Fourteen Days in Italy

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					     Fourteen Days in Italy

            ----Report for the trip of
     Italian Printing Technology Award

                                 Li Renjie
                      Printing Engineering
                    Undergraduate 4th year
Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication
Fourteen Days in Italy

     In this harvesting season, I’ve luckily got a chance to step on the Apennine
  Peninsula, and reached Italy, which is a romantic but ambitious nation, a country
  with long history yet still have driving power. It does not only possess heaven-
  like city Venice, the capital of modern trend Milan; it also gets uncountable
  famous football clubs such as AC Milan, Rome; at the same time, Italy also have
  the most advanced printing technology which results in its leading position the
  world’s rotogravure and flexography manufacture market. Under the enchanting
  autumn sunshine, we spent these two week experiencing Italian profound history
  as well as its nice culture.

                         Chapter 1 Technology
    Thanks to ACIMGA for the sincere consideration of our major and interest, the
  whole arrangement of this trip is very successful since it allowed us to promote
  a broad perception of printing and packaging industry solution providers along
  with its auxiliary facility manufactures, and it also showed us our shortcoming in
  the completeness of knowledge which requires future improvement.

  ◆	 Sep	29th,	2008	B.C.	UTECO
     On this day we visited
  Uteco which is specialized
  in manufacturing
  flexographic and
  rotogravure printing
  machines. From the
  materials given to us and
  the introduction of Mr.
  Luigi who received us,
  we found out that Uteco
  as elite of this industry,
  is very competitive in
  the European and North
  America market, and
  gained increasing sales and
  production in these years.
  Its dominate presses in
  flexographic are Diamond           Fig. EMERALD's striking color
  HP which has maximum 600m/min printing speed, ONYX and EMERALD
  which are recently developed and are well equipped for quick job change-

                                                                Li Renjie BIGC         
Fourteen Days in Italy

  over. In gravure, Uteco has E-PRESS for economic short-run gravure printing
  as a solution for reducing cost and waste time; Q- PRESS not only solves the
  problem of short-run printing, it also provides quicker cylinder change-over as
  well as automated washing system.
    Following Mr. Luigi, we toured around the factory and offices of the company.
  Firstly, we saw the machine for plate setting, with CCD sensor and monitor
  to control the exact placement of the flexo plate. It had a rack accompanied to
  place the finished plate roller and with for other color to be pasted and carried
  to the press together. Another important auxiliary machine is the anilox roller
  automated cleaning equipment; it works by the ultrasonic vibrancy to clean
  up the ink left in the cells. This plays an important role in shortening the job
  change-over time. After that, we saw the big presses’ manufacturing process.
  Emerald won our heart on the first glance by its distinctive rosy color. The
  central impression cylinder(CI) of this press in driven by gearless independent
  motor, and can reach utmost 1.2 meters width. It also supports in-line lamination;
  it can also print with electronic ink. Finally, we saw the final results of these two
  kinds of flexographic press using water-base ink and electronic ink. The color
  were saturated on the films, the details were also abundant, which overthrows
  our old ideas about the deficiency of poor color saturation rendering and severe
  tone loss when using water-based ink. And the ones printed by Q- PRESS and E-
  PRESS were also with high quality.

  ◆	 Sep	30	th,	2008	B.C.	New	Aerodinamica
     In Bergamo, we visited New Aerodinamica, which is a research institute
  with only seven employees. This company is specialized in pneumatic exhaust
  recycle system for the waste produced in printing and packaging industry and
  also auxiliary facilities. This company is the most impressive company for me in
  the whole trip. When our car was driving into the company, we saw the national
  flag of China which moved us deeply for this friendly action. According to the
  introduction provided by reception, we found out that the name of this company
  is derived from their kernel technology. Aerodynamics serves as the fundamental
  principle for the manufacturing of the collection, separation and disposal of the
  waste produced by big scale paper or other material processing equipments.
  Pipes are also a part of the whole product chain, and the company also produces
  unwinder, cutting and rewinder for web.
    Following the guide of the leader of NA, we visited several companies who
  use their facilities designed specifically for different practical orientation. The
  first customer of NA we visited is a factory producing aluminum foil. After
  being used at maximum extent, the leftover aluminum foil is inhaled into the
  pipe linking to the collection equipment outside the workshop, thus not a single
  piece of waste foil can be found inside the workshop. For me I have to say,

                                                                   Li Renjie BIGC         
Fourteen Days in Italy

  aerodynamics is such an
  amazing discipline that we
  could hardly feel the force
  of air when we put our
  hand on top of the pipes,
  but the waste material
  was obediently followed
  the pipes and lead to the
  collection pool. Next
  stop is a paper machining
  f a c t o r y, o n e w o r k s h o p
  we saw the cutting of
  broad breadth into smaller
  size used as supermarket
  shopping ticket. In another
  workshop, we picked up
  paper waste removal system.          Fig. NA's flag along with China Nation Flag
  The waste paper and dust are transported through the pipes and separated in
  the middle separation part where the wastepaper fell down to the bottom and
  dust pulled into another pipe. The waste paper then are planished and bundled
  up for reuse, and the dust then are precipitated and pressed into bricks to save
  room for placing the waste (the room saved by this technology can reach 75%).
  These equipments contribute a lot to the environment protection and workshop

  ◆	 Oct	1st,	8th,	2008	B.C.	Cerutti,	Flexotenica
  Oct 1st is the National Day for Chinese, and on that very day we came to Cerutti,
  to appreciate this magnate of manufacture among the world’s rotogravure
  presses. Cerutti owns most of the world’s market share for rotogravure press, its
  flexographic presses and die-cutting machines also leads the world’s trend, that’
  s why Cerutti is also on our textbook. Mr. Zorigo welcomed us and showed us
  around the Casale factory of the group where major deals with the converting
  of rotogravure presses. As the leader in gravure of the world, the R960, R970
  of Cerutti possesses unique superiority as well as integral performance.
  These advantages include automatic on-board washing system, automatic job
  change-over, two-positioned trolley system and so on. There are two points
  that impressed me most. Firstly, the mounting of doctor blade, as we know,
  in conventional gravure, the doctor blade was fixed up by bolts hence lack of
  uniformity of force along the different sectors of the plate. In order to avoid this
  deficiency, R960 equipped sturdy doctor blade group, which not only can reduce
  the time for changing doctor blade, but also promise better quality performance.

                                                                  Li Renjie BIGC         
Fourteen Days in Italy

  Another point is the design
  for vibration-proof roller
  core. When the width of
  printing is especially big,
  that is to say when we have
  a wide impression part, the
  middle part of the roller and
  cylinder will inevitable have
  vibration and distortion that
  may end up in poor printing
  consistency. In order to
  compensate this limitation
  of mechanical design,
  Cerutti invented device
  to be placed inside the
  impression roller to reduce
  the vibration and ensure the
  continuity of the printing.     Fig. Mr.Zorigo, Professor He and the statuary of the
                                                 founder of Cerutti Group

    Flexotenica is a subsidiary company of the Cerutti group and is specialized
  in flexographic presses, so it is also a competitor of Uteco. The ideas for the
  mechanical devising are all quite the same with the above two company as
  we talked about above. Flexotenica’s N8G, F12 also have the removal and
  replacement of the idle printing unit to prepare for the next job, the sleeve
  technique for shortening the job change-over time, gearless independent motor
  to drive the central impression cylinder etc. They can also support much bigger
  width and their newly developed the design of none pipe which not only lead to
  a more neatly looking of the printing machine, but also more convenience for the

  ◆	 Oct	2nd	,3rd	,	2008	B.C.	EMMECI	/	EUROPROGETTI
    In these two days, we visited two competitors whose major products are both
  automation lines for cardboard converting, especially rigid box automation lines.
  The first company is EMMECI, the president of EMMECI Mr. Lelli, who is
  also an elegant university professor; welcomed us with his eloquent explanation
  and excellent pronunciation of English which won us respect and made us
  realized what an Italian well educated gentlemen is like. His company major
  manufactures packaging machinery on rigid box automatic lines enable variable
  scale and shape. While his rival EUROPROGETTI, which is also an outstanding
  multinational group provide nearly the same solution on rigid box producing.
  EUROPROGETTI devoted a lot in the researching of new technology and

                                                                   Li Renjie BIGC         4
Fourteen Days in Italy

                                                        they are able to get rigid
                                                        box with 12mm height
                                                        which revealed their
                                                        precision of manufacturing.
                                                        EUROPROGETTI can also
                                                        achieve rigid box with an
                                                        obtuse bottom angle on
                                                        their machine. This is quite
                                                        fresh for this industry, even
                                                        though this kind of design
                                                        is newly introduced, it
                                                        might become the dominate
                                                        trend in a few year’s time.
  Fig.4 EUROPROGETTI's receptionist explaining us the Even though the manager
                  principle of the machinery          received us cannot speak
  English, he explained thoroughly the process of rigid box production and the
  process of the machine manufacturing, he also waved his white handkerchief
  while we were leaving, this small gesture engraved the friendship of Italian
  people deeply in our heart.
    Though there are small differences between these two companies, they share
  one advantage: precision. In China so far, almost all the rigid boxes are made
  manually. Like many other light industry, the packaging industry isn’t willing to
  introduce automatic equipments, thus lead to the absence of demand for this kind
  of machines in the whole market, just because we have cheap human labor. But
  this kind of situation is changing slowly yet steady in these years, in accordance
  with the world’s competition, the cheap labor is being substituted by higher
  educated group to play as the core of productivity source. We urgently require
  such automatic volume-produce machines to confront the assurgent demand of
  market and dearer labor. But the kernel problem is not the principle for these
  kinds of machines, but the precision. It got to be a long long way to go before
  we can achieve such technique.

  ◆	 Oct	6th	,	2008	B.C.	Re
     Unlike the manufactures mentioned above, Re is specialized in producing
  varies kinds of accessories for machine with roll. Though the company is
  relatively not big in staff number, it reaches an outstanding quality and providing
  unique service to become elite in this certain industry. The sales manager Mr.
  Roberto and technician Mr. Antonio welcomed us. Mr. Roberto is very humorous
  with charming behavior, while Mr. Antonio though with less words but hit
  the point incisively. They both contact a lot with Chinese people, so once in a
  while they spoke out some Chinese words which make our visit rather relaxed

                                                                 Li Renjie BIGC         
Fourteen Days in Italy

  and cheerful. Six out of ten of the product produced by Re are being exported,
  thus Re is influential in different region of the world for different products. For
  example, in China, people become familiar with Re because its gear, but in
  Italy, Re is famous for its brakes. During the visit to the workshop of Re, two
  small things impressed me deeply. When we come to the storage shelves for
  accessories, the big shelf with 3 or 4 meters in height was full of diversified kind
  parts with clarified No. and index for looking up. This natty implicates the strict
  and scientific management of the whole company. And when we visited the load
  cell manufacturing workshop, we saw a woman worker who is checking every
  cell with great chariness. Her work was quite simple and boring in our eyes, but
  her meticulous attitude moved us and made me wonder, with such fastidiousness,
  nothing cannot be manufactured.

  ◆	 Oct	7th	,	2008	B.C.	Agnati
     Agnati is a corrugated board line provider, who is also a customer of Re’
  s chuck. The business development manager Mr. Claudio Grignaschi gave us
  a warm reception and guided us around the factory. During the processing of
  corrugated board, the corrugated roll plays the dominate role in the final quality
  of the board. So we focused on the manufacturing process of the roll. The
  workshop prepared the whole series of standard milling cutter along with more
  specialized designed grinder, they two together can achieve individualized roll
  according to the demand of the customer, with varied flute profile. The company
  also deals with second-hand corrugating machines; the retread of the roll can
  reduce its life to only 60%.

