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 Anti-Ageing Treatments                         Spa & Beauty Treatments                   Spa Packages

Payment Options                            3   Computerised Skin Analysis           12   Simply Spa with Lunch           26
Solutions for the Ageing Face              4   DermaQuest Skin Resurfacing          13   The Elements Spa Packages       26
Wrinkle Relaxing Injections (Botox)       5    Chemical Skin Peel                   15   Yummy Mummy                     28
Hyperhidrosis (Underarm Sweating)         5    Microdermabrasion                    16   Rasul Mud Chamber               28
Anti-Ageing Package (Botox plus Filler)   5    Dermalogica Face Treatments          16   Infra-Red Sauna                 28
Dermal Fillers                            6    Elemis Face Treatments               17   Private Spa Party - Hen Party   29
Lip Enhancement                           6    Elemis Body Treatments               18   Spa Dining                      30
Cheek Enhancement                         6    Massage Miracles                     19   Terms and Conditions            31
The Hand Lift                             6    i-lipo (Laser Lipolysis)             20
Dermamelan (Treatment of Pigmentation)    7    Endermologie (Cellulite Reduction)   21
Sculptra (Collagen Stimulation)           7    Colonic Irrigation                   21
CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing                8    Universal Contour Wrap (Inch Loss)   21
Titan Skin Tightening                     9    Manicures, Pedicures & Minx          22
Teeth Whitening                           9    Beauty Packages                      23
Tattoo Removal                            10   Young Blood Mineral Make Up          24
Photo-Rejuvenation                        10   Permanent Make Up                    24
Pain Free Laser Hair Removal              11   St Tropez Spray Tan                  24
                                               Eye Rituals                          25
                                               Waxing                               25


Payment Options
                                                                                                                             An affordable way to pay
                                                                                                                            for the treatment you want
                                                                                                                               see website for details

Are you one of                                  0% Finance example                        Monthly Savings Plan
                                                                                          Alternatively, you can simply pay money
the thousands of                                Minimum £500: repayable over 6 months
                                                                                          into your Elements account each week or
                                                  Loan               Monthly   Monthly    month to build up credit to help pay for the
people considering                               Amount
                                                                     Payment   Interest   treatments you want, when you want them.

anti-ageing or laser                               £500        0      £83.33      £0
                                                                                          Account credits can be made by

treatments, but think                           Total Repayable:
                                                Total interest:
                                                                                          •	 standing order
                                                                                          •	 cash
you can’t afford it?                            Low-Cost Loan example                     •	 debit card in person or over the phone
                                                                                          •	 PayPal
                                                Minimum £1000: repayable over 12 months

The Solution                                      Loan               Monthly   Monthly
                                                 Amount              Payment   Interest
At Elements MediSpa, we want to help you
achieve your skin-care goals, so we’ve put        £1000       7.9     £86.82    £3.49
together a range of facilities to meet your
treatment needs and financial requirements.     Total Repayable:               £1041.82
                                                Total interest:                  £41.82
Remember you don’t have to spend all the
money you borrow in one treatment, most         Standard Loan Example
clients borrow money to apply credit to their
account, then simply use this facility each     Minimum £1000: repayable over 24 months
time they come for treatments or products.
                                                  Loan               Monthly   Monthly
                                                 Amount              Payment   Interest
                                                  £1000       13.9    £47.58    £5.91
Consumer Credit Licence No. 634210
                                                Total Repayable:               £1141.91
                                                Total interest:                 £141.91                                                            3
Solutions for The Ageing Face

                                     Forehead Lines                                              Sleep Lines
(Botox, Dermal Filler or CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing)                                             (Dermal Filler or CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing)

                                             Brow Lift                                           Age Spots
                                                                                                 (IPL Photorejuvenation or Dermamelan)
                                                                                                 Hollowing Temples
                                         Frown Lines                                             (Sculptra or Radiesse)
(Botox, Dermal Filler or   CO2   Laser Skin Resurfacing)
                                                                                                 Crows Feet
          Thinning, crepey skin under the eyes                                                   (Botox, Dermal Filler or CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing)
    (Chemical Skin Peel or CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing)
                                                                                                 Tear Trough
                                         Bunny Lines                                             (Dermal Filler or CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing)
                                                                                                 Cheek Enhancement
          Uneven Pigmentation / Sun Damage                                                       (Restylane SubQ, Sculptra or Radiesse)
                                                                                                 Thread Veins or Rosacea
                                     Upper Lip Lines                                             (IPL Photorejuvenation)
          (Dermal Filler or CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing)
                                                                                                 Nose to Mouth Lines
                                   Lip Enhancement                                               (Dermal Filler)
                                          (Dermal Filler)
                                                                                                 Loose Crêpey Skin
                  Jowling & Loose Sagging Skin                                                   (CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing, Sculptra or Titan)
                  (CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing or Titan)
                                                                                                 Smile Lines or Marionette Lines
                             Unwanted Facial Hair                                                (Dermal Filler or CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing)
                        (Pain Free Laser Hair Removal)                                           Acne
                                                                                                 (Salicylic Acid Skin Resurfacing Treatment)
                                    Dull Complexion
(Chemical Skin Peel or CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing)                                               Vertical Neck Bands

                                       Ageing Hands                                              Horizontal Neck Lines & Loose Skin
    (Radiesse, Restylane Vital or IPL Photorejuvenation)                                         (Titan or CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing)

                                             Book a no obligation consultation to discuss your concerns
                                           What lines & wrinkles can be treated?                       Botox
                                           1.   Forehead lines                                         Forehead Lines, Crows feet, Frown Lines or Bunny Lines.

                                           2.   Frown lines
                                                                                                       One Area                                        £145.00
                                           3.   Crows feet
                                                                                                       Two Areas                                       £195.00
                                           4.   Bunny lines (scrunch lines on the nose)
                                                                                                       Three Areas                                     £245.00
                                           5.   Lip lines (often called smokers lines)
                                                                                                       Four Areas                                      £275.00
                1         1
                                           What else can botox do?
       10                         10       6. Soften dimpling (pebbling) of the chin
                                                                                                       Lip Lines, Chin Dimpling, Gummy Smile or lifting the
                     2                     7. Improve vertical neck bands (£195.00)                    corners of the mouth.
   3                                   3
                                           8. Correct a gummy smile
                    4 4                                                                                Each additional Area                              £25.00
                                           9. Lift the corners of the mouth
                                           10. Give a brow lift                                        Price includes a FREE 14-21 day review and adjustment if
  14                              14                                                                   required. No adjustments after 21 days.
                5    8    5                11. Improve migraines and headaches
            9                 9
                                           12. Reduce underarm sweating (£399.00)
                                                                                                           See website for latest offer prices
                    6                      13. Reduce eye twitching / blinking
       7                                   14. Soften the appearance of a square
                7         7                    muscular jaw line (£195.00)                             Anti-Ageing Package                             £375.00
                                                                                                                                                    (save £70.00)
                                                N.B. Not all people will be suitable for some of the
                                                procedures listed. A consultant will identify which    Two areas of botox plus 1 syringe of dermal
                                                        treatments you may benefit from.
                                                                                                       filler (see page 6)
                                                Recommend a friend to have £20                         Add a third area of Botox                         £25.00
                                   12           credited to your Elements account

