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									                 PEACEKEEPING TRAINING INSTITUTIONS - PKTI (Involved in delivering UN Peacekeeping Training)
NOTE: Accuracy of information presented is the responsibility of the Peacekeeping Training Institution listed. Please note there are 121 countries
                                                   who contribute to peacekeeping training.
                                                                                                                  Official PKTI E-Mail Address or
 Host Country      Official PKTI Name            Official PKTI Webpage        Official PKTI Postal Address
                                                                                                                         Telephone Number
                                                                             Ruta 8 S/ Nro, Campo de
                Argentine Army          Mayo, CP 1659, Provincia de
                                                                             Buenos Aires
                Argentine National                                           Edificio Centinela, Av.
                Gendarmeria (Civil and Antartida Arg. 1480 (1104)- C.
                Border Police)                                               Aut. Bs. As.
                Australian Defence
                                  RAAF Base Williamtown, New
                Force Warfare Centre                                                                   
                                           /peacekeeping/index.htm           South Wales 2314
   Australia      Australian Federal                                            AFP National HQ: Cnr Unwin
                  Police (AFP) -                                                Place & Streeton Drive,
                                                                                        (61) 2 6223 3000
                  International Deployment                                      Weston ACT, PO Box 401,
                  Group (IDG)                                                   Canberra City ACT 2601

                                                                              Austrian Ministry of Defense
                  Centre for Operations                                       Training Division "B",
                  Preparation (COP),                                          Command Building General
                  Austrian Armed Forces                                       Körner, Hütteldorfer Strße 126,
                                                                              A-1140 Vienna

                                                                              Minoritenplatz 9, Postfach 100,
                  Ministry of Interior                       
                                                                              A-1014 Wien
                  Bangladesh Institute of
                  Peace Support                                                 Rajendrapur Cantonment,
 The People's     Operation Training                                            Gazipur- 1742
  Republic of     (BIPSOT)
                                                                                Gonobhaban Complex, Sher-E-,
                  Armed Forces Division
                                                                                Bangla Nagar, Dhaka

                                                                                Rue Lambermont 8, 1000
                                                                                Bruxelles, 00 32 2550 2811
                  CC LAND                                                       and Quartier BASTIN, Route      (32) 2701 30 79
                                                                                de Bouillon, Stockem, 6700

                                                                                8, rue Fritz Toussaint, B-1050 (32) 2-644 80 13, or (32) 2642
                  Federal Police   
                                                                                Brussels                       6905 or email:

                  Centre de
                  Perfectionnement aux
  Republic of     Actions Post-
                                                  DCM-BP 966 Cotonou    
    Benin         Conflictuelles de
                  Déminage et de
                  Dépollution (CPADD)

                  Centre for Peacekeeping
                  Operations of the
                  Bolivian Army (Centro de
    Bolivia       Operaciones de                                                Santa Rosa del Paquío
                  Mantenimiento de Paz
                  del Ejército de Bolivia,

                  Peace Support
 Bosnia and                                                                     HQ Camp Butmir, 71000
                  Operations Training
 Herzegovina                                                                    Sarajevo
                  Center (PSOTC)

                  Brazilian Peacekeeping
                                                                                Duque de Caxias Nr 700, Villa
     Brazil       Training Center (CI Op
                                                                                Militar, Rio de Janerio/RJ

                  Rakovski Defence and                                          82 Evlogy and Hristo
                  Staff College                                                 Georgievi Bld., 1504 Sofia
  Republic of     Academy of the Ministry                                       1 Alexander Malinov Blvd.,      Fax: (359) 2 974 3785; (359) 2
   Bulgaria       of Interior                                                   Sofia 1715                      988 0087
                  Bulgarian Diplomatic
                                          2 "Al. Zhendov" Str., Sofia
                  National Gendarmerie
 Burkina Faso                                                                 01BP 361 Ouagadougou 01 
                  Burkina Faso               fense/index.jsp

