Directions for virtual photosynthesis by ethiomelaku2


									Water Weeds: Virtual Photosynthesis Lab

Melaku Michael (ethiomelaku2)

WEBSITE: WHAT IS ELODEA? Waterweed (Elodea densa) a submersed South American aquarium plant that is naturalized in ponds, streams and lakes throughout North America (see photo above). Because most of the cell is occupied by a waterfilled, large central vacuole, the chloroplasts are displaced around the periphery (outer edges) of the cell, just inside the cell wall and membrane. DIRECTIONS: You will be performing two controlled experiments concerning photosynthesis of elodea plants. You will be determining what type of conditions are ideal for photosynthesis with this water weed. The variables that can be changed are: light level, carbon dioxide level, and the color of the light the plant is exposed to. In a controlled experiment you change only 1 variable at a time. The variable you change is called the independent variable. The variable that reacts to the change you make is the dependent variable. In each experiment you will do a minimum of 7 runs, changing your independent (manipulated) variable each time. Since this is a controlled experiment no other variables should be changed. Record what occurs in each run in the tables below. Then create a line or bar graph showing the 2 different controlled experiments. Don’t forget to label your graph. Answer the questions below and draw a conclusion from your data. You will be recording your information in formal lab write-up format.

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