Dermal Fillers, Lip Enhancement, Cheek Enhancement,
Tear Trough Rejuvenation and The Hand Lift
                  Dermal Fillers                                  Cheek Enhancement
                  Dermal fillers are a truly effective way to     The ageing process results in our upper
                  restore your former youthful appearance.        cheeks becoming flatter and saggy,
                  Facial folds and wrinkles can be filled,        correction of these with fillers restores your
                  contours of the face altered and lips can be    face to a youthful appearance.
                  enhanced instantly.
                                                                  Restylane Sub-Q                      £590.00
                  What can Dermal Fillers treat?                  6 months 0% finance                   £98.33

                                                                  Radiesse                             £580.00
                  1.    Forehead lines
                                                                  6 months 0% finance                   £96.67
                  2.    Frown lines
                  3.    Eye brow
                  4.    Crows feet
                  5.    Tear trough rejuvenation (£350.00)
                  6.    Nose                                        Before                After
                  7.    Cheek enhancement
                  8.    Nose to mouth lines                       The Hand Lift
                  9.    Smokers lines
                  10.   Lip border                                Radiesse injections immediately re-plump
                                                                  and replenish volume to the back of the
                  11.   Smile lines                               hands instantly disguising tendons and
                  12.   Mouth to chin lines                       veins to provide a supple and youthful
                  13.   Lip enhancement                           appearance.
                  14.   Chin enhancement
                                                                  Radiesse Hand Lift                   £499.00
                  Prices start from £190.00 see website for       6 months 0% finance                   £83.33
                  latest offers. See finance options on page 3.
                                                                  Plus FREE Photorejuvenation of hands
6                                                                 to treat age spots worth £60.00 (see page 10)
Sculptra                                        Dermamelan (De-Pigmentation Treatment)
Sculptra                                                           Dermamelan
                   Sculptra is used to stimulate the production
                   of your own collagen to replace lost volume
                   especially where cheeks have sunken giving
                   rise to a flat and crepey appearance. A
                   course of 3 - 4 treatments of 1 or 2 vials is
 Before    After   usually recommended at 8 week intervals.         Before      After
                   Results can last up to three years.

                   1 vial treatment                    £299.00
                   2 vial treatment                    £499.00
                   Course of 6 vials (3 treatments)   £1399.00
                   12 months low-cost loan             £121.46
                   Total repayable                    £1457.51
                   Total interest                       £58.51

                   Dermamelan (formally Amelan)
 Before    After                                                    Before      After
                   Dermamelan is the gold standard procedure
                   used to treat pigmentation (melasma and
                   chloasma). Results are usually seen within 10
                   days, and can be kept up with continued use
                   of the maintenance cream and sunscreen.
                   In addition to removing pigmentation, this
                   treatment will result in a clearer, more even
                   skin tone with a new found softness and
 Before    After                                                    Before      After
                   Dermamelan Treatment                £499.00
                   6 months 0% finance                  £83.33
CO2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing
                                                                                                              Half Price
                                                                                                         Introductory Offer
                                                                                                 Consultation (redeemable)                   £20.00

                                                                                                 Standard Area
  Before                                         Before                      After               (Face, Neck or Chest)

                                                                                                 Buy any standard area and have any additional area(s)
                                                                                                 treated at the same time for HALF PRICE

                                                                                                 Single Treatment                    £900 now £450

                                                                                                 Course of 3 (4 week intervals) £2100 now £1050

                                                                                                            Course of 3 - £1050
  After                                          Before                      After
                                                                                                    6 months         12 months         24 months
                                                                                                       0%              7.9%              13.9%
CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing                    Skin Preparation & After Care
                                                                                                  Monthly £175     Monthly £91.16 Monthly £49.96
The goal of CO2 laser skin resurfacing is     In order to maximise results and minimise           Total interest    Total interest    Total interest
to improve the appearance of lines and        the risk of undesirable side effects your              £0.00             £43.91           £149.00
wrinkles, scars of various origin, uneven     skin may require a period of preparation
pigmentation, dilated pores, skin laxity or   with specific products* before treatment.
creping and poor skin texture.                You will also be prescribed antivirals* and        Small Area
                                              antibiotics* to reduce the risk of infection.      (Eyes, Mouth, Cheeks or Hands)
Visit our website to view more before and     The use of our prescribed aftercare kit* is
after images and to see a video of the        mandatory.                                         Single Treatment                    £500 now £250
procedure being performed.
                                              * NB none of the above are included in the price   Course of 3 (4 week intervals) £1200 now £600

             Titan Skin Tightening & Teeth Whitening
                                                                                                                                                      An affordable way to pay
                                                                                                                                                     for the treatment you want
                                                                                                                                                        see website for details

                                                                 The award winning Titan is a safe, non-
                                                                 surgical procedure that uses infrared light to
                                                                 tone, lift and tighten lax and redundant skin
                                                                 on the face, neck and body to reverse the
                                                                 signs of ageing.

                                                                 For maximum results, two to three treatments
               Before                After                       are required at one month intervals, with a
                                                                 single treatment annually for maintenance.

                                                                 Lower Face & Jowls (x1)              £350.00
                                                                 Lower Face & Jowls (x2)              £650.00
                                                                 6 months 0% finance                  £108.33
                                                                                                                  Teeth Whitening
                                                                 Neck (x1)                            £275.00
                                                                 Neck (x2)                            £500.00     Hollywood Smiles offers one of the most
                                                                 6 months 0% finance                   £83.33     effective teeth whitening systems available
               Before                After                                                                        using dental strength whitening gel (22%
                                                                 Neck & Jowls (x1)                    £350.00     carbamide peroxide).
                                                                 Neck & Jowls (x2)                    £650.00
                                                                 6 months 0% finance                  £108.33     Teeth Whitening                          £225.00
                                                                                                                  Custom Trays & 3 syringes of gel
Before             Before                                          Lower Face,
                                                   Immediately Post Treatment Neck & Jowls (x1)
                             Immediately Post Treatment
                                                                   Lower Face, Neck & Jowls (x2)      £800.00     Whitening Gel x1 syringe                     £20.00
                     Neck Treatment shots
  Neck Treatment 36-38J, 3 Passes, 186 36-38J, 3 Passes, 186 shots 6 months 0% finance                £133.33
                                                                                                                  Whitening Gel x3 syringes                    £50.00

               Before                After


Lasers & Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
                                                                                                                                                 An affordable way to pay
                                                                                                                                                for the treatment you want
                                                                                                                                                   see website for details

Tattoo Removal and Reduction                                Photorejuvenation                                           Rosacea
                                                            For the treatment of rosacea, thread veins,
                                                            acne and pigmentation.
                                                            This effective skin rejuvenation treatment
                                                            improves appearance, texture and tone of
                                                            skin with no down time, little discomfort and
                                                            minimal risk.
   Before                     After                                                                                      Before         After