                                                                                                                                                     Last Updated: 8/16/2011
                                                                               No. 24, Street No. 285,
  Kingdom of      Training and Mine UXO
                                                                               Sangkat Borung Kok I, Khan
   Cambodia       Clearance Center
                                                                               Toul Kork, Phnom Penh

                  Canadian Forces Peace
                                                                               PO Box 17000, Station
                  Support Training Centre/
                                                                               Forces, Kingston, Ontario,
                  Centre de formation pour cfsp/main.asp
                                                                               K7K 7B4
                  le soutien de la paix

                                                                               RCMP, International
                  International Peace    Operations Branch, 1200
                                                                                                                (1) 613-993-7267
                  Operations Branch           fd/iob-soi-eng.htm               Vanier Parkway, Ottawa,
                                                                               Ontario, K1A 0R2

                                                                               Centro Conjunto Para
                  Joint Corps for                                              Operaciones De Paz De Chile,
     Chile        Peacekeeping Center           Campo Militar La Reina:
                  (CECOPAC)                                                    Valenzuela Llanos No 623, La
                                                                               Reina, Santiago De Chile

 The People's
                  China Peacekeeping                                           Langfang Province, Hebei       (86) 316-2068802 or (86) 316-
  Republic of                                                                      č
                  CIVPOL Training Center                                       Province                       2262331
    China                                                                         đ
                                                                               Obu no središte za
                International Military
                                                                               me unarodne vojne operacije
                Training Center (IMOC),
                Croatian Army PSO
The Republic of                                                                Stari Hrast 53, Rakitje, 10437
    Croatia                                                                    Bestovje

                  Police Training Center,                                      10 000 Zagreb, Ulica grada       (385) 13788860 and (385) 989000
                  Ministry of Interior                                         Vukovara 33                      000 and (385) 16122 111

                  Danish National Police                                       Brøndbyøster Boulevard 30,
                  College                                                      2605 Brøndby
                  Unidad Escuela de
                                                                               Exposición 208 La Recoleta,
   Ecuador        Misiones de Paz   

                  Cairo Center for Training
   The Arab
                  on Conflict Resolution
  Republic of
                  and Peacekeeping in
                  Africa (CCCPA)

                  School of Peacekeeping
                  Operations of El                                      Comando de Ingenieros de la
  El Salvador     Salvador Army (Escuela Fuerza Armada, Sitio del Niño,
                  de Operaciones de Paz                                 La Libertad
                  de la Fuerza Armada)

The Republic of Republic of Fiji Military
                                                                               P.O. Box 102, Suva     
the Fiji Islands Forces
                                                                               CMC Finland, Hulkontie 82,
                  Crisis Management
                                                    PO Box 1325, FI-70821
                  Centre Finland
                  Finish Defense Forces
                  Internatinal Centre                   PO Box 1, 04301 Tuusula          (358) 9 181 0111

                  Centre national de
                                                                               École des sous-officiers de la
                  formation aux langues et
                                                                               gendarmerie nationale,
                  à l'international de la
                                                                               Rochefort (Charente-Maritime)
                  gendarmerie (CNFLIG)
                  Centre de Formation
                  Interarmées au
                  Reinseignement d'intérêt
                  militaire (CFIAR)

                  ZIF Center for
                                                                               Ludwigkirchplatz 3-4, 10719
                  International Peace                                      
                  Operations (CIPO)
                  Akademie der Polizei                                         John-F.-Kennedy-Straße,          (49) 761 49060
                  Baden-Württemberg                                            97877 Wertheim


                                                                                                                                                  Last Updated: 8/16/2011
                                                                                                        (49) 451 203 1349, E-Mail:
                 Federal Police Academy           Auslandsverwendung/Fremdsp
                                                                             rachen, Ratzeburger
   Germany                                                                   Landstraße 4, 23562 Lübeck

                 Landesamt für
                 Ausbildung, Fortbildung                                     Fachbereich 1,
                 und                                                         Bildungszentrum Brühl, -     (49) 2232 56260
                 Personalangelegenheite                                      Dezernat 13,
                 n der Polizei Nordrhein- www.polizei-                       Auslandsverwendungen ,
                 Westfalen (LAFP)           Rheinstraße 200, 50231 Brühl
                 German UN Training                                          Rommelstraße 31 D, 97762
                                                                                                          (49) 9732 784 2606
                 Center Hammelburg                   Hammelburg