  ◆ After   visiting these eight representative companies, I gained certain
  knowledge of the whole Italian printing and packaging manufacturing industry,
  and also thought a lot about it. My feeling can be summed up into the following
  seven aspects:

  1.    The everlasting pursuing for precision. The accessory is the basic for
  machines, so the quality of the accessories directly determines the quality
  of the whole equipment. If the manufacture of the small parts is rebated, the
  precision of the big machine will suffer a fatal threaten, and leave the quality
  of the product produced by the machine. That’s the exact reason why most
  manufactures insist the bottom-line to be making the core of the machines by
  themselves. So we can have a rigid box is represented to us with less than 0.1mm
  warp and only 12mm high. So we choose to produce satellite presses even
  though it leads to more sophisticated foundry process to ensure the precision
  of the whole machine. For most Chinese manufactures, precision is always a

                                                                  Li Renjie BIGC         
Fourteen Days in Italy

  nightmare. In order to improve the precision and duration of the machines made
  by our technology, we need to set our eye on every single accessory, make sure
  every patch of them are exactly the same, every one of them can work as long
  and as well as they are expected to do. What’s more, more consideration of the
  little variables in the practical use of the machine should be taken account since
  a small vibration could possibly ruin one day’s work. So that’s why we found
  the design of vibration-proof roller core and other automatic self-control system.
  For the product that called for high quality, precision isn’t one of the determinant
  factors, it’s the only one.
  2.      Consideration for higher productivity in all aspects. For modern industry,
  shortening the working time equals to higher productivity, which directly
  leads to more profit and production. Printing presses require pauses and parts
  replacement during the change of jobs, this time is calculated thoroughly by
  the designer of presses to shorten it by all means. What is considered first is the
  time for cylinder or roller to change. In older presses, the change could only be
  possible if the machine is stopped, then manually unscrewed, but for today, we
  can let the idle unit changes when other units are printing. Sleeve technique allows
  the core of cylinder to change only its clothes when we need to change plate or
  print length thus could cut the time for changing the whole cylinder. Automatic
  on-board wash-up system can free human labor from changing the inking system
  and setup for the next job. All these contribute together for flexographic and
  gravure printing reproduction period and reduce the job change-over time to
  minimum. In many instances, the improvement in precision and productivity can
  achieve the same goal by different routes. Take gearless drive as an example, this
  design can reduce the deficiency of low precision of gears themselves, and at the
  same time allows us to prepare individual unit regardless of other unites so as to
  shorten the job change-over time. This win-win innovative design stimulates our
  technology to move forward.
  3.      Environmental protection is everywhere. The major by-production of
  mechanical production is pollution, the neglect of such pollution will inevitable
  cause catastrophe as history has already shown us. Even we tried to control after
  the pollution has been done, the result is still painful though we’ve strived our
  best. NA’s production is quite refreshing and also reminds me that this market
  is not yet discovered by Chinese, so it’s rather more impossible to expect us to
  develop such equipments. These auxiliary equipments exist not only helping
  the management of manufacturers, but also stands for the attitude of responsible
  for the environment. The development of flexographic, the more and more
  application with water-based ink, are big progresses for our industry, they ensure
  better working condition for the workers, more reliable and innocuous packaging
  product, these should be our way to the future development, and now we can
  say that we are lucky, we finally find flexographic as the solution. In China,

                                                                  Li Renjie BIGC         
Fourteen Days in Italy

  what we need to focus on is not just the principle of pneumatic facilities and
  design them, not just testing for more saturated ink, but the nation’s awareness
  of environmental protection. Only when we have a nation waken up to care more
  about the earth that raises us, can our nation have a future, and can our industry
  develop in a well-balanced way.
  4.     Humanized design for the users. Machines are designed to provide
  convenience for human, and some small designs in the machines make us feel
  being cared and protected when using them. The elevator shaft of the presses
  can let us adjust to the proper height to change the sleeves; the go-cart provided
  along with the presses free the workers from doing such labored works to carry
  the heavy cylinders around. The pipes are flexible in length so workers needn’
  t to worry about the vibration and cracking caused by the environmental change
  and they also don’t need cut the pipes to fit the length of the room required.
  Details are the key to success, it’s the small things that pleased our customer and
  keep them along with us, let them know, using our machines is another way to
  enjoy life.
  5.     Customer demand oriented. Wherever we go, we keep hearing the
  companies talking about their philosophy of customer oriented manufacturing.
  Mechanical manufacture is no longer a repeated big-volume production, but
  a solution provider. Satisfying the customer is the only way to attain broader
  market and better reputation. This is also something we need to learn and change
  our situation in the future. After meeting the conventional standard, we need
  to face on the individual need of a specific customer. The one who wins the
  customer’s heart, wins the whole competition.
  6.     High percentage of R&D funds. This is also something emphasized by
  all the companies we visited. All the things that are mentioned above derive
  from the striving of innovation and reform. The new technology developed is
  the new blood adding to the enterprises and supporting future development.
  In many Chinese companies, especially some small or median companies, in
  the beginning of their business, they tried hard to attract customers, but once
  they gain adequate group of customers, they stopped renovating their technique
  and focus only on production. The neglect of the changing market and their
  counterworkers finally leads to the loss of competence and failure. This merits
  attention of us, no matter what we are striving for, faster or more precise,
  stability or more harmless, like the investing on education of a country, spending
  money on research and development is buying insurance for the future of the
  7.     Specialized service provided. I used to think successful enterprises
  means a large range of product and service provided all over the world, this trip
  topples my ideas down. NA engages in a society beneficial industry with only
  seven employee, Re manufactures only small parts of a huge machine but is an

                                                                 Li Renjie BIGC         
Fourteen Days in Italy

  outstanding and professionally service provider, make me realized when judging
  a company, the scale and sales are just small parts of a complex comprehension,
  we need to consider more on the technology level, in this way, specialization and
  expertise are the key factors.

                                                               Li Renjie BIGC         
Fourteen Days in Italy

                            Chapter 2 Culture
  Even though the main purpose of our trip is the visiting and studying of the
  manufactures in our industry, ACIMGA and Italian government were so kind
  that the schedule was also filled by unforgettable trips to interests which allowed
  us to study this beautiful and friendly nation from the aspect of culture.

  ◆	 Sep	27	th,28th	,	2008	B.C.	Venice
     Italy is a country rich in artists and delicious
  food, but only till stand on the land of Italy, I
  finally found the reason for the richness. Here
  we are surrounded by the marvelous view and
  pacific atmosphere which purified our hearts
  from deep inside, and spontaneously find our
  way to enjoy life and seek for beauty.
     Venice is always a component of fairy tale
  when reminiscing childhood. When we got off
  the plane, took yacht to our hotel beside the
  Artist Bridge, the passion suddenly turned into
  impassivity, a feeling of being a part of the
  nature, where the crowd walking beside me, the Fig. The colchard on Saint
  cafeteria along the street, the Gondola berthing by            Marco Piazza
  the canal. The city built on wood fundus stands still gracefully and vitally against
  the hundreds years of war and spate. In our industrialized city, the only green we
  keep around us is intended for our own survival, the human civilization is raping
  every corner unexploited for its expansion. But in Venice, the nature itself is
  awfully beautiful while the human behaviors appropriately decorate the nature.
  This harmony of civilization and the environment deserved our venerability.
      Saint. Marco Piazza, the center of
  imperium for Venice Archduchy, on its
  north stands the clochard. On the clochard,
  a young man and an old man standing
  on top of it as ringers and reminder of
  lapsing time; the lion with wings holding
  Latin code; the clock of constellation and
  the watch changes every five minutes, all
  these things shocked me, a girl grew up
  in a totally different culture. On Gondola,
  playing with the blue water in the canal,
  listening to the cantabile narrate about the        Fig. The prosperity outside the
  eminence and resplendence of the buildings                    Sigh Bridge

                                                                  Li Renjie BIGC         0
Fourteen Days in Italy

                                          along our way by the broad-shouldered
                                          boatman, watching the birthplace of Marco
                                          Polo and the flowers on the balcony, I felt
                                          like a glutton trying to eat up everything
                                          presented to me.
                                             Human civilization developments among
                                          different cultures share a lot of similarity.
                                          The five kinds of death penalty of Venice,
                                          the establishment of secret execution
      Fig. The last sight of freedom
                                          setup, are all necessarily components of
       from the inside of Sigh Bridge   feudalism. The desperation and contrition
                                        aroused by the last sight of freedom from
                                        inside of the Sigh Bridge, while outside the
                                        bridge is the uproarious Venice Filmfest of
                                        modern society. Witnessing the transience of
                                        life and prosperity, the city lives on with the
                                        pride of its history and satisfactory for the
                                        present live.

                                        ◆	 Oct	 4	 th,5th	 ,	 2008	
                                        B.C.	Florence
                                         The first word came into my mind when
                                         Florence is mentioned was Renaissance.
                                         During the four days staying in Florence, we
                                          lived behind Duomo Cathedral, in front of
  Fig. The pigeons on Saint Marco Piazza a 13th century castle which contains typical
  construction style of pre-Renaissance. It has very small windows; the walls are
  made up by unpolished stone, the shape is like a steeple in order to protect the
  nobleman from the unsteady political environment. As time went by, merchants
  began to play the dominate role on the stage and attained better social class,
  as the country moved towards peace,
  earlier Renaissance emerged quietly yet
  steadily. Just at the corner in front of the
  castle, stands an architecture of earlier
  Renaissance which has big doors and
  windows, the walls are made by trim
  stones so the building is totally different
  compared with the former one built one or
  two centuries ago.
     The whole process of Renaissance left              Fig. The bathroom of a rich
  every step every detail in Florence, one of                merchant of Florence

                                                                   Li Renjie BIGC         
Fourteen Days in Italy

  the most profound vestiges is the
  gallery of Uffizi. Outside Uffizi, is
  Signoria Piazza where David and
  Neptune stood lordly to show the
  world the beauty of Italy, whereas
  grand duke of Tuscany Medici rode
  on his horse proudly watching the
  world’s treasures born under his
  patronage. Inside Uffizi, there are
  a huge number of masterpieces
  of Florentine painting that are on
  the scroll of fame in the world. It’
  s an amazing experience to face Fig.0 The statuary-like clouds of Florence
  the original of Birth of Venus, Primavera which I’ve known since I was about
  ten years old. It’s unbelievable for me to understand how does this small town
  together with the duke who himself was a merchant but sponsored altruistically
  for those geniuses to carry the ancient Rome cultural relic forward to such an
  extreme extent. The farsighted duke provided a big stage and backing for the
  poor artists and made the world beautiful and colorful as it is today.
     When I reached the top of Duomo Cathedral, I saw the cloud like statues in
  the pure blue sky, the whole city was so coziness and harmonious, that it made
  me confused: whether it’s the beauty of nature stimulate and gestate such talent
  of aesthetic perception of its people, or the goodliness choose to stay in favor
  with the people’s unwearied pursuit for beauty. Unlike Venice, Florence can be
  remembered as black tea in the afternoon, durable and strong although the first
  taste is rather recondite, all we need is to relax and keep on tasting, then falling
  in love with it.

  ◆	 Sep	27	th	to	Oct	9th,	2008	
  B.C.		Italian	food	
  Before we finish, it’s turn to talk about the food
  of Italy. When we come to this topic, Giuseppe
  should be mentioned since he’d been the best
  guide of Italian food along our trip, and made
  everyone of us gained at least 2 kilogram
  during our visit. The food I love most are wine
  and pasta. The wine is something that should
  be remembered forever, the mellow smell had
  already bound with the memory, every time
  I closed my eyes and reminiscing the happy
  days in Italy, the aroma of wine lingered all           Fig.   Delicious spaghetti

                                                                   Li Renjie BIGC        
Fourteen Days in Italy

  around the recollection. Compared with the most popular Italian main dishes
  such as pizza and spaghetti, I prefer macaroni with cheese powder on it. The
  elasticity of macaroni and the delicious tomato and beef sauce made me feel at
  home even though I was in a foreign land. Besides these, the tasty roasted beef,
  the freshness of lemon ice cream, the palatable of seafood spaghetti, the crisp of
  pizza aroused my appetite everyday, the misgiving of unadapting to the habit of
  eating before I came here was swept away by the enticement of delicious dishes
  in front of me. These made me fell for this culture, and melt myself into it.

     The leisureliness in life
  of Italian, such as start
  working at nine in the
  morning and have noon
  break until three p.m. before
  continuing to work, amazed
  me at first. But when I’m
  back in China, get up at six
  in the morning, I feel quite
  complicated deep inside.
  This is life, life is to live
  as the community, as the
  society expected, and my
  life here is to study, to attain       Fig. With the ACIMGA's vice president
  more skills and knowledge.
  The jocund and light-hearted ten-day’s trip is somewhat a surprise, it owes to the
  great support from ACIMGA and Italian government, the appreciation from my
  professor and a little bit effort of myself. This gift of life stimulates me to work
  harder to achieve the standard required for a capable person, to devote myself
  into the industry of printing and packaging. On the other hand, this unforgettable
  experience brought Italy which is a rather faraway nation into my horizon, after
  knowing its beauty, friendliness and advancement, I realized my responsibility to
  accelerate the communicate and interaction between us for the new generation,
  binding the two nations together even tighter. We six students, or even more
  in the coming years, will let the children in China know, in the far Europa
  continent, there is always an honest friend named Italy welcoming us, expecting
  our cooperation and striving together.