                                                                           Special Offer
Tattoo Reduction for Cover Up                                          Nose and Cheeks                                  Pigmentation and Sun Spots
                                                                £75.00 (Save £25.00 per session)

                                                              Photorejuvenation                         Buy 5 get
                                                            Consultation             £20.00              1 FREE
                                                            & Test Patch
                                                            Crows Feet               £40.00               £200.00
   Before                     After                                                                                      Before         After
                                                            Mouth Area               £40.00               £200.00
                                                            Nose                     £40.00               £200.00
                                                            Cheeks                   £60.00               £300.00       Thread Veins
                                                            Chin                     £40.00               £200.00
  Tattoo Reduction                          Buy 5 get
                                                            Full Face                £99.00               £495.00
Consultation             £20.00               1 FREE
& Test Patch                                                Neck                     £70.00               £350.00
2cm x 2cm                £50.00               £250.00       Chest                    £125.00              £625.00
3cm x 3cm                £60.00               £300.00       Hands                    £60.00               £300.00
4cm x 4cm etc...         £70.00               £350.00       Lower Arms               £90.00               £450.00        Before         After
6 months 0% finance available when you spend £500 or more   6 months 0% finance available when you spend £500 or more


Pain Free Laser Hair Reduction
                                                                                                                           An affordable way to pay
                                                                                                                          for the treatment you want
                                                                                                                             see website for details

                     Face & Neck                                Buy 5 get        Arms & Legs                                Buy 5 get
                   Consultation                 £20.00            1 FREE       Consultation              £20.00                   1 FREE
                   & Test Patch                                                & Test Patch

                   Between Brows                £20.00           £100.00       Underarms                 £70.00                 £350.00
                   Upper Lip                    £30.00           £150.00       Arms (Upper)              £90.00                 £450.00
                   Chin                         £50.00           £250.00       Arms (Lower)              £90.00                 £450.00
                   Sideburns                    £50.00           £250.00       Arms (Full)               £150.00                £750.00
                   Jaw line                     £50.00           £250.00       Legs (Upper)              £150.00                £750.00
                   Mid & Lower Face             £99.00           £495.00       Legs (Lower)              £150.00                £750.00
                   Neck (Front or Back)         £70.00           £350.00       Legs (Full)               £250.00          £1, 250.00
                   6 months 0% finance available when you spend £500 or more   6 months 0% finance available when you spend £500 or more

                     Body                                       Buy 5 get
                   Consultation                 £20.00            1 FREE
                                                                                              Special Offers
                   & Test Patch                                                            Upper Lip & Chin
                   Shoulders                    £150.00          £750.00           £59.00 (Save £21.00 per session)
                   Back                         £200.00       £1, 000.00             Underarm & Brazilian Bikini
                   Chest                        £140.00          £700.00          £109.00 (Save £51.00 per session)
                                                                                           6 months 0% finance: £90.83
                   Abdomen                      £140.00          £700.00
                   Nipples                      £30.00           £150.00            Underarm & Hollywood Bikini
                                                                                  £129.00 (Save £51.00 per session)
                   Stomach Line                 £50.00           £250.00
                                                                                          6 months 0% finance: £107.50
                   Standard Bikini              £70.00           £350.00
                                                                                  Underarm, Brazilian & Lower Legs
                   Brazilian Bikini             £90.00           £450.00
                                                                                  £229.00 (Save £81.00 per session)
                   Hollywood Bikini             £110.00          £550.00                  12 months 7.9% APR: £99.41
                   6 months 0% finance available when you spend £500 or more
                                                                                      Your Journey
                                                                                       to Younger
Computerised Skin Analysis                                                            Looking Skin
                                                                                      ...starts here

                             Step 1 - Computerised Skin Analysis
                             At Elements MediSpa we use the latest computerised skin
                             imaging system to assist you in achieving and maintaining
                             younger, healthier looking skin. It is possible to improve skin
                             conditions and repair damage but more importantly, we can
                             help you achieve the ‘glowing and healthy’ skin we all crave.

                             Our comprehensive skin analysis helps us identify your skin type and
                             skin concerns. This allows us to accurately recommend the most
                             appropriate products and treatments that will be of maximum benefit to
                             your individual skin needs.

                             25 mins (Redeemable against the cost of any treatment)               £20.00

                             Step 2 - Skin Preparation
                             Some of our more results-orientated face treatments require a
                             period of skin preparation in order to minimise unnecessary irritation
                             and discomfort and maximise clinical outcomes. Optimal levels of
                             hydration, protection and healing help prepare the skin for professional

                             Step 3 - Professional Treatment
                             Our Professional Resurfacing Treatments will be tailored to suit individual
                             concerns ensuring a positive outcome for all clients.

                             Step 4 - Home Care
                             Daily use of prescribed home care products will improve skin conditions
                             and repair damage but more importantly, help you achieve the ‘radiant
                             skin you desire’.
DermaQuest Skin Resurfacing

Skin Preparation                                Lactic Acid Resurfacer (30%)                       Glycolic Acid Resurfacer (40%)
The skin must be prepared for a minimum of      *Skin Preparation Required                         *Skin Preparation Required
two weeks in order to:
•	 Balance and hydrate the skin                 An advanced resurfacing treatment, excellent       Glycolic acid has the smallest molecular
•	 Ensure even penetration of the peels         for age management and hyperpigmetation.           structure of any Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA),
•	 Reduce unnecessary irritation                This treatment is appropriate for sensitive        allowing it to effectively penetrate deeper
•	 Promote a faster recovery                    skin, hyperpigmentation and darker skin            into the skin, increasing cellular turnover
•	 Lower the risk of undesirable side-effects   tones. Lactic acid increases cellular turnover,    and stimulating the production of collagen
•	 Achieve excellent long-term results          and dermal hydration as well as stimulating the    and elastin to improve fine lines and wrinkles
                                                production of collagen and elastin to help         whilst enhancing skin tone and texture.
DermaQuest Treatment Masks                      leave the skin smoother and brighter.              Glycolic acid also assists in the release of
Mask of your choice included in selected                                                           blackheads and improves low grade non-
                                                (Includes the treatment mask of your choice)       inflammatory acne.
resurfacing treatments;
•	 Hydrating Gel Mask                                                                     £59.00   (Includes the treatment mask of your choice)
•	 Peptide Firming Enzyme Mask                  Buy 5 Get 1 FREE                         £295.00
•	 C-Lipoic Treatment Mask                                                                                                                   £59.00
•	 Acne Treatment Mask                                                                             Buy 5 Get 1 FREE                         £295.00
DermaQuest Skin Resurfacing

