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Q1) What is performance appraisal?

Q2) What do you mean by formal Distribution method?

Q3) What do you mean by performance management system?

Q4) What are the three kinds of appraisal?

Q5) What are the basic principles of performance appraisal?

Q6) What are the appropriate criteria for performance appraisal?

Q7) What are the personal characteristics, which are essential for evaluating
performance appraisal.

Q8) What are the approaches to formal performance appraisal?

Q9) What is self appraisal?

Q10) What is 360 degree appraisal?

Q11) What is a team- based appraisal?

Q12) What do you mean by informal appraisal?

Q13) What do you mean by unstructured appraisal?

Q14) What do you mean by ranking method?

Q15) Explain check list method?

Q16) Explain confidential methods?
Q17) What do you mean by Graphic rating scale?

Q18) On what basis will the employees be divided into five point of scale of

Q19) Explain the Halo Effect?

Q20) How to alleviate the problem of Halo effect?

Q21) What do you mean by central tendency problem?

Q22) Explain forced choice method?

Q23) Narrate the weakness of trait approach?

Q24) Explain Group appraisal method?

Q25) Which are the traditional methods of appraisal?

Q26) What are the modern method of performance appraisal system?

Q27) What is the role of performance appraisal in compensating employees?

Q1) What are the objectives of performance appraisal?

Q2) Explain needs for appraisal.

Q3) What are the organizational uses of performance appraisal?

Q4) Explain the steps in appraising performance.

Q5) What are the seven criteria for assessing performance?

Q6) How to make appraisal a successful one?

Q7) What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern appraisal method
Q8) Explain field review method of appraisal. Explain critical incident method
and field review method.

Q9) What are group appraisals?

Q10) Write a short note on BARS.

Q11) What are the important advantages and disadvantages of appraisal tool?

Q12) Why appraisal techniques prove to be a failure?

Q13) What are the differences between administrative and employee
development appraisal?

Q14) What are the features of assessment centre system?

Q15) What is the purpose of assessment centre?

Q16) Compare the past and present trends in employee appraisal.

Q17) Write a short note on 360 degree appraisal method.


Q1) Explain essentials of performance appraisal and problems of performance

Q2) Explain with diagram the process of performance appraisal system.

Q3) Explain the traditional methods of appraisal system.

Q4) Explain modern methods of performance appraisals.

Q5) Explain graphic rating scale with its merits and demerits.


Q1) What is compensation?

Q2) Define compensation?

Q3) Who are included under the term “executive”?

Q4) Give example for direct and indirect compensation?

Q5) Explain “Executive compensation”?

Q6) What is perquisite?

Q7) Explain subsistence theory of wage or “Iron law of wages” OR “Ricardian

Q8) Define the term “Wage Structure”?

Q9) Define wage level.

Q10) Define wage and salary administration?

Q11) Define wage?

Q12) Define salary?

Q13) Distinguish between wage and salary.

Q14) Define nominal wage.

Q15) Define real wage?

Q16) What is “minimum wages”?

Q17) Define “statutory minimum wage”?
Q18) According to “BEACH” what are the four purposes of wage of salary

Q19) What do you mean by “living wage”?

Q20) What do you mean by “Fair Wage”?

Q21) What do you mean by incentive wage?

Q22) What do you mean by wage rate?

Q23) What do you mean by standard wage rate?

Q24) What do you mean by wage surveys?

Q25) What are the three forms of group incentive?

Q26) Name two methods of group incentive planning?

Q27) What is salary survey?

Q28) Explain the factors influencing the salary level in an oranganisation.

Q29) What do you mean by skill-based pay?

Q30) What is take home salary?

Q31) what are effects of “grade”, “point”, and “ranking”, plans in wage structure?

Q32) Which are the factors, the wage board will take into consideration for fixing
or revising the wages in industries.

Q33) What are the objectives of wage incentive scheme?

Q34) Name some of the important wage incentive plans?

Q35) What do you mean by “Long term wage incentive plan”?
Q1) Explain nature and importance of compensation.

Q2) Explain are the objectives of wage and salary administration?

Q3) Explain the need for sound salary administration?

Q4) Explain wages determination process.

Q5) Briefly explain the factors affecting wage fixation.

Q6) “A sound wage and salary administration tries to achieve employee’s and
employee’s objective” critically discuss.

Q7) What are the uses of conducting wage survey?

Q8) What are the important points in the wage survey? What are decision to be
finalized for preparing wage structure?

Q9) Define nominal wage. Define real wage? What is “minimum wages”? What
do you mean by “living wage”? What do you mean by “Fair Wage”? What do you
mean by incentive wage?


Q1) Explain various types of wages.

Q2) Explain the various theories of wages.

Q3) Explain wages differentials.

Q1) What is organizational diagnosis?

Q2) What is external equity?

Q3) What is internal equity?

Q4) Who are the stake holder in the compensation management of modern

Q5) What are the various type of compensation?

Q6) Explain cafeteria style compensation.

Q7) What is the focus of attention of diagnostic activities?

                                 SECTION-B & C

Q1) What are the phases of organizational diagnosis.

Q2) Write a short note on compensation differentials.

Q3) Explain the five alternatives in Equity plan.

Q4) What are the components of a compensation system?

Q5) Make a case for change in the compensation practices of public sector

Q6) Explain obtaining commitment.
Q7) What is benchmarking? Explain its procedure.



Q1) Define incentive.

Q2) What do you mean by financial incentive?

Q3) What is piece work?

Q4) What is profit sharing?

Q5) Define “Fringe Benefit”.

Q6) What are all the three goals of fringe benefits?


Q1) What are the guidelines for effective incentive plans?

Q2) What are the types of individual incentives plans?
Q3) Briefly bring out the features of various individual incentive plans?

Q4) What are the types of organization wide incentive plans?

Q5) Give some examples for non financial incentives?

Q6) What are the special features of “fringe benefits”. Which are all the five
categories of services and benefits under the term fringe benefits?

Q7) What are the objectives of fringe benefits?

Q8) Explain different types of fringe benefits.

Q9) What is Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) Or How is Employee Stock
Ownership Plans different from.



Q1) What is pay for performance?

Q2) Give the meaning of pay by seniority?

Q3) What is group piece rate?

Q4) What is production-sharing plan?

Q5) What is employee stock ownership?

Q6) Give the meaning of employee profit sharing?

Q7) What is gain sharing?

Q1) Explain individual group variable compensation.

Q2) What are the objectives of pay for performance.

Q3) Explain nature of gain sharing.


Q1) State the objective and merits and demerits of pay by seniority.

Q2) Explain methods of employee profit sharing.

Q3) Write note on employee stock ownership.



Q1) What is “Dearness Allowance”?

Q2) What is basic pay?

Q3) What is compensation cost?

Q4) What is compensation plan?
Q5) What is retirement plan?

Q6) What is the central purpose of pay secrecy?


Q1) Examine the factors to be taken into consideration while drawing a sound
compensation plan OR Outline the external as well as internal environment of
employee remuneration.

Q2) Explain one theory of remuneration you know well?

Q3) Critically examine the relationship between employee compensation and
productivity. Does higher remuneration always lead to higher productivity?

Q4) Bring out the various employee benefits and services. Describe in brief?

Q5) Write a short note on retirement plan.

Q6) What are the benefits of retirement plan.


Q1) Explain provision for dearness allowance.

Q2) Discuss the latest trends in executive compensation?

Q3) Bring out the components of employee compensation. OR Write short note
on employee compensation plan.

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