                                                                  Li Renjie BIGC         
           Thanks to the Good Wing, Helping me fly
                                                    ——Italian Visiting Report

                       Jiangnan University ZHU Xuyao

     The visit, study and exchange in Italy for a period of 13 days (from September 27, 2008 to
October 9, 2008) completed successfully as soon as we set foot on the earth of our motherland
again. What we feel are excitement, rejoicing, happy, and much more we feel is that we gain a lot.
During this time, we are fortunate enough to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Italy, experience and
gradually adapt to the way of foreign country’s eating habits and life. Also we’ve been impressed
by the deep cultural and artistic connotation, studied the world’s most advanced equipment
processing and production technology of printing and packaging, the concept of enterprise’s
innovative design.

      1. Thanking
     Thanks to Italian Trade Commission, thanks to Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication,
thanks to Italian Manufacturers Association of Machinery For the Graphic , Converting And Paper
Industry, thank you for your well-organized, meticulous and intimate caring; Thanks to Mr.
Giuseppe, an official of Italian Trade Commission and thanks to Ms. Cai Xueping, an official of
the Beijing office, thank you for your hard work, thank you for letting us feel much safety and
comfortable in the foreign country; Thanks to He Xiaohui, the Professor of Beijing Institute of
Graphic Communication, thank you for your work of the whole activity and the guidance and help
to us on study and life; Thanks to all of the company’s leaders and employees which we visited,
thank you for your meticulous instruction and hot entertainment; Thanks to Mr. Loris, our craft
brother, thank you for bringing us an easy and happy travel; Thanks to every member of our team,
because of you, no one of us felt lonely, instead, we felt united, synergic and friendly, felt endless
warm and happy. Thank you again, thank you everyone who paid hard work to this activity .
Figure 1 is a group photo the members who join this activity outside of Uteco.

                    Figure 1   A group photo the members who joined this activity inVenice.
      2. The Simple Introduction of the Journey
      The main contents of this activity in Italy include visiting the manufactures and enterprises of
Printing and Packing, and exchanging to each other, also viewing the famous cultural landscape of
Italy. Table 1 is referred to the specific journey:
    Table 1: The specific list of visiting Italy

             TIME                                            CONTENT
         09.27-09.28       Head for Italy, Visit Venice
             09.29         Visit UTECO, Head for Bergamo
             09.30         Visit NEW AERODINAMICA, Head for Casale
             10.01         Visit CERUTTI, Head for Florence
             10.02         Visit EMMECI
             10.03         Visit EUROPROGETTI
         10.04-10.05       Visit Florence , Head for Milan
             10.06         Visit RE
             10.07         Visit AGNATI
                           Visit FLEXOTECNICA, Exchange With The Receiver ACIMGA,
                           End the visit
             10.09         Set out to Repatriate

      3. The Brief Depiction of Companies We Visited
     All of the 8 companies we visited in Italy are the manufacturers of the equipments of printing
and packaging industry. They mainly manufacture flexographic printing press , gravure press,
finishing equipments, electrical auxiliary equipments, waste recovery equipments and so on. Each
company has its own characteristics, with a senior background, as well as a strong research and
innovation capacity so that they can make their products occupy a place in the competition and be
prestigious around the world. Giving me the first and the furthest impression is that they pursue
the quality in the technical details, equipment precision, as well as the higher and better work
efficiency and personnel value in use. They are determined to ensure that each of the parts of
equipments can be perfect, the use of every component’s performance can be more advantageous
and pay attention to human design, so they can facilitate the work furthest .They can make sure
that only one or two people are needed in a big plant and a company which own 6 subsidiary
companies need only forty to fifty staff, We can imagine that all of them are the elite talents and
are worth learning. Those we come into contact are not only the advanced technology but also the
company’s concept of the management and cultural atmosphere, We can see a lot of coffee
machines in the plant, so the staff can drinking coffee conveniently when they have a rest . Every
company’ idiographic introductions are as follows:
     3.1 UTECO
     UTECO mainly manufacture flexographic printing press, gravure press and finishing
equipments including narrow width and stacked flexographic printing press (dentate structure or
edental structure), gravure press, solvent or nonwoven compound machine, water/solvent coater
and so on .
     The company’s scale is large and the plants’ collocation is quite reasonable, having design
department, production department, sales and marketing department and so on. At the same time,
the company also pays attention to technology innovation and makes it as an inexhaustible motive
force for their survival and development; they make efforts to empolder new products to suit to the
market. The main products of the company are DIAMOND HP 809、DIAMOND HP 109、
MISTAL M·MC、Q-PRESS、E-PRESS and ONYX .DIAMOND HP 809 is mainly reflected in the
high-speed flexography; DIAMOND HP 109 is mainly reflected in high-performance flexography;
Q-PRESS has advantages in short plate of gravure; E-PRESS is the newest rotogravure press from
UTECO, It mainly print on flexible packaging materials, for example, thin film, laminates and
light paper. The job change can be performed quickly by means of the gravure interchangeable
trolley designed to hold the gravure cylinder, the ink pan, tank and pump already assembled to
reduce operator maneuvers and changeover times.
     Take DIAMOND HP 809 as an example , it can be equipped with any Uteco range of
winders , It has a wide use range and its substrate can be paper or film , its maximum speed can
reach 600 m/min . The equipment has fast-drying system, the technology of automatic cylinder
exchanging, loading and unloading. The printing pressure can be accommodated dynamically in
the high-speed operation process, which has greatly improved the efficiency of the production. It
also equip with automatic washing system , which can wash all parts related to the inking ,
including ink piping , anilox rollers and the viscosity control devices . In addition, advanced
printing management and control system is equipped for it, we can make reasonable and correct
regulation by visual recognition of machine components, for example, the tensions, pressure, ink
in the process, to control, test and ensure the products’ quality and normally printing. The
technical Characteristic of DIAMOND HP 809 is shown in table 2.Figure 2 is a photo of us
visiting Uteco.
     Table 2 :Technical Characteristic of DIAMOND HP 809

                  Number of colors                                      8

                   Max line speed                                 600 [m/min]

                    Print Width                                1000 - 1600 [mm]

                   Reel diameter                            800 - 1000 - 1200 [mm]
                                       Figure 2   A photo of us visiting Uteco.

     NA mainly produce a full set of system used to rule out the waste paper and dust . Its
products are pneumatic conveyor, a full set of system used to reclaim and meet the special need ,
as well as the solutions of production technology of paper making , binding , plastic film and
metal film .
     After visiting the company, we were fortunate to go to the company’s customers to learn the
operation of the entire system in the whole process in detail, which made us to be convinced of the
importance of environmental protection again and realize the possibility and practicability of the
high-tech environment protection. The whole equipment use a series of pneumatic equipment to
reclaim the flotsam and dust which are produced in the process of paper making , printing , die
cutting and so on . At the same time, it uses separator to deal with the dust and flotsam separately
in the process. At last, it crushes the waste and makes them to a pile of paper or uses them to
reproduce through certain equipment. Under normal circumstances, after the disposing we can
save 25% of the volume which greatly save the space and reduce the environmental pollution.
That can make the whole enterprise, factory, workshop to maintain a relatively clean environment,
and make a great contribution to the social environment. As a person on the earth, everyone should
carry out the duty of protecting our homeland.
     CERUTTI Corporation is one of the biggest manufacturer centers of flexographic printing
press and gravure press, whose technology has been in a leading position in the world. It is the
recognized world leader of flexographic printing press and gravure press, which has its filiale in
Hong Kong and Shanghai.        FLEXOTECNICA is one of its subsidiary company. CERUTTI
mainly manufacture photogravure press , packaging printing , newspaper flexographic printing
press , packing flexographic printing press , web-platen die-cutter , rotary die-cutter , single-sheet
platen die-cutter and so on, production including packaging , publishing, decoration , securities
industry …It is really admirable that the entire production process, including parts and
components manufacture, testing are self-completed in the company and finally they are
assembled into a good performance printing press. In the company, we are fortunate enough to see
the two types of machines for different purposes. One of them is R970/2 which is suitable for
short plate and rapid media publication printing, and the other is the one that is suitable for
packing and higher quality and performance printing. Their price is different and they adapt to
different customers need. Figure 3 shows we were in CERUTTI.

                                    Figure 3   we were in CERUTTI
     Although FLEXOTECNICA is the CERUTTI’s subsidiary company, it has its own
characteristics and advantages. It mainly produce sleeve-type cylinder and satellite flexographic
printing press , and its main production are N8G,N10G,Chr8nos,Chr10nos,F8G and 12 colors
group . The range of width is 600-2000mm. They are all controlled by computer, and there is no
gear. At the same time they can be connected with unit-type flexographic printing press /
photogravure press / die-cutter, used for the printing of film and cardboard packaging material.
During the visit to the company, we can see that the company has been in constant pursuit of
progress and technological improvements, the whole process can be operated by the
all-computer-controlled, so that it is more suitable for future technology development, and able to
make production more precise and high-efficiency. At the same time, they also pay attention to
communicate with customers, rather than unilateral behind closed doors, and they are good at
listening to customers. They want to produce what the customer most need.
     The two companies can be said to be of the same type of equipment manufacturing company,
but both of them have their own features and advantages , and they are not only compete with
each other but also complement with each other in the market .
    EMMECI mainly design and manufacture the production line of automatic hard box and
board liner. Its main production are Automatic Rigid BOX Line(MC 92 SB-MC92 HSB-MC 92
DB,MC 94 SB-MC 94 UB and MC 2004 MEB),Automatic Laminator-Case maker(MC 2001
              ,                                              (MC TA 98)
                                (MC L 99) and Mitering Machine
SL-MC 2001 ML) Lidding Up Machine                                      .Figure
4 is we visited EMMECI.
    EUROPROGETTI mainly manufacture automatic production lines and automatic compound
production lines of carton. The company is focus on technology innovation and study work.
Compared to EMMECI, it is able to manufacture smaller box, whose least thick is 1.2cm. At the
same time, it is fully automated, and is the only leader technical in the same industry. Its major
production are AC1060 , EP170L , EP170L/15 and EP240 . EP240 which can produce
irregular-shaped box is also the advanced equipment displayed in 2008 Drupa . It is unique in the
same industry. EUROPROGETTI have a strong ownership group, which has 6 subordinate
company and 4 service centers. But the company only has about 50 employees. So the personnel
using efficiency are amazing. Figure 5 is we visited EUROPROGETTI.

           Figure 4   In EMMECI                             Figure 5   Visit EUROPROGETTI

     3.5 RE
    RE is a corporation that mainly study and manufacture the solution of paper machining,
paper making, and metal wire rubber processing and textile industry. Its major productions are
Pneumatic & electromagnetic powder brakes & clutches,tension controllers,expanding shafts &
safety chucks,load cells,mechanical chucks,web guide systems,rotary union and web vision
systems . The major products they produced like many parts of a machine, which can better
control and coordinate the machine to operate and produce. If there are no relatively good quality
of parts and components, such as braking, transmission, the necessary safety of the machine in the
process of production will not be assured and the ultimate quality of the finished product will be
far from satisfactory. Therefore, the company also pay attention to the details so they look-over
and test every production exactly to guarantee products’ quality.
      3.6 AGNATI
     AGNATI mainly runs in the filed of corrugated board, box machine manufacture and
automatic control system.

       4. The Tourism and Culture of Italy
     During the visit, we are fortunate to view the famous cultural attractions of Italy, including
Venice and Florence. We not only enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery, but also learned a lot from
the long history and culture of Italy, also we acquainted the local conditions and customs of Italy.
We are grateful for the friendliness, hospitable and welcome to us.
      4.1 Venice
     Our first station is the beautiful “aquatic city”-Venice in Italy. We mainly viewed Venice’s
Piazza San Marco, Government House and the Bridge of Sighs. We also enjoyed the Venice
unique scenery through the Grand Canal and the river course alley by the unique
transportation—Gondola,shown in figure 7 . In Venice, our moods opened all of a sudden when
we set eyes on the aquatic urban charm scenery. It is a quite satisfied matter of being infatuated
with such a beautiful and wonderful city, listening respectfully to those glorious historical
     Venice is a beautiful aquatic city. It was built in the water, where is the most impossible place
to construct. It is located in the northeast Italy. Also it is an important harbor on the northwestern
coast of the Adriatic Sea which is consisted of 118 islands, connected by 180 canals, 378 bridges,
interlinked by the boat. So it has the name of “Aquatic City”. The Venice canal is the urban street,
the city does not have automobiles and bicycles. Also it does not have the traffic control lights.
The ship is the local only transportation vehicle.Figure 6 is the beautiful scenery of Venice.