Glycolic Acid (40% & 70%) with                     Pumpkin Resurfacers                                Alpha Peptide Resurfacers
Stem Cells
                                                   *Skin Preparation Required                         *Skin Preparation Required
*Skin Preparation Required
                                                   These powerful resurfacing treatments use          These powerful resurfacers formulated with
This revolutionary new resurfacer is               high levels of glycolic acid, lactic acid,         high levels of glycolic acid, lactic acid and
formulated with stem cells, the very latest in     salicylic acid, and pumpkin pulp (a derivative     peptides provide the ULTIMATE anti-ageing
anti-ageing technology. In addition to all the     of Vitamin A) to stimulate the production of       treatments. High levels of AHA allow the
benefits of the Glycolic Resurfacer (40%) this     collagen and elastin, smooth fine lines and        peptides in this formula to penetrate deeply
cutting-edge technology offers a solution to       wrinkles, increase dermal hydration and            and quickly into the skin to reduce fine lines
hydrate, plump and firm facial skin. Stem          prevent acne breakouts. Excellent for age          and wrinkles fast. Collagen is stimulated and
cells restore elasticity and improve skin tone     management, acne, and hyperpigmentation.           the skin is instantly smoothed.
and texture.                                       Also helps reduce pore size and firms the
                                                   skin, making it look significantly more smooth     (Includes the treatment mask of your choice)
(Includes the treatment mask of your choice)       and tight post treatment.
                                          £59.00   (Includes the treatment mask of your choice)       Buy 5 Get 1 FREE                         £295.00
Buy 5 Get 1 FREE                         £295.00
14                                                 Buy 5 Get 1 FREE                         £295.00
DermaQuest Skin Resurfacing & Peels

Salicylic Acid Resurfacer (20-30%)                Modified Jessner’s Peel                            TCA (7%) Salicylic Acid (2%) Peel
*Skin Preparation Required                        *Skin Preparation Required                         *Skin Preparation Required

Formulated exclusively for oily and acne          The Modified Jessner’s peel provides a             Chemical skin peels are one of the most
prone skin, this professional resurfacing         synergy of 14% salicylic acid, 14% lactic acid     innovative ways to easily and optimally
treatment is saturated with antibacterial         and 14% resorcinol to deliver optimal results.     rejuvenate the skin. They are designed to
agents such as salicylic acid, benzyl peroxide,   It is indicated for the treatment of congestion,   accelerate the removal of old dead skin cells
and AHA’s to target and treat problematic         dehydration, hyperpigmentation, acne, and          at the surface of the skin, and promote new
skin. These effective performance ingredients     general sun damage. The peel dissolves the         cell growth. TCA peels visibly reduce the
eliminate the p acne bacteria, to reduce          top layer of the stratum corneum to provide a      appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars
breakouts, unclog pores and decrease              smoother, softer skin surface, whilst reducing     and once peeling is finished, the skin will feel
inflammation of the sebaceous glands to           follicle blockage, preventing acne breakouts       soft, smooth, toned and more elastic.
promote a clean and clear complexion.             and lightening pigmentation.
                                       £59.00                                             £79.00     Course of 3 (4 week intervals)         £270.00
Course of 3 (3 week intervals)        £150.00     Course of 3 (4 week intervals)         £210.00

Face Treatments
                                                    DermaQuest Sensitive Skin Facial
                                                    A gentle exfoliation and brightening treatment
                                                    appropriate for sensitive skin.

                                                    Benefits Include:

                                                    •	 Provides gentle yet effective exfoliation
                                                       (digests dead skin cells without harming
                                                       living, healthy cells).
                                                    •	 Improves the appearance of fine lines
                                                       and rough textures.
                                                    •	 Increases skin hydration
DermaQuest Lifting & Firming Facial                 •	 Soothes and strengthens inflamed skin.        Microdermabrasion
An excellent ‘Party Facial’ giving an instant and                                                    This superbly effective resurfacing anti-
visible lift.                                       40 mins                               £45.00
                                                                                                     ageing treatment mechanically exfoliates the
                                                                                                     skin with micro-crystals removing dead skin
Benefits Include:                                                                                    cells, improving texture and smoothing away
                                                    DermaQuest Extraction Facial                     irregularities.
•	 Provides gentle yet effective exfoliation
   to brighten the skin                             An excellent treatment for congested skin.
•	 Firms and tightens the skin                                                                       40 mins                              £40.00
•	 Offers an instant and visible lift               Benefits Include:
•	 Refines the skin creating a smoother,
   softer appearance                                •	 Assists in skin clearing and eliminating      Dermalogica Face Treatment
•	 Improves the appearance of fine lines               congestion
   and rough textures                               •	 Provides a smoother, softer appearance        This revolutionary approach to skin
                                                       of the skin                                   treatments is customised at every step for
55 mins                                  £49.00     •	 Helps to eliminate bacteria colonization      optimum results.

                                                    55 mins                               £49.00     40 mins                              £45.00
                                                                                                     55 mins                              £55.00
Elemis Face Treatments
                                                Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial
                                                Peel away the years for smoother radiant skin.

                                                Clinically proven to visibly resurface by up
                                                to 75% and increase skin smoothness by
                                                up to 32% after just 1 treatment. Targets
                                                blemishes, uneven skin tone, superficial
                                                scarring and fine lines, for younger looking

                                                30 mins (power booster)               £35.00
Elemis Men’s Urban Cleanse Facial                                                                Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial
                                                55 mins                               £59.00
Deep cleanse and complete skin detox.                                                            Immediate results in the fight against time.

Eliminates blocked pores, rapidly accelerate    Visible Brilliance Facial                        Clinically proven, after just 1 treatment, to
skin repair and neutralises impurities. Fast-                                                    reduce the number of wrinkles by up to 94%
acting ingredients reduce sensitivity and       Combats ageing, stressed and slackened skin.     and improves skin firmness by up to 57%.
provide long-lasting defence against the                                                         Uses professional strength formulations for
damaging effects of daily pollutants, leaving   With revolutionary results, this anti-ageing     maximum efficiency, leaving a firmer, uplifted,
the skin visibly clear and squeaky clean.       treatment instantly firms, rejuvenates and       more youthful looking appearance.
                                                plumps skin, whilst helping to reduce dark
30 mins (power booster)               £30.00    circles. Moisturisation levels of the skin are   30 mins (power booster)                £35.00
                                                clinically proven to increase by up to 61%
55 mins                               £49.00    and elasticity by 40% after just 1 treatment.    55 mins                                £59.00

                                                30 mins (power booster)               £35.00

                                                55 mins                               £59.00

Elemis Body Treatments
                                                  Exotic Frangipani Nourish Wrap                   Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap
                                                  For immediate softness and suppleness            A deeply detoxifying blend to decongest
                                                                                                   and stimulate the system
                                                  Aromatic Tahitian Coconut and Frangipani
                                                  flowers are soaked together to produce the       Be cocooned in a foil wrap and treated to a
                                                  Monoi which is poured all over the body and      pressure point facial massage and de-stress
                                                  then cocooned in a nourishing foil wrap.         scalp treatment. This rich therapy helps
                                                  Drenching the skin with moisture, this exotic    refine the appearance of cellulite and relieve
                                                  therapy provides ultimate radiance, vitality     the discomfort of fluid retention. The body
                                                  and all over body glow.                          is re-energised and skin is left silky soft and
                                                  45 mins                                 £55.00
                                                                                                   1hr 15 mins                            £59.00

Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow                  Coconut Rub & Milk Ritual Wrap
                                                                                                   Muscle-Ease Aroma Spa
Invigorated,   cleansed   and    polished   to    Pure sensuality to enliven the senses
                                                                                                   Ocean Wrap
                                                  Warmed Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath is
                                                                                                   Powerful seaweed wrap for complete muscle
A body exfoliation ritual to invigorate and       poured all over the body before being
revitalise the body. After light body brushing,   cocooned in a comforting foil wrap. This
warm oil is dripped luxuriously over the body,    opulent exotic therapy is excellent for skin
                                                                                                   Comforting foil wrap and treated to a
before the sublime Elemis Exotic Lime and         smoothing and softening, all combined
                                                                                                   pressure point facial massage and de-stress
Ginger Salt Glow is applied. Skin is deeply       with a pressure point facial massage and
                                                                                                   scalp treatment. Using a warming blend of
cleansed and moisturised, leaving it glowing      de-stress scalp treatment.
                                                                                                   Essential Oils, this specialised treatment
and vibrant, replenished and flawless.
                                                                                                   helps ease aching, tense muscles.
                                                  45 mins                                 £55.00
30 mins                                £35.00
                                                                                                   1hr 15 mins                            £59.00

Massage Miracles
Body Sculpting Cellulite and                     Indian Head Massage
Colon Therapy
                                                 A deeply relaxing massage of the shoulders,
Redefine and smooth your silhouette              neck, scalp and face. Helps relieve head
                                                 -aches and induce a deep sense of calm.
Clinically proven to target stubborn cellulite
and sagging skin, for visible, rapid results.    25 mins                               £25.00
A peel off body mask is applied and
combined with massage to deeply cleanse
the body, helping firm and smooth skin,          Elemis Massage for Mother-to-Be
stimulate circulation and reduce fluid
retention. Cleansing of the colon through        Massage adapted to each stage of pregnancy.
abdominal massage helps to detoxify the          Specialised positioning to ensure the ultimate
body, working from the inside out.               in safety, comfort and relaxation. Helping to
                                                 relieve tension in the back and alleviating
45 mins                               £55.00     swelling in the hands and feet, while easing
                                                 the mind and uplifting the spirit.
                                                                                                  Alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and
                                                 Full Body (55 mins)                   £49.0
                                                                                       £49.00     revive the senses with these powerful,
Aroma Stone Massage Therapy                                                                       customised massages.
                                                 Back (25 mins)                        £29.00
Warm Basalt stones to melt away the
                                                                                                  Full Body (55 mins)               £45.00
tension. Therapeutic heat is slowly released
into the muscles for a completely new
                                                 Hopi Ear Candles                                 Back, Neck & Shoulder (25 mins)   £25.00
body experience. Warm stones are placed
on key energy points, whilst luxuriously
warmed oils are massaged deeply                  Hopi Ear Candling is a wonderfully relaxing      Stress Away Shoulder & Scalp      £15.00
into the body for maximum relaxation             and beneficial treatment that helps with         (15 mins)
                                                 many conditions and problems associated
                                                 with the ear, nose and throat area to soothe,
Full Body (55 mins)                   £49.00
                                                 relieve and relax.
Back (25 mins)                        £29.00
                                                 25 mins                               £25.00                                           19
Laser Lipo & Endermologie

                       The intelligent alternative to liposuction

                       i-lipo uses over 32 advanced lasers which
                       safely penetrate the skin and are absorbed
     The intelligent   in the fat cells. This stimulation opens pores
                       in the fat cell wall allowing the stored fat
     alternative to    to escape. The fat is then collected by the
     liposuction.      lymphatic system and transported to areas
                       of the body where it can be metabolised into
                       energy during exercise.

                       Following each treatment a minimum of 30
                       minutes cardio exercise is recommended to           Endermologie
                       accelerate the removal of released fat from
                       the area.                                           Cellulite and Loose Skin Treatment

                       Taster Session (1 per person)           £30.00      Endermologie is an effective treatment
                                                             save £45.00   used to reduce the appearance of cellulite
                                                                           as well as lifting and firming the skin. Other
                       Single Treatment                        £75.00      benefits include; treatment for fluid retention,
                                                                           reduction of body circumference and
                       Course of 8 (save £120.00)             £480.00      improvement in skin tone and smoothness.
                       6 months 0% finance                     £83.33
                                                                           Taster Session (1 per person)           £30.00
                                                                                                                 save £15.00

                                                                           Single Treatment                        £45.00

                                                                           Course of 15 (save £150.00)            £525.00
                                                                           6 months 0% finance                     £87.50
Inch Loss & Colonic Irrigation

                                                    Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy
                                                    •   Clears waste & harmful toxins
                                                    •   Promotes normal bowel movements
                                                    •   Improves mental clarity
                                                    •   Clears skin complexion
                                                    •   Improves the appearance of cellulite
                                                    •   Increases energy levels
                                                    •   Relieves bloating, constipation and IBS
                                                    •   Results in fewer headaches
                                                    •   Gives a feeling of lightness & wellbeing
                                                    •   Reduces the risk of bowel cancer

Colon Hydrotherapy                                  Universal Contour Wrap
The UK is the most constipated nation on            Cotton bandages soaked in mineral-rich sea
earth, with 1 in 3 attending their GP with a        clay act like a giant poultice drawing toxins
digestive or bowel problem and 35,000 new           and impurities from the body. The unique clay
cases of bowel cancer diagnosed each year.          formula tightens loose tissue and guarantees
                                                    exceptional and lasting inch-loss. Ideal for a
Colonic Irrigation is the gentle internal bathing   refreshing detox, a kick start to any slimming
of the large bowel, using warm, purified water      plan, or as preparation for a holiday or special
to remove stored faecal matter, mucous, gas         occasion.
and toxic substances from the bowel.
                                                    Single Wrap (2 hrs)                     £59.00
Colon Hydrotherapy                       £59.00
                                                    Course of 3 recommended                £150.00
Course of 3 recommended                 £150.00                                           save £27.00
within 6 weeks                        save £27.00
                                                    Universal Contour Wrap                 £110.00
                                                    + Colon Hydrotherapy                   save £8.00

Heavenly Hands and Floating Feet
                                                   Pro-Collagen Hand and Nail Cream intensely
                                                   hydrates for irresistibly smooth, youthful
                                                   looking hands.

