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									   The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act
    (ARRA) as signed into law by President Obama
    on February 17, 2009.
   The Recovery Act provides $1.2 billion in
    supplemental funds for WIA Youth activities.
   Congress wants states and local areas to
    target these funds to operate expanded
    summer youth employment opportunities
    during the summer of 2009.
The Recovery Act includes two significant
changes to Youth activities under WIA.
 Increases the age to 24 years old
 Work readiness indicator will be the only
  indicator to assess the effectiveness of the
  Summer Employment Program.
   Local areas will have until June 30, 2011to
    expend WIA Youth Recovery Funds.
   States are strongly encouraged to expend
    significant amounts of the fund in the
    summer of 2009.
   TN was awarded $25 million in Youth
    Recovery Act Funds.
   LWIA-10 was awarded $1.5 million in Youth
   States are strongly encouraged to focus services
    on the youth most in need:
       Youth in and aging out of foster care
       Youth with disabilities
       Out of school youth and those at risk of dropping out
       Youth offenders and those at risk of court involvement.
       Homeless and Runaway Youth
       Children of Incarcerated Parents
       Migrant youth
       Indian/Native American Youth
       Veterans and Eligible Spouses
        Pregnant/Parenting Youth
   Eligible youth between the ages of 14-24
    worked for 8 weeks starting May 1-
    September 30th 2009.
   Youth customers earned $7.25 per hour and
    worked a maximum of 32 hours per weeks.
   The Summer Youth Employment Program for
    our local area will be called the

     “Hire YOUth! Summer Program”
    Hire YOUth! Summer Program Staff

   Tonja Garrett-Summer Youth Coordinator
   Stephen Webb-Business Services Manager
   Bob Creech-Business Services Manager
   Debbie Clifton-Special Projects Account Clerk
   Paula Harrison-Job Readiness Facilitator
   John Rawe-Monitor
   Guy Derryberry-Monitor
   Hardin Franklin-County Coordinator (Giles)
   Alice Johnston-County Coordinator (Hickman)
   Wendy Shelton-County Coordinator (Lawrence)
   Tanya Juday-County Coordinator (Lewis)
   Sylvia Davis-County Coordinator (Marshall)
   Robert Saye-County Coordinator (Maury)
                      Staff Continued

 Ricky Livengood-County Coordinator (Perry)
 Gailand Grinder-County Coordinator (Wayne)
 Marqueissa Davidson-Worksite Supervisor (Giles)
 Tim Holt-Worksite Supervisor (Hickman)
 Christina Dickens-Worksite Supervisor (Lawrence)
 Lindsey Smith-Worksite Supervisor (Lewis)
 Danika Hopkins-Worksite Supervisor (Marshall)
 Jeffery Lowrey-Worksite Supervisor (Maury)
 Casey Dugger-Worksite Supervisor (Maury)
 Sherry Davis-Worksite Supervisor (Maury)
 Bill Mullins-Worksite Supervisor (Perry)
 Stanley Boyd-Worksite Supervisor (Perry)
 Bob Turman-Worksite Supervisor (Wayne)
 Ricky Pierce-Worksite Supervisor (Wayne)
 Tracy Love-Worksite Supervisor (Wayne)
 Larry Nelson-Worksite Supervisor (Wayne)
 County    Goal     #     # Out    % of Out    CRC’s      Entered      Special Waiver   Heat Program
                  Hired     of     of School   Earned   Unsubsidized      (22-24)

Giles      80      98      29        30%        35           6               4               0

Hickman    50      63      28        44%         9           2               4               0

Lawrence   75      84      27        32%        26           7               0               0

Lewis      50      68      26        38%        19           2               1               1

Marshall   75      91      50        55%        26           8               8               0

Maury      160    213      111       52%        20          11              16               7

Perry      200    169      56        33%        19           1               0               0

Wayne      60      70       7        10%        14           3               1               0

Total      750    856      334       39%        168         40              34               8
      Enrollment by Age


                          Age 14-18 (561)

                          Age 19-21 ( 215)

                          Age 22-24 (80)
Characteristic                              Total
Male                                        435
Female                                      421
African American                            248
White                                       574
Hispanic/Latino                             15
American Indian or Alaska Native            9
Asian                                       1
Hawaiian Native or other Pacific Islander   2
Individuals with Disabilities               174
Veterans                                    6
Foster Children                             28
Dislocated Workers or Children of DW’s      55
           Job Placements
           Total Worksites-291

                                 Private Sector
     45%                         Placements (160)
                55%              Public Sector
                                 Placements (131)

Summer Youth Job Placements
                         Injuries Per County

                                                    Back or Leg Strain
1.5                                                 Cuts/Burns
                                                    Insect Bites
 1                                                  Snake Bite
                                                    Needle Injury
                                                    Eye Injury

      Hickman Lawrence   Lewis   Marshall   Maury


$135,020.00          $134,887.00

   Giles      Hickman Lawrence     Lewis       Marshall     Maury       Perry     Wayne
                                        Where People and Jobs Connect

    Some participants will continue on in the year
    round programs after completion of summer
    The programs include:
   In-School Youth Programs
     Including JTG.
   GED Plus Program
   OJT Program
   Post Secondary Assistance
            2010 Summer Youth Timeline
      January & February                      March & April
                                     Applications & Worksite Development
                                     *Distribution of Summer Youth
       Program Planning              Applications
*Revisions to applications & forms   *Availability of online application system
*Budget & Program Development        *Worksite review & approval process
*Worksite Development                *Press Releases sent to media outlets
*Develop online application          *Orientations for Staff & Employers
*Hiring Summer Program Staff         *Review applications to determine
                                     *Enrollment & placement of selected