                                  Figure 6   The beautiful scenery of Venice

      The characteristic Venice’s pointed boat has a unique name –Gondola. This slim, unique
form of the boat has a history for more than a thousand years. It is the transport tool instead of
walking for Venetian who living in lagoon.

                                           Figure 7 :Gondola
        The Piazza San Marco and the San Marco Church is one of Venice’s most famous scenic
spots and historical sites. The Piazza San Marco measures 170 meters from east to west, 80 meters
wide to the east and 55 meters wide to the west. Its total area is approximately 10.000 square
meters, assuming like a trapezoid. Their exquisite and harmonious modeling, vivid and lifelike
carving can be regarded as the unusual masterpiece in the Ancient Rome construction. The South,
North and West square are surrounded by magnificent palaces. These buildings are harmonious
and exquisite. The carvings in the constructions are also vivid. Its east side stands the 98.6 meters
height Saint Mark Bell Tower and Saint Mark Church which melts East and West architectural art
into a body. Its west is the Doge’s Palace and the library of Saint Mark. The orderly magnificent
palace was built with the pink and white marbles. It is the chief of state’s government. It is also the
locus of big parliamentary and government. The San Marco Church is one of the most great
reputation cathedrals among Christianity world. It is also the fourth crusade eastern expedition’s
birth land. Venice’s glory, Venice’s abundance, certainly, and Venice’s history and the belief all lie
        The Bridge of Sighs is an arch bridge, erecting on the creek which is between the Doge’s
Palace and the prison, enjoying the high reputation. It is constructed in 1600(another material: in
1603). The notorious Bridge of Sighs, so-called from the voices of prisoners being taken across it
to their deaths in the old days, may represent the sound of modern Venice more than the triumphal
cries of this once-glorious Queen of the Adriatic. After the prisoners accepting the trial in the
Government House, re-offenders were taken in the dungeon. Then they may be farewell to the
world forever. In the past the person condemned to death moved toward the execution grounds
must pass through this dense air-tight bridge. The people condemned to death can only penetrate
the window to have a look at the blue sky. When they thought that their family members were
waiting on the boats under the bridge to bid farewell, all sorts of feelings well up, cannot help
exuding sound of the sigh—and then move a little forward will say goodbye to the world forever.
     Venice’s unique carnival’s colored masks, the glassware and the glass jewelry. Each one is
such meticulous and good-looking that makes people be unable to put down.
     Certainly, we also enjoyed the extreme Italian food and genuine delicious western-style food
including the Italian Pisa, the spaghetti, the seafood, the meats and the vegetables and so on. We
may also learn some Italian culture from eating, such as Italian eating habits, table culture. The
Italian full meal generally has four dishes, including the opening dish, the first, second and the
      4.2 Florence
     After leaving beautiful Venice, we arrived at the world-famous cultural tourist
attraction-Florence. Florence is a city in the middle of Italy , the capital of Tuscany. It is a famous
city with a long history and culture. It is not only the cradle of Italy Renaissance movement, but
also the cradle of the European culture.
     In Florence, we deeply impressed by the atmosphere of art making people unconsciously
shock and enjoyed the influence that great art brought to us at the meantime. We mainly visited
the Duomo(also translated as “the Hundred Flowers Cathedral”, ”the Florence Cathedral”). It is
the landmark of Florence. Its appearance was faced with pink, green and creamy white marbles. It
shows the feminine graceful noble temperament, thus called as “Santa Maria del Fiore”; Piazzale
Michelangelo is located at the opposite shore of the Arno River. It is the best foothold overlooking
Florence. The central of the square locates the reproductive statue of Michelangelo’s; Ponte
Vecchio is a two-story construction. It used to be a corridor from Uffizi Palace to Blue Royal
Palace. On both sides of the bridge are special products stores. The back of the shop extend to the
river. Special product shops mainly trade the gems and the noble metals; and the art museum
collects the masterpieces of Giotto, Raphael, Titian, Rubens, Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Botticelli
and others.

       5. Harvest and feelings
     I am honored to have the chance to be choosen to join this visit to Italy, so I seized all
opportunities as much as possible to learn,to atonement some insufficient of my own professional
knowledge,and I also absorbed new, advanced technology widely,           to promote me to do harder
in future study and work, dare to explore, pursues unceasingly and enhance myself. Before leaving
for Italy, I knew in the printing and packaging industry, their device in Flexography and Gravure
are prominent, But I didn’t know the details.When we got to the machinery and equipment
manufacturers in Italy, we saw them how to make the high-precision, high-quality machines step
by step, as well as humane and efficient design.
     Advanced technological innovation and human design can guarantee the machine’s precision
and high efficient production. Several enterprises we visited in Italy all pay great attention to
details, because we only make the best and          precisest every small parts of device, the last
machines assembled by them can achieve the best performance, and can better meet customer
requirements. For example, UTECO and CERUTTI, We can see they use                        sophisticated
equipment to test the drum, the ink tank , the control system and other components’ passing rate
and product quality in the production process. At the same time, they also pay great attention to
the importance of innovation on the design,sales and maintaining communication with the
customer relations, and do better. we can see that the enterprises have their own variety of types of
Products, and even some of them are unique technology not only at home but also in the world,
such as EUROPROGETTI. With the precision machinery, more humane design and constant
innovation ,they can ensure that customers can get efficient production using the machines,which
save their time, effort and financial resources,it will be cost savings, why not do it in modern
     Many large-scale machineries and equipments of printing and packaging are very complex, in
a sense to understand, if we only operate the device by      manual , it will be very tired and tedious
work, and in many cases the he people are hard to find the problems when there are something
wrong with the parts of device. However,              we are very luck to see that there is a
computer-controlled operation now, I think this is the era of digital printing coming we believed.
Digital printing is not just a simple sense of the digital printing press, it should be understood as
the entire operation of the equipments can be controlled automately by computer, we can control
every part’s operation, monitor every part’s performance, test the quality of products and so on
through the main control panel. At present, digital has become a trend, because it is convenient,
fast and accurate ,in the   future it will play an important role.
     Finally, I have a personal idea, it has been a long time in my mind and I can’t sure it is
reasonable. We can see that most of the printing and finishing equipments are separate,and they
are separated to operate in the printing company ,it’s       a waste of time to some extent. we can
consider combining the printing and finishing devices when we design manufacture them, if it
could be able to achieve, we will get a step in           the production equipment and production
efficiency .

       6.Summary and Outlook
     After this fortunate and valuable visit, I think I will have more experience, wider knowledge
and vision, and more persistent focus on printing and packaging industry. We hope those
companies we visited will develop better and better by constant research and development,
producing and creating more advanced devices to promote the whole printing and packaging
industry's rapid development. I also want to be able to strengthen own technical skills to
contribute to the whole industry ,work harder for a better world. Finally,I wish that China and Italy
will strengthen further and better co-operation and trade ,The people of two countries will be more
friendly! We work together!
An Unforgettable Visit to Italy                                                       Gao Xiaojing

                            An Unforgettable Visit to Italy

                                         Gao Xiaojing
                       (Xi’an University of Technology Xi’an 710048)
      Italian Manufacturers Association of Machinery for the Graphic, Converting and Paper
Industry (ACIMGA) and Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication set up Italian Printing
Technology Award in China in May 2008, as one of the excellent Chinese students major in
printing and packaging engineering, I visited Italy for study and communication on behalf of
Xi’an University of Technology, along with 5 students from other universities, led by Professor He
Xiaohui of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication and Ms. Cai Xueping of Italian Institute
for Foreign Trade (ICE) during 27th September to 9th October.
      We have been in Italy for 13 days and visited 8 manufacturers of printing, packaging and
relevant machinery which are located in Bergamo, Casale, Florence and Milan and belong to
Italian Manufacturers Association of Machinery for Graphic, Converting and Paper Industry
(ACIMGA). The 8 manufacturers involves four kinds of industry: flexographic and gravure press
machinery manufacturing industry, packaging machinery manufacturing industry, converting and
paper machinery manufacturing industry and relevant accessories manufacturing industry.

Flexographic and Gravure Press Machinery Manufacturing Industry
      When referring to flexographic and gravure press machinery, we should talk about Cerutti
Group. It is one of the largest manufacturers of flexographic and gravure press and acknowledged
as the leader of flexographic and gravure machinery and technology in the world. The history of
this company is a legend. In 1920 Giovanni Cerutti established his first enterprise in Casale, which
was just a small workshop. In the beginning he didn’t manufacture presses but repair textile
machines. After the Second World War, the economic of Italy collapsed, the machinery industry
was almost devastated, and a lot of printing works were under heaps of ruins. Giovanni Cerutti
decided that the repairing of textile machines was no longer his future and he devoted himself into
rotogravure printing machines. In 1949 Giovanni Cerutti built his first rotogravure printing press.
With the recovery of the world economic, a variety of media spread widely. Giovanni foresaw the
huge market of magazines and newspapers and built their first factory which manufactured
rotogravure machines for printing magazines and newspapers. At present, there are quite a number
of production lines which is manufactured by Cerutti Group in operation around the world. Cerutti
Group has five factories in Italy and two in America. Besides, Cerutti Group also set up a software
development center in India and some offices in Amsterdam, Zurich, Barcelona, London,
Pittsburgh, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Peking and Hong Kong.
      This time we visited two companies of Cerutti Group fortunately: Cerutti company and
Flexotecnica company.
      Cerutti company’s principle business is to manufacture rotogravure machines with its
location in Casale near Milan. Mr. Giampiero Zorigo, vice president of Cerutti China Limited,
welcome us warmly and introduced R970/2 and R980 which were developed by R&D department
in July, 2007.
      R970/2 which is suited for very short to medium production runs is equipped with on-board
wash-up system and feature completely automatic job change-over operations. This type of press
An Unforgettable Visit to Italy                                                         Gao Xiaojing

model has several remarkable characteristics as
     ◆ Each unit is equipped with one
two-position trolley, enabling automatic
replacement by a single operation of old printing
cylinder and/or inking system.
     ◆ It is very easy to wash inking system
with Teflon coated surface and rubber covered
inking roller.
     ◆ High efficiency drying system saves a lot of spaces with minimized web path length
(almost 50% less).
     ◆ By means of electronic line shaft technology, printing cylinder locking mechanism and
angular pre-positioning are realized and the waste during production start-up and transient
conditions such as press decelerations, accelerations and reel splice is minimized.
     ◆ It is realized to preset the press working parameters, including printing cylinder position,
doctor blade groups, inking systems, drying system, tension control groups, etc.
      Compared with the previous press models, R980 enhance the quality/price ratio. It has all the
features of R970/2 and integrates many auxiliary equipments, such as automatic register control
equipment, viscosity controls, camera web viewing system, LEL control system, etc.
                                             Flexotecnica company is located near Milan, which
                                       was built in 1979 and started its production in 1980.
                                       Flexotecnica employs about 120 people and is a big
                                       enterprise in Italy. Flexotecnica focus on the manufacture of
                                       reel-to-reel flexographic presses. Its latest production has 12
                                       printing elements and is suitable for printing all flexible
                                       materials used for packaging industry, paper and cardboard
                                       as well. Except a wide models of flexographic presses, this
                                       Company has available combined lines allowing for
                                       additional processes such as laminators and die-cutters.
                                       Since1994, when Cerutti Group entered the majority shares,
the presence of Flexotecnica on the flexographic foreign markets has been further strengthened
and over 85% of its production is exported world-wide.
      The new series “NG” (New Gearless) and “FG” (Formato Grande) are the representative
series which are developed and produced by Flexotecnica. They all use the technology of the
printing sleeves and can change sleeves quickly and safely. The doctor blade chamber of them is a
new design with quick release blades and ink inlet and outlet hoses specifically positioned for
connection with auto wash system. Different from “NG” Series, “FG” Series is suited to print on
various substrates, from light gauge films to paper and board. The doctor blade system of it allows
a precise positioning with fine adjustment of pneumatic pressure on the blade. ”FG” Series is also
equipped with the new system “SRS” (Smart Ride System) for safer and more comfortable change
of sleeves.
      Uteco company is another company which is specialized in manufacturing flexographic and
gravure presses. This company is founded in 1985 and located in Bergamo. Except flexographic
and gravure presses, this company manufactures laminating and coating machines as well. They
An Unforgettable Visit to Italy                                                       Gao Xiaojing

pay great attention to innovation and design different kinds of
machines to meet the customers’ requests of different levels. For
example, the quick change of the rotogravure cylinder sleeves on
Q-Press is suitable for short production runs. E-Press is designed for
“Entry-Level” customers who are willing to start a rotogravure print
business without big investments. Blenda IL is a flexographic
machine which is designed for heavy jobs, such as the print at high speeds of very thick substrates
and with the maximum printing widths of 2500 mm.

Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Industry
      Packaging Machinery includes automatic lines to manufacture rigid boxes, automatic coating
lines, automatic laminating lines and etc. Emmeci company designs and builds the Automatic
Lines to manufacture rigid boxes and Automatic Laminator Lines. Similar to Emmeci,
Europrogrtti company also designs and builds automatic lines for boxmakers and cardboard
converting and their automatic lines are more precise, faster and more flexible. Boxes with large
range of sizes and                                                     dimensions can be made
in     the    same                                                     production line, and the
programs to make                                                       these different boxes are
saved      in   the                                                    database to meet different
customers’ needs.                                                      Moreover, through the
development      of                                                    the lines, irregular-shaped
box can be made                                                        to meet the specific
requirements     of                                                    customers.

Converting and Paper Machinery Manufacturing Industry
    Agnati company is specialized in manufacturing corrugated paper and board machines. Their
machines are acknowledged for their high reliability over time and excellent performance in the
worldwide corrugated industry.

Relevant Accessories Manufacturing Industry
      New Arodinamica company designs and installs professional scraps reclaiming systems for
some paper-mills and bookbinderies, plastic film and metal sheets production companies. Their
tailor-made scraps reclaiming systems can collect, filter and crush scraps, and according to their
types, finally package or compress them after grounding into powder for reuse or recycle.
      Re company which is established in 1976 with its location in Florence and produces
automatic control devices. This company gives me a very deep impression, different from other
                                            companies, it is specialized in accessories of press,
                                            die-cutters and etc, including pneumatic&
                                            electromagnetic brakes, clutches, expanding shafts,
                                            chucks, rotary unions, tension controllers, load cells,
                                            web guide systems, web vision systems and etc. All
                                            of the accessories are not very big but very special in
                                            design, such as their pneumatically controlled brakes.
Traditional brakes can transform mechanical energy into heat, which is then dissipated into the
An Unforgettable Visit to Italy                                                       Gao Xiaojing

atmosphere. The amount of heat which can be dissipated into air is dependent on the speed of
rotation, the diameter and surface area of the disc. When it is used in web tension control, the low
rotation speed requires a large enough disc which will increase the cost. The pneumatically
controlled brake designed by Re company has a turbine in the center of the brake, so better
thermal power dissipation is achieved without high dependency on speed, and avoiding the need
to increase the disc diameter. The design reduces costs and saves spaces. This kind of innovative
design can be seen in all the products of Re company. Because of a satisfactory variety of products
and good quality, the products of this company share a big market. Although there are only 52
employees in this company, the sales of 2007 was up to 10 million Euro, and 60% of their
products was exported to other countries all over the world, which is really unbelievable in China.
      After visiting these manufactures, I found some common characters of them:
      ◆ Professional
      Whether powerful Cerutti Group or NA company which only has no more than 10 employees,
they all pay more attention to innovation and keep leading position in their domains.
      ◆ Pursue quality of products
      In their opinions, quality is the life of products. They won’t produce cheap machines with
poor quality. Agnati company gave me an deep impression. One technician opened the tool box in
which there were dozens of blades and told us if any one of the blades was broken, they would
replace all of them with a new suite in case lose precision.
      ◆ Customer-oriented, pay more attention to after-sales service and technical support
      “Customer is god” isn’t only a slogan. Many details of products are designed to meet
customers’ requirements. They will provide their customers with the most suitable solutions and
setup, debug and maintain machines for customers.
      When I went around their factories, I found their workshops were very clean and tidy. All
kinds of devices and tools were in good order, and employees were working busily but happily.
Maybe this is one of the reasons why they can manufacture the best machines of the world.
      Through talking we found some companies knew little about China and Chinese market. In
their mind, China is very backward with cheap labor and shoddy products. Some Chinese
companies only want to purchase cheaper machines but don’t take their performance and life-span
into consideration. What we could do was to correct these misunderstanding. We hoped we could
change the images of Chinese company, strengthen the cooperation and import advanced
equipments and technologies to improve our printing and packaging machinery industry.

Fantastic Human Landscape and Natural Scenery
     While visiting and learning advanced printing and packaging technology, we also appreciated
the beautiful scenery, long history and splendid culture
of Italy. We could feel her beauty everywhere:
historical Florence, busy Venice and modern Milan.
They all attracted us very much.
     Venice is the first station, so I was something
impressive about her because of her characteristic.
With a long history of 1500 years, Venice was built in
451, developed in the tenth century and became the
strongest maritime republic of Italy and commercial
An Unforgettable Visit to Italy                                                         Gao Xiaojing

center in Mediterranean area. This fascinating city covers more than one hundred islands, is
supported by millions of stakes and connected by over 400 bridges. When we walking on the
elegant and spectacular St Mark’s square, we could play with pigeons, hear the bells from the
tower, appreciate the tall and gaudiness San Marco church, oversee the building floating on the
water, hear the sigh from Bridge of Sighs occasionally. The charm of this city attracted me deeply.
      Venice is the only city where autos and bikes are forbidden. Boats are the main means of
transport, and winding rivers are streets. Canal is the main channel and there are many old
buildings such as palaces, churches, towers on both sides of it. The whole city looks so quiet and
peaceful because of the water and bridges.
                                                       We were very lucky to stay in the hotel just
                                                  opposite to the famous Artists’ Bridge. It is the
                                                  oldest bridge with a history of 500 years in Venice.
                                                  The bridge with a tall arcade, pavilion and some
                                                  same shops is built with white marbles. The story
                                                  of “Business of Venice” written by Shakespeare
                                                  happened here. Some small boats named
                                                  “Gondola” shuttled back and forth under the bridge.
                                                  This kind of black boat with point sterns carved
like a horse’s head and bright colored carpets can sail in narrow rivers freely. We are sitting in
gondola, praising the boatman’s helm skill, listening to them singing beautiful songs, looking at
the buildings above the water, felt into another world.
      Florence with a lot of works such as paintings, frescos and sculptures is the birthplace of the
Renaissance. Municipal Square is one of the most beautiful squares of the world and the emblem
of the Renaissance art. It is always the administrative center of Florence. The bronze figure of
Poseidon is standing in the center of the square, around which are many marble statues and bronze
statues, including the replica of “David” created by Michelangelo. Besides the still statues, there
are also some artists with grotesque costumes and
greasepaint playing and posing for a photo with
travelers. We have visited Uffizi Gallery near the
square. Uffizi Gallery is one of the richest artistic
treasures in the world, which is called “artistic
treasure of Renaissance”. There are 45 exhibition
rooms and over 100,000 famous Italian paintings,
statues and tapestries of fourteenth to eighteenth
century. “The birth of Venus”, “Spring” and etc are
all the “national treasures” of Italy.
      We also visited the oldest bridge of Italy, Ponte Vecchio Bridge, which is called “Old Bridge”
                                        by Italian. This bridge was built in the first century B.C.
                                        and finished its latest repair in 1565. Because an archduchy
                                        commanded that only gold and jewelry could be sold on the
                                        bridge, it became a real “Golden Bridge”. When I
                                        appreciated the exquisite jewelries in the shop and the
                                        clouds in the sky, I began to understand why so many artists
                                        were born in this city.
An Unforgettable Visit to Italy                                                       Gao Xiaojing

      Milan, the last city we visited, is not only a historical and
cultural city but also a modern city. There are both wide streets,
squares and old lanes, castles. Classic and modern integrate
with and penetrate into one another. The most famous building
of Milan, Duomo Church, is standing in the center of the city.
This church with a lot of marble minarets on the top is a huge
and magnificent Gothic architecture. It is the second largest
church in the world and the symbol of Milan. Vittor ia
Emanuele Gallery near the church was built in 1865 and
finished in 1877. The gallery is decorated by colorful glass and
very splendid. At present the gallery is a bustling shopping
center and also the place where writers, artists and statesmen
get together.
      The world-famous Opera House La Scala is opposite the corridor. It is the biggest opera
house of Italy and one of the best opera houses in the world for its admirable acoustics. Only the
famous troupes, bands, conductors and musicians can perform in this opera house. We didn’t have
a chance to watch a performance in it, but we can also feel the great charm of it from the outside.
      How time flies! Our trip ended quickly. Precise equipments, friendly people and beautiful
scenes give me deep impressions. And at the same time I know that there is still a long way to go
and I feel the obligation to improve the printing and packaging industry of our country. We will
undertake the obligation and contribute to a brighter future of our printing and packaging industry!

                                        I am very grateful to ACIMGA , ICE and Beijing institute
                                  of Graphic Communication for giving me the opportunity to
                                  visit Italy. I have learned a lot from this trip, not only the
                                  development of Italian printing and packaging machinery
                                  industry but also the history and culture of Italy. With my
                                  sincere thanks!
    Experiencing the Manufaturing Strength of Flexographic Press in Italy, Reflecting the Gap between
                                          Domestic and Italy

 Experiencing the Manufaturing Strength of Flexographic Press

       in Italy, Reflecting the Gap between Domestic and Italy
         (ZHOU Hao, Department of Printing and Packaging ,Wuhan University)

Abstract: In this report, I introduced the advanced management philosophy of the 8 companies,
latest techonogy of flexographic press machines manufactured by two corporates nanmed
Flexotecnica and Uteco Converting in the first part. Secondly, problems existing in domestic
manufacturing companies and reasones why the flexographic printing technology promoted so
slow in our China were discussed. Finally, I forcasted the future of flexographic printing in China
and acknowledged.

Key Words: flexographic press       quality control

We not only enjoyed the delicious food, history, culture and landscape, but also experienced the
advanced technologies and mind of Italian package and printing machine manufacturing
companies in this visit. Table 1 shows the name and main business of Italian companies which we
visited. They mainly manufacture 5 kinds of machines and equipments including flexographic
press, gravure press, post-press equipment, corrugator and recycle system. In this report, firstly I
introduced the advanced management philosophy of the 8 companies, latest techonogy of
flexographic press machines manufactured by two corporates nanmed Flexotecnica and Uteco
Converting. Secondly, problems existing in domestic manufacturing companies and reasones why
the flexographic printing technology promoted so slow in our China were discussed. Finally, I
forcasted the future of flexographic printing in China and acknowledged.

Table1 Company Name and Main Business

    Company Name                                         Main Business

         Agnati                     Complete corrugators and its electronic control system.

         Cerutti           Gravure presses for magazine printing, gravure presses for printing and
                              converting of packaging materials, flexo presses for printing of

         Emmeci                   Automatic Lines to manufature rigid boxes and Automatic
                               laminator-Casemakers Lines which are also marketed by the two
                                subsidiaries companies for the European and American market.

      Europrogetti           Machines for the production of cardboard boxes covered with paper.
                                        Machines for lamination fo paper/cardboard.

         New               Construction of scraps reclaiming plants, in various sectors:paper mills
     Aerodinamica          and bookbinderies, plastic film and metal sheets production conpanies.
                            The company has specialized in the field fo pneumatic transport and
                                       reclaiming, offering complete cycle systems.
    Experiencing the Manufaturing Strength of Flexographic Press in Italy, Reflecting the Gap between
                                          Domestic and Italy

      Re Controlli         Pneumatic, electromagnetic, brake system, tension controllers and rotary
                                                        unions, etc.

      Flexotecnica             Fully sleeve c.i. flexographic pressed from 8 to 10 colors-printing
                             widthes from 600 to 2000 mm – computerised and gearless. Combined
                                 lines flexo/gravure/die cutters for films and carton packaging.

    Uteco Converting        Flexographic presses, gear and gearless version, stack type and in line.
                           Rotogravure presses. Solventless and solvent-based laminating machines.
                                      Water-based and solvent-based coating machines.