                                                   55 mins                                           £40.00

                                                   File & Polish to Toes*                            £12.50

                                                   Elemis Exotic Spa Pedicure*
File & Polish to Fingers                £12.50
                                                   Includes foot spa, file, cuticle work and tidy,
                                                                                                              Minx Toe Nails
                                                   brief hard skin removal, brief foot massage
                                                                                                              Treatment includes file, cuticle work, tidy and
Elemis Exotic Spa Manicure                         plus the polish of your choice.
                                                                                                              minx application.
Compromise on time not quality with this           45 mins                                           £25.00
                                                                                                              30 mins                                £25.00
treatment. Includes file, cuticle soak and tidy,
brief hand massage plus the polish of your
                                                   Elemis Sole Delight Luxury Pedicure*                       Elemis Exotic Spa Pedicure*
                                                   A sensory sole delight foot treatment,
                                                                                                              with Minx Toe Nails
30 mins
                                                   including a pedicure, which will promise to
                                                                                                              Combine our exotic Spa Pedicure with an
                                                   leave you walking on air. Warmed aroma-
                                                                                                              application of Minx toes for feet that will
Elemis Pro-Collagen Luxury Manicure                therapeutic oils nourish and super-condition
                                                                                                              leave you walking on air.
                                                   neglected feet and nails. The extra-rich
An anti-ageing treatment and manicure to           hydration replenishes and softens hard
                                                                                                              1 hour                                 £25.00
soothe dry, chapped hands and nails. Cuticles      working heels, lavishing a rich and healing
and nails are conditioned & strengthened,          action on your skin.
whilst the indulgent Elemis Skin Nourishing
Milk Bath combined with the anti-ageing            1hr 10 mins                                       £45.00

                                                   *please remember to bring flip flops or sandals

Beauty Essentials Packages

Holiday Countdown                               Glamour                                                         The Red Carpet Treatment
Get your body ready to hit the beach with       Whether it’s a day at the races, your prom or                   Be treated like a celebrity for the day, and
our fabulous holiday countdown                  graduation, or even the annual dinner dance,                    have our expert team pamper you. This
                                                arrive looking like the Belle of the ball with                  spoil-spree will lavish every part of your face
Step 1                                          our Glamour Package                                             and body with attention.
•	 Half Leg Wax
•	 Underarm Wax                                 •	   Eyelash Tint                                               •	   Elemis Power Booster Facial
•	 Brazilian Bikini Wax                         •	   Standard Eyelash Extensions                                •	   Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
•	 Eyebrow Wax                                  •	   Full Body Exfoliation                                      •	   Elemis Pro-Collagen Luxury Manicure
•	 Eyelash Tint                                 •	   St Tropez Spay Tan                                         •	   Elemis Sole Delight Luxury Pedicure*
•	 Elemis Exotic Spa Pedicure*                  •	   File and Polish to Fingers & Toes
                                     £75.00                                                         £77.00                                            £120.00
                                  save £15.00                                                     save £20.00                                        save £25.00

Step 2
•	 Full Body Exfoliation                        *please remember to bring flip flops or sandals
•	 St Tropez spray tan
                                     £35.00                                                                                                                 23
Young Blood Mineral Make Up

YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Make Up                     Permanent Make-up                                      St Tropez Spray Tan                   £20.00

Express Make Up                      £15.00    Imagine the convenience of having perfectly            Enjoy a gorgeous golden glow, without the
                                               applied make-up which enhances your                    risk of sun damage.
                                               features all day, every day. Permanent natural
Day, Evening or Wedding Make Up                cosmetic enhancements achieves perfect                 Double Dip                            £10.00
                                               eyebrows, striking eyeliner and beautiful
Facial cleanse followed by day, evening or     lips or a flush of colour, all of which is totally     Return the day after your spay tan for a
wedding make-up application.                   smear proof and flawless.                              second application for a deeper longer
                                      £25.00                                                          lasting golden glow.
Make Up Lesson                                 Consultation                                  £35.00
                                                                                                      Scrub ‘n’ Spray                       £35.00
Fantastically applied make-up is a             (redeemable against the cost of treatment)
girl’s best friend. Our make-up lesson                                                                An express full body exfoliation followed by a
will give you a step-by-step guide to          Eyebrows                            from     £330.00   shower and then a St Tropez Spray Tan.
correct application to help you make the
                                               Eyeliner                            from     £300.00
best of your complexion and features.
                                  £40.00       Lips                                from     £350.00
                                               Full Face                           from     £900.00
Beauty Essentials
                                                        Hollywood Semi-Permanent                                  Save thousands of pounds with
                                                        Lashes                                                      Permanent Hair Reduction

                                                        Transform your lashes with Hollywood Lash                 Upper Lip          -      Save £2820.00
                                                        extensions - to give you longer, fuller and               Underarms          -      Save £2500.00
                                                        very natural looking lashes that will last for
                                                        weeks. Using the state-of-the-art techniques              Half Leg           -      Save £5130.00
                                                        we apply one lash at a time onto your existing            Brazilian Bikini   -      Save £6120.00
                                                        lashes to give you beautiful, lush lashes that
                                                        will look and feel completely natural.                     Compares the cost of 12 laser treatments
                                                                                                                    with 30 years of waxing every 4 weeks
                                                        N.B. These lashes are not meant to look like false
Eye Rituals                                                                                                     The Wax Pot
                                                        Consultation and Lash Tint *                 £15.00
Eyebrow Wax                                     £8.00   New Set *                                    £45.00     Full Leg                               £25.00
Eyebrow Tint *                                  £8.00   In-Fills (every 2-3 weeks)                   £25.00     Half Leg                               £17.00
Eyebrow Wax & Tint *                          £12.00                                                            Standard Bikini                        £14.00
                                                                                                                Brazilian Bikini (Strip)               £18.00
Eyelash Tint *                                £12.00
                                                        The Wax Pot 1                                           Hollywood Bikini (Nude)                £20.00
Eyebrow Wax & Tint plus                       £22.00
                                                                                                                Underarm                               £10.00
 Eyelash Tint *                                         Full Leg, Brazilian Bikini,                  £53.00
                                                        Underarm & Eyebrow                         save £8.00   Full Arm                               £18.00
Eyebrow Tint & Eyelash Tint *                 £17.00
                                                                                                                Forearm                                £12.00
Eyelash Extensions (standard)                 £15.00
                                                        The Wax Pot 2                                           Lip, Chin, or Brow                      £8.00
Eyelash Tint & Eyebrow Wax                    £15.00                                                            Lip & Chin                             £12.00
Eyelash Perm *                                £30.00    Half Leg, Brazilian Bikini,                  £45.00
                                                                                                   save £8.00   Gents Back and Shoulders               £22.00
                                                        Underarm & Eyebrow
                                                                                                                Gents Chest and Abdomen                £22.00
* Patch test required 24 hours in advance for all
new clients for tinting, perming or lash extensions.

