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Percubaan UPSR Bahasa Inggeris Negeri Perlis Kertas 1 2010


Soalan Percubaan UPSR

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BAHASA INGGERIS                                                                     OL4/T
 Kertas 1
 50 minit                                                                Lima puluh minit


  l.         Kertas soalan ini mengandungi40 soalan. "

 2.          Jawab semua soalan.

 J.           Tiap-tiap soalan diikuti oleh empat pilihan jawapan, iaitu A, B, C'dan D. Bagi
              setiap soafan, pilih satu jawapan sahaja. Hitamkan jawapan karTtupada kertas
             jawapan objektif yang disediakan.

 4.          Jika kamu hendak menukar jawapan, padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat.
             Kemudian hitamkan ja wapan yang baru.

         Kertassoalanini mengandungil3 halamanbercetakdan 3 halamantidak bercetak

                                                                            I Lihat sebelah
Oi zl - ;1   aanrnr
SULIT                                              2    .:                                      OL4II

   Each ofquestion in this paperis fotlowed by three or four possibleanswers.Choosethe best
   answer from the answer markgd AtB         and D.
   Tiap-tiap soalan dalam kertas ini diihtti dengan liga atau enEat pilihaniawapan. Pilih
  jawapan yang terbaih daripada pilihan A,B,C dan D.


  Questions I - 4

        l.               an
               Maya nee<Is                   to protecther from therain.

        A- hat                                    C. coat

        B, umbrella                               D- helmet

        2.                           is ournational flower.

        A. Hibispus                                         C' Canna

        B. Jasmine                                          D' Rafflesia

         3. Curriesarehotand                            food.

         A. junk                                  C' steamed

         B. spicy                                 D' frozen

         4. The children played joyfully at the

             A. hall                               C. court

             B. bus stoP                           D. playground

                                                                           M GBPER uS'o G G ER Is ( 1) - T H N 6
,   SULIT                                          3                                           014/l

       Questions 5-7

       Study the pictures carefully and choose the best phrase to complete the paragraph.

       Lihat gambardenganteliti dan pilih rangkai kata yang terbaik bagi melenkapkanperenggan
       di bawah.

            goes market
       Dallia tothe                            ,rm.               she ---(.,
                                                                    b,ry,               m

       she wants to make a pumpkin cake. Then she buys a packet ofsugar, a box offlour, a tray of

       eggsand                        a, Sfromthesroceryshopnearby.

            5. A. by car                                    . by trishaw .

               B. by bicycle                              D. by motorcycle

            6. A. a big gourd                             C. a big capsicum'

               B. a big melon                             D. a big pumpkin

         7. A. a bar'of soap                              C. a bar of butter

               B. a box ofchocolate                       D. a pack ofseasoning

                                                                                     I Lihat sebelah
                                                                                   874/l         SUI.TT
                                                                                                                                            IJ                                fiL4/i

   Questions 8 - 10                                                                                       Whatarethe'lwo wheels'?

   Study the pictures carefully. Then choosethe best answer-                                              A   l,orries
                                                                                                          B   Cars
   Lihat gambardenganteliti. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik.
                                                                                                          C   Bicycles
   8.                                                                                                     D   Wheelbarrorv

                                                                                                   38. Whatkind of housedoesthe'!oet"have?

                                                                                                          A   A   brick horrie
                                                                                                          B   A   woodenhouse
                                                                                                          C   A   mud house
                                                                                                          D   A   straw house

                                                                                                   39. What plantsare in the fieid?

                                                                                                          A   Vegetables
    A. A boy and a girl are dancing                                                                       B   Corn plants
                                                                                                          C   Paddyplants
    B. A chefis cooking at a restaurant                                                                   D   Wheat plants
    C. A lamily is having a barbecueparly
                                                                                                   40. What is the suitabletitle for this poem?
    D. is eating and enjoying the dishes
                                                                                                          A   The Scarecrow
                                                                                                          B   The KampongBoy
                                                                                                          C   The Field
                                                                                                          D   The Traffic

                                                                                                                                 KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT

    A. The pupils are at a library

    B. The puPils are drawing Pictures

    C. The pupils are learning Mathematics

    D. The teacheris teaching Sciencein the classroorn

                                                                                   SULIT                                                                                      SULIT
 gl4lL                                                         MG8 PERLIS. B. INGGERIS . THN 6
                                                                                     (1)          0t4tr                                                MGB PERLIS - B. INGGERISiI) - THN 6
SULIT                                       12                                          0t4/l      SULIT                                                          0l4ll

  35. Shakirawould agreeto keep the room cleanbecause
        A   it is not her room.
        B   she is afraid of Ameera.
        C   sheloves Ameera.
        D   she sharesthe room with Ameera.

