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George W. Bush by pengxiuhui


									George W. Bush

   Perfect, or just Texan?
Who is this god?
                      Making America Safer
                       with Decisive Action to
                       Win the War on Terror
                      Keeping America on
                       Track for a More
                       Prosperous Future
                      Strengthening Health
                       Care for Millions of
                      Building a Better and
                       More Compassionate
                       America for All
Who is this god?
                      Animal Lover
                      In his 2004 State of the Union,
                       President Bush said, "Last
                       January, Iraq's only law was
                       the whim of one brutal man.
                       Today our coalition is working
                       with the Iraqi Governing
                       Council to draft a basic law,
                       with a bill of rights. We're
                       working with Iraqis and the
                       United Nations to prepare for a
                       transition to full Iraqi
                       sovereignty by the end of
Approval Ratings
Factors Having Influenced Rating
   His continuance with the war effort despite
    lack of clear plans
   His absence of “finalization” to the war
    taking place in Iraq—what would be next?
   His having thrown our economy—although
    not solely responsible—into a deficit
   Spending inordinate amounts of money
    seemingly without caution
Factors Having Influenced Rating
   Avoidance of “real issues”—those of
    which affected the American people
    (economy, etc.) and focus instead placed
    upon “war”
   Continued use of vacation time despite
    growing problems/conflicts
Foreign Affairs
   The U.S. government has provided more than $3.7
    billion since September 2001 to programs and
    activities throughout Afghanistan. Congress
    authorized an additional $1.28 billion in
    supplemental funding for Fiscal Year 2004 in
    advance of the regular appropriation, and the
    Administration has reallocated nearly $400 million
    from existing accounts to accelerate progress in
    Afghanistan. The U.S. is working to revitalize
    agriculture, provide security, expand educational
    opportunities, improve basic health, build effective
    government, and encourage citizen participation in
    the democratic process.
Foreign Affairs
   President Bush is        Rebuilding the
    committed to the          countries we have so
    goal of achieving         “kindly” crushed and
    peace in the Middle       conquered, so-as to
    East.                     share the “joys” of
                              democracy among a
                              “willing” group of
Domestic Policy
   President Bush proposes to make welfare even more focused
    on the well-being of children and supportive of families. The
    President's plan is designed to strengthen families and help
    more welfare recipients work toward independence and self-
    reliance. The President's welfare reform plan will:
       Help more welfare recipients achieve independence through
       Increase the welfare-to-work resources available for families.
       Protect children and strengthen families.
       Empower states to seek new and innovative solutions to help
        welfare recipients achieve independence.
Domestic Policy
   The President's Plan to Strengthen
    Retirement Security includes:
       Expanding Ownership of Retirement Assets
       Ensuring Freedom of Choice
       Creating a Society of Stakeholders
       Minimizing Risk through Diversification
       Strengthening Women.s Retirement Security
       Helping Future Generations to Achieve the
        American Dream
       Spurring National Saving and Economic Growth
Worked With Congress?
   YES HE HAS! Bush has
    made great strides to
    work alongside the
    opinions and shared
    views of Congress
   Bush has proven to be
    negotiable and lenient in
    passing his desired
    legislation, taking in a
    myriad of differing views
    and perspectives in the
Outstanding Legislation
                   On December 4, 2003,
                    President Bush signed into
                    law the Fair and Accurate
                    Credit Transactions Act of
                    2003, ensuring that all
                    citizens are treated fairly
                    when they apply for a
                    mortgage or other form of
Closing Statements
Veto Possible Pro Gay Right Bill
   "I believe marriage is
    between a man and a
    woman, and I think we
    ought to codify that one
    way or another," Bush
    told reporters at a
    White House news
    conference. "And
    we've got lawyers
    looking at the best way
    to do that."

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