                                                                                               Spa Guest Arrival Times
                                                                                           All morning Spa Packages commence at 9.30am
                                                                                                           Arrival at 9.00am

The Elements                                                                              All afternoon Spa Packages commence at 1.30pm
                                                                             Arrival at 1.00pm or 12.30pm if you wish to start with lunch (see page 30)

    Ice Shoot                                           Crystal Steam Room                                     Aromatherapy Room

Simply Spa with Lunch                 £45.00        Earth                                 £55.00           Water                                 £65.00
Relax and Unwind (Mon-Fri only)                     Spa Express                                            Detox Delight

Spend three hours wrapped in the comforting         When time is of the essence, our spa express           Combine the detoxifying effects of the
environment of the spa, and let your cares          will give maximum results in minimum time.             Mud Chamber and Infra Red Sauna with a
melt as your senses are touched by elements                                                                customised full body exfoliation to ensure an
of heat and cold, flickering candlelight and        •   3 hours Simply Spa                                 ultra detox delight.
gorgeous aromas. Also includes a delicious          •   Elemis Spa Radiance Facial
main course lunch (see page 30)                                                                            •   3 hours Simply Spa
                                                    •   Private Mud Chamber (add £9.50)
                                                    •   Private Infra-Red Sauna (add £7.50)                •   Elemis Devil’s Mint Body Scrub
•   3 hours Simply Spa                                                                                     •   Private Mud Chamber Session
                                                    •   Lunch (see page 30)
•   Main Course Lunch                                                                                      •   Private Infra Red Sauna Session
•   Private Mud Chamber (add £9.50)                 3 hrs 30 mins : Therapy Time 25 mins                   •   Lunch (see page 30)
•   Private Infra-Red Sauna (add £7.50)
                                                                                                           4 hrs : Therapy Time 25 mins
3 hrs
                                               All Spa Packages require full payment at the time booking
                                                                                              Spa Guest Arrival Times
                                                                                         All morning Spa Packages commence at 9.30am
                                                                                                         Arrival at 9.00am

The Elements                                                                            All afternoon Spa Packages commence at 1.30pm
                                                                           Arrival at 1.00pm or 12.30pm if you wish to start with lunch (see page 30)

    Changing Room                                      Saunarium                                           Spa Whirlpool

Air                                       £75.00   Fire                                  £85.00        The Fifth Element                     £95.00
Pamper and Relax                                   Top to Toe Exotic Delight                           Ultimate Spa Indulgence

This absolute spa ritual is the ultimate face      This luxurious exotic experience provides           This absolute spa celebration is the ultimate
and body sensation for pure pampering and          the ultimate radiance, vitality and all over        in decadence, relaxation and pampering.
relaxation.                                        body glow
                                                                                                       •   3 hours Simply Spa
•   3 hours Simply Spa                             •   3 hours Simply Spa                              •   Elemis Pro-Collagen Power Booster Facial
•   Elemis Spa Radiance Facial                     •   Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow         •   Elemis Exotic Frangipani Back Massage
•   Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage                  •   Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Wrap                •   Elemis Exotic Spa Manicure OR Pedicure
•   Private Mud Chamber (add £9.50)                •   Elemis Exotic Frangipani Scalp Massage          •   Private Mud Chamber (add £9.50)
•   Private Infra-Red Sauna (add £7.50)            •   Sensory Foot Massage                            •   Private Infra-Red Sauna (add £7.50)
•   Lunch (see page 30)                            •   Private Mud Chamber (add £9.50)                 •   Lunch (see page 30)
                                                   •   Private Infra-Red Sauna (add £7.50)
4 hrs : Therapy Time 25 mins                       • Lunch (see page 30)                               4 hrs 30 mins : Therapy Time 1 hr 30 mins

                                                   4 hrs 30 mins : Therapy Time 1 hr 10 mins
Yummy Mummy and Spa Extras

Yummy Mummy                                       £90.00      Private Mud Chamber Session                       Private Infra-Red Sauna Session

Baby on Board                                                 Fun in the Mud                                    Cutting Edge Detox Technology

Celebrate this magical time with a day at                     Enter an exotic herbal steam temple under         Infra-red heat penetrates the body to
Elements MediSpa which will be filled with                    a thousand stars, to take part in a traditional   eliminate toxins, making this an effective
ease, comfort and most of all pampering.                      Arabian cleansing ritual. Organic muds are        treatment for cellulite and general detox.
                                                              applied to the body to gently exfoliate and
NB Use of the thermal suite is restricted during pregnancy.   nourish tired skin. Herbal steam then fills       An average person can expect to burn
                                                              the chamber drawing out toxins as the mud         the equivalent of 500 calories in a single
•	 Elemis Back Massage for Mother-to-Be                       dries. The treatment ends with a cleansing        session.
•	 Elemis Spa Booster Facial                                  tropical rain shower, leaving the skin healthy
                                                              and glowing. This luxurious mud ceremony          Stand alone session                £15.00
•	 Exotic Sole Delight Luxury Pedicure*
                                                              helps to soften the skin and detoxify the
*please remember to bring flip flops or sandals               body.                                             Add on                              £7.50
                                                              Spa Package add on                       £9.50

                                                                                                 Spa Party Arrival Times
                                                                                            All morning Spa Party’s commence at 9.30am
                                                                                                          Arrival at 9.00am

Private Spa Party & Hen Party                                                              All afternoon Spa Party’s commence at 1.30pm
                                                                             Arrival at 1.00pm or 12.30pm if you wish to start with lunch (see page 30)

Exclusive Spa Hire                                  Classic Party (3½ hrs)                £49.00 pp         Party Treatment Menu (25 mins each)
If you’re looking to celebrate a special            •	 3 hours Simply Spa                                   •	   Elemis Spa Radiance Facial
occasion or just unwind with friends, family        •	 1 x Spa Party Treatment                              •	   Frangipani Back Massage
or colleagues, Elements MediSpa offers the
perfect venue.                                                                                              •	   Indian Head Massage
                                                    Deluxe Party (4 hrs)                  £65.00 pp         •	   Elemis Exotic Spa Manicure
With exclusive use* of our facilities for your                                                              •    Private Mud Chamber Session (add £9.50)
private party, what better way to relax,            •	 3 hours Simply Spa                                   •    Private Infra Red Sauna Session (add £7.50)
revitalise and unwind.                              •	 2 x Spa Party Treatments                             •    Lunch (see page 30)

*minimum 8 guests to qualify for exclusive          Superior Party (4½ hrs)               £79.00 pp
spa use - subject to availability.
                                                    •	 3 hours Simply Spa
                                                    •	 3 x Spa Party Treatments

                                                 All Spa Party’s require full payment at the time booking
Spa Dining                                                                              All main course meals served with a salad garnish and coleslaw.
                                                                            Sandwiches served on your choice of granary baton or white French baguette