  Question - 40
  Read poemandanswer questions follow.
      the          the       that
  Baca sajak dibawah dan jawab soalan-soalan yang diberikan.

            I live in a village
            In a smallstreet                                                                          A. The dentist is checking the teeth
            It is crowded   with traffic
            Of two wheels barefeet.
                             and                                                                      B. The doctor is giving an injection

            I live in a house                                                                         C. The nurse is helping the dentist
            Madeof dry wood
            Green   brownleaves theroof
                              on                                                                      D. The patient is closing his mouth
            Whichmakeme feelextremely  good

            I geton a bus
            With my petmouse
            Thereis a rush
            Coingto my house.

            I seea field
            Filledwith voices.
            Stinedby loud noises.

            I builda hut
            And a scarecrowtoo
            To scare big blackbirds
            Whenit givesa loud boo!

  36. Where

        A   In thecity.
        B   In the town.
        C   In thevillage.
        D   In themountain.

                                                                                     SULIT                                                            I Lihat sebelah
0141r                                                          MGB PERLTS B. INGGER|S(1) - THN 6                                                              SULIT
                                                                                                   0t4tl                                                          (1)
                                                                                                                                             MGB PERLTS B. TNGGEF|S -THN 6
                                                                                                                                                     11                                              0t4tL
SULIT                                6                                              074t1          SULIT

                                                                                                                                             SECTION E
                                   SECTION                                                                     3l - 35
                                                                                                     Read the rules that Ameera gives to her sister, Shakira to keep their room neat and answerthe
  Questions - 15
                                                                                                     ouestionsthat follow.
        the                            shownin the picture.
  Choose best answerto lit the situation

  Pilihjawapanyang paling sesuaibagi situasidalamgambar.                                                     KEEP OUR ROOM CIEAN

                                                                                                                 l.   Put all your toysinto the toy box afler you play with them'
                                                                                                                 2.   Do not eat in the bedroom.
  11.                                      I'vejust bakedthem.                                                   3.   Put awayyour booksandpencilsinto your studydeskafteryou usethem'
                                                                                                                 4.   Make your bedeverymoming.
                                     B.    l'vecooked
                                                    them.                                                        5.   Put your <iirtyciotiresinto ihe iaundry baskei.
                                                                                                                 6.   Placeyour shoeson the shoerack.
                                           l'll bakethem.                                                        7.   Empty the wastebasketeveryday..
                                                                                                                 8.   Dust your tableandchairdailY-
                                     D.    l'llbuythem.

                                                                                                       Jt.   Ameera sharesher room with her

  12.                                           holdthevase.
                                           Please                                                            A   youngersister.
                                                                                                             B   older sister
                                     B.    Pleaseholdthe vase.                                               C   grandmother
                                                                                                             D   aunt
                                           Wheredo I putthe vase?
                                                                                                       32 Why do you think Ameerawrites theserules for Shakira?
                                     D.          sent
                                           Someone themto me.
                                                                                                             A   Shakirais neat-
                                                                                                             B   Shakirais naughty.
                                                                                                             C   Shakirais untidy.
  13.                                      Whatis yourhobby,
                                                           Amir?                                             D   Shakirais tidy.
                                     B.    Oh, whata goodcollection!                                   33. After playing with her toys, Shakirahas to
                                           The stamps verybeautiful.
                                                                                                             A   throw away all her toys.
                                                                                                             B   keepthem in the toy boi.
                                      D.   Wheredo you keepyourstamps?
                                                                                                             C   leave them anywhereshe likes-
                                                                                                             D   wash them in the sink.

                                      A.   Wheredoesit hurt?                                            34. When they gel up from bed in the moming, Ameera and Shakirahave

                                      B.    OuchlMy kneehurts.                                               A   to make their own beds.
                                                                                                             B   to bring the bed sheets a wash.
                                            Do you needany help?                                             C   to clean the beds.
                                                                                                             D   to leave the bedsanywaythey like.
                                      D.                something.
                                            Oh! | dropped

                                                                                                                                                                                         I Lihat sebelah
                                                                                    SULIT                                                                                                        SULIT
                                                                                                                                                                               MGS PERLIS- B. INGGERIS(1) - THN 6
                                                              MGB PERLIS - B. INGGERIS(l) -THN 5    0t4ll
SULIT                                       10                                             oL4/l     SULIT                                                                                      014t1

                                        SECTI O N I )
                                                                                                         t5.                                         l'll do it afterRamu.
   QUESTTON 26 - so
   Based on the picture, choose the best atrswer to fill in the passagethat follows.                                                          B.     Let'sgo to bed firSt.
   Berdasarkan gambar, pilih jawapan yang terbaik untu.k diisjkan pada tempat kosong
   dalam teks yang berikut.                                                                                                                          Your teeth are clean.

