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Wednesday, 24th November 2010
Issue No. 37

Dear Parents,
Yesterday at our little assembly I put on
display almost a dozen jumpers and jackets       25/11/2010          Surf Lifesaving session Gr. 1 & 2
                                                 25/11/2010          Orientation Evening - 2011
which have found their way into our basket                           Kindergarten Parents 7.00 p.m.
of lost property. Obviously these garments       26/11/2010          Last day for 0-3 program at Tailrace
belong to children from the school, but          27/11/2010          Glen Dhu Primary in Xmas Parade
                                                 29/11/2010          4-5 Spangaro – Bake Sale
nobody came forward to claim them. The           1/12/2010           Grade 6 orientation day
jumpers are mostly smaller sizes and             3/12/2010           State Athletic Carnival
unfortunately they lack the owners’ names.                           Gr. 5/6 and 4/5’s Performance –
                                                                     Annexe Theatre 10.30 a.m.
Please check the basket, which is in the         6/12/2010           K-2 Myrtle Park Excursion
library foyer, and claim any items which                             Skippers performing at Ravenswood
belong to your family.                                               AASC Program
                                                                     4-5S Excursion to Museum –
                                                                     “Eaten Alive” Exhibition
Once again we seem to be having issues with      7/12/2010           1-2’s Performance – Peter Pan
head lice. This is a particularly annoying       10/12/2010          REPORTS SENT HOME
phenomena and we all need to play our part
to keep it at bay. The very best advice
suggests that prevention is better than cure,                     STUDENTS LEAVING
so we ask that all long hair is tied back. A
                                                 If your child will be leaving our school at the end of this
weekly check of your child’s hair is highly      year, could you please inform the school office as soon as
recommended. Use a large amount of               possible. Thank you
conditioner and take the time to comb that
through each strand of hair. If there are any                       CANTEEN NOTICE
lice or eggs (nits), then this method will
                                                 The canteen will be starting to wind down so there may be a
detect them. Done regularly it will prevent an   shortage of food items that the children may of ordered,
infestation since the eggs will not have         including drinks. We will do our best to fill the requested
enough time to hatch and the life cycle will     orders but there may be a situation where we may need to
                                                 ask the child for a second choice.
be disrupted.
                                                 We have 5 Lasagnes to sell out they will be $2.80 each.
The past two Christmas Parades have been
                                                 The last day for Canteen will be Friday 10th December.
marred by rain. Let’s hope for better            There will be a sausage sizzle at no cost.
weather on Saturday because our Skippers
are all very keen to display their talents!.                 BAKE SALE 4-5 SPANGARO
Belinda Corbett                                  4-5 Spangaro are having a bake sale to help
(Principal)                                      save the orangutans. It will be held on

Monday 29th November. We are having the
sale at recess and lunch.                                     ORIENTEERING – TWILIGHT

                                                 Event 7 Kate Reed Reserve – Wednesday 24th
     Birth to 3 Group – Meeting at Tailrace      November
                                                 Start: Trevallyn Recreation Area – Paddy Pallin
                                                 sponsored event
We are going to the Tailrace on Friday
                                                 Follow Reatta Road, Trevallyn, to the State Reserve
November 26th. Meeting at the Tailrace at 10     area and watch for orienteering signs.
till 11.30. Can you please bring a plate to      Time: 4.00 – 6.00 pm. Closure 7 p.m.
share.                                           Contact: Sue King Ph: 6394 4668

Amanda Bird
                                                     KINDERGARTEN CHAIRS FOR SALE

                                                 We have 13 antique wooden kindergarten
                                                 chairs for sale at $25.00 each. Contact office
                                                 if you are interested in purchasing these.

CLASS                    STUDENT
                                                   GLEN DHU PRIMARY IS NOW ON THE
PREP-AV       Caitlyn Lomman, Jay Mahoney-
              Etherington, William Mathewson
P-1S          Ebony Warmisham, Lowell
              Mayne, Jade Paranihi

1-2R          Niara Mansell-Horton, Tyler           Preparing for implementation of the Australian
              Austin                                                 Curriculum
                                                         Dedicated Professional Learning Days
1-2 RL        Kialea Wells, Josna Jose, Kaiden   Three professional learning days in 2011 and 2012 have been
              Page, Gabriella Martin, Josie      approved by the Minister for principals and teachers in
              Perri, Llewella McMahon            Tasmanian schools to dedicate to the preparation, planning
                                                 and implementation of the Australian Curriculum.

3J            Joe Rodrigues, Noah Jordan, Mia          2011 preparation for implementation
              Collins, Astara Mason, Imogen            2012 implementation commences
                                                 This follows advice from the Curriculum and Assessment
                                                 Implementation Advisory Group, which has representation from
3-4L          Jack Conway, Fletcher Spencer      principals as well as curriculum officers, that implementation
                                                 of the Australian Curriculum cannot take place effectively
                                                 without specific time set aside for staff in schools to spend
3-4W          Jessica Prior, Brooke Taylor,      time together to disseminate, familiarise and then implement
              Harry Ritchie, Rebekah Henshall    the new curriculum.
                                                 These professional learning days will assist schools to
4-5S          Darrin Clark, Hayden McSwan        prepare and implement the Australian Curriculum in a
                                                 timely, efficient and effective manner. The days will enable
                                                 principals to successfully lead their schools in the
5-6PB         Sarah Woolley, Kirralee Taylor     implementation of the curriculum and to assist teachers to
                                                 fully understand and know the curriculum and to support
                                                 students to achieve the best outcomes possible. Teachers
5-6C          Connor MacDonald, Bailey           will also be able to work with other teachers across the
              McLennan, Georgia Ritchie          state to ensure the best possible learning programs for
                                                 students. These opportunities will support teachers as they
                                                 work to assess student progress and report on student
SPORT         Ciellci Canty, Breanna Young       achievement.
          FOUR TERM SCHOOL YEAR                                   We now seek your response to this more focussed question
                                                                  through the following link
            Issue 2: 16th November                       To
                                                                  participate please enter this link’s text in your web browser.
This is the second of a series of newsletters on progress
of the merits of a four term school year in Tasmania.             If you are unable to access this link, contact can be made
                                                                  directly to our office via phone 6234 9488.
Intensive consultations will take place with stakeholder
groups as part of the next stage of investigating the merits of   The survey will close on Wednesday 1 December to
switching from the current three to four school terms in          enable us time to analyse and share this data at our next
Tasmania.                                                         Four Term Advisory Committee meeting on 6 December.