Lite Bites                                   £1.50                                                                   Hot Drinks
• 2 slices of hot buttered toast                                                                                     • Espresso                            £1.20
• Toasted tea cake served with butter & jam                                                                          • Cappucino                           £1.80
                                                                                                                     • Latte                               £1.80
• Warmed croissant served with butter & jam
                                                                                                                     • Americano                           £1.60
• Toasted crumpets served with butter and jam
                                                                                                                     • Luxury Hot Chocolate                £2.25
                                                                                                                     • Tea’s (various)                     £1.50
Starters                                        £2.95
• Soup of the day with an oven baked roll                                                                            Soft Drinks
• Bruschetta: garlic and mozzarella                                                                                  • Orange & Passionfruit               £1.80
• Bruschetta: fresh tomato, garlic and basil                                                                         • Mineral Water (Still/Sparkling)     £1.00
•	 Mini spring rolls served with sweet chilli dip                                                                    • Coke / Diet Coke                    £1.50
                                                                                                                     • Lemonade                            £1.50
                                                        Wraps                                    £5.45
                                                                                                                     • Tonic / Soda Water                  £1.50
Sandwiches                                £4.45         • Piri-Piri chicken
                                                                                                                     • Fresh Juice (Orange / Cranberry)    £1.50
• Cheddar cheese and branston pickle                    • Tuna crunch
                                                        • Cheese savoury
• Free range egg mayonnaise                             • Duck hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onion               Cider, Beer & Spirits:
• Honey roast ham with mustard mayonnaise                                                                            • Magners                             £3.50
• Tuna crunch                                           Jacket Potato (1 filling: £4.45 2 fillings: £4.95)           • Jacques over Ice (serves 2)         £4.95
• Elements BLT                                          • Cheese                                                     • Stella Lager                        £2.50
                                                        • Beans                                                      • Gin & Tonic                         £2.95
• Elements Chicken & Bacon Club           £5.45
                                                        • Coleslaw                                                   • Vodka & Tonic                       £2.95
• Prawn Mayonnaise                        £5.45         • Tuna / Tuna Mayonnaise                                     • Pimms & Lemonade                    £2.95
                                                        • Cheese savoury                                     £4.95
Panini                                   £5.45          • Chicken & bacon                                    £5.45   Champagne, Sparkling, and Wine
                                                        • Prawn mayonnaise                                   £5.45
• Crispy bacon, brie and cranberry sauce                                                                             • Bucks Fizz            Glass         £2.50
                                                        • Chilli con carne & cheese                          £5.45
• Tuna and cheddar cheese melt                                                                                       • House Red Wine        Glass         £3.50
• Ham, mushroom, tomato and cheese melt                 Salad Bowl                                           £5.45                           Bottle        £9.95
• Cheese, red and green peppers, mushroom,              • Greek Salad                                                • House White Wine      Glass         £3.50
                                                        • Chicken Caesar Salad                                                               Bottle        £9.95
   tomato and onion
                                                        • Tuna / Tuna Mayonnaise Salad                               • House Rose Wine       Glass         £3.50
                                                        • Duck Salad                                                                         Bottle        £9.95
Pitta Bread                                    £4.95                                                                 • Sparkling Cava        Glass         £2.95
• Feta cheese salad                                     Desserts                                                        (Pink or White)      Bottle        £9.95
• Chicken and bacon salad                               • Hand baked chocolate brownie & luxury                      • House Champagne       Bottle       £24.95
                                                           vanilla ice cream                      £2.45
                                                        • Dessert of the day - see specials board £2.45
Terms and Conditions
Booking Information                                          Gift Voucher Purchase                                      Children
To avoid disappointment please book in advance.              Gift Vouchers can be purchased over the phone, on          Due to the relatively high temperatures of the thermal
All bookings are subject to terms and conditions.            line or in person. These are valid for six months from     suite and steam rooms, spa users must be a minimum
                                                             the date of purchase. Gift Vouchers are non-refundable     age of 16 years. All children under the age of 16 who
Group Bookings and Parties                                   and cannot be exchanged for cash. Lost or stolen           visit the premises must be accompanied by an adult
                                                             vouchers cannot be replaced.                               on a 1:1 ratio at all times and respect the restful nature
We offer exclusive use of the spa for your party with 8                                                                 of the Spa.
or more – subject to availability.
                                                             Arrival                                                    Refreshments and Dining
Deposits                                                     Guests are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes before          Iced water is available in the Relaxation Room
We require the following deposits in order to secure         treatments commence to relax and enjoy the                 throughout the day with our compliments. Other
your booking:                                                surroundings. As a courtesy to all our clients, a          refreshments (soft drinks, wines and champagnes,
                                                             prompt appointment schedule is to be adhered to.           plus a selection of teas and coffees) and lunch can be
•   Spa packages - must be paid in full                      Regrettably, late arrivals may mean we are unable to       purchased at an additional cost.	
•   Spa & beauty treatments - £10.00                         provide the treatment(s) booked or treatment time may
    (or full cost if treatment is less than £10.00)          be reduced.                                                Medical Advice
                                                                                                                        All treatments are booked subject to medical status.
•   Medical & laser consultations - £20.00                                                                              If you have had, or are suffering from any medical
    (redeemable against the cost of treatment)               Appointment Times
                                                             All appointment durations include consultation and         condition we strongly advise that you speak with your
•   Medical & laser treatments - £20.00                                                                                 doctor prior to booking your treatments. On booking
                                                             treatment preparation time, as well as time to allow you
                                                                                                                        please advise us if you have any medical condition
                                                             to dress and undress as appropriate.                       or allergies in order that we may recommend suitable
Payment Details
Only one credit card per booking can be accepted.                                                                       therapy.
                                                             What to Bring
When you intend to make payment using a Gift                 Please bring appropriate swimwear and footwear as          The Spa
Voucher, we will require the voucher number and              these are compulsory (slippers can be purchased at the     Whilst every effort is made to ensure the smooth running
details in order to secure the booking. Gift Vouchers        Spa). Luxury robes and towels are provided throughout      of the spa, ongoing maintenance, refurbishment or
MUST be redeemed at the time of your visit. Failure to       the day. Our changing facilities offer complimentary       unforeseen circumstances may result in some of the
bring your Gift Voucher will result in the full cost being   body wash, shampoo, conditioner and hand lotion.           facilities being withdrawn at short notice. All facilities
paid by other means.                                         Our vanity areas also have hairdryers for your use. We     are subject to availability.
                                                             encourage you to leave valuables at home. Elements
Cancellation Policy                                          MediSpa will not take responsibility for the loss of any   Thermal Suite Closing Time
Please note that in the event of a cancellation the                                                                     The Thermal Suite closes 30 minutes ahead of normal
                                                             personal belongings during your visit.
                                                                                                                        closing times.
following conditions apply:
                                                             Mobile Phones & Smoking                                    Miscellaneous
•   More than 48 hours notice: No charge.                    As a courtesy to other guests and to preserve the          All prices are correct at time of printing and are subject
•   24 – 48 hours notice: 50% will be charged.               ambience of the Spa we request that clients switch         to change from time to time. Elements MediSpa
•   Less than 24 hours notice: 100% will be charged.         off their mobile phones in the spa areas. Elements         reserves the right to amend prices, or alter / withdraw
•   No shows: 100% will be charged.                          MediSpa operates a strict no smoking policy.               treatments without prior notification.

                                                         Gift Vouchers
                          Gift Vouchers can be purchased for any monetary value, named treatment
                            or Spa Package from the Spa reception, over the telephone or online.

                            Visit to join our mailing list and be one of the first
                          to receive information about our very latest offers, promotions and events.

                                                         Refer a Friend
                      Recommend a friend and receive money to spend exclusively at Elements MediSpa.
                              Anti-Ageing Treatment: £20.00 Laser and IPL Treatments: £15.00
                         Spa Packages, Spa Treatments, Beauty Treatments, Colonic Irrigation: £5.00
                                               See website for more details

                        My Spa Ltd t/as Elements MediSpa                         My Spa Ltd t/as Elements MediSpa
                                81 Thorne Road                                Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre
                              Doncaster, DN1 2ES                                    Sidings Court, White Rose Way
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                                                              01302 36 15 06

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