                 Kofi Annan International
                                                                             PMB CT 210 Cantonments,
                 Peacekeeping Training
    Ghana        Centre (KAIPTC)

                                                                             Army Headquaters, Burma
                 Ghana Armed Forces
                                                                             Camp, Accra
                 Hellenic Multinational
                                                                             MPSOTC "Papatheofilou"
                 Peace Support
                                              Barracks, Kristoni Kilkis,
                 Operations Training
                                                                             Macedonia, MPO1004
                 Centre (MPSOTC)
                 Hellenic Police/HQ,                                         4 Kanellopoulou st. 101 77 -
                                            p?option=ozo_content&perform=                                   (30) 2107000000
                 Ministry of Interior                                        Athens

                HDF Peace Support
The Republic of Training Centre (PSTC)
                International Training
                                                                             H-1531 Budapest, Pf. 28
                Centre (ITC-MEPA)
                 Iceland Crisis Response          Raudararstigur 25, 150
                 Unit (ICRU)             policy/peacekeeping                 Reykjavik

                                                                         Center for UN Peacekeeping,
                                                                         United Service Institution of
                 Centre for UN
     India                                                               India, Rao Tula Ram Marg,
                 Peacekeeping (CUNPK) m
                                                                         Post Bag No.8, Vasant Vihar
                                                                         PO, New Delhi, 110057

                 Department Police of
The Hashemite                                                                The Jordan Institute of
 Kingdom of      Peacekeeping Institute                                      Diplomacy, P. O. Box 850746,
   Jordan                                                                    Amman 11185
                 International Peace
                 Support Training Center                                     PO Box 24232, Karen, Nairobi
The Republic of International Mine Action                                    (Embakassi Garrison Camp)
    Kenya       Training Centre (IMATC)                                      PO Box 3396, Nairobi

                                                                             Vigilance House, Harambee
                 Kenya Police         Avenue, PO BOX
The Kingdom of
                Police Training College              P.O. Box 659, Maseru
                Lithuanian Police
                                         Karaim 73, LT-21104, Trakai
The Republic of Training Centre
   Lithuania    Lithuanian Armed Forces                              Totoriø str. 25/3, LT-01121
                JHQ                                                  Vilnius
                                                                     Pusat Latihan Pengaman
                                                                     Malaysia, Km 16 Jalan Pantai (60) 6 6471266 ext 2406 and (60)
                 Malaysian Peacekeeping
   Malaysia                                                          Teluk kemang, 71050,         6 6470316. E-mail address:
                 Training Centre        GE/atm/NewUNTRG/mptc.htm
                                                                     SIRUSA, Port Dickson, Negeri
  The Islamic
  Republic of    Etat-major National                                         51BIM Bassikounou              (222) 510 30 10
                Peace Support
The Republic of
                Operations Training                                          2021 Hincesti hw. 84 Chisinau

                                                                                                                                     Last Updated: 8/16/2011
                  "Five Hills" Peace
                                                                                  Unit #311, Altanbulag sumun,
   Mongolia       Support Operations
                                                                                  41130, Tuv province
                  Training Center

               Forces Armées Royales
The Kingdom of (FAR), Permanent                                                   866 Second Avenue, 6th floor,
   Morocco     Mission of Morocco to                                              New York, NY 10017
               the United Nations

The Republic of Ministerio da Defesa
 Mozambique     Nacional
                Birendra Peace
                                                                                  BPOTC, Planchok, Kavre, PO
    Nepal       Operations Training
                                                                                  Box 1793 Kathmandu
                Centre (BPOTC)

                                                                                  Postal Address: PO Box 3003,
                                                                                  3800 DA Amersfoort.
The Kingdom of School for Peace
                                                         Residential Address: Bernhard
the Netherlands Operations
                                                                                  Barracks, Barchman
                                                                                  Wuytierslaan 198, Amersfoort