Advisory Group members who represent a broad range of
interests will seek input from their constituents in the          Dianne Ellson
                                                                  Executive Officer
coming three weeks.
                                                                  Tasmanian State School Parents & Friends Inc
The group will do this within an agreed structure with the        Ph: (03) 6234 9488
aim of providing a school year of approximately 40 weeks
divided into four terms of as near equal length as possible.

Each of the stakeholders on the advisory group will now
                                                                       Child Behaviour and Parenting
organise feedback from their respective groups to get
further input into the debate.                                    Assessing child behaviour and parenting accurately is vital if
                                                                  the issues that parents are concerned about today with
Focus groups with students are also being planned in              regards to their children are to be adequately addressed.
Hobart, Launceston and Burnie over the next few weeks.            The Parenting and Family Support Centre at the University
                                                                  of Queensland has developed a new questionnaire to assess
The next meeting of the advisory group will be held on 6          various child behaviour and parenting strategies and
December 2010.                                                    experiences. We are seeking parents of 2 to 12-year-old
                                                                  children to share their thoughts in an online survey, which
News and information including a copy of the Discussion           takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please visit the
Paper is now available on the Department of Education             website at to find
website                 out more and take part in the survey.
Comments          can    be      sent      directly    to
or     to       the   Chair    of     Advisory      Group                                                   STATE ATHLETICS CARNIVAL
or to your representative on the Advisory Group (see
website for list)
                                                                  Our school would like to congratulate eight
                                                                  outstanding athletes who have been chosen to
                                                                  represent LSSSA at the State Athletics Carnival on
                                                                  Friday December 3rd at St Leonards running track.
                                                                  Chealsea Weily, Danielle Gunton, Dylan Johnston,
        Tasmanian State School Parents and Friends                Kyle Wadley, Lela Spotswood, Portia Hamilton,
               (Northern Region) Meeting                          Reuben West and Thomas Rehrmann.
            Date: Thursday, 25th November
                      Time: 7 p.m.
                                                                  by Dylan and Thomas 5/6PB
         Location: Queechy High School Library,
                   161 Penquite Road, Norwood.

The agenda for this meeting includes a discussion of the 4
term year proposals.        This proposal has significant
implications for everyone in the Glen Dhu Primary school
community. We strongly encourage parents to come to the
meeting and share their views.

The Tasmanian State School Parents and Friends Inc has,
with the assistance of the Department of Education,
coordinated a short survey that can be accessed through the
following URL:

We thank and appreciate the many replies we have already
received regarding school terms in Tasmania.
      Grade 5/6 P-B have been working on modelling clay, creating end of year
      sculptures. The theme was generally Christmas, but many people showed

      First we designed our sculptures after discussing what effect we wanted
      with our ornaments. Then we selected decorations to go on the model to
      individualise them. Finally we waited for them to dry, so we sat them on
      baking paper, so they wouldn’t stick to the table. We hope to display them
      in the foyer.

      by Lyzette and Bree.
      Kirralee – photographer.

      Grade 5/6 PB have been exploring attention grabbing book covers and narrative beginnings:
      Sarah Woolley: Trapped.... and no way out.
                I wonder if it’s possible to kill someone accidentally.
                I think I have.
                But it wasn’t my fault.
                At least, I think she’s dead. It’s kind of hard to tell in total darkness.
                She isn’t breathing. . . .

      Bree Paranihi:                 April fool’s Day                                 Is she really dead?
      “NO YOU CAN’T GO”.
      That’s my mum, she’s usually like this, I’ve been wanting to go to my aunt’s house but my cousins are sick so my mum thinks I
      shouldn’t go. Anyway, my name is Levi, Levi Storm Opal. My father gave me that name but he died a few years ago.

      Breanna Young:               The Big Choice                                       One girl, One choice.
      I did something bad. I didn’t mean to, but it all happened so fast. It all started last summer holidays when my best
      friend Leah came to stay. Earlier that night, we had a fight over the last piece of chocolate. Mum wasn’t home so we
      had no-one to protect us from what was about to happen....

      Thomas Rehrmann:                 The Disastrous Crash                                           Leaving could be a bad choice

      Chapter 1: The Dispute at Home

       “MUM, MUM! WHERE ARE YOU!” I yelled.

      “Don’t yell son, it’s really irritating,” said mum.

      “JUST TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE!” I yelled.
      My mum is so annoying. She never does what I want her to do. She always has some stupid problem of saying things
      back to me which are really technical. Oh, by the way my name is Miller Clark and I am 14 years old. My home life is
      an absolute disgrace.

      For more details of these and other fine stories, please come and read the
      display book in our class or ask the authors.

Ph 03 6344 1349 | Fax 03 6344 5429

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