  October to December
                                            May to September
   Program Closeout
*Closeout visits and reports
                                             Program Phase
*Feedback from employers                *Up to 8 weeks of work
*Evaluations completed by               experience for selected youth
employers & youth customers             *Work Readiness component
*Wrap-Up Meeting                        provided
*Prepare for upcoming program           *Monitoring of worksites &
                                        *Weekly payroll processed
Essence Gregory
 (Giles County)
 Essence was employed
 with TJ’s Mane
 Attraction through the
 Summer Program. While
 working, she passed her
 state board exam for
 Cosmetology. Essence
 states, “ working at TJ’s
 has really helped me in
 passing my state board
 exam. I look at it as a
 great overall
 situation…The summer
 youth program put me
 in the perfect job for
 Essence was hire by TJ’s
 Mane Attraction on
 Toshanna Anglin
(Hickman County)
 Toshanna is
 employed with Dr.
 Nell Ahl in Hickman
 Dr Ahl’s office is in
 her home and it is
 wheelchair friendly
 so Toshanna goes
 one or two days a
 week to help with the
 clerical duties of the
 Toshanna states, “
 love my job! I’m
 extremely excited
 about the possibility
 of this summer job
 turning into a regular
 job for me.”
  Derrick Shelton
(Lawrence County)
     Derrick is a 2009
     graduate of Summertown
     High School and plans to
     enroll at the TTC in the
     fall (CAD Program) . He is
     employed with DRM LLC.
     This summer he
     assembled machinery,
     worked in the control
     panel shop, ran conduit
     through wires, went to
     jobsites to observe and
     help, etc. “This
     experience has tied in
     well with the degree I
     hope to get.
     I found through this that I
     would like to work more
     specifically in building
     construction with CAD
     than mechanical
     construction. I think that
     I would like to be an
     architect maybe.”
                          Chris Jackson
                       (Lawrence County)

                    Chris is a college student
                    majoring in Political
                    Science/minor in Criminal
                    Law. His job through the
                    summer youth program has
                    been with the Lawrence
                    County Sheriff’s Dept. He’s
                    helped with a variety of
                    jobs: payroll, bookkeeping,
                    front desk “greeter”, and
                    anything else they ask him
                    to do. He possibly will go
                    on to law school. “I have
                    really been able to get a
                    good feel for the in’s & out’s
                    of the sheriff’s dept. I have
                    been drawn to public service
                    and this job was a good fit
                    for me. As long as I can
                    help make a positive
                    difference in people’s lives
                    I’m happy.”“I have extreme
  Chris Jackson     respect for someone who
(Lawrence County)
                    can go out and put their life
                    on the line as their job.”
                    Chris was hired by the
                    Lawrence Co Sheriff’s Dept
                    on 8/3/09.
Jordan Hensley
(Lewis County)
 Jordan is employed
 with WMLR Radio
 station in
 Hohenwald. He
 enjoys playing oldies
 on weekday
 evenings. His
 employer states, “I
 found Jordan
 through a school
 work program. He
 is a dependable,
 reliable young
 man….and he likes
 Jordan will attend UT
 Martin in the fall.
 Joshua Lankford
(Marshall County)
    Joshua is employed with
    the Marshall County
    Veteran’s Services Office.
    He will return to active
    duty in Afghanistan soon.
    “People think that it is
    easy for veterans to get a
    job, but it isn’t. I looked
    for a long time and was
    getting really discouraged
    until I walked into the
    career center here in
    Lewisburg. They
    suggested that I sign up
    for the “Hire YOUth”
    Summer Youth Program.
    I’ve really enjoyed working
    here. I hope that I can
    work here part-time once
    I return from Afghanistan
    and start college.”
William Harmon
(Maury County)
William is a Veteran of
the U.S. Armed Forces.
He is employed as a
Computer Technician
Assistance with SCTWA.
Williams states, “I feel
like the summer youth
program is helping youth
like me get the
experience we need to
get ahead. This is the
first time I’ve been able
to use the knowledge
that I acquired in the
Army and really see what
I can do!”
Jennifer Sharpe
(Maury County)
Jennifer is enrolled at
MTSU majoring in
She is employed with the
UT Agriculture Extension
Service in Spring Hill.
She states “I would
definitely like to work at
an organization like this
once I graduate from
college. Before working
here…I only wanted to
study animals and now I
will be focusing on
animals and plants in
school. My supervisor
has really exposed me to
lots of different job that
go on here. The
irrigation system is very
unique and great to
learn about. I’ve picked
up some plumbing skills
as well!”
  Amber Smith
 (Perry County)
Amber worked for
Vision Perry on the
Project and states it
is her very first job.
“It’s not just about
me…it is about the
whole community.
We’re trying to
improve our
community through
the beauty of
art. We’ve created a
sculpture garden
that also includes
many flowers and
we’re in the process
of creating an
outdoor theater
Vision Perry is
completely original!”
                 Logan Kington (Perry County)
 Logan worked for Vision Perry in Video Production. He states, I have learned so much
this summer with this job; video production, editing, team work, communications and
   other skills that I can use in my next job. It has also helped me be able to pay bills,
                  buy equipment and get things I needed for starting school in the fall.”
  Andrea Beck
(Wayne County)

  Andrea will be a freshman
  at UNA and will be
  majoring in Elementary
  Education. She states, “I’ve
  really enjoyed it because
  I’m not just a
  secretary. Mr. Yarbourgh
  actually teaches me many
  different things about how
  to run a law office. I’ve
  learned how important
  time management,
  business etiquette and
  discretion are in the
  business world.”

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