                  Nigeria War College /
                                                                                  National Defence College,
                  National Defence 
                  Nigeria Police    Louis Edet Houseshehu
    Nigeria       Peacekeeping Training      hp?option=com_content&task=vi Shagari Way, P.M.B., 266,               (234) 8060
                  Center                     ew&id=49&Itemid=77               Garki, Abuja
                  Peacekeeping Wing,
                  Nigerian Army School of                                         Jaji, Kaduna

                                             ode=info&articles7_articleGroup                                       E-Mail address:
                  National Police
    Norway                                   Name=Engelsk%20Versjon&artic                                 .
                                             les4_mode=downloadinfo&article                                        Telephone: (47) 95734784

                  School of Infantry and
   Pakistan                                     Quetta Cantonment      

                  Armed Forces
                  Commander, Centro de
                                Base de Infantería de Marina,
     Peru         Entrenamiento Conjunto                                                                 (51) 552 2259
                                         cecopaz_visitas.htm               Ancón, Lima
                  de Operaciones de Paz

                                                                                  Philippine National Police
                                                                                  Headquarters, Manila             (63) 27 230401. E-mail addresses:
                  Philippine National
                                                   Directorate for Plans, , and
                                                                                  International Affairs Section,
The Republic of
                                                                                  Camp Crame, Quezon City
                  Armed Forces of the
                  Philippines                                                     Camp General Emilio
                  Peacekeeping                                                    Aguinaldo, Quezon City, 1110
                  Operations Center
                  Military Training Centre
                                                                                  ul. Wojska Polskiego 300; 25-
                  for Peace Support                              
                                                                                  205 Kielce
The Republic of
                                                                                 Main Police HQ, Bureau of
                                                                                 International Cooperation,
                  Polish National Police     /4889/
                                                                                 Warsaw ul. Pulawska
                                                                                 148/150, 02-514 Warszawa

                                                                                Rua Poeta Isidoro Pires, 8800- (351) 967787024. E-maill address:
                  Infantry School            cito/_specific/public/allbrowsers/
                                                                                422 Tavira           
   Portugal                                  asp/formulariosgerais.asp

                  Guarda Nacional                                              Largo do Carmo, 1200-092
                                                                                        (351) 218112239
                  Republicana                                                  Lisboa
                                                                               KNDU PKO Center,
                ROK Peacekeeping   ,
                                                                               Susakdong Eunpyunggu,
The Republic of Operations Center  
 Korea (South
                                                                               Korean National Police
    Korea)      Korean National Police
                                                                               Agency, 209 mygeun-dong
                Agency                       ization/orgChart.jsp
                                                                               seodaemun-gu Seoul

                                                                                                                                                       Last Updated: 8/16/2011
                   "Carol I" National
                   Defence University,
                                   Sos. Panduri nr.68-72 sector 5
                   Crisis Management and                                                                     Fax: (40) 21 319 5884
                                            om/cmcom/INDEX.HTM                Bucuresti
                   Multinational Operations

   Romania         Centre for Postuniversity
                   Studies, Ministry of the                                       Sos. Oltenitei, nr.158-160,
                   Interior and                                                   sect. 4, Bucuresti
                   Administrative Reform

                   General Inspectorate of No. 13-15, Stefan cel Mare
                                                                                                                 (40) 21 208 2525
                   Romanian Police            eza/central_directorates.htm     Street, Bucuresti