1. Advanced Management Philosophy of Italian Manufacturer

1.1 “Customers are God”

Eight companies we visited are packaging, printing equipment suppliers, who manufactured by the
clients’ orders. The products’ design and manufacture are not only all base on customer’s needs,
but also optimized for clients., ensuring provide satisfied products for the clients. The enterprises
established good partnership with their clients and supplied technical support and service

1.2 “Services are tenet”

Affording high quality service is tenet of corporate’s management. Company served for employee,
and the employee served for customer. Relationship between employees and boss is nice, the
employees can have relaxed talk with the managers, which is quite different from some Chinese
companies. The relation of the employee and boss likes the rat and cat, which results in bad
communication. Firstly, the company afford confortable and humanised work environment to the
employee, such as coffee and pastry supply point are builded in each workshop, especially the
Uteco, they allow the workers enjoying music during working hours. The most important thing is
that the employees work for the customer, in their mind, they have huge reponsibility to their
customer and the should try their best to serve their customer.

1.3 “Detail is culture”

People successed must care for detail. The 8 companies we visited are all care about the detail of
their products, they believe that any little component with small quality problem will be the killer
of one big machine, so detail become one part of the their corporate culture. For example, in ordr
to ease the fatigue of the worker who has already worked whole day, the Cerutti Group add
penumatic system replacing manual screw, which is a model to domestic manufaturers.

1.4 “Quality is objective”

In our impression, quality of packaging and printing equipment imported for abroad must much
better than domestic manufactures’. As we all know, high quality and stability are both the core
competence of products. All eight company export quite a large number of products relying of
their quality. Especially the Re company, they found a special testing department, who are in
charge of testing core componet and eliminate substandard products, ensuring final products’
high quality.

2. New technology of flexographic press manufacture by Flexotecnica and Uteco Converting
    Experiencing the Manufaturing Strength of Flexographic Press in Italy, Reflecting the Gap between
                                          Domestic and Italy
2.1 F12G of Flexotecnica

Flexotecnica is a subsidiary of Cerutti Group, which focus on flexographic press manufacturing
and already have huge reputation worldwide. They already manufactured several serial products
such as Prisma, Ekaton, Policroma, Megas, Tachys Fast, Chronos8, Chronos10, N8G,, N10G, F8G,
F10G and F12. The F12 had been presented in the Drupa 2008, and the new technologies of which
are list next.

① Sleeve Safe Change system(S.S.C)developed by Flexotecnica to allow the make-ready of
some idle print units while the others are in print in the safest and most practical way, which
system has been already successfully installed by Flexotecnica on numerous 8 to 10 colors
gearless presses.

② Smart Rid System(S.R.S). The F12 is further equipped with a number of automated systems,
which allow quick job changeovers, such as the automatic ink wash-out-system SPEEDY CLEAN
with a newly designed doctor blade chamber cleared of all ink pipes and penumatic sleeve ejectors
to ease the extraction of print and anilox sleeves.

③ Pipeless (New generation doctor blade) Adopting new generation doctor blade, which avoids
using long and much ink pipes.

④ Wireless Press Control with “Wi-Fi” Keypad(Wi.P.C). The F12 features consolidated direct
drive technology in addition to the numerical control system for monitoring the print process using
friendly designed touch screen and icon interface with remote controlled wireless keypads of new

2.2 New technology of Uteco’s flexographic press

Uteco is already a very important player in the worldwide flexographic press area, which was
founded in 1985. Several serial products, such as Jade, Coral, Diamond, Emerald and Onyx, adopt
quite a lot patents. Take Diamond HP serial for example,there are 5 patent used, the first one is the
new penumatically suspended chamber doctor blades tool-less by Uteco. secondly, P2P®,the
automatic correction of printing pressure at print speed change. The third one is LogiPack®, which
can make the machine unload and remove the print reels as well as the preparation of the cores on
the air shafts. SprintWash® is the fourth patent, a new automatic washing system, which can
completely washes all parts related to the inking(ink piping, chamber doctor blades, anilox rollers
and viscosity control devices.). The last one is ShopWareHP®, which allows management, control,
and monitoring of production and print quality.

3. Existent gap

3.1 Quality concept should be enhanced

The foreign manufacturers who produce flexographic printing equipments attach importance to
quality, for which, customers all trust their high quality products. It is the essential reason why the
manufacturers who produce flexible printing equipments in Europe occupied the most market
share. It has started lately to produce flexible printing equipments in our China, so we should pay
more attention to make sure the products’ quality. In the condition of guaranteeing quality and the
obvious price advantage of the domestic equipments, there will be more and more manufacturing
    Experiencing the Manufaturing Strength of Flexographic Press in Italy, Reflecting the Gap between
                                          Domestic and Italy
lines of flexible press in our country and even more export.

3.2 R&D ability should be improved

Compared to the foreign manufacturers, the domestic manufactures are lack of R&D ability.
Technical innovation is the soul and core of one enterprise. Such as Flexotecnia and Uteco, which
we visited, have competitive predominance because of their advanced technical patents which are
usd in their various flexographic presses. And the two companies are still remorseless to improve
their technology to guarantee the one-up status in worldwide. Our domestic manufacturers have to
improve R&D ability, on the other hand, they need to look for some global partners and establish
good relationship with them.

3.3 Environment protection concept should be strengthened

In Europe (such as Italy), legislation about environment protection is an important part of their law
and the manufacturers take more responsibility for environmental protection, so the companies
pay more attention to environment protection. New Aerodinamica which we visited is a company
who produces machines like scraps reclaiming and materials recycling for packing and printing
enterprises. Their reclaiming system can not only reduce pollution to environment, but also save
natural resources. Our Chinese companies should learn from this company to care more about the
environment and natural resources. Presently, the concept of environmental protection should be
heightened in our country and the legislation about environment should speed up. The enterprises
of print industry must consider more about environmental protection.

4.Consideration of the promotion of flexographic printing technology in China

In packaging and printing industry, flexographic printing technology is used widely in Europe and
USA, which takes up 90% of USA market share, 80% of Europe market share, but it just covers
with 10% of Chinese market. Date shows that the flexographic printing technology dropped
behind the conventional offset and gravure in our country. As the adjustment of structure in
printing market, and the unexampled advantages of flexographic printing, we ensure that the
flexographic printing technology will have a huge developing space in Chinese market.

4.1 Unilateral cognition and scarcity of worker in flexible printing technology

The flexographic press has been imported actively in the 90th, but until now, the number of
flexographic presses imported from foreign countries and the narrow-dimension flexographic
presses produced domestic is just 400. In one hand, unilateral cognition of printing quality of
flexographic printing technology was far behind of offset and gravure. Actually, it is not true, the
quality and efficiency of flexographic printing technology has been improved much more. In the
other hand, lack of worker in flexographic area is also a big problem. This technology is more
complicated than the other printing technology and started lately in China, the training system is
not healthy, therefore, it is quite necessary to train worker for studying and managing flexographic
printing technology. We can send some skilled workers to communicate, discuss with some
large-scale foreign companies (such as Cerutti Group) and study from them, so that we will reach
the objection of double-win with the foreign syppliers.

4.2 High price of import flexographic press equipments
At present, there are already a few domestic manufacturers which research and develop
    Experiencing the Manufaturing Strength of Flexographic Press in Italy, Reflecting the Gap between
                                          Domestic and Italy
flexography press technology independently, such as Shanxiyinji, Shanxitaihang, Beirenfuji,
Xi’anheiniu, Wuxibaonan, Shanghaiziguang etc. These companies not only have strong R&D
capacity, provide timely after-sale service, but also give reasonable cost-effective. Their products
have been exported to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and some other countries. The price of
domestic flexographic press with 8-color units is about one million RMB, but the price for the
same standard foreign equipment is high to 500 thousand dollars which makes some companies
flinched, especially the small and medium scale packaging and printing enterprises. Thereby, it
affects the amounts of the flexographic presses’ import for packaging and printing industry. So it
is necessary for the foreign manufacturers to consider about designing and producing some
equipments catered for the demands of small and medium scale packaging and printing enterprises
in China.

4.3 Quality control is difficult

Flexographic press is used to print flexible packages, labels, corrugated boxes and so on. It is
important to control printing quality because of the high standard demanded by flexible packages
and labels. Generally speaking, it is more difficult to control the quality of flexographic print than
gravure. Firstly, the quality of flexographic plates directly relates to the quality of flexographic
print which made by special material with flexibility, serious dot gain, worse tone representation
of light and shadow part. So it is necessary to deal with the plate which is the very important way
to guarantee good dot representation. Secondly, choosing anilox should be carefully, the control of
ink’s characteristic(viscosity, PH value etc.), printing velocity, tension and pressure should be
proper and the registering should be consistent, or else the quality of prints must be affected. At
last, the prints’ quality relies to the operating level so that operator’s experience and technology
level will also influence the quality of prints. Presently, domestic flexographic printing technology
still drops behind. There is not objective data for prints’ quality control, so the operator’s
experience is very important to the products’ quality. Different operator with different judgement
of copies,whose quality must be different. Therefore, it is quite necessary to improve the
operator’s skill. Inviting some experts in flexographic print technology area to impart some
knowledge and skills to the oprators will be a good idea.

4.4 Legislation about environmental protection will promote the usage of flexographic printing

Flexographic printing technology uses water-based ink with no pollution to environment or any
harm to people’s health, so it is known as “green printing technology”. Besides paper, film,
aluminum foil and corrugated cardboard also could be printed by flexographic print technology. In
China, plastic flexible packages mostly are printed by gravure, but this conventional printing
technology uses solvent inks which will volatilize VOC, which is a huge threat to people’s health
and food’s safety. Nowadays, the legislation of VOC’s emission is not strict enough in China, as
the development of legislation about environmental protection, which will be a big strike to the
enterprises who print plastic flexible packages by gravure. This kind of enterprises should seek a
new business direction before the rules of law forming. Water-based flexographic printing
technology is the perfect replacement of gravure for plastic flexible packages, and this printing
technology will be generalized more rapidly. Flexographic print takes up a great market share in
Europe and USA’s printing industry which related to the rules of law on the emissions of organic
   Experiencing the Manufaturing Strength of Flexographic Press in Italy, Reflecting the Gap between
                                         Domestic and Italy
solvents (VOC)for environmental protection in the 1990s.

5. Good future of flexographic print in China

Although flexographic print technology is not developed in our China now, we have huge package
and print market, and the growth rate of package and print industry is considerable. Flexographic
print will be the No.2 printing technology replacing gravure by the change of cognition and
development of flexographic print, even become the No.1. So the number of flexographic print
line will become much larger. Date of recent years tell us that the pace of increasing flexographic
line has already been much quicker, and a lot of foreign manufactures have already found this
phenomenon, for which they have tried to cooperate with our China. In my opinion, foreign
flexographic press manufactures should try to transfer technology or build factories with Chinese
companies in China to get much bigger shares in the flexographic print market instead of simple
exporting equipments, which can cut the cost of the machine and ensure the product’s quality.

6. Acknowledgement

I have learn quite a lot latest technologies, professional knowledge about the packaging and
printing area, especially had opportunity to get acquainted with some professional persons and
made friends with them in this 13 days trip to Italian packaging and printing manufactures. I thank
Italian Institute for Foreign Trade’s initation, the 8 Italian companies we visited, Mr Giuseppe
Doddato and Miss CAI Xueping who both help me a lot, and professor HE Xiaohui from Beijing
Institute of Graphic Communication.
        College of Packaging and Printing Engineering, Tianjin University Of Science & Technology

                 Hearted Feeling of Italy Exoticism
                                                Hu Yuan

         (College of Packaging and Printing Engineering, Tianjin University Of Science &


    The 13 days’ journey in Italy definitely is the most precious, gleamy memory in
my life. It’s quite a novelty for me to experience the local customs and practice there,
which are imbued with elegancy and passion as well. And it’s quite appealing to get
indulged in the culture of Italy, such as the city of Bergamo seated on the
mountainside , the famous paintings in Florence , the glamorous fashion in Milano .