                                                                                                                                              D.     Hereis yourtoothbrush.


                                   4KffA                                                                 Questions 16 - 20

                                                                                                         Chooseihe best answerto completethe sentences.

                                                                                                        Pilih jawapan yang paling sesuai untuk melengkapkanayat-ayat berikut

                                                                                                         16.   Teacher: Does a calerpillar
                                                                                                                                         changeinto a butterfly?
          My father I are
                  and          Q6)       fans.we support perlisTeam.
                                                          the             Lastweek.theteam                     Aini        '.
   fromKedah    came Pertis play
                    to        to       (27)     thePerlisteam. wasa
                                                               It          .(28)   day.We
                                                                                                               A.   Yes, it is.               C. Yes, it can.-
   satin lhe frontrow of the stadium.
                                    Peoplewere      Q9)      for theirfavourite
                                                                              teamandin the
   endPerlis  Team wonthegame.   Wejumpea      (30)     joy.                                                   B.   Yes, it has.              D. Yes, it does.

    26.   A basketball       B volleyball        C handball
                                                                                                         17.   The fiercedog chasedand         the postman.
                                                                     D football

    27.   A on                                                                                                 A.   bite                      c.   bit
                             B against           Cin                 D between
                                                                                                               B.   bites                     D. bitten
    28.   A sunny            B rainy             C cloudy            D stormy
                                                                                                        18.    Ranjit
                                                                                                                    wasveryhappybecause English
                                                                                                                                      his         were
                                                                                                                                              marks                           the top pupilin
    29.   A cheer            B cbeered           C cheers            D cheering
                                                                                                               his class.
    30.   A on               B with              C above             D and
                                                                                                               A.     lowerthan               C.   higherthan

                                                                                                               B.     lhe lowest              D. the highest

                                                                                        SULIT                                                                                   I Lihat sebelah
{}141t                                                              MGB PERLTS B. INGGERTS - THN 6
                                                                             -           (1)
                                                                                                     ai.4i1                                                                             SULIT
                                                                                                                                                                       MGB PERLTS B. INGGER|S
                                                                                                                                                                                 -              - THN 6
SULIT                                                                       014/r        SUI-HT                                                                         {J1411

   19.   Aizatdivided mablosequally-
                    the                        hisfriends.
                                                                                             Ouestions - 25
         A. across                       C. through
                                                                                             Choose sentences the co.rect Dunctuation.
         C.     among                    D. between
                                                                                             Pilih ayatyang memPunwi tanda bzca yang betul-
   20.                         at
         Thereare manyagroplanes                           lt
                                              airportbecause ls         largest
                                     -                            -
                                                                                             23.   A   You have swilchedofflhe fan, haven'tyoul" ask€dl<artini.
                                                                                                   B. 'You haveswilched thefan, haven\you,"askedKartini-
         A_ an,a                         c. the,a
         B. an,the                       D. the,the                                                C. "you haveswitched
                                                                                    .              D. "You havo switchedofilh€ lan, havenl you?"asked Kartini.
   Choose wordthathastheopposllgmeaning thewordundedlned.
        thg                                                                                  2s.   A. "Hooray wonlhg game!'shouted boys.
                                                                                                             wo                      tho
                                  pe*aaan bercais.
   Pilihpe*ataan yangbqrawan dengan
                                                                                                   B. .Hooraywe won lhe gamel-shouted the boys.
   21.                   to        man
         AuntLilyis manied a wealthv
                                                                                                   c_ "Hooray. wonthe gamo!"
                                                                                                             we            shouted boys.
         A.     ch                       c.   selfish
                                                                                                   D   'Hooray! wonthe gam6"'
                                                                                                              we                  the
                                                                                                                            shouted boys
         B. poor                         D    handsome


   22.   An -         is a person           in
                                 who.competes sports.

         A.     athelete                 C. athlete

         &      athelet                  D. attlete

   23.   Animalsthat can liveon landand in waterare knownas

         A.     amphiebians              C. amPhebeans

         B. amphibians                   D. amPhibeans

                                                                                                                                                            I Lihat sebelah
                                                                           SUT,IT                                                                                   SULIT
0t4t1                                                                 TNGGERTS(1)-THN6
                                                             MGBPERLTS-B.                Ol4ll                                                                             - THN 6
                                                                                                                                                   MGB PERL|S. B- |NGGERTS.(I)

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