Call for Presentations
                               Powerful Prevention For ME
                              Third Annual Prevention Convention
                           Friday, November 6, 2009 ~ Bangor, Maine

Presentation/Workshop Title:

Primary Presenter / Contact Person:                           Co-Presenter/Speaker:
Name:         _______________________________          Name:         ___________________________
Position:     _______________________________          Position:     ___________________________
Organization: _______________________________          Organization: ___________________________
Address:      _______________________________          Address:      ___________________________
Office Phone #:_______________________________         Office Phone #___________________________
E-mail:_______________________________                  E-mail:      ___________________________
Presentation Summary (1/2 page limit):
  I. Issue: Describe the topic, program or strategy you would like to present.
  II. Benefit: Describe how conference participants will benefit from attending your session.
  III. Results: Describe any results of the project, including evaluation results and outcomes, if
  IV. Lessons Learned: Provide a summary of any lessons learned and implications for others who
       are doing this kind of work.
  V. Time and Level: Provide the time needed for the presentation. Slots are available for a 1 hour
       or 2 hour block. Indicate if your workshop is considered basic or advanced.
Learning Objectives: (please write 2 to 3 learning objectives for your proposed session)
[Example: Participants will increase knowledge of methods to adapt a program for culturally diverse
1. _______________________________________________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________________________________________

Put a check next to the category(s) that best reflects your workshop topic.
      A. Communication         ______
      B. Collaboration         ______
      C. Education             ______
      D. Enforcement           ______
      E. Policy                ______

Put a check next to the topic area that best reflects your workshop topic.
   Addressing Substance Abuse among Emerging Adults (18-25)                       _______
   Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention                                             _______
   Working with Court System-DA’s/ Judges on Substance Abuse
      Prevention and Diversion                                                     ________
   Using Web-based social networking as it relates to prevention                  ________
   Marijuana Use: Behaviors, Attitudes/Perceptions, and Strategies                ________
   Planning for Sustainability                                                    ________
                                      Call for Presentations
                                Powerful Prevention For ME
                               Third Annual Prevention Convention
                            Friday, November 6, 2009 ~ Bangor, Maine

Please provide a 100-150 word Bio of your qualifications for each presenter:

The information in your proposal will be used by the Program Committee to evaluate your proposal for
inclusion in the annual conference program.

Authors of abstracts accepted for presentations/workshops will be notified by August 24, 2009 and will
receive further guidelines for preparation of presentations. All presenters must register for the

If your Program is selected, you will be asked for a copy of your presentation and materials to be sent to
Lori Manson by October 22, 2009 for the conference notebook. If the selection committee feels your
presentation fits well with another submitted proposal, you may be asked to co-present in a session.

                   E-mail your Proposal To: by August 3, 2009

1. You will receive an email confirming that we received your proposal. If you don’t receive a
   confirmation email, please contact Melissa Boyd at 207-621-8118

2. We will contact you the week of August 24 to confirm whether your proposal has been selected
   for presentation. Those selected will be contacted by a member of the planning committee to discuss
   details of your presentation and to collect/provide further information.

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