                                                      Special Venice, Tiny bridge, Flowing
                                                      brook and Gondole:
                                                          We spent the first day in Venice, a
                                                      city located at the junction of Po and the
                                                      Adriatic Sea, a total of 120 islands, 150
                                                      watercourses and 400 bridges with great
                                                      gradient. It is so amazing on a motorboat
                                                      going forward at full speed that we
                                                      immediately feel refreshed.
                                                          "Bridge of Sighs” is the most
                                                      famous bridge in Venice, it was built on
                                                      a narrow canal, and connected two
                                                      buildings. One side is a government
                                                      indicated the power, the original power
                                                      center of the Republic of Venice, on the
                                                      other side is a prison. It is said that when
                                                      prisoners were convicted after trial in the
                                                      government, they would be through
                                                      Bridge of Sighs into the cell. The
                                                      moment when they saw the outside
                                                      world through a small window, the sound
                                                      of sighs wandered for a long time around
                                                      the bridge, full of regretting for past and
                                                      yearning of the freedom.
                                                          Water is the soul of Venice. The road
                                                      in Venice is every cross-cutting river.
                                                      Venice's taxi is called water taxi. Venice
                                                      can not be separated from all the water,
        College of Packaging and Printing Engineering, Tianjin University Of Science & Technology

with the bridges above, you would feel poetic and intoxicated.
    It is well worth mentioning, of course, is the oldest of the most unique means of
transportation which is known as the "gondola" boat. The boat hull is painted blue,
with the cushion on the seat, we sit comfortable. What’s more, both sides of the boat
are inscribed with beautiful gold ornaments. The young men dressed in blue and white
shirt are boating for visitors. They are skilled in boating and attentive service. While
boating, they also introduced a number of well-known scenic spots and culture to us.

Nice wine and food, feel the exoticism:
     In Italy, there is rarely a dinner without wine. Bathed in
the flickering candle light, with a goblet in the hand, we drank
the wine slowly, savoring every drop. There I also enjoyed the
Italia flavored cuisines, such as raw beef slice, cheese, pizza
and so on. That really is a delightful experience. Gradually,
we are deeply immersed in the elegant atmosphere of the
tasteful restaurant.

Cozy life environment, enjoy the life:
     Italians do not work for a long time and are seldom in a rush. They would rather
spare their time with families together to enjoy life then being an workaholic. Thus
the shops there are almost closed at 7:30. Moreover, with the blue sky and fresh air,
the fantastic scenery of Italy will get you immerged.

Considerate arrangement, Home Feeling:
    Though it was an exotic trip, afer brief chatting with everyone in our team
including Mr. Giuseppe and Mr. Loris (our diver), I felt this was our big family.
Family members’ relationship provided me warmth instead of loneliness. Mr.
Giuseppe offered us considerate tendance, some communication balks existed between
us, but we could felt his fatherly love. At the end of the apopemptic moment, we made
a promise that we surely would have get-together some days later. Thirteen days was
short, but the experience will be remembered to the end of our life.

Few staff, easy atmosphere:
    No matter which department of a company we entered, few staff and large
numbers of coffee machines impressed us most. Efficiency and concentration is more
important than lots of staff. After a period of efficient working time, they can go and
get a cup of coffee to take a break.
Consummate technology,vital details:
    Besides the culture I understood, the receipt I got, company visiting was also
fruitful for us. Before our visit, every company had prepared their presentation very
well. The principal introduced from the general development to new designed product
fully. Which impressed me most is Cerutti Group.
        College of Packaging and Printing Engineering, Tianjin University Of Science & Technology

Cerutti Group:Soul in Technology
The first feature: the slogan of the company—“be of one mind "
      Cerutti Group is leading by
Cerutti family and with family
management. Cerutti family is
the founder men point of the
enterprise, as well as so many
technical staffs here contributed
the whole career after their 30
years of work. It owes to the
Group knows how to motive its
staff and guarantee continuous
training to keep knowing the
press changes. All the staffs in
Cerutti Group have the strong
sense of the belonging to the big family and this is tightly interrelated about the
history of the family. The source of the strength is the same aim of the all staffs.
     I have the same sympathizing after hearing the management manner of Cerutti
Group. I like the feeling in a big family, no matter in the school or in the enterprise, if
everyone feels deeply that self is one of the important members in the family and has
the same target, they will contribute all their wisdom and passion, work more and
more harder to create the nice future of the company. It means the significance of the
spirit of teamwork.
The second feature: has far sight, catches opportunities provided by changing
times in time and dares to take a risk for investing
     Since founded in 1948,
whether in the chaos times
caused by war or in the fast
developing modern times, Cerutti
Group always foresees and
analyses the pulse of market,
catches opportunities provided
by changing times in time and
dares to take a risk for investing.
For example, in the 60th age of
the 20th century, it was the
special social time, all the people
aspired after various kinds of
material, popular consumables emerged as the times required. Packages became the
essential element for generalizing the popular consumables because of they were the
first contact with the customers. Then Luigi·Cerutti decided to invest in making the
rotogravure presses for packaging printing. This decision was the huge challenge to
Cerutti Group, but the fact proved the choice was wise.
        College of Packaging and Printing Engineering, Tianjin University Of Science & Technology

    “Don’t be afraid of being brave.” was the motto of Giovanny·Cerutti. A person
who wants to be great success, he must have not only the far sight, but also the risk
spirit. During the last decade, for adapting the trend of globalization, Cerutti Group
scans widely of world. So they decide to strengthen their station as the global presses
supplier, combine some famous company worldwide and invest about flexible presses
for packaging and printing, cup-board printing and converting systems.
The third feature: fulfill details, persevere for studying and innovation
     The details represented in the new equipments

R980(left picture)and R970/2 (right picture)are the new equipments in Cerutti
Group. When you come into the workplace, the two presses will attract your sight by
the fresh color. They have the almost same figure, but there are some differences
about their functions.
    R980 is the new solution off-the-shelf for flexible packing, R970/2 also adopt this
feature. From the printing quality aspect, the two presses both have the high quality
for printing. R980 is a little cheaper than R970/2. R980 is full integrated of auxiliary
equipments such as automatic register control equipment, viscosity controls, camera
web viewing system and R970/2 is improved more automatic. The aim for designing
the R970/2 is to reduce the amount of its non-productive down-times so that
customers can save the relevant running cost to enhance their competition. The
designer considered in every detail to achieve the aim.
          Simplified and faster job change-over operations
          Faster preparation of parts for new production
          Reduction of start-up/running waste
          Reduction of the wash-up time with automatic wash-up on-board system
          Lower running costs
          Less personnel required(both on the press and off the press)
               To operate the press
               During part make-ready
               During job change-over
     The details represented in accessory assembling
    It is very important to pay attention to improve on the details in every new press’s
designing. The precision of the accessories is also represented in the details. The most
impression for me is that assembling accessories rely on controlling the temperature,
but not the joints between bolts. Firstly, force inner accessory constricted from -200℃,
        College of Packaging and Printing Engineering, Tianjin University Of Science & Technology

then increase the temperature while assembling, make inner accessory expanding, so
inner and exterior accessory can joint together closely without any seam. From the
elaborate technology, we can see Cerutti Group’s high level of making mechanical
equipments. Innovating constantly to do as well as perfect is the key to keep high
quality for 30 years as initial.
The forth feature: Based on the customers:
     Customers are the most important cooperators, as their partner, in order to keep
healthy commercial relationship with them, it is a must to provide our effective aid,
innovate our products incessantly, offer solution according to their request and try to
understand what are customers’ needs. Nowadays, the number of service centers is
still increasing constantly, and they share some kinds of knowledge and technical
information, aiming at going-ahead together.

                                                         UTECO Company:
                                                      The companies we had visited all
                                                 have their larruping design ways.
                                                 Besides of Cerutti Group impressed me
                                                 much, I also have some interests in
                                                 UTECO Company, the first company we
                                                     UTECO Company makes not only
                                                 many kinds of machines, from press to
                                                 post press, but also designs with
                                                 different original intentions. For
example, E-Press was considered about the economic factor for customers, Q-Press
aimed to improve the technical efficiency, RAINBOW was designed for
environment-friendly, MISTRAL took into account for multi-processes. Every machine
has the vivid characteristic to attract customers’ sight.
E-Press(Economic- Press)       :
    E-Press was designed for those converters who
are willing to start a rotogravure print business
without big investments or for those converters who
want to be extremely competitive and with a limit
on the investment costs. The machine is easy to use,
job change by means of interchangeable trolleys,
direct drive of the engraved cylinder by electric
shaft. With its simple structure, it also can be used
for proofing.
Q- Press(Quick- Press)     :
    Q-Press aimed to improve the running
efficiency as soon as possible.
        Reduction of set up time
        New system for engraved sleeve on the
        press fast-change without carriers
        College of Packaging and Printing Engineering, Tianjin University Of Science & Technology

        -25% job changeover times
        Automatic on-board wash-up system
    The only one course need to be waiting is the monitor register system. Once one
place came out the problem of register inaccurately, operator can revise it when the
machine decelerated but still running. At the same time, it also has some
disadvantages such as its huge configuration.
RAINBOW(Solvent-less lamination with high productivity):
    RAINBOW was designed for environment-friendly. Each solvent-less laminator of
the RAINBOW series is featuring:
        On-machine quick change of the
        transfer roller sleeve
        Efficient exhaust of the residual
        coating vapors
        Easy access for cleaning and
        maintenance purposes
        Energy saving
        Environment-friendly because of
        Operator touch-screen control panel with color graphics

                                               MISTRAL(Post press for multi-process):
                                                 MISTRAL is the new coating/laminating
                                               machine, suitable to work with all kind of
                                               materials: PE, PP, OPP, BOPP/MET, PET, AL-FOIL,
                                               PAPER, PVC, NYLON. More processes in one
                                               machine: solvent base, water base, solvent-less
                                               coating, dry or wet lamination and so on.

“3S” Strategy:
    “3S” Service Company is mentionable in UTECO Company. “3S” means “Service,
Solution, Support”. The flexible packaging market is changing rapidly, and with it the
converters’ needs. UTECO’s principal objectives for evolving to meet these needs
including the creation of new structures focused on providing specialized services to
strategic markets where value added is the means of increasing efficiency and
    “3S” Company provides support services to the machines and processes related to
flexography and gravure printing, accessory integration, all levels of personnel
training, process consulting, technical upgrades and so on. “3S” Company joins the
UTECO team with competence and capacity to handle any level of request with a staff
ready for immediate action. They provide H24 hot-line, remote access service,
preventive maintenance programs, personalized service contracts, machine relocation,
fine-tuning of processes.
    “3S” Company takes the customers as the first priority. Wherever the customers
are,despite whatever the problem comes across, “3S” Company will send out their
        College of Packaging and Printing Engineering, Tianjin University Of Science & Technology

engineers to solve it immediately to minimize the loss. The idea “Customers is the
priority” is fully description in “3S” strategy.

The Concept—“Environmental Protection”:
    Besides the four features of Cerutti Group and “3S” strategy of UTECO Company,
the consciousness about environmental protection deeply ingrained in every company.
All companies we visited mentioned that they fit out the equipments which are dealt
with the waste except providing printing machines or box-making machines. It is just
what we Chinese companies lack of. Refer to environmental protection, NEW
AERODINAMICA company also developed the technology of its own.
    This company designs various sectors in the construction of scraps reclaiming
                                                      plants specially for every different
                                                      customer, which are the accessorial
                                                      equipments of packaging press
                                                      including paper-cutting, die cutting
                                                      and some other post-process
                                                      accessories. The machines are used
                                                      to deal with the waste, separate
                                                      those recycled material. After
                                                      dealing with the waste paper,
                                                      compress it as paper block and
                                                      dispose it. This way can avoid dust
                                                      and save -75% volume, it means to
protect environment and save energy sources.
    It is a pity to hear that there is no Chinese company cooperating with the company.
Previously, maybe some Chinese company considered it just waste money for
investing this kind of machine without any profit. But actually there are many useful
materials separated from the scraps, after accumulating more and more, the enterprise
will be more competitive with lower cost and be beneficial for Chinese environment.
In my opinion, today a significant increase in the emphasis placed on “environment-
friendly”, there will be a huge potential market in China needs for the machines
dealing with waste.
The Study on Environmental Protection Ink and Green Packaging Materials:
                                                    The concept about environmental
                                                protection not only appears on dealing
                                                with waste in reason, but also on
                                                research of environmental protection ink
                                                and green packaging materials. In
                                                UTECO       Company,       the    E-Press
                                                (Economic- Press)began to try to use
                                                EB ink besides the water-based ink, UV
                                                ink and some other environmental
                                                protection ink.
        College of Packaging and Printing Engineering, Tianjin University Of Science & Technology

    EB ink’s primary advantages are environment-friendly, lower cost, high
productivity, energy saving, steady printing quality, well recycling, high gloss and
good third dimension. Compared to UV ink, its predominance is the faster dryness, it
can be used to print wet-on-wet to improve the running efficiency. EB ink wasn’t
generalized because of the big investments on solidify equipments and the higher
price for its pure element than any other ink. What’s more, EB equipment has the
huge volume and is discommodious. There is also a problem can’t be slighting. It
becomes more difficult to reclaiming the scraps as EB ink’s excellent resistance
endurance and chemistry endurance.
    So the press must be ameliorated to adjust the new ink or packaging material.