                                                                                  VIPK MVD Rossii, Pikhtovaya
                   Russian Federal Police
                                                                                  st., Aviatsionny district,
                   Peacekeeping Training                                        
                                                                                  Domodedovo town, Moscow
 The Russian       Centre
                                                                                  region, 142022
                   Russian UNMO Course
                   "Vystrel", Ministry of                     119160 Moscow        
The Republic of
                Ministry of Defence                B.P. 23 Kigali
                État Major Général des
The Republic of Armées (EMGA),      
   Senegal      Ministère des Forces          /rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=6
                Peacekeeping Operation
The Republic of                                                                   38 Neznanog junaka street,
                Center of Serbian Armed
    Serbia                                                                        Belgrade
                Slovenian Armed      Vojkova cesta 55, SI-1000
                Forces, General Staff         ng.htm                            Ljubljana
The Republic of
                General Police
                Directorate, Uniformed   1501 Ljubljana, Stefanova 2
                                                                                  Thibault Main Entrance,
The Republic of South African Police
                                                 Private Bag x 94, Pretoria,  (27) 12- 393 1000
 South Africa   Service (SAPS)
                   Escula De Guerra Del                                           Santa Cruz de Marcenado, 25.
                   Ejercito De Tierra                                             28015 Madrid
The Democratic
                Institute of Peace
   Socialist                                                                      Army Camp Kukuleganga,
                Support Operations                                                                     
Republic of Sri                                                                   Molkawa, Sri Lanka
                Swedish Armed Forces
                                                                                  LG/SWEDINT, SE-19685
                International Centre
                                     Nålmakaregatan 2, 415 07
                   National Police PSO
                                              d=10230&pageversion=1.html        GÖTEBORG

                   Training Centre
                   SWISSINT Swiss Armed                                           Kaserne WII, CH-6370 Stans-
                   Forces International                                           Oberdorf
                   Command (SWISSINT)
                   Turkish Partnership for
                                                                                  PK - 45 06581 Bakanl klar, and
                   Peace Training Center
    Turkey         (PTC TUR)
                   Turkish National Police                                 

                                                                               National Defence Academy of
                   Multinational Staff
    Ukraine                                                                    Ukraine, Povitroflotskyi
                   Officer Center             part=peacekeeping&lang=en
                                                                               Avenue 28, Kyiv-49 03049,
                   Operational Training and
United Kingdom     Advisory Group            Lydd, Kent
of Great Britain   (OPTAG)
 and Northern      Foreign &
                                                                                  King Charles Street, London,
    Ireland        Commonwealth Office
                                                                                  SW1A 2AH
                   US Mission to the United   http://www.usunnewyork.usmissi 140 East 45th Street, New
                   Nations                                   York, N.Y. 10017

                   US Army Peacekeeping                                                                          Phone (1) 717 245-3722. E-mail:
                                                                                  Carlisle Barracks 22 Ashburn
                   and Stability Operations                                              CARL_PKSOI_Operations@conus
                                                                                  Drive, Carlisle, PA, 17013
                   Institute (PKSOI)                                                                   
United States of

                                                                                                                                                   Last Updated: 8/16/2011
United States of
    America      US Department of the
                                                                             Rosslyn Mtro Center, Suite
                 Army, US Military
                                                                             1410, 1700 N. Moore St,
                 Observer Group -
                                                                             Arlington, VA 22209
                 US Department of State,                                     15650 Montview DR,
                 UNPOL-CIVPOL                                                Montclair, VA, 22025

                                                                             Military Institute of Branches
                   Escuela de Operaciones                                    Specialties, Brigadier General
                   de Paz del Ejército                                       Juan A. Lavalleja 7208, Ruta (598) 99247879. E-mail address:
                   Nacional Uruguayo                                         N°8 Km. 14.50, C.P. 12100,
    Uruguay        (EOPE)                                                    Montevideo, 00 598 2514
                                                                             5833- 136/112.

                                    Camino Maldonado No. 5952,
                   National Police School                                                                (598) 2 5114056
                                             /enp/index.htm                   C.P. 12100 Montevideo
                                            International and Regional Peacekeeping Associations
                                                NOTE: These are not United Nations organisations

                                                                             c/o USI - Centre for United
                                                                                                             Phone: (91) 11 2615 2711 / 2615 /
                                                                             Nations Peacekeeping, Rao
    The International Association of                                                                         3582 & 83, Telefax: (91) 11 2615
                                              Tula Ram Marg, Post Bag No.
 Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC)                                                                       2711. E-mail address:
                                                                             8, Vasant Vihar PO, New Delhi
                                                                             - 110057, India

