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									           Emergency First Aid Kit Checklist
It is essential that every home be prepared to fight emergencies each
time they occur. This calls for readiness since emergencies do not give
a signal of when they are going to come. At least one emergency
first aid kit should be available in each home. But it will be a good
idea if you have several first aid kits and that everybody is familiar
with where it is located. The first aid kit should be designed in such a
way that it is waterproof and very light to carry around. Each time
you are planning to go for a trip, plan also to carry along a first aid
bag that is well stocked.

A first aid checklist will provide you with the necessary information
on what to put in the first aid kit so as to make one of your own.
However the contents of the first aid kit will totally depend with where
you are going to and how many people are going to use the kit.

Before you plan the contents of a first aid kit, ask yourself if the
place you are going has pharmacies that can offer medical assistance,
if there is any source of water, if the place is prone to disaster etc.

This article will provide you with the first aid checklist so as to enable
you plan for your first aid kit. The recommendation is that you place
these items properly and in place where they can be easily accessed.
Essentially these are the basic contents that you should have in your
first aid kit.

•   Carrying case or First Aid Bag

•   Band-Aids

•   Adhesive tape

•   Gauze dressing

•   Ice packs

•   Steri-strips

•   Betadine antiseptics
•   Neosporin

•   Cortisone ointment

•   Benadryl tablets

•   Eye wash

•   Bandage scissors

•   Forceps

•   Gauze dressing

    SOURCE: Emergency First Aid Kit Checklist

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