    Nowadays, environmental protection problem has a heated topic. In my opinion,
in order to adjust various kinds of inks, we can combine the bidirectional elements of
ink, printing & packaging materials and printing equipments to newly design and
improve the press. Compared with only studying environmental protection ink, green
packaging materials or only improving the accessories of the printing equipments, it is
a better strategy to combine both of their compatibility to generalize the new style
environmental protection ink or green packaging materials.

    All above is my harvest in the Italy trip, perhaps I am not that professional
technically on some aspects. Nevertheless, I will make full use of this experience to
solidate my expertise and draw my blueprint.
           Italian Travel Ends, Spiritual Journey Continues
                                          LI Xia
                    (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology)

      If the prize "Italian printing technology" is the little present of the goddess of fortune,
during the trip to Italy, what left me deeply impression is the industry information which
printing enterprises brought me and Italy which is beautiful and full of culture. Though I
always lament the fast loss of time and the 13 days’ trip ended in a hurry, I think my
spiritual journey continues. The trip to Italy is just like a trip to another world for me who
never been abroad. It makes my sight never confined in my city, Shanghai and even in
China. Suddenly I find that on the other side of the earth,there is another beautiful world.
      If I got frustrated once because of the complicated preparations before this
trip,now,at the end of the trip, I will say "if I do it again, I will choose to be frustrated again."
When I have grown up, I realize that when I do something by my heart, we will reap much
despite some harvest is not real entity. After the careful preparations of sponsor Italian
Manufacturers Association of Machinery for the Graphic,Converting and Paper Industry,at
the moment I still cannot say boldly〝I have made great progress in professional
knowledge.〞After all,it is completely inadequate to become a professional people just by
these short 13 days of learning. Instead, leaving me many "thinkings” is the biggest
harvest." Completely dependent preparations before this trip let me think "we have grown
up, the time that everything depends on the family and teachers has become a thing of the
past”; During the inspection activities, completely unfamiliar environment let me think "the
world where we all exist is so small and the biggest winner is who can survive in unfamiliar
environment”;When we end the trip and back to our familiar surroundings, then I think "the
world is very great, I should not only see the place of the eyes ."
     As a member of the printing industry in the future and Italy is the world pioneer of
machinery manufacturing in inntaglio printing machinery and flexible printing machinery 、
papermaking and processing of paper,it is an honor for me to visit large-scale printing
machinery manufacturing companys such as Cerutti Group in such a short time. Whether
from their mechanical equipment or enterprise management idea, I have a primary
understanding and surely,these are useful for my future. Which impress me most was
the motto of the founder Johnvani Cerutti〝 Don’t be afraid of being brave”. So I have a
great sense of wonder for Cerutti Group.

      Italy Cerutti Group is one of the world's largest rotogravure and flexo presses, is the
world recognized leader of rotogravure and printing equipment and technology . And, of
course, every success of large companies in the industry are after years of
development.Cerutti is not an exception. In the early 20th century,Johnvani Cerutti’s father
founded the first studio. Then in Italy in 1920, after the first World War,Johnvani Cerutti
transformed his studio into a small workshop.So the first koryon of the group formed. The
first World War ended, Europe rebuilt itself and technology development became the
essential power. So, Johnvani Cerutti and his son Louis Cerutti realized that the
enterprise’s direction is manufacturing machines. Because of the European urgent need
of escaping from the second world conflicts, publishing and packaging industry is a huge
potential for development. In addition, the market would tend to be more and more
international,which demanded factory higher technical requirements. At that time, the
world urgently needed propaganda and reading because the world was thirsty for culture.
At the end of the 1950s, small Cerutti workshop could not satisfy the increasing needs,so
their first printing machine factory was established in 1956 in the town Casale near Milan.
Now there are five factories established in Italy, two factories in the United States, and
offices in Amsterdam, Zurich, Barcelona, London, Pittsburgh, Singapore and Tokyo,
Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. As a native in Shanghai and a member of future
printing, I am very happy to have received such information. In 1949, Cerutti first created
gravure press for publications and it is the eighth manufactory to create this kind of
mechanical equipment. Today,Cerutti Group which has the advanced technology in the
world has thousands of production lines all over the world. In recent years, the group has
achieved the international market share of 53%,that is already very enviable. In 2007,
Cerutti mergerred the last Italian competitor in history—business unit of Germany
Koening&Bauer company.This means after a long journey,Cerutti finally becomes the
world leader.Mr. Su who was responsible for receiving us revealed: Now, every day in Italy
there are 1,600,000 copies of color set newspapers using Cerutti’s printing presses and at
the same time,in British printing quantity of Cerutti has more than 50 million copies. All of
these figures show that Cerutti has achieved success in newspaper publishment through
developing new technology to make bright color and not leave ink.
       As I mentioned before that in a certain extent,the key of Cerutti’s success may be the
Johnvani Cerutti’s motto〝Don’t be afraid of being brave〞. Especially in the mechanical
equipment manufacturing industry, to get a huge market share in the world and emerge in
so many competitors, the technology development and innovation is the key of
enterprises. Talking about our domestic industry, the most fundamental reason of stalling
and depending entirely on the advanced foreign equipment is perhaps not daring to
innovation and investment. From this point, we need to learn from the Cerutti Group. In
addition, Cerutti is a family-owned company and now is the fourth generation. The
management idea of family-owned is also the key of becoming the leading international
enterprise. The family is the group’s basic core and all the employees are members of the
family. This was reflected in whether neatness workshop environment or humanized
designed snacks and coffee machines during our visit. In the process of visiting followed
Mr. Su,I found that Mr. Su and many employees were more than friend relationships. If we
had not known before,perhaps he would be known as a member of workers by mistakes.
This is the whole group’s family-owned idea,treating every employee as a member of his
family.Only guarantee the benefit of employees,the benefits of enterprises can be
guaranteed. Through this visit to Cerutti Group,I really feel beneficial not only can we put
what we learned in class into practice but also let us feel the successful business and
management. For us who will take a job in the society next year,it is undoubtedly one
advanced social experience.
       Of course, what I gain this compact but rich 13-day trip in Italy is that I have a
preliminary understanding of the Italy that has a unique style, beautiful natural scenery,
and the history and cultures which can be used to show off. As we all know,
"Renaissance" movement originated in Italy which had an unprecedented prosperity in its
literature and art. It have been bringing up the Spartacus, Dante, Leonardo da Vinci,
Galileo, Marco Polo, and other great figures. It is an honor for me to come to such a great
cultural and artistic charm of an ancient civilization. What’s more is that Milan-known as
Italy's economic hub, Florence-arts and cultural centers, Venice-the beautiful “Water City”
are all in our itinerary. I still have a heart nameless excitement when recalling the moment
trip to Italy: the most special is “Water City” Venice where too many things happened for
the first time -the first time getting on gondola, the first time sitting in the open-air
restaurant on the side of the street to enjoy the scenery as well as the delicious food, and
the first time getting into a taxi going by sea. Bergamo is so quiet that people will not make
a lot of voices when seeing such a harmony of the scenery in the quiet street. The shop
owner of the ice cream and coffee bar by the road will wave so warmly that you will be in
the sense of their special ceremony to welcome. Florence is the most intoxicating. I was
deeply intoxicated with its vast treasure house of art and culture. And Milan is the most
fashionable. You will be infatuated with the world famous brand, then hate that you are too
poor to afford one.
      What impressed me most is the Florence, which was the fourth leg. Different to the
excitement of “Water City” Venice, the harmony of Bergamo, Florence gave me a feeing of
royalty. I could not help indulging in this respect. When I arrived in Florence, the very
culture of stone stores, building and churches by the street showed that it was a city full of
art treasures. Here, I only wanted to absorb its culture as much as possible, and made an
ideological baptism of art in the Arts Center of the sun. We passed through the former
residence of the great poet Dante for many times. It was hard to imagine that the great
poet on the book we read in our childhood lived in the place where I was standing. I felt so
lucky to carry out a dialogue of the soul with such a great person through several hundred
of the tunnel of time.
       We spent a sunny weekend in Florence. Taking advantage of a rare weekend, we
visited a Florence landmark-Cathedral of Our Lady of Flowers, and climbing Giotto's
famous bell tower. Cathedral of Our Lady of Flowers was constructed with the pink, green
and creamy white marble, demonstrating a graceful elegance of the female temperament,
so it was called " the Temple of Our Lady of Flowers." The appearance of the building is so
beautiful that the visitors to Florence would come here to see. Arnorfo di Cambio was
responsible for the construction in 1296. The central dome by the architect Brunelleschi
(Brunelleschi), which was spent a total of fourteen Years to complete, had a name of a
model of the Renaissance dome. The church was built in 1248. People in Florence
wanted to build the world's largest dome to show their status. Though the church's
completion date has been delayed for nearly 20 years, it was worth it. The church, taking
150 years through good efforts of several generations, has become synonymous with
Florence. When standing in the church's central square, seeing the building, I could not
help but admire the architects of the outstanding talent. If I can make such excellent
achievements as a printer in the printing industry in the future, that will be my success.
     In my view, climbing the Giotto bell tower was a very interesting experience in
Florence. Its appearance was a tower of square column, which was a Gothic-style building.
Pink, green and creamy white were blended in a geometry style, harmonious with the
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Flowers. There was Exquisite basso-relievo at the bottom as
well as 370 bands of stairs to the top.It was interesting that the internal stairs were narrow
and can only accommodate the width of a human being, so people had to queue to climb
to the top. Since it is well known in the world, so many visitors came to climb the tower,
which needs a certain physical requirements for those visitors.
     However, when you reached the top after 370 levels, nameless excitement will
disperse the tired feeling without a trace. Here, we can see the whole panoramic view of
Florence. When we thought of owning such a cultural arts, the tired experience before
climbing was piece of cake. Although we all took the photos and the time would be
recorded in the history of film, what’s more important in my mind was that there was
always a place in my heart for the photo.The street of Florence was full of the feeling of
arts: the street actors would let you mistake for a statue, and you can take a photo with the
dynamic picture of the statue as long as you spent a few euros; the dressed clown by the
street would frighten a child even the timid young woman; art school students would
create an amazing impromptu on the ground, and then you were usually impressed by the
talent and gave them the money as the expenses to watch; the street amateur cartoonist
would draw a different you, an exaggerated you, but you did not feel ugly, on the contrary,
would find it very interesting.
      If the 13-day trip to Italy is just a beginning, I think this has been a very successful
start. Because the short-term made me completely love Italy, the people of Italy, the Italian
food and Italian building. A short period of 13 days informed me of another country's
unique beauty and customs, which expanded my vision from Shanghai, China to Europe,
adding my life with a bright spot.
If the 13-day trip to Italy is just a beginning, I think this is sufficient to start. Because the
start had strengthen my goal of taking the road of printing and becoming a printing expert.
After knowing that the Flexography and Gravure of Italy were developed so mature, I
has a certain degree of confidence through the exchange of technical guidance, feeling
the burden on the shoulder. We have to create the glory of Chinese printing industry in the
near future.
        If the 13-day trip to Italy is just a beginning, I believe the friendship between the
companions will be everlasting and unchanging. From different schools and different cities,
we six strangers forged a profound friendship in Italy. During the visit in Italy, we got along
day and night. We all came to this strange environment across the sea, so we took each
other as loved ones. We tried to help each other in daily life and guide each other in
learning. The Italian citiesand streets those we had passed away left our joy and laughter.
Italy have witnessed our friendship.

      I wanted to thank to the Italy Printing, Paper and Paper Processing Machinery
Manufacturers Association because it gave me the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Italy
and its ancient and profound cultural background, let me know the current situation and
development of printing industry in Italy and guide the direction for my printing career, and,
gave me the opportunity to get to know the five nice guys of the same age and have
forged a deep friendship!
      The trip in Italy ended, but the spirit of my journey continues: to be higher, farther,
stronger, and that is my ultimate goal!

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