  The African Peace Support Trainers'                                        c/o ISS, PO Box 1787
                                                                                                            Telephone: (27) 12-346-9500/2,
 Association - Association Africane des                                      Brooklyn Square
                                                                      Fax: (27) 12-460-0998 or
   Formateurs au Soutien de la Paix                                          TSHWANE (Pretoria)
                (APSTA)                                                      0075, Republic of South Africa

   Asociación Regional de Centros de
 Entrenamiento de Operaciones de Paz - ntes.html
                                     International and Regional Peacekeeping Training Centres
                                            NOTE: These are not United Nations organisations
                                                                                                               Indonesian Office: (62) 274 871
                                                                             PO BOX 6086, St. Kilda Road,
                                                                                                               202; Timor Leste Office: (670) 734
Austrialian Aid International                        Melbourne, Victoria, 3004,
                                                                                                               2140; Afghanistan Office:(93)
Austrian Study Center for Peace and                                          Rochusplatz 1, A-7461
Conflict Resolution (ASPR)                                                   Stadtschlaining
Egmont Institute (Royal Institute for                                                                          Director General: Mr. R. Van
                                                                             69, rue de Namur,B-1000
                                                                               Hellemont; tel. (32) 2 223 41 14,
International Relations)                                                     Brussels, Belgium
                                                                                                               by fax (32) 2 223 41 16
                                                                                                               PO Box 100, 121 Tribal St,
                                                                             HCI Building, 1125 Colonel By Cornwallis Park, Clementsport,
Pearson Peacekeeping Centre                 Dr, Suite 5110, Ottawa, ON,       NS, B0S 1E0 Canada, Tel: +1
                                                                             K1S 5B6 Canada                    (902) 638-8611, Fax: +1 (902) 638-
Legon Centre for International Affairs,                                      P.O. Box LG 25, Legon, Accra
University of Ghana                                                          , Ghana
                                                                             P.zza Martiri della Libertà, 33 -
Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies
                                                                             56127, Pisa, Italy
                                                                             Church House 5th Floor, Moi
Global Fields Institute            
                                                                             Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya

                                                                             Mail: PO Box 5013, 7500 GA
                                                                             Enschede, The Netherlands.
Civil-Military Cooperation Center of                                         Visitor: Complex Twente -,
Excellence (CIMIC COE)                                                       Building C1, Lonnekerveldweg
                                                                             30, 7524 PP Enschede, The

African Centre for the Constructive                                          Abuja, Nigeria; Karthoum,
Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD)                                              Sudan; Harare, Zimbabwe;
Nordic Coordinated Arrangement for                                           SE-196 85, Kungsängen,
Military Peace Support (NORDCAPS)                                            Sweden
                                                                             Postal: FSS/FSTS/Nodefic,
Norweigan Defence Education Command                                                                          Visitor address: Nodefic, Akershus
                                           Oslo Mil/Akershus, N-0015
(NODEFIC)                                                                                                    Fortress, Building 10, Oslo.
                                                                             Oslo, Norway.

                                                                                                         Stockholm Unit: Drottning Kristinas
                                                                                                         Väg 37, PO Box 270 68, S-102 51
                                                                           Head Office: Sandövägen 1, S- Stockholm. Phone: (46) 612 823
Folke Bernadotte Academy           
                                                                           872 64 Sandöverken, Sweden 00, Fax: (46) 612 823 99, email.

                                                                                                                                                    Last Updated: 8/16/2011
                                                                7 bis, Avenue de la Paix, P.O.
                                                                                     ; Marc Finaud,
Geneva Center for Security Policy           Box 1295, 1211 Geneva 1,
Asia-Pacific Development                                        110/1-4 Prachachuen Road,
Communication Centre (ADCC)
                                                                Bangkok 10210 Thailand
International Institute of Humanitarian                         Villa Ormond, Sanremo, Italy -
Law                                                             C.F. 81004480083

                                                                                                                            Last Updated: 8/16/2011

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