR Privée, Charles Grégoire de
Rothschild, and myself, in our combined efforts to support the American Red Cross as it provides
critical assistance for the Japanese Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami victims.

I have personally experienced what earthquakes can do, and how absolutely terrifying living through
such an experience can be. In 1994, while living in Brentwood (Los Angeles), I was literally thrown from
my bed (in the dead of night) onto the floor by the Northridge earthquake. In the aftermath, I had to
sleep in my car for a few nights while waiting for the building to be cleared by County engineers, could
not get gasoline, could not get food, and due to infrastructure damage - could not even travel around
the city.

That was a microscopic event in comparison to what is occurring in Japan.

As I write this, millions upon millions of Japanese are without power, and potentially hundreds of
thousands are without shelter. With the temperatures dropping to near-or-below freezing each night,
the human misery is simply unfathomable. Many of these people have simply lost everything, and now
the increasing threat of radiation has accelerated a truly massive human displacement.

From a purely human point of view, Charles Grégoire de Rothschild (including the entire Charles
Grégoire de Rothschild Group of companies), and I feel that as a corporate group we have a moral
imperative to assist in any way possible. Over these last days, we have explored ways we can help, and
we would like to include you in our efforts.

Conundrum and GDR Privée have been in direct contact with the American Red Cross, their Japanese
affiliates, as well as elements of the Japanese government. We have also been in contact with our
banking partners globally, our institutional affiliates, and select clients, specifically to outline an internal
corporate donation program which would have the most far-reaching impact as possible. So allow me to
outline what Conundrum Capital as a member of the Charles Grégoire de Rothschild Group, hope to do
in three steps:

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Conundrum Capital’s Relief Pledge:

    1.) For the next three months, Conundrum Capital (and all of our affiliated global companies and
        trading operations) will donate up to 5% of our global NET revenues to disaster relief efforts via
        the American Red Cross and affiliated NGO agencies.

    2.) Our select institutional partners have agreed to match our donation 100%, dollar for dollar, to
        $20 million USD (with room for expansion as the situation develops).

    3.) A group of Conundrum’s individual Clients have created a new trading account, funded with $2
        million. 100% of all trading profits from this account will be also donated over the next 12

Now, beyond all of this, we want to include you.

    Through our partners at JPMorgan Chase Bank, we have created a special disaster relief bank
    account. In association with the American Red Cross, for every single dollar you donate to this fund,
    Conundrum Capital will match that donation 100%. In addition, our Institutional partners will ALSO
    match that donation 100%. So in essence, every dollar you donate will become $3 for disaster
    relief efforts.

    Keep in mind, your participation and our matching funds are over-and-above everything else
    Conundrum Capital, GDR Privée, and the Charles Grégoire de Rothschild Group of companies, will
    already be doing to support relief efforts.

Additionally, I want to issue a corporate challenge. Look at your balance sheets and look in your hearts.
Join us in independently providing a percentage of your total net revenues toward relief efforts.
Whether through Conundrum, directly through the Red Cross, or via any other relief agency, I challenge
you to participate and help!

Conundrum is rapidly putting together the full infrastructure to facilitate our donations, in conjunction
with the Red Cross. So please, if you want to participate in any way, contact me directly (numbers
below) and our team will provide you with all of the necessary details.

In the end, this isn’t about money or profits…… it’s truly only about supporting the global human family -
A family who desperately needs our help and total assistance. So join Grégoire, myself, dozens of our
global corporate partners, and let’s make the biggest positive impact we possibly can.

Best regards,

Jordan Serlin

CEO and Founder
Conundrum Capital LLC
Charles Grégoire de Rothschild Group
+1-561-998-2872 (Office)
+1-561-843-6622 (Mobile)

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